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FF on Abhi Nikki"It's Only You"Part 21-22(Pg 45) (Page 3)

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Wen wil u update Namy? Unhappy I cant wait.

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Hey, Nehu, Shale, Khushboo, Sheena, Rucha, Emma, Richa, Sabina, Jsharief, empty 1990(what's ur name, by the way)  for your sweet and lovely comments. I am sorry if I've forgotten to mention any name.

I am really sorry for not replying to each of you separately.. Was really busy in the last few days.

Really luv u guys.. it's just because of u people, am trying my level best to write something entertaining. And am enjoying every bit of it.

And u know what.. Today I've come here with Christmas Bonanza… Yes, I've managed to completer Part 4 to Part 7 in the last three days. I hope u all will like it.


I am going for a vacation till 2nd jan and I wont be able to reply to ur comment till then.. Will definitely revert back to u all once I come back from my vacation..

 I also wish you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR in advance.. c ya till 2011.



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Part 4:

For the next two days Abhi had forced Nikki to work with Suman on new sanjivani project to keep her away from her infuriating friends, especially from Aditya.

However, Nikki had started enjoying Suman's company as she was very sweet, friendly and intelligent girl. The only problem with Suman was that in all her conversation, she somehow brings up topic on "Abhimanyu Modi".

In last two days, she had asked millions of question on that hot topic to Nikki. However Nikki had wittily managed to avoid answering most of them.

That day Suman was busy in typing some mail and Nikki was going through the file chewing the edge of her pen. Suddenly, Suman asks her, "Nikkiji, do you know why Abhimanyuji has stop doing surgery?"

Now Nikki gets piss off..Again Abhimanyu.. Nikki closes her file and asks, "Suman, are you planning to write a biography on the "Great Dr. Abhimanyu Modi."?"

Suman blushes a little and replies," Nahiji, why do you ask that?"

"Do you realize Suman, since last two days you have asked me millions of questions on Abhi….manyu...ji" Nikki asks inexasperation.

"But you have hardly answered thirty" Suman replies innocently.

Thirty? She had managed answering thirty?.. isn't that more than enough.. Nikki wondered.

"Look Suman, you are a nice person. And …." Nikki hesitates but continuous," And I can see that you are ..umm… fond of Abhimanyu. But don't you think it's .. ….it's too early…. I mean.. I think you are going too fast. Abhimanyu is a very…. umm… nice individual but he is also a complicated person. So as a friend I would advice you don't be impulsive and give it some time."

Nikki couldn't believe that she is lecturing Suman- not to be impulsive, go slow, try to know him better etc. etc. But did she herself ever follow that advice? She always acts on impulse whether it is related to her parents, her friends, her career, her love… her love? .. yes her love..Abhi… she had never thought twice before falling for Abhi, has she? She asks herself.s

Suman taps on Nikki's arm and she jerks out from her thoughts," Nikkiji, I think you are right. Thanks for the advice."

"Anytime Suman," Nikki's pager beeps and she tells Suman, " It's Dr. Keerti. I need to go now. See you at lunch."

"Ummm. Nikkiji, today I will not be able to join you for the lunch. Actually Abhimanyuji had promised me that today he will try to have lunch with me. And it will give me a chance to know him better. Right?" Suman finishes.

Oblivious to Nikki, Abhi had promised lunch to Suman on a condition that she will not disturb him for the entire two days.

Nikki's mouth falls open in a shock. Abhi has promised her lunch. He never takes his lunch with anyone in Sanjivani…specially never with her… She clenches her fist tightly at her side to control her sudden anger.

"Nikkiji, kya hua?"

"hun? Nothing.. nothing at all.. great.. ummm. Okay… you enjoy your lunch.. I will see you later." With a huff Nikki leaves the cabin and bumps into the solid chest of a man.

"Dr. Nikita, when will you learn to watch out your steps?" Abhi speaks sarcastically.

"Why didn't you step aside when you noticed where I was heading? Or is it just your hobby to bump into me?" Nikki throws a tantrum.

"You know what, even if that was my hobby, you would be the last person with whom I would like to bump into." Abhi snaps back.

Nikki looks up at the top as if praying to God for strength, "Oh God please help me! Why? Why do I keep arguing with this man who doesn't even know how to talk to a lady?

"You ? and a lady?" Abhi points a finger at her.

Now Nikki's anger was on a verge of explosion. Her huge black were fiery red.

At the same instant, Aditya walks up towards them," Hey guys, What's up?"

Nikki finds the perfect opportunity to pay back Abhi for his comment.

She rolls her eyes towards Aditya and gives him a tight hug in front of Abhi. Then she speak in a sugar sweet tone, " Hi Adieee !! Where were you since morning? I was looking for you, you know. What have kept you so busy?"

Color drained away from Abhi's face. His eyes glinted with anger and pain. Clenching his jaw tightly, he fights himself to control his anger.

Whereas Aditya was taken aback by Nikki's gesture. He opens his mouth but no word came out. He steps out from her hug and replies, "ummm. Niks.. I… er.. I was with Dr. Shashank." He turns to Abhi, " Hey Abhi, actually I was.."

" Adi, I'll see you later." Abhi cuts him off in middle and leaves without giving second glance to Nikki or Adi.

"What happened to him?" Adi asks in puzzlement. Nikki shrugs her shoulder and excuses herself. Adi scratches his head what is the matter with these two.

As day passes, Nikki somehow manages to get on with her duties but she was feeling crestfallen. At lunchtime she finds Adi and Armaan at corriodor," Hey Nikki, "Let's go for lunch." Armaan calls her.

"Actually I am not really hungry Armaan, I think I'll eat later" Nikki pretexts.

"No way, today Adi is also joining us. Eat whatever u feel like." Armaan says.

"Okay." Nikki replies dryly. Adi was observing Nikki and he had also noticed shadow in her eyes. Adi wonders what is wrong with her. Why she always seems to be lost or dejected. He has to find out what is bothering her so much.

As they were about to move towards cafeteria, Adi remembers something and he stops them," Ammy wait, let me check with Abhi also. He would also like to join with us."

Nikki stops dead in her track. She was sure that after her today's performance, Abhi will be in his best sadu mood. And if he will see Adi and her together again then God knows how he will react. She thinks it is not a good idea to play with his anger button at this moment.

But before she come out with any excuses, Armaan bursts out laughing.

"What's so funny?" Adi asks raising his eyebrows.

"Adi my dear friend, Dr. Modi never takes his lunch with the interns. Besides, how can you even think that Jai, veeru and Gabbar will have their lunch together?"

Aditya's narrows his eyes in puzzlement. But in a fraction of second he catches the meaning, "You mean you, Niks and Abhi."

"Bingo." Armaan takes Nikki's arm and exchanges Hive Five with her. Nikki smiles at Armaan sadly. This definitely goes unnoticed by Armaan but not by Aditya.

"But Ammy, don't you think Nikki will make a very cute and sweet Gabbar." Adi teases to bring a genuine smile on Nikki's face.

Infact smiles wipes away from Armaan and Nikita's faces.

"I was joking guys." Adi defends himself.

"But we are not smiling." Armaan replies sarcastically.

Adi makes a face at him and then he says in a serious tone," Joke apart Ammy, but you people do not know real Abhi. He is a gem of guy. Despite his awful past, he has come a long way."

Armaan was not paying any heed but Nikki's ears were already alerted at Adi's statement. Abhi's past.. What it could be… Adi said Awful.. She wanted to know… But no it's not right time nor right place. Beside Armaan will not approve it. She decides to ask Adi later on.

Armaan pager beeps and he excuses himself for few minutes. At the same time, Adi sees Abhi walking out of his cabin.

" Hey Abhi, wait for a moment." Adi walks up towards him. Nikki stays at her place and gazes at Abhi with the tender eyes.

Abhi stops in his track and he glares from Adi to Nikki. He notices a glimpse of tenderness and warmth in her gaze. Instantly, he tears away his gaze before he drowns away in those expressive eyes. But Nikki didn't stop looking at him.

"Abhi, have you had your lunch?" Adi asks.

"Not yet"

"Great, chal.. join us."

"Ummm… Adi, you guys carry on. I've got to attend a con call in a few minutes." Abhi gives an excuse.

"Oh! Okay.. See you later." Adi shrugs his shoulder and turns to leave.

Abhi's gaze, in its own accord, again shifts towards Nikki. She looked vulnerable and there were shadows in her eyes. Today he realized that whatever things may happen between them, he always prefer to see spark in those beautiful eyes than shadow.

Once inside his cabin, Abhi's thought wandered back to Nikki. After the morning drama, why was she looking at him with such tenderness? Abhi wonders, She is the only one who can turn him angry in one minute and soften in another minute. He smiles at that thought.

Lost in his thought, he didn't notice Suman's presence in his cabin. "Abhimanyuji, are you okay?" Suman asks him.

Abhi looks up at her and she says," I knocked twice but you didn't reply."

"Oh, I was.. forget it.., why are you here Sumanji?"

"Nothing, I just came to ask you whether you have had your lunch."

Abhi wondered why was everyone so concerned about his appetite today?

" No Sumanji, I've not had my lunch yet and I've been scheduled for a con call in some time." Abhi gives same excuse.

"At what time?" She asks.

"In about half an hour" Abhi replies absently.

"We can have a quick lunch. Don't say no. You had promised me yesterday." She pleaded.

Abhi looks up at her to deny. But noticing pleading in her eyes he replies otherwise.

"Fine.. but quick lunch, okay?" Smilingly Suman nods her head in affirmation

Cafeteria was full house when Abhi and Suman entered into Cafeteria. Abhi's eyes, again on its own accord, wandered all over cafeteria to search only one face. The face that he knows in his heart belongs to him; however his mind was not ready to accept that fact. In a moment, his eyes locate that face and find her smiling heartily with Adi. Smiling with Adi… Not again...

Nikki was laughing heartily on Adi's joke and in doing so she glances up – straight into the icy cold eyes of Abhi.

Abhi immediately tears away his gaze and Nikki sees Abhi and Suman walked straight by her. Laughter froze on her lips and her heart beats started playing double time. She jerks her attention back to her group discussion and finds no one have noticed the passerby.

Abhi notices a vacant table in the corner. Suman tells Abhi that she will place the order at the counter. Abhi nods his head in confirmation while his mind was busy in finding out what was happening on the other table. From corner of his eyes he was also trying to get a glimpse of Nikki.

At the counter, Armaan was standing next to Suman when Suman placed the Order.

"Hi Sumanji! why are you having sandwich in your lunch?" Armaan asks her with a smile.

"Helloji, it's not for me. It's for Abhimanyuji." Suman replies.

"Wow amazing! you are having lunch with Mr. Modi. Must say you are very lucky lady. But you know Sumanji, I've heard that he likes his food extra spicy." Armaan whispers to her as if he was sharing some top secret with her.

"Oh really, thank you ji" she gives him a genuine smiles. Armaan shows thumbs up to her and leaves the counter.

"Bhaiyya, sandwich extra tikhha banana." "Aur haan, make it fast." She turns to leave the counter and accidently bumps into Adi.

"Whoa! Watch out your steps man!" Adi alerts Suman.

"Are you blind? First of all I'm not a Man, Secondly why were you standing right behind me and lastly it was your fault." Suman retorts at Adi counting her finger.

"Hey. Hey. Hang on!" Adi replies in exasperation.

"Why would I hang on, you hang on." Suman shots back.

"Are you crazy?" Adi asks in annoyance.

"You are crazy and idiot too."

Aditya shook his head in disbelief, "Forget it… " He turns and murmurs, "crazy lady "

Suman also leaves the counter and murmurs, "Stupid Man"

On the other side, Nikki's appetite was long disappeared. She was trying hard to concentrate on her friend's discussion. More than dozen of times she felt to look over in the direction where she knew Abhi was sitting. Despite her best efforts, she finally gave in at thirteenth time. But she felt worsen seeing the scene before her eyes

From the corner of his eyes, Abhi had already noticed Nikki's glance in his direction. It's payback time. He decided.

Abhi started his pretense by leaning over the table and chit chatting with Suman. He was giving Suman his most charming smile. He pretended that he was having the most pleasant company with him.

Seeing this, Nikki found it difficult to hide her disappointment. Aditya looks up at Nikki and follows her direction. He again looks up at Nikki and asks her suspiciously, "Niks, what's the matte? Why are you not having your food?" Adi suspects something unusual in Nikki's gaze. Everyone at the table shifts their gaze at her.

Nikki shudders and quickly nods her head in negative," Nope.. Nothing.. I think I am done. Please excuse me."

"Wait Nikki, we are also done." Armaan and Ridhima also get up and leave with her. Adi tells them he will join them later.

Adi walks up towards Abhi's table. "Hey Abhi, so you made up your mind for lunch" Adi slaps at Abhi's back and turns his head to look at Abhi's lady companion. Suman also looks up at him and both stops aghast.

Abhi looks from Adi to Suman and back to him. "Adi, You haven't met Ms. Dalamia, right? She is Ms. Suman Lata Dalamia, daughter of Mr. Jagpratap Dalamia -one of our investor. And Sumanji, he is Dr. Aditya Jaiswal, the famous Cardiologist." Abhi makes the formal introduction.

Adi and Suman exchange a fake smile without any polite formal greeting. Abhi wonders, why his always friendly and charming friend is in such a low spirit all of sudden.

As food arrives Abhi takes a bite and swears under his breath, " What the……." He gulps down the water in one shot and swallows hard.

"What happened?" Adi and Suman asks worriedly.

"It's dam tongue..'s burning like hell." Abhi blows and swallows again and gulp another glass of water.

"But I … he… told me that .. that you like it that way" Suman stammers.

"Sumanji, when did I tell you that?" Abhi yells at her.

Suman eyes become watery "I… there… I don't recollect his name… there … that Doctor.."

It didn't take much effort for Abhi to recognize the culprit. He mutters to himself - Dr. Mallik get ready for rectal examination for next one.. no no two months and double shift for entire week.

Seeing water in Suman's eyes Adi tries to cool down Abhi, "It's okay Abhi, let me taste it. Infact I like spicy food." He starts having sandwich from Abhi's plate.

Abhi's cell starts ringing and he attends the call, "Okay.. Thanks.. I'll be in my cabin in five minutes."

"Sumanji, I am sorry. I should not have to yell at you like that. I am sorry again. And I'll have to attend that con call so I'll have to go." He apologizes to Suman and turns to Adi, " Adi, if you don't mind please give her a company. And finish this, if you can swallow it." He winks at Adi and leaves.

"You don't have to sit here on my account." Suman sternly tells Adi.

"If you have a problem, why don't you get up and find the other table?" Adi replies back in the same tone.

Both finish their food in silence. Suman finishes it first and gets up," Excuse me"

"With pleasure" Abhi replies without looking up.

"Mannerless man" Suman murmurs again.

"Stubborn lady" Adi murmurs again.


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Part 5:

In his cabin, Abhi leans back in his chair. He messages back of his neck as he had spent last four hours in attending back to back three con calls. He looks outside of his office window and it was already dark. He suddenly remembers something and he calls up Nikki inside his cabin.

Nikki knocks on his cabin door and enters. She notices Abhi talking on the phone. Abhi motions her to sit. He disconnects the call by saying," Tell them to wait, I am coming over there."

He looks up at Nikki and tells her in professional tone " Dr. Nikita. We have to finalise the presentation by tomorrow. Mr. Patil has scheduled meeting day after tomorrow. I've downloaded some important information and data that I feel we should incorporate in the presentation. I'll give you soft file of the same." He indicates the pen drive attached to the laptop. "You carry that pen drive with you and make those incorporations at home. Tomorrow morning we will sit on this and finalize it." "And… And.." He messages his temple as if trying to remember something. "Why don't you wait here, I'll be back in few minutes. There is some problem in children's ward which requires my immediate attention."

Nikki nods her head in confirmation and Abhi leaves.

She moves towards the others side of table to check whether copying is complete. It was showing 40% remaining. She plays with the cursor and stops it at "My image" folder at the desktop of laptop. Impulsively, she clicks it open and several pictures of Abhi pops up on laptop screen. He was looking much younger and dam handsome in all his pictures. Many of it seems to his college time. In some pictures he was surrounded by some beautiful girls and few boys too. But Nikki' was more interested in noticing the facial expression of those girls. She didn't like the way those girls were drooling on Abhi. And Abhi was also flashing his charming smile to the photographer. Nikki wondered who was the lucky man… or a girl?

She scrolls down the screen. To her great surprise, she finds her own smiling images in front of her. Some of them were clicked in Panchgini. But wait.. who had clicked it in Panchgini? She did not remember posing for such snaps? Who did? Abhi ? No way.. but who else?… it had to be Abhi... That means he … Nikki grins joyously.

She scrolls down screen further and finds one video. She checks the cabin door to make sure no one is coming in. To her relief the laptop was in mute mode. Chewing her lower lip, she clicks it open. Her eyes get widen in surprise to see Abhi, in his red T-shirt, sitting on the staircase with guitar in his hand. With the closed eyes he was singing. From the face of the people sitting beside him and the way they were gaping mesmerized at Abhi, Nikki comprehended that he was singing something very nice.

Without thought, Nikki clicked on 'send to' button and video got copied on pen drive. Suddenly she felt nervous and sweating. She, hurriedly, closes all the windows on the laptop and accidentally clicks on shutdown button as well. Now what… let it be this way… She then quickly removes the pen drive and moves towards the other side of table.

As she moves to the other side of the table, the whole room plunges in darkness. Seeing darkness all over, Nikki's begins to panic, 'Oh God, Now what,' He heart begins pounding nervously "What do I do now," She swallows and grips the back seat of the chair with her hands.

Abhi was on his way back to his cabin when lights goes off. "Nikki" he fears and takes a quick stride towards his cabin. On his way, he overhears some one yelling "Generator is not working!" He worries and reaches his cabin in three long strides.

He opens the cabin and flickers the lights of his cell phone inside the cabin. He finds Nikki- eyes closed, hands gripped on back seat of the chair, tears rolling down from her eyes. He walks towards her.

Nikki hears foot steps and she panics more, "Wh…who there?"

"Nikki it's me." Abhi steps forward unsure whether to touch her.

"Abhi" her voice somewhere between cry and scream and she closes the distance and hugs him tightly.

Abhi could feel her heartbeats pounding rapidly. He encircles his one hand around her shoulder and other hand around her slim waist.

The feel of her arms embracing him, her silky hair again his cheek, her soft breath on his chest where his white shirt has parted, draws him mad. His own breath was caught in his throat and his heart had refused to stay calm. It kept pounding rapidly and a lump rumbled deep down in his chest. He took a deep breath and tries to calm down his own heart beats.

After a long moment Abhi tenderly asks her," Scared."

Nikki just nods her head in affirmation.

"You are shaking." Abhi murmurs. Nikki buries her face in his chest.

Abhi swallows a lump down his throat and his own heartbeat was doing double take. He speaks soothingly," It's okay Nikki.. I am here now."

"Why.. do… I scare… so much of.. Dark? I tried not to.." She hiccups

Abhi soothingly stokes her hair," shhh… It's okay.. It happens. Every human being has their own fear, okay.. Now, please stop crying."

Nikki unconsciously brushes away her tears and nose tip with his shirt.

Abhi smiles to himself. She will never change..when she will stop treating my shirt as het personal property.

For a long moment neither of them moved nor spoke. No one was ready to break the embrace.

Nikki felt so secured in his arms. Fear was long forgotten. She thought she could spend her entire life like this.

Abhi mused how her small frame perfectly fits into his large body. Despite their differences, she still affects him hard. He thought he could spend his entire life holding her like this.

Abhi leans back to look into her face, not yet breaking embrace. Through the lights flickering from street light, he looks into Nikki's huge black eyes. There were no tears in it right now and her lips were slightly parted. She looks so innocent and angelic at that moment. On an impulse, Abhi bents down his head a little. Nikki also angles her head in his direction and felt a brush of his lips on her lips.

Before they both give into a real kiss, the lights flicker on. Both shudder and steps back.

Abhi runs his hand through his hair What had just happened here? He looks at Nikki. She was looking down at her shoes and fidgeting with her hands. He could see color formed on her cheeks and she was also biting corner of her lips. Abhi muses So she is nervous.. But is it a good sign or bad.

Thoughtfully Abhi stares at her for several seconds.

Nikki speaks very softly without looking up, " I… I think i should go now."

But before she turns Abhi stops her," Wait Nikki." She stops but still her eyes were focused on her shoes.

Abhi steps forward and titles her chin up until their gaze met. Then very slowly he brushes away the tear strains from her face and let her thumbs caress her cheek before withdrawing it. Nikki gasps in excitement and closes her eyes. Abhi suppress his urge to kiss her lips and sighs heavily.

After a moment he speaks in a teasing tone." Now, you can go.. You know, after all you do have to maintain your' Zaansi Ki Raani's' image, don't you? "

Nikki looks up at him with narrowed eyes and sees devilish smile on his face. She chews her lower lip as if thinking something.

Abhi's heart leaped a bit. Does she have any idea know what she is doing to me. Abhi clenches his fist tightly at his side and fights himself to resist. He mentally chides Nikki… Go.. please go... Go now.. No no.. run.. before I do something that we both will regret later… Both? .. No, not him.. but will she?.

Nikki again opens her mouth to speak but some stain on Abhi's shirt, caught her attention. She quickly diverts her gaze to Abhi's face before he finds out what has got her attention.

With rolling eyes and an impish smile she tells Abhi, "Thank you. And ya, All the best." With that she turns and leaves.

All the best? Abhi's eyes narrowed in puzzlement. He has already noticed spark in her eyes. He messaged his temple with one hand, "Nikita Malhotra, what are you upto now?"

"Whatever… If this is the end result, I wish power goes off like this once in every day." He sighs while depositing his arms inside his jeans pocket.

Once out of his cabin Nikki was smiles heartily, "Well now Dr. Abhimanyu Modi, explain yourself when someone will notice lipstick mark on your shirt and will ask you questions." . Lost in her thought, she bumps into Aditya.

"Oh! I am sorry" Nikki apologizes.

"Not a problem.. Anyways what is so funny, Niks? Why are you laughing like that?"

"Nothing really Adi, actually just remembered some funny incident."

"Care to share"

"Nope… Sorry it's a girly thing."

"hmmm… okay… Acchha Niks, Do u have any idea where can I find Abhi?"

"Ye… No.. I don't know" Then, she remembers stain, "Adi, he might be in his cabin."

"Great! Catch with you later."

"See you tomorrow Adi. My duty is over. I am leaving in ten minutes."

"Okay.. See you tomorrow then. Take care and Good night"

"Good night" Nikki smiles and leaves. She suppressed an urge to follow Adi and listen Abhi's explanation. If he will find out you will be goner. She chides to her mind and leaves.

Adi knocks Abhi's cabin door and enters. Abhi's head popped up from his file and he puts his file on his desk, "Hey Adi, come in.. come in.. busy day.. hun?"

"I am already in Abhi. Yeah it was a busy….…" Adi starts cheerfully but abruptly stops in his track as he notices the "lipstick mark" on Abhi's white shirt.

"Me too yaar. I also had a hectic day today." Abhi replies absently searching something from his desk.

"I can see that" Aditya taunts. Oblivious of Aditya's comment, Abhi looks up at him smilingly.

Aditya points his finger at Abhi's shirt and asks "Who is the lucky lady"

Abhi follows his gaze. And color drains out from his face. His mind started thinking overtime.. Abhimanyu.. think… think fast… find out some excuse…...

"Oh this.. It's nothing.. er… I was in Children's ward … got to be.. must be some kid's doing.." Abhi stammers.

"Oh really! You mean to say some random kid came to you and asked you sweetly 'unlcle kneel down as I want to paint a lip mark on your whites shirt' and you answered 'yes kiddo, go ahead' Aditya taunts again.

With an exasperated shake of his head Abhi gibes back, "Not exactly like that Dr. Aditya. I was in Children's ward when power had gone off. And there was this little girl who got scared. I held her up in my arms. May be she had done this for fun."

"Okay, so how old is this little girl?" Aditya was having fun now.

"Hold your horses Adi and stop playing detective with me. Don't you have some other work to do?" Abhi tells him in frustration.

"Oops, that reminds me of Dr. Shubhanker. He must be waiting for me. I better get going." Adi turns to leave.

With one hand on the handle of cabin door, Aditya tells Abhi," Abhi, sooner or later I'll find out how old is this little girl." He smiles devilishly and winks at Abhi and leaves.

Abhi exhales, "Phew, what a day!"

After finishing her domestic duties, Nikki remembers that she has to work on the presentation. She opens her laptop and copies data from the pen drive.

She decided playing video after finishing work but then did otherwise in excitement. She keeps laptop on bedside table and clicks on play button. And it started playing "Resham se labon ko.. moormoory aankhon ko chhu lene do na sanam.."

In an instant, she got mesmerized, taking in Abhi's voice and handsome face. She drowned into the lyrics which were so romantic. She flops down on the bed and falls into sleep with a blissful smile.


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Part 6:

Next day morning as Abhi stepped out from his car he noticed Nikki walked in from Sanjivani's main Gate. She looked different today. She had worn a knee length, sleeveless, top of Amber - gold coloured silk. The style of the top was fitted perfectly at her all curves and showed a lot of skin. She was looking breathtaking and hell sexy in that top. Abhi forced his gaze away but his eyes were not listening to his mind.

Nikki's heart told her that someone is checking her out. She glances up – straight into the deep chocolate eyes of Abhi. Her heart fluttered in an excitement. But before she walks towards him, Abhi tears his gaze away from her, turns and dashes off inside Sanjivani main entrance.

"How rude!" Nikki fumes. So he is back to his sadu mood…Here She had put so much effort today to look stunning in his eyes and had hoped for some admiration in his gaze. But that arrogant man didn't even nod at her. With the disgusted shakes of her heads she strides towards the entrance.

Inside, she finds Aditya at the Nurse station. Aditya looks at her from head to toe and whistles," Going for a killing, girl? Nikki raises a questioning eyebrow,

"Niks, you are looking stunning today? What is the occasion?"

"Thanks Adi. Nothing as such." Nikki replies wryly.

"Nikkiji, Abhimanyuji ne Aapko cabin me bulaya hai." Sister lovely informs Nikki.

Nikki excuses herself from Adi and goes to Abhi's cabin.

She knocked and entered. Abhi didn't look up from his file.

"You called me" Nikki asks sulking.

Abhi glances up and reply sarcastically, "Good morning to you to Dr. Nikita. Have you made those incorporations in the presentation?" Abhi quickly forced his gaze away before he starts gawking at her again.

Nikki crosses her hands in front of her chest and pouts," The morning isn't good for me today. And about the presentation, I couldn't finish it yesterday. Give me half an hour, I'll come back to you with the file and presentation.

Come back to me… Not a good idea for today… Abhi clears his throat "Okay, here take this… this is the checklist that I've made. Go through it and let me know if you have any question. Please make sure that you have incorporated all the details in the presentation" Abhi offers her a folder, her fingers brushed his hand. Tingle shot up his arm and he sucked in a breath. Nikki's startle gaze met him and he knew she was also affected the same way.

Nikki steps back and goes through the check list in front of him. Out of a habit, she chews the edge of the pen while going through the checklist.

Abhi wets his lips. He has to stop doing this nonsense. He chides his mind.

"Hmm… this is great, I have no question as of now." Nikki nods her head and lock of hair shimmered at her cheek. Abhi suppressed an urge to brush it away. He swallowed hard. Closing his eyes, he massages his forehead to keep away headache from exploding.

Nikki looks up at him and asks worriedly, "Abhimanyu, are you okay?"

He opens his eyes quickly, "Yes, I am okay. In fact great. Umm.. I just remembered I've to step out for a meeting. Why don't you complete the presentation and mail me. I'll go through it whenever I get time"

"Okay" With that she got up and walked out of the cabin.

Abhi let out a deep breath. Get a grip Abhimanyu.

That wasn't enough.. In 15 minutes, Armaan strides in angrily in Abhi's cabin.

" Dr. Modi, What the hell is this? I need to talk to you." Armaan waives a duty chart in front of Abhi.

Abhimanyu understood that Dr. Armaan is disgusted with his latest punishment. Great.. Dot on target…

"Dr. Armaan, has no one taught you to knock on the door before entering into boss's cabin?" Abhi snaps back.

"Dr. Modi, I have not come here to learn 'the hundred golden rules- how to enter into your boss's cabin' Armaan shots back in same tone.

"Yes I know, it's your old habit… In fact you never knock even before entering into some one's personal life.. then this is just a cabin door."

"Dr. Modi, are you talking about me or yourself?"

"Look Dr. Armaan, I don't have time to listen to your non sense. Unlike you, I've got so much important work to do."

"I exactly know what important work you do in entire day. It's become your hobby to harass interns. You are taking advantage of your position."

"Oh, taking advantage of Position..Good… You know something Dr. Armaan, I just love doing that.. If you have any problem, go and complain." Abhimanyu points a finger towards door.

Armaan yells back," This time Dr. Modi, I'll not let you win." And he turns to leave.

"Dr. Mallik, I never loose, always remember that." Abhi yells back.

Both exchange fiery glaze and gets back to their work.

Abhi calls up and reschedules the meeting at an early hour. Considering his present mood, it was safe to stay away from Sanjivani today and far far away from Nikki.

But God had decided otherwise.

Before the lunch time, Nikki gets a call from Abhimanyu, "Hello, Dr. Nikita. There is one problem. Actually Patil has rescheduled tomorrow's meeting today at around 7 o'clock in the evening. I've received your mail. But I am in a middle of the meeting and I don't think I'll be able to glance it before evening. I would suggest you meet me around 6.30 at Parking lot of.." He gives the address to her.

"Okay, will do that." Nikki replies back coolly.

"Wait for me at the PARKING LOT only" He emphasized the last three words again. He did not want to give pleasure to Patil to greet Nikki in his absence.

"Yes, I understood. I'll wait at Parking LoT only." Nikki replies back mimicking his words.

In the evening as Abhi didn't want to take any chances with Nikki, he arrives at the destination well before time. Nikki also arrives before time. In his busy schedule, he had forgotten that how she had looked today and what she had worn. As Nikki walked towards him, his breath caught in his throat. Oh my God! She is still in that striking number and still looks breath taking. His heart beat had again started playing double time. Lately it has become usual. He thinks.

Abhi let out a sigh- Oh may ghosh! How is he going to concentrate on the meeting? Forget about the meeting, how is he going to restrain that patil and others not to stare at her. He took one.. no three.. deep breaths and scolds his heart to behave and calm down.

Nikki moves forward and tells him cheerfully, " Hi, You've are before time. Anyways, I've double checked the presentation and everything is in order. Let's get on it again."

Abhi stares at her for a moment and lividly asks her, "Where is your lab coat?"

"What? Lab coat? Why? I mean why would I carry my lab coat here?" She baffles.

"Forget it." He opens his car door and removes a navy sport jacket hanging on the back of driver seat. He walks towards Nikki and hand it over to her, "Wear this "

" I am not feeling cold. Why should I wear this?" Nikki was bewildered.

"It will be cold inside. Now, stop arguing and wear this." He says sternly.

"Abhi.. I mean Abhimanyu, are you alright? You are not making any sense to me." Nikki baffles again.

Abhi runs his hand through his hair, " Phew, you are not going to make this easy for me, are you?

Nikki looks confusedly at him.

Abhi continuous, " Nikki, have you forgotten whom we are meeting today? Do you want to give that jerk Patil a pleasure to gawk at you in this outfit."

Nikki looks at him as if he has slapped her. She mistook his meaning "How dare you? What is wrong with this outfit? In fact everyone at Sanjivani liked it. I have been also complimented that I am looking s.." She abruptly stops in her ranting. She comprehend the meaning now. "i…er…" She blushes.

Abhi defends himself without noticing her change in expression, " I didn't mean to .. I mean.. Aah.. I mean there is nothing wrong with your outfit.. You look absolutely se.. Stunning." He corrected himself on time. "It's just that I don't like the way Patil stares at you and…" He didn't know what to say ahead to make her understand.

Nikki looks at him sharply and asks," Abhimanyu if you know Patil's kind then why did you insist that I should attend the meeting."

Abhimanyu looks at her in disbelief," Nikki, it's not just Patil who will be there in the meeting. We are also meeting other two other reputed investors. I really don't understand you. If I take you with me you accuse me that I am taking advantage of you and if I don't involve you, still you accuse me that I am taking credit of your work. I mean I really don't understand what exactly you expect from me."

Abhi's words hit her hard. All the earlier incidents flashed before her eyes. She was so nave back then. She had adamantly accused Abhi for taking advantage of her, taking credit of her work etc. But he was so considerate. She then remembered the intimate moment that they had shared at Dr. Keerti and Dr. Shubhankar's sangeet party. Abhi had asked her to come with her but Armaan had destroyed their beautiful moment.

That day, Nikki had realized that she was fallen for Abhi long ago.. And had fallen very hard.. But things had gotten more complicated thereafter. And she had lost Abhi before even getting a chance to confess her true feelings to him. Remembering all this incident, a lump begins to form in her throat and tears well up her eyes.

Noticing Nikki's teary eyes, Abhi becomes concerned," Nikki, I am sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you. Look, you don't have to attend this meeting. I.."

"I will look funny in that jacket. It's too large for me." Nikki quips in.

Abhi chuckles at change of her mood in no time. He nods his head in confirmation, " Yes, I agree with you. It's too large for your zero size."

Nikki makes face at him, " Its not funny okay and I am not zero size." She continuous "I know there is one mall just two blocks away. If you don't mind, we can quickly pick up something nice."

"Great.. Let's go." Abhi rushed towards driver seat.


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Part 7:

They entered into one trendy shop together. Nikki picks up two elegant yet classy tops for trial. Abhi asks sales girl to remove a knee length, full sleeved red color tank top.

"Try this also" He hands it over to Nikki. Nikki takes it without any question and goes to the trial room. She wears the top that Abhi has selected for her and looks herself in the mirror. It looks very classy and elegant on her. She thinks she looks beautiful. Infact her fair skin looks more glowing in that red colur.

"I'll buy this." She declares coming out from trial room and without fishing for compliments. As if he is going to give compliment. She speaks to herself.

Abhi doesn't speak but just look appreciatively at her. Nikki noticed that it was written in his gaze that he liked the top.

Abhi was feeling joyous inside. She had chosen the same top that he had selected. It is for the first time, she had consented with him on something. And whatever she wears she leaves the same effect in his heart.

"Oops… I forgot my top inside. I'll be just back." Nikki turns to take out her top from the trial room.

Abhi makes the payment and tells the counter girl to inform Nikki that he is waiting at Mall's parking lot.

Nikki comes out from trial room again and asks counter girl about Abhi.

"Ma'am your hubby has made the payment and has asked me to inform you that he is waiting for you in the parking lot."

" My Hubby? Okay.. Thanks." Nikki was stunned.

She leaves the shop and finds Abhi in the Parking lot talking on cell phone," Yes, we are on our way. We will be there on time." He disconnects the call and spots Nikki walking towards him.

"Nikki, we will have to rush. I've to glance through the presentation before the meeting. He rushes towards driver seat and takes the seat.

Nikki also takes her seat and throws shopping bag at back seat. Then she closes door with a bang and starts struggling with her seat belt, "Idiot belt, can't behave properly."

Abhi chuckles and Nikki looks at her fumingly.

Abhi raises both his hands in surrender, "I am sorry. But if you allow me, I can help you with belt."

"No hubby dear, I can manage." She speaks sarcastically and somehow manages to fasten seat belt.

"Excuse me?" Abhi was taken aback.

"That's what you told sales girl na, that.. that you are my husband."

"Excuse me? I've not said anything like that. Why would I say that I am YOUR husband" He starts driving the car.

"But that sales girl told me that 'My husband has told her to inform me that my husband is waiting for me outside'" She mimics the girl's speech.

"I don't know why she told you that. She might have guessed it wrong. Now don't make an issue of it. Let me concentrate on driving." Abhi replies sternly focusing on road ahead.

Nikki remained silent for few minutes; then again she asks lividly, "Why did you make the payment? I don't like to take gifts from .. from.. anyone."

"I didn't say it's a gift." Abhi snaps back gazing road ahead.

Nikki turns to face him with open mouth. She retorts back," then why did you pay? "

Abhi brings the car to a halt at the corner of the Road. He turns his face to her and asks in exasperation, "Nikki, what is your problem? Why are you cribbing so much? I paid for your dress, what's a big deal. If you don't like this dress, then throw it or give it to someone or do whatever you want to do with it. I don't care. Now, I would be grateful if you could please keep quiet for sometime."

Nikki stares him back for few seconds and then turns to face the road ahead. They drive till their destination in silence.

The meeting with Patil and the investors went well. Though, Nikki did not miss a single chance to irritate Abhi by throwing charming smile at Patil and other two investors. However, Abhi had managed to control his anger.

While heading back home, Nikki was feeling good. Abhi had praised her for her presentation in front of everyone. And he had also given her chance to put forward her views in the meeting. He is not that bad. She tells to herself and smiles.

Nikki turns to Abhi's direction but his gaze was fixed on the road. His expressions were unreadable. She wondered what he was thinking.

"Meeting went well." Nikki speaks to break the silence.

"Hmmm" Abhi replies dryly.

"Aren't you feeling hungry?" Nikki asks innocently.

"Nope.." Abhi replies with a frown and didn't bother to ask her the same.

Nikki stared at him and matched his frown. She decided to give him exactly what she was getting.

""You are very moody person"

"I didn't used to be." There came answer.

"Do you mean to say you used to be pleasant?"


"When?" Nikki almost snorts with disbelief but stops herself in time.

"When you were not around me"

"Excuse me? You are blaming me for the change in your nature." She keeps her temper under control.

"Don't start arguing again and let me concentrate on driving" Abhi ordered in a voice he thought sounded downright.

Nikki fumes and mutters to herself "sadu, stupid, idiot." Abhi manages not to smile, exactly knowing what she must have said.

He stops the car near one Restaurant and tells her, "Get down, we have reached."

Nikki looks at him in disbelief and then turns to look outside," It's not my home."

"I know where you stay. This is the restaurant where people dine."

"You said you are not hungry."

" I am not, but you are."

"I don't want to trouble you anymore. I will have dinner at home." Nikki says sarcastically.

Abhi sighs and runs his hand through his hair "Phew, you will never stop being dramatic, right? Okay meri maa, I am sorry. I was lying. I am dam hungry. Now shall we go before restaurant close down?" Abhi bows at her faking apology.

"Okay, If you are insisting so much then let's go." Nikki pouts and in a next moment throwing a charismatic smile at Abhi she steps out from car.

Abhi amuses and sighs, "Dr. Nikita, you know something. You are the only one who make me smile even in my worst mood!"

To be contd….

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hey namy...
awesome updates yaar... such a wonderful christmas present!!!
you are spoiling us yaar!!!!!!!

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OMG 4 parts at a time !!
thank youu so much jana... :D :D :D Lovee uu 4 dis Hug
All pats are awesome totally fab...
oh so adi n su su in makingg hmm hard to belive bt amazingg yaar LOLLOL
all AN scenes were to die for loved demm....
tanks so much 4 adding a kiss....
n this is beautiful gift we got on X-mas eve .......

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