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Posted: 18 December 2010 at 9:24pm | IP Logged
Monday -  20/12/10 Episode No??? Rojaaaaaa, rommbbaa mukkiyam grrr

MMMM and Shiva are outside the Registrar's Office. Waiting for the deal to close
and Raani kalyaana nagai is hanging in a thin thread !!! The politician comes and
says that the seller is the minister "avarai wait panna vaikka mudiyaathu !!" MMMM
says that it is an auspicious day and there are a lot of registrations - " my party will
come at 12 noon" Politician calls the minister and asks him to come at 12.15. MMMM
 is restless and the politician assures that all will go well " Un thangai kalyaanam nalla nadakkum" (aama, Ivar periya Siddhar, Arul vakku tharrarr ...ada pOngada, naangale
nOndhu nOola irukkom )

RS household. DSDR is talking to his friend "Naa ready, vaa doctor kitte pOgalaam"
The friend says that he is in his village "nalaikki thaan varuven, appO pOlaam " Reva
is all decked  up , has a bag in hand...amma enge kilambittanga?? Raani kalyaana vaibhogame thaan. Wants daddy, mummy and DSDR to get ready asap. Mummy has
that same azhugai look - her signature look. After a lot of halla gulla, RS comes to
know that darling daughter is all set for the enemy wedding. RS does a sky-earth
jump and DSDR does a chyanggg chak. Reva cares a tuppence and asks mommy to
come along. RS shouts at his wife and tells DSDR "as an Aambalai, I can control my wife. Mappillai..u an Aambalai??" DSDR has been having that doubt for a while Wink and so immediately retorts "athaan doctor report kamichene!!" RS is livid " Yovvv, naa enna
ketten, nee enna solre?? Wife ai adakkuyya" Reva for her part throws a poisoned arrow
 " Meesai vaichindu, wife ai satham pOdaravan is not Aambalai. Solra vakkai kaappatha
ravan thaan .." Storms out saying that she will attend the wedding "come what may "
- pOda pOda pOkke, Ellu Kaattukku theKke BG by Roja

Mandapam - wedding preps are on. Park Maama is eagerly waiting for the groom's
 side. They arrive and after a small prayer at the Ganesha temple, the jing bang enters
the hall. New LR ( enna ppa No?? Too many LR s here !!) - Sarroojja starts her samy
Aattam Shouts at Park and LR 1 for being so lackadaisical " innum decorations kooda mudiyalai?? Rendu perum summa alaiyaringa?? " LR 1 kku peche varalai...Park mennu muzhungaraar. Aakash tries to shut his sister up - in vain. Park Maama's relative wants some coffee. Park goes to the kitchen and asks the cook to send some coffee. Cook
avar pangu kku kOnjam egirraar " Groom Oda appa kitte contract pesiyachu.... IppO
nera sappadu thaan, evening thaan coffee.." Park claims that he is the father of the bride .
" kOnjam adakki pesunga" Sarrrrooojja arrives, learns the scenario , sends the cook to
mind his business and turns her attention to Park " hello, it is we who have paid for the
food. 5 kaasu selavu panname kalyaanam panringa, ithile cook kku neenga order podaringalaa?? Half the expenses ai eduthu kizhe vaichu ttu ithellam pesanum.."
 goes on and on...LR 1 comes and rescues park. Sarroojja does not forget the parting
shot " pOi muhurtham kku munnadi nagai yai kOndu vara vazhi yai paarunga"
Orders her own hubby to guard the kitchen....


Update for Tues, Dec 21, 2010:
update by eljayma

Saroja busy verattufying her husband, Go and guard the kitchen, and the man goes!  Bhagyam tells Poonga to be careful when dealing with her till the marriage is over.  Reva comes in, asks why Poonga is upset, Bhagyam updates her, and Reva wants to have it out with LR 5.  She says it is all her fault.  Bhagyam tells her they are waiting for Selvam to come with the nagais.

Selvam and Shiva waiting at the Registrar's office, the politician is waiting anxiously, Muthukumar hasn't yet arrived, the minister arrives, wants to know why they are making him wait.  The politician is irritated, the minister doesn't like to be kept waiting, so Selvam sends Shiva to find out what is holding him up.  Selvam tries Muthukumar's phone number, it is switched off.

Shiva goes to Muthukumar's house, he is not there, his wife doesn't know where he is, Shiva wants to know if she can call his friends and find him.  Selvam gets a call from Poonga asking if he has the jewels ready as LR 5 is busy, harassing them.  Bhagyam also speaks to Selvam, asking him to please get the money and the jewels ready.  Selvam's anxiety keeps increasing by the minute, the politician is even more upset as the minister is busy calling him an "ayogya rascal, ennai wait panna vaikkiran, kizhichupuduven avanai".  Right then, RS and someone arrive at the scene.  RS says he is willing to buy the same house, giving Rs. 10 lakhs higher.

RS's friend says he is willing to buy the house for the higher amount, and RS wants to know why the broker doesn't even know where his party is, the time for the registration is drawing near, and finally the politician tells RS to go with him.  Shiva realizes that this is a trick by RS to prevent Selvam from getting the money and wants to confront him, but Selvam holds him back.  The minister is happy that for waiting for ten minutes, he gets Rs. 10 lakhs more, RS gives Selvam a victorious look.  Oh, if only I could somehow get into the TV screen and wipe that smile off his face!  They all go inside to complete the registration, leaving Selvam and Shiva outside. 

Thodarum ...



Update for Wed, Dec 22, 2010:
update by eljayma

This is an important day for me, so the episode had better be okay, or else ... I am coming after the directors and creative heads and anyone else who dares to cross my path!

RS gives that dirty, victorious look as he passes Selvam and goes to get the sale registered.  Selvam says he doesn't know what to do, believed Muthukumar fully, he has let him down, how is Rani going to get married?  (I have a suggestion, let this marriage be stopped, Rani will thank you eventually)  He gets into Shiva's auto, is sogam personified, and suddenly they see a police jeep in front of MK's house.  People are talking about his disappearance, and how he had losses in his business, and his wife has called the police because he has been missing all day, and is not answering his phone.  Selvam and Shiva continue to be sogam personified.

Archana is all dressed up for the wedding, no signs of Selvam.  Poonga calls her and asks why she hasn't yet come, she says she is waiting for Selvam.  Poonga tells her about how Saroja insulted him over a cup of coffee, and says this is what happens when you go for a sambandam with people of a higher status, and tells her to come soon with the jewels.  It is night already, an auto comes, Shiva asks Punitha for all her jewels, he explains about MK going underground after his business suffered severe losses, and asks her to give all her jewels.  She gives everything, and Shiva tells Selvam to give these jewels to the seth, and get some jewels and tell Akash's family that they will give the rest in the next month or two.  Selvam says that he doesn't want these jewels, and Akash's sister will not take even one kundumani less that 50 sovereigns.  Rani is his sister and he has to find a way.

Punitha is upset that he is being troubled so much, all because of Vasu and Reva.  Selvam seems to have made up his mind, and says let us go to my FIL's house, get the 45 sovereigns from them, and since Rani already has 5 sovereigns with her, that makes it 50.  They leave for Selvam's FIL's house.

Archana comes to Shiva's house, asks about Selvam, and Punitha updates her on MK's disappearance and tells her that Selvam just left with Shiva.  Both of them are worrying about it.  Shiva scolds Selvam for always deciding like this at the last minute, how will they find a seth's place at this hour.  They reach Archana's father's house to find it locked, Selvam calls her father to find that they have gone to Coimbatore to his sister's house, as her husband is very ill.  Archu's dad apologizes for not attending the wedding, asks Selvam to convey their blessings and says they will come to his house after they return from Coimbatore.  (Aamaam, if his sister's husband is sick, why does the whole family, including Vinod, his wife and kid, have to go to CBE?  Stupid question from me, did I really think I was going to get a reply?)  Selvam hangs up the phone, dejected.

Thodarum ....


 Thursday dec 23-12-10
update by rojakka.
Hey Shree, enna dhinam dhinam yen per pOdare??? Sari panren , kaarthale
anyways , nothing much - Aal Aalukku nagai nagai nnu alaiyaraanga , athu
enge irukkO?? MMMM kku thaan velicham

Habbaaa...yesterday's episode tested Roja's patience no end !!! So bullet points update.

MMMM on the phone with man Shiva - who is happily perched at CBE with his jing bang.
Rubs salt in MMMM's wound by saying " Couple kku engal vazhthukkal. After we come
back, will call the couple and do all the expected seer , sadangu, ok??" ( apdi pOdu
aruvaalai )
MMMM - mandai yai mandai yai Aatings  grrrr Shiva also grrrrrrsssss.

Mandapam - Reva asking for MMMM maama - "enge yenathu maamaa?? Nagai
promise pannina maamaa??? Oorai vittu Odi vittarO ? amma ai
kooda off pannittare.. Enge yenathu.... ( ayyo Roja , Reva enna Aishwarya Rai ya???
Antha song kku mariyadhai ye illame pannitte??)
LR 1 kku dhideer gyanOdayam
" avan venum ne, ellar naduvile yum yen maanathai vaanga plan panni, pazhi
 theerkkaraan " ( aama, theeruthuttalum....avvalvu rOsam iruntha apram yen Roja
avarai MMMM nnu koopidaraa??)
Reva promises to bring the nagai but Park refuses
" my son......he will come...with nagai.."

Archu arrives with the baby - LR 1 apdiye paasa mazhai " nagai kOndu vanthuttiya?
Tha thaa.." Archu kai virichings..... Sarrrooojjja... naduve Oru satham..... Time for the
 groom to come to the dais.... but before that RS and DSDR arrive - vera ethukku??
Wedding nikkarathai vedikkai paarkkathaan.... All are fretting...... MMMM is Kaakka
Oosh..... groom comes to the dais... Sarrroojja...shouts " apdiye nillu da..... no wedding.." RS enjoys the scenario .. by the way RS hits two mangoes in one stone -
makes sure that his nagai is not donated to Raani and also enjoys the "kalyaana VAIBHOGAM" ....Sarroojjaa doing a sky-earth jump... Reva placates ...Sarroojja shouts
at Reva - "nee pesaathe....unnale thaan ella problem um.." Aaksh is kneading his
hands ( Hmmm, Othiya maram mathiri valarnthu irukkiye, love pannina pOnnai
 ozhunga kalyaanam pannikka theriyaathu??? Raani, intha aalai nambathey.....ayya
kAal Kaau kku thera mattar)
..Raani comes out and sees the drama...



Friday 24.12.10 Episode update

update by shreenithi
@rojakka...naan aishu name dhaan potten...adhuvum Songs oda potten...andha pappa dhaan sollichu...thursday reserved for one and only Rojakka nnu...LOLLOL 
Vikram and Trisha Krishnan singing....
Kalyanamdhaan kattikittu odipolama
illai odipoi kalyanam dhaan kattikalam
(Yeppadiyellam pottu utkandu yosichu ezhudhinanga polaDeadDead)
Shree singing...
TMS aa parthu parthu mental aavoma
Illai mental aayi TMS dhaan parka varuvoma??LOLLOL
God's answer:ellam up ur mouth , go ,write friday's  aappudateCryCry
Vellikizhamai aappudate...Mudinja ensaaaai makkalae...LOLLOL
Kalyana Mandapam..Latest LR ..aakash's sister shouting at rani's parents...says give us the jewels, then only my brother will sit in the manamedai...Revathi comes and says...pls..listen to mama Mr.MM selvam willcome with jewels..u pls let the marraige happen...LR in no mood to listen...DOse vittufying to revathi....All started becoz of u and ur purushan..when we said that we dont want any varadhatchanai..u asked...why ?any problem for ur brother aa pove my brother is a 22 beetroot pure male ...i want those 50 soverignos gold atany kalyanam....
Bags ...eppadi irundha bags ippo ippadi pocheOuch...kaiyeduthu kumbutting hersammandhi makkal that she will give the jewels after marraige...LR vandhadhe ...shouts..."see ur avataram...only one majal kayiru in ur neck..(pinna yenna 7,8 thaali kayira poduvanga??Confused)...and see ur husbandu...he is the owner of his veshti sattai...thats all...nothing decosion marraige without jewels...RS and DSDR happy happy watching this kalyana galattas...
Aakash comes and talks insupport of rani...LR shuts his mouth saying...u will not get a single kundumani after marraige...Oru ponnu comes and tells archu that rani threw away her garland...pottuka mattennu solra...Archu gives the baby to some ladyConfusedConfused and goes to rani's room and asks rani ...why she is doing like this...Rani replies..."leave me anni...this is my fate..only 15 mins left for muhurtham..."...Archu says..i have belief in my purushar..he will come with the jewels..u pls get ready...Rani refuses to do so...
Archu advices...U remember my sister priya's fate?...dont follow her..if u stop ur marraige then u will never get married...rani agrees...There in manamedai..aakash says...i dont want any jewels..i want rani,rani and only rani...RS,LR,DSDR ellarum shocked...Rani comes and aakash smiles and Villains and villi's muzhuchings and bags sentiments and LR morachings and shots...if this marraige happens..i'll leave this place immediately...aakash's dad says..punniyama pogum..pls leaveLOLLOL
LR now shouts at revathi...Gives saabam to revathi...all becoz of u...RS kelappi vitting vasu...saying...nee ambalaidhanae??go and fight for ur revathi...aambalai vaasu goes and shouts..But LR asks Nee aambalaiya?...Vasu prove he is a aambalai...slaps LR...but missses...Fight stats..RS happy ...Aakash's dad now says..
"dei aakash...get up and come..this marraige will not happen"...ani and co shocked...
Arcuh comes and asks sorry to aakash's family...pleads to aakash's dad...periya manasu senju forgive us...But daddy very angry...all becoz of this DSDR and his wife...How dare he beats my daughter and mappillai?...
Bags and park tells vasu to ask sorry..But vasu sand maadhiri standing....Kalayana ponnu says...he will not ask any life is not important for him...dont force him...Revathi forces vasu to ask sorry...she mirattufies..sorry ketkalainna i'll levae u forever...DSDR asks sorry...But RS interrupts and mappu thappae pannala...ur daughter ketta kelvi dhaan thappu..adhaan he behaved like that...aakash's mom and dad says..ok...thappudhaan...but why my daughter asked such kostin?...becoz u said u will give us 50 our final decision...No marraige..(innuma pa 15 mins mudiyala??SleepySleepy)....
Kavya ododi coming to kalyana mandapam...Hostel warden calls her and says neenga serthu vitta ponnu kaanum...Kavya shocked...Warden says she is going to give a complaint to police...Tells her to come immediately...Kavya leaves the place without enetring the kalyana mandapam...
Inside..Rani gets up from the manamedai and says "everyone..pls forgive me"
Rombha thappudhaan ..irundhalum solren..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Pls hit the like button if u liked the update and do share ur comments...Thank u...LOL

Edited by shreenithi - 06 January 2011 at 1:22am

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v.dhanyalakshmi Groupbie

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roja akka,

 i think this week they fully drag to Rani  Marriage  only......

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eljay IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 December 2010 at 4:32am | IP Logged
Originally posted by shreenithi

Indha paazhapona pozhappu kky thumbai chedi la thookku pottukalamCryCry

What is a thumbai chedi?  Are you talking about the balsam flower?  My GM used to call it kasi thumbai.
raaspach IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by eljay

Originally posted by shreenithi

Indha paazhapona pozhappu kky thumbai chedi la thookku pottukalamCryCry

What is a thumbai chedi?  Are you talking about the balsam flower?  My GM used to call it kasi thumbai.
Its a very small herb which grows up only five-eight inches...Its flowers will be milky white in colour..actually it signifies purity and simplicity...
TMS serial kku update ezhudaradhukku......indha chedi la kayatha katti thongiralam.LOLLOL

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@Eljay - It is called as White deadnettle in English...

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rojapoooo IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 December 2010 at 10:43am | IP Logged
Shree, antha thumbai chedi le MMMM ai katti thonga vidalam ppa

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eclat IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 December 2010 at 4:52pm | IP Logged
Thanks RP.
idhu 5 days kalyanam... all of us are tired even before the wedding... adhukkapram kalyanam nadakuma nikkumaa theriyaadhu.. adhukulla more tired...
RP - andha thumbai chedi  is only for us - thooya uLLam padaiththavargaL... Blushing ;)

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Sue Nair IF-Rockerz
Sue Nair
Sue Nair

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Posted: 21 December 2010 at 2:13am | IP Logged
Can sombody tell me why the groom's side always demand for jewellery? If the girl goes to the groom's place do they have the right over her jewellery? Idhu ellam is only encouraging the public to practice this dowry system which should have been abolished long ago.Angry
Its so irritating to see Saroja putting her terms and conditions - feel like giving her a tight slap. What is that "b" less Akash doing? I thought he loved Raani apporam why is he then dancing to his sister's tune?Angry
Raani is better off if this wedding is called off....Saroja might even keep hinting at her poverty later on in her life. She should concentrate on her studies and build her career instead of getting herself into this screwed up family..!!

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