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FF~:Friends Forever:~ All Shanak Update : page 35 (Page 35)

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Hello friends,

I had written a long Gaurav-Paridhi part in part 10 to accomodate them faster before they met Shanak....
and yes I got loads of Chappals for writing small Shanak bitEmbarrassed

this time my update is 'All Shanak'......and no other character...........hope you love it....!!

keep commenting....and criticizing too....EmbarrassedLOL !!

Part 11.


 Shantanu had been in the shower for a while now. Various emotions, the morning tensions and his restlessness when he was not able to find Khanak kept invading his thoughts and brought goose bumps to him even now. How he had felt so lost for those few minutes. And how all it was relieved by just looking at her and her smile.

Khanak's laughter had exuded from her eyes, which sparkled like flawless diamonds.

Shaan was mesmerised by her radiant personality and her aura….

It wasn't the first time he had seen her making fun of him, but he still wondered what caused him to love that. In other places, he would have felt offended or maybe defensive, but not with Khanak. With her, he just accepted, what she called his "burthalness" and even laughed with her when she cracked jokes at him.

He remembered her putting her hand lightly at the centre of his forehead to say, "Subah subah nahin hai burthal…….baarah baje hain….."

He smiled again, remembering her laughter….....

Just then, he heard a knock at the door.

Khanak……how impatient !!!

He answered the door by opening it halfway and peeping out, "Kya hai?"

"Shantanu aap itni der se andar kya kar rahe hain?"she was really impatient.

  He gave her an innocent glance. She was in the same dress that she had bought this morning and she was right. She had really amused and surprised him. She seemed angelic in the pristine white and blue. He had to put a break to his wandering thoughts.

"Andar kya karte hain Khanak?........ naha raha huu……"

"Thoda jaldi kijiye na…..main bahut bore ho rahi hu bahar."

"Baahar bore ho rahi ho?" He asked with mischief in his eyes, "thik hai……toh andar aa jao."

"Kyu…..andar kya laddoo bat rahe hain?"

"Laddoo???.....................yeh romance ke beech mein laddoo kahan se aa gaye yaar?"

"Waise hi jaise aap har baat ke beech mein romance daal dete ho……Shantanu, please jaldi bahar aaiye na…..lunch nahi karna hai kya?"

"Tum agar isi tarah se mujh se baatein karti rahogi toh main kaise jaldi karoonga?"

"Maine kaha that darwaza khol ker baatein karne ke liye?…..andar se hi jawab de sakte the nah……."

"De toh sakta tha…..magar mujhe laga ki shayad tum mujhe iss tarah se bhiga hua dekhna chahti ho…." He winked at her.

She opened her mouth with a 'hawww'….and narrowed her eyes in annoyance..…..

"Yeh kaise socha aapne?"

"Tum yaad karo……jab bhi main naha raha hota huu, tum knock jaroor karti ho. Main darwaaza khol ker jawaab deta hu aur tum mujhe dekhti hi rah jaati ho…."

"Ji nahin…….khushfahmi hai aapko."

"Sharmane ki koi baat nahin hai Khanak, itne 'handsome hunk' ko koi bhi dekhna chahega…..aur tumhe pata hai….jab main paani mein hota huu nah……." He wanted to speak more but she gently pushed him inside and closed the door.

"Ab yeh handsome hunk andar hi rahega…….bahut baatein karni aa gayi hain aapko."

"Tumhaari sangat ka nateeja hai Khanak….." he shouted from inside.

She turned her back to the door and laughed.

"Aage aage dekhiye meri sangat kya rang laati hai."

"Dikhao……." She heard the husky voice just in her ears and was taken aback.

She turned back to see him standing right behind her. Before she could realise it, he held her wrist and dragged her inside the washroom.

"Shantanu……" she could hardly speak.



"Shhh….." he put his index finger on her lips.

His gaze met hers and he wrapped her in his strong arms. She remembered the time when they were in shower before….but realised that there was something missing then. Yes, she just understood what………….. they hadn't kissed then.




      The menu was a nightmare for Khanak as she couldn't understand the name of even a single dish at the restaurant of the high end resort. As such she didn't have many choices as there were very few vegetarian dishes available.

"Kya order karna hai Khanak?" asked Shantanu while flipping the pages of the menu folder.

 Not getting an answer, he looked up and was surprised to see Khanak looking at the other table. With her right elbow resting on the table and the palm supporting the chin…..she was so lost in her thoughts, that she didn't realise that he was talking to her.

 He turned to his left to see what held her attention. A small girl, around 2 years, was playing in his dad's lap. Everytime she thumped her little hand on the table, a sound was produced due to the movement of the cutlery. The baby laughed with joy and clapped her hands and turned to her father to get a nod and applause. Her father was a young man in his thirties. He appeared a foreign tourist. Everytime the baby looked at him, after her play, he admired her, hugged and kissed her. It went on for at least eight to ten times. This made Shantanu smile too.

 Khanak turned to Shantanu to say something but saw him watching the same scene that she had been watching. She couldn't resist admiring him.

 He was as charming as always in his white shirt, rolled sleeves and beige pants. His  looks made him appear very much western himself. He was as engrossed in the father- daughter play as she had been a few minutes back.

 For a moment his attention distracted and he noticed Khanak looking at him.

They looked at each other and grinned.

"Kya soch rahe hain aap?" she was, as usual, the first one to ask.

"Pahle tum batao, tum kya soch rahi thi?" he gave a huge wide smile to her.

"Nahin, pahle aap bataiye?"

"Khanak…..pahle tum batao."

"Nahin Shantanu, aap bataiye nah."

"Kyu…..tum kyon nahi bata sakti?"

"Kyunki, pahle maine pucha hai, toh pahle jawaab aap denge?"

"lekin dekh to tum rahi thi pahle, mera dhyaan baad mein gaya…..toh pahle tum bataogi."

"Arrey waah…..har baat main hi kyu pahle batau?"

"Oye……Hello…….tum kaunsi baat mujhe pahle batati ho? In fact, agar main tumhe yaad dilaun toh tum toh mujhe kuch batati hi nahi ho."

"Aur aap bhi mujhe kuch nahi batate…..main yaad dilaun?....mujhe kis kis tarah se dimaag lagana padta hai pata karne ke liye ki aapke mann mein kya chal raha hai."

"Khanak…..thoda time jaroor lagta hai, lekin finally main har baat tumhe bata deta huu yaar….aise mat kaho ki main kuch nahi batata."

"Thik hai…..toh bataiye ki abhi kya soch rahe the."

"Nahin bataunga……….tum meri koi baat sunti ho? Jo main tumhaari sunu."

"Aap aisa kaise kah sakte hain? Main aapki har baat sunti hoon."

   A waiter came and asked for their order.They looked at him as if he is a huge disturbance. Shaan turned to him.

"Arrey ruko yaar, thodi jaroori baat chal rahi hai." said Shaan looking at him.

The waiter nodded.

"Kyu ruko? Mujhe bahut bhookh lag rahi hai.Pahle hum khana order karenge."

The waiter nodded again.

"Shantanu, khana order kijiye nah."

"Kya order karu? Kab se toh pooch raha hu ki tumhe kya khana hai magar tum ho ki kuch bata hi nahi rahi ho."

"Kab poocha aapne? Aur main kya batau…..yahan toh mujhe kuch samajh hi nahi aa raha." She said with a disappointed face picking up the menu and showing him.

"Har jagah Gujarati khana nahi milta Khanak."

"Maine kab kaha ki main sirf Gujarati khana hi khati hu?….main sab kuch khati hu…………...jaanwaron ko chod ke."

"Yahan vegetarian mein bahut kam choices hain Khanak, hum shaam ko koi accha sa vegetarian bhojnalaya dhoondh lenge," said Shaan consoling her in a much softer tone.

His concern touched Khanak.

"Nahin Shantanu, aap kuch bhi order kar dijiye, jo aapko pasand ho, mere liye sirf chaawal order kar dijiye."

"Aise kaise? sirf chaawal kaise khaogi?…..main dekhta hu ki aur kya khaya jaa sakta hai."

The waiter was completely flabbergasted on seeing them arguing a few minutes before and now taking care of what the other wanted to eat.

 Finally, they could place an order after Shaan fluently read all the difficult Italian and Mexican names, along with exotic Indian dishes, which were given unimaginable names and explained about them to Khanak.

The waiter left after taking the order.

Shaan turned to Khanak after the waiter left and observed her being fascinated by his interaction with the waiter. She looked at him completely dumbfounded and gave him a proud smile.

"Aise kya dekh rahi ho?"  

"Main soch rahi hu ki shaher mein rahne se aur desh ke baahar jaane se kitna farak padta hai? Aapko kitna kuch pata hai duniya ke baare mein."

"Yeh sab dikhawa hai Khanak. Khana toh phir bhi hum wahi khate hain. Naam mushkil ho jaane se khaane ka swad toh nahi badal jaata nah."

"Phir bhi….yeh sab pata hona bhi toh jaroori hai……hum gawon mein toh 'kuyen ke maindek' hotey hain…..pata hi nahi hota ki baahar ek bahut badi duniya hai. Aur wahan kya kya hota hai."

"Aur yeh sab seekhna bahut aasaan hota hai. Main hu nah tumhaare saath. Tum dekhna agli baar jab hum Goa aayenge to tumhe mujhse jyada pata hoga…..in logon ke baare mein, different cuisines matlab khaane ke baare main aur…….. wine ke baare mein bhi." He paused in between the sentence and said teasingly when spoke about wine.

"Aapka matlab hai madira?.....madira ke baare mein kuch pata nahi karna mujhe."

"Arrey Khanak tumhe pata hai ki tum Goa mein ho?…….yahan madira aise milti hai jaise tumhaare dhulwaadi mein paani……kuch log toh yahan aate hi madira ke liye hain."

"Aatey honge………aur aap baar baar mujhe dhulwaadi ki yaad mat dilaiye."

"Thik hai baba……but I promise you, tumhe madira ke baare mein toh acche se samjha kar rahunga.

She just pouted and he laughed at this.

 After a while, Shaan leaned forwards and took Khanak's hand in his own. Stroking the back of her hand with his thumb, he tried again, "Batao na Khanak…..Kya soch rahi thi tum jab us baby ko dekh rahi thi?"

Khanak saw the glint in his eyes and shuddered at what he was thinking.

"Thik hai main hi pahle batati hu, magar phir aap sach sach batayenge ki aap kya soch rahe the….."

"Thik hai."

"Mujhe us table par baithe logon aur us baby ko dekh kar apne aada ki yaad aa rahi thi…..main soch rahi thi ki kitna samay ho gaya Dhulwaadi se aaye hue…pata nahin meri bai aur aada kaise hain? Unse baat bhi nahi ki maine….." she became sad while talking about her father.

Shaan's eyes sparkled.

"Ohhh………toh tum yeh soch rahi thi…….thank God!!!"

"Kyuu…..aapko kya laga, ki main kya soch rahi hu?" she was surprised to see him relieved and laughing.

"Kuch nahin, kuch nahin." He chuckled.

She looked at him suspiciously and said, "Magar aap kya soch rahe the?"

"Main soch raha tha ki kitna responsible hoga yeh aadmi ki itni choti baby ko akele sambhaal raha hai…….aur uski mummy usse iske saath chorh kar chali gayi hai."

"Yeh soch rahe the??" she asked with disbelief.

"Haan, Kyuu?"

"Nahin……mujhe laga…."

"Kya laga?"

"Kuch nahin…..rahne dijiye." She said smiling mysteriously.

"Accha….toh tumne mere baare mein wahi socha jo maine tumhaare baare mein.  

 Tumhe laga ki maine future planning shuroo kar di hai."

"Aur aapko laga ki main bacchon ke baare mein soch rahi hu?"

"Aur nahin toh kya?……jaise tum muskura rahi thi us baby ko dekhkar, mujhe to laga ki ab yeh koi bomb giraane waali hai."

"Ji nahin, har cheez ka ek samay hota hai aur bacchon ke liye abhi samay nahin hai hamare paas. Pahle aapko business mein settle hona hai aur mujhe aapko aur aapke parivaar ko thoda aur samajhna hai."

"Waah……kya baat hai Khanak……….I'm impressed !!"

"Thank You……maine kaha tha nah ki main sirf dikhti hoon ganwaar magar huu nahin." She winked at him.

"Khanak, maine kabhi bhi nahin kaha ki tum ganwaar ho…..toh baar baar yeh kahna band karo…okay?"

"Maine toh aise hi kaha……shaher waalon ko gawon waale ganwaar lagte hain na, isliye."

"Agar mujhe kabhi bhi……ek baar bhi aisa lagta na….toh hum aaj saath nahi hote ……aur  ab aage se tum kabhi bhi yeh shabd nahi bologi….Alright?

She bit her lips and raised her right hand to hold her right ear.

"Tumhe pata hai….mujhe kaisa lagta tha jab bhi mom ya bhabhi tumhe ganwaar bolte the?"

She nodded sweetly…..fluttered her eyes and said softly, "aapne kabhi bataya hi nahin. Kaisa lagta tha Shantanu?"

"For God's sake – tum mera majaak udana band karogi?"

She bursted into laughter…..

"Main aapse kuch kahu?"

 He noticed that he was still holding her left hand as she tightened the grip around his hand.Her face had a genuine admiration for him and he felt his heart melting at her smile.     

"Kaho na……."

"Shantanu, I love you."


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yay finally someone's giving shanak primetime. cant wait for the next part x

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Thank you ManitaHug.....Oh, I could just picture ShaNakDay Dreaming.....Beautiful updateClap........

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 a whole shanak part ....superb ......loved thier nhok jhok ....aww man they are sooo cute.......shaan is a sweetheart.....glad he is getting khanak out of the kuyen ....lol

loved it n continue soon



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OMG...what a cute cute shanak update....Tongue

the whole baby thing scared me a bit.. and then Khanak's response was so smart and Shaan's so Shaan!!!....its funny both your;s and Shai's FF had baby references in today's update....LOL.. 

very cute.,..acha this does not mean that the next one should have the 'other couple' only...PLEASE!!! now lets call it quits and from next chapter Shanak gets more space...Hmm...GLAD YOU AGREE>..Big smile

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Awww manita pure shanak bliss. Loved it from the shower scene to khanak saying I love u. yaar even I thought they were both broody looking at that baby LOL . Can't wait fir the next part x

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awww....manita...what an update...shanak were sooooo cute......hope cvs bhi aise hi soche......par bad luck........Grt update yaar...ab to tumahari ff hi hamare jine ka sahara hai.....n thx for shanak only part ...loved it.

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Hi manitaLOL
just see your update last 2 parts
will be comments after read it soon.LOL

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