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Weekend Retreat 4 Nivren Psychosis Syndrome sn8pg7 (Page 9)

shana_83 Senior Member

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Posted: 19 December 2010 at 3:04pm | IP Logged
Wow Suchi one more wonderful NivRen scene full of NivRen's heart and mind conjunction. I feel that one day heart will take over their mind and then NivRen's dreamland will come true will full of happiness. We all are waiting for that day to come.Big smile

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simran728 Goldie

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Posted: 19 December 2010 at 3:38pm | IP Logged
Suchi...I have suggestion for you. After this whole serial will be over..(plz dont kill me ppl)..which i know there is a long longggg time for that...

But after that you should collect each and every SCENE and turn it into a NOVEL. A nice romance and love novel and we all will buy it. (promise)

Because each chapter will talk about beautiful love story of Nivi and Viren. Two lost souls who found love, solace, comfort, strength in each other.

See many movies are made from Novels ....but not many NOVELS are made from movies or serials. So, you will be the first. Plus you are not coping anything. These scenes are written by you and they are your thoughts and you have copyrights on them. 

I love you to death and plz plz plz let us when your novel comes out bcos I need an AUTOGRAPHED copy for sure. Then I can hug it @ night and also I can use it tell stories to my children on how love prevails every feeling in the it hatred, jealousy, sadness, etc. 

Love you SUCHI. 

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Suchi- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 19 November 2009
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Posted: 19 December 2010 at 3:53pm | IP Logged
Scene 9
Why did I act that way? How could I behave in that manner with her.

Abh main usese kaise nazrain milaunga' said viren out loud, kicking an empty soda with anger.

He was walking through the streets whose pathways were lit by the dim light coming from the street lamps. The view of the sood mansion came in front of him.

How can I face her? Was the question that was squirming in his mind'

He slowly approached towards his home, gazed at the terrace-only a few days ago he shared such a beautiful moment with niveditha. Showing her the beautiful creation of God and in turn getting the most precious of gifts , her smile.

He feared, now, that would all be lost? '.

A final glimpse at the terrace and he raced towards his bike, climbed on it and dashed off towards the unseen roads.

Time must have passed by, or may be an eternity. Niveditha, who was now lying on the bed, her eyes wide awake, staring into nothingness, was thinking about how her life had been turned upside down with her marriage to viren.

Who is she going to blame now, for what had happened. It was her weakness that had created misunderstandings. The very thought of what she had done, made her go weak in her knees with embarrassment. How could she get so weak and fragile? Is this all to her? Had she not learnt anything from her past experiences with love?

She got up restless- her eyes stopped crying a while back. It seemed as if the tear duct has gone dry. Then she heard the door open. She quickly slammed herself on the bed , pulled the blankets on her and closed her eyes tight shut.

How could she face him after what had happened? She would just die of embarrassment.

Viren had returned from where ever he had left. He noticed Niveditha lying on the bed. He knew that she was pretending. It was impossible that she would be sleeping peacefully after what had happened earlier.

He slowly approached her. He could see that niveditha had sensed his presence as she had cringed a bit inside her blankets , probably fearing his reaction.

He then suddenly started shaking her hard

UTOO.. getup, utoooo' He said loudly

Niveditha could not pretend anymore and woke up with a start!

Niveditha, thum so rahi thi kya? He asked her with a smile

Niveditha returned his question with a confused look, thinking, first he says Uthoo and then now he asks me if I was asleep.

Acha chalo meray saat, abhi' he called her pulling her up to a sitting position.

Kahan? Abhi? .. Niveditha looked at him with bewilderment.

Han abhi chalo,.. ok here jaldi sey apnay baal brush ker lo aur chalo. Thumharay paas 2 min hai jaldi.. saying this viren, left towards the cupboard to get his jacket and her coat.

Niveditha had no choice but to brush her hair, may be something was serious.. may be dadi at the hospital??? She thought with a worried expression on her face

Viren kya dadi ko kuch hua hai kya? Kya hum hospital ja rahe hain? She asked him urgently
Thum chalo tho sahi aur jaldi kerna, aur zyada shor nahi kerna. Main nahi chahtha ki ghar per kisi ko bhi pata chalay , said viren seriously.

Niveditha quickly brushed her hair and took the coat from viren's hand and gestured him towards the door

Ok chalo she said

Viren , and niveditha both left quietly through the doors of the sood mansion and viren asked her to sit behind him on his bike

Niveditha raat hai kaafi, tho please mujeh sahih tarah sey hold ker lo , phir ye nahi kehna ki shimla kay sadkay kharab nahi hai. Said viren, stifling a hidden smirk under his helmet.

Niveditha, could not register what he had just said as her mind was busy thinking about her dadi.
Teekh hay jaldi chalo.. said niveditha

And both of them raced off towards the main roads of shimla. After few minutes she realized that dadi was already home and not in the hospital and if anything was wrong yash would have told her, but, it was also possible that Yash did not get the chance, it was nighttime and probably warned viren instead!

Viren, hum dadi sey milnay jaa rahe hain na , she asked viren

Viren did not respond as he turned right and indicated her to wait

Soon niveditha realized that they were going towards the main heart of the city where everything was very lively and bright.

Viren soon stopped near an Imax complex which had a full blown shopping center theater hall and food courts.

Niveditha perplexed by this asked him,

Hum yahan kya ker rahe hain viren? Dadi ko milnay nahi ja rahe hain kya?

Dadi ko? Dadi tho ghar per hai, unhay is waqt kiyun milnay jayengay hum? Replied viren innocently'

Kya? Tho hum yahan kiyun aye hain? She asked surprised.

Viren took out two tickets from his pocket and showed her.

Chalo naaa' he said to her with a full smile and dragged her inside, holding her hands.
Viren! .. rukho.. viren.. cried nivi

Viren took her inside the complex and went into the theater section.

It was a Friday night and it seemed the entire city was up. Couples all around -holding hands- or with arms around each other's waist were standing in line to get inside the theater hall or in line to get their favorite snacks.

Viren took niveditha towards the popcorn stall and ordered -one large popcorn with butter on top and two sodas.

Viren! Hum abhi yahan picture dekhnay aaye hain kya? Asked niveditha, boggled!

Nahi, hum yahan pani puri bechnay aaye hain. Suna hai kafi acha business hai, replied viren seriously.

Niveditha, stifled a smile and turned the other way..

Both niveditha and viren entered into the main hall. Viren lead her to the top most seats, which were secluded. The rows in front of them and on the side of them were empty.

Viren hum yahan baitaingay? Ask niveditha,

Han, yahin ki tho seats mili hai. Lagtha hai aaj house full hoga, isiliye aisi seats mili hai. Said viren with a serious tone.

Niveditha gazed around the hall and saw that there were hardly 20-30 people in the entire hall. She then looked at viren with a questioning look on her face but did not dare utter anything to him.
Kya hua? Viren asked her looking at her face..

Are , bohot hit film hai, dekhna house full ho jayegi thori dair main. He then took her to their seats.
Niveditha tried to sit a seat away from him, and placed the popcorn in the middle.

Are ye kya ker rahi ho thum? Bataya na, abhi thori dair main house full ho jayega.. thum kisi aur ki seat main baitogi kya' viren exclaimed a bit seriously

Niveditha just then noticed that the hall door was closing and she turned to face viren in time.. to say..

House full? Her voice filled with sarcasm

Viren dragged her and made her forcibly sit besides him. His arms brushing hers and concentrating seriously towards the screen,

Niveditha was noticing all this. The heaviness in her heart had left a while back but now she started feeling happy.

Niveditha could not help notice that the smile had returned on viren's face. She could help but smile but decided not to reveal it to him, just yet, fearing what that gesture might lead to.

Just then the movie started rolling and niveditha noticed that it was

"PADOSAN" the 1970's movie

Viren soon started munching the popcorn and slurping the soda with slightly loud noises as if to ignore what was to come next.

Niveditha.. glared at him

Padosan? Thum mujhe padosan dikhanay aaye ho?

And then she looked around the theater and said

House full?

Niveditha, ye ithni hit film hai na, acha mujhe disturb nahi karo , movie watch kerthay hain. Viren replied with the same seriousness he had maintained through out their outing.

The movie started to roll and she could feel her heart becoming lighter and lighter with every scene and her laughter echoing in viren's ears.

He threw a quick glance at the sound of her laugh and saw that his moon started to shine, and that very moment niveditha looked at him and found herself turning red. She quickly turned away and started facing the screen.

Niveditha, meri soda khatm ho gayi hai.. main thumhara share ker lun came viren's voice whispering through her ears.

Without looking at him she handed him her soda but took out the straw that she had been using. Simultaneously viren's straw slips through his fingers

Are ! shoot! Niveditha main abh kaise piyon , acha lao mujhe thumhara straw de do.

He said to her while taking her straw away from her and inserting it in the soda top. Niveditha who was noticing all of his actions was blushing furiously but dared not to utter anything and continued watching the movie.

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Dilbole_ShiOmRu IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 19 December 2010 at 4:08pm | IP Logged
Wow Suchi what a awesome part our Viren it too naughty wow wonderful how he dragged Nivi to watch houseful hit movie Padosan. He is too cute poor Nivi how in this whole world she can resist His CharmWink and NaughtinessLOLEmbarrassed

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NivRenDeewani Goldie

Joined: 08 March 2010
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Posted: 19 December 2010 at 6:03pm | IP Logged
OMG suchi i just finished reading all you scenes. every scene is written to perfection. Its sooo good, like simran said u should really look to make all these into a book and i along with everyone here will buy it. Ur soo amazing and tallented. Thankyou for doing this, u dunno how happy you have made us all feel. I just loved it soooo much. Hope to see more scenes from you retreat. Oki im gonna re read the scene you wrote, i think no matter how much i read them i will never get bored. Once again great job and love you for thisHug
Oh by the way thanks soo much putting nandu into the story i was sooo happy when i read his nameBig smile

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milee1014 Goldie

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Posted: 19 December 2010 at 6:10pm | IP Logged
Oh Suchi, the whole day my mind was on your retreat. I missed it so much, I was just thinking what was she writing. I just got sometime so came running and first thing I checked is your post.
you just made me Speechless, with each and every scene. And a special thanks to you for making NivRen dance on my favorite english song. The intensity, the passion, the love I had goosebumps and along with Nivi's my heart was racing too fast. Both Scene 7 & 8 are just awesome. You described their innermost feelings, their passion, her surrender oh just so beautiful.
And Scene 9 is just like Viren, who will make his Chaand smile again. Bohut Badmaash hai.
Dil Se thumhara shukriya, you made my day. The wait was worth it for me. Just thinking about those scenes specially Titanic song my heart is racing. Thankyou Thank you a lot.

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gmann2010 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 December 2010 at 6:23pm | IP Logged
Suchi wonderful scene. At last they went to watch movie together. Smile I loved the way Viren handled the situation after very intense scene.

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ashred12 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 December 2010 at 6:35pm | IP Logged
Abt scene 8- Oh God... Wat a twist..!! I feel sad for both of them..
Abt both scenes- u r superb yaar... Double twist..!! Happy to sad to happy.. :)

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