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FF Pyaar ,dosti aur Duriyan pt25 pg 144 dt 06.06 (Page 129)

Krishna_Sourav IF-Addictz

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Posted: 17 May 2011 at 2:17am | IP Logged
@all lovely comments loved it.
I'm sorry for late.
 as I'm real busy with office work
 but will update tonight or tomorrow night

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Posted: 17 May 2011 at 3:21am | IP Logged
Originally posted by PrithviSanyo1

<font color="#9900ff">@all lovely comments loved it.
I'm sorry for late.
as I'm real busy with office work
but will update tonight or tomorrow night
we will be eagerly waiting

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Krishna_Sourav IF-Addictz

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Posted: 18 May 2011 at 11:20am | IP Logged
Note:-Hello all sorry again
 update is ready but my net giving me problem
 if it's working well tonight then will post
if not then tomorrow
 pls sorry again.

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Krishna_Sourav IF-Addictz

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Glitter Text Generator

Final Part of  season 1:-



Geet looking at the file and a frown come in her forehead.

Priya who is reading some book, said kya hua get, y r u looking so tensed.

Geet :- priya are, I told vicky to look at he hospital matter but he is interest more about school, I told school along with look after hospital matter but

Priya:- geet, relax baba, ask vicky then decide something.



Later geet called vicky when he explained y he did and said they needs more fund and some equipments and more doctors,

Geet look tensed and said ok let me think first about it. U continue ur other works I'll call u later.


At night, geet placed her head on maan's chest and playing with his finger when maan said jaan, kya soch rehe ho.


Maan :- kya hua

Geet told him about her conversation with vicky regarding hospital.

Maan :-hmmm.ok, u don't worry, I'll  handle this now sleep

Geet:-mujhe neend nehi arehe hain.

Maan look at geet and naughtily smiles when geet said matlab iye nehi tum badmashi karo.

Maan naughtily smiles and pull her and said agar karu toh kya karoge .

Geet looks at maan then hold his neck and said tab mein,

Maan looks at her face then eyes and found it mischievous and then geet hold his collar and said good night mr khurana and pull out herself from him and lay besides him.

Maan smiles and again pull her and said no jaan not good night.


Geet look at maan then said maan, m really tired today and yawning .

Maan :- drama queen, so jao.

Geet smiles and hugged him tight and said sach mein maan bahut neend aarehi hain.

Next day early morning, geet wake up and smiles and turn to see maan who is also wake up and looking at her lovingly.

He rolled over her and captured her petite form under him and said good morning jaan and rubbed her cheeks with her nose then bends his head to her neck and kissed her there then said hmmm '.

Geet lost her self in her husband's love and desire but there is disturbance as there is some phone ring.

Both maaneet come out from their magic land and geet said chalo phone uthao .

Maan took the phone it's from yash have some work.

Here geet went to take shower .after showe she come out when she seen maan still laying on the bed on his stomach.

She smiles and said sir jee uth jaiye subha ho gaye hain 6.30 already and u missed ur work out session today.

Maan :- sone do geet.

Geet:ok, m going to kitchen.

Maan :- hmmm.

After doing puja, making coffee for maan, tea for Priya, kunal's parents, dadi. Geet went to see them and give them their tea.


Then geet take coffee for maan and went to their room.

Maan who is just come out from his shower and said aww jaan, u come with coffee I need, it.JAan IF vicky come send him to my study room.

Geet smiles and nodded then said kya hua utha gaye.

Maan:- kuch kaam hain , oh complete karna hain ,

Geet smiles and kissed his chest and said ok, I'll tell him, what do u want to ur breakfast.

Maan wickedly smiles and said u .


Geet shied and said chup ek dam badhmashi nehi jao kaam karo.

Maan pull her in his arms and said maan Singh khurana ko order ha, and then bit in her in her shoulder and

Geet:-ouch maan, kya kar rehe ho
Maan wickedly smiles and said kya kya meine .
Geet:- tumhara dimag na ek dam badhmashi se bhare hue hain .

Maan wickedly  smiles and said accha,

Geet push her and rubbed her shoulder and said jao , kaam karo, ek toh itna pareshan karte ho phir dekho, ahhh, kitna jor se laga dia.

Maan looks at her and again pull her but this time softly and kissed those areas and caresses and said now.

Geet blushed and said much better.

Maan :- will be more better if I and try to go close to her lips when geet said stop here and complete ur work first.

Maan make a sad face and said I'll see u soon.


At , 9.30 a.m. maan still busy with vicky discussing about the hospital project in the study room when geet entered there and said baas baki kaam baad mein , pehele, break fast kar lo.

Vicky smiles and said ok bhabi, then left them alone when geet gave the plate to maan and said lo.

Maan pull her in his  laps and said feed me.

Geet:- take the bread and placed it in front of him but maan held her hand and said take the bite first.

Geet:-tumhe kaise malum

Maan :- tumhe mujhse jada kaun janta hain geetu.

Geet smiles and both fed each other when maan said humara problem almost solved but have to go again to HP so I told vicky to go there with yash, they will return within 3 days.

Geet:-accha kya tumne , waise bhi now Priya's due date is coming and dadi and mama, papa r needed us, so.

Maan :-yes, is liye kaha.

Geet:- ek baat puchu


Geet:- tum kal raat fight kyuon kye sameera ke bhai  ke sath.

Maan look at geet then said nothing, just.

Geet:- maan pls try to control ur anger. If sameera's husband is not there then . y r u giving imp to that woman who is nothing.

Maan :- geetu, if she and her family told anything to me,I can but they about

Geet:- maan she and her family done it purposefully, and now u beat her brother and his left arm broken , what if .

Maan :- only left arm next time I will break him in to tiny mini pieces.

Geet :- maan,

Maan :- don't worry everything is settle down, btw, iye information tumhe kaise pata chala,

Geet:-oh , here maan slide his hand on her waist and pull her close and now kiss her shoulder, neck, sucking the collar bone licking there where geet forget to ans and just moaning and said maan, door is open.

Maan pull her in his arms and said door is close, ur devar is very intelligent .

Geet shied when maan took her to the adjoining room and placed her in the bed and said geetu, school, is complete and we should give some advertisement to the news paper for the stuffs.

Geet smiles then maan slowly comes tops on her and said geetu,

Geet shied and just closed her eyes. When maan just placed a kiss on her nose and said geetu, kuch toh bolo.

Geet lost all words when she find maan began to kiss her face, her eyes,, he removed ear ring and then kiss the ear and then softly bit it and geet moaned ,he licked the place and sucked her ear lobe ,geet moaned and clutched his shoulder tightly when maan move to her cheeks and kissed them , then to her nose, the to her rose petal like lips, he nibbled her lips then take her lower lips and sucks it gently, gradually he enter in her mouth and playing with her tongue, geet also responded well, both playing with each other tongue  . after some time they broke due to lack of air.geet look full red and now her lips is swell but again maan bedn and take her lips '.

After some time geet feel maan slowly undress her,  then come to top of her.

Then maan just slowly loved her , cherished her by all his love from her head to toe. Finally when maan entered her, she just screamed out and then slowly they moving towards their goal together until they reached the climax and cried out together  for that moments.

Maan collapsed on besides her and both painting heavily. After some time when he regained his breath, he pulls her towards him and again making love his geet.

After some time when maan laid on his back geet just facing and playing with his finger and hair.

Maan said geetu,who is thinking something when maan said geetu,

Geet look at him and then come close to him and placed her head on his chest and said hmmm.

Maan :- mere sath pune jaoge.

Geet:- tumhara sath kahi bhai jaungi maan par iha Priya, dadi ma, mama, papa ka kya hoga?

Maan hugged her tightly and said kya hoga, oh sab bhi humara sath jayenge, waise abhi pune jane mein time hain usse pehele, after priya's baby born we will go to GOA for our honeymoon.

Geet shied then said but what about others. They will be here alone, na , let's take them also.

Maan :- hello madam we r going for honey moon.

Geet :- ha oh toh hum dono ka par baki sab aapne aap enjoy karenge, dekho na hum sab phir se .

Maan look at geet and said grt, bahut accha honey moon hoga humara , aur time ek dam na.

He get up when geet hold her from behind and said sorry baba, gussa kyuon karte ho.

Maan :- geet, mein gussa nehi hoon baas samajh ne ki koshish kar rehi hoon.

Geet :-ok, agar tum chah rehe ho toh only both of us will go, thik hain, par gussa mat karo,

Maan:- geetu ,

Maan turns and said no, geetu all of us will go there but u have to promised me that u will only stay with  me.

Geet nodded in yes and hugged him.


15day later:-


Maan come back from work and taking shower. Geet take the coffee mug for him and placed it in the table when maan come out and hugged her from behind and said geetu and kissed her neck passionately and said missed u lots jaan.

Geet turns and hugged him back when maan said how is ur work.

Geet:- absolutely fine and u know my meeting with some new gynecologist and cardiologist  was grt. I'm thrilled that our hospital will have some grt doctor .

Maan again kissed her and said that's really grt.

Priya shouts maaa.
Both maaneet looked at each other and runs to priya's room.


At the hospital:-


Our side the operation theater maaneet pacing continuously.

After some time, doctor come out and said congratualtion , lerka hua hain.

Both maaneet smiled and hugged each other happily.

Maan:-how is my sister and little baby?

Doctor:-both r fine, wait some time , u can meet with them soon.


After 30-40 mins, maaneet enter the cabin where Priya is settled now.

Priya looking at her son with teary eyes and said our baby.

Maaneet come and Priya just look at them and smiles through her tears.

 Geet come and said congratulation Priya,

Priya smiled .maan look at Priya and goes near to her when she hugged him and said bhaiya,and crying silently.

Maan  patted her head lovingly and said shhh, Priya ro mat, dekho avhishek kaise dekh raha hain, aapne mama ko rote hue, usse bura lagega na.

Geet and Priya look at maan who said are , Priya ur son, dear.

Priya again smiles and said kunal ne aapko kaha hain na.

Maan just  nodded .

Nurse came and said Priya to take the baby in her hand.geet helped her.

Priya smiles and kissed avhisek's forhead lovingly.

Geet smiles and Priya said lo aapne choti mama ke paas jao.

Geet look at maan then to Priya with teary eyes, Priya said lo  na geet, aapne bete ko.

Geet smiles and take avhishek in her arms and kissed him and said avhishek.


Then,Maan take the baby in his arms and said are mere little cutie, rona nehi rone nehi , shhh,
Geet and priya smile to see maan like this.
maan:- has kyuon rehe ho dono.ek toh iye ro raha  hain.

Geet and Priya laugh to see maan like this

After 2 day Priya come back with abhishek along with maaneet.

By this time , dadi ma, mama, papa , yash, vicky, sasha, pari, pinky all come to see Priya and her son.

After enter KM, mama taking arti of Priya and her son then geet lead her to her room and told her to take some rest.


After 2days:-

Priya sitting in her room and looking at kunals' pic and then their baby who is giggling.
Priya kissed the baby's forehead lovingly.

Then said kunal's ur son.


After15 days KM, Maaneet's room:-

geet:- maan choro na , it's cold .

maan chuckled and said kaha .

His hand romanced geet's arms with little ice cube and after geet's pleading maan throw it and cover her by his strong body and loved her deeply.

Geet delighted and feel content by her husband's love.

After1 month , KM:-

Geet shouts priya there is  good news.

Priya ahista geet, what happen?

Geet happily give her an envelop and said read and blushed.

Priya suspects something
Both priya and geet hugs each other and have tears in their eyes.

Priya :-I'm very happy geet, for u and bhaiya,

Geet blushed and said me too happy for maan.

Priya go he is already in home, tell him.

Geet:- kya maan aagye aaj jaldi.

Priya nodded and geet almost runs when Priya said are ahista geet.


At Maaneet's room:-

Maan looking for some file when geet hugged him from behind and kissed back lovingly.

Maan smiles and said geetu.

Geet slowly come in front of him and said maan.

Maan :-hmm bolo ,geet.

Geet:-kuch nehi,

Maan:- hmmm.

Geet:- suno na.

Maan:-bolo na.

Geet:-oh , mein na.

Maan :-ha bolo.

Geet hugged him and said tum sun nehi rehe ho,

Maan:-  na jaan, mein sun raha hoon.

Geet:- mein na , mein na, and making pattern on his chest . then said tumne shirt nehi peheni kyuon.

Maan:- geetu, I was just take shower and come out and searching a file then u come and

Geet:- tum iye kehena chahethe ho mere wajay se tumne shirt nehi peheni iya meine tumhe pareshan kya is liye.

Maan look at geet and said no jaan,

Geet frowned and said sab malum hain ,aab mein kaun hoon tumahra , tumhara rajkumari jo aarehe hain,

Maan look puzzled now and asked who is rajkumarai kaun aaraha hain.

Geet bit her tongue and said oh oh and hugged maan and hide herself in his chest and then slowly said maan.

Maan think pichle adhe ghante se maan, oh mein iya mein nehi toh mujhe dant rehi hain , kya hua isse.

Maan :- bolo geetu.

Geet close her eyes and said u r going to be father soon. We r going to be parents, maan,I'm pregnant.And hugged him.

Maan stood their rooted then after some time he understand delighted with happiness and hugged her tightly and said sach geetu, we r  going to be parents.

Geet nodded and maan just smiles and kissed her face then took her lips.

Later they announce it to the whole family,every one congratulate them and at night after dinner geet laying maan and said mujhe daar lag raha hain.

Maan:-kyuon geetu.

Geet:-baas aisi he,

Maan:- we r with u na don't worry.

Both hugged each other and then maan kissed geet's forehead and then to her tummy and said come soon dear.

Both dose off to sleep after some time with a peace and with a dream of their new life with their symbol of love, their child.


The Journey Called Pyar, Dosti Aur Duriyan


I was in love with you,

Even before I knew what it meant.

All I cared for was you,

Even though away you went!!


You were always there to help me out,

Looking back I want to shout,

It wasn't just friendship, it wasn't just care'

I was your love for me, eternally there!


I wanted to be in your arms,

While my heart was caged in your dreams,

The protection was always there,

It was just those arms that refused to be there!


You loved me all along, but never believed'

How else will your concern be associated with me'..

While you pushed me away, fate brought us closer,

To protect me from harm, you took me within your protective closure'


The love was there, but you still denied,

A thriving friendship was the disguise!

I never pushed you, coz for me you were always right,

But, oh, how do I say, I wanted to hug you tight!!


Time slipped away, my love only grew,

Through your various gestures, even yours shone through'.

You were always my life; you proved I am yours,

Knowing your love now, It was YOU I was waiting for!


The denial mode persisted, I was going crazy,

Denying on one hand, caring on the other, you were driving me into a tizzy

How long will I run, I used to think,

Your love was now on the brink'


And then the dam broke'

In realization you soaked'.

The way you put it made me choke'.

Your confession gave me hope!!


Reveling in your love, life is now perfect!

With you by my side, no one can hurt it'

All my dreams are reality now,

Our DOSTI is now PYAAR, no DURIYAN now! J

Poem Credit goes to swati (princess163)

hope u all like it.
season two pyaar dosti aur duriyan is coming soon.

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hi all
how r u all?

sorry for any mis take.
 updated next part. pls read it and comment it
 hope u all like it.
 all my silent readers pls press the liked button.
 I'm sending pm u all now but if don't received any pms then pls empty ur inbox , may be ur inbox is full.
all who wants pm from me for this ff pls add me or send me buddy request.
pls press the liked button also.
pm list will be update soon.
now this is final of this season one , but this story will continue some more parts.
with maaneet and their children. in season two.
pls tell me by pm anything over board if  in this part then i'll edit it.
hope their romance scene not over board,
pls comments friends , ur comments inspired me lots.


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rakhi do cont ur awesome work dear
luv ur FF"s

Edited by luvdhrishti - 19 May 2011 at 3:19am

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Originally posted by luvdhrishti

rakhi do cont ur awesome work dear
luv ur FF"s

thnks dear for loving my work
 u al r my inspiration
I'll continue my ff dearEmbarrassed

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Krishna_Sourav IF-Addictz

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@all updated the next part.pls read it and do comments.
ur comments inspired me lots.

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