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NEW FF: Persuasion of Khurana *Final Part* Pg. 15 (Page 10)

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Originally posted by Paloma_D

Sorry I havnt commented before. Great FF, the writing style is really quite diffferent and the concept is interesting:)
Continue soon and add me to the PM list if not already done, thanks!
Take care
Paloma x

You are always on my PM list Wink   I am glad you find this SS interesting... This was written a long time ago when I was given the task to write a parody... it had only been 20 pgs in word at that time... but now with me editing... it's nearly 38 pgs in total...

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Originally posted by -shamima-

Haha awesome update an geet is too funny and oohthe intesntisty between the two and but geet being young had the immaturity in her so she's thinks she's ove her crush with maan and now her crush is adi lol now that was unexpected and haha I like it when she says sheesh kebab I usually say fishing heck and my mum gets annoyed lol ok back to the ss she did get her kiss right so I think she's got her dare but if it was on the lips well she's quit now but for some reason it may happen anyways great update and continue soon Smile

Yup! Geet is in total self-denial... won't admit that she still has a huge crush one Maan....  my co-worker says Sheesh Kabab all the time... so this whole Geet saying it is inspired by her...Embarrassed  and no Geet did not get her kiss... the dare was to get one on her lips... but don't worry, Geet is a very stubborn spoiled brat so won't really give up so soon....

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Originally posted by shining_moon

ok so a new one
this is as lovely as the previous one
geet is such an evil...gosh...LOL
poor maan had to handle the embarassment.......but must say he is a tough one to tameWink
nice update
keep writing

I wanted Geet to be very evil... i am glad you all have accepted her evilness.... and as for Maan... yes, Geet is just simply falling deeper n deeper into her own trap...Wink

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Originally posted by kooliio

Awesome FF..!!!
OH i love this geet..!!!
She is evil Evil Smile..but maan is no less lolz..!!
Cant wait for the next part..!!!
Do cont.soon and pls add me to your PM list

Yup... this is an evil meets evil kind of story... LOL lets see who wins the evilest person award....Wink
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awesome update
plz add me in ur pm list
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Originally posted by -afsha-

Nice update
Geet is playing wit fire n she will paka burn herself
She can do anythg to complete the challenge but looks lik Maan knws her too well
Liked their dance
Geet's crush is AdiLOLLOL
Maan was hell angry
Geet still wnt loose i thk n will face very bad consequences
Update soon

Oh, Geet will definetely burn but will it be fire of anger or passion? that only I know...Wink  Our munda Maan is as evil as Geet so he knows all of Geet's ploys LOL  you liked Geet's dance? Shocked okay, i know you meant their "Khuraban hua" dance which I stole from the show....Embarrassed
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************Part 3*************

"Move it!"

"Watch where you are going, you blind bimbo!"

 "Out of my way! You shrieking… Sheesh Kabab!"

I walked around the party hall, glaring, sneering and snapping at everyone who came in my way I wanted to be far away from these irritating humans but I remained there, seething inside as I saw the happenings of the party. I wondered how long I walked around for…. thinking mind you, not sulking as I watched the happy faces of everyone around me. I suddenly hated the cheerful atmosphere around me… they have no right to be happy and joyful when I stood here all alone sulking….erm thinking I corrected myself quickly.

"You there!" I cried, pointing at the girl.

"No, not you, Barbie doll! That girl, yes, you with that horrendous pink dress! Come here!" I snapped when I watched the said girl rushing towards me with that annoying grin on her face.

"OMG! Geet! Have you finally talked with your mother about my excellent acting skills?" The girl asked excitement and hopefulness very evident on her face.

"Why would I talk to my mother about a lousy little chit like you?"  I asked in annoyance.

"B-but… y-you p-promi-" the girl stammered, all her enthusiasm gone with my words.

"What are you staring at me for? Go get me something to drink!" I ordered the girl, who wiped at her tears and hurriedly left to get my drink. I felt smug at having washed away the happiness from the girl… how dare she a nobody be so happy and excited when I; Geet Ray Singhania was left to sulk… think I corrected myself harshly.

"Geet? Is that you?" I turned my head at the sugary voice. Sheesh Kabab…. It was…urgh!

"Sasha… Aunty!" I addressed her feigning exuberance. Very satisfied seeing the grimace on her face at being called an aunty! I hated her… she was always… and I mean… always with Khurana… 

"Look at you, Geet.... finally decided to forgo your torn faded overalls and oversized dirty T-shirts… huh?" Sasha asked as she surveyed me from top to bottom, her gaze lingering on my feet.  

"Ah… I see still haven't yet managed to learn the art of being feminine…." What was she talking about; I looked down at my feet… Sheesh Kabab… where are my sandals?.... wasn't I wearing them when I entered the party hall… I don't remember taking them off… where did they disappear without telling me…. They did not even ask my permission to be released from torturing my poor feet… stupid sandals! Wait till I get my hands one them!

I looked up to find Sasha smiling at me, no, she wasn't smiling at me; she was mocking me! Well let's see how long she will have that smile on her ugly face! I focused my eyes on her, surveying her form intently, eyeing her short skimpy red dress that clung to her so tightly, her cleavage evident for every onlooker… but I knew it was only for Khurana… he better have not stared at her cleavage or I swear to god he will never be able to look at anything for his entire life! 

"Sheesh Kabab! Why didn't you tell me Sasha Aunty?" I asked my voice full of excitement as I gazed at her flat stomach… Sasha squinted her brows at me in confusion…. I smirked inwardly, Ha! I am so going to enjoy this!

"OH! Congratulation! How far along are you? Who is the father?" I spat the questions but my voice and face only displayed immense joy.

"Wh-….. Y-you…. How… d-dare you?" Sasha seethed at me, giving me deathly glare… Sheesh Kabab! Now even Sasha seemed to have mastered the Khurana glare…

"What? You are not pregnant? But you look… well… fat… I thought the weight gain was because…well… you know pregnancy…" I explained, stopping in between to let the words sink into her peanut size brain…

"What? Fat?"

"I really thought you were… you know pregnant… I mean… look at you, your face looks all puffed up, your stomach is sticking out, you even have zits on your face; doesn't that happen in pregnancy?… and your legs, they look huge…. and well… you just look… fat…." I continued, highly proud of myself, I am sure no one has ever insulted someone in such a unique way… Geet Ray Singhania Rocks!

Sasha paled at my words, her hand grazing her face to feel for the zits…poor her she will be left searching for them… she then looked down at herself, her hands moved to touch her stomach to see the fat I had just spoke of… obviously there really was no fat, she was as skinny as a lizard but of course once hearing that she looked fat was enough to send her into a frenzy of doubt about her perfect slim figure… Ha! Now she will spend the next few weeks, throwing up food and wasting her time in working out trying to shed the few pounds she now thought she has gained….

"Babes! There you are! We have been searching for you everywhere!" Misha exclaimed walking up to me, the gang followed behind her.

"Oh, Hey Sasha… Aunty!" Misha greeted throwing me a wink; I winked back at her…

"Hey, Sasha! What happened to you? You look so pale?" Pari asked staring at her with mild concern. Sheesh Kabab! I will not let this brainless girl disrupt my perfectly enacted act! I elbowed Pari, pushing her away from Sasha and quickly darted a glance at my sisters giving them a pointed look and hoping they understood what I had been doing…

"Sasha? Are you okay? Your face…" Ridz di gasped feigning concern, a grimace on her face as she stared down at Sasha then she turned to me with a grin… she had done her job! Sasha seemed to pale even more upon hearing Ridz di's concern voice pointing at her face with a grimace…. that was always Ridz di's line, just two words.... I knew there was a reason why Pa chose to make her my sister! 

"Geet? What did you say this time?" Misha hissed at me in a low voice, as she watched Sasha trying to control her tears as she kept touching her face and stomach to feel the assumed zits and the fatness…

I smirked at Misha and gave her a wink… she was smart enough to come to the right conclusion…

"Sasha… Aunty! Are you pregnant? Oh.. my…. Congratulations…" Misha wished her which was returned with a loud shriek from Sasha who hurriedly walked away from us and headed out of the party hall…

Good Riddance! And I finally let out the laughter I had been holding in… Sheesh Kabab! I will never forget that look on Sasha's face..... It felt good.... my mood was finally lifted; I knew throwing a little insult here and there would do the trick…. Blame Khurana for spoiling my mood…

"Geet, here you go!" Anj di said handing me a pair of sandals which looked quite familiar….

"Sheesh Kabab! These are my sandals!" how in the word did they land up in Anj di's hands.

"Yah, well that little scene there on that dance floor-"

"Don't expect me to thank you for this!" I cut her before she could complete her sentence… I did not want to know what a horrendous job I had done on the dance floor and how exactly my sandals escaped the confines of my feet…

"G-Geet, y-your drink" the stammering girl broke my train of thoughts. Her hand held forward holding my drink.

"I don't need it now! Go!" I snapped, as I looked past her to the man standing close to the bar conversing with a pretty lady in green…. 

"Wait!" I stopped the stammering girl wearing the horrendous pink dress. I smirked at the thought that centered in my brain… I am going to enjoy this so much more than Khurana is enjoying talking to that pretty lady in green…

****** One minute and 42 torturous seconds later******

"Now that was a good one, Geet!" Misha voiced as we all laughed at the scene playing out in far front of us. The pretty lady in green was socked in my drink while the stammering girl in the horrendous pink dress profusely stammered her apology. Pretty lady in green-now soaked, quickly rushed to the nearest ladies room while stammering girl in the horrendous pink dress looked at me questioningly…. I smiled brightly at her and showed her my thumb appreciating her job… hmm… maybe I should recommend her to my mother…. Maybe not! Khurana followed the stammering girl's gaze and met mine….

Sheesh Kabab! I was good. No! I was excellent. There was no doubt about how excellent I am because Khurana was glaring at me again. hmmm… maybe I should start keeping count on the number of glares Khurana bestowed upon me this special night. I thought back to our first meeting today and started counting the number of glares he had given me till now… this current glare was number sixteen!

******** 30 blissful minutes later*********

"What the H was that for?"  I asked Khurana fiercely as he glided me down the dance floor. I had been blissfully dancing with Adi, it was all perfect, a slow song was on, Adi had come up to me to ask for the dance when I had been chatting with Misha. I knew the blush crept up my face when I felt Adi's hand on mine. I had been dancing with him for merely a minute when stupid Khurana had come and dragged me away from my beloved Adi. Poor Adi……

"H?" He asked with a raised eyebrow. I stared at him blankly not understanding what he asked.

"Hello with no 'O' in it" I finally answered as comprehension drawn on me.

"Now why the F are you dragging me around" I asked tugging at my hand, to let it loose from his tight hold. Khurana opened his mouth most probably to ask me what "F" meant but then must have decided against it for he closed his mouth shut! He stared at me for a whole minute and then bended his head down at me, his lips inching closer to my face….

"A little payback, Geet" he grinned in my ear, my heart skipped a beat when he wrapped his hand around my waist tightly.

"You will pay for this Khurana" I whispered as I watched Adi staring at Khurana's hand around my waist. I almost broke down to do my happy dance when I saw Adi seething with jealousy! Finally! I was getting something from the man!

"Let me go, Khurana!"

"What is this cutie-pie, you promised we will have dinner together" he sneered in that freakish voice of his.

"Of course! Cutieee, let's go have that dinner" I will act along with him in his little act; the Bas$$$d was trying to play one on me. Idiot! He will regret it!

"Look Cutiee, there's mamma and Pa! Let's go meet them" I exclaimed happily. Khurana let go of his hold on my waist, jumped a feet away from me, gave me an incredulous look and franticly looked through the party hall, trying to locate my parents. HA! I got one on him!

"Where are they?" he asked urgently, his eyes dancing through the hall, as beads of sweat began to form on his forehead. I almost felt bad for the man…. Almost!

"I can't see them! Where are they….. Geet?" He asked again.

"In Vegas, having their…..ermm…. lost count of the numbers…. honeymoon" I grinned. Khurana heaved a sigh of relief and then gave me an angry glare. Glare number seventeen! I snorted and wrapped my arm around his, and happily walked towards the dining hall, while Khurana kept glaring down at me. He was such an idiot! It was hard to believe that he was awarded as one of the biggest and the youngest businessman in India…..

Anyways….We were happily…..ermm…. at least I was happily…. Khurana still kept giving me that angry sneer…. walking towards the dining area when Khurana halted abruptly. "What is it Khurana? Why did you stop?" I asked angrily, tugging at his sleeve. He was looking at Dain, Misha's cousin, who was just two years old. The kid was a nightmare!

"Don't!" I warned Khurana but he ignored me and walked past me and headed towards the kid sitting in the chair, with the hot chocolate filled glass in his one hand, his mouth sucking on the candy cane, which he held in his left hand! Khurana had a sweet smile playing on his lips, as he began talking with the kid. Urgh! He never smiled at me like that! Not even when I was a kid!

*****Two Hilarious Minutes Later*****

"Stupid little kid!" Khurana said, looking at his finger, which had the imprint of Dain's teeth, I laughed as the image of Dain biting Khurana's finger replayed in my mind.

"Aww… is my Cutieee hurt? Here Geet will kiss away your boo-boo" I stepped back before I could even touch his hand, the glare he was giving me was enough to make me want to never come in front of him. Glare number eighteen!

"Geet! I swear I will kill you right here, right now!" I did not for a second doubt his threat for I knew he would do just that but then gain I was not one to step back in fear of his anger…

"Serves you right, Khurana! I told you not to pull at his cheek!"

"Oh shut up!" he snapped. "He was such a cute little boy! I didn't really think he would be so ferocious!"

I raised my eyebrows in amusement; I never knew cute little boys were his weakness…. Hmmm… this little piece of discovery will be very useful in my future. "Oh hello? Look at me, Khurana, cute ones are always the ferocious one!"

Khurana rolled his eyes and pushed past me. "Let's get something to eat"…………

"Where are you going Geet?….. the dining hall is this way" Khurana tugged at my hand.

"I know…. But I gotta go tinkle first" I answered.

"tinkle…..?" Khurana asked dumbly.

"Pee…. I gotta go P.E.E" I snapped and hurried to the restroom. God! The man was such an idiot!

******* Five Awkward Minutes later*******

It was only when I looked up to take the food tray I had ordered did I notice that Khurana was glaring daggers at me as he still stood stiffly, clutching at the chair he had pushed out for me to seat on; which I had purposely ignored and had settled myself on the opposite chair. This was glare number nineteen. did he actually expect me to get up and seat myself on the chair he had so graciously pushed out for me? certainly not right?..... Right? I decided to ignore him, busying myself by placing the food tray on the table and resumed stuffing my mouth with the tasteful chicken dumplings. I glanced up at him as I reached for the spicy Rack Lamb. He was glowering down at me with a disgusted look. 

"Wha' staatrudeat?" I asked, my mouth stuffed full with chicken dumplings.

"Excuse me?" He glared down at me as he still stood stiffly grasping at the chair. Oh, glare number twenty! Yiippeee.... if this continues I am sure we will hit the golden jubilee soon…. Maybe, I should probably go ahead and start planning for the golden jubilee party for Khurana's Glares! hmm… maybe we can have a contest on who best imitates Khurana's glare….

"You know, that chair you are holding is actually used for sitting" I stated mockingly as I took another bite of the Rack Lamb. It was just deliciously tasty! 

"And you know, normal people in such situation seat themselves and eat dinner with their companion… but it's okay, don't let me stop you from admiring me while I am eating my dinner… matter of fact, I am very much enjoying the attention" I gave him one of my most innocent smile and coyly batted my eyelashes at him.

"You are undoubtedly the most annoying, self-satisfying, arrogant, pampered, overconfident, self-centered, infuriate-"

"Alright! I got the picture, no need to waste your energy by spurring in every vile vocabulary word to describe my personality!" I snorted, not letting him finish his tirade of not so pleasing description of me. 

"You are utterly impossible!" Khurana scowled horribly as he finally seated himself in the opposite chair and began filling his plate with food.

"Really?" I laughed as he took his first sip of the soup. "And here I thought you were the only one that was looked upon as the nastiest, and the grumpiest man to ever grace upon earth!" I snorted with laughter as his face was livid because of my insult! Serves him right! How dare he call me such things! I peered at him angry as I finished up the Rack Lamb and grabbed onto the Kabab platter.  

"You've certainly got an appetite of a cow!" He remarked shooting a glare at the Kabab I was eating (glare number twenty one!) and then he just returned back to his own dinner. It took me a second to realize that he had just insulted me! Sheesh Kabab! He will not have one up on me! I raised my arm up to throw the Kabab I had been holding at him but I took pity on the Kabab who preferred to be eaten by me rather then get sullied by Khurana's touch and so I complied to my Kabab's wish and took a big bite. Khurana again glanced at the Kabab in my hand. I knew it! He was just jealous because I was eating the Kabab and he wasn't!  Well… I admit I did grab onto the whole platter of Kababs before Khurana could stake his claim… but then again he could have just ordered for a second platter of Kababs… right?... Right? hmm… Perhaps he was vegetarian? Or maybe he was on fasting… you know those kind of fasting where one forgoes eating meat for such and such time….  Or he might just be on a special diet, trying to get rid of his six packs or something… or maybe he was just allergic to meat…  But I wondered which one it was? Was he veggie or fasting or dieting or allergic? I had to know… because obviously I can't evaluate which one just by staring at him as he nibbled on his lasagna. How should I go about to figure this out… the curiosity was killing me… crawling restlessly inside me. I had to know. I just simply wanted an answer.

"Excuse me, are you like veggie?" the question tumbled out of my mouth before I could stop it. I only received a look of extreme bemusement in reply to my question… or maybe not for he opened his mouth and questioned me.

 "What?" Khurana asked, a few moments later. His face still twisted in that strange way; it was unnerving me, simply because I could not for the love of food figure out whether it was a mocking glare or just plain amusement….

"Are you a vegetarian?" I repeated my question, this time raising my voice slightly.  "You know? Maybe when you have cake, you order the one without eggs, you only eat green leaves? You can't stomach the delicious aroma of butter chicken because you throw up everywhere as soon as you smell it? Steak, chicken dumplings, Kababs are like off-limits for you?" Honestly, I had no idea what kind of diet Khurana followed but I figured that most veggies… well ate pretty much just salads since everything else was off limits for them right?.... Right?

"Mental" he whispered. "Absolutely, completely mental."

"But… I have got to know!" I cried, pushing away the platter of Kababs in my desperation. Khurana glanced at the Kababs and it suddenly dawned on me…. it was all a ruse! A very clever ruse, he had only been trying to allure me away from my platter of Kababs. My delicious, hot, mouthwatering, Kababs that only wanted to be eaten by me. Khurana had purposely shunned the meat knowing very well that I would be consumed with burning curiosity to learn about his current dietary! 

"Treachery!" I screamed my accusation. "It was all a ploy! You really just wanted my Kababs! Well, let me make something very clear to you, Maan!" I quickly grabbed my Kababs platter and shot him an immense, livid glower, "You won't be getting ANY!" I screamed, started shoving the large pieces of Kabab into my mouth. Not the right move from me; I admit!

"You are stuffing your mouth so fast, is the food even touching your mouth?" He sneered but he actually stared at me with well… concern and obviously disgusted at the same time as he watched me with a grimace as I tried to swallow the whole Kabab.

"Shut up, Maan!" I shouted, bits and pieces of chewed up Kabab flew from my mouth landing everywhere on the table.  

"That's the second time you have called me by my first name" Khurana pointed out, his voice laced with surprise. Sheesh Kabab! I didn't realize I had actually called him Maan… oh well… it wasn't really a big deal… right? I mean, I use to call him Maan all the time… but then after that stupid little incident where he slapped me and I complained to Pa and then he reported it to the police and then the stunt I pulled with the reporters… yah… so after that he was just Khurana… so now after all those years calling him Maan wasn't really something to be surprised about right?.... Right?

"Yes, I did… SO?" I questioned him, staring at him, trying to keep the surprise away from my face and voice but then I noticed he looked surprised… shocked even… I smiled realizing he was not surprised because I called him Maan… No, he was surprised because he noticed I had called him Maan, not once but twice.  Ha! Ha! Ha! He did notice. It's okay for me to do my happy dance right now right?....Right?.... I ginned widely at my sudden discovery....Khurana is absolutely, completely, totally and utterly aware of the things I say! Which means he does listen to everything that escapes from my mouth!

I was so happy with this revelation that I decided to celebrate it by stuffing my mouth with the tasteful looking pies… since i couldn't possibly do my happy dance.... and well my joy was such that within few minutes, I'd stuffed down more than half a platter and well…Khurana was back to giving me another one of his glares…. glare number twenty two…

**********To be Continued*********


Ahem... so, I know I had promised I would post the last part on Chrismas day and end my SS but... well, I got a little carried away and ended up writing too much which resulted in IF not letting me make such a long post... Embarrassed so I decided I will just divide the last portion of this SS into two parts, Part 4; the last part will be posted on New Years eve!  and No, I am not being a Kanjoos by trying to pass on my Christmas gift as a New Year treat.... honest! LOL

P.S.: Please DO comment and no one liners please... I want to know your views and whether you enjoyed and laughed reading this part as much as I enjoyed and laughed while writing this.... So please it's my humble request that every reader, silent and not so silent ones (my regular commenting readers) post your comment for this part.... You all better post a comment if any of you want a sequel for this SS... and this isn't exactly considered as a threat right?.... Right?

*******Please Press the LIKE button below********

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gr8 part....... liked it...Loved the way she was pulling sasha's leg  ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL

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