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FF on Abhi Nikki"It's Only You"Part 21-22(Pg 45)

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It's Only You


Hey friends,

I'm Namy.. a great fan of the characters namely Abhi Nikki (Aka Dr. Abhimanyu Modi & Dr. Nikita Malhotra) from DMG. According to me they are one of the most romantic, passionate and sizzling TV screen couple.

I came across to this forum very lately and became a silent reader for quite some time.. Since I'd been spending lots of time in reading the lovely FFs on AN, i simply fell in love with some of the FFs that were indeed commendable. Especially the FFs written by my most favorite writer Mich & Honey.. You guys are veterans.. Hatz off to u..

And yes, how can i forget to mention the marevellous & awesome FFs written by Shale, Khush, Annie, Sheena and by many other writers in AN writting Challenge..You guys rock!!

After reading such awesome FFs, I couldn't stop myself from writing something on my most beloved couple Abhi Nikki'This is my first ever attempt so kindly bear with my naive writing..

Hope you guys find it little worth.. My story starts after the episode in which Abhi accuses Nikki for seducing him.. Guys, please let do let me know how you find the story .. And please do comment..

PS: A huge thanks to Khush & Nikki for taking the time to make such a beautiful sigs for this FF..  Thanks a ton Khush, Nikki.. U guys are pro in making Sigz..

Character Info:

Dr. Abhimantyu Modi:

Very handsome, dashing, smart, strong, confident and complex person with a dynamic personality. Has capability of killing the opposite sex with his killer intense eyes and arrogance.  Possess distinct characteristics.. He is very insensitive, harsh, temperamental *yet caring, gentle, and somewhat cheerful but never shows those quality on the outside* and absolutely unpredictable.. Intensively Dislikes Dr. Armaan Mallik and love to be Intensively Disliked by Armaan and his gang *except Dr. Nikita Malhotra* in return.

Very passionate for his work and had never cared about anyone's feeling until came across to the spitfire called Nikki aka Dr. Nikita Malhotra. Starts silently love Nikki but fails in confessing it in front of her.

Dr. Nikita Malhotra:

Very bubbly, beautiful, gorgeous, sweet and sensetive person. Charming personality followed by sassy tongue and sharp mind- a rare combo. Follows her heart and speaks her mind.. Best buddy of Armaan and in a short period of time shares similar kind of bonding with Ridhima. Very caring for her friends and love to play cupid even when not required.

Never realizes when she starts falling for her arrogant boss Abhi' errr..'Dr. Abhimanyu Modi. Afraid of confessing her love to him and scares from getting hurt by him in return. At present three aims in her life-ranting, annoying and irritating Dr. Abhimanyu Modi..

Dr. Armaan Mallik

Very handsome, naughty, charming cool dude. Had learnt only two things from life- freaking out and ball the basket. Never believed in love until encountered with 'his basket' DR. Ridhima Gupta. Best buddy of Nikki and very protective of her. Shares mutual feeling called- 'Intensively Dislike" - with Dr. Abhimanyu Modi.

Dr. Ridhima Gupta

Very shy, beautiful and sensible girl. Very focused and dedicated to her career. Deeply in love with Armaan. And present aim of her life- transforming Armaan from 'Cool Dude' to a 'sensible doctor'.

Dr. Aditya Jaiswal:

He is handsome, heartthrob, charming and funny Cardiac Surgeon.  Was Nikki & Armaan's college mate. During college days, Armaan was inherited crown of 'playboy' from him. He has some soft corner for Nikki since his college days.

Shares very similar nature and personality of Armaan.. Only with an exception i.e. close buddy of Abhimanyu. He is the only person in Sanjivani who knows real Abhimanyu Modi and his bitter past.

Dr. Divya Sharma:

She is a gorgeous, elegant and classy Doctor. Knows and befriend with Abhi and Aditya since her Internship time. Silently loves someone but fails to pour out her feelings in front of that person.

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Part 21-22 = > pg 45

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Big smile Congrats 4 d new thread!!!

I loved both the parts namy dear........ u r very good writer. u r ff is intresting ..... am liking it . But u know im having hard time explaining my exact feeling rite now Embarrassed

plzz dont mind sweety im loving ur ff do continue soon waiting 4 next part. thanks for starting dis ff Smile

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Congratssss on a new ff! And welcome to AN world! My name is Sheena! 

Do updt sooon!

Sheena :)

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love your ff!!!!
am a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugee fan of AN!!!!!
plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz add me to your pm list!!!!!!!
thx yaar


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Hey Namy, congrats for d new thread. As I already said dat I m enjoying ur ff. Do continue soon.
@Sheena hw r u now sweety? wen r u planning to update ur ffs. I was so keen to read Another chance for us.

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It's Only You

First Part :

Dr. Shashank was shocked as well as surprised seeing the paper that lay in front of him and raised a questioning eyebrow at Nikki "Why do you want to resign Dr. Nikita? There are hardly few months left for the completion of your Internship, I seriously don't understand this'.." Nikki was prepared with her reasoning but hearing the sad note in Dr. Shashank's voice failed to utter any word. After couple of minutes she says very quietly " It's my dad who wants me to come back to him'. there is some family problem, sorry to disappoint you but I have to leave. Please Sir, accept it so that I can leave as soon as possible."

Dr. Shashank after giving it a thought tells Nikki that he will have to speak to Dr. Keerti and Dr. Modi and he will let her know their decision by evening. Hearing Dr. Modi's name, Nikki lost her calm and forgot who she was talking to. She bursts out " Dr. Modi, not again' why him ?' Sir, as far as I know you've got the authority to decide which intern can stay and which can leave Sanjivani. Mr. Modi looks after administrative aspects then why do you want to involve him in this. I still understand that you want to consult Dr. Keerti but not that Modi I mean Dr. Modi.

Dr. Shashank throws a curious glance at Nikki and firmly states that he has to discuss it with Dr. Modi since he is still in charge of Sanjeevani and before Nikki can start another outburst against Dr. Modi, he simply tells her to get back to her duty.

In his cabin, Abhi was miserable due to yesterday's event. He wanted to put behind everything that had happened yesterday between him and Nikki. He could not believe that he had thrown such insulting words at Nikki. Despite his best efforts he was not able to forget the shock on Nikki's face, her tearful eyes and the way she ran away from his house. He closes his eyes to banish those heartbreaking memories. The moment he closes his eyes, he sees the face of the person he is trying hard to forget, the face with so much innocence and the most expressive eyes, begging him to forgive her. Dejectedly he opens his eyes and chides his mind to remember the pool incident. He shakes his mind and tells himself: no Abhimanyu you have not done anything wrong, she deserves it ' yes she deserves more than this.. His eyes glinted as pain and anger kept flashing in them.

Dr. Shashank knocks Abhi's cabin door after having a thorough talk with Dr. Keeri who was equally shocked to find Nikki's sudden resignation. Both of them had agreed to let Dr. Modi decide on this matter as they had not found any appropriate reason for not accepting the resignation. After a couple of knocks, Dr. Shashank peeps inside the cabin and finds Abhi blankly starring at his laptop screen without a blink. He comes inside and stands in front of him, he was surprised to see the man who always seemed unperturbed and well composed, lost in a somewhat sad world. He did not know what to do so he taps on the laptop to get Abhi's attention. "Dr. Modi, are you alright??"

"Oh, Dr. Shashank!! I' ya' I mean I was just' am sorry but what did you say??" . Dr. Shashank smiles at him and again asks him if everything was ok .. "Yes why, everything is fine, please have a seat. Do you want to discuss something?" Dr. Shashank puts Nikki's resignation letter in front of Abhi and repeats to him the conversation that he had with Nikki and Dr. Kirti.

"So what do you think Dr. Modi? What should we do?" Abhi was looking at the resignation letter but his mind was somewhere else. Somehow it didn't shock him as he had suspected something like this and his mind was saying to him that finally he had got what he wanted.. Finally she is leaving.. But his heart was asking him if he was happy? Is this what he wanted from her? Did he want her to run away keeping her career at stake? Wasn't he the one who had stopped her from running away earlier? She had challenged him back then. He remembered all her pranks which brought a little smile on his handsome face.

"Mr. Modi, whats wrong, You are not in yourself today.. If you want you can talk to me." "'..No Dr. Shashank, am fine just that not had a good sleep yesterday and thanks for your concern. Anyways, as far as this letter is concerned, give me some time, I'll get back to you before evening."

Abhi looks at the resignation letter again and mutters to himself "Sorry Dr. Nikita I'll not let you escape this easily. I know what I need to do now". Abhi tells the nurse to send Nikki inside and not to disturb him for half an hour.

Nikki was in the cafeteria with the entire group. Muskaan sees Nikki's sad face and asks," Oye Nikki, tujhe peechle kuchh dino se kya hua hai? Why are you always looking so gloomy? Everyone turns to see Nikki. Armaan burst out "I completely agree with you Muskaan. Everything is just because of that Modi, jab se woh khadoos Sanjivani main aaya hai, sab ka jina haram kar diya hai. I wish I had thrown him in a deep sea instead of that pool". The mention of the pool brought unleashed tears in Nikki's eyes. She turned from everyone to wipe them away immediately. She was about to excuse herself from the group when Chhotu (the serving boy of the cafeteria) told her that Mr. Modi has called her in his cabin.

Hearing Modi's name, Armaan looks all around the cafeteria and tells Atul "Champ, I have a gut feeling that that sadu has placed hidden cameras all over the places to spy on us, I think we should randomly check all the places". Atul agrees with Armaan "Yes you are right Armann, Pata nahi mere peeche to woh haath dho ke pada hai. I've already got one red mark" All of a sudden remembering about the camera Atul immediately puts a finger on his lips like a child and hides behind Muskaan. Muskaan hits him on the shoulder and shouts at him "Atul tu pahele se hi aisa hai ya tere saath bachpan me koi durghtna hui thi." Anjali defends him and tells Armaan "Shut up Armaan, I don't think Modi will do such a thing". Ridhima who haf just joined the group angrily looks at Armaan and says" "You are right Di and if that was the case then Mr. Modi would have called you and not Nikki. Atul chips in "Arey Ridhhi you are as smart as Anjali" and looks at Anjali shyly. Ridhima smiles at him and asks Nikki with concern "Nikki, whenever you are done with Mr. Modi I need to talk to you." Nikki nods her head in confirmation and leaves. Armaan tries to put his arm around Ridhima and says" Basket sometimes I don't understand whether she is your best friend or mine. Anyways please let me know if she has any problem with that Modi and stop looking at me like that. You know you look more alluring when you give that look." Ridhima couldn't help but smile shyly and leaves to order lunch followed by naughty Armaan.

Abhi was not mentally prepared to face her right now but he was left with no other option. He was not clear about his own feelings. He had wanted to hate her, hurt her, humiliate her but he was not able to understand why he was not happy or satisfied after insulting her and making her suffer, why his heart still breaks into pieces to see tears in her eyes.. He again chides his heart and mutters to himself "Stop being a looser Abhimanyu, just remember the pool incident and your insult. She is not as innocent as she looks, given a chance she is capable of hurting you deeply and running away easily.. She has done mastery in running away.. You are doing this so that she completes her internship'. that's it'

Nikki composes herself outside his cabin and mentally prepares herself that today she is not going to tolerate any of his temper. She will give a good piece of mind to that arrogant monster if he lashes out any other accusation at her. Taking few deep breaths she knocks on the door. "Please come in" Abhi answers without looking up from the file. Nikki feels a bit confident hearing a soft note in his voice. She stands in front of him and softly asks " You called me Dr. Modi". "Yes Dr. Nikita, I wanted to know what is this?" He waves the paper in front of her and there is no softness either in his eyes or in his voice.

Nikki tries to control her own anger. She couldn't believe the nerve of this man, he had done all in his power to humiliate her and still he had no regrets. Somewhere in her heart Nikki had hoped that he would have softened up a bit by now and will talk to her with a little gentleness. But No, he has to prove that he really is an arrogant monster, so go on and shout out loud. She folds her hands in front of her chest and looks up equally angrily without giving him pleasure of knowing that yesterday's incident had broken her completely and she desperately wanted to run million of miles away from this place, this man, his coldness, his hatred, his eyes which spoke more than his words. She bursts out in anger "As you can see Dr. Modi, that is a paper and as far as what is written in it, well you are quite literate so I don't think I need to tell you what it contains." She continues" And before you come out with any other accusation, let me tell you I am not running away and especially not because of what you did or said yesterday. As now I do not care what you think of me." She could not help the tears that had started forming in her eyes by now, though she tries to control them from coming out.

"I do understand Dr. Nikita Malhotra what you are doing and why . I also know very well that you do not care about what I had said back then and what I have to say now. But let me again clarify that that we are not sitting here to recruit interns who don't give a damn about their career. We have gone through a lot of ups and downs in the past year so that you interns get all the facilities and amenities and finish your Internship. Even our senior Doctors are spending their precious time to mould you interns into good doctors in the hope that you all will become like them one day and make them proud. Moreover we are also answerable to our seniors when our interns leave their internship in the middle without proper justification. But I am sure these things will not make any sense to you.. Abhi sees the color creeps on Nikki's face and she was ready to answer back so he raises his hand and continues "Wait Dr. Nikita, am not yet finished.. Now let me remind you of something called Internship Contract. Since you are also literate , I am sure you must have gone through it while joining Sanjeevani. According to that contract you as an Intern are obliged to give us atleast one month advance notice for resigning and also a proper justification for the same. Am I clear Dr. Nikita Malhotra?"

Nikki couldn't believe what she was hearing. She opens her mouth and closes it like a fish. Abhi smiles inside "Bang on target Abhimanyu, Now you have 30 days time to sort out your feelings for the person standing in front of you."

Part 2:

"One month advance notice" Nikki stares at Abhimanyu Modi as if deciding whether to cry or shout at him. After couple of minutes she again composes herself and tells him firmly." Look Dr. Abhimanyu, you might be right but I need to go. Can't you waive off the notice period considering it a special case. I don't know how to explain this but I really need to go." She lies further "There are some family issues and my Dad needs me. As an incharge of Sanjivani, don't you have that much authority to waive it off?? "

Abhi mutters to himself: here she goes again'. She will never back off in any argument.. Anyways, I know how to deal with this as well.

He sighs and tells her " In that case Dr. Nikita I would like to talk to your father and also a letter requesting us to consider it as a special case."

"No" Nikki yelps hurriedly. Abhi raises an eyebrow and asks, "What do you mean by 'No'?"

"I mean... I'..I don't get it. What do you mean by talk to my father and a letter. Who do think you are? I'm not a kid and you are not my principal.. You can't talk to him. And in any case he is a very busy person. " Nikki completes the sentence hurriedly.

"Look Dr. Nikita, I don't have entire day for you. I've given you an option. Now it's up to you how to deal with it." "So please excuse me, I have a meeting to attend". Abhi starts collecting his papers ignoring Nikki.

Nikki decides to talk to him again in the evening and turns to leave the cabin. Abhi's voice stops her in her track "Dr. Nikita, if you find Dr. Armaan, please tell him to meet me."

Nikki gasps in shock and turns to face him again. She impulsively mutters out "Armaan?? No... You can't ask Armaan to talk to my dad. He knows nothing about it. Infact I've not spoken to him about any of this."

Abhi stares at her for a long moment. After a long silence, he moves forward and stops in front of her. He bends his head a little and sees Nikki swallow hard and struggle for her composure. He looks into her eyes and speaks to her harshly "I'll never do that. Unlike you, I have no interest discussing you with Dr. Mallik."

Nikki shoots him a look that covered hurt with anger. She challenges him with her eyes and snaps back " Fine, have it your way. I give a months advance notice from today. But I want something in return. I don't want anyone to know about my resignation till my last day. As unlike you, I don't like to hurt people who care for me." With that she heads off, leaving a fuming Abhi behind.

Nikki finds Armaan in the locker room doing his usual duty i.e. flirting with Ridhima. She tells him to go to Abhi's cabin. Armaan looks all around the locker room as if searching for some device. Ridima shoots him a questioning glance and he mouths "camera". With an angry look Ridhima pushes him towards the exit door and tells him to go. Armaan gives her his sweet smile and says "Don't miss me too much basket, I'll be back in no time." He winks at Nikki and leaves.

Nikki smiles at her friend, however Ridhima notices some restlessness in her smile. Ridhima asks Nikki to sit and tell her what had happened yesterday between her and Dr. Modi. Nikki tells her about yesterday's episode and cries heartily. Nikki sobs and tells Ridhima between her sobs that Abhi hates her from the bottom of his heart and he has no regrets for whatever he had said to her. Ridhima consoles her friend and wipes her tears. She hugs Nikki and tells her that everything will be alright. Nikki looks at her pleadingly and says I know you won't but please don't let Armaan know anything about this." Ridhima nods her head in affirmation.

After a long silence, Nikki fondly smiles at Ridhima and tells her " I am really lucky to have you as my friend and I should thank Armaan for that. You know you are right, enough of rona dhona. Now I've decided that I'm not going to cry over that sadu anymore. I'll move ahead and you'll see the old Nikki back in action." Both friends smile and hug each other and leave for their respective duties.

In the night, Abhi and Nikki both think about each other in their respective beds.

Abhi didn't know why but he was feeling happy. Somehow he has made Nikki stay back in Sanjivani and he promises himself that he will make sure that she completes her internship in Sanjivani." But what after that?" He chides his mind: "Don't be a moron Abhimanyu, just concentrate on the present task." He sighs and tries to surrender himself to sleep.

Whereas Nikki couldn't sleep, she keeps on tossing and turning in bed. She gets up and tells herself, "Nikki you are strong, you can handle him for 30 days more. It can't be worst than what you've already gone through. And don't forget, you've got the world's best friends around you so chill and sleep. She smiles and goes to sleep.

Next day Abhi calls the Interns to inform them that Ms. Suman Lata Dalamia, daughter of one of the biggest investor, is joining sanjivani to assist him in the New Sanjivani Project. He further informs that Dr. Aditya Jaiswal, one of the famous Cardiologist surgeons is also joining Sanjivani from tomorrow. He tells the interns to behave themselves and help Ms. Dalamia/ Dr. Jaiswal in settling down in Sanjivani.

Abhi notices that all the interns eyes were focused on someone behind him so he turns to see that someone. He finds an eccentric female looking at all of them with a smile. She shoots the same smile to Abhi and informs him that she is looking for Dr. Abhimanyu Modi. Abhi looks at her from head to toe and says, "I am Dr. Modi. How can I help you?"

Suman stares at him without a blink. She blushes hard and offers her hand to shake with his "Oh.. to aap Dr. Abhimanyu Modiji hai. You look much younger and handsome than what I'd expected." Abhi coughs, "Ahem, ummm sorry but do I know you Ms. .?"

All the interns were thoroughly enjoying this conversation.

Suman grabs Abhi's arm from his side and grips it in both her hands. "I am Suman Lata Dalamia and nice to meet you jee." Abhi is taken aback by Suman's behavior. He slowly removes his arm from Suman's grip and turns back to the interns. He notices that all the interns were trying very hard to control their laughter. He also sees an amused Nikki trying to hide behind Armaan. His temper was rising by the minute so he counts from 1 to 5 in his mind and takes a deep breath before speaking.

"Well Doctors, as you now know she is Ms. Suman Lata Dalamia. As I told you before, she is going to help us in raising funds for the New Sanjivani project." He turns to Suman and tells her "Ms. Dalamia, these are our Doctors." After a formal introduction, everyone runs off for their respective duties except Nikki. Abhi tells Nikki to come to his cabin in 10 minutes with the New Sanjivani latest file and he goes back to his cabin with Suman.

In his cabin, Abhi tells Suman to have a seat. He goes to pick up the file lying on his desk before advancing towards his own chair at the other side of his desk. Oblivious to Abhi, a completely smitten Suman stands right behind him. When Abhi turns to move, he finds Suman dreamily looking at him. Before he could say something or react, he sees Suman pass out. He immediately puts his arms around her stopping her from falling on the floor.

At the same time, Nikki knocks the door and enters. Nikki is shocked to see the scene in front of her.

She angrily shouts at Abhi," What are you doing with her?"

Abhi snaps back "What do you think ?,what am I doing? Now just stop staring and help me to settle Ms. Dalamia in the chair." Nikki puts the file on his desk and helps him in sliding Suman in the nearest chair.

Completing the task, she glares at Abhi with wide eyes and folds her arms in front of her chest. Abhi was massaging his forehead and trying to figure out what had just happened when he hears Nikki's interrogative tone "Well now Dr. Modi, would you please enlighten me what were you doing with Ms. Dalamia and why she fainted in your arms?"

Abhi rolls his eyes in exasperation. Still he doesn't know how to deal with this 4.11" something who doesn't think twice before uttering any nonsense. But man, she looks hot when she is furious, wait a minute did I say "Hot". Abhimanyu get a grip.

"Dr. Modi, I'm asking you something? Nikki continues with her interrogation.

Shaking his head Abhi retorts back " Are you out of your mind Dr. Nikita? Why don't you give your mind a little shake before you come out with such a ridiculous question." He continues" By the way you claim to be a good doctor, so why don't you examine her and find out yourself. And in any case I don't think I need to answer any of your silly questions." ""

Nikki's temper was on the verge of explosion so she burst out "See that is the problem with you. If I ask you a question, you give me your standard "Mind your own business" look. Ya, why would you answer my question?? After all you have to maintain your super trooper angry young man image." She continues her ranting " But if I don't answer your question then either I'm running away or I'm hiding something or I'm childish or I'm supporting someone or I'm '..." On an impulse, Abhi puts his hand behind her neck and other on her lips to shut her up from her ranting.

Nikki's eyes widen in shock and she goes still in Abhi's touch. Her sense were reeling so she lets her eyes fill with the sight of the face who was just a breath away from her , the face which could make any woman's heart skip a bit or two. Lost in her dreamland, she was not listening or comprehending what he was saying to her.

Abhi was also gazing into her eyes and was telling her very tenderly, " I have not said or done anything to Ms. Dalamia. I saw her passing out when I turned. I have no idea why she fainted on me. So there is no need to get jealous, ok sweetheart?

Nikki nods her head in affirmation without noticing or comprehending the meaning of his words. She was too lost in his deep chocolate eyes and sensuous touch.

Abhi stops speaking but didn't stop looking at her. For a moment that spun out forever, both couldn't seem to blink or move. Then it dawned to Abhi what he was doing and where they were standing. He gently removes his hand which was holding her neck and sensuously removes the other hand from her mouth in such a way that each of his fingers touches those rosy lips in a sensuous way. Nikki's eye close on their own accord.

Abhi adoringly smiles at her and speaks to himself, "So Miss "I don't care what you think of me" still reacts the same way to my touch. Abhimanyu, good progress in one day.

Before he could say anything to Nikki, he notices some movement in the chair. He knelt down beside the chair and finds Suman regaining her consciousness. Concernedly he asks Suman, "Ms. Dalamia, are you alright?" Suman nods her head shyly and tells him that she is feeling ok now.

Nikki's eyes pop open hearing those voices and she finds Abhi concernedly looking at Suman. She didn't like it. Though, she also asks Suman "Ms. Dalamia, How are you feeling now? What happened to you? Why did you pass out all of a sudden?" Suman looks at her and tells her "Thank you ji. I'm much better now. I don't know what happened... I saw Dr. Modi.. I mean I was standing behind him and he turned' It's his perfume'. and I've this allergy.. and I was feeling hungry'. and I've not eaten anything since morning.."

She was not making any sense to Abhi or Nikki. But Nikki didn't like the direction of her babbling.. Why is she babbling on Abhi, his perfume, etc... So Nikki decides to leave before she creates another scene in front of Abhi. She had had enough drama for one day.

Nikki cuts Suman in the middle" Sorry to stop you Suman I mean Ms. Dalamia, but I think you should eat something. It seems you are feeling weak because of hunger. Actually, I've forgotten my pager in the cafeteria so please excuse me."

As she was about to leave Abhi's voice stops her in her track," Dr. Nikita, since you are going to the cafeteria, why don't you ask someone to deliver food in my cabin for Ms. Dalamia.

Nikki couldn't believe the nerve of this man.. What does he think of himself.. She is not his personal secretary or ward boy.. She controls her urge to backfire in front of Suman, Nikki again composes herself and steps forward. She picks up the cordless phone lying on his desk and dials the cafeteria's number. "Chhotu, this is Dr. Nikita. I'm calling from Dr. Modi's cabin and he wants to place an order for his'. hmmm... friend, so please help him out." She then offers the phone to Abhi.

Abhi couldn't decide whether laugh or argue. Sassy tongue and sharp mind- a dangerous combination and she had both. This made her altogether too intriguing. He shakes his mind and takes the receiver with a fake smile. He asks Suman what she would like to order. Suman starts another round of babbling " Aloo paratha.. no no.. it'll be too oily. Hmmm'. Puri bhaji.. No no I don't have appetite for it ..And she goes on '

Seeing Abhi's frustration, Nikki was trying hard to control her laughter. Abhi had already started massaging his temple with the other free hand. Nikki looks at Suman and thinks: If this is the beginning, I'm dying to watch what will happen when this character starts working with Mr. Perfect.

When Abhi looks at Nikki he sees a spark in her eyes and mischief in her grin. He couldn't help his own grin. He desperately wanted to touch her again. Nikki's grin widened listening to Suman's nonstop babbling on food. She felt pity for Abhi and looks up at him to help him out. But seeing him grinning, she changes her mind and mouths him a "bye."

As again she turns to leave, the same voice again stops her in her track, "Dr. Nikita wait for a minute. I've an idea. Since I have a meeting and you are going to the cafeteria, why don't you take Ms. Dalamia with you. You can help her decide her food, can't you?" He turns his gaze to Suman and tells her "Dr. Nikita is always keen to help others, isn't it Dr. Nikita?"

Nikki looks at him in disbelief and challenges him with her eyes. She brings a fake smile on her face and moves her eyes from Suman to Abhi, "Why not Ms. Suman, let's have lunch together today. As I am sure from tomorrow onwards Mr. Modi is going to get all your attention and enjoy your company during lunchtime" With that she turns and leaves. Suman colors at her statement and follows her throwing a shy smile at Abhi.

Abhi lets out a sigh and speaks to himself, "Phew... You know you really are something Dr. Nikita."

Part 3:

Next day all interns were called again to welcome Dr. Aditya Jaiswal. Abhi arrives at Sanjivani with Aditya. As usual, Abhi finds all the interns were busy in their non stop chattering.

He coughs to get their attention "Ahem, Doctors, if u r done with your mouth exercise, let me introduce to you Dr. Aditya Jaiswal."

Everyone looks straight ahead at a tall, dashing, handsome young standing next to Abhimanyu Modi. But three pairs of eyes were staring each other in astonishment with open mouths. Those eyes belong to Armaan, Nikki and Aditya.

Armaan recovers first. He steps forward and points finger towards Aditya, "Dude, you are Dr. Jaiswal?

Abhi glares at Armaan from his spectacles and yells, "Dr. Mallik, watch your language! You are in the Hospital!"

But no one was paying him any attention. Aditya also moves forward and smiles at Armaan, "Yes dude, I'm Dr. Aditya Jiswal. What are u doing here?"

"I work here" Armaan also smiles and hugs Aditya.

A dumbfound Abhi looks from Aditya to Armaan and back to Aditya. All other doctors were also spellbound and were glued to their respective places.

Aditya angles his head in Nikki's direction. With a blissfull smile he adoringly exclaims "Oh my God Niks! Am I dreaming you? Look at you. You look million times GORGEOUS ever than before."

Nikki had already moved forward and she gives him her sugary sweet smile and she exclaims back, "Why, Adi look at yourself. You look much handsome than before. Am sooo happy to see you here today!"

Nikki's words and action hits Abhi in his gut. His breath was caught in his throat. He wanted to pull out Nikki from Aditya's embrace, rage at her, scream at her, " why is she hugging and complimenting that Aditya openly. But he suppressed the melodramatics that was not his style. Struggling with his own anger, he aimed for composure. He squeezed his eyes shut and snapped it open in a hope that he was hallucinating it. But no, still Nikki and Aditya, hand in hand, were adoringly gazing at each other.

On the other side, Ridhima, Anjali, Atul and Muskaan were wondering why their friends are behaving like lost brother and sisters with this Dr. Aditya Jaiswal.

Abhi heard Armaan was saying, "Oye you two, enough of jaadu ki jhappi." And three laughs in union. Abhi had enough, he shook his head and steps forward. He puts his arm on Adi's shoulder and asks, "Adi, so u guys know each other?"

Nikki and Armaan exchange a surprise glance, Abhimanyu had called Aditya by his short name.

Aditya nods his head in confirmation, " Yes Abhi, we were together in our Medical college. Though I was their senior, we had a great time together."

They three lost in their memory lane..


Aditya was the only cool dude in the Medical College when Armaan had joined the Medical college. And in no time, Armaan had procured "Mr. Cool Dude" pageant from Aditya. Initially they were big rivals in all the events. But within a month their relationship had changed dramatically. Once in a basket ball match Aditya had got injured nastily and at that time Armaan had taken care of him like a younger brother. Armaan had also helped him in copying his notes and projects. Armaan had stood beside him at the most difficult time of his life and then they had ended up in good buddies. Six months later, Nikita Malhotra had stepped into their lives. She was a lost child when she had joined the college. And Aditya had witnessed Nikki's transformation from scary little girl to a jubilant and dynamic tom boy with help of her best friend Armaan Mallik. They were inseparable in the college. Armaan was her friend, mentor, family and her life.

Aditya had fallen for Nikki back then, but he had never voiced his feelings as he knew that Armaan was overprotective for Nikki. Besides, Aditya did not want to loose their friendship. They had spent a quality time together. Aditya was in his final year when Nikki had run off nowhere without any explanation.

He and Armaan were miserable after Nikki's depart; but somehow both had managed to complete their respective examinations. Aditya had got a scholarship and he went abroad to pursue mastery. Since then he had never heard anything about Armaan or Nikita Malhotra.

Back to present:

Aditya was extremely happy to see his friends after so many years. He tenderly looks at Armaan and Nikki," Niks its been long long time. I've missed you guys."

Abhi was feeling very uncomfortable by every minute. He mutters " great, just great."

Aditya hears him and turns his head. He puts his arm around Abhi's shoulder and tells Armaan and Nikki, "Hey guys, you know what, I and Abhi are great buddies too. I met him during my Internship and since then we are good pal."

Armaan and Nikki swallow a lump: Abhimanyu and Aditya- great buddies, is it some kind of a joke?

Muskaan, Atul, Anjali and Ridhima exchanges astounding glance at each other.

Atul murmurs in Muskaan's ear, "Muski, tuje pata hai, I had this doubt since long. But now I am sure. I am telling you, this Modi is not a straight guy."

Muskaan laughs at him and Anjali nudges at Atul's ribs, "Shut up Atul! Abhimanyu doesn't look like that."

"Arey Anjali, u r very innocent. Didn't u hear how lovingly Aditya said "Great Buddies"" Atul defends himself.

Muskaan murmurs in Atul's ear, "Chup kar Atul, agar Modi ko pata chala to teri report card me red mark ki jagah cross mark aa jayega." Anjali and Muskaan laughs and hi fives each other where Atul makes faces at her.

In all this chaos, Ridhima was busy in noticing Abhi's reaction. She heard Aditya sharing some funny incident between him, Niks and Ammy and notices grim line in Abhi's face. She notices that Abhi's face turns gloomy whenever Aditya brings up "Niks" in his conversation. She smiles to herself: So Abhimanyu's feels the same way for Nikki, it's a good sign.

Abhi was losing his patience and suddenly he hears beep of his pager. He thanks God and looks into the screen. He tells Aditya that he needed to make one urgent call. He then shots a frowning glance at Nikki and tells her sarcastically, " Well Niks.. I mean Dr. Nikita, since you know Dr. Aditya very well, why don't you introduce him to our Doctors. I will back in a couple of minutes."

"Yes, why not, I would love to do that Dr. Modi." She gives her sweetest smile to Abhi as well. Abhi fakes a smile at her and leaves swearing under his breath.

Armaan walks up towards Ridhima and stands between Ridhima and Anjali. Nikki starts introducing her friends to Aditya.

She stands in front of Muskaan and says "Aditya, meet our non stop Chatter box- Dr. Muskaan Chaddha."

Aditya shook her hand and tells her, "Nice to meet you Dr. Muskaan. We will make a good company."

"Oh! so you also like to chat. Great.. Nice to have u here Dr. Aitya Jaiswal."

"Call me Aditya" He smiles at her and Muski nods in confirmation.

Nikki notices from corner of his eyes that Armaan was giving hard time to Ridhima to stand up straight. He was plying with her duppatta and teasing her. Nikki smiles to herself ' He will never change.

"He is Dr. Atul Joshi, the cutest and funniest doctor of Sanjivai." Nikki and Atul fondly smiles at each other. Atul offers his hand for a handshake.

"Hi Dr. Atul, I am feeling jealous of you. You know in my entire life not a single beautiful girl has called me cute."

Atul raises his eyebrows, smiles shyly, "Don't get jealous Aditya. I find you quite cute and handsome too."

"Dr. Atul are u making fun of me?"

"No no, am serious. Ask Anjali"

Anjali glares at Atul and everyone laughs.

Muskaan again murmurs in Atul's ear," Atul, tu to straight hai na?"

Atul yells at her," Tu kya sabki daadi hai? I've not asked your opinion?"

All heads turn to their direction. Muskaan shrugs her shoulder and Atul replies" Nothing.. we'' ummm'we were discussing something personal. Nikki, you carry on."

"Hi Aditya, welcome to Sanjivani. I am Dr. Anjali Gupta." Anjali intervenes and welcomes Aditya. Nikki completes the sentence, "The stylish Diva of Sanjivani."

Anjali adoringly smiles at Nikki, "Thanks for the compliment Nikki."

"Nikki is right. Anjali, you look stunning in that outfit" Aditya compliments Anjali and she blushes. Atul slides near Anjali and speaks innocently," Why, she looks stunning in whatever she wears. Hai na Anjali."

Aditya raises a single eyebrow and murmurs in his mind - so there is some scene between this two.

Nikki looks at Ridhima and tells Aditya, "Now u r going to meet the most talented, beautiful and adorable doctor of Sanjivani."

Armaan who was standing next to Anjali bows at Nikki and tells her," Thanks Nikki, I didn't have idea that you think so high for me."

"Excuse me Armaan! I said "talented, beautiful and adorable Doctor" and you don't fit in any category." Nikki tells him grinningly.

"oye Nikki ki bacchi, don't mimic that sadu. And don't forget I'm your best friend. Thodisi meri bhi tariff kar liya kar"

"Come tomorrow Armaan, now move aside." She waves her hand and continuous, ""Adi, here I present Dr. Ridhima Gupta. She is fiance.. oops.. to be fiance of our "once a Casanova" Dr. Armaan Mallik."

Now it was Aditya's turn to be astounded. He incredulously looks from Armaan to Nikki to Ridhima. He couldn't believe that this simple, sober Indian beauty and Armaan is a couple.

Armaan waves his arm in front of Aditya and says," Dude stop starring, she is taken." Aditya puckers his nose at Armaan and takes Ridhima's hand in his grip," Guess what, I am late again." He winks at Ridhima and continuous," Anyways, congratulations Ridhima and you are very beautiful. I am really happy for both of you" he hugs Armaan.

From corner of his eyes Aditya sees Nikki smiling at her best friend. And Aditya wonders whether she is also taken. He will have to find out soon'very soon before she takes off nowhere.

Just then Rahul also arrives there and he sees Aditya, "Whoa! Aditya, is that you?"

Aditya shots him a shocking glance," Rahul, you also.. ? Oh man, I love this place." He moves forward and hugs Rahul.

Muskaan chips in and asks Aditya, "You know this looser too?

Rahul snaps at her," yeah, I was not looser back then. I transformed only after u came into my life."

Everyone except Aditya knew that both of them were ready for dogfight. Hence everyone starts holding them both in their respective place to cool down heated argument. Aditya was puzzled from their action and was trying to figure out what was happening.

Just then Abhi also returns and sees his interns in action. He messages his temple and yells at them," Doctors, silence! What do u think where u r? How many times do I need to tell you that this is a Hospital and not a CIRCUS?"

Ridhima instantly holds Armaan's hands and stops him from back answering. However, four pairs of eyes were hopefully looking at Nikki for her counter reply. And Nikki didn't disappoint her friends.

Folding her hands in front of her chest, Nikki retorts back," Yes Dr. Modi, we know this is not a circus and u r not a ring master."

Hand on hips, Abhi also snaps back at her "Well Dr.Nikita, that is what I'm saying. I am not a ring master and you r not a clown."

Everyone tries hard to control their laughter. But Aditya laughs out heartily.

Aditya chuckles and says," Hang on guys!! Abhi, are u the same "the Abhimanyu Modi"? I can't believe this. Look at u, u both are behaving like kids."

Nikki closes her lips and unfolds her hand. Abhi also opens and closes his mouth like a fish. He knew that Aditya was right. Whenever this little spitfire is around, he always ends up in doing some kiddish act.

After a long silence, Abhi runs his fingers through his hair and looks up," Phew.. Doctors, please get back to your duties, now." He turns to Aditya, "Adi, let's go and meet Dr. Shashank." Adi nods at him and tells everyone," Bye and see you around."

They turn to leave but suddenly Abhi remembers something. He again turns and calls Nikki," Dr. Nikita, wait."

Nikki fumes : Now what? She also turns.

"Dr. Nikita, I want you to brief Ms. Dalamia abut progress of New Sanjivani project. I've already informed her that you will join her in some time. She might be waiting for you in her cabin."

"But Dr. Modi, I've already assigned duty in General Ward"

"I know Dr. Nikita, you are very dedicated toward your patients. But don't u worry, I've already discussed it with Dr. Keerti. Dr. Muskaan will take care of your patient. Am I clear now, Dr. Nikita?" Abhi finishes sarcastically.

Nikkis shots him her standard angry look, "Yes, clearly understood Dr. Modi" She walks from there ranting something under her breath.

Abhi heard something like "sadu" and he swore under his breath.

Aditya has witnessed exchange of angry look and heated arguments between Nikki and Abhi since past one hour. He decides to find out why these two people, who are his good friends, can't stand each other.

To be Cont..

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wow123 IF-Rockerz

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Congras on new ff and new thread. Gr8 step
 Well I love this part a lot and Aditya too who got not only one but three friends here Armaan, Nikki and Rahul. He aware of every his friends life except Nikki.
I am happy that he is friend with Abhi too who gives him atleast benefit of doubt. Nikki's one friend create distance btw them  and I hope other bring them close.

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DelusionalMe IF-Sizzlerz

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I jst lovd it Namy. N ya a new entry to make Abhi jealous n add d spice is good. No doubt, Abhi is hot bt a jealous Abhi is hotter. The reunion of frnds was nice. Hope Adi dont butt in much btween Abhi n Nikki. I m so lookin forward for d nxt part.

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