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FF on Abhi Nikki"It's Only You"Part 21-22(Pg 45) (Page 8)

mitzification Goldie

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Posted: 05 January 2011 at 4:09am | IP Logged
ooh thers too much to say , will say in detail later.
A new excellent writer has emerged. REALLY good going .......pls keep updating regularly !!!!!!11

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wow123 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 January 2011 at 6:03am | IP Logged
Hey nammy
I have read all the left part which i missed in last few days. I loved it as how story is moving in ur ff. I always feel Abhi-Nikki fight, argued and insulted each other because they are furstrated with themselves more than each other. Abhi is hard person who didn't show or confess his feeling to her and For Nikki how can girl takes first step toward the person who i srude and harsh to her at times. 
I loved them arguing especially when they know about their feelings but not sure about other's feeling. Ppl says that Loves makes you better person but sometimes it makes you bitter for the someone you love when you didn't confess your feeling to them as well.
I love every bit of ur ff, person who u loved has the power to hurt u as well and its our AN. Well i loved mysterious story a lot and you added in ur story as well but i must say i more keen to know about Abhi's past than Nikki.Wink
I can't comment on part by part as i read all parts in one flow so for me i can't separate in parts what i read in one go. Well thanks for writing AN ff for all AN lovers.
I m looking forward to next part. For the rest part you definitely need the applauseClapClapClapClap

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jsha IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 January 2011 at 11:15am | IP Logged
Originally posted by namy_an

It's Only You


Part 8:

Abhi and Nikki both were restless during the entire weekend. Both were desperate to see each other again. Entire week had passed like a hindi masala movie' full of drama and entertainment.

                                                                                                                                That Sunday night in their respective bed, both thinks about each other and the twist & turn of events that took place in the entire week, especially their last encounter.

Abhi recalls how angelic and breathtaking she looked throughout that day, even in that simple yet elegant number. Her beauty and charm had fascinated everyone in the meeting except him, as she had kept him busy in reinstating everyone's attention to the moot point of the meeting.

 Aww so cuteSmile                                                                                                                                 He really had difficult time to control his own hormones and concentrate on the key points of the meeting when she had continued throwing one of her charismatic smiles at everyone including him... him?.. yes, she had thrown that smile at him just for once.. No twice.. was he counting?  
Abhi is totaly liked child here Embarrassedso cute  

Abhi smiles to himself. She had called him 'moody' but the fact was that somewhere both stands on equal footing. Once again, he had witnessed her varied temperament. She was irritating and sharp tongued; at the same time she was too nave, sweet and innocent.

[[To his utter surprise, that day she had allowed him to decide their dinner menu and he had discovered two new things about her:


1) She detests chinese food. Though she had not complained about it verbally, her face had expressed it clearly and loudly.

2) She craves for Chocolate Choco Chip Ice Cream Cone. And as far as her 'favorite dessert' concerned, the word 'sharing' was alien to her.


A smile tugged at Abhi's lips as he remembered how adorable she looked while assaulting on that ice cream cone. It had taken every ounce of his willpower to hold back his desire to crush her in his arms and demonstrate meaning of 'sharing' to her.

This is my most favourite part Big smilenamy i love ur visualization muaaa 

Taking in beautiful sight of Nikki, Abhi finally surrenders himself to sleep.


On the other end, while tossing and turning on the bed, Nikki was feeling truly relieved and blessedly clearheaded 'Finally it's Monday tomorrow'.

She also recalls the memory of their last encounter. For her, it seemed like after an ages she was blessed to spend some blissful time with Abhi. Though Abhi had not spoken much neither at dinner nor while he dropped her at her home, but he looked quite relaxed and contented. Even silence between them was much more comfortable than any words.

From that moment, all she had discovered for certain was that how much she deny, but there was something special about the "connection" she felt whenever she was with Abhi. And that he damned well feel it too, she had seen it in his eyes.

Niki s so sweet Smile 

And both of them definitely needed a psychiatrist's help to sort out the emotional disorder symptoms, which are apparent only when they are around each other.



She had always felt something profound and magical with Abhi and given a chance, she wanted to experience it again and again.

 Yes indeed it is indeed magicalEmbarrassed


Nikki knew that Abhi was a complex man and possessed distinct personality. He was insensitive yet caring, harsh yet gentle, boring yet charming and absolutely unpredictable. Besides, he was handsome, smart, strong, confident and ' and.. Temperamental too'.yet somewhat cheerful'. Cheerful?.... yes, only when he smiles.. And he smiles very rarely as if it costs him hard cash.. But whenever he smiles, he could definitely make any woman's heart skip a bit or tW*Hat.o, And she could bet on 

bold so trueLOL .


But before surrendering herself into sleep she makes a resolution: If Abhi is willing to forget and forgive the bad phase of their relationship; she will not back off/run away this time. With that determination in her mind she surrenders herself to sleep.

Niki this is a spritThumbs Up  





"Hey beautiful, you are late today!" Adi compliments her in a flirting tone.

Adi will surely gonna beatup by mr.moody soon LOLLOL 

"Dr. Adi, you know what, you are wasting your charm on a wrong person. Don't forget I know your all colors" Nikki winks at him and replies teasing tone.


"Aah, you hurt me here!" Adi makes a puppy face and punches his fist at his heart.

Adi is nice 

"Stop it Adi! be serious.. This is hospital and you are a senior doctor." Nikki colors and tries to hide her laughter.


"Okay, So why are you late Dr. Nikita?" Adi asks her with a straight face and professional tone.


Nikki looks at him in surprise and Adi bursts out in laughing," Chill yaar, I was just joking but I wanted to know why you are late?"


Nikki also smiles and replies pleasantly "I overslept. And you know what, after a long long time I had this heavenly sleep."

thankfully  LOL

"With a heavy heart, can I ask you one more question, who is this prince charming?"

 May i tell u Mr SaduLOL, Mr hotty Embarrassed



"Yes, the one who had conquered your sleep till early morning hours?" Adi was back to his teasing mood.

 Adi very good ClapClap


Nikki colors again and replies in the same teasing tone, "Oh! my prince charming? Ummm' actually you know, I couldn't see his face. But__" She steps back and looks Adi from head to toe and continuous," I recollect he had the same height and body as yours. So don't lose your hopes. You still have a chance!"

 wow infront ofniki u invite a huge trouble  u LOL


"Wow Niks, you made my day!" Adi widens his grin and hugs her. Nikki also smiles with him.


Abhimanyu stops dead in his track witnessing exchange of words and gestures between Nikki and Adi. He feels a twinge of jealousy at his heart   Embarrassedso Dr Mody jealous good u deserve it                                                                                          . Why does it always happen to him? Why does he always drawn into her charm? Why does she affect him that way? How many times he will have to tend his heart? Why does she always prefer Armaan, Adi, etc..etc.. over him? Here he couldn't concentrate on anything except her since last couple of days, and there she is' least bothered and busy in flirting with Adi.

Aww CryCryCrypoor abhi 


Adi knocks and enters into Abhi's cabin and finds Abhi eubbing his nape," Good Mo.. Abhi, are you okay?" Adi asks worriedly.

Adi so niceSmile


At the same time, Nikki also knocks and enters into his cabin and overhears Adi's words.

She gazes at Abhi tenderly and asks in a soft voice," Hi, What happened? Aren't you feeling well?"

Aww nimi so sweet Big smile

But Abhi gives her an irate stare in return," I am perfectly fit, Dr. Nikita. And where are the minutes of the meeting?" He asks in a strictly professional tone.

 stupid abhi u r so rude        AngryAngry                                                                                                                    




 "As I can see, my intern has enlightened you about the meeting but it's too early to comment on that. She is just an intern and nave to understand all business tactics. Business doesn't run on face value. In fact we haven't received any confirmation from any of the investors as yet."

so mean mr sadu Cry



After a moment of indecision, she again composes herself and replies with wry smile," Dr. Modi, you may be right. I am just an intern and nave to understand all this business. But still I am an optimistic person. And I have got this positive feeling that we are going to get this deal."

Good Niki  Clap









"Because I do care for her!" Adi replies in even tone.

Aww Adi so sweet  

Abhi stares Adi for a long moment. He draws his eyebrows together and asks," Meaning?"


Adi changes his stance and replies concernedly," Look Abhi, Nikita is not just an intern to me. She is a' a good friend of mine." He stops for a second and continuous," Abhi, I've seen her in the worst phase of her life. And it's just because of her spirit and Armaan, she has bounced back in her life. You know, youboth are y so alike; still  other. And that's what I am trying to figure outou can't stand each."

 bold :i m  curious to know about their past namy plz reveal it soon Smile

Adi's voice hit Abhi in his gut. I've seen her in the worst phase of her life'.Abhi's heart sinks ' worst phase of her life.. What it could be? He wanted to know, now..
















"Great, now finish your work before your Gabbar ticked you off again?" He winks at her and leaves.

 right name  Adi GABBAR

My Gabbar?.. Tears of hurt again clouded her eyes, "why Abhi, why me?" She murmurs. For the second time in less than half an hour, she covered her face with her hands and wept.

AWW i feel so bad for niki

A nurse knocks and enters into Abhi's cabin. She hands over a folder to him," Sir, this is for you."


Abhi takes the folder and finds the Summary of the meeting in it. He closes the folder and asks," And where is Dr. Nikita?"


"I saw her heading towards washroom."


"Tell her to come to my cabin' Immediately"


"Okay sir"


In the washroom, Nikki splashes water at her face and wipes it with her hankie. Her eyes had already turned into little red and puffy. She takes deep breaths to calm down.


"Dr. Nikita, Dr. Modi wants to see you in his cabin" Nurse conveys the message to her as soon as she comes out from washroom.


What he wants now? Nikki takes deep breaths again and pleads for inner strength. She knocks his cabin door and enters and finds him gazing at laptop screen.

Abhi begins even without looking up at her," Dr. Nikita, there is a good news. Eventually we have got the confirmation mail from Mr. Raheja.. Good work'" He stops for a second and continuous, "Mr. Raheja has requested us to add up few the points in the final presentation. I've mailed the same to you. Kindly add up the same in your final soft file and send it back to me. Tomorrow evening we can__."

" But.. " Nikki interrupts him.

"But what, Dr. Nikita?" Abhi finally looks up at her.

Abhi's gaze meets Nikki's reddefragile. Abhi abruptly gets up from his chair and rounds his desk to ned andface was pale and she looked stand in front of her puffy eyes. Her , "Nikki, What happened to your eyes? "Were you crying?" His voice full of concerned.

  wow mr sadu first mae her cry now shoing ur concerned                                                                                                                             "No.. I was not crying and.. and I don't need your sympathy." Nikki takes a step back although Abhi was standing at arm's length distance.

Abhi notices that she stood there stiff and unwelcoming. He counts ten in his mind and takes a tiny steps towards her, " Nikki, what's the problem?"

He was standing very near to her and was looking at her with that concerned gaze, which was her unnerving. She was finding it difficult to lash out her anger at him. After a couple of second when she again finds her voice, she retorts back," You, you are my problem. What do you think who I am? A robot? Firstly you all set me up for any ridiculous conference on a short notice, even without consulting with me first. Then you burden me up with loads of work and expect me to finish three days work in just three hours."

Abhi gets appalled "What conference? What are you talking about?"

   LOLLOLLOLLOL good                                                                                                                             Contd'..
wow namy asusual awsome u r to goodddddddddddddddddClapClapClapClap

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piya-jiya IF-Rockerz

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namy sweetie i love for two updates frst of all
i love nikki n abhi in ur ff
u r so good namy i m really enjoying ur ff oh again abhi is mad with nikki
wow abhi is also going to jaipur now it will be fun if they come to meet each other now its time for nikki to show some nakhre
namy cant wait for the next part plz update soon
i hope u will put some hot hot scene between AN Wink

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cherry_an IF-Stunnerz

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hey namyHug

congo on ur ff!!
very happy to c ur thrd..Big smile
i knw m late !! az everyone knw ovr u r new so let me tel u that yaa m late latif..Embarrassed
bt waznt here..... yest only came..
so stillhavnt read ur ff!
but  m vry  excited abt it..
so giv me sm time....
once agen congo
n all the best..
-chaituuuBig smile

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.Dalisay. IF-Sizzlerz

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Hey very nice update ...I liked itSmile
Hmmm the same place na where BNHH happend WinkBig smile goodgoing sweety

just like muni; I want a hot scene tooEmbarrassed
Looking 4ward 4 am nt sure will able to comment here or not then.. Exam sar per hai :( so.... Plzz dnt mind ill read n cmment on ur ff laterEmbarrassed then SmileHug

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mitzification Goldie

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First Abhi was so rude to her , made her cry then he's asking her .. u r crying?? . Also he heard she had a bad past ... after all this he was acusing Nikki for going to the confrence ............ stupid insenstive abhi ..... Angry
And i kinda lost the reason for the fight .. first he was angry that she didnt say no for going out ... but why was he caling her untrustworthy ... it got confusing .... ??
And it struck to Abhi that she had mistook his words. In fact he was blaming her for circumventing from the situation but Nikki had mistook it as accusation
Arey i lost the reason for theri fight
Also Nikki si going for tue wed , yet adi says to abhi see u on wed
plus abhi is going on wed .................. how will they meet ..??

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Well Nammy, I'm reserving this post for my essay...and as I can see my spamming-buddy Sheenu beat me to it this time! Embarrassed
There's just one thing I've gotta say with the lil bit I managed to read...
it's that I never believed Abhi to be insensitive. From what I've observed, he was always extremely fact, so much so that he didn't need to hear her thoughts or her emotions, he could feel them. Very few people have that ability to understand the unsaid. I don't know but I just can't bring myself to agree with that little thing you've written. Soryy about that. Will go into further explanation and details later.
Till then,
Yeah so...*rubs hands together*
The poor sweet dukhi Abhi being so dukhi makes me dukhi as well...Ouch okay so ignore it if you didn't understand it LOL
Why does he always have to jump to conclusions! Angry She flirts with others, yes...but the only person she kisses is him Embarrassed Ain't that enough for the gadha to understand?! But he's such a sexy gadha...*sigh*
And there he goes again...Ouch uff kya hoga iss bande ka iss life mein! *looks heavenwards for an answer but God doesn't oblige*
Why is he so hard on her? Truly I can't moment he's soft and the next he's so cold Shocked but that's his charm...Embarrassed I love him so so sooooooooo much...Big smile
Poor another scolding! LOL Why don't I feel the sympathy LOL
Nikki's past...hmmm...that's an interesting take. Till today we've always been digging up Abhi's's a nice move, venturing into Nikki's past. Me wants to know Big smile Batao, batao!
Why is Adi so surprised? That's all Abhi does throughout any convo na...make eyes and go "hmmm..." ROFL Woh hi toh uska kaam hai. You talk to him for hours on end and all you get are "hmmm", "haan", and "ohh" LOL LOL LOL
Aaarghhhh why does that girl cry so muchhhh!!!!!!!!!!! Angry *rolls eyes* She needs to grab Abhi by the collar and give him a serious dose of what he needs...Wink
AHA!!! Dr.Moody melts at the very sight of those red eyes! I knew it...he's such a softie inside, na...he's a nut! Embarrassed Well he's a coconut, basically. LOL
And he needs to have some, eat nuts I mean. Memory toh Ghajini ki tarah ban raha hai! Shocked Badaam khilao koi usse! LOL
Again. He hits that sensitive nerve. I wanna punch his beautiful face...but I can't...Cry he's too handsome! Ouch I wanna go and bang Adi's head to the wall...and then bang AN's heads against each other's. They all need a reality check. Hmph.
Oh nooooooooooo Shocked No no no girl, I don't care how angry or hurt you are, DONOT throw up on the guy before you...he wears the best shirts available in town and I will grieve for an entire week if you ruin any of them! Ouch

After a while, Abhi releases her wrist from his grip and turns on his back. He presses his thumb and forefinger to the bridge of his nose to hold back the tears stinging his eyes. He struggles hard to keep his emotions under control. He was now damn tired of being on a constant roller coaster of emotions. He closes his eyes and takes deep breaths to gain some strength.

Nikki, head down, was glued to her place.  She unconsciously held her breath while the seconds ticked by. After a long minute, she stole a look at Abhi, half expecting that he would have turned his face towards her. But still his back was facing her and she could sense his tension and apprehension

Aaah...there we go with the vulnerable AN...never ceases to move me, that. I just love how raw their emotions exposes their hearts to the deepest, farthest cornners and that's the beauty of it. I love the way you put it, Nammy. Beautiful. Clap Clap Clap
And I see it's inspired from the riot scene. Nothing so beautiful has ever been portrayed on the small screen, in my opinion. Thankyou for bringing back the memories. You've done a wonderful job here:

He raises his left arm to stop her in her track and turns his face towards her. He was damn angry with himself for losing control over his emotions whenever she is around.

Nikki watched him carefully, his expression were unreadable, until it settled into one of steely.

Abhi stares hard at her, his expression resentful, "Dr. Nikita, you may leave now. I don't need you anymore. I can finish work for myself. Leave… right now." He emphasized each word deliberately.

Nikki's pulse caught in her throat and she was feeling a spike of pure panic. She had lost him again… and this time forever…. Her eyes shimmer with fresh pool of tears. Stepping back abruptly, she turns and rushes out of his cabin.

Abhi sits back in his chair…. He sits there motionless for God knows how many hours. Belatedly, he realizes what she had said.. Abhimanyu, I don't want to go... what should i… And what he had said … I don't need you anymore.… leave right now

I couldn't help but quote the entire thing, it's so beautifully put. Hats off to you, Nammy. Brilliant job...extremely complex feelings put so smoothly into words. The translation is truly touching. Clap finally SLD the clown is of some use. Thankyou for that, Nammy. Big smile
A wonderful, wonderful job. I love the way you're taking this story. It retains the essence of AN that we relished till the pool scene...something that was destroyed after SLD's entry. Thankyou for bringing that back. I'm loving this. Star
As I said before, I love the flow of your's simple and you put everything very nicely together. I really enjoy it.
I'm loving this FF. Update soon! Hug

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