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FF~:Friends Forever:~ All Shanak Update : page 35 (Page 3)

_sana.Magic_ IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 December 2010 at 6:00am | IP Logged
Manita just too good.....u r fantabulous

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LimitLessFan IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 19 December 2010 at 6:14am | IP Logged
Superb work mani , hundred times better then present one , dont stop and make up use own imagination for next part  , that will be confusion.com situation, ............. 

Loved reading it , 

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-Manita- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 December 2010 at 7:21am | IP Logged
@ saaz, iluvmanar, cutiepie, adeelakhokar (omg, I don't know so many of ur names...Confused), Shriya, Manju, Sana, Jaya.....Thanks a lot for taking out time to read and then for responding.....I know myself, how poor I am at reading FFs, purely due to lack of time.

so I thank everybody who devoted time to read it, even all those who did not comment.....

Thanks everyone for encouraging....

PS : I am not haughty enough to prove anything to anybody, but simply wanted to tell the story my way, as I wished to see.Tongue That's all.....I'll try to put the next part tonite...Smile

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-Manita- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 December 2010 at 9:59am | IP Logged
hey all,

Just finished writing part 2.....I am a drag actually and please spare me for lengthy discoursesEmbarrassed....it's hard for me to put a break when I start typing....LOLLOL

Part 2



Shantanu left for the office leaving Khanak thinking about all that happened in the morning.

She gathered courage and picked up the phone to call him.

He was engrossed in a deep thought, toying with a pen and carelessly rotating it on the paper in front of him on his desk, when his phone rang.

"Hello,"his voice was sensuous as ever and it was hard for her to guess whether he was upset or disturbed.

She was still trying to find some correct words that she should use and which do not upset him further, when she heard him say,"Ab kuch bologi bhi?"

"Magar aapko kaise pata ki mera phone hai?" she asked innocently.

"Khanak, phone mein ghar ka number flash hota hai, aur Harilal toh mujhe phone karega nahin'.toh zahir hai ki tumhaara hi hai." he sounded victorious and naughty again'.somehow she always brought out the kid in him.

"Thik hai, thik hai'.I just called to ask what did you want to say in the morning"

"Oh'..Yaa'''.actually I wanted to ask whether you have couches in your Dhulwaadi?" he was now completely in a mood to embarrass her and so he twisted the whole conversation.

"Couch '?" she was perplexed.

"haan'.couch'.sofa''which we have in our room and our drawing room."

"Oh that'.Nahin, couch toh nahin hotey. Why?" she knew that this was definitely not that he wanted to talk in the morning and presently he was up to some mischief'but still she was not able to understand and fell in the trap.

"Really? You don't have them? I was just wondering how do people manage then?"

"Kya manage?"

"I mean where do the husbands sleep after marriage, Khanak?"

Now she realised what he referred to, but it was too late'.she felt her cheeks burning and face glowing. She paused for a moment and gathered herself back again.

 "Ghar ke baahar, aangan mein'" she teased him with an equal answer and hanged the phone, smiling to herself.

Shaan could barely control his laughter and kept the phone back on the table.

He saw Akshay coming to his room and straightened his posture. Akshay was delighted to see him laughing to himself.

"Kya baat hai Shaan, you look so happy?"

"Just like that bhaiya'.I feel very fresh today," he said stretching his hands above his head.

"I can see that'and I am really happy for you. You know, this is the first time you have come to office before me and Dad and that too without anyone telling you."

"I know bhaiya and I promise it will be like this. I will be independent and responsible.

"Hey'.what happened to you? Shaan and responsible?" his tone was so affectionate that this sharp sentence also didn't hurt Shaan one bit.

"I know bhaiya," he stood up from his chair and leaned on the desk, "I haven't given anybody reason enough to trust me but give me just one chance and i want to fulfill all the promises I made to mom, dad, you and Khanak. I want all of you to feel proud of me"

"Really?...is it all of us?....or mainly Khanak?," Akshay said putting his hand on Shaan's shoulder, "I know Shaan, who is behind these small changes in you and believe me you are one lucky man to have a wife who motivates you without being bossy," they both laughed at this last phrase as if both knew indirectly that Akshay was comparing Khanak to Khushboo and poor Khushboo was currently the victim of their mutual joke.

"Ok, read this file'.it is the one of your project. Dad wants you to go through it and prepare a strategy as to how do you want to proceed." Akshay gave a huge file to Shaan and left after patting his shoulder.

Shaan took the file, sat on his chair and buried himself deep into the file.




          Khanak was laying the table for dinner, when she saw Sunil and Akshay entering the house. Harilal approached them to take their briefcase and files.

"Ada'.," she wanted to ask about Shaan but was shy to ask her father-in-law.

"Beta, I know you are waiting for Shaan, he was with us and said that he will come late after the inspection of the factory."

Khanak nodded.

"Why don't you have your dinner with us, Shaan will have something at the site." Later at the dinner table Sunil urged Khanak to eat, but she simply sat down after laying the last dish on the table.

"You know Madhavi, you must have seen Shaan today'..he was so serious. I always thought he takes all of us and our business for granted. But he completely changed my perception today," his voice faded in the end as he smiled, imagining Shaan in the office, "thank God"

"Thank Khanak," interrupted Dadi, "don't you all see, it is Khanak's company who is making him do what we all could never."

"I agree," this time it was Madhavi, surprising everyone. No body had ever thought of her speaking positive for Khanak. She continued, "Being a mother, I have seen Shaan since his childhood and I always thought that my upbringing was at fault,  that had made him so careless. But you made me realise that he was simply a directionless ship who needed an anchor. And I am thankful to you for being that anchor."

Khanak was so surprised that she couldn't speak anything. She just smiled.

"And by the way, thanks for yesterday's party. Akshay told me that you were behind all the preparations." Sunil gave a proud look to Khanak.

"Your welcome, mummyji," answered Khanak and this time Madhavi smiled back.

It was almost midnight and there was no sign of Shantanu. Khanak was worried, as she repeatedly looked at the wall clock.

"12.30',"she murmured.

"Should I go to Ada or Akshay bha ?"''"Is it ok to disturb them right now?"

Several thoughts kept flowing in and out of her mind. Shaan had once told her that in Mumbai people roam around the city the whole night and there is no such thing as  late night,  the city is active twenty four hours.

"But in Dhulwaadi, midnight is a huge deal'.itni raat ho gayi. He hasn't even called."

She dialled his phone number again, and it said that the phone was switched off. This made her more anxious. Pacing to and fro in the bedroom, she was completely restless now and was trying to figure out what she should do. Her heart was beating fast as she became increasingly nervous.

She almost panicked before she heard the doorbell ring.

Her immediate response was to dash downstairs and she almost ran. There was dim light in the staircase and hall and the silence revealed that everyone was deep asleep. She moved towards the main door with hurried steps'her heartbeat still high and her mind heavy with multiple thoughts rushing in and out. 

She opened the door and here he was'. She took a deep breath and for a moment she stood still'.her face turned pale, a plethora of emotions flushed her chiselled features within a few seconds'she couldn't guess what she felt -- whether it was anger at his carefree attitude'..relief on seeing him'.her concern for his well being or her insecurities of losing something she had already lost once before'.all her thought processes froze that moment on seeing him and all she could think of presently was that she loved this man. And she loved him deeply, more than anything and anybody on this earth.

Shaan stood at the main door with a completely unassuming look. He was surprised at Khanak opening the door and more because she was simply standing in front of him without speaking'..small droplets of sweat tricking on her forehead. He had expected a lot of rambling from her and all the way he had been preparing for the answers he would give to her never-ending questions as why he was late? where was he?...why did he not call and what did he eat ? etc etc'

But she confused him completely now, "Andar aa sakta hoon?" he asked, still standing where he was.

She did not reply.

He stared at her, totally confused, and then she stepped ahead and hugged him, her arms wrapped around him to hold him tight and her face buried in his chest.

Shaan was completely taken aback. At least this was not the reaction that he had expected.

He knew that she must have been worried and felt guilty for making her uneasy.

"Actually'.the phone got discharged and I realised it very late. I am so sorry," he

whispered bending a little, his lips touching the silk of her hair.

She moved a little, only to hug him tighter. She felt warm and relieved and secure holding on to him and wanted to hold him forever. He enveloped her in his arms and drew her closer.

"If you are going to reward me like this, I might prefer coming late everyday."

"And I'll throw you in the guest room so that you can come and go at your own convenience without disturbing anyone," she replied trying to disengage herself ineffectually and looked up in his eyes to give him a stern look, " just try doing that again."

"OMG'..Dhulwaadi ki Khanak is back," he laughed aloud, still holding her, "And now, if you permit, can I please come in?"




          Once they were done with the dinner, Khanak made Shaan go the room as she knew that he was tired and he left taking the promise that she would join him soon.

    When she reached their room after finishing the small chores in the kitchen, she saw the lights switched off and Shaan sleeping on the couch. She entered slowly trying not to make any sound.

     After changing into her night wear, she adjusted the covers and pillow on the bed and gave a fleeting glance to Shaan as she sat down on the bed.

His features glowed in the dim light of the night lamp.

She couldn't resist herself and on an impulse got up from the bed to be near the couch, near him. She stood there for a few seconds, watching him sleep and then slowly lowered her hand to ruffle his hair above his forehead.

She wanted to carress his jawline with the back of her hand, to plant a kiss on his chin and to trace a finger down his neck..'.she bowed down to let her lips touch his cheeks but stopped herself just before it. She decided not to disturb him.

As she turned back to move towards the bed, suddenly her heart started beating rapidly'.her wrist was held by his strong hand.

'So he was awake' she thought.

Slowly she turned back to face him, her hand was still in his possession. He drew her closer down to himself and whispered, "I think you should start here....,"he pointed towards his right cheek as he raised himself to sit on the couch, making place for her.

She thanked her stars for the darkness as her cheeks felt the profuse gush of blood.

"I was just'."she fumbled.

"Hmm ? I am listening'.just what?"

"A'.actually''.just came to check'."

"Check what? .....See if you want to kiss me, I have no problems'Ok? But please don't come to check things on me in the middle of the night and that too in the dark. By the way, it is not your fault, I was termed the most Kissable Boy in the college'.

I was that popular."

"I should have known," she answered, thankful for the lighter turn.

"You should have," he repeated in the same tone as she had said, "and if you are confused on what to do next, I can guide you."

"Will you just shut up?" she blushed.

"I am just speaking what you were doing, how come it is so shameful?"

"I am going," she stood up, totally embarrassed.

"Wait," he dragged her back, his tone was husky and dead serious this time, "what I am saying now is important. I don't recollect when I fell in love with you and even before that, I don't know when I started doing certain things, just to get a smile from you. But I know today that you have become an integral part of my life now. I am still not able to believe that you love me too. Why?"

"Why do you have to ask why? There are no specific reasons that we can point out when we love someone."

"No Khanak, it is important'.at least for me. I want to know, why do you love me? I want to make sure that you love 'me' and not some illusion. I want to know why you take so much care of mine'Do I really deserve it? It is important for me to have that  confidence to be worthy of your love'.so that I can never fail you'..so that I can live upto your expectations and justify your faith in me."

"Ok, if it is important'.I'll tell you. I love you because I have never seen anything fake in you, there is not a bit of evil in you, you are a simple person who thrives on love, you take upon yourself to make people around you happy and you know how to appreciate the goodness in others. You are reliable and very responsible."

He was quiet for a moment and then sniggered, "Are you talking about me?"

"Yeah'." She nodded admiringly.

"I mean responsible and me? Don't tell anyone, they'll laugh at you."

"They don't know you."

"And you do?" his tone was husky and he almost whispered.

"Trust me'" she said slowly while her voice faded away in his kiss.

          It was Khanak who woke up first. She opened her eyes to the dawn of the most beautiful day of her life. She tried to get up but couldn't due to Shaan's strong arms around her. She gave up and turned towards his side to admire his features while he slept peacefully.

to be continued...... 

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garfield1209 Goldie

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Posted: 19 December 2010 at 10:17am | IP Logged
Great one again Mani Thumbs Up ..Loved all of it...
If not couch then angaan indeed ...great alternative girl..LOLLOLLOL
Please do continue....

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iluvmanar IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 December 2010 at 10:23am | IP Logged
Mani..it's awesome...pls cont. ssoon...

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priya_cool_123 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 December 2010 at 10:26am | IP Logged
hey manita... loved both ur parts......

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Originally posted by priya1209

Great one again Mani Thumbs Up ..Loved all of it...

 Thanks Priya...
If not couch then angaan indeed ...great alternative girl..LOLLOLLOL

by the end of it they ditched both the couch and the angaan, btwEmbarrassedLOL
Please do continue....

sure....if you promise to read....

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