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FF Pyaar ,dosti aur Duriyan pt25 pg 144 dt 06.06 (Page 104)

Krishna_Sourav IF-Addictz

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Posted: 21 March 2011 at 7:29am | IP Logged

Next Part:-

Next day morning maan got up early and got a call from delhi and have to leave for some urgent work.

Maan got dressed up and look at his jaan who is sleeping peacefully. his heart feel the pain to leave her like this now.

He bends down and kissed her forehead and said jaan wake up sona.

Geet:-hmmm, maan sone do na, abhi subha nehi hui hain.

Maan:- wake up jaan, ek baar utho,

Geet lazily opened her eyes  and see maan is ready to go some where.

Geet almost get up and said what happen ? where  r we go now?

Maan:- geetu, oh hum  nehi, mein ja raha hoon.

Geet look at him and now her sleep gone fully and she just hugged him and said don't joke maan.

Maan slied his hand on her waist and said geetu, m not sona suno, ek imp kaam hain isliye jana par raha hain.

Geet:- but u told me that work is late almost  2-3 weeks so.. maan cups her face and said jaan oh toh sahi kaha meine, iye kuch im aur kaam hain baas 1 din baad aajaunga .

Geet:- then take me with u also.

Maan :- jaan, how could I, I'm going for some imp operation .

Geet's face fall and she said ok, all the best,

Maan hugged her and gave her some wet kisses on her shoulder to neck then to her lips and said aab mein jau,

Geet nodded but her face is still looking sad.

Maan:- geet, first give me ur beautiful smile.

Geet weakly smiles and said mere liye pareshan mat hona, aache se aapna kaam karna, I'll wait for u. come soon. But don't loose ur focus from ur work,I want my maan to be best, u will be.

Maan just smiles and give her another kiss then left frm there.

At the breakfast time , geet told every one that maan went for some imp work and he will return soon.

Vicky sighed and said bro  and his duty .

Geet said proudly Vicky, I'm very proud to be his wife and glad that he chooses his duty, his nation first,

Vicky nooded and said yes bhabi .Geet left after the break fast and give mdcne to dadi. She gave milk to Priya and said her to take rest.

Pari is helping geet to make lunch , pinky also there to help them  but her main focused to eat.

Yash and Vicky almost complete their work,

Kunal called them and informed them they will return tomorrow hopefully.

Priya missed kunal but she knw when it's come to nation then nation come first.

Full day geet want to keep herself busy and doing household work, helping yash and Vicky.

At the night she retired in her room and lay in the bed. She takes maan's shirt and hugged it and taking his scent from there.

A lonely tears escape from her eyes and she just think of maan and their spending time.

At night, geet wake up due to knock on her door . geet wake up and open the door and see a disturb pari is standing there.

Geet:-kya hua pari

Pari:- didi, oh Priya bhabi ko acchanka kya ho gaya hain.

Geet alarmed and runs to priya's room and find her tossing in the bed and clutching her stomach.

Geet said pari go and wake up yash and Vicky and told them bring the car from garage now.

Pari nodded and runs to inform them. Geet some how manage and give her some medicine and checked Priya but she needed to hospitalized now .

After 2hours  geet came out from the Cabin and said Priya is safe now but she is very weak and need completely rest. She give her sedative for sleep.

Geet stay there with Priya that night and geet instructed  pari, Vicky and yash to not tell anything to dadi ma.

Yash and pari nodded as they leave the hospital as dadi with sasha and pinky in the haveli,

Geet :- Vicky tum bhi ja sakte the.

Vicky :- no bhabi, mere do do bhabi iha hain aur mere aise hi chali jaun. Kaise, bhabi aap bhul rehe hain aap mere  bhabi hone se pehele mere dost hain.

Geet smiles and said ok devar jee, chaliye baith jaiye mere cabin mein, mein Priya ke sath hoon.

Vicky nodded.

Next day morning,  Vicky received a  phone call and shocked hear the news.

He don't know how to reveal this news to geet ,Priya.

Geet took Priya in the car and called Vicky,

Vicky came there with a sad face.

Priya:- kya hua Vicky itna sad kyuon , tumhe itna sad accha nehi lagta.

Vicky look at Priya then to geet and just lowered his head and sit in the passenger sit and said to driver to drive the car.

Geet noticed vicky's face but she avoid it now cause now her main priority is Priya and her health.

They reached at haveli when sasha informed them dadi ma went to mandir for maan and kunal's success.

After heard this Vicky abruptly left the place.

Geet more cautious and said ok, then instructed pari and sasha to take Priya in her room.

Then geet heated milk and take some food for Priya.

She give it to pari and give her firm instruction to eat no skip of meals,

Priya makes face then take it.

Geet gave mdcn to sasha and give her instruction of this then left the place.

She knock the door of vicky's room .

Vicky open it and said come in side bhabi and then said bhabi.

Geet:- what happen Vicky, y r u looking so sad. Kya hua bolo mujhe

Vicky:- oh oh bhabhi , phone…. Bro…

Geet's heart gradually sinking at the thought of something bad happen to maan but still she make brave face and asked Vicky kya hua saaf saaf bolo

Vicky:- oh bro…….

Geet held his collar and said Vicky saaf saaf bolo , kya hua mere  maan ko.bolo tum.

Vicky :- bhabi, relax, bro ne phone kyat ha subha , he call us to go  there cause…..

Geet:- cause….

Vicky:- kunal is no more.

Geet shocked and gasped to hear the news , she can't believe what she heard now. She said no, it's not true.

Hey bhagwan, iye kunal..par. ..

Vicky hold geet' shoulder and make her sit in the couch and said bhabhi , subha mein jab hospital mein thi tab bro ne call kya aur kaha kal raat ek encounter mein kunal shot by terrorist and badly injured there. Kunal loss huge blood and when they reached hospital, kunal already loss blood but they try but… Vicky just stop there and break down in front of his bhabi and said bhabi , hum Priya ko kaise batayenge, hum dadi ma ko kya bolenge ,kaise kehenge kunal ki ghar wale ko, bhabi bro …

Geet looks at Vicky but don't know what to say then asked how maan is.

Vicky:- he is not in good shape, he also hit but he saved .Thanks to God.

Geet closed her eyes and send a quick prayer to God for saving her maan.

Geet:- we can't disclose this to Priya now as her condition is very critical.

Vicky nodded then said but what will we told them about our return to delhi.

Geet:-hmm, ek kaam karo, tum , sasha aur pari take Priya with u and I'll tell her this for her and her baby's health, as here is facility less .

Vicky nodded and do as geet, say.

Geet takes dadi ma, , yash, pinky adi with her.

They reached Delhi and geet give some instruction about priya's health .

pinky takes dadi ma with her and reached KM .

they told dadi ma that  priya's  health needed spl care and in HP they will not recv this so they decide to move here.

Dadi ma agree with this.

Dadi ma also looks tired so geet told dadi ma to take rest.


Geet told adi to stay with dadi ma and pinky as they r alone there.

Yash and geet reached at "Army Hospital "and asked where is maan?

Receptionist told them the room no where yash asked abt kunal and they told they will give his Body tomorrow morning.

Yash nodded sadly and then told geet to meet maan alone first.

Geet agreed and goes to meet maan.

In the cabin maan sit in the bed and looking lost when geet entered in the room and see him like this.

She just runs and hugs him tightly .

At first maan shocked and then hold her closely and said we lost kunal , we lost, we can't save him , they hit him from behind, they just……..

Geet look at him and tears flowing their eyes.

Kunal is not only a soldier , he is their close friend, brother.

After some time , maan wipes his and geet's tears and said we will not cry  geet, we will not, he is patriot , we should respect his sacrifice but his voice chocked for the first time.

Geet nodded but hugged him tightly.

Geet told dadi ma and Priya don't know anything about it as dadi and priya's health is not good.

At evening kunal's parents come there.

Kunal's father try to make brave face there and but his eyes r sad and searching something.

Kunal's mother hugged geet and maan and asked where is my kunal, pls give me back my kunal,pls maan, u r also my son na, aapne ma ke baat nehi sunoge, mujhe mere bete dila do, pls maan. Tum toh usse aapne bhai mante the na, aapne bhai ko wapas le aao na.

Maan don't know what to say he just stand there still, numb.

Geet crying to see a mother's pain and they feel helpless.

Suddenly, kunal's mother loss her conscious. Maan carried her and placed her in the bed and geet called doctor.

Doctor check her up and said she lost conscious due to stress  and shock about her son's dead.

She need rest and some good sleep.

After some time kunal's mother wake up and said to maan I want to see my son.

Maan, geet and kunal's father said her to take rest but she refused and then they agreed with her.



After some time , kunal's mother see her son and kissed her son's forehead and patted her forehead and said so ja raj dulara so ja……



Luka Chuppi bahut huyi saamne aa ja naa

Kahan kahan dhoondha tujhe

thak gayi hai ab teri maa


Aaja saanjh hui mujhe teri fikar

Dhundhla gayi dekh meri nazar aa ja na


Kya bataoon maa kahan hoon main

Yahan udney ko mere khula aasmaan hai

Tere kisson jaisa bhola salona

jahan hain yahan sapno vala

Meri patang ho befikar udd rahi hai maa

Dor koi loote nahin beech se kaate na




Aaja saanjh hui mujhe teri fikar

Dhundhla gayi dekh meri nazar aa ja na




Teri raah takey aankhiyaan

jaane kaisa kaisa hoye jiyaa


Dhire dhire aangan utre andhera, mera deep kahan

Dhalke suraj kare ishara chanda tu hai kahan

Mere chanda tu hai kahan

Luka Chuppi bahut huyi saamne aa ja naa

Kahan kahan dhoondha tujhe thak gayi hai ab teri maa


Aaja saanjh hui mujhe teri fikar

Dhundhla gayi dekh meri nazar aa ja na




kaise tujhko dikhaun yahaan hai kya

Maine jharne se paani maa tod ke piya hai

Guchcha guchcha kai khwabon ka uchal ke chuwa hai

Chaaya liya bhali dhoop yahaan hai

Naya naya sa hai roop yahan

Yahaan sab kuch hai maa phir bhi

lage bin tere mujhko akela



Aaja saanjh hui mujhe teri fikar

Dhundhla gayi dekh meri nazar aa ja na






After see this Geet can't control her tears and crying there.

Kuan's father also can't stop his tears.

Maan feel so much helpless to see this.

Every one there is sad and feel helpless .

Here Priya is busy to talk with kunal's pic about their child.she is smiling, giggling .


Precap:- nehhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, Priya fainted and critical .


Note:- this is true , Soldier they give their today to save our tomorrow

We should salute them , they r our true and real HERO.

they sacrifice their life for us, for our country and more than it their family sacrifice more.

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hi all
how r u all?

sorry for any mis take.
 updated next part. pls read it and comment it
 hope u all like it.
 all my silent readers pls press the liked button.
 I'm sending pm u all now but if don't received any pms then pls empty ur inbox , may be ur inbox is full.
all who wants pm from me for this ff pls add me or send me buddy request.
pls press the liked button also.
pm list will be update soon.
I know this may be boring part . and less maaneet but it's needed for future story.
I'll post another part soon , cause I'm writing another part now, it's depends on u now how fast u'll  comment and how fast I'll update next part.
pls comments friends , ur comments inspired me lots.

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rsroopali IF-Sizzlerz

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waiting diiiiiiiiii
make it fasttttttt

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VSai2008 IF-Sizzlerz

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sad update
but very well written

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Krishna_Sourav IF-Addictz

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30-40mins more

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7thHeaven IF-Dazzler

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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..hinal.. IF-Sizzlerz

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loved it di n im really happy to be a member of a country where soldiers are ready to give their life for other people living in the country's safety but the precap is very scary hope priya is able to handle the shock

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_BlackPearl_ IF-Stunnerz

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wonderful it!!!
one of the best of the bestest it!
nd s,its our duty respect nd salute those people who r standing us our country guards,nd our guardians for our safety.
They deserve nothing less than a gr8 standard salute nd respect!!!
Jai Hind!!!
Love the part...........Fantabulous!!!

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