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NEW FF: Persuasion of Khurana *Final Part* Pg. 15 (Page 5)

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wen s the next update yaar???

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****Part 2****

"Alrighty! I am going to head on now. Let the action begin" I called as I ran up the stairs to make the grand entry. I was too excited and in my hurry took large steps up the stairs skipping one two steps….. and when I finally reached the top, entered the main door, took the first two steps, that's when my stupid traitorous long beautiful white saree and my feet cheated me because my left foot stepped on the front hem of my saree and I staggered slamming hard on someone, the force of which had me falling back hard on the floor. It took me total of two seconds to realize that I had fallen, a man's shadow lumbered over me, a silence fell around me, and my grand entry had been ruined!

"Ouch" I exclaimed as I lifted my head from the hard floor.

"It's so wonderful to see you Geet" Atul greeted as he helped me off the floor. "Was that part of the plan?" he asked in a whisper, still holding my arm as I tried to compose myself.

"No" I answered as I peeked over his shoulder. Everyone was staring in our direction, the press already clicking pictures. There goes my grand entry! Sheesh Kabab! This was definitely not what I had planned; I did not want to see a picture of my fall! Atul sighed in relief at my answer and withdrew his hand from my arm.

"Then why did you fall?" my unofficial brother-in-law asked me, the idiot still did not comprehend that it was an accident.

"oh…that! just checking whether the carpet felt as soft as it looks! And of course you know how I enjoy falling down and getting hurt" I mocked as I hugged him, I felt a dull ache in my head. I needed some comforting. I completely ignored the eyes of all the guests on me.

"So is it?"

"Is what?" I asked Atul confused at his question.

"The carpet! Is it as soft as it looks?" did he seriously just ask me that question?

"No!" I grimaced, rubbing the back of my head with my fingertips.

"Oh… do you want to check the one near the stairs…. That one looks a lot softer than this one"  

"Honestly" I snorted at his suggestion.

"let's go check…. If you want I can give a you push… to… you know… make it look like you fell accident-"



"Shut up!"

"If you insist"

I rolled my eyes at him in annoyance… out of all the men in this party why the Sheesh Kabab did I slam into Atul, if it had been any other man then he would have definitely stopped my fall… and I would not be facing such humiliation right now…  and Where the H were the girls when I needed them! Everyone was still staring in my direction…. I needed a distraction, something to get everyone's attention on something else. And there it was…. the distraction…  my rescue came in the form of Maan Singh Khurana, everyone turned their attention behind me, at the entry door where Maan Singh Khurana entered wearing an Armani black suit, with a cigar in his hand, a sapphire ring in his left hand finger and that grim expression on his face. How did I know this with my back facing him? Simple. That was how he always made his entrance, the same old black and the same old grim look and still managed to get everyone's attention! 

"Geet! You ruined everything!" Pari accused glaring at me. I looked up to see the group walking towards me. Now they come, where were they when I had my fall, if they had been with me then I wouldn't have had that awful fall!

"Shut up!" I snapped at Pari, Anjali di glared at Atul's hand which was still wrapped around my shoulder, I snuggled closer to Atul and smirked at Anjali di.

"Atul!" Anjali di warned as she tugged Atul away from me.

"Stay away from my man" Anjali di ordered

"Okay" I said stepping away, Ridhima di giggled.

"Misha, let's go search for Pari's sexy brothers" this time Ridhima di gave me a glare. "I mean Pari's Mama ji" I laughed.

"Geet, are you okay? Should I get you some ice for the head?" this is why Misha was my best friend. She was always so very concerned about me, being a very kind and caring friend.  She had followed me behind, while the rest were still giving me the angry disappointed glares. I seriously didn't care about having ruined my grand entry; I still had the rest of the evening left to create the buzz…..

"I am okay. Don't worry" I lied while taking the punch from the waiter and walked towards the giant Christmas tree, overly decorated with too many beautiful ornaments and sparkling lights. I suddenly felt an uneasy feeling of someone discretely following me, as if someone's gaze followed me continuously……

"Don't worry Geet, it still worked despite your fall. The press is following you like glue and look how everyone is staring at you wide eyed" Misha assured me.

"So did you get the chance to place our ornament on the Christmas tree after our failed attempt last week?" I asked instead sipping on my punch as I viewed the beautifully decorated tree; I smiled seeing our group picture ornament on the tree. I was well aware of the many eyes following me and the many whispers going on about me.

"Yes! I sneaked in at night and placed it at the other side" Misha snickered.

"Dad about had a heart attack seeing the freakish ornament on the tree in the morning! You know how dad gets so possessive about the Christmas tree. He doesn't even let mom touch the tree!" Misha sighed and I nodded my head in agreement, Uncle Russell really was very possessive when it came to decorating Christmas tree!

"I can't wait to open my present. It's going to be so much fun to open all our presents together"  Misha exclaimed in excitement. I nodded my head in agreement, even I couldn't wait to open the presents, there were far too many gifts and the fun was opening with the others.

"There comes Pari and others" Misha informed, I didn't look at them, I was still angry at Pari's outburst.

"So what's the plan?" Anjali di asked joined by the others.

"I am going to seduce him with my moves!" I revealed them the secret. They all raised their eyebrows at me.

"Dance! One dance with Khurana!" I announced to my group pointing towards the dance floor which was already crowded with young and old couples. I turned back to my friends waiting for their squeal of excitements at my brilliant plan but they all simply stared at me with an incredulously look on their faces.

"I am going to dance with Khurana and this dance will end with Khurana kissing me!" I explained them and waited for their reaction but they still stared at me open mouthed as if… as if… Sheesh Kabab!

"Misha!" I called loudly snapping my fingers in front of her to drag her back to earth! My loud voice and my fingers snapping seemed to have done the trick of bringing my friends back to me.

"Sissy, did I just hear you say the word dance?" Ridz di asked with, a dreadful look on her face.

"Yes! I am going to dance with Khurana!" I gushed, excitement bubbling inside me.

"Ouch!" Atul exclaimed holding his shin, a painful look on his face.

"What happened, Atul? Are you hurt?" Anj di asked with concern. I suppressed the urge to gag at the display of affection.

"Yes, just remembered the time when I had danced with Geet" Atul grimaced.

Sheesh Kabab! He did not just say that! how dare he insinuate such a thing about my dancing skills; which I tell you are excellent! Modest; I never was!

"Babes, I think you should do something else to get that kiss!" Misha suggested, patting on my forearm. Not her too!

"Yes, Geet, Just drop all your ideas that have anything to do with dancing" Pari requested with desperation.

"NO! I am not!" I refused them all.

"Geet, you do remember what happened the last time you decided to dance?" Ridz di asked.

"No! I don't!" I snapped. Yes, I did remember… it ended with four people hospitalized…. But I had nothing to do with it! Honest! 

"Remember how you injured your dance instructor?"

"Shut up!"

"Remember the time-"


"Or  at the club-"


"And at Nikki's-"


*********** 10 tortures minutes later************


"So, it is decided! I am going to get that kiss by the end of that dance!" I declared after they all fell silent. 

"Geet!" Misha screamed, stomping her foot.

"Misha!" I screamed in returning, stomping my foot.

"So where is he?" I asked, my eyes searching through the crowd.

"Who?" Atul asked.

"Khurana" I answered indifferently, my eyes searching for the man. There he was, sitting at the bar, sipping on his wine, his eyes probing the crowd and then suddenly they stopped at my direction. He stared at me, his eyes surveyed me from top to bottom, his eyebrow pricked in recognition and in shock at my different form. He raised his brow in question at me while I gave him a sweet smile in return and slowly made my way to him, carefully walking in a manner Anjali di always did and I hoped I had it right this time! Khurana drained down his drink, placed the empty glass on the bar counter and stood up to greet me with an unknown glint or he might have stood up to escape from my presence but I am going to go with the former…… 

"Singhania" He said and a displeased look covered the glint I had seen or was I mistaken? Was it anger? Must have been anger, he always gave me that angry look. The guy still hadn't forgotten that incident! For god's sake it's been years, couldn't he just let it go! I still remember the look he had given me that day nearly 9 yrs ago. He had absolutely loathed me; it was pure hatred I had seen in his eyes that day and I still see that same loath behind his mask…..

"Merry Christmas, Khurana!" I greeted extending my hand to him. Bas$$$d! "Singhania" That was all he said, couldn't he just be a gentleman for once and tell me how beautiful I looked tonight. Modest; I never was! He glared at me before taking my hand and kissing the back of it and quickly letting it go. I smirked inwardly at his uncomfortable posture, he was angry, distressed at my advance but he couldn't do anything; the reports were present, clicking in our pictures, the guests watched us. Everyone was expecting some big drama to unfold between us. Seems like even they hadn't forgotten the incident!

"What is it now, Geet? What are you all playing at this time?" He asked glaring at me angrily and then darting his eyes at my group. I was still waiting for him to compliment me, it isn't like I dressed up, had a makeover for him to notice me as a young woman rather than his niece's spoiled friend. Really it had nothing to do with him! Honest!

"Nothing, I just thought maybe you could do with a company tonight, I see you are without a date (as always) so thought to join you" I answered giving him the glass of wine. It would be better to have him drunk rather than in his senses. He looked at me with disbelief before taking the glass from my hand. 

"It's not going to work this time. I am not going to fall for another trick of yours this time" he said gulping the drink and taking another one. Fool he didn't know he was already falling for it. Ha Ha Ha! Evil; I always was!

"Chill Khurana, why don't we go and dance?" I suggested wrapping my hand around his arm and dragging him towards the dance floor, winking at Misha and others who stood at the far end, watching our interaction.

All I Seee…

In Hersszzz Touch

Wats D Fun ? Ah Ah

Do U Know Wht I Mean It Isz ?


Sup Sup


Can I Get Ya


Can I Touch Ya


Can I Get Ya



Khurana glared down at me, trying hard to appear disapproving. But of course it wasn't easy with my face grinning charmingly up at him and I knew I had succeeded in developing alarming cracks to his resolve and the firm wall he had created around him to keep girls away from himself……..

Zara Zara Touch Me Touch Me Touch Me

Ah Zara Zara Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me

Ah Zara Zara Hold Me Hold Me Hold Me

Ah Zara Zara .. Oooo Ooo Ooo


Touch Me Touch Me Touch Me

Ah Zara Zara

Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me

Ah Zara Zara

Hold Me Hold Me Hold Me

Ah Zara Zara

Oooo Ooo Ooo

Bin Tere Sanam Is Jahan Mein

Beqkaar Hum

Dum Da Dum Da Dum

Bin Tere Sanam Is Jahan Mein

Beqkaar Hum ….. 2

 [ Zara Zara Touch Me Song Lyrics @ Http://Www.Hindilyrix.Com ]


The song was perfect for the moment, I couldn't believe my luck. I was dancing rather too loudly, and well completely forgot that I had planned to seduce Khurana with my moves… speaking of him where the H was he… I looked around and noticed the whole dance floor was cleared. Was I the only one who was dancing like a maniac…No, I wasn't!  Khurana stood in the center of the dance floor, his hands folded, his trademark smirk edged on his face, his stance still as his eyes stared at me with amusement… what was he doing in the middle of the dance floor so far away from me? Wasn't I dancing with him when I stepped on the dance floor… Was I so immersed in my dancing that I left him there by himself while I danced around the whole dance floor… I grimaced inwardly as the image of me flying around the dance floor entered my mind… erm…maybe I should have listened to Misha…

In the end it was not bleak prospect of my friends laughing at my failure that forced me to walk back up to Khurana who stood smirking at me. I wasn't one who got embarrassed or mortified because of my actions, no, I never cared for what people thought of me but I did care about Khurana's views on me! But more than anything, it was my uncontrollable sense of adventure and the stubborn streak that I was born with that never allowed me to give up so easily. I had stepped onto the dance floor with a motive and I planned to accomplish that! I would not let my clumsiness get in my way…. and so I took a deep breath, lifted up my shoulders and walked up to Khurana with my head held high. He only raised his brow in question when I wrapped my arms around his neck and began the dance of seduction.....

"I love you, you know that right?" I said moving my face closer to Khurana, breathing in his cologne. Then wanting to get a reaction from him, I purposely pursed my lips and very lightly blew on his neck.

Khurana staggered for a moment, stared at me in a calculating manner, "Is it another dare this time? Am I the new prey this time?" He asked in anger, but I saw through him. Khurana's control seemed to have vanished the second he felt my breath on his neck. He ran his hands across my nearly bare back and pulled me in slightly, trying to get closer to me without making it too obvious. And then he did something that freaked me out, no he didn't kiss me…. He dipped his head down and smelled my hair. Ewwwww….. Sick…. I know! His hand suddenly wrapped around my waist in a tight grip, and his hand reached out to touch my face, his eyes expressed an unknown desire, and his fingers tingled on my cheek. I could feel the blush creeping up on my whole face, at the touch and his warm breath fanning on my face. When had he come so close to me, his nose was almost touching mine, his eyes were staring deeply into mine, I stared back at him in confusion, shocked at the sudden change in him…...  the music changed to a soft number and I suddenly found myself tightly enveloped in his arms… I forgot to breathe for the next five minutes… as my body was moved, lifted, twirled and arched in Khurana's hands… he pulled me and pushed me, our bodies swaying to the music…

Kurbaan hua
Teri tishnagi mein yun
Kurbaan hua
Teri aashiqui mein yun

Bekhudi mein bekali mein
Bekasi mein hua
Tujhko har duaa di, aur dagaa bhi
Aur fanaa hua

Kurbaan huaaaaa…
Kurbaan hua ha haaannnaaa..
Ada pe…wafa pe….jafa pe
Kurbaan huaaaa
Kurbaan hua ha haaannnaaa…

Ru-ba-ru hai tu magar
Tanha hai yeh jahaan
Jal uthe meri kufr se
Saanson ka yeh samaan
Kya hua
Pal mein jaane kho gaya kyon
Tu mila aur judaa imaan hua yun

Bekhudi mein bekali mein
Bekasi mein hua
Tujhko har duaa di, aur dagaa bhi
Aur fanaa hua

Kurbaan huaaaaa…
Kurbaan hua ha haaannnaaa..
Ada pe…wafa pe….jafa pe
Kurbaan huaaaa
Kurbaan hua ha haaannnaaa


"Sheesh Kabab!" was the only words that escaped from me when our dance finally ended… that was the most thrillingly, amazingly fatal dance I ever had in my life….

"Beautiful" he sighed his thump caressing my cheek. Finally! I was getting tired of waiting for his compliment! The jerk had to take so long and then ends up saying just beautiful! I want to hear more than that! I wanted him to say how sexy, gorgeous, and breathtakingly beautiful I looked in my white saree, how I have captured his heart with my beauty and innocence…. erm… maybe not innocence….. but definitely  my beauty. Like I said before modest, I never was. We were just swaying to the music now, he still had his hand wrapped around my waist, which made it impossible for me to move freely and dance like I usually would have….  

It was getting more and more difficult to breath. Now there is no need to assume things; it was only because of the nasty smell of cigar and brandy coming from him. Honest! I simply could not take my gaze away from him, his eyes held mine. Now don't go on assuming things again, it was only because he held my face in his hands. Honest! It was getting rather too intense, I could feel the eyes of everyone on us, and I saw the flashes of pictures being taken. Yes…. now was the time to take the last action.

"Kiss me… Kiss me Khurana" I urged, bringing in desire and earnest into my voice, reaching my hands towards his neck, entwining my fingers in his hair. I knew the desire was visible in my eyes; my lips trembled at the feel of his finger tracing my bottom lip. Would he just do it before I lose my patience and give up on this act! I don't think I can manage to keep up with being so close to him, it was all getting a little too intense to my liking. I don't want to see that desire and lust for me in his eyes, I felt very uncomfortable with that look I prefer the anger and annoyed look he always gave me……

"Was it for me?" he asked, I looked at him in confusion. What the H was he asking? Couldn't he just shut up and kiss me already! His eyes raved up my body stopping at my lips "This" he said his fingers twirling a strand of my hair.

"No" I denied; the idiot thought my makeover was for him. Fool! did he think I still had that stupid girl crush on him, it had been years since then and I have gotten over my crush on him years ago. Honest!

He frowned at my quick denial and I saw the disbelief in his eyes.

"It has nothing to do with you. You better believe it!" I showed my directness of this through my eyes.

"Yeah sure…. I believe you" he said dryly, letting go of me and then swiftly turned and walked away with all the grace that I am apparently in need of.

I stood there and blinked after him. What had just happened? What did I just do? It was all perfect, he was just about to kiss me but no he had to show that arrogance of his. A$$$$$e!

My eyes continued to observe his back as he stood surrounded by the press reporters. I realized the many eyes on me, laughing at my distress. I turned and stepped down from the dance floor and walked confidently, if not steadily towards the bar, which was now devoid of any people. My stupid ankle was hurt because of that embarrassing fall and I was also embarrassed by the abrupt end to my dance with Khurana. Bas$$$d! I hate him as much as he hates me! Honest!

I needed a drink, to calm my rising anger and hatred for Khurana…… I quickly grabbed the wine bottle, glared at the bar tender who opened his mouth to question my legality. No one dares to ask me that question! I have been drinking wine since I was fifteen! I angrily filled in the glass with wine, brought the glass to my lips and started to drink, when something caught my eye. Turning to confirm what I saw, I actually choked on my wine. Adi!

Ohh H…. if he sees me flirting with Khurana then my love story will end even before it started! Adi… a senior in my college, the perfect student, every teacher's favorite student, the best hockey player in state, the studious student and my current crush which was developing into something more day after day…. *sigh* but Adi…. he was still unaware of my feelings for him, he still did not understand why he always saw me everywhere around him!

"Geet!" Misha rushed up to me, followed by others.

"Adi is here in the party" Pari screeched loudly turning the guests head in our direction.

"I know" I sighed, draining on my wine and having another fill.

"Geet, one glass is enough!" Misha advised, more like ordered and snatched the wine bottle from my hand.

"I hate you all" I muttered before stomping off to settle scores with Khurana. I really did want to be with Adi then but it was too risky to take the chance. I wanted to find Khurana and annoy him to death!

"What is this Cutieee, you promised to stay by my side the whole night" I complaint to Khurana, who was still surrounded by the press. For just one second I saw an incredulous look on Khurana but that was just for one second, I guess he realized the reports were staring at us with their cameras flashing on us.

Khurana raised his dark eyebrows at my tone, but otherwise did not make any other sign that he noticed anything remarkable about my behavior. "Of course cutie-pie, let's go" he said, his tone dripping with fake sweetness, and turned towards the reports "Please excuse us"

"Is it true then, Mr. Khurana?

"Are you dating Geet Ray Singhania?"

"Is it true that she is your date for tonight's party?"

"Don't you think she is too young for you?"

"She is still a minor, Is Mr. Singhania okay with your relationship with her?"

The questions continued on, as Khurana dragged me away from the press. At last Uncle Rusell had to come and take the press reporters away. Khurana sighed in relief and I sighed in disappointment, I wanted to answer their questions but Khurana had stopped me from saying anything!

"What are you playing at, Geet?" He growled angrily, his hand tightly held my arm. We had finally gotten away from the press and the curious guests. He had dragged me to a corner; a huge poinsettia was placed at the side which covered our views from the curious eyes.

"What do you mean, cutieee?" I asked, tugging my hand at his tie, wiping an invincible dust from his shirt and then I did what I knew would get to him! I bended my head at an angle and peered at him through my lashes, innocently batting my eyes and biting on my bottom lip. He gaped and blanched at me, stepping back a foot.  Damn! It always worked with men but it seems like Khurana wasn't like other men….. I am starting to doubt his gender preferences now……. maybe the rumors were true after all…. maybe......

"Do not play the innocent with me. Refuse it all you want, but end this act…. Now!" His voice was low and stern, but not really harsh. I saw the loathing full force in his expression. I could clearly see the challenge in his eyes, a challenge I will not refuse!..... errr….maybe I will…. Just this once…..

"Stop with this nonsense game you are playing with me or I swear to god, I will make you regret this day!" he warned, glaring down at me.

I didn't know how to react, so I just merely nodded my head and said nothing. It was safest move, just nod and agree with him when he stared at you with such loathness and that deadly warning his voice hinted at.

"The next time you feel the need to embarrass me in such a way again; I promise you, the consequences of such actions will not be so light. Next time, you will be punished!" He said huskily into my ear, before giving me a wet kiss on my cheek. Ewwww…. Sick…. I wiped my cheek with my hand, trying to get his salvia out of my skin! While Khurana let go of his tight hold on me, straightened himself and again for the second time left me standing there but not before glaring down his nose! A$$$$$e! I stomped my foot in anger and headed off towards the group……  I did not want to be anywhere near him… braveness be damned!  



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awesome part dear.... loved it

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awsome update yaar..loved it ! finally she got a kiss thats the bet na !Wink

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amazing part

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Dat was excellent nd hillarious....... So she lost d bet...... Oh god she is a complete brat...... Can't wait 4r next updation.

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plz add me 2 pm

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Originally posted by Angelskiss

Originally posted by bluedreamz953

Wow!!This is awesome yaar!
Please add me to the pm list!
Loved this FF
Please continue soon
Thanks a heap babes!
Love you

Btw,I'm Shaila!
And you are??

Hey Shaila, thank you for loving my ff, have you read my other ff "Out of Darkness"? if not, then i would request you to give that one a try, you will love it more then this one... Embarrassed Anyways, everyone here on IF know me as "Angel" but my name is Sarah!
I hope you enjoy reading part 2. Smile 
Yeah Sarah!
I read ur other FF already...posted a long long comment too!Haha
Please update that one too! I shall go read the second right back with another comment!!Wink

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