Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

Geet 12/18/2010 with eva...

evasumi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 December 2010 at 12:11am | IP Logged
Hi all:
I loved today's episode very much..  Though the written update is already done but I could not resist to pen it down my own way..  hope you will like it...

18th Dec 2010 Geet by eva


Maan has slight smile when he took the shervani from Geet's hand and put it aside.  He then walks over to Geet and holding her shoulders turns her to mirror and point their reflection in mirror.. and rest his head on hers.  Suddenly Geet sees the glitter on her face and lifts her hand to wipe it off but Maan holds her hand and stops her to do so and he then holds her face very delicately and with feather light touch wipes the glitter with his thumb.  Then he calls her saying Geet if you ask me to select the bangles for you..  then going to the tray he picks up few bangles and says I will select this.. as the tinkle of this bangles is like your melodious tinkling laugh.. Geet lifts her smiling face and looks at his smile and feels happy.  Looking steadily at her MSK slides those bangles on her hand and holds her hand covering her palm with his incredibly long fingers.   Geet looks at him and says you are doing so much to make our marriage memorable where as I have done nothing and she kind of feels sad about it. But Maan does not let her complete the sentence and silences her with his finger on her lips and slowly shakes his head telling her not to think like that.  Still holding her hands with one hand he slides his other hand behind her back saying Geet you have taught me how to live and how to laugh..  Geet keeps on looking at him with her golden brown eyes.  Maan looks deep into those eyes and says I need one more thing from you.  Smilingly Geet nods.. Maan says be with me always.. for life long.. will you be with me?  Geet nods her head with a happy smile and walks in his arms and holds him tightly.  With a tender smile Maan holds her and hugs her too and tightens his arms around her to hold her closer to him..  He feels few of her hair coming on her face.  He slowly lifts his head and very delicately slides her hair from her face and holds her head back to the curve of his neck.  With closed eyes both of them savor the moment in each other's arms..


Suddenly a sales person walks in and Maaneet breaks apart.  He greets them good morning and asks if they have selected any outfit for the wedding.  Geet says with a little embarrassment that they have not done so'. The guy gives his philosophy about nothing to be worried about and that all bride gets that confusion and they should take their time as the wedding is only done once..  That brings sadness on Geet's face.  Geet lifts her sad eyes to Maan's face who was looking at her.  Understanding her sadness Maan does not allow her to dwell on that.  Slowly he moves his hand alongside Geet's and entwines his fingers with hers and tightens his grip on her.  Geet looks at this gesture and lifts her eyes to his face.  Maan was lovingly looking at her and that brings reassuring smile on her face.  Maan tells the man that they will need some more time to decide. He says no problem he will go and send the tailor for Geet's measurements and after that they could take all those samples home and select at their leisure.  Maan thanks the guy.  Before leaving the room he tells Maan that he has some glitter on his face (Oh man such a chatter box!!!  and the nerve him to laugh at MSK!!!!).  Maan turns to mirror and looks at his face.  He lifts his hand to wipe the glitter but Geet holds his hand stops him saying hold on for a second.  Then she comes in front him still holding his hand saying you cannot wipe this.  Maan asks why..  Geet says with a shy smile because that is my right and not yours.  Maan stares at his Geet with a little surprise at her bold statement.  He keeps staring at her while Geet so slowly brings her hand on his cheek.  She is daring but still blushing and cannot meet his eyes.  But she lifts her eyes to look at him and gathers her courage to wipe the glitter from his face.  She delicately slides down her fingers across his cheek with a feather light touch and finally rests her hand on his shoulder.  All the time Maan was watching Geet's slow shy reaction and Geet was watching the pleasure on his face her touch brought.


Whistling the tailor master walks in and Maaneet breaks apart.  Maan Stands with folded arm while Geet stands by his side for tailor to walk in.   He walks in and introduces himself and ask Geet's name.  While MSK was walking to the other side of the room.. the tailor says what a sweet name.  That makes MSK turn back with a jerk and giving tailor a killer look. 

But He still moves further and stands near the rack of cloths on the side of the room.  Tailor tells Geet to hold the measuring tape at the place on her waistline where she usually ties her pajama.  Once again Maan looks back.  Geet looks at him and feels his discomfort.  The tailor bends down and measurers the length of her outfit bottom.  He then proceeds to tell her that she should remove her scarf so that he can measure her for her outfit.  Right away Geet slides her scarf from one shoulder and exposes her one arm for measurement.  The tailor takes the measurement for her sleeves.  Geet asks him to take the measurement for the full sleeves too.  Maan was eyeing all this with unpleasant look.  Suddenly Geet looks at Maan who plainly does not like this ritual.  A mischievous smile comes on her face.  She purposely tells tailor that she does not want patiyala but chudiar and that he should take the measurement of her ankle as there should not be any mistake in the fitting of her outfit.  The tailor says oh he is famous for his job.  Geet then lifts her foot and rests it on the sofa sliding her pant to expose her ankle.   The moment the tailor bends down to put the measuring tape around Geet's ankle,  MSK rushes toward them and asks in a stern voice what is happening here.  The bewildered tailor says I am just measuring her ankle for the fitting.  MSK looks at him and says it is not necessary.  Geet looks at MSK and says what are you saying if he does not measure my ankle then how will he stitch my outfit.  Saying once again she lifts her foot and asks tailor to take her measurement.  Once again Maan stubbornly says no need.  Geet tells him how can it be possible to make the wedding dress without proper measurement.  She tells him to stay put and once again lifts her foot for the measurement.  Once again Maan tells masterji that it is not needed.  Geet tells masterji not to listen to him and throws away her scarf toward Maan and stands there without her scarf and asks tailor to take her measurement..  ( oh! boy now Geet is completely playing with the fire..  go on girl.... make MSK insane..)  The tailor proceeds to take Geet's measurement but Maan catches the scarf instantly.. throws back at Geet right away and with gritted teeth he looks at masterji with menacing eyes and says he does need to take any measurement..  it is not needed.  The masterji gets the message very loud and clear..  Once again MSK tells him to leave.  Geet says with little grin but Maan sir.... He tells her Geet just shut up and turning to Tailor he asks him to leave.  Finally that tailor gets the message and turns to leave.  Geet taps on Maan's shoulder and asks with little smirk but my measurement??? ....   Maan stops tailor and asks for the measuring tape which he hands over to Maan and walks out of the room looking at his expressions. 


After the tailor was gone..  Geet says what did you do Maan sir he was just taking my measurement....  Maan does not answer her.. Geet moves little bit toward him and says softly..  you did not like him measuring me did you?  Maan turns to her and says who says that..  Geet says that's what I am saying..  All girls have to go to tailor for such measurement there is nothing wrong for the girls to go to the tailor for measurement..  Please do one thing and call him back..  Maan jumps at that and says hold on for a second there is no need for that.  Looking at his face Geet says with a little smile now tell me who is going to take my measurement and how my outfit is going to be ready.. Maan looks away and Geet smiles at that.  Maan tells her little hesitantly that he will take the measurement but still does not meet her eyes..  Geet pretends to be surprised at that and says you!!  You will take the measurement..  Maan turns to look at her and says Yes, I will do any problem??  Geet smirks at that and says oh is there any work in the world that MSK cannot do??  Maan just looks at her hand going upward with his full name.  Geet is now closing the argument being cheeky she says but why would you want to take the measurements when there is a tailor to do that..  Maan looks at her but she shows as if she is just innocently asking the question..


People are walking out of the elevator and Annie enters while calling someone.  Arjun was already in the elevator on the phone.  On closing the elevator door he turns to see Annie.  Annie looks at him and says YOU!!   You said you have no time and did not pick up my phone and now talking with someone on the phone??  Arjun says are you feeling jealous that I am talking to someone..  Annie says jealous and for you?  Did you see your face in the mirror anytime?  AR says yes I have seen it and all the girls keep on telling me that I am very handsome but there is a difference between those girls and you..  Any gives him a boring look.. AR continues telling Annie that those girls do not show any interest as you do....   Without a word Annie turns and starts using her phone.  AR quickly turns and presses stop button and the elevator stops in the middle with a little thud.  Annie says what happen to this elevator?  AR says may be it did not like us so it is protesting..   Annie gets mad says stop your blabbering and do something about this elevator.  AR says m'am I am a wedding planner and not a mechanical engineer.  So whatever needed to be done should be done from outside.... so we just will have to wait.  Annie turns her back to him..


Maaneet are still at the store..  Geet is still smirking....  and looks at Maan..  Suddenly the light goes off....  Maan lights the candles..   Geet smiles at hat.... 

The Dabang song starts....  takate rahate ..  tere mast mast do nain.... 

Maan slowly comes towards Geet..  The intensity in his eyes takes Geet's breath away and her heartbeats go faster..


He comes near Geet and stares at her for few seconds and then kneeling down in front of her with his one knee raised up he delicately lifts Geets foot on his knees..  Geet as if sucks her breath with that sensation..  So slowly he slides her pajama bottom up and encircles her ankle with measuring tape. Then he silently looks up at her and keeping his eyes locked with her he slowly gets up and he then picks her hand and he keeps it on his left shoulder. Then slowly he holds one end of the tape on her wrist and slowly slides the tape full length of her arm looking intently at Geet..  His intense gaze and his fingers sliding along with tape on her arms makes Geet shudder and Geet closes her eyes as if melting with those seductive sensation.. 


Looking steadily at the churning emotions of her face with those smoldering eyes Maan still holidng Geet's hand, brings it closer to his mouth and kisses the back of her hand all the while watching and knowing how it affects her..  then he holds her hand and takes it on the right side of his face and slides his face on her arms and then as if slowly moves his face and his lips on the full length of her arm and brings his face very close to Geet's.....  Geet as if was in trance and just watches him coming little by little closer to her..  he comes very near to Geet and looks in to her eyes..  Geet could not take that intensity and closes her eyes with a deep breath..  He almost nuzzles Geet's cheek and goes around her and stands behind her..  He keeps looking at those closed eyes and parted lips..  He bends a little and fleetingly nuzzles her cheek.  Geet gulps and closes her eyes with that delicate sensation..  Maan takes the measuring tape and spreads across her shoulder to take the measurement..  Geet stands there with closed eyes feeling his hot breath on her neck..  She turns her head slowly toward his and his nose almost touches her cheek..  Slowly Maan comes in front of her and puts the tape around her waist and pulls her closer to his body'  Geet just could not have any control over her reactions to his close proximity..  Maan keeps looking at her expressions without a word both of them look at each other and know that both are affecting each other the same way..  Geet just closes her eyes gulping a little with parted lips while Maan encircles her waist..  Geet then slowly puts her hand on his shoulder to keep the balance..

She then very softly tells maan that she will not stop him if he wants to come more closer but he will have to answer her question..  Maan opens her eyes and looks at her..  Geet looks in his eyes and asks him that why did he stop the tailor from taking her measurement..   Maan looks at her and says..  Geet the work is done so then why do you want to ask those question of the past..  Softly Geet looks in his eyes and says that is not the answer of her question..  but this is only her requisition  

Maan speaks in his sexy drawl..  but tell me Geet what is this condition for and if I comply with it then what else can I do..   Geet boldly tries to say but now fumbles for the right words..  Knowing what was coming..  Maan smiles a little at her discomfort..

With downcast eyes Geet says this condition..  If you would have answer my question..  Then she looks boldly in his eyes and says softly..  then you could have kissed me..  Maan just could not believe his ears..  He steadily looks at Geet to see if she was serious..  Geet presses on..  She says softly you have heard me completely now tell me..  Maan starts thinking deeply as if debating if he could show his raw emotions to Geet..  Geet smiles a little at his hesitant and with just a little soft laugh she takes a step back away from him.. saying you will never be able to tell me that.  But Maan jerks her back and pulls her closer to him with a determine expressions.  He looks deep in to her eyes and says it is true Geet that I am feeling jealous..  Geet lifts her gaze to look at him and sees the raw emotions in his eyes.  He tells her really seriously.. Geet I can never tolerate any one coming near you..  Geet just could not believe that Maan is being so open with her.. She just looks at him with her mouth open'  Maan intensely looks in her eyes and tells her that he believes that he is very possessive of her and she only belongs to him..  Geet only wanted to hear those words from her Maan..   still standing in the circle of his arms she smiles a little..  Maan adds seriously that he cannot share her with anybody..  Geet keeps on smiling at that very possessive intensely sweet and lovely statement..  Maan adds with more seriousness saying if anytime you dare to make fun on this topic then I am telling you that truly I will be upset with you..  Geet looks at his serious expression and tells him softly..  How can I make fun of you on this subject as I myself feel the sameway..  Then she slides her arms around his shoulder and holds him tightly saying..  and you also are mine alone.   Maan looks deep in to her eyes and knows that his feelings are perfectly being reciprocal by Geet..  Holding him thus Geet closes her eyes as if anticipating his tender touch.. but Maan's eyes were close too with their face almost touching'


Here in the dark elevator..  Annie was panicking and holding AR's hand she pleads him to do something..  AR sarcastically tells her that oh now purposely you are coming near to me..  Annie is terrified with dark and tightening her hold on his arms she says you idiot I am really terrified of dark..  AR thinks oh Gosh she is really afraid of dark..  did I really go overboard....  Annie keeps on mumbling telling AR to do something about it..  It is too dark and she is just too terrified..  Suddenly AR puts his palm on her mouth to silence her and pushing her to the wall he tells her calmly to stop mumbling and behaving like kid..  Light is not going to come if she keeps on screaming like that.. so she needs to calm down..  saying he takes steps back away from her but terrified Annie clings to him saying Arjun please do not go anywhere..  Whatever you want to think just stay here and think..  and she literally hides her face in his shoulder..  Arjun just stands there really surprised by this turn of events..  then reaching across her shoulder Arjun strikes the match and there is little light in the elevator..  Annie lifts her head from his shoulder and looks at him..  He also looks down at her upturn face..  they both keep looking at each other in that soft glow of lighted match..


Geet is still standing her arms encircling Maans shoulder while Maan is still standing holding her close..  the light comes back.. They both look around and Geet steps back.. but Maan holds her arm and pulls her back to him saying'. Geet your challenge has not been completed yet..  Geet shyly smiles and says oh..  but Maan pulls her more closer to him and says..  You did not believe that I would tell you the truth did you?   But I did that beyond your expectation didn't I?..  He then smiles a little and says Geet challenge is a challenge and then he adds with his predatory smile saying now you will have to keep your promise and they both keep looking at each other.... 


On Monday the dirty Tasha is going to let the cat out of the bag....  as it is seen in precap Annie is with Tasha...  She thinks loud.. why did Maanbhai cancel the name of Devbhai from the list of invitees??   Tasha tells her with a smirk..  that is because of Geet..  She adds craftily saying if you would have know what Geet did to both your brothers and how she created rift between them then you would never want to see her face again..  Annie looks really troubled..


I know Dadima knows the details of how Dev and NT cheated Geet but I am not sure if she knows about Geet being impregnate by Dev??  ..  what will Tasha tell Annie I am sure the half truth condemning Geet and using Maan to get back at Dev...  So upset Annie will share this with Arjun and Arjun will strike taking the advantage of Annie's anger???   I am not sure.. 


Another thing caught my attention..  is that loving hug by dadima to Geet with teasing Geet about learning to be the perfect wife for Maan and Maan being happy with the way Dadima loved Geet and also another hug between annie and Geet at the show room and once again Maan being happy that Annie and Geet are now best friends..  

So now Maan has witnessed both dadima and Annie accepting Geet with open arms..  and shower her with their love...  Will that cloud his judgment when crisis hit and he will stay in dark with their motives if at all changed towards Geet with the truth of her pregnancy???  Is something coming that will disturb the relationship between both dadima and annie with geet....  ohh.... hope nothing comes between the wedding of Maan and Geet... and truly hope that as usual Maan stands at the pillar of strength and support for his adorable would be wife his dearest Mishty...
and I trully hope that by now the bond of Maan and Geet is so tight the air cannot pass through it and they stand with and for each other no matter what..




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mechantefille IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 December 2010 at 1:16am | IP Logged
OMG Eva, that was such a sexy update...the epiosde just replayed in front of my eyes. 

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bharkha IF-Sizzlerz

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very gud update...

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avidity_2002 Senior Member

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Nice update.. The last paragraph of yours does stir some doubts regarding Maneet's wedding.. I too hope nothing comes between them and their love is so strong that it can withstand all storms.

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sptrno IF-Sizzlerz

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Lovely update......rocking!!!!!!........About Anni and Dadi don't know about their reactions to Geet's pregnancy.....may be Dadi will be in shock initially but later aceept Geet but one thing i'm sure about is that Maan will never leave Geet his Mishti even it means going against anyone including dadi......MAANEET bond has reached such a divine level that they both can go to any extent to be one can separate themSmile

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evasumi IF-Rockerz

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Thank you ladies for your comments appreciate it...

Yea I am also not sure about dadi knowing the details of pregnancy..  May be NT's drama at Pindy Q's party might have reached dadima and she might know but I am sure Tasha will try to poison Annie's mind..
but MSK will stand firm with Geet and no one can touch her or make her sad.. 
Cause Annie will try to confront her brother regarding Geet ..  let's see if she confronts..

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-Mrs.MSK- IF-Stunnerz

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you are such an awesome writer..Smile Thanks a lot for the lovely  update..Smile

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lovekasu Groupbie

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Nice update yaara .....Bur dont even try to call that Anvesha and Arjun AR  yeh haq sirf aur sirf Armaan aur ridhimma ka kaha .....

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