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FF on Abhi Nikki"It's Only You"Part 21-22(Pg 45) (Page 15)

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hey rucha, thnk u thnk u dear, ur wish z my command;) glad u likd d part ***Ab aage kya hogaa....bhagwan jane ;) main kyun dimaag pe zor daalu...vaise jyada hai bhi nahii WinkOuchROFL*********** i must sa u r too funny dear*LOL* my cheeks r aching nw:) n dnt pressurize ur mind, vl spare u frm ur misery soon:) thanks dear.. n all d best 4 ur exams

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mere dimaag bhi kaam nahi kar raha hai yaar ab yoh iss situation se bahaar nikaal namy

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namy update de dooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooAngryAngryAngryLOLLOLLOL

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Hey Guys,

I've updated two more parts.. Please drop your comments at ur convinience.. Big smile it means lot to meBig smile

Cheers,Big smile

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Part 12:

Abhi finishes the song and opens his eyes with a blissful smile on his face. All couples stop dancing. Just then Abhi's gaze cut across the dancing floor to see Adi removing his hands from Nikki's waist and Nikki lowering her hands to her side from Adi's shoulder. Jealousy slashes through him. Damn... The anger comes back in full force and Abhi tears his gaze away from the dancing duo.

Everyone applauds and congratulates Abhi including Dr. Rustana.

Lastly, Adi walks up towards Abhi puling Nikki with him. ""Marvelous, Amazing, outstanding! Abhi, Tu to hum Doctors ka 'Indion Idol' hai" He smiles at Abhi and winks at Nikki, "What say Niks?"

Nikki swallows and looks up at Abhi, "Yes, it was nice Abhi..manyu."

But to Nikki's distress, Abhi's eyes gleam down hotly on hers and he just curtly nods at her. Nikki pleads him with her eyes Please Abhi please don't…. don't do this to me… please don't ruin that beautiful moment…please don't make up something out of nothing..

But to her further distress, Abhi immediately shifts her gaze to Adi, "Thanks Adi." And Nikki's heart sinks from his coldness.

"Abhi dear, you have got such a wonderful voice. It was a treat to my ears." Divya chips in and hugs Abhi.

Abhi smiles and hugs her back. He steals a glance at Nikki but finds her eyes gazing the floor.

At that moment DJ starts playing romantic numbers.

"Oh wow, that's my favorite song. Come on Abhi, let's go for a dance." Divya grabs Abhi's hand and drags him to the dance floor.

"Hey Niks, what are we waiting for? Come on let's go for a dance" Adi cheerfully repeats Divya's words and outstretches his hand.

"I am sorry Adi, I don't feel like dancing any more. I would like to sit down and have some water instead."

"Okay, Fine. Let's sit there" Nikki follows him and settles herself in one of the chair across the dance floor. Adi calls out a waiter and hands her a glass of water.

With a heavy heart, Nikki dares a glance in Abhi's direction. Instantly her eyes lock with Abhi's cool gaze and she tightens her grip on the glass. For a moment, Abhi holds her gaze and his heart wrenches watching shadow in her eyes. He wishes to look in a different direction but fails. As if Nikki has already read his mind, she instantly lowers her eyelashes.

Watching Abhi's arm on Divya's waist, Nikki feels full weight of what Abhi must have felt just a few minutes back. As her eyes starts filling with unleashed tears, she chocks out a cry and loosen her grip from the glass of water.

"Hey Niks, are you okay?" Adi asks her concernedly.

"I am okay. Just tired" Nikki feebly smiles at him.

"Okay" Adi smiles back at her and start his non stop chattering.

On the Dance Floor, Divya leans back and looks into Abhi's eyes," Abhi, you love her, right?"

Abhi is taken aback at her unexpectedly straight question. He gapes at her with open mouth. After a moment he recovers and stammers, "Hun? Wh…at? did you say?"

Divya smiles at him, "Exactly the same what you heard"

"W..hat?…an who? Wh…at are you saying, Divya?" Abhi sputters again.

Divya's smile widens to grin and she indicates her eyes towards Nikki, "I am saying that you are in love with that girl." Abhi follows her gaze and finds Nikki lost in her thought. She looks vulnerable and Abhi swallows a lump in his throat.

"You know Abhi, I am good in face reading. And right now, it is apparent to me that feeling is mutual from both the side. So have you confessed your feelings to her?"

Abhi remains silent for a moment. After a moment he replies, "Divya, it's nothing like that."

"Abhi, I know you are angry with her right now.. because.. because of.. that dance.. But did you realize that even I've not given you choice for this dance." Divya tries to explicate Nikki's situation.

Abhi astounds again at Divya's remark.. And it was making sense to him now…But his temperament prevents him to acknowledge the fact.

"Abhi, I think you should tell her what you feel for her before it's too late" Divya continues again.

"Divya, stop it. There is nothing between me and Nikita" Abhi lies in exasperation and thinks that his voice sounded outright.

"Abhi, don't lie to me. Or is it because you are too cautious after what Soniya __" Divya stops at Abhi's grim expression.

Abhi's entire body turn still and he stops dancing. Removing his hands from Divya's waist, he steps back and bolts out furiously, "Don't you dare Divya.. just don't go there.. I don't know anyone with th… at name. I've erased that chapter from my memory long back. So don't go there again."

Divya hold up both the hands, "Okay, I am sorry Abhi. I didn't mean to upset you. Forget I said that." She takes a breath and continues "Listen Abhi, I am telling you from my past experience that life is not so kind to give you another opportunity. Don't deprive yourself from happiness. I personally find Nikita sweet and nice girl." She stops again and continues, "And on the contrary, you are very stubborn and angry man. Top of that you are her boss and a senior doctor."

Abhi was looking at Divya partly in admiration and partly in astonishment and lastly in annoyance.

"And capable of killing that poor soul with your standard irate glare." Divya finishes with a smile watching different expression passes through Abhi's face.

Anger was gone now and Abhi asks rubbing his chin, "Divya, are you doing some meditation class?" ace.

Divya draws her eyebrows together,"Dr. Modi, are you making fun of me?"

Abhi waves his hand and amuses," Nope. Ms. Divya, the philosopher. And thanks for your words of wisdom but let me enlighten you that you are underestimating Nikita's capabilities. You don't know the real 'Nikita Malhotra' as yet. "

Divya glares at him," In that case, you both are evenly matched?" She replies and smirks.

Abhi holds up both the hands, "Okay okay madam. You caught me there. Actually I'd come down here to tell Nikita __" He travels his gaze towards Nikki's table but finds it empty.

"Nikita left long back, Abhi. I think now you will have to wait till tomorrow. And I can bet that it's going to be a long long night for you." Divya teases and chuckles.

"Oh…." Abhi sighs in desolation.

"Omigod Abhi, you look like Devdas now" Divya teases again.

"And you are acting like Chandramukhi." Abhi replies in similar tone.

"Hey you two, what are you smiling at?" Adi joins them on the dance floor.

"We were gossiping about you, Mr. Romeo. Well, Ms. Sarika is also not interested in dancing with you, hai na? I think aaj teri daal nahi galne wali." Divya had seen Aditya chattering to Dr. Sarika after Nikki's departure.

Abhi chuckles at Divya's revelation.

"For your kind information Dr. Divya, Adi never requires anyone's attention, he simply grabs the attention." With that he catches Divya's wrist for next dance.

Abhi's mouth crack into laughter watching Divya's horrified face and Adi's sly smile.

Abhi leans near Divya's ear and whispers, "Well now, Ms. Chandramukhi have a nice time with Mr. Chunnilal".

Divya gasps and Adi puzzles.

Abhi straightens his shoulder and clears his throat, "Ahem.. okay guyz, you enjoy your special dance. I need to grab some sleep before heading for early morning meeting." With that he bids his goodbye and leaves smilingly.

"Adi, you are an ogre" Divya pouts nevertheless starts waltzing.

"Thanks for the compliment madam." Adi salutes cheerfully.


Back into her Hotel room, Nikki crawled into her bed after changing into her night dress. Despite the tiredness, she was not able to sleep since her mind was too emotionally upset.

After tossing and turning for good twenty minutes, Nikki finally gets up from the bed and starts pacing in the room, "Sadu, idiot, stupid. Must be still dancing with that .. that ..Ms. Long leggi. " She sulks.

At the same instant, her cell phone beeps a message. Nikki grabs it from bedside table and clicks it open. It shows 'you have received one message'. Immediately she opens the message and her heart flips in excitement.

The message was from Abhi:

"Nikki, we have something to talk about. I will call you tomorrow after the meeting. Till then take care."

Nikki jumps into her bed and types the message, "About time.. I'll wait for your call… don't make me wait for too long… Good Night… Sweet Dreams.. And Dreams about meJ"

Resting her head on pillow, Nikki reads it again. And then chewing her lips she deletes "About time…Don't make wait for too long….And Dreams about me.." She clicks the send button and starts hypnotizing cell phone screen.

Nikki waits impatiently for full one minute. Still no reply.. She again checks the delivery report and starts sulking again," Sadu… I know Dr. Modi you are a man of few words but can't you just reply.. I miss you.. I am sorry that I hurt you.. sweet dreams to you too.. etc.. etc.."

And to her delight, her cell beeps second message. She clicks it open and reads it:

"Sleep well."

Nikki scowls at cell phone screen .. 'Sleep well…' That's it?

She sends another reply. "Thank you. And good luck for the meeting."

On the other end, Abhi smiles reading her message.. Thank you??..for what Dr. Nikita??.. Not throttling you for dancing with Aditya??... You better come in my dreams and apologize.. or.. or else you will regret this day... He warns her in his thought.

Abhi types another message, "Thanks you. And go to sleep, its late." and clicks the send button. With that he tosses the cell phone on his bed and heads towards bathroom for shower.

Nikki also smiles reading his latest message. She murmurs to cell phone screen.. You are most welcome Dr. Modi and stop ordering me... And you better say sorry to me in my dreams for dancing with that Ms. Leggi.. or… or else.. you are going to regret that dance... With that she pulls up cover and surrenders herself to sleep to let that sadu haunt her dreams.


Next day morning, Nikki gets to know from Aditya that Abhi had already left for his meeting. Reluctantly, she attends the last session of the conference and leaves for Mumbai with Aditya in late afternoon.

Aditya drops Nikki at her home at 7 P.M. but there was no news from Abhi. She was feeling more restless by every passing minute. After freshening up, she decides to skip dinner as she was not feeling hungry and crawls in her bed.

A bad nightmare of her childhood startles Nikki from her nap. She screams 'Kunal' and jerks her eyes open. She gets up from her bed and her mind takes a moment to register back the reality. Nikki wipes out sweat from her forehead. She picks up the glass of water and gulp down entire water in one shot.

Getting up from the bed, she checks the time and it shows 9 p.m. Nikki couldn't believe that she dozed off for 2 hours. Quickly she checks her cell phone and finds three missed call and three messages from Abhi. She reads the messages:

1st message: "Nikki, why are you not picking up the call?

2nd message: "What's wrong with you, Nikki? Why are you not replying?"

3rd message: "Spoke to Adi. I hope everything is okay at home.. call back."

Nikki gets anxious and dials his number. To her misfortune, his number was not reachable. She tries it thrice and then leaves a message in his voicemail "Sorry Abhi, I dozed off.. Didn't hear the ring. I hope your meeting went well. Your number isn't reachable. Call me back." She also types the same message and sends it to him.

After half an hour her cell phone beeps again and she finds another message from Abhi, "Okay.. Meeting went well. We will have to talk tomorrow. Wait for me in Sanjivani. Flight is about to take off. Bye."

Nikki replies back, "Okay.. Have a safe journey. See you tomorrow." Nikki again lies down in her bed and struggles to keep thought of Abhi at bay so that she can grab some more sleep.

To be contd….


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Part 13:

Next day morning Nikki reaches Snajivani at her usual time and finds her best friend Armaan at nurse station.

Armaan looks up at her and with a wide smile he hugs Nikki, "Hey Nikki, my friend. How are you?? I missed you yaar.. How was the Conference?"

"Good morning Armaan. By the way I was out from here for two days only. You are sounding as if you haven't seen me in the last two months." She smiles and hugs him back.

"Arey yaar, without you two days also seems to me two moths. By the way I came to know that that khadoos was also there in the conference. I hope he'd not bothered you"

"Armaan please. Dr. Modi is__"

Armaan cuts her, "Actually I was not much worried since Adi was there to protect you." Armaan smiles at her and Nikki glares him back.

Armaan holds up both the hands "Okay baba thik hai, I know you are a big girl now and can take care of yourself. Now forget this, I want your help in some other important matter."

"Yes Armaan, tell me what do you want me to do now" Nikki folds her hands in front of her chest.

"Nikki I've selected an engagement ring for Ridhima and I want you to look at it. You know her very well. So you will have to help me in picking up a special a gift for her" Armaan asks her smilingly.

Nikki can see in her friend's eyes an endless love for Ridhima and she feels content for his friend.

"Ufcourse Armaan, I would love to do that. Tell me the time and I'll be ready."

"Today at 4.00 p.m."

"What? During duty hours? But I'll have to inform Dr. Keerti in advance." Nikki mentally prays that Abhi arrives quickly so that she talks to him before committing to Armaan.

"Arey you don't worry yaar. Jab hum hai to kya gum hai." Armaan grins and continues, "Nikki, Dr. Keerti is on a leave today. And that Khaddos will not be back until late evening. You know I overheard Dr. Shashank talking to Dr. Shubhanker about his back to back three meetings today. Serves him right." He stops for a moment and continues," And I'll take permission from Dr. Shubhanker. Beside Adi is also there to cover us up."

Niiki feels devasted.. why Abhi didn't inform me about his meetings...He didn't reply to my message also..Is he having second thought… Is he avoiding me….

"Hey Nikki, what are you thinking? We will be back in an hour. Please yaar don't worry. No one will come to know." Armaan tells her pleadingly.

"Okay Armaan." Nikki doesn't have a heart to deny her friend's request.

"Fine, I'll meet you at parking lot around 4.00. Now let's have a cup of caf before resuming our duty."

Nikki meets her group members at cafeteria. After chit chatting for twenty minutes, everyone resumes to their duty. Before leaving, Ridhima asks Nikki about Abhi but Nikki tells her that they will talk later on. Both friends smiles at each other and resumes for the duty.

During her duty, Nikki tried hard not to think about Abhi but failed. Tears already sprang in her eyes thrice since the morning because of his non appearance. She missed him too much and was feeling lonely in spite of her close friends all around. She also skipped her lunch and engrossed herself in her work to shut out Abhi's face from his memory for some time.

At 4.00 P.M. Armaan pages her and Nikki finds him smiling to himself in parking lot.

"What's the joke? Armaan" Nikki asks him smilingly.

"You know, that sadu has a girl friend?"

"What?" Nikki aghasts.

Armaan draws his eyebrows together noticing shock on Nikki's face.

"Ummm… I .. me…an … oh… really.. I.. mean who… told you?" Nikki tries to mask her expression but fails to hide tremble in her voice.

"Dr. Mishti Benerjee told me just now. Actually she saw that sadu with some girl in Leopoldd caf today during lunchtime."

"No.., it.. can't be. I..mean it is possible.. But I think. Ab.. Dr. Modi might be attending some business meeting with that girl" Nikki stammers again.

"Whatever. Why do we care? But you know what? I'll be most happy person if that sadu has a girlfriend." Armaan chuckles and speaks," Then I don't have to worry about your well being. He is__"

Nikki was feeling disgusted now. She desperately needed to do something to distract her mind from building up anger. "Please, stop it Armaan. I.. can take care of myself. Now let's go, we will have to be back in an hour." She cuts off the discussion by walking towards Armaan's car.

Exactly after ten minutes from their departure, Abhi arrives at Sanjivani.

Abhi had a very hectic day and was very tired and exhausted due to journey, lack of sleep and non stop meetings. He hadn't had much sleep in last couple of days and his eyes witnessed the exhaustion. But at the same time he was feeling happy. After today's meeting, the financial crunches relating to New Sanjivani project were resolved. Today, his friend Divya had arranged a lunch meeting with her uncle, who was also affluent businessman. And to his great luck, Divya's uncle had consented for funding shortcoming in New Sanjivani Project.

Sighing deeply, Abhi stops at reception to enquire about Nikki. And to his frustration, the receptionist informs him that Dr. Nikita has gone out with Armaan for some personal work.

In a fraction of second, Abhi's jovial mood turns into fury.… Personal work?…. With Armaan?… during duty hours… I'd told her to wait for me…. Furiously he strides towards his cabin. Entering the cabin he slumps down his body in the chair and leans back. Stacking his hands behind his head, he closes his eyes to control his emerged anger.


Nikki and Armaan returns back in Sanjivani after an hour. In spite of her best effort, she was not able to control the turmoil of emotions. Reaching Sanjivani, she excuses herself from Armaan and runs towards nurse station to check on Abhi's arrival.

"Dr. Abhimanyuji is back and he is in his cabin." Sister lovely informs Nikki.

"Oh.. Thanks.." Nikki mumbles and heads towards Abhi's cabin.

She was feeling nervous at the same time she was also feeling angry.. Look at nerve of this man…. didn't even call me or page me… what the hell he thinks of I've not slept or eaten properly since last couple of days and he had had nice lunch with his Gir... God knows what..

She knocks the cabin door and hears a curt reply, "Come in".

Nikki enters and finds Abhi's eyes fixed on his laptop screen. She notice that spectacles were back in his place and there was grim line on his face. .. Wow..

"What do you want, Dr. Nikita?" Abhi asks in a voice grim and brisk, even without looking up from laptop screen.

"I can ask you the same, can't I?" She replies in the same tone.

"What do you mean by that, Dr. Nikita" Abhi looks up at her and leans back on the back of Chair.

"You said you wanted to talk__" She folds her hand in front of her chest.

"Oh, so you remember it. I thought may be you had been busy in entertaining your friends during duty hours, so I thought I'd wait." Abhi taunts sharply and raise a hand to stops Nikki from retorting back "Save your excuses, Nikita. I remember I'd told you to wait in Sanjivani and not somewhere else"

Nikki lost her calmness," Oh yes sir. You are right. You'd told me to wait in Sanjivani. But sir, did it occur to you that you forgot to inform me time for my appearance. I am not a one wish genie that you would summon me in your thought and I would appear before you from nowhere." Nikki finishes throwing her hands in despair and in mocking tone.

Abhi abruptly gets up from his chair and rounds his desk to stand in front of her. Hand on hips, he glares at her lividly matching with his tone "Don't you dare to use that tone of voice with me, Nikita."

"What kind of tone, sir?" Nikki riles him more by blinking her eyelashes innocently.

Her jeering tone spurs on Abhi. "The one that you are using now and that makes you sound as though you are addressing an obstinate Idiot?"

Clasping her arms around her cheeks, Nikki replies scornfully,"What? Oh no no, How can I think like that? No way, I don't think of you as an Idiot and that too obstinate" She continues, "Difficult, moody, harsh, rude, insufferable but definitely not an idiot."

Enough dame it.."Everything is just fun for you, right?" Abhi asks her gritting his teeth.

Abhi's challenging words incense her. Nikki's temper soars and she retorts back, "No not for me. Its for you.. Everything is just game for you. I am not good in playing mind game like you. It was___ whatever happened___ " Her words trails off. Nikki was feeling uncomfortable to discuss the beautiful moment that they had shared in Jaipur. It meant lot to her and she wanted to know what it meant to Abhi? She takes a deep breath and continues," Wh…atever h…appened in Jaipur was nothing but a game for you, right?"

There was a silent for a moment. Nikki dared not to shifts her gaze from Abhi's eyes. She mentally noticed that his eyes were luminous and disconcertingly perceptive behind the lenses of his spectacles.

"And you've figured it out by reading my mind?" Abhi breaks the silence.

"No, I figured it out the way you treated me after… after.. you ki…. you..didn't even find it necessary to call me in last forty one hours." Nikki finishes twisting her hands together nervously. Nikki couldn't believe she had actually counted the hours.

"I had been too busy Nikki. And I had sent you SMSes.. Four… And if you had something to say, why didn't you call me? Didn't it occur to you that this time I might have expected you to call?" Abhi speaks in a little softer voice.

Nikki stares him for a moment. But she remembers Armaan's remark and she snaps back, "I had tried your number like a maniac but every time either it was out of reach or switched off. But then I happened to know that you were busy in entertaining your gir..__ your friends so I gave up trying."

"Well, I must say your spy has given you right information. Yes, I was busy in entertaining my friend or whatever you think of her, exactly the same way you were busy in entertaining YOUR FRIEND or whatever for last more than an hour." He stops her again "Wait a minute, I haven't finished yet. You are a Doctor, Dr. Nikita and I don't have to remind it to you consistently. You have some responsibility towards your patients. How could you disappear just like that? I checked with nurse station and no one knew about your whereabouts. It's disgusting behavior."Abhi was back in his livid mood.

"I had gone out with my friend for an hour only. And he is just my friend.. a very good friend and nothing more.. And we'd informed our disappearance and whereabouts to Dr. Shubhankar, you can check the same with him. Beside, I've compensated that hour by skipping my lunch."

"Always handy with excuses.. You are much sharper than I'd imagined.. From now on you Dr. Nikita" Abhi snaps a finger at her "You will not disappear nowhere for hours end without prior informing your whereabouts to the nurse station, even if it is your lunchtime. You will make sure that you inform where you are gone and precisely when you will return. Is that clear?"

Nikki was outraged by his authoritative voice. Anger was now on verge of explosion," You have no right to give me that sort of order, okay. My free time is my own and I don't think I need to report every details what do I do, where do I go in my free time."

Abhi gives her grim smile "You are forgetting Dr. Nikita I am your boss and this is a Hospital. We need to know where to reach our Doctors incase of emergency." "Beside, you have got very few days in your hand, so why don't you make full use of it and work as a dedicated intern for your future prospect." The last words were out of Abhi's mouth before he could stop it. Lately, Abhi regretted for what he uttered.

The blood drains from Nikki's face. Nikki couldn't believe what she heard. Beside, you have got very few days in your hand, so why don't you make full use of it and work as a dedicated intern for your future prospect.. few days left… she had forgotten about it but he remembered …. So he was just counting the days when she packed up and went back to nowhere..

Nikki's breath froze somewhere between her lungs and throat. Her fingers curled into her palm, the nails cutting her skin. Her head was spinning. She craved for a quiet corner as her energy was started to shrink. Inattentively, she turned on her heels and momentarily there was blackness. Her knees landed hard on floor but someone caught her head before it crashed off on the floor. "Nikkkiii_____" She heard her name as she closed her eyes.

The blackout was momentarily and it was over in a minute. Nikki senses a familiar touch on her back and on her forehead and a familiar voice," Nikki, sweetheart, please open your eyes. Oh God.. Nikki, can you here me? Nikki, please open your eyes"

She opens her eyes and finds Abhi's concerned gaze on her. Abhi was knelt down beside her with one supporting arm around her back. She blinks her eyes in confusion and Abhi asks her worriedly, "Nikki sweetheart, are you okay?"

Sweetheart??.. Nikki closes her eyes and murmurs," Where am I? No, I know I am dreaming and I don't want wake up."

Abhi panics," Nikki, you are scarring me. You can't lose your memory. Yo..your head isn't hurt. Nikki please, open up your eyes." He strokes her eyebrow with his thumb with a silent plea to open up her eyes.

Nikki absentmindedly curls her finger around his thumb and feels a blaze, "Ouch" She immediately removes her hand and opens her eyes. And reality strikes back.. You have got very few days in your hand, so why don't you make full use of it and work as a dedicated intern for your future prospect.. few days left…

She abruptly pushes away his hand from her forehead, "Don't touch me and let me go." She pulls in her left knee for support to get up. Sense of pain flares up and she stumbles back in Abhi's arm, "awww….."

Abhi's heart hammers in fear and he asks in panic, "Nikki, Are you hurt? Where is it paining?" He tightens his hold on her back.

"It is my ankle. I think__" For a moment the agony of injury was everything. But again she regains her self control, "You don't have to worry about it. Just call some one. I want to get out from here."

"Nikki, stop being stubborn and let me have a look at it."

"Don't you dare to touch me again"

"Why don't you just shut up? If you can only talk nonsense, it will be better for you not to talk at all." Abhi cuts her off in exasperation.

Nikki lets out a weak laugh, "I should have known you would not be in the l…east sympathetic."

"Nikki, please don't try my patience. I am also a Doctor and you are hurt. Its my duty to __"

Nikki stops him in midway, "There are other Doctors in this Hospital and way proficient than you. Just leave me on my own and call Ridhima." She completes sarcastically.

"There will be time enough to throw your tantrum and to discuss my proficiency when you are recovered. Now I don't want to hear a single word from your mouth. And it's a warning."

Before Nikki knew what was happening Abhi had her in his arms. She protests nevertheless puts her hand around his neck for support, "What are you doing? Put me down, I can walk."

"Nikki just shut up." Abhi warns her again and Nikki snaps her mouth shut at his quiet waning.

Abhi gently places her nearby couch and walks towards end of couch to remove her shoes from her swollen foot.

"Awww…mo….m" She gasps in a pain and blinks to dispel the sudden moisture that is about to turn into tears.

"Hush.. its okay." Abhi tells her soothingly.

"Hey guys." "What the __" Adi enters into the cabin and almost drops the paper he was holding. Adi has got a shock of his life seeing the sight before him.

To be contd…..

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hey dear u r just superbClapi just cant stop laughing on AN cuteness .LOL
they both r so stupid,idiotic ,stubborn but yet cuttest Embarrassedand i like divya also

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wow namy........
awesome,luvly ff.......Embarrassed
luvd it.
luvd AN's convo..Embarrassed.
thanx 4 da pm n cntinue soon....Embarrassed

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luvabbybaby 289 75976 12 October 2012 at 7:55pm by PoojaSheth
A LOT LIKE LOVE#2-part 40 pg 128(LAST PART)

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Author: barkha_90   Replies: 1197   Views: 564672

barkha_90 1197 564672 05 May 2012 at 3:10am by TANVI_SEXY
AR love story Part 23 P. 73- LAST PART

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Author: ..Mira..   Replies: 633   Views: 333485

..Mira.. 633 333485 17 January 2012 at 1:00am by chcolaty

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