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FF on Abhi Nikki"It's Only You"Part 21-22(Pg 45) (Page 42)

mitzification Goldie

Joined: 14 July 2009
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Posted: 06 December 2011 at 8:05am | IP Logged
ill read again at leisure n comment ... u know i luv ur update sply the part where abhi dsnt turn sadu and atleast gives nikki a chance and looks at her tenderly
and i also loved the part where she barges into his cabin , reminded me of the scene where she comes crying to his cabin in dmg ... he ehhe it was such a sweet scene

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jsha IF-Rockerz

Joined: 11 April 2009
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Posted: 06 December 2011 at 8:38am | IP Logged
Shukar hai nmy ji aap ne update toh di thank you thank you Big smile these two are dhanso updates Clap but again past reveal nahi kiya wanna kill u Angry

Edited by jsdoll - 09 December 2011 at 6:47am

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saomom IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 December 2011 at 8:52am | IP Logged
Yay!  I'm so happy you updated! What a delightful surprise to have two chapters!!!

Love the story, love the updates.  Keep up the good work!

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Amy_an IF-Rockerz

Joined: 15 December 2010
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Posted: 07 December 2011 at 1:19am | IP Logged
Originally posted by richasharma0991

hey namy . 
thanku sooo much for this one . it was 1ooo times good one .u welcomed my vication with such a good update . i simply loved it . nikki childishness. abhi's attitude and abhi and armaan sorting out .loved it . continue soon dear 
 plz ...
loved the update
Aww Richa, welcome back dear..Hug Thank you so much..
It really makes me happy that you llike the parts.. Thank u so much fr such a beautiful words..
Yup, will try to continue soon.. Since you are back, am looking forward to read ur updates :)
Amy_an IF-Rockerz

Joined: 15 December 2010
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Posted: 07 December 2011 at 1:21am | IP Logged
Originally posted by jyothi_cool

Nice cont soon
Thanks jyoti.. Glad to know that u find it nice.. Thanks:)
Amy_an IF-Rockerz

Joined: 15 December 2010
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Posted: 07 December 2011 at 1:35am | IP Logged
Originally posted by mitzification

not commenting right now , but you already got a lot of compliments from me already hehehe
now some gussa ... so many typosAngry
now some more gussa ...can't wait for the next part ... what will Nikki do ?
Personaly I wanted to see a lot of romance on the sly before the whole gang came to know about them ... :( cause it is more fun when the gang is abusing him and Nikki is bearing the brunt ehheh I think i can still have my wish .. the whole gang dsnt know pls Nammy dont let them come to know so soon preety please !
Yeah yeah I know Mitzi.. And i'll patiently wait for ur comments.. You know i'm greedy.. Always fishing for more complimentsEmbarrassed Yeh dil always mange moreEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Arey yaar itna Gussa mat karo for typosOuch  Hota hai chalta hai duniya haiTongueLOLLOL
Jokes apart, the thing is that i simply hate to do proof reading.. Whenever i start doing it, i tend to make more and more changes in the update.. And this time I wanted to post the updates asap.. It was a long due.. Thanks for pointing it out, I've ractified it.. Still u find some typos, you are requested to rectify it on my behlaf.. And send me the edited version, will repost it EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Mitzi dear, I want to get over with this FF soon as I'm going to get more busy in the coming year..And I don't want you guys to be left with a half story.. Still will try to hold up to ur expectations.. Thanks a ton for ur constant encoragement and appreciation :)
Amy_an IF-Rockerz

Joined: 15 December 2010
Posts: 6696

Posted: 07 December 2011 at 2:10am | IP Logged
Originally posted by cherry_an

OMG OMG cheryyy! You always made me speechless with ur super longgg commentsHugHug... I am overwhelmed... *Tears of joy*.. I love ur comment to the core, it feed my writing soul uknowWinkEmbarrassedl Thak u so much for sparing time from ur busy schedule n posting such an encouraging comment.. Love ya baby..Hug 
Now its my payback timeWink EmbarrassedEmbarrassed So here I go with my comments...
seriously poor divs *i hope adi din mind me calin her divs*Wink
Arey u can call her whetver u want to call, I'll take care of AdiWinkLOL
ohky enough of ma nonsense..Approve
No u can carry on with it.. Am used to itWinkEmbarrassed
but i really love the way u described divs feelings..
n i so agree wid muski
" Tum na sare ke sare mard ek jaise hote ho. Heartless and hopeless."
lolLOL jus missd her punches..
i mean this is the uniqness of ur ff..u neva underestimate ny character..all r equally imp u giv justice to all of them.. n specially lov the bonding u show between niki-armaa,niki-ridzi.. hatz offClap
Aww thak u thank u*taking a bow*.. Glad to know that u like it.. Tarif ke liye shukriya *in shinchain tone*EmbarrassedEmbarrassed Me too miss Muski n her punju punches..Ouch
the starting part waz cute..
n cabin scene waz truely superb..
i mean abhi is sooo...ummm abhi!LOL
neva ready to sey sorryLOL 
i mean hez  so difficult to handle but  that iz abhi!Big smile and most imp purrfect for niki!EmbarrassedBig smile
but how can he jus sleep in midl of their convoShockedROFL
Bold:Stern Smile I don't think i need to comment on this.. ROFL
tht waz so badd... poor gal!
but whole scene waz cute.. Embarrassed love it!
I wasn't really wrinting a funny kinda scene but then something came in my mind n I just went with the flow.. Glad to know that u found it cute...
love the way she waz waiting for him to come..
n him trying to ignore her .. naughty devil!
gal waz fishing for some complements man, stop being stubborn sadu!Tongue go 4 it!
Arey no verabal communication rquired there sweetz.. waha ankho hi ankho mai ishar ho gaya thaWinkEmbarrassedEmbarrassed 
ohky till this point story waz fun, lithrtd..
but az she sang the song..Ouch
evrything got flipped by 180 degreez..Ouch
i mean thz so sweet of her to sing that song az she neva knew that it has to do something wid hiz past! her intentionz wer not to hurt himOuch poor gal..
instead of getin appreciatn got hiz anger..Ouch
i mean agen not abhiz fault too..Ouch hez past had to b so bitter?Ouch
love the way u described hiz inner state.. awesome.. difficult to write.. (ofcourz not 4 u ladyWink)
I know dear.. But u too like sadist scene.. So this one was fr uOuchOuch Thanks again.. Glad that u liked the build up of emotions.. Hmmm.. Personally i don't like to write heartwrenching scene..u know that.. *sigh*
hmmm al that scene waz really painful, tensed.. but i love abhiz suddn change of attitude though its momentarily..
Abhi stepped forward and grabbed her shoulders again. She cried out in shocked alarm. In her panic, unthinking she put her hands on his chest. Abhi's gaze went on her hand and then it slowly lifted to her face. When his eyes met with hers, her eyes looked frightened and watery. Rigidity left his jaw and his gripped loosened. He felt a distinct change in his heart and his eyes softened a bit. But the change was momentarily
i mean he first lash out hiz anger n when she gt hurt , al hiz anger forgottn n he agen bcm so soft towrdz her.. i love this thing of him!! though for somtim but still by this smal smal actionz u can c how much this man iz crazyly in love wid her.. n most imp thing feelingz r mutual..Big smile she loves him bak the same way.. Embarrassed but unfortunately this time  situation iz very difficult.. weird..i hope they wil come around soon! *sigh*
Han ji.. Don't worry they'll come around.. Hum hai to kya gum haiEmbarrassedLOLLOL
i hate this adi haan.. i mean i dnt like the way he talkd to nikki.. i mean only abhi n armaan haz this right on her.. abhi haz mor right thoughEmbarrassed
Fury again blazed in Nikki's eyes and the simultaneous urge to slap the person standing in front of her.
i so wish she would have done this.. idiotic man!huh!Angry
how dare he..Angry
Whoaa chill angry lady! That man has got a heartache.. Uspe thoda taras khaoWinkEmbarrassedLOL
but when armaan came woaah it waz completely unexpected ..shitt!
but i realy felt ma own heart shrinked when she waz silently praying god.. n calling abhi 4 her rescue..
(abhi tum q nahi aye?Ouch)
ofcz armaan waz very diffclt to handle at that time.. but apni nikki pehlwaan iz strong! *sigh*
Wohi to.. She is strong enough to handle this kinda situation.. Aur waise bhi Armaan se kya darna.. He is her cool bbEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
oww billyz accident waz unfortunate thank god our hero saved him!ye hero apni heroin ke paas kub ayega?Ouch  (sorry for ma cheeky statements n languageTongue but i want them togethr u knw taht *sigh*)
now this iz the scene i waz takin about.. i love ridz-nikki relation so much! i mean she understandz niki really well! most of the time more than armaan!Smile
Very true.. Me too adore Nikki-Ridz bonding.. Its my fav scene..
AN encouter waz Ouch but i knw everything wil b fine soon (stop crying ma crezzy heartOuch)
i mean i alwaz lov ther fightz but not such kinda serious ones..Stern Smile
poor nikki crying .. i hate it!Ouch
n the bestesst scene i found in this update waz abhimaan scne..Big smile
(ma personal fav)
the way abhi told armaan about smal things related to nikki was so damn admirn!
"I don't think I need to answer any of your nave questions. But still i would answer it Dr. Mallik." Abhi cut him off harshly. He adjusted his specs and started. "Well Dr. Mallik, for the record, I know that there's matured and emotional girl behind this faade of childish Nikki. What I know is that she scares of the dark but never admits it. I know that she still mourns over her Brother's death but she is scared to share it with others. I know that she still craves for her parent's attention but she is terrified to voice her feelings. I know that she hates to cry in front of other soul, hence at times she opts for all kind of silly acts to hide her embarrassment. I know she fidgets with her hands when she is nervous. And I know she is crazy for chocolate chips cream ice cream and she hates to share it with anyone
specially icecream part waz really not so..abhi typz ! yet he couldnt control seyin it waz such sweet thing!Big smilen truly cute...Embarrassed 
n the last part
" the thing is that I don't like to see her crying over someone. Be that it may you or whoever. I'll not tolerate that. It hurts me here" Abhi put his finger on Armaan's heart and continued, "When I see her in tears".
itz so sweet para.. love it to the core..
m glad abhi sed these things to him.. it waz necessary..Smile
i love when he do such things for niki.. specially  putting his ego aside..Embarrassed
really awesome scene..
Tell u truth, I was really dreading posting this scene because It hadn't came out the way i wanted.. Actually this one is my personal fav scene so far.. AM so very happy u too like it..Thank u so much bb..
how i wish nikki haz seen abhi doin this for her.. Big smile
coz he iz like that! he actz all unreasonbl, lik a jrk in front of her n from behind her back showz all hiz love n care for her .. awww that iz  sooo...abhi..n henece hiz so special! EmbarrassedBig smileBig smile
glad armaan understood the truth! ANz love 4 eachother.. !!
n y not! after all  The Abhimanyu Modi made him understand that!
 abhi iz so good at convincing, sometimes wid his authorative nature n sometimes wid hiz charmz..
aww now m really eager to watch nikkiz reaction! shez so sweet doll n desarvz all the love in the world! ofcrz only one man can giv it to her.. her abhi..onlyy her..
Her eyes gleamed with anew admiration and endless love for Abhi. Now it's payback time, Nikki.. She made a determination as tears of joy and relief sprang in her eyes.
woaahhh paybak time.. greatBig smileBig smile now niki wil reward him wid... ummm wil cWink u only kw wat i mean..WinkEmbarrassedLOL
Han ji I understood what u meant.. I hope i'll meet up ur expectations in the next updateEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Well, I don't think i've said enough to u.. But thank u fr such a lovely comment.. It has just made my day!!! Thank u sweetyHug Hug 

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Amy_an IF-Rockerz

Joined: 15 December 2010
Posts: 6696

Posted: 07 December 2011 at 2:25am | IP Logged
Originally posted by saomom

Yay!  I'm so happy you updated! What a delightful surprise to have two chapters!!!

Love the story, love the updates.  Keep up the good work!
Thanks a ton dear.. Glad to know that you're enjoying the story.. Thank u :)

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