AP 20 to 24 Dec - Nichayamaa Nichayathaartham stoppedaa

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Monday -  20/12/10 Episode No 170 Archives ' Copy

Habbaaaa, oru mudichu avizhinthu pOchhhh.

Mechanic Karthik sees Ganesh and recognizes the car no. Follows Ganesh and
stops him ...yes  you guessed it the Nadu theru - they have some thing important
to discuss u see....Wink Karthik confronts Ganesh " You know my maamaa Gopi, right??
You worked as his manager, now now, no lies please...." Ganesh stands his ground -
" naa 20 yrs aa Ameerica le.... I know no Gopi..." The dialogue goes on...fortunately
for Roja all muted.....andddddd who should come by??? The two timing RR arrives
and wants to be updated on the scenario. Karthik says that Ganesh got his maama
in to trouble and scooted to Ameerica - "now he says that he knows no Gopi !!" RR
says that Gopi is Fraud No 1 " Nee yen ppa Gopi kku advocate aa play panre?? Maama means? How?" Karthik says that he is going to marry Gopi's daughter. RR plays the
arbitrator .

Ganesh comes clean - Says that Gopi worked under him - Flash back time. To cut a
long story short, Gopi misappropriated 10, 000 rs of office money and Ganesh finds that
out. Gopi says that he took it to help a friend in need and ganesh gives him 2 days time to replace it. Gopi fails to replace and so Ganesh reports to his superiors . Gopi is punished.
RR, the arbitrator tells Karthik that Ganesh is his relative and he would have known if
Ganesh had some skeletons in his cupboard "also, whatever Gopi says has to be taken
with a pinch of salt.." Karthik is puzzled but tends to believe Ganesh and RR. promises
RR that Gopi will never bug Ganesh  again.

Pallu's house. Pallu looks victorious. RR, the two timer enters. Enna matter?? Pallu met Gayathri in the temple who in turn apologized for showing the exit to Pallu on the day of
their visit. Pallu with her uncanny acumen now KNOWS that Gayathri's character is
flawless. " avanga pOnnu nallava laa thaan irukkanum... I have decided ...athu thaan our, you better talk to Karthik and convince him, ok??" RR has a smug smile and
agrees to convince Karthik. Pallu looks like a cat who got a pot of milk ......all to herself...


Updates by Eclat
Tuesday - marketil no poo available... :(
Episode - 171  Tuesday 21st December 2010 - Nichayamaa Nichayathaartham stoppedaa?
HMM asking everyone to get ready (nichayathartham??)  Asks Padmanabhan to call AAR, is decided that AAR drive to RM's house and HMM & party would reach there.  Some Vaidhehi and Mythili are to be picked on the way by HMM. 
Mrs & Mr RM welcome those coming for the engagement.  Shrudhi's (oru pEra evvaLavu kolai) friends tease her... Adhi attending the guests and the vaadhyar who asks for something.  Vaadhyar wants RM to help write the muhurtha pathrigai.  Adhi is left to wait for the Groom's party.  HMM gets down complaining about the traffic.  Adhi invites them all in.. HMM asks everyone to stop, enquires if no elders at home, it is ill mannered for RM to sit inside and send Adhi to welcome the Groom.  (this man is turning out to be a pain!!) Mrs & Mr RM come running, RM tells he had gone inside to give the details for Muhurtha pathrigai, HMM says there is a murai for everything and he would like that to be followed.  RM and Vasanthi say this would never happen again... and they are sorry.  Mrs & Mr Padmanabhan and Vignesh knead their hands.  Finally HMM decides to forgive and warns RM.  AAR comes ( when she took HMM's call she was being driven, but when she gets down at RM she drives in, vara vazhila drivera engeyaavadhu erakki vittutaangaLO?)  Adhi welcomes her..  RM asks Vasanthi to bring Surudhi, Vasanthi is shocked looking at AAR... and so is RM.  HMM invites AAR, RM and Vasanthi  still stand their like ghost beaten (pEi aranja maadhri) HMM introduces AAR, Vignesh was staying in their house in the US of A. Vaadhyaar asks them to hurry up and bring the bride to be.   Vaadhyaar thappu thappaa tells sahanavavathu... appreciates the selection of the engagement sari, asks Shruthi to change into the new sari.  Shruthi changes the sari and does another namaskaram in the sabhai.  HMM is very happy.  The maalai for the maaps and the lagna pathrigai is read.  Again pathrigai says jyeshta puthran (thought he was the only son).  Vaadhyaar asks for oil... a Pandiyan is asked to get oil, the cup flies and falls on mama, who asks to stop the engagement for it is not a subhasagunam. Right from the begining there have been signs he shouts. The lamp also dies out.

Updates by Smlaksh
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Episode - 172           Wednesday - 22.12.10

Pandian spills the oil on meesai mama (MM) unknowingly .. MM yells at RM tht too many bad omens & forces his sister to leave .. RM says it's not good to stop an engagement for some petty issue .. Adhi apologizes to MM , but he insists tht they can't proceed with the function , as some nerudal has happened .. Adhi even falls on his feet Ouch , but in vain .. MM takes his sister's family forcefully & leaves .. Everyone else too leave , except for AAR .. Shruthi leans on RM's shoulders & cries bitterly Cry .. Vasanthi asks AAR who actually she is .. AAR says she is Anu's sister .. Asks RM why he is shattered .. it's only his daughter's engagement got cancelled & not her marriage .. Adds tht he have already made another family experience this pain .. RM doubts her to be Anu .. AAR says she is not & now he is reaping what he sowed .. RM is shocked ..

RM claims tht he cancelled Adhi-Niveda's engagement bcos their horoscope didn't match .. AAR doesn't believe him .. Says there is no logic nor truth in what he says .. Forces him to spill the real reason .. taunts him some more .. RM gets angry & screams at AAR .. Says his family only made him lie .. and in anger shouts tht RR is a two timer .. and even Anu is not aware of the fact .. he came to know abt it thru his childhood friend .. and tht's y he cancelled the engagement .. he can even forgive his enemy , but not a nambikkai dhrogi .. his sister too is in Anu's state .. and so he didn't want to make RR's daughter his DIL .. Anu is shocked , doesn't believe him .. but still vows to find out the truth .. Also promises tht if what RM said is true , then she herself will conduct Vicky-Shruthi's wedding ..

Ganesh meets RR in his office .. RR shares his projects with Ganesh .. Sundu joins them .. Says he settled some office issue .. one of their painter died last week during work .. they have already compensated his wife .. but now his second wife has approached them seeking help .. even though legally they don't need to help her , they decide to do something for humanity sake .. RR tells him to give her some money , but Sundu denies it won't be a permanent solution .. RR tells him to offer a job for tht 2nd wife .. Ganesh who is a silent spectator till then , praises RR & takes leave .. RR's guilt trip .. says he too has done the same mistake .. Sundu convinces saying , painter did intentionally , but RR did unknowingly .. and not to get confused .. RR says thappu pannina thandanai anubavikkanum .. Sundu says daily u r seththu seththu pizhaichufying , nithyam kandam , what other punishment u need .. RR thinks ...

Thodarum ...

Updates by Eclat substituting for coolrrk
Episode - 173 Thursday December 23rd 2010
AAR rings the doorbell, Ganesh opens with a cup of coffee in hand... AAR looks upset and enters the house like a zombie, (it is the same house and sofa set that was shown to be Anu's house)  Ganesh is bewildered.  He gets a cup of coffee for Rukku and a tablet, but AAR has the haunting voice of RM saying RR is a two timer replaying in her ears.  Ganesh wants to know if the engagement went on well.  AAR says it was dropped (why, was it an hot potato to be dropped?), says she was the reason.  Updates him on her plan... Ganesh is upset about her behaviour.  Promises to make both weddings happen.  Then why the kutra uNarchi asks Ganesh, kutratha pathi therinjukitta adhirchi (slEdai usage hmm..) replies AAR, and repeats RM's reason for calling off Adhi's engagement.   Ganesh is shell shocked... is unable to believe, english and thamizhla asks how it could be.. AAR says Anu is the first wife and he has a stepney hidden away (mannangatti - as if he doesnt go out with Palli and her children).  RM did not have the heart to spoil Anu's life, so said some reason and stopped.  AAR says she is just not able to take it... Ganesh says it just is not possible, refuses to believe.  Judges the fellow who told the news to be a fool, blindly says that RR would never do a dhrogam.  Recalls whatever happened at the office for the 2nd wife... AAR wants to enquire, Ganesh says RR will leave his uyir if he knows about her suspicion.  Also reveals about Gopi and MK... how RR saved him...Concludes RM to have lied...Tells AAR not to spoil Anu's life telling this lie...
Vignesh, his parents and HMM reach home.  HMM goes to his room,  Padmanabhan and wife discuss as how HMM called off the engagement for a saltless (uppuchappu illaadha) reason, if he is sane at all, feel sorry for RM and family..
Updates by Eljay
Update for Friday, Dec 24, 2010:

HMM explains to Vig's parents that he stopped the nischayadartham because Rukku asked him to do so.  Apparently she came to see him and told him about Nivedha's engagement getting broken at the last minute and she wanted him to stage some drama and stop this engagement.  HMM is not too happy but Rukku assures him that she will make sure that the wedding takes place.  Vera velai illai, so Rukku has become the marriage broker for Chennai.

Gopi is trying to tally the sales and receipts and they are not tallying.  He doesn't want to eat till MK comes home.  MK comes home and tells him that he has found Ganesh.  Selva wants the drogi, and MK says that the drogi is right there, none other than Gopi himself.  MK says that Ganesh told him the real story and now he knows that Gopi was the real thief.  Gopi protests his innocence, but nobody believes him.  MK says that after RR also confirmed that Ganesh is innocent, he knew that Gopi was not speaking the truth.  Gopi admits that he wanted two mangoes with one stone, get Ganesh beaten up and have MK sent to jail, so he pretended to have reformed.  SR and Usha are showing their contempt, but Gopi says MK will never marry Selva, he has big dreams and has set his sights high.

Shruti's house - Shruti is crying in her room, while RM is worrying - I didn't do any drogam to anyone (other than treating my wife and family as my slaves and shouting and screaming at everyone), and Vasanthi tells him to talk to the periyavar ...

Thodarum ...


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Thanks RP.
If only Gopi misapprorpiated the money why Ganesh did not want to face VTM?
AAR & family scooted to USA even before RR's wedding - that family had no or almost no communication .  How does RR think he will know the skeletons in Ganesh's cupboard,  RR's skeletons are intact still....
Palli - that lizard is better than you... what will happen when you know Karthi loves the girl you hate and that girl was the one you left high and dry in that Kumbakonam bus stand...

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Thanks, eclat!  One more engagement is being stopped?  Good, this is a story of broken engagements and arrogant females.

Incidentally, the mystery of the missing driver has been solved by yours truly - the driver couldn't stand the awful accent and ran away, leaving AAR to do the rest of the driving!

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This HMM is way too much...ivalo, panjagam parkeranger....maapillai peythervenga chumma peysahmay irrukerange...idher ennai nyayam ? The way HMM is jumping vaanetherkum bhumikum, makes it looks like this Vikki ( vekki vekki sic pun intended) like his own son, rhombehr than overa oorumai kondherarer....I think everything has a limit , and everybody too has a limit to certain amount of tolerance within themselves....Couldn't the boys parents open their mouth to at least pacify the HMM  to stop butting in? No they simply keep quite, squeeze their hands and vedikai pakeran, when HMM is almost about to a call off the nichayathartam.. because of the many following reasons he stated :

1) Parents of the bride failed to receive the groom entourage ( more specifically failed to receive HMM at the vaasal).

2) Somebody accidentally spilled oil on the HMM, ( I think its good he had an accidental oil bath, he is pretty stiff in attitude needs a been of smooth tuning LOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL).

3) Of course dumbell HMM if there is no oil in the kuttervillaku, obviously the flame goes off.(.Dheymangga madiyan periyarverai...ither rocket science illai, so ather ennai karunum sollerenger, villaku anneecheepochee, so its not a nalla sagunam...I think its your light bulb only anneecheepochee...)

I wonder how long more Sruthi's father is able to hold his tongue.....cos from Sruthi's look she is afraid her father might jump from vanertherkum bhumikum....and says he does not give a damn if this engagement & marriage will take place or not, as he will able to find a better prospect for his daughter...paavom Sruthi than maatikeeter mulikerar....evalo kashtepatherthan she and her brother manage to get her to this engagement stage...even her future in laws also in the loop....

The only person who may be able to help calm the storm that just brewed in the cup..will be AAR...Rukumani only you can ensure this engagement takes place well ....cos only you can tactfully tackle this problematic HMM.....remember you promise to  make sure Vikki marries Sruthi and also find a way to patch Adhi & Nivedha's engagement too....if you step in now and save this engagement, I tell you RM & Vasanthi will be grateful to you for life and they will listen to whatever you say...including agreeing for Adhi to get engaged and married to Nivedha....Oru Kallerley Renda Mangga.!!!

Good Luck AAR in tackling this Bootham HMM...

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Thanks Rojakka & Eclat .. I feel HMM & AAR intentionally trying to stop the engagement , just to make RM realise how painful it'll be , as bride's dad ..

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Thanks, Laksh!  So if RR got married again without even making sure that the first wife was dead, then he did no thappu?  Sundu, use your head, man!  How can you have two sets of rules for people?  RR is as guilty as the man in your factory?  What was his big rush to get married to Palli? 
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Thanks for the updates.

So now Rukku knows the truth. will she wpill all to her sis or keep holding to it believing what RR did is correct?

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Don't worry, migan, RR is good at brainwashing everyone, so Rukku will also end up saying RR is not guilty, it was all sandharpa soozhnilai!

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