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NEW FF: Persuasion of Khurana *Final Part* Pg. 15 (Page 15)

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Originally posted by shining_moon

geet was awesome
wat a pay back to sasha........auntyROFLROFLROFL
as usual maanet bickering session was just hillarious
poor the sweet little kid turned to b a monsterLOLLOL
lovely update
keep writing

Thank you, happy to know that part 3 was funny enough to make you laugh...  the whole Sasha scene was a last minute addition so i am really surprised at the response I got from everyone... I guess you all just hate sasha too much thus enjoyed the way Geet so pleasantly insulted her Sasha.. aunty! LOL

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Originally posted by aditiwalia56

Where r u....... U promised a updation on new year's eve........ But anyways plz update whenever u get time........ Happy new year.

Sorry, had a New Year's party attend... so could not post the part....  Happy New Year to you too!
Angelskiss IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by aashluvsmaan

hey sarah.....
where are u girl???????????
broken promises..............

Sorry Aash, had a busy day at work and then had to head out to New Year's party.... so couldn't find the time to post the final part...  

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Originally posted by Angelskiss

Originally posted by aditiwalia56

Where r u....... U promised a updation on new year's eve........ But anyways plz update whenever u get time........ Happy new year.

Sorry, had a New Year's party attend... so could not post the part.... Happy New Year to you too!
Thanks nd don't be sorry i can totally understand......... Its like i m so in love wid dis story nd eagerly watting 4r next part..........
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I greeted aunt Rusell, talked to her for a while and started out to search for Misha, I was too intent and engrossed on trying to find her and the others hence was not paying attention to where I was going. Again….. I know!  As I gazed at the crowded guest I didn't spot the man standing in front of me before it was too late. I ran into him and grabbed on to his shirt collar before I overbalanced. I did not want another fall! Long arms snaked around my bare waist to steady me and I breathed in the now-familiar nasty scent of brandy and trembled at the feel of his warm touch on my skin.

"Can't you see where you are going?" I yelled angrily at the person, I was never one to admit my mistake.

"Not you again!"

"Khurana?"  My voice caught in my throat and I swallowed hard. Sheesh Kabab! Out of everyone it had to be Khurana! I did not want to see the man ever again especially after the rude insults and the embarrassment he caused me at the dinner. 

"The one and only" He smirked. The Bas$$$d!

I glared at him in annoyance. Sheesh kabab! what was happening to me... I; Geet Ray Singhania was glaring... glaring? at Maan Singh Khurana....

"Has anyone ever told you?" He bent over me and questioned quietly in my ear, his lips brushing few of my curl.

A small squeak escaped from my throat, but I shook my head to clear the haziness. "What?" I asked him, he definitely didn't seem like a bas***d, not with that sexy smile! Sexy? Scratch that! I meant Ugly! Yes… UGLY!

"Watch where you are going…. Next time" He sneered at my face. I staggered as he abruptly let go of me. Again! Bas$$$d!

"You…. y-you Bas$$$d!" I screamed as he made to move past me. I clamped my mouth shut covering it with my hands as I quickly darted a thorough glance around the party hall, hoping no one heard me say the word… if this reached my mother… then I was in for another mouth washing episode with her disgusting soap! I gagged, already feeling the sick taste in mouth just by remembering that traumatic episode….

"My parents, contrary to your belief, Geet, were married" Urgh! The Insufferable, Arrogant Bas-Sheesh Kabab! Where is Pa's gun when I need it! I stomped my foot angrily and shrugged my head, it was then when I realized Khurana was staring up and everyone was cheering at us. I looked up cautiously, I knew what I was going to see…. but I had to make sure. Mistletoe!

The kiss! We were standing under the mistletoe! I was just about to forget my anger and do my happy dance, but fortunately I restrained myself. Wouldn't want to give everyone a heart attack! Especially, Khurana who stood with a shocked grossed expression as if someone told him he had to kiss a frog! He kept murmuring something, glancing at me and then at the mistletoe….. Poor Khurana he had to kiss me now! HA HA HA! Evil, I always am.

I leaned into him to hear what he was going on about. I saw his body stiffen at my sudden closeness. Then suddenly it happened, I don't really know exactly how it happened because all I can remember is that one minute I was staring into his grey eyes and the next I felt his cold lips on mine. I was too shocked to react; I stood still for few seconds as he continued his assault on my lips. I was also too dazed to comprehend that I was responding to his kiss. Then one by one everything registered into my mind. I was kissing Khurana…. no….no…. Khurana was kissing ME! I was wrapped in his arms….. I tried to think back and recall exactly how I landed in this position….. his one hand caressing my back, the other wrapped around my bare waist, his touch sending tingles over my whole body….

I don't even know for how long he kissed me, but the moment his lips left mine, my hand unconsciously reached out to hold him back but I withdrew my hand before it touched him. What the Sheesh Kabab was I about to do! The dare was over! Maan Singh Khurana kissed me in front of everyone!

I stood still for one whole second, than peered up at him through my eyelids. He was staring at me, an unknown desire in his eyes, I shuddered at the intensity of his stare, his hand was still wrapped around me, and the other reached up towards my face. My eyes opened fully as his warm fingers caressed my cheek. I suddenly realized my surroundings, every eye was watching us! It was just bad luck that the press was already kicked out…. Or else it would have been more fun! I looked at Khurana, whispered out to him… but the man seemed to be in a daze…. He was staring at me in a peculiar manner, there was sudden softness edged in his eyes that I couldn't name. I felt a dreadful fright, I gasped at the warmth that had spread through me with just his stare. And then it happened, something that I never imagined! I felt the bile rising up inside my body. I pushed Khurana away and ran towards the closest restroom covering my hands over my mouth.

I threw up all my contents of the dinner as soon as I reached the sink. Yes! I threw up after kissing Khurana!

"Are you okay?" Khurana asked, his eyes mocking me. Well seems like he came out of his daze and was back to being the insufferable bas-Sheesh Kabab. I saw his lips twitch, his cheek held in…. Sheeesh Kabab! This annoying, always glowering at me man was holding in his laugh. My ears suddenly rang replaying the rude comment he had given me at the dinner table "You are stuffing your mouth so fast, is the food even touching your mouth?" The bas***d had sneered at me. I had known it then that he was inwardly gloating at his witty turn of phrase. Insufferable Bas$$$d!

I looked over his shoulder hearing the footsteps, and saw Anjali di and others walking towards us, Adi was also with them, his eyes were fixed on Khurana's back…. And that's when I decided to do something I had not planned to do…..

 "Y-You…. You... erm…. You Sheesh Kabab…. Sheesh Kabab… Sheesh Kabab!" I screamed at him angrily, and then I did it… I slapped him!

"How dare you kiss me without my consent" I cried with not so fake tears, my eyes peering over his shoulder to see Adi and others watching us in shock.

I pushed past Khurana and ran straight up the stairs, I reached my room in record time and locked the door and then…. I screamed! Not in joy….. in pain! I stomped around the room cradling my hand!

"Oh…. Oh F…. Oh Sheesh Kabab!" I screamed as I jumped around in pain, my hand stung, my palm had turned bright red. Damn! I didn't know slapping someone would be this painful. Sheesh Kabab… it should be him in pain not me!

"Khurana better have the red mark of my slap on his face!" I voiced as I opened the small cooler, reached for the ice, poured it in the zipper bag and pressed it in my palm which was now as red as a tomato….

********Twenty painful minutes later********

I sat on the dressing table, wiping the makeup off my face. It was all over, I had flirted, I had insulted, I had kissed, and I had slapped. Yup…. Everything went perfectly…. erm…. except for that ungraceful fall…and….erm….the disastrous seductive dance…. and…also… that vomit after the kiss…. and…erm… yah… that slap….. but other than that everything went amazingly perfect! Honest! The party was still on, but I was very sleepy and tired hence decided to hit the bed and have a peaceful sleep….erm…. well….okay…. I admit, I am too frightened to face Khurana….. I yawned as I pulled out the many pins clipped on to my saree…

"Sixteen… hmm… four more left" I mused as I searched over my form to find the missing pins on my saree. Ridz di had said she clipped total of twenty pins into my saree in order for it to stay clinging to my form and me not having to worry about the saree coming off because of my clumsiness…   

I crinkled my brow when I heard the laud knock on my door. Who could that be? Misha! I opened the door to find a familiar face sneering down at me. Hmmm…. He wears lenses…. How come this piece of information escaped from me! "What do you want?" I snapped. The dare was over and I really didn't want to deal with him now, I was still trying to calm myself after that passionate kiss which left us both breathless and not to forget my hand still stung from the slap I gave him…..and erm…. I was scared sheesh kabab of what he would do to me for slapping him!

"What a kind way to greet people, Geet. We don't want the press writing about your pleasantness would we?" Khurana sniped pushing me aside and stepping inside my room and closing the door behind him.

I looked at him, slightly astonished. Was there a joke hidden somewhere between that insult? Yes, there was! Urgh! This stupid insufferable Sheesh Kabab! How dare he! My breath caught in my throat and I began to shake with fury. And I was also too riled up to notice the way he was staring at me. No one insults Geet Ray Singhania! I narrowed my eyes and I knew my eyes were filled with deepest loathing as I stared at him and Khurana's eyes were equally so as he glared down his arrogant nose at me.

"What are you doing here? Get out! How dare you enter my room?" I screamed at him, he just stood there with that sexy smirk on his face as I ranted at him. Wait! Did I just say his smirk was sexy…. Scratch that I meant ARROGANT!

"Your room? Isn't this Rusell's mansion?" He asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Yes, but I am Misha's best friend. I have my own room in this mansion!" I answered him as I walked back to the dresser and continued with removing the pins from my saree, hoping he would leave and let me be!

"But I thought Pari was your best friend" He voiced and walked up to the couch and made himself comfortable. I realized his steps staggered as he walked, he was drunk… too drunk to walk steadily.

 "Pari can keep dreaming" I yawned and walked up towards him, seated myself beside him on the couch. I was curious, what was it that brought him to my room and what was he playing at? I had to know! This insanely inquisitive nature of mine will one day surely lead to my demise!  

"So Pari is not your best friend?" What the Sheesh Kabab? Was he here sitting in my room because he wanted to know if his niece was my best friend or not?

"Why are you here?" I asked him bluntly, I was never one to play around with questions. I was tired, and sleepy, I had no time for his stupid questions!

"Was the slap part of the dare?" He asked evenly, his cold glare sending shivers down my body. Was this glare number twenty two or twenty three?... I couldn't quite remember….

"W-wh-what….?" I asked stuttering…. I was too shocked! He knew! Khurana knew all along! But how?

"You know, you should really advice your friends to keep the door closed when they are discussing about your little pranks" Khurana answered my unspoken question. Pari Malik, live your last night in bliss! Tomorrow no one will save you from my wrath.....errr… that is if I can manage to escape Khurana's wrath!

"T….w-why did you act along with it?" I questioned, I had to know why he kissed me when he knew about the dare all along, why he went along with everything I did when he knew I was only acting…. I gasped as I replayed all the happenings…. it was all making sense now…. Khurana talking to me, dancing with me, having dinner with me and kissing me…. I never really stopped to think how easily everything worked with Khurana! It was because he was playing along with me!

"Why did you kiss me then?" I asked, wanting to know why he did that when he knew all along that everything I was doing was an act!

"You have a very nasty looking hicky on your neck, did you know?" He sneered at me instead; I jumped and quickly rushed to the bathroom to check for the hickey. Too late! That… that Sheesh Kabab got me on that… Urgh! I stared down at my saree, the pallets had come off in my haste since the pins were no longer holding it in place, I grabbed the fistful of saree and just tugged it into my underskirt, pushed the pallu up on my shoulder leaving my arms bare, I did not bother to look at myself in the mirror because I knew the embarrassment of having fallen into his little trick was very visible on my face…   

I walked out of the bathroom angrily to see that Khurana has made himself more comfortable into my room and was now standing by the fireplace staring at mine and Misha's picture hung high on the wall. It was a picture taken at Misha's second birthday, I had been a yr old then but Misha Rusell and I had been friends since I was born! Our grandmothers were childhood best friends, our mothers were and still are best friends, and we plan to continue that tradition! I knew for sure one day our own kids would carry on this legacy of best friends! Hmm… I wondered if my first born will be a girl or a boy?.... Sheesh Kabab! What if Misha's first born was a boy and mine a girl…. then the whole tradition would be broken….  NO! I will have to make sure Misha's first born was also a girl! Yes... I will just have to convince her to change the sex of her baby if god forbid it turned out to be a boy!.... yup! All will be perfect then! I sighed happily at having solved this big issue that might crop up in the future!

I focused back on Khurana, who still stood there staring at the picture intently, he seemed to be on some other planet, probably where there are files and erm… files and….. erm… yah… more files. I sneaked up till I was standing right beside him. I am surprised he has let his guard down. He has always been so alert and stiff especially with me around….

"Khurana!" My voice boomed loudly. He jumped about a foot in the air and I burst out laughing which continued on for quite a while….  When I finally calmed myself and wiped the tears from my eyes, I noticed that he was staring at me. His eyes held a peculiar expression; I stood there waiting for him to lash out his anger on me. He raised his hand at my face, I clutched my eyes shut tightly expecting a slap but felt his fingers tuck at the single strand of my hair behind my ear and then the fingers returned to my face, now they traced a pattern from my temple down to my jaw. I stood there still, too shocked to react at his assault. I cringed inwardly, highly disappointed at myself, when I heard a sharp intake of breath I took before he covered his mouth with mine…..

He removed his lips from my mouth to catch his breath but his hands wound around my waist, one hand moving up my nearly bare back as he tugged at the strings unknotting them... I found myself unconsciously arch my back, I watched as he dipped his head down and his lips sucked my collar bone. A groan escaped from my lips….. ewwwww….. what the Sheesh Kabab was this man doing…. But whatever it was… it felt good… very good… too good for it to be right… It was precisely at this very moment when my mind went back to the lessons I had when I was a child… the one on good touch and bad touch… and Khurana's hands were certainly not on the parts which fell into the category of good touch….

I wanted to scream, I wanted to push him away but my body wasn't exactly cooperating with me…  instead of pushing him away, I found myself pulling him closer to myself…. my body simply refused to follow the orders barked by my brain… while Khurana continued on ravishing my body with his hands and mouth….. I realized how far one stupid little kiss had gone…. I realized I had awakened the hungry animal that had been sleeping for so long….. I felt his hand tug at my saree which soon puddle down on the floor, leaving me bare in my half open blouse and underskirt… his hand already moving to lift my underskirt, his hands reaching up my thigh….   

"Maaaan" I moaned unable to stop myself as his lips descended down to my neck, his fingers pulling off my blouse. He stilled in his movement at my voice, lifted his face up, his hands moved to my face "Say it again, say my name" he whispered desperately, his hands holding my face, his eyes staring deeply into mine with such intensity and passion that it nearly blinded my vision… I had never seen such emotions in him… he had never looked at me in such a way… to him I had always been an annoying, irritating spoiled brat who refused to leave him alone… "Maan" I whispered when he tugged at my hair and just as soon his lips landed on mine and he was kissing me with fierce passion, he bit my lower lip when I refused to open my mouth…  I never knew a moan escaped from me…. I could not believe I had gotten myself in such a situation…. I could not believe I was enjoying the feel of his hands and mouth over my body…… I had to do something… anything before this went too far… I opened my eyes and glanced around me, to find something that could help me in extracting myself from Khurana's tight hold… I saw the vase just above Khurana's head… I lifted my hand and tried to reach for it…..I tried desperately to ignore the sensations that Khurana's touch and mouth were creating in my body….the feel of his lips on my collar bone as he nipped on my bare skin… leaving his mark on me… I couldn't believe the pleasure that ran through my whole body; my whole body was tingling desperately for his touch… for his kisses…. Sheesh Kabab! He has corrupted my body…  I had to do something… very quickly before his touch and kisses took over my mind like they had taken over my body…

******** MAAN SING KHURANA********

That night…. I was too observed and drunk to realize where my actions would lead to….. now when I think back to that night I can't remember anything other than holding her warm body in my arms and kissing and touching every part of her beautiful beckoning form and then waking up to see myself naked beside her, in her bed…. in her room….. our clothes scattered on the floor.

I knew it was entirely my fault, I never should have gone to the party knowing that Geet Ray Singhania was all set to seduce me with her charm but damn my over confidence…. I always prided myself for my strong self control and my firm resolves that no one had yet dared to shake… no one except the insolent, self-satisfying, incredibly annoying girl called Geet!  Woman, I corrected myself…. She was no longer the adorably annoying little girl who followed me anywhere and everywhere, clutching the ring in her hand and proposing me at every given opportunity! I admit; I had gone to the party expecting to meet that same annoying little girl who carried a bird's nest on her head which she abhorrently insisted was her hair… I had been bored of the tiresome routine of my life and wanted some entertainment… some amusement which Geet had always provided me when she has been a constant presence in my life despite she being the little horror….  but I had never in my dreams would have dreamt about her as an alluring beautiful woman…. not that I dream about that insolent girl; mind you! But seeing her in all her feminine form, draped in that white saree… her grinning face, innocence oozing from every inch of her form had momentarily shocked me….. I was not expecting that… I was not prepared for it… to see her as a woman, a beautiful one at that! How was I to know that five years of not seeing her would bring about such a big transformation in her… that in these five years she will adapt every feminine attribute and the perfect curves from her equally beautiful mother and emerge out as a stunningly beautiful woman!      

I do not remember much of what I had felt for the girl that evening but in the morning when I had stared at her serene, content and innocent sleeping form. I felt loathness, pure hatred and anger at her, for driving me insane with her devilish tricks and charms, for thinking and enacting such a dare on me…. but mostly for shaking my resolve and the wall I had created around myself….

But I never realized that one night could change so many things in my life…. I never realized and I know she didn't either that a stupid dare would lead to such consequences that would shake both our lives…. I never in my dreams would have thought that three months later…. I would find Geet sitting in my cabin, her eyes red from crying, her trembling hands holding a medical file…..



************THE END************

Is Geet really pregnant? Or is this another one of her pranks? What will be Maan's reaction? Will he marry her or will he finally have his revenge on her?  

I will leave you all to conclude the story in any way you want…..   

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awsome ending yaar...loved it !!
ambbiha IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 January 2011 at 11:33pm | IP Logged
awesome updateEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
pls dont end here CryCryCryCryCryCryCryCryCry
continue plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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hi angel...........
awesome ending yaar...........
lovedddd it.................
i wudnt complain if u plan to continue further..........WinkWinkWinkWink
problem is your imagination is way better than mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!CryCryCry

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