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FF on Abhi Nikki"It's Only You"Part 21-22(Pg 45) (Page 4)

.Dalisay. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 December 2010 at 5:45am | IP Logged
OMG 4 parts at a time !!
thank youu so much jana... :D :D :D Lovee uu 4 dis Hug
All pats are awesome totally fab...
oh so adi n su su in makingg hmm hard to belive bt amazingg yaar LOLLOL
all AN scenes were to die for loved demm....
tanks so much 4 adding a kiss....
n this is beautiful gift we got on X-mas eve .......

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Khushboo_AN IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 December 2010 at 11:23am | IP Logged

Nammyyyyy Hug

4 parts in one go!!! Shocked
I love you! Hug *doing bhangra on one leg*
In last two days, she had asked millions of question on that hot topic to Nikki.
@bold...what do you imply with the reference to "hot" topic, Nammy? LOL Do you mean the popularity of the topic as far as SLD is concerned, or the "subject" of the said topic? Wink Embarrassed
But SLD and Aditya? Shocked Nooooo save the poor soul!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What did Adi do, yaar? Kis janam ka badla le rahi ho tum usse? Ouch Bechara suicide kar baethega! Ouch
And Abhi singing...his voice is something else I tell you Day Dreaming Okay so I don't like the song, and neither the lyrics...what in the world is "marmari baahein"? Confused The last time I checked, the only things that did marmar-giri were dried leaves LOL
Well anyway, I'm a huge fan of two things about, his voice. And two, his hair. Embarrassed Otherwise I'm a die-hard Abhimaniac Embarrassed LOL I'm so utterly Abhified, na...Blushing
Par par know something? You brought an "awwww!" smile on my face after a long long time...we've had strong doses of the passionate, intense, cheeky, sarcastic, troubled, to some extent demented LOL, confused AN...but I have def missed the sweet and soft AN for a while. So thanks for bringing them back Big smile
That cabin scene truly refreshed memories Embarrassed
And that little brushing of the lips...just perfect. Clap Something more would have ruined the cute innocence of the moment Embarrassed
About Patil...well I wish Abhi would break his bones and throw him into the mid-Atlantic so he could float all the way down to the Titanic Angry horrible man...thank Goodness they bought something new for Nikki.
And what the heck was up with her anyway? Dressing like that in the hospital! Shocked Outrageous!!! Well seeing that she never truly covered herself up apart from Valentine's Day when she was dressed as a bhoot, Abhi was used to the skin show. But making even Abhi's jaw drop must've been hard...coz he's not the gawking types Embarrassed which is why I love him so much Hug (added to my still-unfinished list of Infinity And One Reasons Why I Love Dr. Abhimanyu Modi of course!)
Anyway so I shouldn't even venture into the topic of Abhi coz then I'll go on till the end of eternity LOL 
Yeah so...where was I? Geek Haan haan...
So I was thinking of a way to dispose of SLD...well frankly I feel even Jiah was better than that clown! Dead *ducks brickbats, rotten tomatoes, eggs, badminton rackets, tennis balls, shoes, and everything else that might be thrown at her*
Get her out of my sight yaar...please! Cry 
How about I give you an idea...tie her to a rocket, and launch her to a passing comet. Angry So that she can zoom about in outer space, annoy aliens (who, hopefully, will put her in a zoo LOL) and give our AN some much-needed space! You can ask Mich to lend you her rocket...I gave her a similar idea in CIL LOL which she didn't use Ouch ROFL
And me wants to see Nikki in Abhi's jacket...I want her hands to get lost in the long long sleeves, and Abhi to help her roll them up so that her hands can find their way out through the sleeves Wink LOL LOL LOL A super-cute scene I'm sure, with Abhi teasing Nikki about her minute size LOL I can imagine it already LOL LOL LOL
Okay so end of essay...I just remembered that I've 3 hours of Statistics tomm morning! Shocked Suicide mausiji!!! Dead I'm gonna drink 3 cups of sugar-free strong back coffee before I go, and take a flask full of it with me LOL And then I'll sit and think of AN all through the torture Embarrassed and maybe come up with something to write Big smile
That's the reason for this short comment...I had a lot more to say! Yes, as hard as it may be for you to believe, I did have much more to say but sadly had to stop can ask anyone you want Embarrassed...I'm famous for my essay comments LOL and this is tiny for 4 parts! Shocked I'll try to comment longer later on...but right now I should go and try to sleep! Sleepy
Lovely work, and even lovelier that you posted 4 parts in one go!
I can't tell you how much I love you right now! *makkhan maroying for cute AN scenes* Embarrassed
GREAT job...keep it up and update faster!!! Big smile

Edited by Khushboo_AN - 26 December 2010 at 11:27am

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mitzification Goldie

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Posted: 26 December 2010 at 11:49am | IP Logged
Originally posted by namy_an


Abhi stares at her for a moment and lividly asks her, "Where is your lab coat?"LOL

 "What? Lab coat? Why? I mean why would I carry my lab coat here?" She baffles.

"Forget it." He opens his car door and removes a navy sport jacket hanging on the back of driver seat. He walks towards Nikki and hand it over to her, "Wear this "

" I am not feeling cold. Why should I wear this?" Nikki was bewildered.


"It will be cold inside. Now, stop arguing and wear this." He says sternly.LOL


"Abhi.. I mean Abhimanyu, are you alright? You are not making any sense to me." Nikki baffles again.


Abhi runs his hand through his hair, " Phew, you are not going to make this easy for me, are you?


Nikki looks confusedly at him.


Abhi continuous, " Nikki, have you forgotten whom we are meeting today? Do you want to give that jerk Patil a pleasure to gawk at you in this outfit."


Nikki looks at him as if he has slapped her.  She mistook his meaning "How dare you? What is wrong with this outfit? In fact everyone at Sanjivani liked it. I have been also complimented that I am looking s.." She abruptly stops in her ranting. She comprehend the meaning now. "i'er'" She blushes.


Abhi defends himself without noticing her change in expression, " I didn't mean to .. I mean.. Aah.. I mean there is nothing wrong with your outfit.. You look absolutely se.. Stunning." He corrected himself on time. "It's just that I don't like the way Patil stares at you and'" He didn't know what to say ahead to make her understand.


Nikki looks at him sharply and asks," Abhimanyu if you know Patil's kind then why did you insist that I should attend the meeting."


Abhimanyu looks at her in disbelief," Nikki, it's not just Patil who will be there in the meeting. We are also meeting other two other reputed investors. I really don't understand you. If  I take you with me you accuse me that I am taking advantage of you and if I don't involve you, still you accuse me that I am taking credit of your work. I mean I really don't understand what exactly you expect from me."


Abhi's words hit her hard. All the earlier incidents flashed before her eyes. She was so nave back then. She had adamantly accused Abhi for taking advantage of her, taking credit of her work etc. But he was so considerate. She then remembered the intimate moment that they had shared at Dr. Keerti and Dr. Shubhankar's sangeet party. Abhi had asked her to come with her but Armaan had destroyed their beautiful moment.

That day, Nikki had realized that she was fallen for Abhi long ago.. And had fallen very hard.. But things had gotten more complicated thereafter. And she had lost Abhi before even getting a chance to confess her true feelings to him. Remembering all this incident, a lump begins to form in her throat and tears well up her eyes.


Noticing Nikki's teary eyes, Abhi becomes concerned," Nikki,  I am sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you. Look, you don't have to attend this meeting. I.."

absolutely swwet and funny .....
only onte thing ... i cant belive abhi nikki having such light moments after 8 pm meeting .... it feels more apropriate after nikki dsnt show up at shubhankars sangeet , when abhi askes her to come ...... what do u say ?

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mitzification Goldie

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Posted: 26 December 2010 at 11:52am | IP Logged
Originally posted by namy_an

It's Only You


Part 7:

""You are very moody person"

 "I didn't used to be." There came answer.

"Do you mean to say you used to be pleasant?"


 "When?" Nikki almost snorts with disbelief but stops herself in time.

 "When you were not around me" lollllllllllllll !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


"Excuse me? You are blaming me for the change in your nature." She keeps her temper under control.


"Don't start arguing again and let me concentrate on driving" Abhi ordered in a voice he thought sounded downright.


Nikki fumes and mutters to herself  "sadu, stupid, idiot." Abhi manages not to smile, exactly knowing what she must have said.


He stops the car near one Restaurant and tells her, "Get down, we have reached."


Nikki looks at him in disbelief and then turns to look outside," It's not my home."


"I know where you stay. This is the restaurant where people dine."


"You said you are not hungry."

" I am not, but you are."

"I don't want to trouble you anymore. I will have dinner at home." Nikki says sarcastically.


Abhi sighs and runs his hand through his hair "Phew, you will never stop being dramatic, right? Okay meri maa, I am sorry. I was lying. I am dam hungry. Now shall we go before restaurant close down?" Abhi bows at her faking apology.


"Okay, If you are insisting so much then let's go." Nikki pouts and in a next moment throwing a charismatic smile at Abhi she steps out from car.


Abhi amuses and sighs, "Dr. Nikita, you know something. You are the only one who make me smile even in my worst mood!"

To be contd'.

  soooooooo swwet
 waiting patiently for update

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piya-jiya IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 December 2010 at 7:50pm | IP Logged
lovely update namy u r superb n very good writer i love abhi n nikki in ur ff continue soon
congrates for opening new thread

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DelusionalMe IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 December 2010 at 4:09am | IP Logged
Hey Namy,wat a present yaar. 4 parts in 1 update.Wow!! Enjoyd all d parts thoroughly, wantd 2 comnt on each part individually bt I broke my finger so cant type much.Stil lik 2 mention a few things.Abhi havin spicy meal,cant imagine dis in my wildest of drms.His taste is clasy,stil rembr how he puckerd his nose wen once in dmg,Niki insistd him 2 dine at a dhabaLOL n Wat is dis SLD-Adi angle,r u tryin 2 fix dem up?n Jai-Veeru-Gabbar thing was innovativeSmile want 2 say loads of things bt my poor fingrCry

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DelusionalMe IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 December 2010 at 4:19am | IP Logged
Sh** sry, I forgot 2 say something, enjoy ur vacations Namy, wil b waitin 4 u n ur nxt update Wink
@Khush so u lik AT's voice n his hair. Well, me too bt I hv one more thing 2 add to dis list, His EYES*blush* I can keep staring in those crystal clear pools of water for my whole life without evn blinking for once Wink Ok enough of drooling, gotto go. Love

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mitzification Goldie

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Posted: 27 December 2010 at 6:38am | IP Logged
i just hope aditya dsnt fall for suman .......... cause their relationship too started wid a fight Dead

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