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FF Pyaar ,dosti aur Duriyan pt25 pg 144 dt 06.06 (Page 117)

anaum91 Senior Member

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Posted: 21 April 2011 at 6:47pm | IP Logged
we'll be waitinggg.....

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Krishna_Sourav IF-Addictz

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Next Part:-

Priya is sitting in her room and keep talking with kunal's pic and said kunal jaldi aao , dekho humara pyaar ka nishan , tumahra dream iha hain ,mere paas, jaldi aajiye,


Here at the Km,maan came back from the hospital but still sad and hurt.

Geet take him to their room.

Sasha in form dadi ma urgently left for amrtisar as her brother is ill,

Geet nodded, maan lay in the bed but still couldn't forget or understand the death of kunal, it's all sudden .After some maan dose off to sleep as sedative,

Geet come later with some food and medicine and turmeric milk.

She placed the tray in the table and then sits besides her maan. She looks at maan and just caressed his head, when maan and just turns and hugged her.

 Geet caressed her shoulder and said maan, pls wake up dear.thora sa khalo then take rest.

Maan slowly open his eyes and said dadi ne phone kya?

Geet:- ha, I don't tell her , anything now , yes she is fine there and I told her to stay there few days more.

Maan:- accha kya, I don't know how dadi ma will take this news.

Geet:-I know maan, now pls get up and eat something.

Geet take the plate and feed him when maan said tumne kuch khaya.

Geet:-I'll maan.


Geet:- no more arguments now eat  it .

Maan:- how is Priya

Geet:- she is fine but she still don't know about kunal

Maan just closed his eyes sadly and said I can't save kunal. it's just all.

Geet:- maan, vishal sir informed told kunal's parents he went away from ur team and there is no back up and it's . u know very well.

Maan :-I know, geet, I know but….. we lost kunal, ….


Later at night , maan just hugged geet tightly and said geet, how do I face Priya. I can't save kunal, what will happen , I heard her condition is not so good and u know geet, kunal loves little kid and dream about his own kid from so long and when he will become papa , he is no more,

Geet turned and hugged him tightly and shhh, maan I know but we r all here na, if u break like this how u'll take care of Priya, she is ur sister na, she called u bhiaya, pls maan, don't break like this, we all know we can't take kunal's place but for kunal, we have to be strong .

Maan:-I know geet,I know,


After2months, in kunal's home, Priya throw things here and there and asked where is kunal, y he is coming in home still now? situation totally  out of control.

Kunal's father called doctor and then maan and geet.

Here Priya is almost try to hurt herself when kunal's mother slapped her and shouts kunal is no more

Priya just stood there and then said no no, u r lying mama, it's not true,he is alive, he will come back, u told me na, then y r u lying mama, pls tell me u r lying mama . pls mama, say something,

Kunal's mother just lowered her head and slowly whisper, it's true beta.

Priya shouts nehhiii, it's not true and runs to ask kunal's father when he also lowered his head, she just froze there, like some one snatched soul from her.

 Suddenly she collapsed there.


After two hours, geet come out from doctor's chamber along with maan.

Kunal's parents asked, geet when maan said geet tum jao Priya  ke paas mein uncle aunty se baat karta hon.

Geet nodded.

Geet enter the cabin of Priya who is sleeping due to high dose of sedative.

After some time Priya wake up and just look blankly.

Geet look at her and called her then shook her but result is same after some time Priya said tum sab ne mujhe bataya kyuon nehi.

Geet:-oh oh,, but lost words when Priya said ek baar milne tak nehi dia kisine.

Maan come there and said ha hum sab tumahra gunahgar hain but Priya if u break down and God forbid if something happen I mean….

Priya:- par bhaiya…..

Maan come close to her and said Priya , uss time tumhari halat bahut kamjor the kuch bhi ho sakta tha, kaise bolte, himmat nehi hui humm e se kisi ke , tum agar chaho toh mujhe saja de sakte ho,par…I know we r no I'm at fault ,but Priya I already lost kunal, I don't want to loss my sister,my would be niece or nephew I can't , baby is dream of kunal's  how can I .. maan's voice chocked and said  I fail to save kunal but I'll try my level best to save and protect u and ur baby from everything, if u want to punish me then but Priya just hugged him and cried there, after some time,Priya stops when geet said maan take care oh jada roye na, baby ke aur uske health ke liye sahi nehi hain,

Maan nodded.

Maan and geet talk with doctor and he said them to take spl care of Priya cause her health is still not good and condition is also not favorable.

Maaneet took Priya with them in Km along with kunal's  parents .they didn't want but maan insist them.

As cause Priya will be alone and will more think about kunal.

Here in Km, geet decorate priya's room with kunal's pic and spl letter where kunal want how much he loves Priya and wants their child to be come soon,and how he wants to see Priya pursue her job again and become something.

Priya lost there when geet said Priya I know, no one can take kunal's place but if u break down then kunal  also not be so happy to see u like this . he will sad wherever he is now.for him u have to be strong.

Priya just hugged her tightly and cried silently.


Maan seen it and feel more sad but proud of his wify how well she handle the entire situation.

After2 weeks, maan went to amrtisar to take dadi and he told about kunal slowly slowly  

Dadi is shocked and feel very sad and hurt, she is crying.


Maan informed her that he and geet bring kunal's parents and wife to their home as they r alone .

Dadi patted his back and said aacha kya bahut accha decision lya tumne.

Dadi came back and console Priya and kunal's parents.



After 3month more , Priya is now more than 6 months pregnant and geet want to held baby shower for Priya .

At night, maan come back from work when he noticed geet is thinking something deep ,

He come close to her and said kya hua geetu, itna kya soch rehe ho?

Geet turns and said tum aagye, par kab mujeh pata nehi chala, I was just.

When maan placed his finger on her lips and said shhh, ek sath itne questions, chup aab suno , mein aabhi aaya aur tu baas kuch soch rehethi isliye may be dhayan nehi gaya, now tell me what r u thinking?

Geet :-oh, pehele tum fresh holo, mein khana lagati hoon,

Maan :-but geet.

Geet:-ufff, meine kaha na ,pehele dinner karo , jaldi se fresh holo.

Maan smiles then geet leave from there .

At dinning table maan asked where is every one today ?

Geet:-oh dadi ma and kunal's parents went to Mohini's auntie's home for jagaran and Priya slept early todaya s she feels little tired.

Maan:- kyuon , kuch

Geet:- no no, she is fine , just feel tired sometimes happen .

Maan nodded and said ok,

After dinner, maan lay on the bed when geet said maan, today I'll be sleep with Priya as she is alone , every day dadi is with her or some times pari or sasha come here but today.

Maan nodded in yes then said kuch der toh iha baith sakte ho,

Geet:hmmm then lay besides him  and hugged his waist and placed her head on his chest and said I'm sorry maan,I was so busy with different work, I'm not giving u time,

Maan hugged her back and said geet, I know but u know what I feel so proud to see u like that when u take care everything so easily and feel like my wife is so nice and her heart is so big, she take care everything so easily and as for giving me time after priya's baby will born  u r only mine and give time to me only.

Geet smiles and kissed his chest and said maan,I think we should held baby shower for Priya.

Maan :- good idea, bolo kab ?

Geet:-hmm , let me ask dadi ma and mama ,papa,they need to talk with pandit jee.

(NOTE :-Now maaneet called kunal's parents mama, papa now)


After some chat , geet left the room,


Next day geet told about priya's baby shower .

Every one agreed. Dadi ma called pandit jee .

After 4days ,priya's baby shower held. Geet dress her up and said Priya aao,.

At the function every one gave their blessings to Priya and her un born child.

Maaneet r very happy to see it.

Maan give geet something when geet gave her and said this is for our niece or nephew from her or his mama and indicate at maan.

Maan just give Priya and geet a smile when priya's eye filled with tear and said thnks geet and hugged her.


Priya in her room talking with kunal's pic, it's her every day routine .she gave her whole day news to kunal like that .

Kuch din baad ,geet and Priya r talking about baby when baby kicked and geet touch priya's bump and fill it.she is so excited and a glow on her face.

Priya noticed it and said do u like kids.

Geet smiles and said yes . I love kids, they r so sweet.

After some time Priya come to know that geet's heart desire is become mother of maan's child now.

Later at the day when maan enquired Priya about her health Priya said bhaiya I want to talk u some time. Pls .

Maan nodded and said Priya u don't have to say pls, bolo kya baat hain.

Priya then said bhaiya I  don't know how to say but…

Maan give her assurance and said bolo Priya kya baat hain,

Priya :- bhaiya, today , actually not today I spend after noon time with geet and we just talk about baby and many things but last few days and sply today I come to know that geet wants be mother of ur child now, bhaiya I know what u trying to say but pls bhaiya try to understand her mind also, she done everything unconditionally cause she is very caring person and love us but she love u also and expect something from u, after kunal's death we r just try to cope up with our loss and geet took care of us but no one think about geet who also wants love, care, time, sply from u bhaiya, pls bhaiya,

Maan  smiles and said ok Priya I'll think about it and now take rest.

Maan turns to leave when Priya hold his wrist and said bhaiya I want to become bua also, pls give me this gift , I want from both u bhaiya.

Maan smiles and placed his hand on her head and said ok, now take rest first.

That night after dinner, maan doing some work when geet, said maan, I think we should think about vicky's marriage,

Maan :-hmmm.

Geet:-maan sun rehe ho na.

Maan:- suna meine geetu, idhar aao pehele.


Maan:- pehele iye bolo, vicky ne tumhe kuch kaha

Geet:-na bhi ha bhi, oh mujhe full confuse kar dia pata nehi kaise kaise riddle de rehi hain.

Maan smiles and said tum choro mein usse baat karunga.

Geet:-hmmm and look at maan then said aaj na meine sameera se mili.

Maan stop his work when she said it.

Geet:- kuch nehi kaha baas aise muh bana ke chali gayi. I think she needs proper treatment.

Maan :- hmmm , jaise pati waise hi patni hain.

Geet raised her eye brows when maan said hain ek lamba kahani , , choro, hume kya, now tell me how is ur hospital going on?

Geet excitedly gave him all news and said baas I'm so excited about this new seminar, after Priya's delivery I'll go for this seminar for two days to Chennai.

Maan looks at geet and smiles and said kab hain date seminar ki.

Geet:- said well abhi date complete fixed nehi hua hain kuch things hain oh log agar samajha jaye then I'll go.

Maan :-u'll not go.

Geet look at maan then said maan.

Maan pull her in his lap and said we will go together there as I need some holiday also.

Geet look at him and said matlab.

Maan:-matlab we will go for holiday and then we have to go Baroda for my next posting as it's my next posting.

Geet looks at maan said matalab hum iha se chale jayenge sab ko chor ke.

Maan:- well, jana toh parega, but we will take them with us.

Geet look at maan .

Precap:-maaneet moments and priya's delivery

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hi all
how r u all?

sorry for any mis take.
 updated next part. pls read it and comment it
 hope u all like it.
 all my silent readers pls press the liked button.
 I'm sending pm u all now but if don't received any pms then pls empty ur inbox , may be ur inbox is full.
all who wants pm from me for this ff pls add me or send me buddy request.
pls press the liked button also.
pm list will be update soon.
I know this may be boring part . and less maaneet but it's needed for future story.
I'll post another part soon , cause I'm writing another part now, it's depends on u now how fast u'll  comment and how fast I'll update next part.
pls comments friends , ur comments inspired me lots.
Next part will full of maaneet moments .

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maaneetkimeet Goldie

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wow ...are we going to get update now or at night ...plzzz update soon ...lot of love to u ...plzzz soon 

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Krishna_Sourav IF-Addictz

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Originally posted by madhavipatil

wow ...are we going to get update now or at night ...plzzz update soon ...lot of love to u ...plzzz soon 

within 10-15mins will be update next part

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Krishna_Sourav IF-Addictz

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Posted: 23 April 2011 at 12:42pm | IP Logged
updated next part.pls read and do comments.
all of ur comments inspired me lots.
 next part will be full of maaneet moments.

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VSai2008 IF-Sizzlerz

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awesome update
full of emotions
loved it

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zaara2212 IF-Sizzlerz

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loved the update...

feel sorry for priya, but i guess geet and Maan are taking so much care Smile

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