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FF Pyaar ,dosti aur Duriyan pt25 pg 144 dt 06.06 (Page 14)

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Originally posted by princess163

love ur ff!
pls add me to ur pm list and update sooon!

 thanks for loving my ff.
 added u dear.
I'll update soon.

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Next Part:-

 Here at the terrace, maan standing alone when some one hugs him from behind. Maan hold her hand and said kyuon tum meri koi baat nehi sunti, kyuon mere haar baat ko ignore karti ho.

Geet hugged him tight and said maan. I'm sorry.I don't mean to hurt u.I just want to make every one happy but now, we will not attain any pic nice tomorrow. Just me and u. like u want. U told me in the car.

Maan smiles and  pull her  in front of her and said hmmm. I just want  to spend time with u.I just want to know each other like dislikes  from beginning.

Geet :-hhmmmm  .

Geet:- maan, I'm feeling tired.

Maan:- let's go inside.

Geet:- no ,I want to be with u here. Let  sit there na.

Maan:- yes nad then u will catch cold

Geet:- no,

Maan pick her up and said sometime u behave like small kid and want to irritate me.

Geet make her face and said no it's u who irritates me. Who always angry on me.

Maan:-geet.  if u behaving like this then I'll put u here.

Geet:- no way, jitna bhi gussa ho , jitna bhi naraj ho, mujhe pareshani ho aise kuch tum kabhi bhi nehi kar paoge.

Maan:- oh really then I should show u some demo.

Maan carried her to their room and pari saw everything and I don't want to stay here any more.

Maan thorow her in the bed but gently and said now u know na ,

Geet:- hmm but u still don't hurt me. U thorw me gently on the bed where I'll don't get hurt my self infact when U reject me that time also u are very care full about my heart.

Maan:- geetu don't love me so much,I'm normal human.

Geet:- maan, I'm also normal human.and then hold his coller and said but I'll never let any one come near to u captain khurana''.if u look at any one then I'll break her each bone and then urs'.

Maan:- aah, I'm scared now.

Geet:- good for u.

Maan:- hmmmm.

Geet:- maan,I'm hungry.

Maan:- let's go .

Geet:- maan,

Maan:- hmm bolo.

Geet:- maan u r so nice.

Maan close his eyes and said geet, no,I'll not give u any permission for tomorrow.

Geet:- but maan,I'm fine.

Maan:-no u r not, till today morning, u feeling dizzy. Now no more argument about this. Let's go eat dinner and then we will take  rest, tomorrow we do some work for hospital then rest, from day after tomorrow, we will start our work, and of course we will got o picnic also.

Geet making a face and said hmmm.

Maan sit besides her  and hold her shoulder and said geetu,  look at me.

Geet look at him but still making baby face.

Maan held her chin and said trust me sona .I'll  take u and all for picnic.

Geet hugged him and said thank u thank u.

Maan smiles at her and said let's go.

Geet smiles and join with all of them for dinner.

Every one enjoy  the dinner except pari who is boling to see maaneet together.

Kunal told them how maan carried geet in his arms and every one tease them.

Geet flushed and her cheeks got red.

Maan:- aoh ,oh aise kuch nehi and give glare to kunal when vicky said are bhabi aap itna sarma kyuon rehe ho.

Geet excused herself and leave the place.

In dadi ma's room ,geet help dadi ma lay properly and give her medicine.

Both chatting some time then dadi ma dose off to sleep.Geet tucked her in blanket.

Here in the living room , every one still teasing maan about his change nature for geet.

Vicky:-I have some doubt,

Kunal:- kya?

Vicky:- bro have strong feeling for bhabi since childhood but both are chupa rustam hide it from every one.

Maan:-chup kar, ulta seedha baatein karna bandh karo.

Adi:- kya baat hain vicky, pls hume bhi batao.

Sasha:- wow mk loves geet from childhood.

Pari fumes in anger and said can we talk about tomorrow's picnic.

Sasha:- ok , don't get hyper.

Geet came and sit besides maan .Maan:- dadi ma so gaye.

Geet:- ha. And placed her head on his shoulder.

Maan held her closer to him and slide his arms on her waist.

First time they held each other closely in front of others and sit together  like this.

Every one saw at them and maan said  what happen?

Vicky:- nothing.

Pari:- can we discuss about tomorrow's picnic.

Maan:- if u all want to go then go ahead but we means me andmy wife are not going any where tomorrow

Pari:- but y? what is the problem?

Vicky:-ok, already cancel for tomorrow.but can we fixed any meeting tomorrow or.

Maan:- yash will come tomorrow and u ,and yash will go meet mr khanna and talk about our school plan.waise sasah will look hospital saide along with adi and pinky.

Pari:- what about me?

Maan:- well,I don't told u to come here.

Geet whishper maan don't be so rude.

Kunal's wife:- well u can give me company,mein kal kuch nehi kar rehi hoon, except from makigns ome design and checking the lists of book for library.

Pari:- no thanks and then to geet, what r u doing.

Geet:-oh mein but maan said resting and spending time with me.

Geet:- maan.

Pari:- maan then u must be came here for ur honeymoon , so what's the need of others and these works. Totally waste of time.

Maan:- if u think then u can go from here and then to others, vicky,I'm going for sleep, meet u all tomorrow.

Geet:- maan.

Maan :- let go geet, good night.

Geet:- maan it's too rude.

Maan glare at her and said good night all of u and drag geet with him.

Every one shocked to this incident.

Pari runs from there.

Adi :- what happen suddenly?

Kunal:- nothing, relax, well let's take rest

Adi:- but .

Vicky:- let's go.

Here in the room, geet sitting in the bed and said itna rude kyuon ho rehe ho .

Maan lay beside her and said medicine lya.


Maan:- good night.

Geet:- maan.

Maan turn and switched off the light.

Geet:- ahhhh,

After some time she lays down on the bed and try to sleep.

Maan turns and saw geet cannot sleep well.He pull her in his arms and locked her there and said kya hua?

Geet:-mujhe neend nehi arehi hain.

Maan:- just close ur eyes and I'll patt ur head.

Geet nodded.Geet placed her head on maan's shoulder and maan patter her head after some time both dose off too sleep.

In mid night geet wake up due to cold when see maan still wide awake and looking at the roof.

Geet:- maan, kya hua? Abhi soye nehi.

Maan look at geet and suddenly hugged her and said don't leave me geetu, trust me geet, I don't know y every one are behind my happiness?

Geet shocked and said kaun tumhara khushiya ke peeche hain.

Maan:- pata nehi.I don't feel good, some how I feel iye pari iha aayi hain tumhe mujhse dur le jaane ke liye.

Geet hugged maan and said shhhh,I'll not leave u.I trust u maan, I know u don't love me but still u'll not do anything which will hurt me.

Maan:- itna trust , pyaar kyuon karti ho mujhpe?

Geet:-maan pata nehi, par ek baat puchu?

Maan:- hmmm.

Geet;- if any day, koi aaye aur kuch kehe mere baarein mein, will u trust him or her?

Maan:- no.never.I trust u more.

Geet:- then , like this ,I trust u more than my self.

MAan:- geetu, thanks.

Geet:- now try to sleep and then geet try to turns from there but maan held her waist and said where r u going?

Geet:-oh mein.

Maan look at her eyes and said geet.

Geet surprised and said yes maan but baas kuch nehi kaha he just look at geet but his eyes showing love for geet.

Geet noticed it and blushed and lowered her eyes when maan said geet look at me.

Geet again look at maan and lost in his chocolate eyes and then maan slowly traced his finger on her cheeks to, eyes, to nose to outline of lips.

Maan to himself she is so soft, so beautiful, pure and her lips like fresh rose petal whenever I touch it feel like again taste it. Wait what happen to me. Uff.

Here geet cannot take it any more and whisper maan, pls stop it.

Maan wickedly smiles and said no way.

Geet close her eyes and try to free herself but maan pull her and caged her in his arms and said jab shaadi kya, pyaar kya tab iyaad nehi tha,

Geet looks at her but before she can say anything maan just kissed lips gently and said good night and close his eyes.

Geet feel little tensed then relax. Geet think what happen to maan now?

She looks at maan who is sleeping but his grip on her waist is stronger .she smiles and close her eyes.

Next day morning, every one ready and join ton their respective work.

Dadi ma and kunal's wife enjoy the morning tea.


Here pari sit there but her mind is said it's wrong. She should not interfere in their life but her heart.

She looks confuse when pinky said let's go outside.

Pari un willingly accept it.



 Here, in the maaneet' room, maan wake up but he stare at his beautiful wife lovingly.

He don't y but want to love her,make her feel special. give her all happiness.

Geet lazily open her smiles and look at maan who is looking at her lovingly.

She shyly smiles and lowered her eyes but maan said again geet u r closing ur eyes.look at me. Y r u feeling shy?

Geet open her eyes and maan gradually came near but sudden phone ring break the moment.Maan cursed that person and geet think thanks God. Maan free geet from his grip.

Geet runs from there.

Here, maan goes outside and instruct Vicky something and they again goes there.

After taking bath, geet just wear her skirt and blouse when maan return and saw her .geet saw her in the mirror and quickly take saree and cover herself.

Maan try to leave but he noticed some marks on geet's waist.

Maan came close to her and geet close her eyes in shyness, when she feels maan hand carrassing her waist.

Maan bend on her knee and remove her saree from her hand and said geet, I'm sorry,

Geet shocked and said what?

Maan:- kal raat meine itne jor se .I'm really sorry.

Geet look at her waist and said it's ok maan.

Maan:- no, wait it'll defo hurt u.I'm just. Yesterday night I was depressed and then he blow air there and geet closed her eyes and feels current in her spine.then maan carrasses the area an kiss her there , here geet couldn't take it any more just clutched his shoulder tightly.

Maan wearing  black vest and geet's nail dig on his shoulder.

Maan break his trance and came back to the reality and saw at geet who is moaning and his face close to her waist.

Maan get up and said oh. I. I'm going for shower.

Maan quickly enter the washroom.

Here, geet held the saree close to her chest and sat on bed and panting heavily.

After some time she wear the saree and quickly take maan's cloths and placed it on the bed and left the room.

Here ,maan  in the washroom feel nice, content, geet's soft scene again his lips, hand, it feels heaven. He came out from the washroom and saw geet is no where.

Maan to himself now I understand what's spell geet creating on me. It's before also but I try to ignore it but now it's impossible, before also I couldn't think any one hurt her, any one disrespect her.I want her happiness so I want to go away from her but if now I want to do that I'll die with out her, first also not easy but some how I. but now I don't.I'll not leave her . she is mine .now understand what geet feels for me. From last few days whenever I saw her I have feared if I lost her . no. she is mine.I'll not. She is my life, heart, soul, I love her. So Captain maan Singh khurana finally realizes his mrs khurana ,I'll show u my love.I hurt u lots but I know in this process I hurt my self also. Uss din tumhe reject karke hurt meine bhi hua tha par reason nehi janta tha.lekin aaj janta hoon.may be this love  happen like this, no one can realize when u'll falls in love, when u'll realize it.


Here in the kitchen geet is helping servant to make breakfast when dadi and priya came and said wow,  mrs khurana is late today.

Geet blushed and said nothing.

Priya tease her more and said ha ha. Hume sab malum hain.

Geet try to divert the talk and said aap jara iye dekh lenge and she goes to take chilli powder and raised her hand to the upper shelf when priya saw some scratches on her waist.

Priya smiles and said so how was yester but maan came there and said good morning bhabi.

Priya :- morning bhaiya.I'll come in min ,

Geet placed the chill powder on the table and said bhabi, aap iye dekhiye,I'll call dadi ma.

Priya:- no, I'll take and leave the place quickly.


Geet saw maan looks at her little irritatedly . geet murmur aap kya hua ?

He goes close to her and pull pallu of her saree from her waist and said don't u look on ur waist , it's clearly visible and u raised ur hands and it's totally visible, sab kya sochenge , phir tumhe kiase lagega.

Geet feels sad and said I'm sorry.

Maan:-sorry mujhe nehi kaho, I just say to careful. Any way, it's hurt till.

Geet shook her head negatively.

Maan:- well.I'll give u ointment it'll sooth the place.

Here pari came and heard last sentences.

Geet:- it's ok maan,go and sit I'll bring breakfast for u all.

Maan nodded positively.

In the breakfast tbale, maan sit beside dadi ma.Pari came and sit opposite them and priya sit besides her.Geet gives breakfast to all of them .

Geet sat besides maan,. Pinky came and sat besides priya.

Geet:- aaj meine gobi ka paratha aur dum aloo banaya hain .dadi ma aapko pasand hain na.

Dadi:- nice beta but iye toh maan ki pasand ka breakfast hain.

Geet shied and lowered her head.

When maan said dadi ma break fast kha  lijiye, medicine bhi toh lena hain.

Dadi:-ok beta.

Every one eating their breakfast when pari feels sad but her mind said may be she is wrong, maan loves geet.the way he cares for her and those line in the kitchen.

After breakfast dadi and priya going out side the garden when geet joined them and give medicine to dadi.

Maan saw geet forget her medicine and goes and said geet, come soon,search my file.

Geet:- but.tumhara saare files toh meine book shlef mein re arrange kar dia tha aache se.

Dadi ma and priya try to control their smile.Maan noticed it and said don't u have any other thing to do, every time thinking wrongly.

Dadi ma:- humne kya kya.

Maan:- ha pata hain.

Here geet looks confused and innocently said mujhe kuch samjah mein nehi aaraha hain.

Maan:- aab iski kami thi then hold her hands and said abhi jo karke bol raha hoon oh karo.

After their leave priya and dadi brust out in a laugh.

Here in geet still asking which file but maan kept ignoring and take her in their room and lock the room. Then said medicine lya.

Geet bit her lips and said sorry bhool gayi.

Maan:- geet, kab tak aise karoge? Aapna bachpana kab choroge. Kyuon aise karte ho?

Geet:-ek medicine toh bhool gayi, kyuon ghar ko aapne sar pe tuha rehe ho, iye nehi khuangi toh mar toh nehi jaungi na,

Maan shocked to hear it and held her hand and pull her forcefully and said don't u dare to say this again.

Geet surprised and then said I'm sorry,I don't meant to that.

Maan:- well du think before say anything.du know hwo it's hurt me?

Geet:- maan.

Maan:- if anything happen to me , if any day,I'll not come back from work then.

Geet's eyes well up and said don't punish me. Itne saalo se meine bina kuch kya tumhara diye saza kaat rehi thi, tum mil kar bhi nehi mile, phir tumhara rejection, kabhi socha hain kaise lgata hain now u make fear about this.I just tell this light way don't have any deeper meaning but u.

Maan:- sona,I just give u example.

Geet:-I know u don't love me but u hate me sure.

Maan:- geeettt. Never say like that.I try to save from my bad luck , nothing else. Y r u thinking like this?

Geet:- toh kya karu, mein just aise hi bol dia but u. u r bad and hit him onhis hard chest and U r very bad.

Maan nuaghtily smiles and said accha.then let me show u how bad I'm.

Geet shouts noooooooooooo. Give my medicine first .

Maan:- that's like my geetu, sirf ek hi problem hain bhaut bolti hain.

Geet:- maaaaannnn'

Maan:-look , who is shouting,

Geet try to push maan but his grip is strong and maan said y r u trying this when it'll fail attempt.

Geet raised her eyebrows and said maan,

Maan smiles and give her medicine,

Geet eat it and said maan I feel u should say sorry to pari.

Maan almost shout at her and said I told u na, u always find a way to irritate me.

Geet hold his hand and said maan ek baar meri baat toh sun lo.

Maan:- kya suno? Oh lerki, iha kyuon aaye hain pata hain?

Geet:- ha pata hain,

Maan:-phir bhi tum.

Geet encirled her arms in his waist and said I trust u more than any one.I feel she is just little girl , not so matured ,she is not gie us any threat but if it's sameera then u know I"ll kill her this time.

Maan look at her and said what's the different.I'll not have trust on her. Anyway forget it. Come here.

Geet shook her head and said hmm , bolo.

Maan take a oinment from the cupboard and said come here.

Geet saw it and said maan,I'll apply it,

Maan:-I know how u'll apply it.just stand here , no more argument, sometimes I feel mere place mein koi tumse shaadi bhi karta,

Geet:- maaan and throw a pillow.

Maan said dekha, kuch bhi bolo geet handa se geet khurana but bachpana rehe gaya abhi tak,u know y refuse to came here.

Geet feels sad and turns her face.Man bend down on her knees and said now don't shout, it'll be hurt first then it'll be soothing the area.

But no response from her, maan understand her silent.

Maan hold her waist and said turn geet.

Geet:- no, mujhe kuch nehi hua hain , jao tum,

Maan said geet, it's nothing serious,I'm just joking with u.

Geet:- ha mujhe sab pata hain.

Maan again stand up on his feet and said geet, ek baat puchu.

Geet:- kya?

Maan:- r u pregnant ?

Geet instantly turns and said kyaaaaaa?

Maan close his ears and said geet, shhh, don't shout.

Geet hold his coller and said now u think like this, u think I'm prgnant with any. How could u think like this.

Maan:- sach mein upar wale ne jab dimag de raha tha tum kahi ghum rehe the.

Geet's face red due anger and it's visible that she is hurt also.

Maan freed himself and hold geet by her waist and now geet moan  due to pain,

Maan noticed it and said look it's still hurt.Geet :- u can see my this wound and what about that wound u give me now?

Maan placed her on the table and still holding her waist and said I never think about that ,I just say u r pregnant cause u   r shoing ur mood swing now and then. And who told u I think like that.I trust u geet.I know u's not a one or two days relation, it's more that husband wife or friends.I just tease u.and about pregnancy , it'll happne but ''.

Geet look at him when maan closethe gap and touch her forhead and said u'll pregnant by me.

Geet shocked and look embarrased, surprised, red due to shyness. She just hide herself in his chest .Maan hold her closely and said geet,it's only my right and u r only mine.

Geet just try to catch his word but suddenly said u don't love me.u just''

Maan freed her and take her in his arms and placed her on the bed and  pull her saree from the waist and  apply the ointment but geet said do u love me?or just doing it for humanity? Or just u have some attaraction towards my body?

Maan bend his head and blow the area and said do u think like this about me. Do u know I'm like that.

Maan look at her and said If I have body attaraction then till now I can do anything to u.

Geet lowered her eyes and said sorry, but u told me u don't love me and u just cared for me, like me and I'll live with that but suddenly u r  doing.

Maan left her there and said after some time u can go any where and check saree and placed it right place.

Geet :- where r u going?

Maan :- it's not related to u.I can go any where if I want , second,thanks for understanding me well.

Maan throw the oinment and left the room.

Geet is crying in her room and said mein kyuon aise bol gaya, oh kitne naraj ho gaye honge.kya jarurat thi tujhe usse naraj karne ka.

After noon, evening, passed, everone returning from their respective work but still maan is no where.

Geet continously try to call him but his phone switched off.

Geet try to maintain calm in front of others.Some how geet avoid the lunch,

Vicky informed geet that maan will be late, he is doing some work regarding their hospital project.

At night every one makes their way to their room when maan returns and saw geet is still waiting for her.

Geet look at her but maan ignored her and straight goes to their room and change his dress and lia in the couch.

Geet came there with plate of food and placed it on the table and close the door and said maan,I'm sorry.

Maan turns another side.

Geet:- maan.I know I hurt u but maan pls eat something.

Maan :-If u want I'll stay here then go and sleep and let me sleep peacefully.

Geet:- maan.

Maan shouts  don't u here properly.

Geet crying and huggs him from behind and said I'm sorry maan.I don't mean to hurt u.

Maan :- geet go from here other wise u'll regret.

Geet:- I'll not.

Maan turns and with one force take her under him and said don't feel scared from me, who is attaract towards ur body?

Geet silently crying and said no''u r not.

Maan:- really.then when u told me those line ,

Geet close her eyes and said I'm sorry maan,I don't want to hurt u but u don't love me.I just made this big mistake.pls maan.

Maan:- it's not about love or not it's about trust, u know geet me from child hood and still u think like this.don't u feel anything else when I touch u,

Geet look at maan when he continue don't u feeling anything when I touched u.

Geet just look at him whne maan again said go  eat ur food. And let me sleep.

Geet just hugged him and pull him and said I'm sorry maan.I'm sorry.

Maan freed himself and get up from her and said eat ur food.

Geet hugged his waist and said maan pls.

Maan closed his eyes and said geet pls don't. I don't want to loose my control.

Geet rubbed her nose on her waist.

Maan close his fist and said geet.

Geet stand on her kness and said sorry.

Maan:- geet'.pls. eat ur food.

Geet:- no.

Maan :-ok and turns and make her sit and then take the plate and take first bite then said now eat it.

Geet take another maan feed himself and geet respectively.

After their dinner , maan said now go to sleep.

Geet nodded negatively.Maan looks irritate and said  y r u doing this, first u blamed me now .don't make things more complicated.

Geet makes baby face and said meine sorry kaha na, I just confuse, u know ur geet , how is she. Pls maaf kar dona.

Maan :- geet.

Geet hold her ears and said I'm buddhu, who don't know anything.

Maan smiles at her innocence , she know he will not angry at her after saw it. She applied this trick from childhood.

Maan held her waist and said how is it now? Still hurting?

Geet:- no''.

Maan take her in his arms and said did u apply oinment there.

Geet nodded nagatively.

Maan placed her in the bed and  make her lie there remove the pallu from her waist and slowly bend down and caarrassed that area.Geet clutched the pillow and maan said do u feel this only phisycal attaraction.nothing more.

Tears falls from geet's eyes and just escaped word sorry.if u want to punish then punsih me.

Maan:-how will I punish u geetu, u r my heart, my soul if I punish u it'll hurt me also.

Geet pull his vest and said maan,

Maan alsmot lie on her. Maan :- never said this again.If I don't tell u about my love then it doesn't mean .

Geet:-I'm sorry maan.

Maan just carrassed her cheeks and the slowly kissed her eyes  and rank her tears and said this eyes driving me crazy everytime. This soft cheek , he gently kiss her their, then kiss her nose  and said this cute nose always get red due anger.

Geet already breathing heavily and said maan.

Maan kissed her ear lobes and bites there and said this ear only want to hear my sound, no one else.

Geet cluthched his shoulder and dig nails there.

Maan bend and kissed her shoulder and then to her neck.

Geet heavily breathing and said's encourage him more.

Maan bit her shoulder and  pull the blouse little and trace the area by his toungue.

Then he bend to her coller bone and kiss there.then he kissed her throat. Here geet cannot take it any more. She close her eyes tightly.maan look at her and get off from her and take the oinment and apply it on her waist.

Geet slwoly opne her eyes and look at maan.

Maan:- don't think,I'm leaving u.I'll continue but in next time. I'll not leave u that day.

Geet blushed and her eyes full on tears.

Maan noticed it and said what happen? It's hurt na.I'm but geet push him and get up from the bed.

She goes and stand near the window ,and crying there.

Maan look shocked and said geet,what happen?

Maan goes near to her and turn her and saw she is crying, he just hugged her.

Maan:- geet, pls top crying .I know y r u crying, it's ok, it happen.I todl u that I don't love u but suddenly If I showered too much love then any one will be confused , it's not ur fault don't cry. Look at me.

Geet looks at him and maan said u know na  u r looking when u r  laughin, smiling, fighting with me that will suit u more, not this tear.

Geet hit his chest and said Maan and hugged him.

Maan :- ek baat bolu.

Geet:- kya

Maan:-I don't know u taste so well

Geet's cheek full red and clutched his vest hide herself there.

Maan:- are mujhe toh pata nehi tha my sona also blushing.

Then maan hugged her tightly.

Maan:- now let's go sleep.

Geet rubbed her nose on his chest and said hmmm.

Maan:- geetu, don't do that.

Geet smiles and softly kiss near to his heart and said this is beat only for me. This place only belong to mine.

Maan smiles at her gesture and said yes sona.

Maan carried her in his arms and placed her in the bed and lie beside her.

Geet came near to him and placed her head on his chest and maan encirled his arms aroung her slim waist.

Maan:- geet, close ur eyes,

 Precap:- no.


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loved it ..awsome one !!

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really like it luved it alot awesome update

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.hi all
how r u all?
Merry Christmas
sorry for late I'm busy with work .
sorry for any mis take.
 updated next part. pls read it and comment it
 hope u all like it.
 all my silent readers pls press the liked button.
 I'm sending pm u all now but if don't received any pms then pls empty ur inbox , may be ur inbox is full.
all who wants pm from me for this ff pls add me or send me buddy request.
pls press the liked button also.

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superb one..... loved it

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