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Monday - 20/12/10.

Intha cyanide pappa nichiyamaa director Oda GF thaan - as usual we are treated
to black , blue, green, violet shots of cyanide pappa entering the KS household -
the clan itself is happily yapping at the dining table with the new DIL s attending
their gastric needs. Karthik says that Paatti might cast her eyes and paatti says
that all the nazar bonchuk has gone with Muthu's accident... "inimel no eye can harm
our family.." Well, THE eye one notices...and finally KS welcomes. Talk
turns to Cyanide's wedding and pappa refuses " I wanted to be the DIL of this house
(ammma, A.Malai chelvangale, kathile vizhunthu thaa??) ippO..another house?? NO No "
Paatti quickly retorts " if you miss the bus when u are young ..apram enga Pazhani
mathiri rendam thaaram thaan kettu varuvaan.." Paatti...Paatti...why give ideas??
Cyanide looks hurt and all shout at Paatti and console cyanide. Every one leaves..
and Paatti does not forget the parting shot " nee vanthaale kalagam thaan....vantha
velai mudinjithaa?? pO ..pOi nalla kOttikkO" Vasanthi and Swathi cajole cyanide and
take her to the dining table.....apram ..yuck....cyanide sits at pazhani's plate and starts
eating....even though KK offers a new , clean plate....Cyanide vows " Maama, I have your
dirty plate now..... next I will have you on my lap.." Has visions of Pazhani taking her
in the cycle.

Tamizh and Priya - at the Police Commissioner's office. The mere idea of marrying by
force is sickening to Roja - Ipdi panra kalyaanam yethanai naal thaakku pidikkum??
To cut a long story short, Priya's story is relayed to the Commissioner. C asks " Local
police station le complain panname?? Why me??" Tamizh says that Ashok is very
influential " he threatened us saying that the mere mention of his name would do policeman will take your complaint.." C calls the inspector of Ashok Nagar
police station..muted talks....apram asks Priya to give the complaint there " Legal
action nnu vantha..u should not go back, ok??" Tamizh agrees on behalf of Priya.
Shyless at work. Peon brings the files done by Sara and unnecessarily says that Sara
looks very cheerful !!! Amma kku ithu pOraatha?? Calls Sara and asks " enna ?? Ore
Thullal??" Sara says that he has a very contented married life.....sits in front of her
and has a smile ..( Roja kku athu azhugai mathiri therinjathu !!)


Update for Tuesday, Dec 21, 2010:

A happy Sara (in an awful green and black checked shirt!) and a not too happy Shameless - she wants to know why he is happy, he looks at her, remembers Vasanthi telling him to remember her face whenever he sees the Shameless one, sees Vasanthi's face, smiles at her, talks to her, tells her he wants to hug and kiss her (pOdhum, pOdhum, niruthu, innum descriptions edhuvum engaLukku vendaam!), calls her Vasanthi, and Shameless gets angrier that he even dares to talk to her and call her Vasanthi!  She says that he told his friend that he couldn't get Shameless out of his mind and saw her face when he looked at his wife (why do you discuss these things with your friend, Sara?  and how did Shameless get to know about it?  why is your friend reporting all this to her?  Think, think, man!), he says that he has driven all thoughts of her from his mind, and only his wife is there now, and he is the happiest man alive, etc., making Shameless furious.

A police car comes up to a house, the door is wide open, the officer goes in, calls "Ashok Sir", and his mother comes out.  She asks the officer if their monthly payments are coming promptly, he says Yes, has he bought his new house, he says Not yet, she says to ask them if he needs more money, he says Okay, then asks about Ashok.  Ashok comes out in a bright green shirt (is green the favored color these days?  Awful!), officer tells him he has come to arrest him because Priya and Tamil have filed a complaint, this complaint came directly from the Commissioner, so he has filed a FIR, but since he is faithful to them, he wants Ashok to settle the matter somehow within the next couple of days, or else he will be forced to arrest him.

Priya and Tamil in the police station, Tamil again reassuring Priya that she will get them married, wants Priya to decide if she wants to get married immediately or the next day.  The officer comes back, says that Ashok had escaped, but he will search diligently for him, because he has a reputation at stake.

Janaki and Prema - Janaki is cleaning fish, wants Prema to come and help her, Prema doesn't want to come, Janaki says she must learn to do it so she will know how to do it when she gets married, P says she will have three DILs to do it so she need not do it, J wants to know how that is possible, and P says there is one unmarried person in KS's household, Pazhani, and she plans to marry him! 

Thodarum ...


Update for Wed, Dec 22, 2010 (by none other than the angry eljay - why angry?  who wouldn't be, after seeing Shameless and CQ?)

Prema tells her mother that she will marry Pazhsu (chella peyar for Pazhanisamy, obviously!) and Janaki is shocked.  Flash, zoom shots of an eye and a pottu (whose?  Janaki?  Prema?) - Janaki asks her if she has any sense, he has a 16 year old daughter, Prema says she is going to marry him to destroy KS's family, that is the only way she can enter that family even if her mother does not agree.  Janaki tells her to give up this idea, Prema says she can never give up her idea of revenge (why does she come in a pavadai davani - to show that she is still unmarried?  she is not a young girl, and she looks better in a sari)  Mom says Enna pannariyO, paNNi tholai.  She is doubtful that KS will agree, but Prema says she will melt PS's heart, she will use his daughter Meena as a pagadakai (what is that? sounds like a pawn, as in chess).

Meena is worrying about Tamil and Priya going to Ashok's house, AM tells her that Tamil would have thought about it thoroughly and not to worry.  Meena is rightfully concerned about Ashok and what he might do.  Just then, Ashok's mother enters the house (the door was open as usual), calls out and AM comes there.  He is surprised to see her, she sits like a lord, and tells them to tell Tamil to go to the temple if she has spare time, not to try to get her son married to ... (she uses some foul language here) who became pregnant before marriage.  (What about the man who makes her pregnant?  Doesn't he deserve the same foul names?)  Meena tries to tell her that Priya may not be wealthy, but she is a good girl, she is like their daughter, and Ashok's mother takes out her weapon - the documents that AM signed the other day.

AM has apparently signed documents that show he has sold the rights to their special formula for their sweets to Ashok, as well as the store, and Ashok's mother says that it was Priya who did this drogam to them and got them to sign these documents.  AM is stunned, Ashok's mother says she is ready to return the documents to them, including those of the shop, all they have to do is get Priya to take back the complaint against Ashok.  Meena says that when Tamil returns home, she will tell Tamil to take back the complaint.

Hospital - Kavitha is helping MK with his exercises, KS comes in with some food and a change of clothes.  He asks MK why he looks so glum, says that he has to come home soon, so that they can have all the necessary sadangus, he wants a grandson soon, one who looks just like MK.  Kavitha is blushing away, and MK looks shocked.  (By the way, I think KS has been given a fake mustache - it hangs in an odd way, and it looks a different color from his hair!  Can the props department please take a look at this?)

Thodarum ...

Thursday 23.12.2010 Update By Srima

KS continues expressing his wish to MK- want to see kutty MK soon , yours should be our first grand child, only your jathagam has puthran  bagyam while Sara & karthik have only puthri bagyam. Kavitha tells even KiLi predicted twins  , puthran & puthri. KS confirms KiLi josyam will never go kaput. Further KS praises Kavitha sky high , her patience ,her good nursing care saw him recover soon , MK & his entire family is indebted to her life long ,the only way MK can repay her is to keep her happy life long. Kavitha for her part praises MK & his good nature& wants to be his wife janam after janam. All thru MK was sitting glum uttering not a single word & both KS & Kavi failed to notice it & ask reason for it. Lecture over , now brooding time for MK.

AM house , AM & Meena dissecting Priya's drogam. Meena is impatient. Thamizh comes home. Meena gives her no time to freshen up...goes straight to the matter her the file ...kaiya aati aati friendoda vandavaLatha  thandavaLam aethara [Thank God all muted ].  Thamizh voices  the standard dialogue...Priyava ippadi paNNina , ennal nambave mudiyalaye. Asks mom for the source of the matter , how she got the file? Mom reveals Ashok's mother's visit & the promise given by the lady to sort out the matter & return the shop to them . In return they want Priya to take back the complaint. Meena categorically says she is with  Ashok's mother in this matter & insists Priya should withdraw the complaint.

Priya's  house. Brooding Priya is being  further roasted by her mother for mistake. Priya pleads with her not to torture her more  with her questions. Says ,she is already burden with guilt , only silver lining  is Thamizh's encouragement & help... still little hope left in the corner of the mind that Thamizh will somehow unite her with Ashok. Ray of hope in mom's face too ,quips Thamizh deserves a temple  . Right then Thamizh & Meena arrive. Meena advises Thamizh to be firm &not to get carried away by Priya's tears.   Meena in no mood to accept Priya's mom's welcome, starts her  attack right away..awful dialogue , not worth writing [who is the dialogue writer? ]. Priya's mom misunderstand her , thinks she is talking about Priya's pregnancy . Finally Meena comes to the point.... Dont care about your daughter's  pregnancy or character , she is a green drohi , stabbed  us on the back ,throws the file at their face.


Friday 24.12.2010   Update By Srima

Meena's bashing continues. You a cheat , pacha drohi cries Meena looking at Priya. You have stabbed us in our back for all the love we showered on you , connived with that Koku Maku Ashok & gat blank documents signed by my husband , you will pay for all this. On knowing the true story Priya,s mom gets wild & start thrashing Priya for deceiving Thamizh.. Thamizh tries to stop Priya's mom while Meena prods her to bash Priya more & more ,Priya apologises , cites soozhnilai as the reason, Meena not willing to accept the apology , does sky earth jump , melee prevails on the screen .Finally Meena declares that Priya should make amends by withdrawing the case. Priya accepts , but Thamizh dismisses it  , says values friendship more than anything else in the world , would help Priya under any circumstance. Tears the  document & trashes it.. Now  ready with her next plan of action to con Ashok...takes Priya to Ashok's  fiance's house ,expose Ashok's thiruvilayadal, informs them  about Priya's preggy matter , complaint on Ashok registered in the police station , commissioner himself taking direct interest in the matter. Vandha velai mudinjadhu – doubt seed planted in the mind of girl's party. Now Priya's next plan is to teach Ashok a  lesson... meet the commissioner & tell him to take severe action against Ashok saying he is using pressure tactics to withdraw the case.

The last segment is entirely flashback one. MK gets visions of his happy days ...first meeting with kavi , marriage scene , her nursing care , his dad's advice to keep Kavi happy lifelong , dad's & Kavi's kutty MK dreams etc etc. Sleep eludes him , self pity envelopes , feels , Kavi deserves better married life , decides to leave this world ,apologises to Kavi in mind voice , bless her a happy married life with someone else [ Sad mama?] slowly walks out of the hospital .[ The nurse , the receptionist all seem to be blind...a patient walking out of the hospital in the middle of the night  & all seem unperturbed].

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Thanks, Roja!  So now CQ is making a play for the only single person left in KS's household, Pazhani?  KaNraavi!  Wonder what is in store for me today?  Pillayaarappa, nee thaan ennai kaapaatha vara vendum.

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Thanks RP & Eljay.
yaaru unmarriedO avangalukku valaiyaa? karmam karmam... CQ's amma is going to die of heart attack or will she praise her daughter's (lack of) brains... EshwarO rakshathu !!

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Thanks Roja & Eljay.
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Inther cynide rachasee ker manther kirukor ????LOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL Sonther Athey Purushaner kalyanapaniker plan podhara???ShockedShockedShocked Vevesteyeh illai inther mandher kirikerker ??? How old is Pazhani, and he has got a teenage daughter on top of that, and this dumbo is eyeing him all in the name of she can  velervangeran madheree paleevangeran her 3 marumagals...Hmmmm bhesh bhesh....ClapClapClapClap.....Cynide kudichee...kudichee....light bulb meyler poot terner poicher poler ??????  Big smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smile

Magic Tata konchom ungalodher magic powderer ava munjeela thuvee adherker apporom atherker buthee seria veyleysaytho illayah pakalam...WinkWinkWink
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Originally posted by anupallavi

....light bulb meyler poot terner poicher poler ??????  Big smileCan you explain this?

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What I meant when cynide rachasee's light bulb went bust was she must have lost her marbles... well  how could she think of marrying her own late athey's  widower husband...??? He looks more like her father figure .Wink

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Thanks for the updates roja, eljay..

Prema wants to become her boy friend's MIL Dead

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