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FF~:Friends Forever:~ All Shanak Update : page 35 (Page 15)

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waiting there from past 5 mins Angry

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Originally posted by JustJ

waiting there from past 5 mins Angry
Sorry yaar...To many powercuts here...And my broadband works on electricity...light jate hi internet goneCry
We're having powercuts every 40 minsConfused

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dear manita
loved Gaurav khanna part a lot with mother...so good yaar... with mother and all... 
shanak part is also very very very good.feels nice always to read  a scene by pool side
..waiitng for the next part..U have built up the story so far very well...

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Lovely update Manita and liked the cute scenes at the table and by the poolsideBig smile.....I am glad Shaan found out it was his friend quickly, can't wait to find out what happeened between themSmile.....

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manita...really really nice!!! I have said this already and shall say it again..it is turning out to be one 'classy' RBO FF...and using the comp to retrieve pics of rahul just proved that...lage raho...Tongue

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Originally posted by priya_cool_123

@manita   wow good choice yaar... he s another smart guy..... now ur ff ka trp s will go high....
i forgot to mention... loved the part when she asks shaan if he ever sleeps or jut pretend to do so.... thaat was so cute
great gal... there was a scene almost like ur ff today........

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Originally posted by priya_cool_123

Originally posted by priya_cool_123

@manita   wow good choice yaar... he s another smart guy..... now ur ff ka trp s will go high....
i forgot to mention... loved the part when she asks shaan if he ever sleeps or jut pretend to do so.... thaat was so cute
great gal... there was a scene almost like ur ff today........


I better add a 'copyright act warning' with my FFs............ROFLROFL...................lol.......

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thanks a lot everyone for liking part 4....
thanks to everyone who read it....whether commented or not....
and thanks to everybody who chatted on this threadAngry.......and kept it's TRP rising....LOL.....LOLLOLLOL

I am sorry for slow movement in the story....I realised I am writing like a daily soap...lol.....LOLLOLLOL
thanks to my busy schedule.....so I get very less time to write....anyways.....I am updating part 5.....
tell me if it's dragging..........

Part 5.


    Khanak and Shaan were both flabbergasted…….

    She had met a stranger a day before, whose photographs were in Shantanu's laptop ….at least according to her.

    He had not met his once best friend since 5 years and who he thought was in Canada, and here his wife meets that old friend, accidentally at a temple !!!

 It was a reason enough for both of them to be zapped.

   Khanak spoke first, "yeh kya jadoo hai…….sirf naam batate hi aapko photo mil gayi…??...Kaise ??.....yeh hi toh the mandir mein….!!!"

   "Tum Gaurav se mili thi?" there was excitement in his voice, his face was beaming and his eyes revealed the thrill that he was unable to hide. He almost jumped on the bed so that now he was kneeling and with both the hands he gripped her shoulders, "Khanak….tumhe pata hai tum kisse mili thi….mera college ka dost Gaurav !!"

He wondered aloud," magar woh toh Canada mein tha…..yahan vacation par aaya hai kya? Gosh….I can't believe it….kitne saal ho gaye mile huey……"

    Khanak completely forgot about the facebook part…..and the hundred questions she had in mind..

Kamaal hai, kal tak jis dost ke bare mein mujhe bataya tak nahin, aaj uske baarey mein sochkar itna khush ho rahe hain… Presently she was amused at Shaan's response.

 "Accha, aap log bahut acche dost they kya ?"

"Acche ? best friends Khanak…..humein college mein har koi jaanta tha….classes bunk karte they, canteen mein baithey rahte the….ghoomna phirna aur masti….." he was lost in his thoughts for a while.

He stood up and tiptoed into the room thinking of his college days.

"toh phir phone kijiye na……ab toh aapke paas number bhi hai" she said.

He looked at the phone and was brought back to the present. Suddenly his face was grim, smiles vanished and he became serious. His mouth became taut, he switched the phone off and turned away.

He found it easy to evade questioning eyes by going away, but somewhere he knew that it was futile.

It was difficult for Khanak to understand. She saw him anxious and felt like holding him in an embrace. But, she knew she had never seen him like this on small issues. This person must be someone important and close to him.

She went behind him and stood directly in front of him, trying to look into his eyes. Instinctively, she put her hand on his shoulder and said, "itna to mujhe pata chal gaya hai ki koi badi baat hai, kyunki itne acche dost ke baare main aapne mujhe kabhi nahi bataya aur aapke dost ne bhi shahar mein hone ke baavjood aapse baat bhi nahi ki…..lekin agar aapko lagta hai ki main samajh sakti hoon to mujhe bataiye."

Her voice was calm and composed. He loved her way of dealing with everything straightaway, but felt helpless himself as he was not used to dealing with issues upfront. He needed time to get over his emotions and think rationally. He needed support to come out of the depression he faced.

He was quiet for a few seconds.

Then turned to her and said, "Mujhe thoda sa time do Khanak…..main tumhe sab kuch bata doonga, magar abhi nahi."

"Aisi kya baat hai jo aap mujhe nahi bata sakte?" She was surprised because she had expected him to confide in her.

"I have told you that my life is a lot more complicated than you know…..this is one of it's aspect. Just be patient and trust me….I'll tell you everything. For now I can just tell you that my friendship with Gaurav broke 5 years back due to a major fight…and after that we haven't spoken and are not in touch by any means."

"But what happened long back can be forgotten and forgiven na…"

"That is not in my hands….because it was majorly my fault." She could hear the guilt in his tone. He was sad. Is it just because of a friend, or there is more to it?t….she tried to guess.

"Toh maafi maang lijiye……." Her ultimate solution came out.

He watched her intently for a long time and smiled. He realised that he loved one more thing about her….

"Tumhaari zindagi kitni simple aur straightforward hai….khud ki galti ho toh maafi maang li aur kisi aur ki ho toh maaf kar diya," he brought her closer and hugged her, his hands encircling her and her head resting on his chest, "tumhaare paas aa kar lagta hai jaise zindagi mein koi tension ya problem hai hi nahin."

"toh aap maafi maang lenge na…." she did not want anything but his happiness right now and she would leave no stone unturned to get it back.

"Hmmm…….I wish I could, but I think, I can't."




Shaan sat in his office looking at the project file. He had made a strategical presentation and was comparing notes from the file and the laptop.

He spent the whole afternoon making a list of things to be done…he had to arrange for finances, meet the investors, hire staff specifically trained according to his requirements, get the quotations for the several raw materials….etc etc…

I have taken a major decision by going independent. It would have been easy to simply extend the business with dad and bhaiya. Hope I am able to meet this challenge that I took upon myself. He thought.

  After a long time, he closed the file and shut the laptop. He called the front desk for a coffee and picked up the mobile. After inspecting it for a moment, he went back to the incoming calls section.

He located Gaurav's number and looked at it for a few seconds. Is it really Gaurav? It would have been difficult to believe if Khanak had not confirmed to his profile pics.

Is he just a 'dial' away. The thought puzzled him…as he didn't realise whether he was happy or sad. Finally, he saved the number with Gaurav's name and opened his laptop again.

 With a huge cup of coffee in his hand, he logged into 'facebook' again and went directly to Gaurav's page……987 friends…..nahin sudhrega…..hasn't updated since 4 months !

       Shaan spent 1 hour on the net just like that…and then later returned back to his work. It was a huge project and he didn't want distractions.




   Shantanu had come for a business meeting at a 'The Royal Cliffe' , a 7 star hotel in the heart of the city. He asked Khanak to accompany him so that after the meeting, he could take her out for the dinner.

  Khanak was waiting in the lobby of the hotel for him to finish his work and come back. She took a magazine and was flicking it's pages when she saw Gaurav coming out of the lift. She sprang from her seat and headed straight towards him.

  "Gaurav ji…" she called him from the back.

He turned back and was surprised to see her. She looked pleasing in a light blue chiffon churidaar and hair open. She appeared really glad to see him.

  "Aap?" he acted as if quickly inspecting her, "purse, mobile sab hai na? Ab thik hai, …….boliye."

"Main yahan apne husband ke saath aayi hoon…..Kitna bada ittefaq hai, hum phir mil gaye." She couldn't hide her happiness and he was surprised as he saw no reason for that.

"Ittefaq kuch nahin hai….this hotel has good conference rooms and is known as ideal place for business meetings. Hence we met." His reply was straight.

"But that day you only said that we don't meet anyone just like that. Even today, there is a reason that we met, you know"

"Really? Please enlighten me too…." He tried hard not to laugh sarcastically.

"My husband will be here in a while, if you sit with me and wait for some time, he will be glad to meet you."

Gaurav once again imagined 'the husband' using his own logic and couldn't hide his smile. He had no interest in meeting her 'loser' husband but he was really astounded to see this girl talking like crazy about her husband every minute. She did not appear to be unhappy one bit. He looked at her and thought, 'Is it easy to compromise with your life and still be happy?'

He had about half an hour before his next round of meetings. So he decided to talk to her just because he felt inquisitive.

"Ok" he simply shrugged and agreed.

He guided her to a sofa in the lobby. He was dressed in a formal light brown shirt and dark trousers. The way he walked said a lot about his confidence and the way he maintained a comfortable distance, Khanak knew that he respected women..

They sat on two single sofas kept in L shape at one corner of the lobby.

"You really did a lot for me that day, my husband wanted to call you but somehow, it didn't happen. I was thinking of calling you, but see my luck, I met you."

"Planning to call me? Why?" he looked genuinely surprised.

"Wanted to talk something very important…..about my husband." She didn't know how to proceed.

"Regarding?" he asked. Oh, poor girl with no-one in the city , wants to talk to a stranger……. this guy must be really torturing her.

"I don't know how to say but can you answer a few questions first?" she decided to gauge his feelings first.

"like?" he spoke in monosyllables, still wondering why this lady wanted to call him, that too after just one meeting. She doesn't have anyone who sympathises with her.

"There are so many things in our life to look forward to, should we brood on small misunderstandings or move on?" she thought it best to go indirect way initially.

He grinned before saying," I think small things should be forgiven and forgotten."

"What if it is a big issue?" she was testing the waters.

"After some time, even the big issues seem smaller." He said matter-of-factly.

"So basically you think that it is easy to forgive your loved ones." She asked judging every word he spoke.

"Basically, it's not about me. I did not plan to call you. You did."

"Of course I wanted to….but even I did not," she smiled, "we met by chance."

"It's ok. So what does your husband do?" asked Gaurav without wanting to listen to the answer. He must be a businessman, model thode hi hoga….silly.

"He is a businessman," said Khanak. I knew it…bingo, his thoughts followed every sentence.

"Really," answered Gaurav. He was dying to ask her about his age but stopped himself.

Khanak thought for a moment and planned to give it another try before Gaurav met Shantanu. Who can tell if the meeting ended in another fight….she decided she should do some homework first.

"Actually I have seen you somewhere. Yes, now I remember I have seen your photograph; that day I couldn't recognise you but now I do?

"What do you mean? Where did you see my photograph?" he was totally amazed.

"In your best friend's room." she immediately had a brainwave.

"My best friend?" he was astonished, "Who?"

"Shantanu Khandelwal, your college friend."

"Shaan?........how do you know him?" he sat on the edge of the sofa.

" Woh……," she fumbled initially, " actually I know his wife."

"Wife?.....Did he get married? When?" a wide smile spread on Gaurav's face. It relieved Khanak. So both of them feel for each other, Good.

Gaurav was really happy to hear this and couldn't contain his excitement.

"Even I was not regular on facebook and other sites since many months….but strange no one told me about this," he was wondering aloud while Khanak was all smiles.

He became a little more comfortable with Khanak, "So basically you know Natasha."

"Nahin, nahin," all smiles vanished from Khanak's face, "Unki shaadi Natashaji se nahin hui hai."

The first thing to strike was 'unki'….this girl is crazy….but it was soon buried in the fact that Shaan had not married Natasha.

"What? He didn't marry Natasha? Why?" Gaurav was clearly disappointed.

Khanak had no answer. She just gave a 'kahan phas gayi' look.

"Of course, how would you know? Why am I asking you? You wouldn't know internal matters but it really surprises me that he and Natasha broke up."

Khanak was increasingly getting restless. Though she had always known Natasha, but today hearing anybody else's name taken with Shantanu was making her a little uneasy. She felt like crying now. Why did she even think of digging skeletons from his closet?….there is more pain ahead.

"Anyways, the topic drifted away, what were you saying? You wanted to talk something about your husband."

She composed  herself back again.

"I was saying that I saw your snap other day in an album in your friend's room; You seemed to be quite close, then how come you don't know about his marriage?"

"We are out of touch.." he tried to hide what he felt.

"But once in a while, friends do talk, no matter how busy."

"We are not talking about me, why are we discussing my college friends?"

"It is important…firstly because I know him and secondly, it helps me to understand my concerns….please, tell me…..what went wrong."

"I don't want to discuss this, that too with a stranger," Gaurav got up from his seat.

"Sometimes strangers can be best listeners, because they don't judge you." Khanak gave a last try, "I just wished to know if you two could be back together again."

"I don't know why I'm telling this to you, but it was a major fight…. and it is a scar that will remain forever." He slowly sat down again.

"Just now you said that after a long time, even big issues appear smaller."

"Yes I said…..but those are my views purely. He might not feel that way."

"What if he does?" she finally saw a ray of hope.

"Not a chance….he must be hating me. It was totally my fault" She could hear the guilt in his voice too..

"toh aap maafi maang lijiye nah.." she tried here too.

"I wish it was so easy…..and I really wish I could." Said Gaurav.

Khanak was confused no end.

Both say it's their fault, both are guilty and both want to ask for forgiveness but both can't…..what is it that had  happened? pata toh karna hi padega.

Khanak was still engrossed in her thoughts, when Gaurav got up, "I really don't know how I talked so much after a long time, especially to a person who I don't know at all. But one thing that I am convinced about is… that your esteemed husband will throw you out of his house for sure, if he comes to know that you are sitting and discussing two handsome young men and their problems here."

She laughed at the 'handsome young men' comment while Gaurav picked up his laptop and moved to leave.

He went ahead a few steps and turned back, "By the way, how is Shaan?"

"He is good."

And they parted.


Shantanu came out and entered the lobby after a few minutes and hugged her, "Khanak, everything went very well and most of the technical issues will be dealt now. Can you believe this? All my problems get sorted out when you are with me. Stay with me, at every step, please."

Saying this he released her slightly, lowered his lips and gave a 'longer than usual' peck on her cheek.

"Shantanu, this is a hotel lobby !"

"Relax darling, this is Mumbai….aur itna toh chalta hai yahan !" saying this, he hugged her again.

"Where are we going now?" she asked.

"For a candle light dinner…" he still didn't want to release her from his hold.

"Woh kya hota hai?" she asked, innocently fluttering her eyes.

He kissed her eyes and said, "Don't do this or I'll take you home instead."





To be continued………


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