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FF on Abhi Nikki"It's Only You"Part 21-22(Pg 45) (Page 12)

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Part 10:

Suman leaves his cabin and Abhi lets out relaxing sigh, "Hmmm''". He puts his both the arms behind his head and leans back again. He again closes his eyes but this time there was a contented smile on his face.

The ring of the phone startles Abhi and he pickes it up. It was a business call. By the time he finishes the call, he feels very tired and exhausted. He messages his nape and murmures, "I think I am done for the day."

Abhi opens his desk drawer to remove his wallet and car keys. Suddenly his eyes drop on the Conference Invitation Card that he had tossed in the drawer in the last week. Smilingly, he picks it up and reads it. Something written on it with the bold letter catches his attention "Don't miss the Gala Night Party followed by Exotic dinner and live band performance at Resort's Banquet Hall'."

The Smile fades away from his lips and his eyes widen in alarm noticing the date for the Gala Night Party. And it was tomorrow.. Abhi panics as his mind envisages the image of Nikki and Adi smiling and dancing together at Gala night. He tightly closes his eyes to banish such disturbing thought. As tinge of jealousy clouds his mind, he gets up in desperation and starts pacing back and forth "Oh God, what do I do now?". Abhi quickly run checks in his mind and finds the solution.

Walking back towards his desk he makes four calls.

1st call to Suman informing her slight change in plan;

2nd call to Sanjivani travel desk for reservation of his flight ticket to Jaipur for tomorrow;

3rd call to sister lovely to do his hotel booking in the same Hotel where Nikki and Adi would be staying; and postpone his tomorrow's appointments to Thursday. And

Final call to Dr. Shashank Gupta informing him his sudden tour for Jaipur.. Ufcourse he didn't go into detail revealing the exact date of the meeting.

Finally when Abhi hung up the phone, he was reduced to an exhausted mass of raw emotions and uncertainties. He exactly didn't know what was he doing? In his entire life, he had never given importance to anyone except his work. His work was his passion.. And today he was not giving a damned to his work.. He wondered what had made him to move down his passion to the second priority in his life ..."Nikki who else? He sighs... Just mention of her name makes his heart leap a bit in excitement.

In his mind, Abhi hastily reviews every single the reminiscences with Nikki. The anger comes in a full force as he remembers the pool incident. He clenches his fists in tight ball but then he recollects his cold behavior with Nikki. He was disheartened and furious with her back then and too blind to notice the change in her behavior from then on.

Today with clear mind, he was able to think properly. He closes his mind and tries to recall all confrontation with Nikki after pool incident. He sees her reaching for him, asking for truce at every given opportunity, standing up before him despite his brutal attitude towards her, making him even in his mood. He also recollects their last encounter and how she had sobbed in front of him today and how his heart had ached at the sight of the dark smudges beneath her hazel eyes when she had entered into his cabin today. Abhi feels a prickly regret in his heart and he quickly opens his eyes.

Abhi hates himself for his cold behavior towards her at all the time. He remembers his behavior with Nikki subsequent to pool he had threatened her, had bullied her, had insulted her, had accused her for being coward and had always confused her feelings with his bitter actions. Even today it made him cringe to remember the things he had said and done to her in the past. She should have hated him for that... He thinks... But in her eyes he has never seen any such hatred towards him '. Distress, yes.. but Hatred, No'

Suddenly Adi's words ring into Abhi's ear'. I've seen her in the worst phase of her life. And it's just because of her spirit and Armaan, she has bounced back in her life'... Her Spirit.. yes, he always admires her spirit'. never backs off at any challenges' She is no coward but may be cautious.. Because of her past.. just like him..

The longer he thinks, the more he gets convince that somehow Nikki has gotten under his skin and it is next to impossible for him to remove her from his system.. She is the only one who has not just affected his heart but has touched his soul.

Abhi feels vulnerable and helpless at this thought.. But all of sudden the glimpse of their embrace flashes before his eyes. How her body had trembled when he had touched her in his cabin just a few days back. He amuses to think that in spite of their indifferences; she always feels protected in his arms. And he has always seen it in her eyes.

Sighing, he stares out of the window with a strong determination in his eyes. He wants her back in his life...He remembers her resignation and murmurs, "I don't have much time left in my hand and i'll have to do something before its too late to rectify the mistakes." Starring ahead, Abhi begins to plan strategy for the same.

Next day at the conference Nikki was feeling miserable. She struggled hard to keep her composure but there was a constant battle between her heart and her mind. In spite of her best efforts, she failed miserably before her aching heart... Why? Why do I miss Abhi so much even after his aloofness, his cold behavior at all the time.. Entire day, She listened to the speakers not that she paid the heed; She met the famous Doctors, had polite conversation with Adi and his friends not that she remembered anyone's name or face; She had consumed the food not that she tasted.

By end of the day, Nikki was feeling gloomy and pathetic. She didn't want to attend Gala Night Party but Adi was not ready to listen in any excuses. Dejectedly, she gave in and joined Adi and his friends at Gala Night Party with a determination that she would discharge herself in some time.

Due to delay in flight, Abhi reaches at the venue an hour late. Standing at doorway, he impatiently searches the entire crowd to get a glimpse of very face that has manipulated his heart.. and now his mind too.. Instantly, his eyes spot the ravishingly beautiful face of Nikki which was not hard to do, given the way she dressed. To his relief, she had worn a sophisticated black dress that covered her from throat to wrist. She looked both elegant and glamorous; her long silky hair loosens about her shoulder and few tendrils were caressing her cheeks. It was his weakness.. Clenching his fist tightly at his side, Abhi suppresses an urge to rush off, hold her face and brush away those sexy locks out from her face.

Abhi's eyes roam over her face and he notices a faint smile on Niki's face. Abhi observes that the spark was missing in her huge intoxicating eyes, still it held helpless appeal and her jaw was set in stubborn angle that he likes the most. She looked enchanting and extremely irresistible. For a moment, Abhi intrigues by his beauty and stands there to get his rampaging desire under control.

On the other side, Nikki was feeling edgy and restless. She was standing there with Adi for last half an hour, however she had no idea what was topic of their discussion.

They were in midway of the discussion when such a terrible yearning come over Nikki to be with Abhi that when she sees him feeling the doorway. Nikki thinks for a moment that it is purely her imagination that has conjured him up. She makes a futile attempt to drift her gaze back to the discussion to banish such yearning. But her eyes on his own accord again moves back to the doorway.. Nikki's eyes widen in surprise. Still that tall, outrageously handsome and wide shouldered frame was looming in the doorway and he was watching her.. Nikki's heart rejoices... Abhi...

Adi's voice startles her out from her momentary delight and she returns her gaze to Adi, "Niks, I'll be right back in ten minutes" and she nods her head absentmindedly. The other guy moves little closure to Nikki to get her attention, however Nikki's mind is still stuck to that doorway. Her heart beats in exhilaration. It is not her imagination... neither is she hallucinating.. It is Abhi... yes, Abhi... To her, it seems as if the entire hall is overwhelmed by the sheer force of his presence.

Same time Abhi surveys Nikki's momentary escort and he don't like what he sees. He swears under his breath Damn.. Manav Mehra!.. What the hell is he doing with Nikki.. Double Damn to Adi' Why did he leave her alone with that jerk... Abhi knows that 'jerk' from his college time and he tops the position in Abhi's hate list. Muttering another oath under his breath, he starts through the crowd to make his way over to them.

Nikki notices Abhi making his way through the crowd and abruptly she turns her gaze to Manav Mehra. She adopts a distant air as if matter not one single bit to her if Abhi ignores her. Her inside may be acting up like no one's business, but her heart definitely rejoices to see him... Abhi... He's here...But what is he doing here? Will he ignore her? Or shall she ignore him? While she was very much aware of him nearing her place, she masks her expression as if she would not be at all surprised if he arrogantly walks by or ignored her.

But to her utter astonishment, neither did he walk past her and nor did he ignore her. In fact he stood near.. very very near to her and did the most weirdest thing that left her spellbound.

Abhi slows down his pace when he gets close to his target and hears Manav's sarcastic words," So, tell me Dr. Nikita, how do you find working with the great 'Abhimanyu Modi'?" He quotes and continues," You know what, I am well versed with his severe nature and he is quite an adamant character."

At the same moment, to Manav's utter horror, 'that adamant character' halts beside Nikki and gazes at him with chilled eyes.

Abhi's chilled gaze meets with Manav's appalled eyes and he shoots back, "Sorry to disappoint you Manav, but my intern is pretty proficient in dealing with 'adamant character'." Then possessively encircling Nikki's waist with his arm he utters downright," Well, please excuse us Manav. I have to discuss something personal to My Intern."

There was a visible threat in Abhi's eyes and actions' don't mess around her, she is already taken.

Momentarily Nikki was thunderstruck and so was Dr. Manav Mehra.

Nikki flinches at Abhi's touch on her waist and at the weight of word "MY INTERN". She thinks to get out from his grip but notices that it was not possible, without creating a scene, as Abhi's grip has held her captive from behind.. as if she really wanted to move.. Now, where this thought came from??...Nikki's pulse catches in her throat. Time seems stop, making her numb and glue to her place. Her heart has already started pounding so loudly that she surprised no one could hear it.

My Intern' something personal to discuss...Is he 'Abhimanyu Modi' or 'his Ghost? If Abhimanyu Modi, what is wrong with him?... Why is he threatening poor soul?.. And why has he held her waist as if he owns her... and in first place what in the name of God is he doing here?...? But if he is 'Only Abhi' then it explains everything..

Dr. Mehra was the first to recover from the shock," Umm' Abhimanyu, good to see you here! I didn't know you were coming. I.. mean.. I' er.. Adi.. umm...please excuse me I think someone is calling me." He lied and rushed off like a rabbit had seen the lion.

Nikki chuckles and a wide grin spread on Abhi's face. Reluctantly he removes his arm from her waist. Abhi knew that after that little showdown, he had stepped into an unknown territory and he was not sure what was coming next. Abhi braces himself.. come what may, this time I am not going to let you go until we both confess our feelings for each other.

Abhi searches her face for some clue but Nikki has already lowered her eyelashes and was fidgeting with her fingers.

Abhi amuses to notice her discomfort. He was well acquainted with that gesture...So she is nervous... A nervous Nikki is reasonably okay to handle... Abhi feels like hitting boundary in the first ball.. Good start Abhimanyu' He holds back his grin before she looks up at him directly.

"W...hat are you doing here?" Nikki somehow finds her voice but fails to hide trembling in it. Abhi notices uncertainties lurking in her eyes.

"Aha..", Abhi sighs inside, "so she is not furious about that little show down... That's a good sign'

He takes a cautious step forward, "Nikita, you seem to forget that I am also a Doctor. A senior Doctor. And I was invited too."

Nikki baffles... Another boundary Abhimanyu Modi... Abhi then waits for a bouncer from the other end.

Nikki opens her mouth and closes it like a fish... Abhi was standing very near to her and was looking strikingly handsome in his red shirt and black blazer. ..'Black Blazer'.. She has never seen him wearing it before.. She could also smell his unique cologne which was filling up her entire senses.

Nikki takes a defensive step back to make a safe distance and to control turmoil of emotions inside her. She bumps her chin and replies sarcastically," Oh no no no Dr. Modi, how can I forget that you are a Doctor.. that too a senior Doctor, who is expertise in all damn activities except what a Doctor is expected to perform."

Ouch... Man, that hurts... Abhi had expected a bouncer but it turned out to be a Yorker.. Dot on target...Get a grip Abhimanyu, don't go there right now... You have fled down here to win the match and not to settle the score...Abhi tries to sooth his aching heart.

Momentarily Nikki thought that she saw vulnerability clouded in those Chocolate brown eyes but in the next moment it was masked by 'I do not care what you think of me'.

Abhi shows his hands in his jeans pocket and shrugs his shoulders, "You may be right Dr. Nikita, but I have not come down here to discuss my professional competency to you."

"Nikki folds her hand in front of her chest and glares at Abhi, "Then why are you here Dr. Abhimanyu Modi?" She guessed she sounded exasperated.

Abhi takes a tiny step closure to her. Her eyes booming in her and his voice all yielding, "Nikki, you really don't know why I am here?

Nikki swallows and trembles again "I___"

"Hey Abhi, what a pleasant surprise, man! What.. I mean how..I mean what are you doing here?" Adis voice cuts in.

Abhi mutters something inaudible under his breath. He looks mockingly at Adi," I missed you so much that I couldn't hold back my self from flying down her."

Adi puzzles at his mocking tone and a smile eruptes on Nikki's face. Adi and Abhi both shifts their gaze to Nikki's smiling face and Abhi's heart leaps a bit.

Adi looks at Abhi and teases him," I am okay if you have come down here for me. But don't you dare to give a hard time to my friend. Don't forget today I am her boss."

Abhi looks at Nikki who has again lower down her lashes. He shifts his gaze to Adi and again replies mockingly," I have no such intention." And adds in whispers, "so far"

Grinningly Adi replies, "Glad to hear that. But tell me seriously how did you come here?"

Abhi briefly informs him about the prospective meeting with Suman's father and Mr. K. Bajaj for raising fund for New Sanjivani Project. Nikki feels dejected... Didn't he find necessary to inform me about the meeting... he even didn't ask me to accompany him...

"Wow, so you are killing two birds with one stone." Adi pats on Abhi's shoulder and Nikki stiffens. Abhi looks at Adi in puzzlement, "Meaning?"

"Arey baba, I am talking about that Psych.. Suman's father and Mr.K. Bajaaj." Adi correctes himself sensing Abhi's glare on him.

Then Adi waves his one hand and speaks, "Anyways forget about all thses boring stuff. Now you are here so let's enjoy and catch up with old times. You know everyone here was asking about you. Have you met Dr. Gautam Rustana? He would be so delighted to see you after such a long time." Suddenly Adi's tone goes all teasing, "Aha! and you know who else is here? Ms. Divya Sehgal. Man, she has enquired about you nearly ten times in less than six hours. And I think she still has an eye for you, Abhi"

Adi winks at him and further continuous," look she is there. I must say she is quite a sight right now!"

From the corner of his eyes Abhi notices Nikki's eyes following Adi's direction and she glares at Divya fumingly.

"Oh no dude, she is coming over here!" Adi whispers in Abhi's ear.

Someone from behind calls Adi's name and he excuses himself throwing a devilish smile at Abhi," All the best dude.. all the best."

A tinge of Jealousy burns in Nikki's heart and abruptly she also spun on her heels. But as usual Abhi stops her in her progress, "So running off again, Nikita"

Disbelief and fury makes her turn and lurch upright. She glares at him and utters, "What? Running off? No... No, Abhimanyu Modi, I am not running off anywhere. In fact I am giving you space so that you can enjoy 'the sight' by yourself"

Before answering back, Abhi's gaze roams over Nikki, slowly from head to toe with a smile of frank masculine appreciation that was so unnerving to Nikki that she feels her entire body shiver in excitement. As his gaze travels back up to her face, he whispers huskily, "The sight is better in here."

Nikki's heart slammed into her ribs and she blushes red.

Abhi smirks at Nikki's futile attempt to hide the color heightened on her face. Noticing smirk on his face she retorts back, "You just enjoy complicating my life, right?"

"Ummm.. Nikki we_." Abhi starts but again interruptes by new visitor.

"My my is that you Abhimanyu? Where that liar Aditya Jaiswal ran away? He told me you were not coming." Divya's cheerful voice chips in.

Abhi mutters under his breath, "God give me a break"

"What?" Divya inquires.

"umm.. nothing.. er... Divya, Hi, How are you?" Abhi smiles her taking her offered arm for a hand shake. Again from corner of his eyes Abhi notices Nikki's envious gaze on Divya. .. Aur ye laga sixer even without facing delivery... Abhimanyu you are doing very well..

"I am good Abhimanyu, but look at you. You look as dashing as ever" Divya flirts still not leaving Abhi's arm.

Abhi releases his arm and replies with charming smile," Divya, you are always good for my ego." He continuous, "By the way you look much prettier than before."

Nikki makes some inaudible sound and Divya shifts her gaze to Nikki, "By the way who is this beautiful girl with you?"

Abhi clears his throat," Ahem, this beautiful girl.. is Dr. Nikita Malhotra. My Intern. And Nikita, she is Divya Sehgal a good friend of mine and Adi. Apparently she is also a famous Gynecologist."

There he goes again.. My Intern... Nikki thinks... But this time she like it the way he called her his intern in front of Ms. Prettier... But then also what has gotten into Abhi today?? Why is he behaving weirdly?? He never flirt or compliment.. Is he drunk?? No, don't look like.. And what about this Ms. Long laggy Gynecologist, why is she openly flirting with a doctor? No, a senior doctor..

Divya waves her hand in front of Nikki, "Hi, Dr. Nikita, nice to meet you."

In spite of Divya's polite behavior, Nikki didn't feel oblige to return the compliment. So Nikki fakes a smile at her and simply says "Hi".

Abhi was enjoying a glint of jealousy that was flashing in her beautiful eyes at that moment.

"You know Nikita, I must envy you. You are so fortunate to have such a handsome senior doctor around you all the time." Divya flirts again and Abhi flashes her wide grin.

Nikki grumbles again in inaudible voice," Yeah, very fortunate! Good looks with lods of attitude..and worst temperament..He should have been tagged 'handle with care'"

"Did you say something Dr. Nikita?" Abhi was enjoying her peevishness.

"Hun?" Yes... Go to hell... both of you.. "Nope... umm..I need to make a call, so please excuse me" With that Nikki abruptly turns and runs off out of the room to get much needed fresh air.

Once outside, she exhales a relieving breath. Outside the night was balmy and the moon painted a wide path across the swimming pool side lawn. Nikki wanders there for sometime. After a while, she stops and tosses her head back and closed her eyes to let the moon light caress her face. She hugs herself as the soft breeze strokes her body.

At the same moment, Abhi steps out from the Hall in search of Nikki. As he nears the pool side lawn, he spots her. Abhi's breath caught in his throat at the sight before him.. He saw Nikki and she was looking exquisite, pure and untouched under the moonlight. Abhi's heartbeat did a double take at a time. As his feet deny to move and he stood there captivated, taking in her beauty.

Nikki senses a familiar gaze on her face and the familiar cologne again inebriated all her thoughts. She jerks out from her thought and abruptly turns in Abhi's direction. The Chocolate brown eyes locked with misty black.

Holding her gaze, Abhi closes the distance between them. For a moment of eternity, neither of them moves. A minute ticks by, Nikki shivers under his gaze.

Her first instinct was to run, so were his second and third. But she was already mesmerized under his gaze and as much as her mind wasn't ready to deal with him, her heart was not ready to walk away from him now. Top of that he was looking outrageously handsome in the moonlight.. blazer was gone now and to two button of his shirt was undone and he had rolled up his shirt sleeves to his elbow.. Great Nikki...just great... You are in a great danger now..

To be contd...

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Part 11:

Holding her gaze, Abhi closes the distance between them. For a moment of eternity, neither of them moves. A minute ticks by, Nikki shivers under his gaze.

Her first instinct was to run, so were his second and third. But she was already mesmerized under his gaze and as much as her mind wasn't ready to deal with him, her heart was not ready to walk away from him now. Top of that he was looking outrageously handsome in the moonlight.. blazer was gone now and to two button of his shirt was undone and he had rolled up his shirt sleeves to his elbow.. Great Nikki...just great... You are in a great danger now..

After few second of indecision, she swallows and unwillingly tears her gaze way. "I think I should go in." She whispers.

"No one in particular is waiting for you inside" Abhi cuts her off.

Abhi, you'll never change... Nikki looks at him wryly and speaks, "Abhimanyu, is it too difficult for you to have a single polite conversation with me?"

Abhi just stares at her and Nikki fumes. She again spun on her heels to leave. But Abhi catches her wrist and pulls her into dark corner. Her hands hit on his chest.

Nikki gasps in a shock," A..bhi, what are you doing?

"Having a polite conversation with you" Abhi whispers in her ear and she shivers.

"A..bhi, leave me. Anyone can come in here at any moment." Nikki's speaks breathlessly.

"I don't care" Abhi's voice grows husky.

"B..ut I care" Nikki's voice quiver again.

Abhi releases her arm and steps back, "If that is what you want, Nikki.. then go away right now."

"I will" but she didn't move. She simply stands there and gaze into his chocolate brown eyes twinkling in moonlight. Their eyes locked again..

After a moment Abhi takes a cautious step near her. Nikki feels heat of his arm even before he touches her. Cupping her cheek with one hand, Abhi stroked her jaw with his thumb and speaks very softly, "Nikki, we both know there is something between us ever since the day I saw you crying over ar.." He stops for a moment and continuous," at Sanjivani concert. It's high time that we put an end to it."

Abhi was looking down at her with such heart warming tenderness that a lump of emotions grew in her throat and she chocked back tears filling her eyes.

"Please don't Nikki" Abhi pleads looking into her misty eyes. Then his head dipped so slowly that he might have been moving in a dream. His lips touched Nikki's eyelids and closed each one with soft, quieting kiss. She felt his breath on her cheeks. Her knees gave away and she raised her arms to Abhi's shoulders to keep away from falling.

Abhi's lips move down to claim Nikki's mouth. But before he tastes her rosy pink lips, Abhi hesitated for several seconds as if seeking her permission. Spontaneously, Nikki's lips parted and she angled her head in his direction. Getting much needed encouragement, Abhi claimed her lips with such an urgency that closed all rational thought from her mind and there were no more reservations. Nikki was filing out of world.

Nikki's knees trembles again as Abhi slides her arm from her jaw to her nape and with his other free hand he encircles her waist. Intuitively, Nikki also laces her fingers through his hair. For the past few months she had imagined Abhi's kiss, but none of her imagination could have prepared her for the real one. It was far tempting than her most desired Chocolate Choco Chip Ice cream... And much Yummy..

With every ounce of passion he possessed, Abhi deepened the kiss while angling Nikki's head. His pulse was racing fast as his lips melded with hers and he tasted mint. The last thing Abhi had expected that she would respond with the same passion. He liked to be wrong. Nikki never backs off from challenge... especially his challenges... Abhi smiled inside her mouth.

It seems like an eternity when Abhi finally drags his mouth from her lips and begins showering passionate kisses at her jaw line. Nikki's heart was racing like triple hammer. She grips Abhi's shirt in one fist.

Abhi wanted, no needed another taste of her lips.. Cupping the back of her head with his hand, he reclaimed her lips in ravenous, devouring kiss that stole her breath and drove her mad with pleasure. A moan escaped from Nikki's lips and that sound sent his already heated blood roaring.

Abhi releases her lips again to inhale much needed air. But he didn't stop his onslaught. Slowly Abhi moves his lips towards her ear. " A...bhi." Nikki was breathing very fast.

"Hmmm..." Abhi murmurs huskily and nibbles her ear lob, sending a shiver of sheer delight through her.

Nikki's heart did somersault and she gasps, ", w..hat are you d..oing?"

"Complicating your life" Abhi smiles against her skin, answering her earlier question.

At the same time laughter rang out nearby.. Nikki awkwardly moves out from his arms. Whirling around in alarm, she whispers, " Abhi, someone is coming."

Abhi sucks in his breath as he looks down at her. She was looking divine. Her huge eyes were still clouded with passion and intensity that mirroring his feeling, her lips slightly parted and evidencing that they were thoroughly kissed. Color on her face was revealing the pleasure that they had shared.

Abhi swallows, "Nikki, I told you I don't care."

He again reaches for her and stokes her jaw with back of his fingers. Nikki leans into his touch and pleads softly, "Abhi please, this is not right time and right place."

Abhi drops his hand to his side and replies mockingly, "With your overprotective bodyguards around you all the time, there will never be right place or right time" Abhi's lips twitched slightly.

Nikki caught the gleam of amusement in his eyes. A quick smile curved Nikki's lips as well.. 'bodyguards'' aww... poor Aditya' he also joins the club.. that too without his knowledge...Lost in her thought, she chewed her lower lip.

Abhi slides his hands into his jeans pocket and warns her, "Nikki, go in before I change my mind."

Nikki tenderly gazes his lovely face and smiles. She mouths 'Thanks' and dashes off to the washroom near the lawn.

Abhi throws his head back and stares in the Sky and releases long sigh," am I going to survive tonight."

Just then Adi pats on Abhi's shoulder, "What are you doing here? Counting stars?"

Abhi startles, " Hun? Ummm.. no.. you scared me, man."



"What are you doing here?"

"I was doing some unfinished business"

Adi scrutinizes the surroundings and asks again, "With whom?"

Abhi removes his cell phone from his pocket and waives in front of Adi," With this."

"Okay.. Forget it. Now come inside, everyone is looking for you." Adi speaks cheerfully

"For what?" Abhi asks in puzzlement.

"Arey tu chal to sahi" Adi drags Abhi into the room.

"Hello my boy, I am so glad to see you tonight" A tall and gray haired man in his early sixties welcomes Abhi.

"Dr. Gautam Rustana, pleasure is all mine sir. How are you doing?" Delightedly Abhi hugs the old man with wide grin.

"Abhimanyu, I am feeling great now. I am very happy to see your progress, son. You are always in news. I am really really proud of you Abhimanyu, just like your father" There was an undeniable pride in his voice.

Abhi's jaw dropped hearing his father's name. But Adi chips in before Abhi's cool mood change into one fury. He pats on his shoulder again and addresses to the crowd in full volume," Please let me have your attention ladies and gentlemen, now we are proudly present melodious voice of our Dr. Abhimanyu Modi."

Abhi jerks away Adi's hand and replies lividly, "Aditya, what are you doing? Are you out of your mind? I am not singing."

"Hey Abhi, don't be a spoilt spot. Everyone in here wants to hear your voice. Its been a years that we had heard you sing" Adi pleads.

Divya also joins him," Yes Abhimanyu, its been years. And we are not going to take no for a sweet song."

Dr. Rustana wasn't left behind, "Yes my Son, you will have to sing tonight."

Abhi's friends and past colleagues also cheer him up," Yeah Abhimanyu, Come on."

"Okay, alright" Abhi finally gives in. His eyes searched entire crowd to spot Nikki.

"Here take this" Adi hands him a guitar," What are you waiting for? chal shuru hoja."

Abhi nods and positiones himself in on the stool, balances guitar on his thigh and his eyes again roams over entire crowd to find only face who has become his world even without his knowledge.

Finally Abhi's eyes find her entering through doorway.

Their eyes met and Nikki's eyes widened in surprise seeing Abhi on stage with guitar. Abhi smiles at her and her eyes sparked with tenderness.

Abhi finds a perfect opportunity to reveal his feelings for her through his song. Taking in her beautiful sight, Abhi closes his eyes and starts singing for his love:

"Tu Hi Meri Shab Hai Subha Hai Tu Hi Din Hai Mera
Tu Hi Mera Rab Hai Jahaan Hai Tu Hi Meri Duniya
Tu Waqt Mere Liye Main Hoon Tera Lamha
Kaise Rahega Bhala Hoke Tu Mujhse Judaa
O O O O Ho Ho

Tu Hi Meri Shab Hai Subha Hai Tu Hi Din Hai Mera
Tu Hi Mera Rab Hai Jahaan Hai Tu Hi Meri Duniya
Tu Waqt Mere Liye Main Hoon Tera Lamha
Kaise Rahega Bhala Hoke Tu Mujhse Judaa
O O O O Ho Ho

He remembers the night after Holi when in her unconscious state Nikki had poured out her feeling of loneliness to him. From that moment he had felt some connection with Nikki. He also remembers their eye lock moments at Ridhima's rokka, then in his office during New Sanjivani project presentation issues and then again at Dr. Keerti's and Dr. Shubhanker's sangeet party. Taking in memories of those beautiful moments, he continuous:

Aankhon Se Padhke Tujhe Dil Pe Maine Likha
Tu Ban Gaya Hai Mere Jeene Ki Ek Wajah

Ho Aankhon Se Padhke Tujhe Dil Pe Maine Likha
Tu Ban Gaya Hai Mere Jeene Ki Ek Wajah

Teri Hasi Teri Adaa Auron Se Hai Bilkul Judaa

O O O O Ho Ho

He remembers the emotional moments that they had shared during boxing match and then at Dr. Shubhanker's place where Nikki had,unknowingly, acknowledged her fear of losing him. Taking in memories of said touching moments, he continuous:

Aankhen Teri Shabnami Chehra Tera Aaina
Tu Hai Udaasi Bhari Koi Haseen Dastaan

Ho Aankhen Teri Shabnami Chehra Tera Aaina
Tu Hai Udaasi Bhari Koi Haseen Dastaan

Dil Mein Hai Kya Kuchh Toh Bata
Kyon Hai Bhala Khud Se Khafa
O O O O Ho Ho

Oblivious to Abhi, Adi had forcefully dragged Nikki to the dance floor and had started waltzing with her.

Tu Hi Meri Shab Hai Subha Hai Tu Hi Din Hai Mera
Tu Hi Mera Rab Hai Jahaan Hai Tu Hi Meri Duniya
Tu Waqt Mere Liye Main Hoon Tera Lamha
Kaise Rahega Bhala Hoke Tu Mujhse Judaa
O O O O Ho Ho

Abhi finishes the song and opens his eyes with a blissful smile on his face. And all couples stop dancing. Abhi's gaze cut across the dancing floor to see Adi removing his hands from Nikki's waist and Nikki lowering her hands to her side from Adi's shoulder. Jealousy slashes through him. Damn... The anger comes back in full force and Abhi tears his gaze away from the dancing duo.

To be contd...

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sabihaa. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 02 January 2010
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Posted: 12 January 2011 at 3:39am | IP Logged
Sigh. Sigh. Sigh.

You make me miss AN on my screen way too much!

& OMG. Sizzling kissing scene.. you've caught their personalities so well! Arghh, now I wanna read more. LOL.

Seriously cannot wait for the update.
You never fail to capture me with your writing.
Keep it up. :D

<3 sabs.

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Amy_an IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 January 2011 at 3:47am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -saBii-

Sigh. Sigh. Sigh.

You make me miss AN on my screen way too much!

& OMG. Sizzling kissing scene.. you've caught their personalities so well! Arghh, now I wanna read more. LOL.

Seriously cannot wait for the update.
You never fail to capture me with your writing.
Keep it up. :D

<3 sabs.

Hey dear,
R u a bookwarmLOLLOLLOL. U r 2 fast in reading ... Thnx fr ur beutiful comment.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed  Keep readn n enjoynSmile

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wow123 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 January 2011 at 4:37am | IP Logged
Very nice namy dear.
I enjoy it thouroughly each and every part specially his passion for Nikki which makes Nikki's knees weak in front of him.
I think Abhi jealous when he fumes over Nikki's act. Now I m eager fro next part as i adore him more in his foul mood.LOL
Now be regular here.........................

Edited by wow123 - 12 January 2011 at 4:57am

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Amy_an IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 January 2011 at 4:53am | IP Logged
thx shale, am agree vd u. abhi's anger n nikki's stubbornes z d beauty of der charctriztn:) n abhi z best wen he z furious ;) glad u enjyd d part.. vl try 2 update asap:) till den byeeeeee

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saomom IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 January 2011 at 8:36am | IP Logged
Thanks so much for the long updates!  They were great...  Can't wait to see what Abhi does next and how he contains his jealousy...

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hemvb Senior Member

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Posted: 12 January 2011 at 11:08am | IP Logged
awesome update yaar namy.....
missing AN sooooo much....

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