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FF on Abhi Nikki"It's Only You"Part 21-22(Pg 45) (Page 31)

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namy update plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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namy  jab tak update nahi milengaa i will not come online now its ur choice do u want me to not come online i guess we have not talk from week i guess more  then a week n ya i m waiting for something else also i m sure u know what LOL
bye sweetie Smile

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Originally posted by jsdoll

 Blowing Bubble Bow Down Clapping Hands You Rock Brows namy very cute and awsome updateClap but plz reveal abhi past soon as i cant wait any more plz update soon after ur examz

Thaks Jibz.. Glad u like the part..
I knw yaar u r very despearte to know Abhi's past.. Pleas bear with me this time, will reveal it very very soon..
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Originally posted by richasharma0991

hey nammy
 taht was just so very perfect Clap
abhi finally revieled his feeling Big smile
he said i love u.
thats unbelievable
weell looking forward for abhi's past.
plz update soon
Thanks a ton Richa... Glad u liked d part..
u'll get Abhi's past soon...
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Originally posted by muni-loveAN

namy jab tak update nahi milengaa i will not come online now its ur choice do u want me to not come online i guess we have not talk from week i guess more then a week n ya i m waiting for something else also i m sure u know what LOL
bye sweetie Smile

Hello Munuuuuuuuu..

sorry fr long wait...finally ur long wait z over...

N ya i'v almost finished working on tht 'Sumthing else' n hopefully u'll gt it by mondayWinkBig smile

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 Hello Guys,

Firstly, thanks a ton to each of u for ur ever encouraging comments.. Am so glad that you liked the Parts so far..
Sorry for long wait.. Here you go with the next part.. I hope u''ll like it J
Please keep your helpful comments coming, it indeed encourages me to write d updates.
Thanks a ton guys and please keep on commenting…

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Part 17

"Dr. Nikita Malhotra, I am deeply in love with you. I love you more than I can tell you and I'm tired of hiding this feeling inside."

That whole night, those magical words and Abhi's face haunted Nikki's dreams. When she awoke, before dawn, her mind wandered back to the last waking thought and that brought a jovial smile on her face. Throwing the confronter aside, she rolled out of bed and rushed towards the washroom. After almost half an hour's deliberation, she finally chose the dress that Abhi had selected for her the other day before their meeting with Patil. After getting ready, she studied her appearance in the mirror while brushing her long silky hair. She knew she was looking beautiful and charming but today she wanted to look extra beautiful in Abhi's eyes. Obsessed with the need to look her absolute best, she spent almost half an hour trying different hair styles. But as she remembered how Abhi's hand reached out to touch her hair at every given opportunity, she finally left them open and straight. Checking her appearance one more time and the effect of the fitted dress on her small frame, she picked up her purse & keys and left the house with a blissful smile on her face.

On her way to Sanjivani, she rehearsed her strategy for 'Mission Confession'. Though, she'd spent half the night in planning the said strategy, her hands shook as she rehearsed the four simple words in her mind. All of a sudden butterflies swarmed her stomach and she encircled her arms around her stomach to still the nervous excitement. Lost in her thoughts, she almost jumped up when she heard the Auto Driver's voice as he drove inside Sanjivani's gates. She fumbled in her purse and paid the Auto driver.

As she stepped out of the auto, she closed her eyes and took a long deep breath. After composing herself, she dashed inside and walked over straight to the reception to check on Abhi. But to her disappointment, she got to know from the reception that she was half an hour early than Mr. Punctual's standard time to arrive in Sanjivani. And that irked her mood. Vaguely, she checked her wrist watch and realized that she was two hours earlier than her usual time to report for duty. Her anger left as abruptly as it had come and embarrassment took over her. She thanked the receptionist and made her way to her favourite ward to kill her time.

Half an hour later, Abhi stepped out from his car and checked his wrist watch. "Hmm.. still an hour to go!" He sighed. Shaking his head, he walked into Sanjivani. As he reached near his cabin, he walked over to the reception to leave a message for his favourite intern. "What?" was the only word that came out from his lips as the receptionist informed him about Dr. Nikita arrival. Abhi shook his head in disbelief and masking his expression to strictly professional, he instructed the receptionist to send Dr. Nikita in his cabin right away.

Nikki's heart jumped in anxiety as she got Abhi's message. Hyperventilating, she made a quick trip to the washroom to recheck her appearance and then rushed towards his cabin. As soon as she knocked and pushed his cabin door open, she felt nervous, scared, and excited all at the same time. As her eyes caught him seated behind his desk , talking on the phone, she had to remind herself to breath. To her great surprise, though his eyes were fixed on the laptop screen, he motioned her to enter as if he'd already sensed her presence. Softly she entered and stood in front of his desk. As she waited for him to end his conversation, she grabbed an opportunity to study him with reluctant fascination. Despite his relaxed pose, his jaw was stamped with authority, chin set with supreme confidence and his face and features executed an aura of dynamic power that had attracted her towards him and disturbed all her coherent thoughts. To add to her discomfort, all of a sudden his lips curved into a humorous smile that made her heart jump into her throat. And it was becoming increasingly difficult to hide her reaction to him. Absentmindedly, she lifted her arm to calm down her fastened heartbeat and that movement caught Abhi's attention. He suddenly looked directly in her eyes and she forgot to take a breath. Her hand stilled midway as those chocolate brown eyes bore into huge black ones. Nervously, her hand reached up to tuck a lock of her hair behind her ear. Abhi shook his head and forced his gaze to shift back to the laptop screen.

After a while, he hung up the phone, sent his desk chair sliding backward and quickly rose to his feet. As he turned his attention to Nikki, his breath too caught in his throat. He studied her heart stopping beauty with detached interest of a connoisseur. Though she always looked to him most stylish, elegant, innocent and pampered, today her delicate profile looked exquisitely appealing in the very dress that he'd selected for her the other day. She looked both elegant and glamorous in this number. As if this wasn't enough to disarm him, the faint blush that was straining her smooth glowing cheeks, the innocent appeal in those huge black eyes and the girlish nervous smile on her lips nearly knocked him off. Her delicate profile totally intrigued him and he stood rooted at the same spot, captivated for several seconds. Blowing an air he composed himself and raked his hand through his hair. Holding her gaze, Abhi rounded the table and came stalking towards her.

Calm' steady.. take a long deep breath.. it's okay.. you can do it.. you need to speak just three words.. not three actually four words.. yes, you can do it'

Nikki reminded herself in a nervous chant as Abhi stopped right in front of her.

"Good Morning Dr. Nikita!" Abhi glances at his wrist watch, then at Nikki, "It's barely after eight.. What on the earth happened that caused you to land in Sanjivani at such early hours of the morning? "Abhi finishes with a faint smile tugging on the corner of his mouth.

Nikki swallowed and Abhi's eyes glittered in amusement. His gaze roamed over her small frame from top of her shining silky hair to the tip of her shoes. A tingle of excitement rushed through her, as she caught a flicker of appreciation in his extremely expressive eyes.

"Dr. Nikita you look umm.. nice today! What's the occasion?

"Abhi darts another question in an amusing tone.

This made Nikki's flush deepen but she was too nervous to notice the glint of amusement in his eyes.

"No.. I' it's.. umm.. Good Morning Abhi'.manyu. Um.. no occasion." Nikki manages to say with a composure she didn't at all feel.

He shrugs his shoulder, "Hmm.. but you haven't yet answered my question."

"Hun?" Nikki utters in surprise as she finds him studying her intently and making her more nervous. She forces her mind wander back to his first question.

"Umm, actually I, ah..." She stops for a moment and suddenly her eyes sparkle with mischief, "I needed to get some work done." She shrugs her shoulders and continues, "As hardly few days are left in completion of my notice period, I came in to get a jump start on it. I just wanted to, you know be diligent." She finishes sheepishly.

Abhi studies her for a long moment and Nikki wonders what, exactly he was trying to read in her eyes.

"In your dreams Nikki' just in your dreams! You are not going anywhere till you successfully complete your internship."

"And after that?"

"That depends on your answer to my question!"

"Hun? What question? I'm not sure I understand what you are saying."

"I wouldn't expect you to.. Dr. Nikita" His intense gaze pin her to her place for several long seconds. His gaze enthralls her as he continuous, "The question that I'd asked you yesterday night, Nikki."

Nikki opens her mouth and closes it and again opens it as she desperately tries to find her nonexistent voice. "I don't remember you asking me any question yesterday night." She somehow finds her voice and continues, "Yesterday night you just said that you .." She stops abruptly as finally her mind notices the glint of amusement in his eyes.

"I what?" Abhi's lips twitch and he enquires impishly.

She opens her mouth but the words she wanted to say just didn't come out, no matter how much she urges them. Instead she finds herself blurting, "Umm.. how is your arm? Is it still paining?"

Abhi's eyes narrows and she can tell that he didn't anticipate this change of subject. Dejected, Abhi shrugs his shoulder, "Well, thank you for your concern Dr. Nikita. My arm is much better and not paining at all."

Nikki's heart tugged as she saw disappointment cloud his expressions. She rebuked herself for hesitating so much in putting into words what she'd always felt inside her heart but had never been able to voice. But she couldn't back off now, not when he stood there looking like that.

Gathering the much needed courage, she steps forward towards him. Straightening her posture, she puts both her arms over Abhi's shoulders. Abhi's eyes widen in puzzlement and she bites her lower lip. Swallowing all insecurities, she looks straight into the eyes of the man she loves with all her heart. Finally the words make their way out of her mouth" I love you Abhi. More than you'll ever know. With all my heart and soul." She murmurs, her voice hardly audible to her own ears.

Abhi's gaze on her was so warm and soft that it washed away all the doubts and uncertainties that might have lingered in her mind. Impulsively, Nikki raised herself on tip toe and kissed his jaw, Abhi's whole body shuddered at her gesture. A tiny feminine thrill coursed through Nikki at the knowledge that she too has that power to affect him that way.

Abhi was taken aback by her move. He stood there stunned, momentarily speechless, unable to believe he'd heard her correctly. He gazed at her for a long moment with enigmatic eyes. And as the gravity of Nikki's words began to sink in, a delicious feeling of triumph swept through him. A smirk of blissful amusement twisted his lips. Only he had the grace to smirk in a way that made women's heart skip a beat. Nikki forgot to take a breath for a moment but as she noticed him lower his head towards her, she stepped back hastily, out of his reach. Her heart wasn't yet settled down in its normal rhythm same as her brain and she didn't know what to do next. Abhi gave her a long hard stare and that burned her skin. His gaze was so intimidating that she found it difficult to look away. Calm.. relax' don't blush.. turn and run' her mind ordered her body. Abhi shook his head in negative as if directing her not to pay any heed to her mind. Nikki's face turned bright pink and she looked away. "I.. got to go now" Only words came out from her mouth as she turned on her heels and fled from his office like mad dogs were chasing her.

Resting his hands on his hips, Abhi gazed at his closed cabin door for a very long time. A contend smile brightened his face and he ran his fingers through his hair. No other female had looked at him and made him feel humble, powerful and lovable at the same time or agitated with the desperation and desire to prove that he could love someone more than his life and be loved by someone more than her life.


"Nikki, I think the poor guy will get another heart attack if you won't stop mesmerizing him and release his wrist this very minute." Armaan jeers in Nikki's ear.

Nikki baffles as caught off guard by her best friend. She blinked her eyes and looked dumbfound, from Armaan to her patient and back. Color starts creeping in her cheeks as she apprehended what she had been doing since last half hour. She immediately released her Patient's hand and started fidgeting with the stethoscope.

"Ummm.. A'rmaan I' was just checking his pulse rate." She stammers nervously.

"Achha! By the way Nikki how much time it takes to check a pulse rate? Half an hour?" Armaan shoots his dimpled grin at her and crosses his arms over his chest.

"Ummm'. I'" Nikki stammers again.

"And you are fidgeting too! And that means you are nervous! Nikki, what's wrong? And don't say there's nothing, because you haven't been yourself for the past half hour." Armaan casts a curious glance at her.

Nikki opens her mouth to protest but no words come out. She makes a silent plea to God. "I' don't know what you mean Armaan" She shrugs her shoulder and avoids looking him in the eyes.

To her momentarily relief, God sends Dr. Atul to her rescue. Atul stands near Armaan and informs them that Dr. Modi has asked the interns to assemble in the conference room ASAP. Nikki's heart jumps in exhilaration as she hears 'Dr. Modi' from Atul's mouth. Don't laugh.. Don't blush.. calm down.. She chants the mantra inside her mouth.

"Now what does that khadoos wants from us?" Armaan exasperates.

Nikki found it difficult to mask her excitement and she coughed hard. Excusing herself, she rushed towards the conference room before her best friend conjectured reason behind her weird behavior.

Armaan misinterprets her action and shakes his head in astonishment, "Nikki bhi na! Always ready to take on Modi one on one. This is what I like about her the most. It's time for our morning entertainment" Armaan chuckles and places his hand around Atul's shoulder.

"Hmm.. True Armaan.. She is the only skinny pehlwaan of our group. Let's go yaar, before that Hitler gets a chance to put another red mark on my report card." Atul speaks in his childish tone. Armaan laughs and pats his shoulder. Chuckling hard the friends make their way to the Conference room.

Nikki joins Ridhima, Muskaan, Rahul and Anjali in the conference room. Armaan and Atul too join them in a while. Nikki deliberately moves far away from Armaan's scrutinizing gaze. Out of habit, everyone starts chit chatting at the same time until they hear Abhi's authoritative tone.

"Excuse me Doctors! How many times do I need to yell like this to get your attention?"

Abhi's stern voice silenced the conference room in fraction of a second. Abhi's eyes roamed over all the faces and stilled at a pair of huge black eyes for a moment. As an excitement shone from those magnetic pools of eyes, it took every ounce of his willpower to pull his gaze away from hers. On the other side, Nikki's lips curved into a triumphant smile at his feeble attempt to hide his discomfort. Her heart rejoiced at the fact that she too always affects him in the same way. But her blissful smile faded as her eyes registered a movement behind his back. A small inaudible grasp left her lips as Divya's beautiful figure came in full view and halted right beside Abhi.

Abhi adjusts his spectacles and addresses his interns, "Well Doctors, as you all are aware that Dt. Keerti is going for maternity leave from tomorrow." He turns his attention to Divya and then back to his interns, "And to our great luck, Dr. Divya has agreed to fill in that position during Dr. keerti's leave of absence. So, Dr. Divya will be joining Sanjivani from tomorrow."

A small 'Uh.. oh..' sound fills the entire conference room as Armaan, Rahul and Atul gawk at Dr. Divya open mouthed. Ridhima nudges her elbow in Armaan's ribs and he winces in pain "Ouch". Anjali tips up Atul's chin with her hand and Atul closes his mouth with a shaky smile. Muskaan leans near Rahul's ear and murmurs, "Oye Machhar ab muh band kar le sach main makhhi ghus jaayegi" Rahul abruptly closes his mouth and swallows. Whereas Nikki glares at Abhi and Divya.. and burns. She grits her teeth and struggles to look away.

Abhi shakes his head and blows an air. He again turns his attention to Divya, "Divya, this is our team of Interns and I'm sure you will have a great time working with them. It's so nice to have you here Divya! Welcome to Sanjivani."

Divya too gives a charming smile to Abhi and shifts her gaze to the interns, "Doctors, I'm really looking forward to working with you all. And I'm sure..."

"Am I hallucinating or someone is really here?" Adi's cheerful voice stops Divya in mid sentence.

Divya's lips turn into a sly smile and she shakes her head " Umm Abhi, Can I reconsider my offer?" Divya asks Abhi with her gaze fixed on Aditya.

"You can't ditch me Divya ,at the last moment" Abhi speaks in a humorous tone.

"Awww Dr. Divya that means you are stuck with me here in Sanjivani for next five months." Aditya speaks in a witty tone with a devilish grin. "Welcome to Sanjivani Dr. Divya" Aditya exchanges a warm hug with Divya.

Divya mocks anger as Abhi and Adi share a humorous laugh.

Five pairs of eyes watch them in bewilderment whereas a lone pair of eyes looks on fuming at Abhi. Abhi senses a hard stare on his face and it was impossible not to glance in that direction. Abhi steals a glance at Nikki and finds jealousy largely looming in her huge black eyes. His forehead creases in worry as he encounters Nikki's fuming glare. He shakes his head slightly and twitches his lips in amusement.

"Abhi, shall we go to your cabin?" Adi's cheerful voice startles him and he coughs, "Ahem.. ya sure!"

Casting a quick assuring smile at Nikki, Abhi turns and leaves a fuming Nikki behind.

"Guys, is she his girlfriend?" Rahul asks astoundingly.

"No!" Nikki exclaims sharply. But calms down to add, "umm.. I don't think so." She shrugs her shoulder and tries to sound least concerned, "Umm.. guys why do we care? Umm we have better things to do."

"But I think she.." Armaan starts but Nikki stops him in mid sentence.

"Umm sorry guys.. umm I got to go to the locker room. Catch you all in a moment." As her mind was already reeling with anger, she hastily excuses herself and rushes towards the locker room. Ridhima steps forward to follow her but noticing Armaan's suspicious glance towards her, she decides otherwise.

Ranting against Abhi, Nikki paced in the locker room like a caged tigress. Despite her best efforts, she found it difficult to concentrate on anything as her mind kept on wandering back to Abhi's cabin. Her mind refused to think logically as jealousy, insecurity and anger pricked her. She was feeling so mixed up inside about him that she found it difficult to quieten these unreasonable speculations. She shook her head and glanced at the wall clock. Her eyes widened in shock to note the time. It was almost over half an hour and still her mind was not ready to act sane. Trying not to worry became increasingly impossible as time passed by. She was half convinced she was agonizing over nothing, yet her mind wasn't able to quell the mounting sense of distress.

"Ye aadmi muje pagal bana ke chhodega!" She murmurs to herself and presses her palms over her head as she walks outside the locker room. Before she gets to know where she was headed, she finds herself right outside his cabin. As she hears a feminine laughter from inside the cabin, it adds spice to her fuming mood. She rants something in an inaudible voice. After a while, as she turns to leave from there, she bumps with a ward boy.

"Oye andha hai kya? Dekh ke nahi chal sakta?" She burst out her anger at the poor ward boy.

"Sorry mam'!" the ward boy startles and halts in mid sentence as Nikki snatches the file from his hand. He looks at her dumbstruck.

"ummm its okay! '. Dr. Modi wants this file. " She lies.

"But madam.. ye to.." Ward boy stutters.

"Wo to kuchh nahi.. ab tum jaao. Ye file tumhe baad mai mil jayegi.. Oye, Mera muh kya dekh rahe hai? Ek baar bola to samj mai nahi aata kya? Go and get back to your work." Nikki shuts him up with her standard charging tone.

The poor guy shakes his head in affirmation and leaves from there. Nikki straightens her shoulders and lifts her chin. Stoically ignoring her trembling knees, she jerks the door open even without giving a knock.

"Oh I'm sorry, I hope I've not disturbed you. It's almost over an hour and I thought you must've left by now. Actually, I wanted Dr. Modi's urgent opinion on this patient. Otherwise I wouldn't have disturbed you in your delightful friendly talks" Nikki finishes in one go.

Divya gaped at her for couple of seconds. As Abhi watched an obvious huff in her stance, he knew what exactly had made Dr. Nikita barge into his cabin like that.

He clears his throat and tries to hide amusement from his face, "Ahem.. Yes Dr. Nikita. We have almost finished our delightful friendly talks."

Divya too clears her throat and gets up from her chair. She smiles at Abhi and speaks, "umm yes Abhi, it was nice to have our delightful friendly talk after such a long time. Umm I think your intern needs your urgent attention on some matter so I better get going." Abhi and Divya exchange an amusing smile which riles her even more. Why the hell is he smiling as if she is his long lost friend. She mutters under her breath.

Divya turns her face to Nikki and speaks, "Nikita, now Dr. Modi is all yours' umm.. I mean you can have your urgent talk with Dr. Modi." Divya finishes sombrely.

Abhi again clears his throat to stifle the laughter bubbling seeing the horrified expression on Nikki's face. He rounds his table and shakes his hand with Divya, "Thanks Divya for everything! See you tomorrow." Both of them bid each other a smiling farewell and it irritates the hell out of Nikki.

Nikki tears away her gaze from their joined hands and mutters something inaudible under her voice. Divya turns and halts near Nikki. "By the way Nikita, you are looking very pretty in this outfit. I'm looking forward to working with you from tomorrow. Have a nice day." Divya finishes charmingly.

Nikki swallows hearing the charming note in her tone. "ummm thanks.. see you tomorrow ma'am.. umm.. Dr. Divya.." She manages to speak these words with gritted teeth.

"Divya! It's just Divya." Divya exchanges a friendly hug with Nikki and leaves. Nikki baffles at Divya's friendly gesture in spite of her blatant rudeness every time. She again swallows a lump of emotions that rumbled in her throat.

"Nikki, what was that for?" Abhi's voice startles her out of her reverie.

"What?" Nikki baffles.

Abhi gives her a hard stare and sighs, "Forget it! Now tell me what made you barged into my cabin like that?"

"What? Excuse me! I didn't barge into your cabin. I did knock. But I guess you were too engrossed in your overly friendly talk with your' your long leggy friend to hear the knock on the door. So I was left with no other option but to '."

"Hold on!" Abhi stops her in mid sentence "What did you just say? Long leggy friend!" Abhi whoops with laughter, uncertain whether she was serious or making a joke. Nikki's face turns crimson red partly due to embarrassment and partly in anger. Temporary insanity was the only explanation for her behaviour and she tries to look everywhere but at him.

After a while Abhi presses his fist to his mouth to control his laugh. He coughs and speaks, "Nikki, that was.."

"Stop it Abhi! Don't say a word! I've had a very pleasant day so far and I don't want to spoil it by arguing with you." Nikki manages a look of scorn.

"I've no such intention either Nikki" Abhi speaks softly.

Abhi spoke her name with such a softness that bubbled up some unknown sensation inside her. The truth was that how so ever crankily he behaved sometimes, she loved him with all her heart. Absentmindedly she pressed her palm over her stomach to still the unknown feeling inside it.

Abhi eyes follow her movement, "Nikki, aren't you feeling well?" Abhi steps near her and asks anxiously.

Nikki's eyes follow his gaze and she abruptly removes her hand from her stomach. At this moment, she was feeling as if she was on a roller coaster ride. One moment nervous, scared and in the next moment over excited, thrilled. And the only defense she knew to overcome when she was angry or embarrassed or nervous, excited, was to retort back.

"It's you.. umm' you." She stammers, moistens her lips and continues, "I've come here for your professional advice and you..".

Her withering glare warned him not to rile her but it didn't stop him from a little teasing.

Abhi rolls his eyes and speaks in an exasperated voice, "But as far as I remember, you don't trust my professional competence."

Abhi had meant it to be a little teasing but his little teasing made color drain from Nikki's face. Her eyes became misty and she swallowed a lump in her throat. Abhi looked at her solemnly for a moment or two and then closed the distance between them by stepping beside her.

"Forget I said that." He raised both his hands in surrender and continues, "Now tell me what do you want to discuss with me?" He finishes with a soothing smile.

Nikki stood there enthralled as that smile melted her bones. She swallowed again at his close proximity and yanked herself away from his touch by taking a cautious side step.

Abhi deliberately puts his palm over Nikki's hand holding the file, "Is this the case file on which you wanted my opinion?" She jumps at his touch as just that simple touch raises goose flesh on her arm. She abruptly jerks her hand out of his grasp and moistens her lips. Abhi smiles from inside and masks his expression to strictly professional.

"Ummm yes. I.. just wanted your opinion on ' progress of.. um.." she angels her head to get a glimpse of the name of the patient and continues, "Mr. Jhadhav."

Abhi looks from the file to her and raises his eyebrow in amusement, "Dr. Nikita, Are you sure you wanted my opinion on this patient?"

"Yes of course.. I'm sure! Um..I wanted your opinion on steady recovery of Mr. Jhadhav."

Abhi purses his lips thoughtfully "hmm.. isn't he the same patient who got discharged last week before you left for Jaipur?"

Her jaw drops open in shock as she looks from him to the file and then back to him. His lips twitch into a devilish smile seeing the horrified expression on her face. He slides his index finger below her chin and tips it up to close her mouth. Nikki swallows hard and in a swift movement she grabs the file out of Abhi's hand. "I'.I think I should.. leave."

As she was about to take a step away, Abhi captured her wrist and pulled her firmly into his arms. "Hey where do you think you are going?" Abhi asks huskily.

Nikki's pulse leaped and her eyes widened partially in shock and partially in astonishment at his touch and husky tone.

"A..bhi what are you doing?" Her voice quivers.

Abhi ignores the quivering in her voice. "I'm doing what I wanted to do since morning but didn't get a chance." Nikki looks at him dumbstruck. Abhi flashes a wicked grin and continues, "Since now we have nothing professional to discuss, I would like to ask you for a date."

"What?" Nikki freezes in his arms for a moment. After a while, she puts her hand on his chest and pushes him slightly. Abhi looks directly in her eyes.

"Is that what you want?" Abhi asks intently.

"Umm.." Nikki finds it difficult to voice the present state of her feeling and she swallows.

Sighing, Abhi sets her away from him grinningly. Nikki's body shivers as he removes his hands from her waist.

"You heard me right, Dr. Nikita! I have asked you for a date!" Abhi puts his hand on his hips and asks in an authoritative tone.

"A date?" Nikki asks as if that word was alien to her.

"Yes, "a date!" Abhi quotes it with his fingers and continues, " You know two people go out, have dinner, and get to know each other more personally. We haven't done it yet."

Nikki blinks and opens her mouth to speak and closes it again. Don't smile.. don't smile.. She ranted again like a mantra. By supreme effort she holds the smile down. "A date with you!" She murmurs as her heart suddenly starts dancing in excitement.

"No, We'll invite entire Sanjivani staff.. Nikki, stop playing dumb. We both know you are lot more intelligent than that." Abhi speaks sarcastically and sobers in the next moment, "Yes Nikki, a date.. Just you and me."

Unable to find her voice for the second time in less than ten minutes, all she could manage was a short nod. As she shook her head, a lock of her hair brushed her right cheek. This fascinated Abhi to the extreme and without a second thought his hand he reached up to tuck it behind her ear. A shy smile curved her lips as she was caught up in his feather light touch over her skin.

"So you're saying yes" Abhi enquires huskily.

"Hun?" Nikki blinks absentmindedly and then turns the idea over in her mind, "Oh! Yes. I guess I am." She mumbles as the smile that was lurking in her heart dawns across her face.

Abhi looked pleased and his smile turned into a dimpled grin. His eyes held hers. But a moment later he stepped back and shoved his hands into his jeans pocket.

"So date it is Dr. Nikita! I'll pick you up around seven."

Nikki quickly calculated hours left in her hand to get ready for her date. "Fine" She replies and casually steps back. Abruptly she turns on her heels and rushes out of his cabin.

Once the door was closed she was galvanized in action. She jumped on her feet. What was she going to wear? Suddenly she was starving.

To Be Cont...

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I love ur update . I love divya's entry Nikki will be jealous
so sweet
pls dont just make the date romantic make it diffrent ehhehehe
Nikki checking the patients pulse for half an hour n then barging into Abhis cabin .. i like that
i wanna see how nikki hides her relationship wid abhi n how she colours when the gang abuse the macchar ehhehe.
Hey do u remb how sweet abhi looked waiting for naughty nikki at dinner  .. he was so cute n helpless at nikkis hands(same as when she druggs him wid sleeping pills  or keeps crying without reason lol)
but when nikki used his car to kidnap ridhima .. he shouted at them called them jokers n was exhasperated like sayin 'yeh ladki bhi naa, how juvenile, ridiculous'
mujhe kuch aisa dekhna hai .................  so write fast fast

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