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~*The Bitter Truth*~ X-ms Special.part 13 pg 87 (Page 49)

maanujaanu IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 December 2010 at 12:02pm | IP Logged
i have a feeling that Maan will get better n geet will be pregnant with his baby but Maan's family n maan will deny it . i hope he does remember this after he gets better too

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-BlushaLicious- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 23 December 2010 at 12:04pm | IP Logged
omg cant belive maan did dat soo sad
bu i still love maaneet 
plzz update soonxx!!!

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-afsha- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 December 2010 at 12:07pm | IP Logged
Maan was not in his senses wen he did all thgs but still he shuld hav control over himself
Liked how he tried to manofy Geet
Geet is hating
I dnt want her to do that
Maan shuld get well soon n marry Geet

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preethia IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 December 2010 at 12:09pm | IP Logged
oh....feel so sorry for geet....hope he remembers her after he is completely cured....

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FireSafireFiree IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 December 2010 at 12:11pm | IP Logged

*~The Bitter Truth*~

X-Mas Special

part 8

Avenasha- hello Geet.
Geet forces her self to smile.
Avenasa- was everything alright?
Geet nodes.
Geet- can I speak to sir or mam?
Anvesha- sure Geet.

Both walks out seeing Geet...
Geet- sorry to bother you this late at night.
John- it's alright Geet.
Geet- I need few days off.
John- it's perfectly all right Geet. You have been working nonstop for 6 months now.
Geet gives him a shaky smile...
John- how long? A week? Two weeks?
Geet- a week will be perfect.
Avantika was extremely happy. At last she thought.
Geet- I will make sure maan behaves. He shouldn't be too much problem. He knows when to take his medication and all.
John- he is improving allot. I couldn't thank you enough. Geet nodes and walks out.

It's been 4 hours now. Maan was worried sick. Shaking. He couldn't stay a second without geet now. He was shivering. What if she never comes back... What if she.... Suddenly his door opens. Geet walks in. She was surprised he was sitting by the door.
Maan gets up and hugs her tight. Geet surprised. Still bit terrified.
Maan- I thought you left me.
Geet pushes him off.
Geet- I have told you. I won't leave you.
Maan nodes.
Maan- I know I hurt you yesterday. I seen you cry.
Geet closed her eyes. She didn't want to remember that moment.
Maan- I couldn't s....
Geet snaps- Maan! Look.... Just listen. Maan started to get scared again.
Geet- I am going for a holiday for a week!
Maan was shocked at this.
Maan- you are leaving me?
Geet- I am not leaving you. I will be back.
Maan- you are lying. You won't come back. I hurt you. And that's why you hate me.
Geet closes her eyes in anger. She didn't want to shout at him.
Geet- I don't hate you. She cups his face. I never hated you. She forces her self to smile. Now listen. I will be back after a week. I have to see my friend as well.
Maan- can I see your friends.
Geet- maybe some other time.
Maan- please Tum mujce chor ke math javoo.
Geet- I have been with you for past 5 months... And I haven't seen any of my friends during. So it's unfair on them na...
Maan nodes.
Geet- then...
Maan smiles. His eyes were still moist.
Geet- I am leaving you with this medication. She sailed them all out in a blister pack.
Geet- you know my hand writhing. If anyone change this box don't take the medication.
Maan flows her behind and nodes.
Geet- don't let anyone touch this medicine box. And don't take any extra as well.... No matter who gives you the medication. Don't touch it.
Geet takes a phone out.
Geet- this is your. Call me only when is emergency. Don't tell anyone thy I gave you this phone.
Maan nodes.
Geet- don't call me in every 5 minutes only in emergency.
Maan- what type of emergency?
Geet- like If someone is trying to force you with medication...
Maan nodes.
Maan- when you will be back?
Geet- soon!

Geet walks out locking the door. Maan touches the door. He didn't want Geet out of his sight.. Even for a minute. She was missing her already... And week with her it will be impossible.

Geet leaves... She wasn't sure if she wanted to come back... She couldn't think. They both have created such a bond... That it was impossible to stay way....

Maan did what ever geet told him to do. He refused to take any other drugs. He haven't shown the blister pack to anyone. Geet actually prepared 4 month worth blister pack. Which seemed odd to maan. She said she only leaving for a week. A certain pain started to cover his heart. He was afraid.... More afraid then when he lost Sammera.... And suddenly something came bang on his head... He was remembering something. Like his mental stability seems to act normal. But the fear inside him about loosing Geet started to build up. Maan wanted to get better. Better for Geet... Just for her.

Geet walks in to her new house which she brought. Geet was in tears when she walked in. Pinky runs down... Hugging Geet.
Pinky- Geet... Please Tu roh math. Please.
Geet- I can't stay way from him at the same time I can't forget what he did two nights ago. What shall I do?
Pinky- first take this morning after pill!
Geet- but...
Pinky- it's only been 35 hours! And this is a strong one as well. Take it.
Geet nodes.
Geet- shouldn't I cheek before...
Pinky gives her the pregnancy test kit.
It was negative.
Geet takes a shy relive. Pinky smiles.
Pinky- thats a good news. Geet nodes.
Geet- I don't know what to do?
Pinky- just don't go back.
Geet- I can't do that. I promised him I will be back in a week.
Pinky- how about make a excuse! Take few months off.
Geet- per...
Pinky- Geet. This will give you enough time.
Geet nodes.

Geet wasn't sure what to do. She loved maan... But thing he have done was wrong. extremely wrong.

Geet calls mr khurana to extend her holiday. She was scared. She wanted to see maan but her and him could never be together. Never. They both from different class and different family. Geet wasn't even allowed to even mention his name after he was better...
Geet hangs up before anyone could answer.... An looks at pinky....
Geet- how about I stay with him for 2 more month. He will improve allot. Then I will leave...
Pinky- Geet! It's not right. You have to now. The way you say... He have improved allot. Maybe one more month top! He will be back to normal. He is a rich guy Geet. He would never marry you. Forget him.
Geet was in tears.... She nodes....

Geet calls khurana mansion again...
Geet- hello mrs khurana.
Avantika- hello Geet. Is there any chance I can expand my holiday.
Mrs Avantika smirks.
Mrs Avantika- sure Geet. We don't mind at all. Actually you can take a month off... If you like.
Geet- are you sure mam?
Mrs Avantika- of course.
Geet smiles and hangs up.

ok thats all for today.. more coming up 2mx.. and finish hopefully… :D hope you linking my  short FF


love keyama and sana… ( her idea) :D


pls pls do leave some lovely comments and the LIKE BUTTON… and ty for all the lovely comments


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untamedtigress IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 December 2010 at 12:11pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by FIRESafiReFIRE

Originally posted by bono_jostna

keyama..may i ask u smthng?? This sounds lyk a very old hindi movie which i watched when i was in standard 1...lyk 16 yrs ago...i dnt remembr the name..or the whole story..i jst can remembr that a rich family had hired a girl in ordr to cure their son..who raped her...that part of the movie had an great impact on me. I always kept on thinking wht happnd there...and that thought never let me forget the scene.... Do u had ur idea frm there???
Ur writing jst kept me taking back to that tym when i accidentally wake up and saw mom and aunts were watching the movie..they had no idea that i woke up...
By the way..nice update, felt really bad for geet... Whts gonna happen to her next???

idk babe. ask sena' she is the one who gave the idea. :D but i love the concept' and yes i think there was film like this' but i really can't remember as well'
x i think it was govindo' but can't remember 2 lol
yeah it is inspired from an old hindi movie but not completely,wen i gave dis idea to keyams i dint have tat movie in my mind ,actually a similiar situation was experienced by smone my,she was married off to a druggy and a mentally unstable person who had been sexually abused in his childhood,he used to become agressive and ill treat his wife and eventually killed her in the end but obviously we dint want maan to become a muderer and geet being murdered so i kinda ov lightened it,and wen i camw up wid dis sconcept and suggested to keyams and,one ov my frends read it and told me sme old hindi movie had a similiar tarck,but i cudnt do anything then keyams had already written the ist part and u lot liked the concept so i decided to let goConfused,are u clear now?

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..hinal.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 December 2010 at 12:16pm | IP Logged
hope geet recovers frm the emotional shock soon

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chubzy IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 December 2010 at 12:19pm | IP Logged
Lovely update! Realy she's in a very difficult situation she cnt forgive him nor hate hm , poop soul. Plz do cont soon wil b waitin 4 it.

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