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NEW FF: Persuasion of Khurana *Final Part* Pg. 15

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It's a short story I had written for a different show (nearly three year ago). I had only planned to change the character names but now I have ended up editing quite a lot of scenes and added few new ones also. I hope you all will enjoy reading this short story, I am not sure how many parts it will have' probably three....

I do hope all my readers who have enjoyed reading my FF "Out of Darkness" will enjoy this one as well.... Please do let me know your thoughts! This is my Christmas gift to all my readers who have been continuously reading and commenting on "Out Of Darkness" .... those who have not yet read "Out of Darkness" then please check it out :

******Persuasion of Khurana*******

***********Part 1**********

"Stop it Geet" Ridhima di screamed when I tried to shift my position. I had been sitting on the chair for the past one hour, while Ridhima di worked on my hair and Anjali di painted my face. 

"Sheesh Kabab! How long will it take for you to fix my F hair? It's been more than an hour already" I complained. I was really regretting my decision on giving consent to my two 'adopted' sisters to do my makeover for the Christmas party tonight.

"For goodness sake Geet, It's just been ten minutes! Now quit fidgeting" Ridhima di snapped at me pulling at my hair. Ten minutes? Sheesh Kabab! I swear it felt like an hour has passed!

"Tell me again why am I sitting here with you two instead of the stylist!" I groaned at my sisters who just rolled their eyes at my question.

"That was part of the dare my dear sis" Anjali di pointed out as she continued to apply the foundation on my face.

"Really Geet, can't you stay still while we do our work" Ridhima di slapped my hand when I tried to reach out to get my PSP sitting on the dresser. I wanted to finish the game I had been playing!

"Fine" I growled and gave a long frustrating sigh and waited patiently for them to finish their work on me.

It was 24th December, and like every year, my best friend Misha Rusell's Parents,(who also happens to be my godparents) held the Christmas Eve party at their mansion. It would be after five years that I would be attending this party, as I have always been away on holidays but this year I was forced to stay back home! I knew the party would be as grand as it was every year but this year I wanted to shock everyone, give them something to remember this Christmas Eve party, to remember me Geet Ray Singhania! And so we planned, me, Misha, Naina, Atul, Nikki, Ridhima di and Anjali di, after a long discussion and throwing in ideas by everyone. It was decided that it would be my makeover, from the tank top and overalls to a beautiful white saree, from curly unruly hair to long silky waves and from a clumsy arrogant teenager to a graceful young lady. The task of this makeover was given to my two lovely adopted sisters; they had the responsibility of making me as beautiful and graceful as my mother, the Sonia Ray! And we knew it would shock everyone, there will be reporters waiting and watching to write the shocking news and we planned to give them just that. Till now everyone knew me as the tomboyish, arrogant and pampered daughter of the handsome sly businessman Brij Singhania and the darling daughter of beautiful actress Sonia Ray. Now they were in for a shock, but that was not all, I also had a dare to fulfill, this time our victim was Naina's Mamaji, the Maan Singh Khurana. Tonight, I not only had to present myself as a beautiful young lady but I also had to kiss Maan Singh Khurana at the party, in front of everyone. The reason? There really was none except for having a little fun and proving that I "Geet Ray Singhania" was capable of taming the reclusive Maan Singh Khurana. It was all just for fun! To perform one more stunt, to annoy and distress one more person! It was just unfortunate that this time it was Maan Singh Khurana who was still single and not ready to mingle. My job was to just give the man a little kiss which might lead him to become more romantically involved with women rather than be surrounded by files and meetings'''' but' I also wanted to know, would he recognize me? Does he still remember me? Will he smile or will he snarl? Our last meeting was still etched in my mind, his bewildered look as I skipped away in merry leaving him surround by the reporters'..

I stood up, stepping in front of the long mirror that enabled me to see my entire body. "I really regret not choosing the stylist and this white saree is just' I told you both, blue would have been perfect!" I remarked, inspecting my form in the mirror. I have to admit I did look exceptionally beautiful, the makeup and my hair style gelling well with the white saree I was wearing. The color white suited me; it made my skin glow, my lips redder and my dull brown eyes sparkled brightly.

"hhmph" came from my two sisters.  

"I guess this will have to suffice for now!" I sighed, feigning disappointment on my face. I smiled inwardly, brushing out the creases in my dress. I had never looked so beautiful. I had never felt like more of a woman before. The attire my sisters chose was perfect on me, enhancing my curves and brightening my pale skin. But I was not going to admit and neither was I going to compliment my sisters for doing such a wonderful makeover on me.

"Is that all you have to say?" Anjali di asked in annoyance.

"Well'.Anj Di, I think the red lipstick is clashing with my dress, and you overdid my eyes, I look like s**t! And Ridz Di, I still think my hair would have looked better if you had styled it the way we had discussed, and yah' these extensions are already getting very itchy!" I complained, admiring my face in the mirror, very much pleased with the make-up and hairstyle done on me by my sisters. The simple, graceful colors left me positively glowing with beauty and my hair, the smooth black tresses with burgundy highlights was just too perfect!

"A "thank you" would have been more appreciated Geet!" Ridhima di snapped, anger and disgust evident on her face.

"Well hmmm'. I guess I can say that!" I replied unable to stop the smirk from forming on my lips. Oh how I loved annoying my lovely sisters!

"Thank you my adoptive sisters" I beamed at them, quirking my eyebrows as I twirled around in front of them. They both just rolled their eyes at my mention of adoption; poor girls still living with the notion that they are not adopted. "I look like an Angel from heaven" I exclaimed unable to contain it any longer, they really did a remarkable job in this, the saree they had chosen was just perfect! I stood there in front of the mirror for god knows how long just admiring my beautiful form.

"More like a devil in disguise of an angel!" Ridhima Di snorted, I had to nod my head at her. I agreed with her because my actions tonight will certainly not be angelic.

"Well' anyways, thanks for the assistance sisters! I think we should head on now!" I stated as I clipped on my necklace.   

"No need to thank us Geet, we were just embarrassed to have such a ragged looking sister following us to such parties" I glared at Anj di for her insulting comment; she grinned at me in return'.

"Whatever! Why don't you ring up the kitchen and order my dinner" I ordered as I slumped down on the couch ungracefully, ignoring Anj di's grimace at my lack of grace.

"I am not your servant! Do it yourself!" Anj di yelled as she stomped out of my room to ready herself for the party.

"But I am hungry!" I screamed after her but she was already gone. I turned to my other sister who somehow found a book in my room and was currently immersed in reading it. "Ridz di?"

"Order it yourself sissy! The phone is right next to you!" She replied her eyes glued on the book!

"I shall tell mamma of how you both are treating me! She will be furious with you both for starving her little darling!" I threatened' erm.. informed her not liking her indifference towards me. I hated that book in her hand! She was giving more importance to that' that object while I her little sister was starving to death!

"Pa shall know of this!" I used the only thing that would get to my sisters. Ridz di lifted her head from the book and glared at me. I smiled at her, leaned back on the couch and silently watched as she walked towards the phone and ordered my dinner.

"There! Happy now?" She scowled after banging the phone back on the table; I grinned and nodded my head vigorously. "Pa" that's all it took for my sisters to abide my way! I felt a bit smug at the fact that I could just order my two big sisters around.

"Oh, How I hate you so!" Ridhima di spat out angrily.

"Sheesh Kabab! When will you get original! I am tired of listening to your angry spats that you have been lifted directly out of Jane Austin's book!" I sneered, really why couldn't she for once say something that has not already been said before'..

"urgh! You are just impossible! I hate you!" A book flew and banged at the wall beside me, I simply rolled my eyes at my sister's bad aim'   

"I love you too Di" I replied mockingly, least bothered by her hurtful words. She opened her mouth to speak but the arrival of the maid stopped her from voicing whatever it was that she had wanted to say to me.

"What is this? I asked for dinner not Juice!" I yelled gritting my teeth in rage as I stared at the glass of juice. The maid shrank back at my angry voice, I glared at her. Useless, lazy morons!   

"Sis, we don't have much time, so just drink that up for now. You can have your dinner at the party" Ridhima di explained in an attempt to calm my rising anger.

"But I am hungry! I didn't even have lunch today!" I complained to my sister.

"I know Geet, but we are already late for the party so be good for once and have this juice for now!" Ridhima di said patting my head and handing me the juice. I scoffed at her but drank the juice unable to refuse her.  

"Let's go you two! We are already late" Anjali di shouted standing by the door, her form draped with the jacket.

"Yes, yes' we are ready" Ridhima di replied with a smile, she turned to me, her smile dark and mischievous as she asked me "are you ready Geet?"  

I stoop up from the couch and breezed out into the hall way. "Oh YES!" I exclaimed, grabbing a light fistful of my saree and twirled through the hallway. I laughed as I stopped by the staircase, my two sisters following behind me, their laughter echoed with mine. "I feel like a princess!" I shouted in exhilaration as I twirled round and round in front of my sisters. I just wanted to twirl and dance and laugh, just like a Disney princess! Well'. I certainly did look like those Disney princess'. Like that Cinderella! Hmmm'. Maybe I could even leave behind my glass slippers for my prince! I laughed out loud at the thought of Khurana carrying my shoe and knocking from door to door in search of me! My laughter stopped abruptly as my eyes stared down my form, a loud gasp escaped from my mouth as my eyes stared at my bare feet! I wasn't wearing any shoes!

"Sheesh Kabab!"

"Geet? you okay?" Ridhima Di asked cautiously, her eyes staring at me worriedly at my sudden change of mood.

"I can't believe this is happening!" I muttered staring down at my bare feet and then realization hit me hard! I wasn't wearing any shoe! Sheesh Kabab! Here I was planning out how to leave behind my beautiful glass slippers for my prince only to realize I wasn't wearing any! URGH!

"Anj Di! I am not wearing any shoes!"

"Oh!"  Anjali di covered her mouth at my disclosure, her eyes widened in panic as she stared down at my bare feet.

I blinked at her, she blinked back at me, I blinked back at her again and we all just stood there blinking back at each other erm' that is until Ridz di interrupted our blinking contest by presenting my lovely slippers.   


"Ahhh" I screamed when I staggered in my walk down the stairs. I stared down at my feet, glaring daggers at my slippers which were neither beautiful not made of glass! I had never worn any heels in my life and now I had to F walk on this F heels.

"Geet, stop walking in such a way" Anjali di screeched seeing me trying to walk like she does but obviously it wasn't working!

"It will ruin the whole act if you walk in such a disgraceful manner and keep staggering" Ridhima di pointed out as she steadied me from another close fall.

"Sheesh Kabab!" I stomped and nearly fell again.

"Just let it go, Geet, don't try so hard. Just walk as you always do" Ridhima di advised while Anjali di blanched at the mention of my usual walk.

"Get off my hem! I nearly fell on my face!" I screamed.

"Who are you screaming at?" Anjali di asked me.

"My feet" I answered.

"huh?" Anjali di blinked at me, shrugged and descended down the stairs choosing to ignore my comment.

"How about advising your feet to not be so clumsy tonight?" Radhima di asked. "Maybe you could also advice them to be graceful tonight while you're at it?"

Was there a hidden insult in her advice?.....

"Hurry up! We are already late" Ridhima di yelled at us. I quickly wore the white shoes and together we skipped on towards the car with me still staggering, the saree was too long, it kept tangling in shoes''..


*****5 minutes later*****

It's the most wonderful time of the year.
Eddie Pola, George Wyle 1963


It's the most wonderful time of the year.

With the kids jingle belling,

and everyone telling you,

"Be of good cheer,"

It's the most wonderful time of the year.


There'll be parties for hosting,

marshmallows for toasting and

caroling out in the snow.

there'll be scary ghost stories and

tales of the glories of Christmases

long, long ago.


It's the most wonderful time of the year.

There'll be much mistletoeing

and hearts will be glowing,

when loved ones are near.

It's the most wonderful time of the year.

I was driving on safely, listening to wonderful songs, minding my own business when I heard the loud police siren behind our car and as expected Anjali di shrieked and started with her nervous blather.

"Oh' my God! We are going to go to jail, oh'my god'. We will have to live in that cell amongst rats, and roaches. It's all your fault, Geet! Oh.. my god' the police will beat us up' oh..god' oh.. god' I told you no-

What the F! It had been her who was complaining and urging me to drive faster, and now she goes on to blame everything on me! Bi$$h!

"Shut up" I yelled stopping her from her blathering. I pulled over the car on the side, hurriedly unbuckled my seatbelt and Anjali di's, unfortunately she was the one sitting on the passenger seat, her whole body shaking, I seriously wished it had been Ridhima di instead of her.

"Anjali! quick! shift on to the driving seat" Ridhima di yelled from the back and I quickly leaned over towards Anjali di's seat.

 "Quickly!" I snapped, understanding Ridhima di's plan and seeing the officer getting down from his jeep, it was our luck that the car had tinted windows which disabled the outsider from glimpsing the faces of the insider.

"What the hell are you trying to do Geet?" Anjali di asked as I buckled my seat belt and told her to do the same.

"You were driving the car" Ridhima di answered her instead, her eyes turned wide and she started shaking again as understanding downed on her.

"Oh' no' no'. I can't do that, why not Ridzi" Anjali di protested, we could see the officer slowly walking towards our car.

"Just play along" Ridhima di said in a calm and even voice so very opposite of Anjali di's who was having a nervous breakdown. I shook my head in frustration seeing how Anjali di was in such array over such a small thing! I seriously wouldn't have put her in such a situation if I had my license but unfortunately I was still not of age to drive!

"Oh'god'oh'god" Anjali di started again with her blather, jumping back at the knock on her window.

"Oh Matarani' oh' Ganpathi'. oh' Kalima'.oh'god" she kept chanting all the god names as she slid down her window.

"Your license, Miss?" the officer asked, his eyes gazing at us all, I consciously wrapped my blue shawl around my bare shoulders.

"License?" Anjali di question with confusion on her face, I kept my face straight trying not to laugh at her dim-wittedness.

"Driving License, Miss" the officer explained.

"ermm' y-yah'. J-ju'.just' le-let m-me'. g-get'i-it" Anjali di stammered her shaky hands reaching out to take the bag from my hold. She shakily started searching for her license, lipglosses, foundation, eyeliners, and many other beauty products came out of the bag'. even tam-'. Yah that too'. and birth control pills to which Ridhima di raised her eyebrows'. All throughout the search Anjali di kept muttering "it was here'. It's here'. Just a min" The officer waited patiently writing down something in his notepad.

"Ah' found it!" Anjali di exclaimed holding the license in triumph as if it was a medal! The officer took the license and examined it "the insurance papers" he asked.

"Oh'y-yah' j-just' they' we-were here'. j-just a se-sec" she stammered again, opening the drawer in front of my seat, papers fell down at my feet, Anjali di leaned down and started picking them, went through them all and finally found the needed papers and handed it to the officer. I and Ridhima di sat quietly at our seats, silently watching Anjali di shake and the officer analyzing us three in the car. It was hard to keep the straight face and control the laughter that was bursting through me at seeing Anjali di's actions.

"Why were you driving in such speed?" He asked, his tone stern, his eyes staring at Anjali di in anger.

"er'erm'.it gets you home faster" yes' that was the answer my idiot sister gave the officer, throwing a sheepish smile at him. I couldn't stop the giggle that burst through me at her answer; even Ridhima di was laughing and soon the officer joined in too while Anjali di stared at us in confusion.

"You youngsters!" he said shaking his head, still laughing and writing down a speeding ticket to Anji di. 


"I hate you Geet!"

"The feeling is mutual sister" we were now on our way, Anjali di got her first speeding ticket! Poor her she was still shaken from the whole incident; I never realized just how police phobic she was'..

In ten minutes we reached the Rusell mansion. I handed her the key card and Anjali di quickly parked the car in the private family garage of the Rusell's. I being Misha's best friend had certain privileges! The three of us stepped down and walked towards the entrance'..

Was I nervous at what I was about to do? No. Was I excited about performing yet another dare? Yes! Was I having doubts on flirting and kissing Maan Singh Khurana? Nope. Why? Because it was not my first kiss, and it will not be the first kiss between us. He had kissed me before once but that had been a long time ago' many years had passed since then'.

"Geet!" Pari screamed throwing her arms around my neck and embracing me in a tight hug, Misha and Nikki followed her. I was crushed in between the three in a group hug, unable to breathe!

"Pari!  Misha! Get your hands off of Geet, you are all ruining her hair and saree." Ridhima di screamed while Anjali di tried to pry away everyone clinging to me.

"Sorry" they sang in unison. They stood there surveying my new look, Pari and Nikki had their eyes wide open at my beauty while Misha told me how stunning I was looking.

"You look gorgeous Geet" Misha commented kissing my cheek. I smiled in appreciation.

"I love that Rosary, Misha! It's beautiful" I exclaimed as I touched her rosary, it really was very beautiful, the cross had small diamonds in a diverse sequence. Now don't expect me to go into a detail speech on what everyone was wearing and carrying, because I am not going to do any such thing! 

"Finally we see you in something other than overalls and you finally combed your hair" Pari voiced, and then she always complains on why she couldn't be my best friend. The Bi$$h! Nikki nudged Pari to stop her from commenting further. Misha held me back from advancing towards Pari.

"So are you ready for it" Misha asked in excitement. Apparently they were all standing outside waiting for us, well'.  it wasn't like they hadn't seen me in the new form, I had worn the saree with Ridz di help of course,  in front of them, and they had all been there with me when I was getting my haircut and all the facial, threading stuff done but I guess they were still somewhat taken aback at my beauty'..

"H Yah" I exclaimed giving her a high five. I was ready for the act to begin, I could feel the excitement running through me and I knew others were excited as well.

"Alrighty! I am going to head on now. Let the action begin" I called as I ran up the stairs to make the grand entry. I was too excited and in my hurry took large steps up the stairs skipping one two steps'.. and when I finally reached the top, entered the main door, took the first two steps, that's when my stupid traitorous long beautiful white saree and my feet cheated me because my left foot stepped on the front hem of my saree and I staggered slamming hard on someone, the force of which had me falling back hard on the floor. It took me total of two seconds to realize that I had fallen, a man's shadow lumbered over me, a silence fell around me, and my grand entry had been ruined!


erm.... so should I continue?.... Please do let me know if you all would like me to continue.... don't forget to hit the LIKE button! 

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OMG..... Loved it..... Kiss maan singh khurana front of everybody.....ahem..... ahem..... Do continue soon.

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it is superb.............. plzzzzzzzzzzzz continue

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amazing do continue and update soon

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awesome....wonderful.....stupendous....terrific.....its simply great....haiii will geet kiss MSK........I am waiting for it hun....n plz addd me to your PM list.....n continue soon...

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Do cont
Pm me pls

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omg.. Geet going to kiss MSK as a challenge.. waiting for it..

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