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FF on Abhi Nikki"It's Only You"Part 21-22(Pg 45) (Page 20)

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prt 12
oh no one can handle him when hez angryyOuch
poor nikki i cnt undrstand her feelingz!
abhi iz pro in ruinig their momntz n being angryy all the tim.. nd behaving lik saduu!Ouch
poor soule..
n nw hez doin same thng to make her jealous hww rudeShockedOuch
she dint do that purposely bt he did ! aww god!
bandaa kab sudregaa!ConfusedOuchOuch

or nikki kab hasegii she alwaz shedz tearz oh god!  poor thing1Ouch

if i waz thr in her place  i wud hav kickd that gal n grabdd hiz coller n gav him good peace of mind bt wudnt cried!AngryEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedLOLLOL
sorry i droppd the idea of kickin that girl az shez nice gal n clevr to undrstand watz goin on in betwn the two..WinkEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
oh sonia????
m curious to knw abt hez past wat made him so angry that he stoppd dancing wid divya n startd shoutin at her?ShockedConfused
oh divya iz such sweety,she knwz hw to handl the situatn!! specially himConfusedLOL

lov ths sentens of her
And on the contrary, you are very stubborn and angry man. Top of that you are her boss and a senior doctor."
"And capable of killing that poor soul with your standard irate glareEmbarrassed
enjoyed their convo thoroughly n abhi seying dnt undrestimat nikkiz capability waz soo gudLOLLOL
aww so abhiko nikikiki  haar manjoor nahi1Wink so cutee..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

ths iz sooo truu n purrfectBig smileBig smileEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
you both are evenly matched!! AN indeed purfect match 4 eachotha.EmbarrassedBig smile.
devdaas chndramukhi part waz hillariousROFL
n chunnilal entry toooLOLLOLLOL

bt nikki left Ouchaww she couldnt tak that ny more..
yeh abhi bhi na!OuchSmileOuchSmile
karne aaya tha kuchh or or kar diya kuchh orD'oh
aww poor nikkiOuch

i lik it when she curses him with those names in all along non-stopWinkLOL
"Sadu, idiot, stupid. Must be still dancing with that .. that ..Ms. Long leggiLOL

aww ther msg msg thing waz really cuteeEmbarrassedLOL
somtims mouth failz to sey thoz wordz of hrt which fingerz sey thru sms..Embarrassed
atlest that saduu masgd him,he haz improvd Big smilethatz nice m happy1!!WinkBig smile

oh so here itz kunal!*lukz supeciouslyy*
adhha adhura chhod or ab pura mystery khol dearOuchConfusedOuchConfusedOuch
warna sonia n kunal mere sapneme aake muje haunt karna chaloo
really nice one nammy! lov it!EmbarrassedBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smile
prt 13
i lov armaanz maskabaziiLOLLOLLOL
hez so challoo he actually knowz hw to mak othr ppl"z hrt n hw to mak them 2  help him by hez sweet talkzz bt nikki iz doubl smart to caught him riteEmbarrassedLOLLOL
lov that whole scen n can visualize vry clearly..LOLLOLLOL

oh shit bt whenevr armaan iz thr somthing bad happnz wid AN!!AngryOuch
i mean anothr misundrstandin waiting 4 them...anothr fight...!!Sleepy

nikki bhi kuchh b sochti rehti haiOuch
..Is he having second thought… Is he avoiding me….OuchLOLOuchLOL

both of them r soo proz in incresing misundrstandingz betwn themOuchConfusedOuchOuch
n wat armaan iz seying yaar?Shocked
he doznt knw nything n jumpz on concluznss arhhhh.Angry.
i hate u armaan AngryOuchOuchWinkLOLLOLLOL
bt wat ya? pehla misunderstanding toh sulzha nahi ki dusra readyy..Ouch
i hav stoppd thinking nw,othrwise mai pagal ho jawungii..Wacko
n nikkiz patent line.Embarrassed
"Please, stop it Armaan. I.. can take care of myself.
we all r vry wel known hw nicelyy she takz cr of herself by skipping her dinner,lunch,n lack of sleepin,thinking unnecessary thingz..list gozz on...OuchOuch
In a fraction of second, Abhi's jovial mood turns into furyOuch
ohh not agennnn1Cry
now both AN r so frustated n angry on each othr... now m wondering wat gona happen next?? or shuld i sey i knw wat gona happn next!ConfusedOuchOuch
surelyy anothr spicyyy argument...! hey bhagguuuuD'ohOuchOuch
ths iz so typiccal nikki..LOLLOLLOL.lov it!Embarrassed
 I am not a one wish genie that you would summon me in your thought and I would appear before you from nowhereLOLLOL
"Difficult, moody, harsh, rude, insufferable but definitely not an idiot."
Stern SmileStern SmileStern SmileStern Smile.....Ouch
enough nikki now itz payback time.. dnt take panga wid him...fir rowogiiOuch
their argumnt waz still normal n bearable untill he sed ths to nikkiOuchOuchOuchOuch
 you have got very few days in your hand, so why don't you make full use of it and work as a dedicated intern for your future prospectOuchOuch
omg.. that hurtzz1 CryOuchabhi sed somthing he waz nt supposed to seyOuchOuchOuchOuchCryCry poor gal! enough now.....CryCryAngryOuch
ma another ouch by hearung nikkiz thoutz CryCryoh god when they gona stop ths fighting n cum around!!Ouchcant tak it nymore1Cry
.. few days left… she had forgotten about it but he remembered …. So he was just counting the days when she packed up and went
back to nowhere.. OuchOuchOuchOuchOuch
aww poor gal she fainted! Ouch
or nahi to kya hoga khati nahi kuchh nahhi!AngryOuch
bt 1 thing jo bohot achhi huwi wo hai..EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed......
 she landed in safestttt n purrfect place..Winkhiz armazBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBig smileBig smile

aww bt poor gal she thinkz shez  dreamingEmbarrassedLOL..ya must b coz abhi neva call her sweet hrt in reality bt inn her drmz onlyy...EmbarrassedOuchEmbarrassedOuch

i compltly accept, he hz got  damn expressiv eyez bt somtimes expressing by wordz iz also necessary no??Ouch stupid abhi!!!WinkEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
aww aftr that scene,situatn  waz quite undr control n somhow sweet i alwaz lov concernd abhi n hurt nikki WinkLOL coz she alwaz somhow
ended up in hez armz n he pickz her up in bridl style...Day DreamingBlushingBlushing
aaah n jusss lovvvvvvvvvvv adiz entry ths time  yaar!!  tooo goood1WinkBig smileBig smile

ab maaza ayegaaa! dnt knw hw abhi gona explain ths to him or may b adi wil get to knw abt the lil gal whoz lipstick stain waz thr on abhiz shirtWinkLOLLOL
Adi enters into the cabin and almost drops the paper he was holding. Adi has got a shock of his life seeing the sight before him.WinkEmbarrassedLOLLOLLOL

lov lov lov ths whol part n ending iz vryy dhasooo1WinkEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

just hav to c wat happnz nextEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
update soon sweeetz!
waiting eagrlyy!Embarrassed
tak cr....Big smile

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Originally posted by wow123

namy me waiting..................
mee tooooooBig smile

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Hey Guyz,
Thanks a ton for ur luvly commentz n encouragement.. Am really glad that you guyz liked d updatez so far.. I really appreciate ur efforts to spare some time frm ur busy schedule to post ur commentz..Thnaks a ton..
Here u go vd another part... Hop u'll enjoy it... I apologize in advance if u guyz find it a bit lengthy or tedious.. Kindly ignore ma mistakz..
Thanks n cheers,

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Part 14:

"Adi, hold you horses and close your mouth. Nikita has hurt her ankle. Now, please call Dr. Ridhima. She is in ortho department with Dr. Banerjee. Tell her to fetch Dr. Benerjee with her. Also tell someone to arrange for X-ray." Abhi shoots out the instruction in one breath.

Adi rushes towards to Abhi's desk and follows his instructions like a robot. His mind has stopped working momentarily.

"Adi, Don't panic.. .. alright" Nikki speaks softly struggling to get up from couch.

Abhi turns towards her and speaks sternly "I told you not to utter a single word and stay back where you are."

Nikki narrows her eyes at his ton, however she leans back again crossing her hand before her chest in a huff.

"They'll be here in five minutes" Adi somehow utters words out of his mouth and Abhi nods at him.

Within five minutes Ridhima, Armaan and Dr. Mishti Benerjee enter into Abhi's cabin. "What happened?" Three of them ask in unison.

"Hello Dr. Mishti, Dr. Nikita has hurt her ankle. It looks like a sprain ankle to me." Abhi replies to Dr. Mishti.

"How?" Armaan glares him suspiciously.

"Dr. Mallik, I don't think I need to answer any of your questions. By the way, what are you doing here? I don't recall calling you. You should have been in the general ward with your patients and note inhere." Abhi retorts back in even tone.

"Dr. Modi. I know where.."

"Armaan, I just fainted." Nikki chips in cutting off Armaan, before the room turns out into a boxing ring.

"What do you mean by 'just fainted' Nikki?" Armaan asks in annoyance turning his head towards Nikki.

"Umm..Armaan, I think.. its' because I've not had lunch today." Nikki tries to make some sense.

"Nikki, off lately I've noticed you doing it more often. What's the matter, Nikki?" Armaan asks her concernedly.

Nikki senses Abhi's hard stare at her and she tries not to look in that direction, "A'rmaan I.." Nikki swallows timidly.

"Well Doctors, we will discuss this later on. First let me have a look at your ankle, Nikita." Dr. Benerjee touches the sore flesh of Nikki's swollen ankle and she gasps softly.

"Is it hurting badly, Dr. Nikita?" Dr. Banerjee asks her.

"Umm.. no .. I mean not that bad. Don't tell me I've broken it." Nikki enquires anxiously.

"Do you think it's a facture, Dr. Mishti?" Abhi asks at the same time and all eyes turn towards him.

"No Dr. Modi, I think it's just a sprain. Let's shift her into other room so that we can get it x-ray." She turns back to Nikita," Nikita, do you think you can walk?"

"Umm.. yes, I think I can." Nikki swallows as Ridhima and Armaan rush to her side to help her in getting up.

As Nikki's swollen feet touches the ground, she grasps again. And instantly Armaan lifts her up in his arm and starts walking towards door.

"Armaan, what are you doing? Put me down. I can walk." Nikki speaks horrifiedly.

"Yes yes I can see that." Armaan replies mockingly as Ridhima opens the door for them.

Nikki tries hard not to look in Abhi's direction as her heartbeat starts running rapidly.

Armaan steps outside door and Nikki dares a glance at Abhi before the door closes behind her. Abhi tears his gaze away but note before she notices a

flare of anger mixed with hurt in his eyes.

In about twenty minutes, Dr. Mishti informs Nikki that she doesn't have a facture. She informs her that though it's a minor sprain, she needs to take a rest for atleast two days. Ridhima volunteers to accompany Nikki for the rest of day.


Next two days were like a hell for Abhi. Friday flew off as hectic as usual and Saturday he had to attend the Board Meeting of Trustees to update them about progress of New Sanjivani Project. He found Saturday a very long day than usual after spending long hours in the Board Meeting and dealing with each of the adamant Trustees. Top of that his Mom had called up and he was emotionally upset after having long conversation with her. It was almost 8.00 p.m. and yet he was in Sanjivani. Though he was completely drained out, his mind wasn't ready to head back home. Despite his best effort, his thought circled back to only one topic .. Nikki.. How much he denied it but he cared for her a lot. He had sent her a message once but she had chosen to keep mum on that. Though he had apprehended news on her well being directly from Ridhima and indirectly from Aditya, still he wanted to witness it from his eyes that she was doing fine. It was almost two days that he had not seen Nikki's face and he was feeling lonely. It surprised him..Dr. Abhimanyu Modi had never been afraid of being lonely. In fact he had preferred to be alone all the time.. But there was sudden change in his being after his encounter with Dr. Nikita Malhotra. He always felt so different whenever she was around him. Even when she fought with him, which she did more often, he felt himself alive by being with her. Her craziness and insanity had annoyed him at a time but her spirit and charm had overshadowed his disliking towards her. The Truth was that she was the only one who really cared for him, laughed with him and cried for him. She made him feel the things which he never knew existed. He didn't know the meaning of LOVE before her because for him that kind of thing never existed. And after what Soniya had done to him, he had sworn not to fall in for that word. But despite his vow, he did fall in love. In fact, his feeling for Nikki was so deep that it scared him. He had never felt this strong for anyone in his life and there was no going back now. Though he loved every moment of this amazing feeling, he was tired of waiting now. He had tried to confess his feeling before her at every given chances, but fate had decided otherwise at every time. Falling in love was a pleasant and wonderful feeling but waiting was harsh and callous. He was sick of holding this feeling inside him now.

Abhi gets up from his chair and walks towards the cabin window. Two special ladies in his life were conspiring and disarraying his life. He amuses at this thought. Suddenly he remembers his last encounter with Nikki'How rough he had been in words when anger had taken over all his senses... She was hurt because of him and it was eating him.. And he owe an apology for his harsh words.. But uttering those five letters 'S O R R Y' was very difficult for him and that too in front of that spitfire. Abhi amuses again imagining her reaction' But he has to try otherwise there would be no sleep for him today also.. And his mind and heart were begging him for rest. Beside he wants .. no he needs to see her.. Abhi takes his car keys from his desk and walks out of his office taking long strides like a man on a mission.

On the other end, Nikki was feeling crap and restless in spite of her recovery. Swelling was gone and she was able to walk without any pain. Though her friends had kept on visiting her, she was feeling agitated. And there was only one person responsible for her foul mood. She had not heard anything from Abhi except one SMS that she had deliberately ignored. She had even made many futile attempts to shut him out from her mind but as usual her heart had failed her in each attempt. In fact her mind had warned her from the beginning not to fall in for him but she had fallen in love with him- through their fights and arguments, through her stubbornness and his arrogance, through those hurtful moments when they'd both discovered that they both were very much alike when it comes to hurting each other and in turn more hurting themselves. As a result this what she has got.. A broken heart..

Two days of thinking and two nights of having him haunt her dreams were taking their toll on her and by Saturday evening, she was feeling hollow-eyed and exhausted.

To her misery, Suman pays her surprise visit on Saturday and makes a futile attempt to entertain her. In an hour, Nikki's head starts aching by Suman's non stop chattering.

"Oh, what happened Nikkiji. Are you having headache?" Suman asks her as Nikki starts messaging her temple.

"Yes Suman, I think I need some rest."

"Oh don't worry Nikkiji. I have something for you" Suman begins to rummage her hand bag and removes a small liquid bottle from it. She picks up a glass from the table and pours half liquid into the glass and offers it to Nikki," Nikkiji, gulp it down with water and you will feel lightheaded."

"What? Nahhh.. Suma'n, no.. I don't want it' I'.. I'll be alright.." Nikki stammers awfully.

"No No, Nikkiji. You will have to take this. I can't see you in pain. Believe me you will feel much better and relax in just ten minutes." She brings the glass near Nikki's lip and forces her, "Now be a good Girl Nikkiji and gulp it down."

"Listen Suman, i' I don't need it. Remember I am a Doctor. I.. I can take care of my self."Nikki exasperates trying to back away from Suman.

"I know you are a Doctor, Nikkiji. But believe me this is magical syrup and you will fast asleep like a baby. Now open your mouth."Despite Nikki's refutation Suman succeeds in her attempt.

"Yuck.." Nikki hold her neck "Suman, what was that? Oh God. eee..yuckk" Nikki makes a disgusted sound.

"Don't worry Nikkiji. In ten Minutes you will be sleeping like a baby. And you will be in a dreamland. And__ "

"Okay Suman.. enough. I understood everything. Now I would be grateful if you could please allow me to rest." Nikki tells her sternly. In fact she was feeling more and more agitated.

"Han han Nikkiji. I am going. You also rest and do call me if you need anything. Waise bhi no one will be able to wake you up before morning." She giggles and leaves.

Nikki quickly closes the main door behind Suman and slaps her forehead," Oh God, what had she made me drank? am I going to die? What should I do? Should I call Ridhima? No, not a good idea.. She will be with Armaan.. should I puke it out? No I can't .. yuck'. Then what? If I'll die no one will come to know before morning.. What should I do? Oh God, please help me. I need to call some one' but where is my stupid cell?" She rushes to her bedroom.

She finds her cell on bed side table. But before she picks it up, her eyes falls on a snap that she had removed from the album and had hold it near her heart entire yesterday night. It was picture of her and Abhi during Armaan's Rokka.

She picks it up and her finger starts gazing Abhi's smiling face. No matter how many times her mind denies the fact but she still loves him' "Why Abhi, why do I love you so much?? Why did I find it impossible to imagine life without you?? Why do I feel that you always exist in my heart and there isn't any me without you?? Nikki whispers to herself in distress. As her thought again wanders back to their last encounter, the pain starts filling her heart. She feels like screaming, crying out bitterly..When will you realize Abhi what do I feel for you' What should I do to make you trust me, trust my heart? Within a second tears make her ways from her eyes. Nikki wipes her tears with her one hand while other still holding the picture. All of sudden she feels little dizzy and cradles her head with both of her hands, "Oh my God, what's happening to me. I am going to die.. Please God, send someone who cares for me. I don't want to die lonely." She slumps down on her bed.

Few minutes passes and Nikki hears someone ringing her doorbell. She tries to get up but still dizziness was there. She sits back in the bed and decides to ignore whoever there at her door. But it seems someone was desperate outside the door, she mutters a curse under her breath. Somehow she manages to get up and makes her way to main door with unsteady steps. As she opens it, her stomach starts feeling nausea, head starts feeling dizzy and heart starts pounding rapidly.. The person from the photo looming at her doorway.. Is she dreaming?? She blinks her eyes and clutches the main door frame in a strong grip. Yes, it's a dream. She decides.

"Hi Nikki, How are you doing?" Abhi asks her nervously.

"Abhi.." Nikki's voice sounds strange and hoarse to her own ears. Suddenly her body refuses to follow her mind's order and she falls halfway towards him. Abhi catches her shoulder on time stopping her from falling down on the floor. He stands there motionless for a moment holding her.. What's wrong?? I haven't said or done anything, have I?? He panics.

After a while, Abhi retrieves back his strength. He picks her up in his arms and carries her inside. After gently placing her on nearby couch, he sits beside her. Taking her left arm in his hands, he starts squeezing it, "Oh God, what's wrong with you Nikki? You will have to stop doing this otherwise one of these days I'm going to have a heart attack. Please, open your eyes." But there was no response. Abhi panics more; he quickly holds her wrist in his hand and checks her pulses. Thanks God, It's normal. He relieves. At the same moment Nikki stirs and mumbles something inaudible without opening her eyes.

Abhi puzzles. "Nikki, can you hear me?" Abhi asks concernedly but again no response. He reaches out for water from nearby table and splashes few water drops on her face, "Nikki, can you hear me? Please open your eyes." Abhi pleads again.

Nikki feels something cool on her eyelids and cheeks. She opens her eyelids dreamily. "Abhiii.."She mumbles musically.

Abhi baffles at tone of her voice. He notices that Nikki was looking at him weirdly as if she was hallucinating or something. "Nikki, are.. you okay? Are you' I mean..?" He stammers.

"Hmmm' Abhiii" She again mumbles dreamily and closes her eyes again.

Abhi pats her cheek softly but his voice little louder, "Nikki, open your eyes and tell me what's wrong with you?"

Nikki forcefully drags her eyelids open, "Shhh'.." She puts her finger on Abhi's lips and murmurs softly, "Don't yell at me like that saaadu. You are my shwiiit Abhi." She removes her finger from his lips and pinches Abhi's left cheek.

"Aww.. What?" Abhi dazes, catching her arm in one hand and rubbing his cheek with his other hand. "Nikki, don't tell me you have had Bhang again." He enquires fretfully.

Nikki waves her free hand and giggles "Nooo." Abhi notices her eyelids shutting again

"Nikki, look at me. You are scaring me here." He orders her while his free hand stroking her cheek." Nikki jerks her eyes open at his command, "Hun?"

"Nikki, have you taken a drug of some kind? Something to make you sleep?"

She nods her head, "You are sooo smart Abhi. Not dumb like that Sadu. You know what? Suman gave me some yucky syrup. But it is working. I am in a dreamland and I can see you in my dreams." She giggles like a child while closing her eyelids.

Abhi places her arm back to her side and runs his fingers through his hair, "Phew, Ms. Suman Lata Dalamia..'just great. Now what should I do with you, Nikki?" He looks at her but she was fast asleep again.

Abhi run check his mind and gets a temporary solution. He gets up but immediately Nikki clasps his fingers with her arm, "Abhi, please don't leave me alone" She whispers dreamily.

A simple statement made Abhi's heart warm with tenderness. She had said something similar back then, at the night after Holi and from that moment his heart had felt something different for her.

Abhi sits back beside her and enterwines his fingers with hers. "I am not going anywhere Nikki. I am just going in the kitchen to make a coffee for you. You will feel better after that, okay. Will you stay back here alone for couple of minutes?" Abhi asks her softly.

Nikki smiles and nods her head. She mumbles again smilingly, "You are being so nice in my dream. I wish this dream never ends."

Abhi smiles back and kisses her fingers, "I'll be right back, Nikki." Placing her arm on her stomach he gets up and walks towards kitchen. Abhi wanders in the kitchen and in a couple of minutes he makes a black coffee for her. Walking back to the couch, he places a cup at nearby table.

Abhi takes a moment to look her in a sleeping form.. a real look.. She was looking more vulnerable, more innocent, more beautiful and pure angelic in her sleep. He wasn't sure which sight was more disturbing and far enchanting, the one when she was in her furious mood or the present one where she had put her all guards down. He sits back again beside her and brushes a wayward strand of hair off her soft cheek. Then his finger on its own accord slides down to caress her cheek. Nikki snuggles more into his touch and Abhi amuses. "Nikki, wake up." Abhi speaks very softly.

She smiles in her sleep and Abhi speaks again, "Nikki, Coffee is ready. Com'on get up"

Nikki lazily opens her eyelids, "Abhiii..." Her voice again sounded musical.

"Yes Nikki, it's me. Now get up and drink '." Abhi stops in midway as all of sudden power in the room flickers and goes off.

"Abhi.." Nikki panics. She sits up jerkily and clasps her hands around Abhi. There was something unusual about the way Nikki clung to Abhi this time. And Abhi felt that he needed to protect her from anything, everything.

"I am right here, Nikki." Abhi tightens his arms around her in embrace. Abhi could feel her short, sharp, panic breaths and he strokes her hair with one hand, "Hush.., no need to panic, okay. I am right here."

"I hate it when it's dark" Nikki murmurs like a scared child.

"I know and It's okay sweetheart." Abhi replies tenderly and Nikki snuggles more in his embrace.

Abhi continuous stroking her hair and after a while he ventures to ask, "Nikki, Do you want to tell me why are you afraid of dark?" There was a silent and Abhi gives up a hope of getting an answer.

Nearly entire minute passes and finally Nikki murmurs, "Kunal.. He was afraid of dark."

Abhi notices quiver in her voice and his heart stops beating for a moment. Now who's this Krunal?... Armaan, Aditya, and now Kunal.. Where do I stand in this queue?

"Who's Kunal?" Abhi asks warily.

"My brother. Why he had to leave me, Abhi?" Abhi could hear her soft sob.

Brother.. Nikki's Brother..Abhi dazes.

"Umm'where did he go, Nikki?" Abhi asks her.

"He.. he.. passed away when I was.. just eleven years old. I.. miss him so much." Nikki's voice broke boarding into hysteria.

Abhi's heart stops dead hearing howling in her voice. He didn't know what to do, what to say. He swallows a lump of emotion in his throat. "I am sorry Nikki." Just one sentence came out from his mouth.

"No one loves me. He also left me alone. My parents don't care for me. You also want me to go far away from you. Am I that bad?" She sobs more.

Abhi couldn't take it anymore. Though he wanted to know more about Kunal, his parents, the reason for her prejudice towards her parents, it was not right time. He couldn't stand seeing her crying like that. Right now he did want nothing more than just hold her close, close to his heart, sooth away all pain and protect her from anything else that could possibly hurt her. He pulls away a little just enough to gaze down into her face. He couldn't see her face in the dark but he knew she was sobbing bitterly. At the same moment lights flicker again. Nikki blinks back tears at sudden flash of lights.

Abhi feels as someone has stabbed in his heart as he notices heart wrenching grief clouded in her dreamy eyes. Few more tears rolls down from her cheeks and Abhi chocks back his tears. He raises his thumb and wipes away tears from Nikki's cheeks.

"That's.. not true, Nikki... I don't.. " Abhi swallows another lump and clears his throat. "Please stop crying Nikki. I can't see you like this. I' I don't want you to go. In fact I' can't survive without you. I will' never ever let you go away from me." Abhi fails to hide quivering from his voice.

"Promise" Nikki whispers.

"Promise for my life" Abhi whispers back and wraps her in a fierce hug.

Abhi holds her in his arm and murmurs softly into her ear to enlighten the moment, "You know I don't like it when you cry. You look good when you stick a glue on my chair, when you throw water on my shirt and when.."

Nikki chuckles and she continuous "And when I beat you like crazy, insane person during Kabbadi match, when I throw your keys.."

Abhi tries to controls his own laughter and stops her in midway, "Yes yes you got it right Dr. Nikita Malhotra."

Nikki smiles heartily and thereafter there was silence again. Abhi notices her heartbeats calm down in normal rhythm and he could feel her soft and warm breath on his neck. He closes down his own eyes to savor this moment in his mind. Dreamily Nikki rubs her tip of nose with his shirt's collar. Abhi smiles' She will never change.. He gently untangles her hands from his back and cradles her head in his hand. Pulling away, he gently places her head back to the couch. Abhi relives noticing the same peace full look on her face as before and his heart again feels warm with tenderness. Suddenly the peace seems to disappear and she starts frowning as if something unpleasant happening in her dream. Impulsively, Abhi cups her cheek and gently strokes it with his thumb. He couldn't' stop himself from leaning down and quickly kiss her damp cheek. A glorious smile spreads across her face and she murmurs softly, "I love you Abhi". Abhi's heart was in his throat. He stops short a breath away from her face.. Has she just said she loves me' or I've imagined her saying this magical words..

"Nikki, what did you say?" Abhi asks hurriedly patting her cheeks softly. He needed to know what she'd said.

"Hmmm'." Nikki mumbles trying to jerk away his hand from her face.

"Nikki, what did you say?" Abhi asks again in high pitch voice.

" Abhi.. let me sleep. You.. ask so many question in my dreams." Nikki mumbles irritatingly.

Abhi sighs deeply. So he is not going to get his answer now. Still his heart was beating rapidly and he desperately needed some fresh air. He gets up from the couch and Nikki catches his palm again. Abhi looks down at her and she mumbles sleepily without opening her eyes, "Abhi, don't leave my hand."

Abhi runs his finger through his hair and sighs again, "Phew.. Nikki, you are not going to make it easy for me today."

He sits down on floor beside couch and disgusts as he remembers how his

whole body had ached for the whole day when he had spent the entire night in that stance after holi night. He looks at Nikki's face and murmurs, "I don't have any choice, do I?" Nikki stirs again and Abhi enterwines his fingers with hers. He brings their joined hands near his heart and speaks softly, "Don't worry Dr. Nikita Malhotra, you are going to stay right here. Safe and secure." With that he also closes his eyes.


In the morning Nikki tries to opens her heavy eyelids and her head seems very heavy from deep sleep. She feels something clinging to her hand and the warmth of it makes her feel secure. She slowly drags open her eye lids and stuns to see the face of her dream man before her eyes. She still feels a bit dizzy and closes her eyes again, "Wow, this dream looks so real. I don't want to wake up today." She murmurs softly. She cautiously opens her eyes again to make sure that he is still there and relives to see him in his deep sleep. "What a dream! I can see 'the great Abhimanyu Modi' sound sleep in my dreams?" Nikki giggles dreamily. On sudden urge she reaches out and ruffles his hair with her fingers.

Abhi senses a sensuous touch in his hair and he also opens his sleepy eyes. Abhi couldn't believe the sight that was watching him and he blink back his eyes to make sure that he was not dreaming. His mind takes a couple of minutes to register the reality.

As those sleepy eyes bore into her dreamy ones, she finds it difficult to tear her gaze away. Though his eyes look sleepy, but it was still enough for Nikki to get lost into them. In her dream also Abhi has that power to capture me completely with his gaze. She wonders. But why is it look so real? why could i feel his soft breath on my face? She just keeps staring him. Abhi smiles at her and reaches out to brush away a tendril from her eyes. Nikki closes her eyes at feel of Abhi's warm fingers on her skin and her breath escapes her chest in a long sigh, "Abhiii".

Abhi slowly touches her cheek, "Good morning sleeping beauty." Nikki's eyes jerks open at his touch and hoarse voice. Is it dream? She pinches Abhi's hand lying on her cheek. "aww.." Abhi removes his hands from her. Nikki shivers as reality hits her. Oh my God.. its not dream' She sits up abruptly and jerking away his other hand from her grip. As she sits up, her legs hit him in his shoulder. Abhi grasps again, "Ouch.. Nikki, take it easy. Do you always wish good morning like this?"

Nikki ignores his remark and gets up from the couch. Taking few steps she makes a safe distance from him and starts fidgeting with her hands. Oh my God.. He is really here..

Abhi gets up messaging his numb neck. For a full sixty seconds, neither of them speaks. After a minute, Nikki dares a glance at Abhi and finds him stretching and messaging his neck. Why does he look so comfortable in my house.. She annoys.. but as her gaze wanders on his face she notices that he looks more handsome and much younger in the morning. Does he look like this all morning?.. She wonders and mesmerizes in his good look.

Abhi senses her gaze on his face and he turns his head in her direction, "What's wrong?" He asks raising his eyebrows questioningly.

"Hun?" Her voice sounded hoarse to her ears. She clears her throat," ummm''s you' er' I mean'what are you doing here?" She sputters being caught off guard and immediately tears away her gaze.

Abhi studies her for a long moment and his lips quirks in amusement "Oh that's a good question Nikki. But before that you will have to answer my question."

Nikki looks up at him in puzzlement.

"Now, tell me one thing, what have you had yesterday that made you behave like.. umm'" He deliberately stops in mid sentence as he notices her fidgeting with her hands.

Nikki stares at him in disbelief and asks narrowing her eyes, "What did I do yesterday night?"

"Nikki, now don't tell me you don't remember anything." Abhi asks her in a huskier voice enjoying her nervousness. He takes a cautious step towards her and Nikki takes more unsteady steps back. She stops in her track as her back hits wall.

Nikki closes her eyes to shake her memories. She vaguely recall flashes of her dream.. but it was dream.. wasn't it?? Oh my God.. what if it wasn't dream.. I am going to kill Suman..

Abhi moves closure to her and asks, "So tell me Dr. Nikita, what did you remember about yesterday night?"

Nikki jerks open her eyes and shudders, "I.. don't.. i'don't remember anything." Nikki stammers as Abhi advances his steps towards her.

"Oh really, Dr. Nikita?" Abhi asks huskily stopping at just arms length distance from her.

Nikki's mind starts to warn her .. Nikki try to remember your last encounter.. Tell him to Go away.. right now..

"I am waiting Nikki." Abhi leans forward a little and Nikki closes her eyes as his warm breath gazes her skin.

His one touch .. His one breath on your skin and all your resolution goes for a toss Nikki..

Her mind chides again.

As she opens her eyes, her gaze locks into pair of killer chocolate brown eyes that were so intent that she catches her breath. Nikki swallows and splutters, "Abhi.. please.. i..."

Abhi senses her discomfort and suddenly her sadden, hurtful sight flashes before his eyes and he remembers why he'd landed at her house.

Nikki notices him opening and closing his mouth as if he wanted to say something and then shakeing his head.

"" Nikki dares to ask.

"I'" Abhi starts and stops. He clears his throat and continuous, "Ahem.. Actually I'd come down here to apologize.. umm.. I shouldn't have had said.. those.. things. sorry." Abhi looks away for a second.

Nikki's was stunned and her heart beat seemed out of control.. Dr. Abhimanyu Modi.. No 'the great Dr. Abhimanyu Modi' said Sorry to her. And it's not her dream..Is it??

Abhi's gaze wanders back to her face and he could see triumph on her face. It annoys him, "Well, Dr. Nikita, there is no need to get carried away. And by the way you also owe me an apology.

"Me ?" Nikki asks in disbelief.

"Yes you. But that we will discuss later on. I have answered your question and now it's your turn. "

"Me?" She asks again.

"Yes, Nikki you. Now tell me what did you remember about yesterday night?"

There he goes again

.. "I.. said i.. don't remember." She tries to look everywhere but at him. But her eyes have stopped following her mind's order. As a result they have wandered back to his face.

Abhi takes a step forward and places both his hands at either side of her face. "Okay, if you don't remember anything then why are you blushing?"Abhi's voice was again huskier.

"I.. am.. I am.. not blushing." Nikki stammers at his close proximity.

"Okay. Then you are frowning. Now what did you remember that made you frowning?" Abhi was in no mood to miss out a single opportunity. Nikki blushes even more and she feels sick with herself.. why in the hell she is blushing.

"Abhi, please.. let me go" She pleads.

"Sure. But before that you will have to answer my question."

"Abhi.. i'.. Ridhima .. ya .. Ridhima will be here in any moment."She blurts out as she remembers her outing plan with Ridhima.

"Hun? Oh.. and you want me to go" Abhi narrows his eyes and asks in a serious tone.

Nikki looks away from him and starts gazing the floor. "Well, if that's what you want, I'd better get going." Abhi sighs and steps back placing his hands in his jeans pocket

"No" Nikki's voice was louder than it should have been.

Abhi's raises an eyebrow ,"No?"

"No.. I mean yes..umm.. I mean you can't go like that. can freshen up here.. and.. I'll.. make tea in mean time."

Abhi's lips turns to his side to form a smile but he bites his bottom lip to stop smiling "No thanks Nikita, I'll freshen up at my home."

"Abhi please.. don't leave like this...I mean..." She babbles again.

Abhi tries hard not to smile, "Okay Nikita but I don't want to have tea." Abhi remembers something important, "Well Nikki, I have to tell you one more thing. Umm'Nikki I.." Now it was Abhi's turn to feel nervous.

"Hun?" Nikki looks at him in puzzlement.

"Nikki I..i.." He stammers again. I Love you Nikki.. as simple as it is.. The words were now on his lips and he was about to say, he wanted to say and he almost did. But something within him hesitated again. And then it was late again. Fate again conspired with reality to force a different spin.

Abhi's cell phone starts ringing. Damn.. he mutters an oath under his breath. He removes it from his pocket and yells, "Hello"

"Oh.. Am sorry.. umm yes Good Morning to you too Divya. No.. It's right time to talk. Okay, at what time?" He turns his wrist and looks into his wrist watch "Okay. Great. I'll be there in an hour."

He disconnects the call and mutters glumly..damn Abhimanyu Modi.. always lousy timing..

He looks at Nikki who was watching him intently. "Nikki, I'll have to leave now. There's some urgent meeting that I need to attend"

"Oh..". She starts gazing her feet.

Abhi could see jealousy and disappointment clearly visible on her face and his heart rejoices. He again closes the distance and tips her chin up so that she has to look into his eyes, "There is no need to get jealous and upset Nikki. I am going for a business meeting with Divya's uncle. And there is no need to get disappointed either because I.. I mean 'we'.. We will have our talk.. a real talk.. very soon. And this time I wouldn't care who the spectator would be.. whether it's Dr. Mallik, Adi, Dr. Ridhima or whomsoever. Till then, take care of your self." With that he smiles, turns and leaves.

Nikki's feet glue to the floor and she stands there motionless.

To be contd..


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sabihaa. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 February 2011 at 3:36am | IP Logged
Now I get why you wanted that scene!

Babe, it was PERFECTION.
LOVED every moment of it.

& I'm so sorry, I haven't sent you the sig.. it's not working out the way I wanted it. *sniffles*
I'll send it to you tomorrow.. with a lil' something extra as a "sorry".


<3 you. Sabs.

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Amy_an IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 February 2011 at 3:51am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -saBii-

Now I get why you wanted that scene!

Babe, it was PERFECTION.
LOVED every moment of it.

I'm so sorry, I haven't sent you the sig.. it's not working out the way I wanted it. *sniffles*
I'll send it to you tomorrow.. with a lil' something extra as a "sorry".


<3 you. Sabs.

Thanks a ton Sabs,
Must say u alwyz catch me b4 pm.. am glad u liked itBig smileBig smile
@Blue: Hey no need to be sorry Big smile No probz.. u tak ur own time... thtz okay vd me..
need to finish dis soon, b4 my examz startz... hence am going fast vd d updatesLOLLOL
N dnt say sorry againBig smileBig smile

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hemvb Senior Member

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Posted: 03 February 2011 at 4:51am | IP Logged
hey namy..
superb update as usual yaar...
abhi-nikki  rocks!!!!
btw cant believe i'm saying this, but for once i love suman and her crazy she gave us such a cute AN

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wow123 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 03 February 2011 at 4:53am | IP Logged
Wow namy,
Its beautiful update dear what i like most is how you explain all unknown things you described about Abhi in words which we all know but always felt unable to explain. He is a man of few words who has many feelings in his heart but always fail to put in words in  front of Nikki and end up in hurting her in place of confessing.
We all love him insipte of all his annoying thing. I totaaly flattered on two lines of ur ff
Her craziness and insanity had annoyed him at a time but her spirit and charm had overshadowed his disliking towards her.
this one is hilarious
who's this Krunal?..... Armaan, Aditya, and now Kunal.. Where do I stand in this queue?
Now u r become my mentor in writing. This is one is best part written by you uptill now.
Update soon.........................

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