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Originally posted by kubare

Manita darling just watched the introductory video....lovveeeeeeeeeeeeeeddddd it....awww....love who you are yusing as Abhi...as love him in PKEK...LOLLOLLOL
Oh and wonderful siggy to of your FF by Smitha dear...great....so lets get down to business.....where is the update dear....*hands on hips foot tapping*WinkLOLLOLLOL
Want an update soon!!!!! Can't wait to read.....what happens..as you have stopped at a very very interesting place indeed,.....LOL
Yes Yes !! Ask her WHERE is the update....Its today alreadyLOLLOLLOL

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Hey all,

I am really sorry for taking some time to update......Was a bit tied up....!!
Thanks Thanks a ton for appreciating the intro....
To make up for being late, I am giving a fairly long update......Wink...........Do tell me if you found it worth a read............

love you all

                                                              Part 9


 Gaurav and Paridhi stood facing each other…….totally zapped with the developments in last few hours. He had never thought that he will see himself going to some random wedding…..to Goa….will make a plan for this with Abhi and meet Paridhi in the process. She had her plans of attending a friend's wedding but had missed her flight by chance and landed up taking a lift from Abhijit who by the way was also taking Gaurav along with him…..Amazing !!

 Unable to find words, Gaurav turned around once, praying hard to see Abhi…..but Abhi was smart enough to have vanished at the right moment. Gaurav cursed him hard but didn't realise that he was loud enough for Paridhi to hear.

 Paridhi was shocked to see him….a small part of her was thrilled to see someone who she had just imagined, remembered, fantasized and pined for as long as five years….She realised why all her relationships in past 5 years had ended in a failure.

 It wasn't as if she had never tried to move on….in fact, she had……and she had as many as 3 boyfriends in these years but none of her affairs had lasted more than 6 months. And right now, when she looked at Gaurav, she wondered what charisma he had, that she always, unknowingly, kept trying to find in every man she had come to know, all this time……..

 She had never tried to meet him or talk to him all this while and seeing him here appeared to her as if some fantasy had come true……………….but this was felt by a very small part of her existence.

 Presently, she was highly irritated at his loss of words and trying to look here and there.

 She felt disgusted.

 Come'on they were meeting after 5 years, at least he could have hugged her as a friend, maybe shook hands with her or at least smiled at her or showed a tinge of happiness on seeing her after a long time……

But what are you thinking Pari…..he is Gaurav. He will never do what you expect him to. Her brain told her.

 Gaurav looked around just for a few seconds and when he couln't find either Abhi or words to speak…..he looked back at her and saw her fuming and putting her luggage on the rear seat.

 He realised that he had lost his senses for a while and when the spell was broken….he observed slamming of the door by Paridhi.

 Unusual to his real self, he fumbled with words, "Let me help you."

"No thanks !" was a curt reply from Pari.

"Actually…………….Abhi did not tell me…..I mean, I didn't know that you would be coming….." was all he could speak.

 He realised that he was speaking to her after a long time….Well, in reality at least…………it had been a long time.

"Oh really?.........I am sure you didn't……otherwise you would have backed out."

"Why would I back out?" Gaurav retorted.

"To avoid me…..and I am so sorry you had to go through this pain."

They were still standing outside facing each other, only her luggage was now inside.

"Why would I avoid you?"

"I think you know that better, isn't it?"

"Look Pari…….."

"Paridhi………..the name is Paridhi………….only people who are close to me can call me Pari."

"Ok fine……so Paridhi…….I really don't understand what you are trying to say? In fact, I'm actually happy to see you."

"Oh My God… the way you behaved on seeing me, trying to look for a place to disappear, sure tells me that you are happy….…and this is your happy face?…..I wonder what expressions you give when you have to go for a mourning." She was straightforward, as always.

"Yeah,…..and look at your face…..the moment you saw me….. it was as if you lost some crores of rupees in stock market. You are telling me that I would have not come……and I believe that if Abhi had told you that I was his friend who was going with him, I am sure, you would have dropped your plan." Gaurav felt his initial awkwardness easing out and now he was very comfortably talking to her, arguing with her and felt they had been talking all this years.

 He was surprised at the fact that though they argued, they were not loud or shouting.    

 In fact, they talked very calmly.

"Why should I drop my plans for someone who is non-existent for me? Stop over-rating yourself and believe me I am hardly bothered you are here because it doesn't matter." She stressed on each word of the last sentence, "It really doesn't matter."



"So, then you are coming with us, because my being here doesn't bother you at all?" he demanded.

"Yes, Of Course, it doesn't!! I don't think I'd like to give you so much weightage to cancel my plans for you."

Gaurav raised his hands in air, in exasperation, turned around and went and sat on the front seat.

Paridhi opened the rear door and sat quietly on the back seat just behind the driver's seat. She could obliquely see Gaurav. He was sitting with his left elbow rested on the window and the palm of the same hand formed into a fist and sliding it subtly through the window margin while thinking something.

He used to do this when tensed, observed Paridhi. None of them spoke for around five minutes.

The silence was broken when Abhi turned up with water bottles in his hand.

"Hey Guys," Abhi said while giving a quick glance to both of them. Both of them looked at him and gave him murderous looks but he managed by smiling sheepishly.

"Shall we go?" again it was Abhi.

"Abhi….you come this side. I want to drive?" said Gaurav.

   Presently, he wanted to do anything that distracted his mind. He had never wanted to see her, meet her or talk to her and here she was right beside him for so many hours…..and so near him that her presence disturbed him immensely……as always.

"I don't mind," Abhi almost did a short jog around his car and reached for the other side.

 Gaurav was a pretty good driver. They drove fast as it was dawn and the roads were almost clear.

 After a while, Abhi turned to the back seat where Paridhi was adjusting her luggage…..taking out a scarf to save her hair from the rough wind, tissue papers, novels and some snacks.

 She looked at him and smiled.

"So….how come you missed the flight?" Abhi started the conversation.

  Paridhi explained to him how her car was giving her troubles and how she reached just a few minutes before the flight departure but they did not let her in.

  He asked her about her family members and their well being and she asked about his.They kept talking non-sense, according to Gaurav, for about one hour.

  In all this conversation, one major thing that Gaurav noticed was that she was engaged to some person working in New York and she herself was working with a top MNC as a financial consultant. He couldn't understand why but he felt a little uneasy.

 Why? He asked himself. Why should I even bother? She is just engaged. In fact she could have turned up with a hubby and two kids. What were you expecting dude? He didn't get any answer to his questions.

  Since the morning fiasco, Gaurav and Paridhi had not talked to each other and Abhi sensed it as the silence before the storm. He was surprised because he was expecting a lot of fireworks but both of them did not give him much chance to be worried about.

"You know Pari….." Abhi started to say something when Gaurav, for a second,turned to him with a deadly look……..quickly Abhi corrected himself by adding the 'dhi'…..

"You know Paridhi……we have a secret to share." Abhi started to speak while questioning Gaurav through eyes, that whether they should tell her or not.

"Oh !! I really don't like secrets and surprises…..so please tell it fast." She said.

"Paridhi, we are planning to convince Roshni to cancel the wedding." Abhi said in an excited tone of a kid.

"What?" Paridhi was stunned.

"Yeah…..you know, that Bhaaskar is actually a 'rascal'…..we think he is cheating on her." Abhi was fond of giving 'breaking news' type of bits.

"Is it? and by the way, who gave you this brilliant piece of information.?" Paridhi asked demonstrating inquisitiveness.

Abhi pointed both the hands towards Gaurav.

"And you trust him?" Paridhi was blunt.

"Hello…..what do you mean?" it was the first time in past two and a half hours and since they started their journey, that Gaurav spoke, "Are you trying to say that I shouldn't be trusted?"

 "I am not trying to say anything Gaurav, because I am not talking to you." Paridhi said very calmly and softly.

 His thought processes got stuck to the word 'Gaurav'…..He loved it when she said 'Gaurav'. This was the first time she had said his name since morning and he realized that he was listening to her speak his name after a long long time….it had never felt like that before, ever.……and he had never thought that his own name would appear so sweet to him.

He gathered himself to say,"Ok…..you are not talking to me, but definitely you are talking about me."

Abhi looked at both of them and gave frightful expressions……..Gaurav was driving and Paridhi was sitting at back seat immediately behind him. He threw a glance each at both of them and prayed for ceasefire.

"Abhi…..can you please tell him that I am not even talking about him. I am just asking you if you trust such information without any proofs." Paridhi had a quality of staying very cool and calm in the worst of circumstances but both Gaurav and Abhi knew that she could burst out with a fit of anger anytime, if pushed beyond limits.

Abhi clarified, "Proofs hotey to problem kya thi yaar……abhi Roshni ko phone kar dete. The issue is that we need to find ways and proofs to convince her and also to know the exact truth. Because, we are also thinking at the possibility that maybe Bhaaskar had a past and Roshni knows about it."

"Then….." asked Paridhi.

"Then nothing," shrugged Abhi and smiled, "If it is so, then we'll simply enjoy the food and the wedding."

The way Abhi said this…..it made her laugh.

    It was Abhi talking most of the time and that too about all non-sensical topics ….they all knew that. But he did not have much choice as he simply wanted to keep the conversation going and truly believed that talking is the only way to keep awkwardness away. It helped.

  Gaurav and Paridhi responded to him though they both were still not directly talking to each other.

   After a while, Abhi and Gaurav changed positions so that Abhi could drive now. Gaurav came to the other side and while opening the gate and tying down the seat belt, he quickly looked at the rear seat to have a glimpse of Pari. She sat comfortably leaning on her bag. She was wearing her spects and was engrossed deeply in some book. Her left hand had a juice tetrapack with its straw between her lips. He felt his heart missing beats again and he cursed it badly for the same.



        The sounds of the sea waves brushing across the shores woke Khanak from her sleep. She opened her eyes and looked around in the room.For a moment she couldn't recollect where she was, till she realised that she had dozed off soon after lying down on the bed.

   They had checked-in a beach resort other than that arranged by Roshni for her wedding. It was Shantanu's idea that they stay separately from the other guests.

   Basically, for him this wedding was an excuse to get away from Mumbai and spend some time exclusively with Khanak and away from everyone. He had told her that they would just attend the wedding and a pre-wedding dinner, which would be a day prior to it, and rest of the time they would spend just with each other. Khanak marvelled at his plans.

   It was quite late by the time they reached Goa. The resort was prettier than Khanak had imagined. In fact, she hadn't imagined anything like this before. It was a very huge and open property. The silent and the serene environment, the palm trees in the open areas, the quiet corridors, the wooden roof and the sound of sea waves made her feel as if she was on a different planet.

 Their room had a mix of Victorian and Portugese dcor. It had absolutely white walls, curtains and bedcovers with a dash of peach and beige thrown in between to give dimension. Khanak reclined on the cushions on the bed and raised her feet to relax while Shaan was in the washroom.

   Now, she realised that she had fallen fast asleep immediately after lying down. She felt the soft quilt and covers around her, the cushions and pillows adjusted below her head and on sides and instantly realized that Shaan had done all this to give her more comfort. She smiled at the thought of him being about her while she slept. Slowly,  she straightened herself. Shaan was standing in front of the mirror. He was shaving and humming a song which was playing at the radio.He looked adorable in a white T-shirt and black tracks.

 Actually he always looks adorable. She thought.

 Shantanu saw her admiring him in the mirror and turned back to throw a naughty and questioning glance at her.

 "Bahut din baad aapko itna khush dekh rahi hoon, kya baat hai?" she said while stretching.

"Bahut din baad vacation par hoon…..Goa mein hoon……tumhaare saath hoon…… radio per mera favourite song baj raha hai…..ab kitni saari wajah hain khush hone ki," he chuckled.

 She beamed with happiness to see him happy and relaxed.

"Office nahi jaana padega nah…..isliye khush hain aap," she teased.

"Yeh toh hai," he continued doing the blade-work on his cheeks, "aur Dad, Mom, Dharam, tumhaara kitchen ya koi bhi yahan nahi hai humhe disturb karne ke liye."

"Haan," she was suddenly excited and sat kneeling on the bed, "Ab hum bahut saari baatein kar sakte hain…..Hai naa?"

"Baatein??.....Baatein Khanak??" he turned to give her a hopeless grin and nodded mentally talking to himself.

"Aur nahin to kya?....mujhe aapse bahut saari baatein karni hain Shantanu," She said obviously ignoring his expressions and remark.

"Arrey yaar….Mumbai is Goa tak hum baatein hi toh karte aaye hai, aur kitni baatein karenge?" he said in a naughty tone. He was back to his shaving.

"Woh to thik hai, lekin woh idhar udhar ki baatein thi….mujhe aapse kuch jaroori baatein bhi karni hain" she declared.


"Pahle aap waada kijiye ki har sawaal ka jawaab 'haan' mein denge."she asked

"Maine tumhe kabhi 'naa' kaha hai kya yaar?" he said matter-of-factly.

"Sawaal nahi…..sawaal main karungi…..aapko sirf 'haan' kahna hai." She requested.

"Thik hai….."

"Waada kijiye nah…."

"Haan baba……lekin mere waadey ka koi najaayaj fayda mat uthana tum," he teased her and looked at her lips.

"Shantanu please," she got embarrassed when their eyes met.

"Thik hai bolo."

She was excited and started weighing words.

"Aap khush hain?" she started.


"Aap ko yeh jagah pasand hai?"


"Aap mujhse pyaar kartey hain?" she asked softly.


She got down from the bed. Taking small steps, she approached towards him from behind and slowly hugged him. Her hands encircled him and she rested her head on his back.

"Mujhe toh dar lag raha tumse…..ab kya bulwaane waali ho Khanak?"

She made a fist and slowly hit his back.

"Kya aapko lagta hai ki main bhi aapse bahut pyaar karti hu?"


She hugged him tightly while he finished shaving and wiped his face.

"Kya aapko lagta hai ki is duniya mein aapke sabse jyada kareeb main hu?"


He turned to face her. She was still hugging him with her hands around his waist. He completed the embrace.She looked at him affectionately and continued her questioning.

"Kya aapko lagta hai ki main aapko samajhti hoon?"

"Haan." He leaned towards her to smell her hair.

"Toh phir iss trip per main aapse jo bhi sawaal poochungi…..aap uska sahi jawaab denge aur koi question avoid nahi karenge?"

"Haan." He said and raised himself realising the question after answering. He looked into her eyes trying to read her.

 "Aur mere bina pooche bhi aap apni zindagi ki har who baat mujhe batayenge jo aapne kabhi kisi ko nahi batayi." She gave her final shot.

   Shaan didn't answer….just looked at her intently. He was visibly unsettled. He couldn't understand what she was referring to but remembered lots of things that he had always wanted to share with her but avoided due to some or the other reason.

  Seeing him quiet, Khanak imagined him to be trying to avoid once again. She lay her hands on his chest and stared at his face innocently looking for a 'yes'.

  "Haan Khanak." he said and hugged her tightly.

 She had not expected him to say 'yes' so easily. In fact, she was prepared to coax and cajole him to share himself, his thoughts and his feelings. But the way he effortlessly gave it to her, she felt extremely proud of him and his love for her.

 She gave a huge, wide smile to him and moved her hands from his front to reach the nape of his neck.

"Happy?" he asked.

"Very happy……..Aapne mujhe jagaaya kyu nahi?" she asked disengaging herself.

"Tum thak gayi thi Khanak, isliye mujhe laga ki tumhe soney dena chahiye." He turned back to the mirror and applied the after shave gel.

 "Drive aapne kiya poore samay aur kah rahe hai ki main thak gayi thi." She felt bad for him, "Thakey toh aap honge na?"

"Bahut thak gaya hoon Khanak….." he said smiling mysteriously while looking at her through the mirror. She walked around him to lean at the wall which held the mirror and she was now facing him again.Their eyes met and she could hear her heart beating much faster. He leaned towards her, still holding the gaze and continued, "…..dekho na, kitna dard ho raha hai mere haathon mein," and raised his hands in front of her, like a small kid, to show them to her.

"Accha, bahut dard ho raha hai?"she asked feeling sorry.

"Hmmm….." he whined with a fake painful expression, frowning and pouting simultaneously.

"Abhi thik ho jayega," she took his hands in her's and kissed each of his palm.

 As she tried to turn and go, he held her through her shoulders, not losing a single second and put his arms around her, across her shoulders to bring her closer. His hands slid on her back to hold her.

"Ruko nah……itni garmi aur dhoop thi bahar….dekho mere sar mein bhi dard ho raha hai." He said almost whispering.

 She raised her hands to reach for his cheeks. While cupping his face in her palms, she brought his face down and closer and kissed his forehead.

He looked up to meet her gaze and said, "Aankhen bhi dukh rahi hain."

She grinned and obliged.

"Neck mein bhi bahut pain hai khanak…."

Her smiles turned wider and mischievous as she obeyed to his demands.

"Meri kamar mein bhi dard hai………," he went on and on, "…...aur shoulders mein bhi………..….aur pairon bhi mein bhi…………..hans kyon rahi ho?......tumse baatein karkar ke mere muh mein bhi dard ho jaata hai….pata hai…………….."




To b continued………

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hey manita... loved it dear.....beautifully written....gauarv_ paridhi were nice.......... shanak were blush blush all the way.......

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Finally read all the updates.....Great characterisation, wonderfully dailogue and very interesting narative....Well done ManitaClapClapClap.....Looking forward to happens to ParRav and ShaNakBig smile.....
Oh and can I just add, love the fact that that ShaNak talk about evreythingApprove

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LOLLOLLOLLOLLove love lvoe Paridhi....and loved that she gave it to the Cool Dude GuraveLOLLOLLOL
Oh what can I say about my darling Shanak....LOLLOLLOLCould so see them..sigh...loved loved the way she gets her way...and he gets his...LOLLOLLOLLOL.
Can't now wait for the next part from you soon.....adn by soon one means soon....LOLLOLLOLLOL

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hi Manita
beautifully written loved ur update.........................................
loved shanak .........paridhi n gaurav...........
pls update soon..................Smile 

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haila....cute update...

SHANAK romance...AHHHHH!!!! so blissfully cute....

I am really liking this Abhi...cannot wait for the three to meet Shanak...and Abhi and Khanak to totally bond....and then Gaurav and Khanak to hit it off...AHHHHHHHHH!!! 

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Mani Loved it! ....Finally read last 4 parts ..yep more parts than I thought I had missed Big smileLOL ..But glad I read all at one shot warna suspense about what happens bahut tadapta LOL

Shaan and Khanak in Goa and the romance *blush*..The 'haan' game was really nice..both are such sweethearts..

Gaurav watches Pyar Jhukta Nahin .ROFL..Guy after my heart! ..Loved his and paridhi's arguements..Ah the lady knows how to put him right ..Call me Paridhi indeed!...Poor Abhi has to do that also LOL

Ahh cuddle needs a cuddle!..
Abhijits ringtone "Ankhiyan milaun kabhi ankhiyan churaun….kya tune kiya jadoo……" LOL LOL ..Oh man! ..kahan se laya yeh ringtone ? .. IHe is so cute Embarrassed.Roshni didnt have crush on him ,how sad?Unhappy

Can wait for Gaurav to see Khanaks old hubby in Goa or Shaans brainless wife .LOL I am enjoying this ...When is the next part out?..jaldi na ..matlab really jaldi Smile

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