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FF on Abhi Nikki"It's Only You"Part 21-22(Pg 45) (Page 26)

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Originally posted by AbhiNikiLuver

Yes please.... aaj V day hai!
hey sheena, am sorry yaar.. nywayz b lated happy valentie day.. am little busy in these days so please bear vd me. Infact coz of hectic schedule, i'v nt yet read ur updats also. Vl catch up tht soon.. Vl also try to post next parts asap :)

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namy update plz CryCry

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Hi Dear , Ur FF is the hottest An ff right now and i eagerly keep waiitng for an update ... here are  2 requests for u
 pls make a clickable index of various parts .. so that i can come n read it again and again :)
pls dont end this ff soon ... i want to see AN romancing chupke chupke in Sanjeevni after they confess to each other ....  AN 's story in DMG always followed the same track .. they both loved eachother but circumstances always came in their way .. be it patil and boxing match then armaan or their ego .. , so their coming together and geting seprated can continue even after they become a couple .................. PLS ....

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omg omg omg  omg omg omg omg  omg omg omg omg  omg omg omg omg  omg omg omg omg  omg omg omg omg  omg omg omg omg  omg.i can keep on saying this dear u r really killing me day by day with ur updates .
nikki said that beautifull lines " i alove u"
actually the 4 beautifull line" i love u abhi.........."( me toh love to say thisLOL)and abhi is abt to say in his real talk.hmmmmmmm.
waitng for that .just love that whole scen on couch and near by couch.i can well imagine it.plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz
update soon dear

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Hey Guys,


Am back with updates:)


But before that first of all I want to apologize to all of you for long wait. I was really stuck up in something important in the last moth. Am really sorry for long wait.


Secondly thank you very much guys for your comments. Am really thankful to each of you more than words I can say. I am so happy and relived that you guys like this FF. Am sorry I'm not able to reply back each one of you, but I promise

I'll do it after my exams.



Last but not least, I want to apologize Sheena for my inability to post these updates on ur half B'day. Really sorry buddy.. These two parts and a short scene (I've posted it in FC and link of the same is herein below), I've especially written for you. And I really hope you will like this small Half b'day gift from myside.


Guys, My exams are gonna start from mid March so I won't be able to post next update till end of March, so please bear with meJ


Please keep your helpful comments coming, it indeed encourages me to progress the story.Thanks a ton guys and please keep on commenting…




PS: A very especial thanks to Mitzi for ur help in editing the updates. You don't know how much ur help mean to me. Am heartily thankful to u for this..


Guys here is the link of Short Scene:) Please bear with my mistaks as i've written it hastily:(

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Part 15

Nikki and Ridhima spend the entire Sunday afternoon and evening in a shopping mall. Ridhima notices a drastic change in Nikki. She was blushing and smiling without any reason and that surprises Ridhima. Finally Ridhima decides to get clarity on the matter. She nudges Nikki's waist with her elbow and asks, "Nikki, what's the matter? Why are you blushing and smiling so much?" She leans near her ear and whispers teasingly, "Has it anything to do with Dr. Modi?" Nikki baffles and blushes again. She opens her mouth to speak but Adi's cheerful voice stops her.

"Hey beautiful ladies, what a pleasant surprise!" Nikki and Ridhima turn around and find Adi and Armaan looking at them with a pleasant smile on their faces.

"Hey,Nikki. Oh! Hi basket. What a coincidence, hai na Adi?" Armaan joins Adi and puts his arm around Adi's shoulder.

Ridhima narrows her gaze and asks, "Armaan, what are you doing here? And I know it's not a coincidence because you knew where to find me!"

"See I told you na Adi, my basket is so smart" Armaan winks at Ridhima and grins.

Adi and Nikki chuckle while Ridhima fumes.

"Oh sorry, basket. But I missed you. " Armaan replies in his childlike tone, "You carry on with your shopping. I promise I'll not disturb you. "He puts his finger on his lips.

Ridhima fails to hide her smile at his child like behavior. She nods her head, "Armaan, why are you here?"

"Oh wow, that's what I like about you the most basket ! You understand me so well." He throws his most alluring smile at her and speaks," Ridhima, I've planned a surprise for you and I want you to come with me after you finish with your shopping."

Ridhima nods her head in the negative. She opens her mouth to speak but Nikki chips in, "No way Ridhima! You can't break my best friend's heart just like that. Besides, we've almost done with our shopping." Nikki winks at Armaan and hugs her best friend.

Ridhima opens her mouth again to protest but this time Adi chips in, "Ridhima, don't worry about Niks. I'll take care of her."

"Dude, better you take care of my best friend and behave yourself." Armaan mocks a warning.

Adi glares back and speaks in an even tone, "On second thoughts, why don't we go ahead with Ridhima's original plan, what say Ridhima?" He winks at Ridhima and she giggles. Armaan shifts at Ridhima's side and holds her hand, "No way Adi, I.. was just joking."

"Hey you two. Would you just stop your boring drama? And I can take care of myself, okay. Don't forget some people call me Nikki pehelwaan." Nikki speaks cheerfully and everyone laughs.

Ridhima again notices a jovial spark on Nikki's face and she feels happy to have the old Nikki back in action. After spending an hour in the same shop, finally Armaan and Ridhima bid their goodbye to Nikki and Adi.

Nikki requests Adi to have dinner in some Dhaba and Adi agrees. Finally Nikki was feeling content to find a perfect opportunity to spend some time alone with Adi. Now she needs to make Adi talk about Abhi's past. She determines not to let go of this golden opportunity. After ordering their food and chit chatting for a little while, Nikki wastes no time in bringing up the main subject.

"Umm.. Adi you know Dr. Modi back since your internship time, right?" She asks in a matter of fact tone.

"Hun?" Adi puzzles at the sudden change of topic but replies anyway." Umm.. Yes Niks."

"Umm.. Adi, actually I was wondering how terrible his past could be? You remember you said something like that the other day." Nikki enquires warily.

Adi observes her closely for a moment, "Niks, I remember that. I just wanted to know why did you remember this all of a sudden today?" Adi asks in suspicion.

"A..di it's just out of curiosity, you know." Nikki shrugs her shoulder and continues, " Adi I'm assisting him in this new project and sometimes he behaves weirdly. Sometimes I just wonder what's the reason behind his severe mood swings."

Adi nods his head as if he understood whatever she was saying, "Oh! I can understand Niks. Actually Abhi is a very difficult man to deal with. But trust me Niks, he is a gem of a guy." Adi stops for a moment and continues, "Niks, actually Abhi dosen't like anyone's interference in his personal life. And he wouldn't approve it if he comes to know that I'd discussed it with you or anyone in Sanjivani." He stops and continue again," Niks, I am sorry but I can't tell you anything about it. I can't risk his friendship."

"Adi, please you can trust me. I'll never, ever utter a single word about it in front of anyone, let alone Abhi. Adi, please it might help me deal with Dr. Modi. Please Adi." She pleads him with her eyes and tone.

Adi feels perturbed at Nikki's gesture and he blows out air, "Niks, please yaar try to understand. Don't make it difficult for me."

Nikki's heart flinches as she apprehends that she was about to lose her only opportunity. She puts her palm on Adi's hand that was lying on the table and pleads again, "Adi, don't you trust me?"

Adi looks into her eyes and finds it very difficult to deny her genuine pleading. He takes a deep breath, nods his head in affirmation and tears away his gaze from hers. Nikki smiles in excitement and removes her arm from his hand.

"Niks, I trust you, but I can't betray Abhi's trust. Listen, I won't go in much detail but I can tell you the reason for Abhi's cold attitude sometimes. Niks, there was a girl in Abhi's life who has ruined not only his career but also his life. Actually Abhi had known Soniya from his childhood and they were supposed to get engaged after our internship."

Nikki's breath froze somewhere between her lungs and her throat hearing Adi's words. She closed her eyes as her head started spinning. She felt a twit of jealousy and hurt inside, this wasn't' what she'd expected. She forced her eyes open and drank the whole glass of water to gain some control. Tears blurred her eyes but she forced them back. She gripped the corner of her duppatta in a tight fist and chided her mind to pay attention otherwise she would lose the last opportunity to know about Abhi. To her luck, Adi's gaze was fixed on the table cloth and she masked her expression into indifference.

"But during the last month of our internship something drastic happened between the two and Abhi called off engagement. Actually Abhi's father and Soniya's dad were very close friends and Abhi's father was very hurt because of Abhi's decision. After that incident Abhi's father and Abhi had a terrific argument and that made Abhi leave his own house. He then shifted to India and joined Sanivani. You know Niks, since the last one year Abhi has not seen his parents. I had met his mother a month back and I really felt pity on her. She loves Abhi so much and I know Abhi does too. But at the same time he is as stubborn as his father."

Adi stops for a moment and looks at Nikki. But finds her lost in her thoughts and he waves his hand in front of her," Hey Niks, what happened? "

"Umm… nothing Adi. i….umm… why did Ab.. Dr. Modi'd call off his engagement?" Nikki's voice quivers in between.

"I.. I don't know Niks. Abhi is a very private person. Actually no one knows the reason behind it except their families." Adi shrugs his shoulder and continues, "Niks, in fact Abhi was never in love with Soniya. Abhi had agreed for the engagement just because of their family connection. You know Niks, I never liked that girl. She has snatched away everything from Abhi.. his peace, his family, his pride, his dream, his profession, his first love.. doing surgery.. He was a heck of a Surgeon Niks but after that.." Adi stops abruptly and pulls his hair. He swears under his breath and curses his tongue.

"Adi what did you say? "Nikki asks immediately.

"I..Umm… Niks, its nothing! Please don't ask me anything further. I've already revealed so much information." Adi speaks in frustration and tears away his gaze from Nikki.

Nikki lowers her gaze as she was on the verge of weeping badly. Both of them sit there silently for a while and then Nikki gets up, "Adi, I''ll be back in a moment" She makes her way towards the washroom before Adi gets a chance to ask her anything.

Adi sits there and curses himself for blurting out about surgery. He puts his palms on his eyes and leans back in his chair. A ring from Nikki's cell phone startles him from his thoughts. He ignores it and looks towards the washroom to see for any sign of Nikki. The cell keeps on ringing and finally Adi peeps at the screen to find out who is so desperate to talk to Nikki. He sees Abhi's name and worries for a moment. He calms down his heart and picks up the call.

"Hi, Abhi" Adi speaks in the speaker.

On the other end Abhi surprises to hear Adi's voice. He looks at his cell's screen to make sure that he had dialed the correct number. Yes it was indeed Nikki's number.

"Hello Abhi, are you there?" Adi asks him.

"Yeah Adi. I… you.. umm.. Nikita is with you?"

"Yeah Abhi, she is with me. I mean right now she is in the washroom."

"Washroom? umm… oh! Okay, where are you two?"

"We are in a Dhaba buddy. By the way, what's the matter? Is there anything urgent?"

"Umm.. No.. I mean it's not that urgent. You carry on with your dinner. I'll talk to Dr. Nikita tomorrow."

"Are you sure? I can tell her to call you back."

"No it's okay, Adi. I'll talk to her tomorrow." Abhi bids his goodbye and disconnects the call.

In the washroom, Nikki stared at her reflection in the mirror, her heart hammered against her rib cage. Tears were flowing from her eyes rapidly. A thousand different thoughts flowed through her brain. With a sobbing voice she asked her reflection," Happy?? This is what you wanted to hear?? Abhi had someone in his life.. Happy?? But Adi's words kept ringing in her mind.. He never loved her.. And because of her he had to leave his house, his parents, his first love surgery.. She gasps in shock.. Oh God how bad it could be?? She'd always taunted him for his non competence in doing surgery.. But he'd never uttered a single word in his defense. Oh Abhi! Nikki gasped in distress. She stood there motionless for sometime.. She didn't know what to believe? What to think? She wished she could settle on a set of emotions and quit being confused. One part of her was longing for him and other was demanding an explanation from him. A thousand different thoughts flowed through her brain. But the only thing she realized was that she was deeply in love with Abhi. Despite her dilemma she was most certain about her feeling for him and there was no going back as far as she was concerned. She stood there in silence for a few more minutes and then slowly cleaned her face. Taking a deep breath she told herself to stop over thinking and let destiny decide everything. Finally she regained her strength and made her way out of the washroom.

Adi noticed paleness on her face when she joined him again. Nikki lied that she was feeling tired and sleepy. Adi informed her about Abhi's call and assured her that Abhi had said that it wasn't that important and it could wait till tomorrow. She wanted to talk to Abhi but she knew that she couldn't do that till Adi was there with her. She finished her dinner as quickly as she could and requested Adi to call off for the day. Adi dropped her home and Nikki quickly rushed inside her home to talk to Abhi.

Nikki dials his number but it gets disconnected from the other end. She fumes and dials it again. Finally Abhi picks it up, "Hello Nikita, what's so urgent?"

"Why did you call?"

"What? Nikki I called you an hour back."

"Why did you call?"

"Nikki I'm in the middle of the road. We will talk tomorrow."

"I asked you why did you call?"

Abhi blows out air "Phew, Nikita you are impossible." He sighs and continuous, "I called you because….because I wanted to know how you were doing."

"Oh" Nikki breaths in the cell.

"If now you've got your answer, can I drive home? Nikki, I had another hectic weekend and I'm damn tired"

"Oh! Yes." Nikki breaths again in the speaker. Neither of them spoke another word for a moment. Finally Abhi breaks the silence, "Nikki, are you there?"

"Yes I am….Bye Abhi. Drive safely" She mumbles concernedly.

"Yes I will" Abhi sighs.

"Good night and take care"

Abhi sighs again and smiles, "Good night Dr. Nikita and you too take care."

Nikki disconnects the call and gazes at the cell, "Abhi when will I get to know the real Dr. Abhimanyu Modi?" She sighs and walks towards her bedroom.


Next morning Nikki signed her duty chart and rushed towards Abhi's cabin. She didn't know what she wanted to do but she just wanted to see his face.

She knocks his cabin door but no one answers. She opens it a little and peeps inside. She finds Abhi's back towards her and he was talking to someone on his cell. She decides to come later but stops as she hears him saying," Mom please don't do this to me." Her heart tugs at his tone of voice. Without a second thought, she steps inside and leans against the nearby wall.

"Mom, you know I love you but I can't come back.. Mom, please try to understand me. " Abhi's voice was edgy. He stops for a moment and then speaks in a louder tone, "Mom! Please don't try to emotionally blackmail me. Mom ! Are you there.. Mom !"

"Damn" He yells and clenches the cell in his fist. Then in a fraction of a second he hits his palm with full force on a hanging wall photo frame. The Frame's glass shatters into a million pieces and Nikki gaspes in terror. Abhi turns, his eyes blazing with anger and pain.

"You? Now what do you want from me?" Abhi yells at her in anger, "Wait a minute! What are you doing here? How many times do I need to remind you and Dr. Mallik to knock before entering my cabin?"

But to his frustration, Nikki wasn't listening to whatever he was saying. Her huge eyes were fixed on his bleeding hand.

"Omigod Abhi, your hand !" She rushes to his side even before Abhi understands what she was saying. She gently takes his injured palm in her small hands and Abhi winces in pain, "Awww!!" Nikki immediately releases it.

"I am sorry! Is it paining badly?" She asks concernedly. Abhi looks at her and notices her eyes were a little misty. His heart tugs and he swallows, "Nikita, please leave me alone for some time. I can take care of myself. I don't…." He starts in softer voice and stops.

Nikki gets up and wanders in his cabin as if searching for something. "Where is the first aid box?" She mutters to herself.

"Dr. Nikita I'm talking to you. I know you don't trust my professional competence but still the fact is I'm a Doctor and I know what I need to do. Please leave me alone." This time Abhi speaks in a little louder tone.

"Shut up! Just shut up and sit there quietly. I don't want to hear a single word from your mouth. Do you get it?" Nikki points her index finger at him and blurts out angrily. Her eyes spark with anger and unshed tears. She tears away her gaze and rushes towards the washroom.

Abhi was dumbstruck at the tone of her voice. He narrows his gaze in disbelief but sits back in his chair. He opens his mouth and closes it, nodding his head he stares at his injured palm. Nikki returns with a damp cloth and first aid box. She pulls out a chair and sits opposite him. She senses his gaze on her face and she straightens her posture to focus on the task. Taking his palm in her hands, she sniffles a little and chews her lower lip. Reminding herself that she is a Doctor, she cleans it gently. Abhi tries hard not to flinch out of sudden pain and he grits his teeth. After cleaning his palm, she checks it thoroughly for sign of tiniest piece of glass, if any, still stuck in his palm.

Despite pain, Abhi was following her each and every movement. She sniffled a little and Abhi understood that she was trying hard to hide her tears and it was unsettling him. He wanted to speak something to sooth her but he didn't know what to say. As she bent down to apply an ointment, lock of her silky hair started gazing her cheek; absentmindedly Nikki racked her hair back off her cheek with her back of hand. Abhi's gaze shifted from her face to her hand and then drifts admiringly over her hair. He curled fingers of his safe hand in a fist before it reached out to touch her. He knew that right now she was damn angry with him and it wasn't right move to add more spice in her fury. She was danger territory right now and he also needed some time to calm down his rapidly beating heart.

Nikki applies an ointment and then reaches out for the phone. She dials the nurse station and asks sister Lovely to send the on-duty nurse to Abhi's cabin with bandages. Without any further explanation, she gets up and walks towards his cabin door. Abhi knew that he'd hurt her again and hated that. His eyes on their own accord follow her back and he pulls his hair with his safe hand, "Oh God! I've screwed it again!" He mutters to himself in annoyance.

Nikki halts her hand on the door knob and glances in Abhi's direction. Their eyes meet and the look of dark pain in his eyes hit her like a tidal wave. Her throat closes up and she tries to squeak out some words.

"Abhi, you had once asked me this and today I'm asking you the same question. What are you trying to hide behind your anger?" Nikki asks softly and their eyes lock with each other. She notices hurt, distress and longing in his magnetic gaze and she swallows. Her heart sinks and with a great effort she tears away her gaze. Absentmindedly she pulls open the cabin door and runs into Adi.

"Aww take it easy Niks!" Adi holds her shoulders to straighten her.

"Oh! I'm sorry Adi. Please excuse me, I'll see you later." Nikki bids her apology and rushes out from the cabin even without looking up at Adi.

"Hey Abhi, what's wrong with her?" Adi starts but as his eyes falls on Abhi's injured hand he asks concernedly, "Hey, What happened to your hand?"

Abhi gets up from his chair and struggles for his composure. He closes his eyes and blows out air, "Phew, nothing serious Adi. It's just.." He stops in midsentence and runs his hand through his hair.

"Hey, tell me one thing. What did you two do inside your cabin? Boxing, Judo Karate, Wrestling?" Adi teases and chuckles. He stops his laughter as he sees Abhi's glare on him, "Oh! Sorry, bad joke. Okay man, tell me why do you look so tense? And what happened to your hand?"

Abhi's temple wrinkles into worry and he massages it, "Adi, Mom called up again."

"Oh! And?"

"And what Adi? She wants me to come back." Abhi speaks in frustration.

"Abhi she loves you"

"I love her too Adi but I can't go back. Here I have got back everything that I had lost there- My work, my peace, my life, my passion, my…" Abhi stops as someone knocks on the door.

"Come in" He speaks in irritation and the on-duty nurse enters with a first aid box.

At the same moment Adi's pager beeps and he looks at it. "Duty calls ! Abhi, got to go now, will talk about this later buddy."

Abhi nods his head and bids him goodbye. He closes his eyes for a moment and opens them, "Yes sister finish it off fast."


Abhi spends the entire day wrestling with guilt. Despite his injury, he tries to engross himself in his work in the hope that it would lessen his aching heart. Similarly, Nikki also engrosses herself with her patients and deliberately avoids encountering Abhi during her duty hours. She finishes her duty by seven o'clock and abruptly leaves from Sanjivani bidding her goodbyes to her friends. Outside Sanjivani her eyes notice Abhi's car in the parking lot and her heart whimpers. She mutters under her breath, "Sadu, arrogant jerk, didn't even thank me once." She sighs, "I hope he has taken pain killer" She sighs again and gazes at his car. For a moment she gets a naughty thought to puncture the tyre of his car but immediately shut out that thought. Nodding her head in frustration, she moves out from the gate.

As usual after waiting for a good fifteen minutes, she finally gets an auto. In spite of her best efforts she fails to keep thoughts of Abhi at bay and it annoys her more. As a result, she starts ranting to herself in the auto …Nikki why do you keep peeping at the cell screen? Abhi is not going to call.. Today he has again become ',I am Dr. Abhimanyu Modi'… Why don't you get it Nikki.. He is sadu, idiot.. What does he thinks of himself, Mike Tyson?? Always ready to box at everything, everyone.. Call me Dr. Abhimanyu Modi, I'm your senior.. She mimics Abhi's voice.. To hell with seniority.. arrogant jerk..

The rickshaw driver was enjoying her ranting and he chuckles,, "Madam, ek baat bolu. Itna gussa karne se to acchha hai aap sahab ko phone kar lijiye."

Nikki baffles and stares at his back. She nods her head, "What did you say? T…tum ne kya bola? Suno bahiyaa tum road pe dhyan do, samje?" She chides him in frustration.

To add to her frustration, at the same moment the Auto jerks and stops. "Kya hua? Auto kyo rok diya?" Nikki asks worriedly.

Auto guy gets down and checks some wires inside the auto. "Madam lagta hai wire toot gaya hai ! Aap ek kaam karo aap yaha se koi doosra auto le lo."

"Oh God! Why does it always happens with me?" Nikki slaps her forehead and gets out. "Tum apne auto ko proper check karke sadak pe nahi la sakte the. You all men are Idiots" She yells at the Auto driver.

"Madam auto puchh ke khrab nahi hota. Waise aap wo sahab ko phone karke aap ko yaha se lene ke liye bol dijiye na. Waise bhi ye time pe aur ye road pe auto milna mushkil hai."

"Oye, tu apni auto sambhal. Me apne liye auto dhoondh lungi." Nikki retorts back immediately.

The auto driver shrugs his shoulders but still helps her in looking for another auto. Couple of Autos passes by but none stops. Finally, the Auto guy sees the head light of some car and he waves his hands.

The car stops a few inches away from Nikki. Nikki's heart hammers as she recognizes the car and the owner. She swallows as the car's window slides down. Abhi glances in her direction for a moment and shifts his gaze towards the Auto driver, "What happened?"



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Part 16

The car stops a few inches away from Nikki. Nikki's heart hammers as she recognizes the car and the owner. She swallows as the car's window slides down. Abhi glances in her direction for a moment and shifts his gaze towards the Auto driver, "What happened?"

"Sir, Meri auto kharab ho gayi hai. Agar aap ko koi problem nahi ho to please aap ye madam ko ye raste ke end tak chhod denge ?" Auto guy replies.

Abhi nods his head and speaks without looking at Nikki, "Get in the car."

Nikki narrows her gaze at his attitude. She crosses her hands in front of her chest and replies sternly, "No thanks! I'll wait for another auto."

"Nikita I said sit in the car." Abhi finally looks at her and his eyes glitter in anger.

Auto driver looks from Nikki to Abhi and back to Nikki, "Madam kya ye wohi sahab ha jisko aap gali de rahi thi?" He asks Nikki and then looks at Abhi, "Sir, aapka naam Abhi hai?"

Nikki's eyes widen in shock and her mouth falls open as if someone has slapped her. Abhi opens and closes his mouth and then clears his throat, "Ahem.. haan mera hi naam Abhi hai." He unlocks his door and steps out from the car. Nikki shivers and steps back.

Abhi leans on the car door and crosses his arms. "To madam kya bol rahi thi mere bare may?" He asks the Auto driver but his eyes are fixed on Nikki.

Nikki notices amusement in Abhi's eyes and she swallows again. With a great effort she tears away her gaze and yells back at the Auto driver " Oye, tu pagal ho gaya hai. Kuchh bhi bole jar aha ha. Just get out from here right now ! Warna auto ke sath tuje khudko bhi repair karma padega."

Auto driver takes few steps back and worries, "Mai jaa raha hu. Mere paise to de dijiye"

"Oye kaise paise? Kuchh nahi milega tuje. Get lost !" Nikki blurts angrily.

Abhi intervenes and pays the Auto driver. He thanks Abhi and whispers, "Sahab sambhal ke, madam thodi pagal lag rahi hai !"

Abhi chuckles and it irks her more. She straightens her stance and starts focusing on the road for another auto.

Abhi walks near her and speaks, "Niki, get in the car. It's very late. Besides, I am very tired and I crave for some rest."

Nikki shrugs her shoulder and replies sarcastically, "Why are you telling this to me? I've not stopped you from going anywhere. I am not coming with you; I would prefer walking all the way till my home."

Abhi gives her a long stare and blows out air, "Phew.. You will never make anything easy for me, right?" With that he catches her wrist with his safe hand and drags her towards the passenger door. As usual Nikki struggles to get out from his grip but finally sits in the car. Abhi walks back and takes his seat. He fastens his seat belt and starts the engine. He throws a glance at Nikki through his road view mirror and finds her massaging her wrist and cribbing something in an inaudible voice. He couldn't stop himself to tease her a little.

"Umm.. Nikki if you like me to hold your hand and make you sit in my car then why don't you come out in the open and tell me directly? You know it will save you from that" He points his finger at her hand which was massaging her wrist.

For the third time in less than twenty minutes, Nikki was again out of words. She turns her face and glares at him, daring him to utter another word. Though Abhi's eyes were fixed on the road, he senses her glare on his face and he fights his smile. She narrows her gaze as she notices a tiny dimple formed at his left cheek. It irks her more and she frowns, "What? What did you say? Stop the car now."

Abhi purses his lips to keep from smiling and hold up his bandaged hand in surrender, "Okay, I am sorry. I was just kidding."

All emotions abruptly veer from irritation, annoyance to concern and worry as Nikki notices his injured arm. "Abhi your hand is swollen and your bandage has also turned loose. Oh my God ! Abhi you are driving in this state?" She asks in disbelief and reaches out to touch his arm but stops midway.

Now it was Abhi's turn to be nervous at her mood swing. This was the very reason he loves her so much. She has such a tender heart and she is the only one, of course after his Mom, who cares for him so much. He chocks back a lump of emotions as he needed to focus on driving. After a full one minute he speaks again, "I am alright Nikki. Don't worry."

Nikki doesn't believe him but still leans back in her seat. She folds her arms across her chest in a huff. Abhi drives the car in silence but he couldn't stop himself from glancing in her direction through the road view mirror. He notices paleness on her always glowing skin; mischief and spark were also missing from her eyes. She was looking unsteady and vulnerable, not her usual cheerful self. Abhi's heart tugs noticing vulnerability on her face. All of a sudden, their morning encounter flashes before his eyes. Despite his cold behavior, she always worries for him. It unnerves his senses and he tightens his grip on the steering wheel. A small cry escape from his lips as pain shoots out through his injured hand.

Nikki startles in alarm, "What happened?" She follows his gaze, "Abhi is it paining again? Have you taken pain killer? Abhi, you never listen to me, you shouldn't drive with your injured hand. Now, stop the car and let me have a look at it." She babbles hurriedly in a worry.

"Nikki, I am okay. We've almost reached your home." Abhi replies with clenched teeth.

He takes a turn in her lane and stops the car outside her main door. He puts his injured arm on his thigh and tells her without looking at her, "Nikki we've reached." He sighs, "Bye and Goodnight."

Nikki opens the door but doesn't step out. She sits there for a moment and then turns towards him, "Abhi, come inside and let me fasten your bandage."

"No Nikki, I told you I can take care of myself. Now please go I'm getting late."

"No, you are not going until I check your arm." She nods her head stubbornly.

"Look Nikki, my hand is perfectly fine. Besides, no one can make me do what I don't want to do. So please leave." Abhi exasperates.

"Are you challenging me?"

"What?" Abhi asks in disbelief. "Well, no I don't have such interest."

"Okay, fine" Nikki shrugs her shoulder and looks straight outside his window, "Hi! How are you?" She speaks cheerfully.

Abhi follows her gaze and she abruptly removes the car keys and steps out from the car.

Abhi baffles at her quick moves. She closes her door and takes few steps backward. She waves the keys in front of him and speaks, "If you want this then you are coming inside."

With that she turns and walks towards her home. Abhi sits there like a statute for few minutes to swallow what had just happened. After a while, he nods his head and ruffles his hair with his safe hand. "Nikki, you know you really are something!" He smiles and finally steps out of the car. He walks towards her home and stops at her door steps. He looks up at the sky and prays silently, "God, please help me out this time."

Abhi steps inside the house but she was nowhere in sight. He sits on the couch and a pleasant smile curves on his lips as he remembers the pleasant moment that he had witnessed there just day before yesterday. In a couple of minutes Nikki comes out from her room with a tray and places it on the nearby table. She sits beside him and takes his injured arm in her one hand. She unfastens the loose bandage with her other hand. While doing this, she deliberately avoids meeting his gaze and the same didn't go unnoticed by Abhi.

Before Abhi could speak, she starts cleaning it again with a damp cloth. There was a long scar visible now in his palm and Nikki gently traces it with her thumb. Abhi flinches in pain and Nikki removes her thumb, "Oh God! Abhi, it looks..." She starts and her voice quivers.

She bends her head and sniffles. Abhi lifts her chin with his safe hand and studies her face, "You look as if you're about to cry."

Nikki nods her head in negative but a lone tear trickle from corner of her eyes. Abhi reaches up and quickly catches it on his finger tip, "Yes, you are crying." He speaks concernedly. She was crying for him and it stabs in his heart like a dragger.

"What's wrong Nikki?" Abhi demands.

Nikki shakes her head and smiles sadly, "Nothing"

"Then why are you crying?" He demands again.

More tears trickled down her cheeks and it pierced his heart. He didn't know what to do or what to say. He was damn sure that she was crying for him and he hated himself for hurting her all the time. Abhi looked in her reddened eyes for a long moment and there was something about her sad smile and the way she gazed at him. Something that drew him closer until, without planning the move, he pressed his mouth against hers. The kiss started out simple enough but then Nikki shifted a little and titled her head slightly. The invitation was clear and irresistible and Abhi couldn't stop himself from deepening the kiss.

Nikki closes her eyes and sinks into his kiss. Absentmindedly she tightens her grip on his injured arm and Abhi groans. He tears away his lips unwillingly and winces in pain, "Awwwghhh…."

Nikki alarms in fear and stammers, "Oh God, I am sorry..I… I.. Is it paining badly?"

Abhi nods his head in negative," No not that much. Just don't touch it and let me finish what I've started."

Nikki looks at him dumbfoundly for a few seconds. A minute ticks by and she feels a flush of heat o her cheeks. Abhi leans forward but she puts a finger on his lips and tells sternly," No Abhi, let me finish what I've not yet started."

Abhi nods his head in negative and removes her finger with his safe hand. He kisses her finger and Nikki immediately pulls it back to her side. She lowers her gaze and speaks softly, "Abhi, please."

Abhi looks at her for a long moment and then nods his head, "Okay, but finish it fast."

Nikki struggles hard to focus on the task at hand. As she bends her head down, few tendrils of stray hair start grazing her cheeks. Abhi's raises his free arm to tuck it behind her ear but Nikki stops him instantly," Abhi, please don't move. You are distracting me."

Abhi makes a face and points a finger towards her hair, "And what about that distracting me."

It takes a moment for Nikki to understand what Abhi was referring to and she colors again. She chews the inside of her cheeks to controls her smile. Then she herself tucks her lock of hair behind her ear and asks," Happy?"

"Ecstatic!" Abhi replies sarcastically. Nikki nods her head and resumes back to her task.

Nikki squeezes out some ointment. When she notices that his scar was looking nasty, her fingers tremble while applying the ointment. Despite her best effort, tears again start forming at the back of her eyes. She starts bandaging his arm and sniffles again.

"Nikki, what's wrong? Why are you crying again?" Abhi asks concernedly.

Nikki just nods her head in the negative without looking up. Abhi cups her cheeks with his free hand and pull up her face. She was crying again and it unsettled him.

He again wipes her cheek with his thumb, "Nikki, first tell me why are you crying again?"

"Abhi, you always do this. First you make me cry then you start showering your concern."

Abhi baffles, "Me? What did I do now?"

"Nothing.. its just.. I.. I.. just.." She lowers her gaze.

Abhi sighs "Nikki, I am sorry for that."

But this time his voice didn't sound sorry. Nikki looks up, "Hun?"

"Yes, I am sorry. I'll not kiss you again if it makes you cry." Abhi teases her shrugging his shoulder. He didn't know why but teasing her had become his most favorite hobby now a days.

Nikki opens and closes her mouth and blurts out, "No its.." She stops abruptly as she realizes what she was about to say.

"I mean it" Abhi teases more.

Nikki's blush intensifies and she slaps Abhi's free arm, "Shut up Abhi!"

Abhi blows out air," Phew, thank God."

"Hun?" Nikki stuns again

"Yeah.. Thank God you were not crying for that. I umm.. I thought I would never get to kiss you again. And that's a scary thought, you know." He completes it with a devilish smile.

Nikki blushes tomato red. She swallows and finishes her task abruptly. She gets up nervously and tries to look composed.

Abhi looks at his bandages and speaks teasingly, "Thank you doctor for … umm.. for everything."

Nikki was feeling shy and nervous at the same time. She struggles hard for her composure and takes a few steps back to control her rapidly beating heart. Abhi was studying her closely and he was enjoying her discomfort. He also gets up and Nikki takes more steps back, "Abhi, I think you should leave now. You need some rest." She speaks in one breath.

"Are you sure, Doctor? You want me to go?"

"Yes. I'm sure."

Abhi runs his hand through his hair and mocks a disappointment," You know you are very disappointing sometimes."

Nikki bit her lip to keep from laughing. As Abhi crosses her, she utters in a hurry," Abhi I think you should not drive with that arm. Let's call a cab."

"Dr. Nikita, no need to worry for me. Its not paining now and I can drive safely."


"Nikki stop worrying or else I'll change my plan." Abhi mocks a warning.

"Okay, drive safely and call me once you reach home." She speaks immediately out of nervousness.

Abhi smiles and nods his head, "Good night Nikki" He wishes her good night and leaves.

Nikki rushes towards her main door and closes it before she herself changes her mind. She puts her forehead on the door to catch her breath and the door vibrates with a knock.

She opens it with questioning eyebrows, "What?"

"Umm.. my car keys?" Abhi asks smilingly.

"Oh. Yes." Nikki goes inside and comes out with the car keys in a less than a minute. She hands it to him and Abhi grins as he notices her trembling fingers.

"Thanks." He says grinningly and turns to leave.

Again Nikki closes the door abruptly but again there was a knock.

Nikki blows out air and opens it again, "Now what Abhi?" She asks putting one hand on her hip and other on the half open door frame

"Nikki, umm.. There is something I forgot to tell you." Abhi speaks with a straight face.

Nikki's heart gives a little squeeze," What?" She tries to read his face but fails. Though his face was unreadable, his eyes were sparking and Nikki wonders what was behind the mysterious glint in his eyes. "Good thing or bad thing?" Nikki ventures to ask.

"An important thing.." Abhi answers flatly and steps forward. He leans little closer and starts," Nikki I… I wanted to say that.. that." He looks deeply in her eyes and speaks in a huskier voice "Dr. Nikita Malhotra, I am deeply in love with you. I love you more than I can tell you and I'm tired of hiding this feeling inside." Abhi finishes it and feels something inside him ease.

Hundred of expressions pass through Nikki's face. . She freezes at her place.Her beautiful eyes widen in surprise and her mouth drops open in amazement. For a moment she feels that her heart missed a beat and she stands there like a statue. After what seemed like ages, she catches her next breath and swallows hard. Abhi studies her intently. A slow smile lit his face as he notices spark in her eyes and glow on her face. His smile curves into gotcha grin and all cell of his body spark to life.

Just then, the headlights of a car coming up the drive flashes across Nikki's door, both of them startle. Abhi turns and finds Adi stepping out from a cab. Abhi mutters under his breath. Always lousy timing… One of these days I'm going hit him hard on his jaw.

Adi closes the distance and stands beside Abhi. "Hey Abhi, what a pleasant surprise! What are you doing here?" He asks and then turns his face towards Nikki "Niks, why are standing as if Abhi is going to trespass into your house if you remove your hand from the door frame."

"mmm.. me…..No.. I… ummm… " Nikki somehow finds her voice and stammers. She shifts her gaze to Abhi and shoots him a silent plea.

Abhi chips in to rescue her," Very funny Adi ! Actually Nikita's auto got punctured in the middle of the road. I saw her and came here to drop her. I'm leaving now"

"Oh okay, Hey Abhi, have you gone crazy. You drove in that state?" He points his finger towards Abhi's injured arm.

"Oh God! Now you don't start it. I am perfectly fine. By the way, how come you landed here at this hour?" Abhi couldn't stop himself from asking.

"I've some personal business with my good friend. Do you have any problem, Mr. boss?" He winks at Nikki and smiles at Abhi.

"Nope. Not at all." Abhi shrugs his shoulder. "Please carry on with your plans."

"No…ummm… I..mean.. Adi..I.. um.. " Nikki speaks and stammers again.

"Abhi, I must say that you are really an insufferable boss. You make her uneasy even in her own territory." Adi speaks teasingly.

"No…. umm.. I…"Nikki sputters again and she coughs to find her real voice.

"Relax Niks, I'm just kidding." Adi smiles heartily.

"Adi, I got to go now. It's late and I need to rest." Abhi looks at his watch and tells Adi.

"Wait man, I'll drive you down to your home. It's not safe to drive with your injured hand." Adi tells him.

"Dr. Jaiswal, Don't forget I am also a Doctor. Besides,I can drive.."

Adi stops him in the middle "Ya ya, I know you are a super cool driver. But still I am coming." Adi replies sternly.

"Okay. Great. Let's go." Abhu shrugs his shoulder.

Adi waves his hand in front of Nikki's face , "Hello, is anyone there?"

Nikki slaps his hand," Adi, stop that. I am okay."

"Ya ya I can see that. Anyways Niks good night and see you tomorrow." He winks at her and turns to leave.

Nikki dares a glance at Abhi and finds him smiling at her. For the first time, she saw dimples formed at both sides of his cheek and she amazes… Wow.. How could any one resist such a smile.. Nikki chews her lip and her gaze is still fixed on his dimples.

As if Abhi has already read her thought, he widens his grin which deepens his dimples. He speaks softly, "Thanks a ton Dr. Nikita for the dressing and.. everything. You are indeed a good doctor. Good night."

Nikki could see glimpses of amusement and something else in his Chocolate brown eyes. Something that makes her breath catch. Abhi mouths sweet dreams sweetheart and turns and leaves.

Nikki's quickly turns and closes her main door behind her. She quickly rushes to her bedroom and jumps in her bed. She was on cloud nine tonight. She couldn't ask for more tonight, could she? She sits in her bed motionless rewinding again and again the entire conversation with Abhi in her mind. Abhi had said it finally.. yes… yes… and this time not in a dream.. He said it in real …It wasn't a dream, was it? She pinches herself… no it wasn't a dream.. She sits there for God knows how many hours… Suddenly she whispers.. I love you Abhi.. and stunnes.. yes I love him deeply but did I say it to him.. No, I didn't say anything to Abhi in reply. I just stood there spellbound.. And before I recovered Adi came by.. Adi why you always keeps tapkaoing at the wrong time… she cursed Adi.. What if Abhi again misinterprets my silence into something else.. Nooo.. I need to talk to him.. By the way why didn't he call me.. She feels edgy.

"Where is my stupid cell" She mutters while searching for her cell.

She searches her place but couldn't find it anywhere," Oh no, not again.. not again in Abhimanyu's car." She slaps her forehead," Well done Nikki? Landline is also not working because of your slothfulness. Sab aaj hi hona tha !" She slaps her forehead again.

"What should I do? She asks herself in distress. " Yes..." She apprehends what she needs to do. She takes her wallet and house keys and rushes out of her home.

On the other side, Abhi was impatiently trying her number since last hour. Damn what is wrong with her? Why is she not picking up the call?" "Oh man , is it because of the bomb that I'd exploded at her house? What if she doesn't feel same for me? No that can't be true, Ghosh, Abhimanyu, you are screwed … again. Abhi's heart starts beating fast.

He almost jumps out from his thought when his cell starts ringing. His screen shows some unknown number and he decides to ignore it. But the caller seems desperate so he takes it.

"Hello" Abhi speaks in annoyance.

"Hello" Nikki breaths in the receiver.

"Nikki? Is that you, Nikki?" Abhi asks in disbelief.

"Yes. Abhi. Umm."

"Where are you calling from? And where is your cell? I am trying your number since last one hour." He shoots question in one breath.


"What do you mean by Umm… I asked you a simple question where is your cell?"

"I... I think I have forgotten it in your car."

"What?? Oh..okay." He breaths in relief for a moment, but gets alarmed in the next moment, "Where are you calling from?"

"Umm.. I am at a PCO"

"PCO? at this hour of the night? Are you out of your mind Nikki? Do you have any idea what's the time right now?" Abhi exasperates.

"I know what the time is. And stop yelling at me. I just wanted to make sure that you had reached home safely a..nd about your hand?"

Abhi swears under his breath and sighs. "I've reached home pretty safely and my hand is much better, okay?" Abhi replies sarcastically. Then he speaks concernedly, "Nikki go home right now. We will talk tomorrow."" Please" He adds in the last.

"Okay.. Good night and take care"

"I'm at home Nikki. You are outside in the middle of the night so you take care." Abhi again speaks sarcastically.

"It's not the 'middle of night' "

"Phew.. Nikki, go home."

"Yeah, I am going. And you know you are still the same sadu."

"You are still there. Go home right now."

"And unromantic too" With that she disconnects the call and leaves from there with a blissful smile.

Abhi looks at his cell phone's screen in disbelief and mutters, "Nikki Pehelwan, when will you grow up? Oh God, I love her so much." With that he crawls into his bed.

To be cont…



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wow123 IF-Rockerz

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update is awesome. Hmm after so long u updated dear. Yes sometimes its difficult to fall in love with a person that u don't know anything exactly about him.
Same thing happen with Nikki, specially Abhi is such quiet and private person that hardly anyone knows about his personel life. I always say that they never friend of each other but quiet opposite of each other which left them in curious note of trying find each other secret.
Their hatred turned into curiosity which  turn into fondness than attraction than to liking than love and than passion.................................
I would say that they never said right things to each other at times but have right feelings in their heart. They r pain for each other as well pain killer.
thats why i say deadly combination (wink) 

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