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FF~:Friends Forever:~ All Shanak Update : page 35 (Page 22)

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Oye....Bataaa na...Whoz playing Paridhi?? Ragini??

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Originally posted by togepe30

Oye....Bataaa na...Whoz playing Paridhi?? Ragini??

lol....Vandu......it is Ragini.........and the reason is so simple.......I don't know many girls on TV....LOL.....

so, it's Ragini because you mentioned her sooo many times....I actually checked her outLOLLOLLOLLOL
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Originally posted by rbo_fan

Originally posted by togepe30

Oye....Bataaa na...Whoz playing Paridhi?? Ragini??

lol....Vandu......it is Ragini.........and the reason is so simple.......I don't know many girls on TV....LOL.....

so, it's Ragini because you mentioned her sooo many times....I actually checked her outLOLLOLLOLLOL
Yay !!! Now no Natasha angle....Its Kavi-Ragz all the wayLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL

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hey all........

Thanks for reading and liking the previous parts.....

Updating part 7


Part 7.


Gaurav was working at his laptop when Sharda arrived.

"Gaurav, woh ladki aajkal kahan hain?"

"kaun si?" he answered almost not listening to her. She had again come up with some idea for his marriage and he was too busy to give her time for all this.

"Wahi………jo tumhaare saath college main thi…jisne cuddle ko hamare ghar rahne ke liya chorha tha"

He stopped typing and looked at her.

"You know Paridhi very well Ma…..phir ghuma ghuma ke baatein kyon kar rahi ho?"

"Because when I take any other girls name, you hardly bother.But when I talk about her…..you stop doing whatever you are doing and start discussing her."

"Sorry to disappoint you, but it is nothing like that…..I talk about her as she was the part of our group in college."

"But She was definitely closer to you than the rest, I believe."

"I know what you are referring to…..but Ma….I have lost count of the number of times you have asked me about this and the equal number of times I have replied to you….and my reply is not going to change every time you ask me."

"By the way do you know where she is these days?"

"No…not exactly. Actually 2 years back she had gone to UK to do some course ….after that I have no news of her….never asked anyone."

"See…..I was right. If she was a regular friend, you would have asked many people about her and kept in touch…but you feel uneasy asking about her proves that she's special."

"Mom….if your expert analysis is over…..can you please excuse me, I have work to do." He got up and almost shoved her out of the room.


He sat down back at his table but found it difficult to concentrate. His mind was occupied. He was reminded of Paridhi, her laughter, her expressive eyes, her confidence, her style, her attitude………..

Stop it Gaurav. It was decided long back that you two do not belong together.


He tried to shun her thoughts but was unable to….he remembered the day when on a project work they had gone to a remote rural sector and on the way back home they were stranded outside a desolate house while it rained heavily and there was no network connection….and it was a little cold. The house was locked and they took shelter outside it under a balcony extension. She wrapped her odhani all around her as she was wet and stayed still. He kept watching her as he found it almost impossible to lift eyes off her…..but had to..whenever she looked at him. She shivered like a wet kitten. They did not talk He was standing near her but felt miles away. He wanted to hold her tightly but could not. He looked at her once again, water droplets on her cheeks and lips had made them more tempting. He tried hard not to think of her.

She trembled with cold and folded her hands tightly around herself to keep from cold.

Finally, he could not resist and took her hand in his own so as to give comfort. She did not oppose him but tightened her grip around his hand.



Khanak was extremely excited. This was the first time she was going out of town with Shaan on a proper vacation. Though she had been out of the house before, but the circumstances had been different.

Shaan had been making the final arrangements and he called his old friend Abhijit ….who was the only college friend he was vaguely in touch with.

"Yeh wale bha kaun hai?" she asked."

"Yeh Abhi hai aur isse meri baat saal mein 4 baar hoti hai – 'Happy Diwali'; 'Happy New Year', uska aur mera 'Happy Birthday'………..yeh bhi college ka dost hai magar ab jyada baat nahin hoti hai."


"pata nahin……woh touch khatam ho gaya hai…..especially Natasha ke jaane ke baad…..," he cut his sentence abruptly so as to not hurt her.

"Main samajhti hoon……jo log Natasha ji ke jyada kareeb honge, unhe ab thodi pareshani ho rahi hogi na….." she sat down on the bed.

"Chorho na….why do you bother….people who don't know you and the circumstances,……might make a thousand assumptions but there opinions hardly matter, right?" he came near her and turned her to face him by holding her from her arm.

He put her hands on her shoulders and tried to look into her eyes, "Ab jaldi packing khatam karo, humein nikalna bhi hai."

"Bas ho gaya…..mujhe sirf do sarees aur daalni hai."

"Kya? Sarees?" he was surprised and then he laughed, "tum Goa mein sarees pahnne waali ho??"

"Haan……." She said innocently, "ismein hasne waali kya baat hai…?"

"Khanak………..Goa mein koi saree nahin pahanta hai…..," he managed to control his laughter, "in fact, Goa mein toh log kapde hi bahut kam pahante hain."
 "Cheeeeeee………….mujhe nahin jaana aisi kisi bhi jagah par," she became seriously worried, "agar mere gaon mein kisi ko pata chalega ki main Goa gayi thi toh mere baare mein kya sochenge woh log?"

He laughed and laughed, "Don't worry, Khanak, hum kisiiii ko nahin batayenge…."

"lekin mujhe phir bhi nahin jaana hai."

"Jaana padega........main tumhaara pati hoon aur main jahan kahunga tumhe jaana padega," he turned to her packings and noticed the peti, "lekin please…..yeh 'peti' nahin jayegi…."

She followed him fuming, "pahle toh yeh kahan likha hai ki mujhe aapki har baat maanni hogi…..," she challenged him, " aur doosri baat yeh ki peti kyon nahi jayegi?"

"Pahli baat ka jawab – likha hai na yaar……woh tumhaare kya kahte hain usey …..haaaan ……tumhaare shastry mein likha hai……right?........aur doosri baat ka jawab ki maine tumhe kabhi bataya nahin par yeh 'peti' bahut tacky hai."

"Kya ??......tacky hai?? ….aise toh aapne mujhe aaj tak kabhi yeh bhi nahin bataya ki tacky ka matlab hota kya hai….….toh main aapki yeh waali baat nahin samajh rahi hoon…..bas"

"array wah……..tum toh bahut samajhdaar ho gayi ho Khanak," he said, "apni marji se batein edit karne lagi ho…."

"e – dit….ab yeh kya hai?" she made a helpless face.

"main tumhe sab kuch bata - sikha dunga lekin agar tumne aise hi der ki toh hum kabhi pahunch hi nahin payenge." He said in a husky voice…..slowly came near her ……. held her through her waist and drew her closer.

"main der kar rahi hun?....aur aap kya kar rahe hain?"

"Main toh tumhaari madad kar raha hoon…….tumhi ne toh kaha that ki aakar madad kijiye," his husky tone was as low as a whisper now, while he looked into her eyes and touched a thin strand of hair coming on her face to keep it from troubling her.

"Madad…..is tarah sey kya madad kar rahe hai aap?" she asked softly not trying to free herself from his arms. Instead she lay her hands on his chest and fiddled with the seam of his shirt.

"Tum itni mehnat jo kar rahi ho, thoda aaram bhi toh jaroori hai," he grinned, and before she could think of something, he bent down and kissed her neck.

"Bas kijiye….darwaza khula hai, koi aa jayega."

"Oh toh tum yeh kahna chahti ho ki haemin darwaza band kar lena chahiye……kitni acchi patni ho tum yaar…….mujhe kuch kahna hi nahin padta." He teased her.

"Ji nahin, main yeh kah rahi hu ki aap jakar taiyaar ho jaiye…..aur acchi patni……woh toh main hun……" she pushed her lovingly.

He tripped a bit due to this unexpected thrust but gained his feet back, "Kya kar rahi ho yaar…..thoda dheere…."

"Mere paas nazaakat ke liye waqt nahin hai," she returned to her packing job.

"Haan haan…..saari nazaakat toh tum Dhulwaadi mein chorh aayi ho…..tumhaari hetal ba ke liye"

"Shantanu…" she straightened herself again, "bas bhi kijiye aur mujhe bataiye ki ab mein kya pack karu….."

"Kuch Shaadi attend karne ke layak kapde daal lo….baaki main tumhe wahin par shopping karwa dunga…..tumhaare paas aisa kuch bhi nahi hai jo tum apne pati ke saath Goa jate waqt le kar jaa sako…." He pulled her leg again, while sitting on the bed and observing her do the packing.

"Hum train se jayenge ya bus se…?"

"Hum car se jayenge Khanak…..drive karke," his tone had a thrill, " sirf tum aur main."

"Mujhse toh ruka hi nahin jaa raha…......zindagi ka sabse khubsoorat din hota hai shaadi….jabse hamari shaadi hui hai, yeh pahla mouka hai jab main ek shaadi mein jaa rahi hu……who bhi aapke saath," her eyes couldn't hide the glee.

Shaan looked at her, talking and smiling to herself and got up to close the door.




     Gaurav felt like talking to someone as he felt a little nostalgic thinking about college and his friends.

He picked up his phone and dialled Abhijit's number. Out of all his friends, Abhijit was the only one who was the most sensible and relaxed. He had not lost touch with most of his friends and Gaurav had been talking to him off and on.

Gaurav had not talked to Abhi since he shifted back. Today he felt like going and meeting him.

Abhi told him that he will be leaving  in the night for Roshni's wedding in Goa and also added from his side that he should also come for Roshni and Roshni didn't invite Gaurav as she had no idea that Gaurav was in town.

The last thing Gaurav wanted to do was attending someone's wedding….so he simply ignored the suggestion.

"Zindagi ka sabse darawana din hota hai shaadi aur usmein itne logon ko isliye bulaya jaata hai ko who dulha-dulhan ko himmat de sake."

"Gaurav, you are decidedly a cynic, you know, it is so sweet to get married."

"Teri ho gayi kya?........shaadi ke baad batana, alright?"

"By the way do you know who the lucky man is?" Abhi asked, clearly very excited.

"How do I know Abhi..?" Gaurav asked matter of factly

"Arrey……he is Bhaaskar…..u remember Bhaaskar Reddy from our batch….we used to call him a  lizard. He too was in Canada for some time."

"How can I forget him yaar….I have seen his fiancee's baby shower pics"

Both of them were surprised at what Gaurav said.

Both said together, "What?"

"Kya baat kar raha hai yaar tu….I am talking about Bhaaskar." Abhi said.

"Oh No…," Gaurav jumped, "Is this guy cheating on Roshni?"

"What can I say man, I am just an invitee….and I was never too close to either of them."

"Me too…but how can you go to someone's wedding, all the way to Goa, when you are mere casual college friends?"

"She has invited very few friends yaar, we should go or she will feel bad….." Abhi said awkwardly.

Gaurav continued, "and then Goa is such a nice holiday spot…..you must be getting a leave and your father must not even be objecting to you going on a vacation."

"So true," Abhi giggled sheepishly.

"How cheap yaar……I must call Roshni to tell her this." Gaurav teased him.

"Seriously….we must call her and tell her that she is marrying a crap."

"If she cancels her wedding, your vacation goes on a toll."

"Ignore then…..."

Both of them laughed together and bonded after a long time.


It was almost 9.00 pm. Gaurav was watching "Pyaar Jhukta nahin' on TV with Cuddle in his lap when the doorbell rang. Gaurav answered the doorbell.

It was Abhi.


"Abey tu gaya nahin abhi tak," Gaurav was surprised.

"Bas nikal raha tha…..Gaurav, I was wondering that what if Bhaaskar is actually cheating on Roshni? Where did you see the baby shower pics…when was that?"

"There was a colleague in my earlier company, her boyfriend was Indian…that is how I knew them. Bhaaskar was in his office in Vancouver….they had been to his event ….I even have his friends' request pending I think."

"What do we do now? We need to find out the facts man…"

Gaurav shrugged and turned away.

"Abhi, you know it very well that I hate interfering in others' lives and also disapprove of anybody doing this. I have lost close friends just because of this reason."

"I know Gaurav….how can I forget that. The major fiasco which resulted in our group falling apart. But this is not interference, we are Roshni's friends….if we know that she is being cheated and even then we keep quiet…..then even we become a part of this deception."

Gaurav gave a 'please spare me' look. He actually did not know what to do.

"What can I do…I am not even invited." was all he uttered.

"So you would have done something, if she had invited you? How mean is that?"

"I mean, I don't know either of them, how can I jump in to say…hey stop it….there's some confusion going on…..he's cheating on you"

"Alright, don't do anything. Sit here…watch movie. if something terrible happens to her marriage or herself, I'll send you an sms so that you can live in that guilt for the rest of your life."

"Abhi……I have always told you…...don't start the emotional blackmailing act of yours on me …..let's see what can be done."

Abhi felt happy at the success of his tamasha….


Gaurav took out his lappy and started checking Bhaaskar's account at Facebook….

Not much information, no pics at all…..smart guy.

Abhi did not lose hope, ".koi aur usey jaanta hoga…..kisine toh uske pics ya details upload kiye honge."

"Check karta hun.." Gaurav opened his friends list.

He tried for about an hour.

Abhi started panicking, "Chal, we'll call Roshani and tell her all that we know."

"And she will tell you to get lost !!"

"Kyun yaar?"

"First of all our reputation since college days is controversial," Gaurav raised an eyebrow, "most probably she will take it as a prank, that too 3 days before her wedding. Even if she tries to believe, there are chances that Bhaaskar will convince her in some way, she would trust his nonsense….and me and you will lose credibility forever. Lastly, what if she already knows….and Bhaaskar has told her everything….. she might not have told to everyone…..then?"

"Phir bhi…………..can't take chances…..she is very cute yaar, so good at heart. She doesn't deserve this."

"What do u want me to do now?"

"I have an idea –  you come to Goa with me, we still have 3 days in hand. We'll try to find out what Bhaaskar is upto….maybe he divulges to you out of shock, as you were there in Canada too and he knows that Roshni is not in touch with you…..meanwhile you try to find out her fiancee's number from those contacts of yours." Abhi was again very hopeful.

"I come with you?................Uninvited???"

"So what ?.........you are not going there for free food and open bar…………..why worry about invitation ?"

"No way….I am not coming."

"Come-on Gaurav…..Roshni will be thrilled to see you….do you remember, once  upon a time, she had a huge crush on you."

"I know," he smiled, "except you, she had a crush on every single guy in the college."

"Chal na yaar…" Abhi never left the topic unless he had his way, " aur koi rasta bhi toh nahin hai."

Reluctant gaurav was made to agree as Abhi involved Sharda too who was very emotional on hearing the story.

Gaurav was left with no choice and finally gave-in on the condition that he would not attend the festivities but stay in Goa simply to help them.

Abhi was thrilled.





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awesome yaar..thanks 4 the update...

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haila......some twist this was,....just to get that introvert Gaurav to Goal I see...cute this sidetrack story is...NOW just get Natasha also at the marriage and let Gaurav find 'new love'....Vandoo you are tho on holiday you dream of Gaurav and Paridhi...I am pushing for NATGAU....Big smile

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nice....awesome ClapClap....Goa trip sounds fun......Gaurav and Shaan might come face to face.....and we might see another khanak and Gaurav scene .....lovely
loved shaan and khanak's scence EmbarrassedLOL

keep rocking and continue soon



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Originally posted by saaaz

haila......some twist this was,....just to get that introvert Gaurav to Goal I see...cute this sidetrack story is...NOW just get Natasha also at the marriage and let Gaurav find 'new love'....Vandoo you are tho on holiday you dream of Gaurav and Paridhi...I am pushing for NATGAU....Big smile

hey @ Saaz....thanks a lot dear.....

@ Bold - now I exactly know what CVs go through.....lol......LOLLOLLOLLOL............

Keep fingers crossed....we may never know....WinkWinkWinkWink

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