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ffupdate-prt7/pg6 Gopi talks with elesh (Page 6)

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Posted: 26 December 2010 at 11:10am | IP Logged

thanks for liking above part guys...


In the mean time Gopi took breakfast for Kinjal..

Kinjal had already wake up but still sitting in dark room..

Gopi comes into her room and first thing she do is to let the sunshine come in and opened the curtains of windows' though first Kinjal feel irritated as sun light hurts her eyes, because of sudden change from darkness to light. Afterwards she feel rejuvenate as soon as it spread all over her room..

Kinjal knows this that she can't denied gopi for breakfast  so accepted to take the food, Gopi with very caring gesture feeding her.. as if she is her elder sister'

At the same time Kinjal feeling bad that she has done so much wrong to her bhabhi.

Meanwhile, Jigar joins the duo, he comes and sits near to Kinjal while asking her, how is my behna,  feeling now, though  first Kinjal feel bad as she has done so wrong with everyone , but Jigar bhai didn't speak up  against her, instead asking her so politely, this make her more ashamed of herself ,  Jigar who easily make out from Kinjal's expression tried to make her feel comfortable.

He hugged her and consoled her, that everything will gonna be alright.

To this Kinjal replied that nothing will going to be alright with me now , as I have done blunder with my life and also with my family..  How stupid I was to fall in love with someone like Umang.  I loved him so much, but'

Before she speaks up jigar speak up he don't deserve love of my sister,  Kinjal looked him with confused expression , after a pause he speaks up, falling in love is not bad but crossing your limits is bad, and you have done this mistake, but that doesn't mean you are all wrong , hmm that's true we at times unable to judge people and especially when we  are in love, .

He continues further, people like Umang who are of double standards do not deserves any one's love as they don't love anyone and are very mean, he want to take revenge from Ahem Bhai because Ahem Bhai's leave his sister as he wants to follow his mother's  wish,  and what he did in return humiliated you for sake of his sister. Then who is wrong here, the one who supported his family, or the one who took revenge from former only for the sake of his family, and to the limit of spoiling other's prestige, Umang is very mean and he don't deserves my sister's love, so you should not cry for him instead try to move forward in life.

Gopi was listening all this very carefully.

Kinjal, realized that she was so wrong in judging umang, and now feeling that she should not cry for him, she did not showed her pain of separating from Umang since yesterday incidence, but feeling terrible that he has ditched her, and how will she be surving with all this, but Jigar's POV does make her realize that she just fall in bad company, and should not be crying for him anymore. Slowly but she was trying to overcome from him, but still feeling bad for her family and wondering what will happen to her life.

Day passed peacefully , Hetal and Gopi, took care of the family well, and everyone trying to come out from their sorrow slowly, most who was hampered with this is  Kokila, who just confined herself to her room. Though Ahem visited her room, and tried to console her, but himself become spellbound, when Kokila said him that I was so wrong in making decision for my own children, because none of them are happy with my decision, I am such a bad mother, more than there's I am Gopi Vahu's criminal whom I bring this house with so much hopes, but all her dreams got shattered because of my wrong decision. Life has already taught me that I cannot be right each and every time. To hear all this Ahem was really guilty as he felt somewhere down the line he is also responsible for his mother's present condition

Its night time, after finished with all work, Gopi went straight into Kinjal's room, something was striking in her mind, she went and sits near Kinjal , and with little awkwardness asked kinjal- Kinjal Bhen if you don't mind can I ask you some question, kinjal asked her what is the question bhabhi with all politeness in her voice. Though you have already said that you are not pregnant with Umang's child, but as your bhabhi  I just want to know' actually I was asking that if u and Umangji ... Gopi was very shy when she was trying to put question   in front of kinjal.  Kinjal understands what she want to know though politely but with full confidence but with still some guilty in her voice.. she said her that she didn't crossed her limits ever,maybe her mother's teaching was always there in her mind, but still she unknowingly crossed her limits and created all those false reports.. Kinjal was all guilty while replying this'but after receiving satisfactory answer Gopi comforts her and went into her room, while thinking something'

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Thinking waaaaaat?!?! Pls pls pls continue soon! U got us hanging there Cry no fair

Btw great update!

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-tellyaddict- IF-Sizzlerz

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Gr8 update Sam.......especially Aham realizing guilty....
update soon......
choti_rani Goldie

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Great update Sam. What is Gopi thinking? Can't wait to find out please update soon.

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br2499 Goldie

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Great update Sam! Finally Gopi is thinking! waiting eagerly for the next.

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saina01 Goldie

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Loved it Sam.. Aham feeling guilty and Gopi finally taking charge to help kinjal out..
But what was she thinking? Please don't make kinjal marry dhawal.. I know what she did was wrong lekin itni bari saza? Anyways please continue soon.. Can't wait for the next part..

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sam1903 IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by saina01

Loved it Sam.. Aham feeling guilty and Gopi finally taking charge to help kinjal out..
But what was she thinking? Please don't make kinjal marry dhawal.. I know what she did was wrong lekin itni bari saza? Anyways please continue soon.. Can't wait for the next part..
 i can't think of make her marry Dhawal in my rarest dream..
... i find him nothing but a joker...

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sam1903 IF-Dazzler

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@sarah, sadhli, babyblue, br2499, saina for liking above part..

saina... i hope this is upto your expectation... and i am trying not to do injustice with Kinjal... after all she is sweet nanad of Gopi..

Though everyone has slept, but Gopi could not' as something was going in her mind'

She could not sleep whole night..

Its afternoon time, Gopi has done with all her work, she was looking for someone in the house, as she can only count on him for what she is thinking of, she was quite sure, if someone can help her in this is her devarji  i.e. Jigar.

She saw him going towards baa room (jigar didn't go  to the office as he wants to be with the family', right now)she stopped him , by addressing him devarji..

He stopped and turn back and asker his bhabhi- ji bhabhi..

Devarji I want to discuss with you something,  jigar was looking at her  with inquisitive question..

Gopi continue I want to share one of my thought with you' and you are the only one whom I can trust on, as  u r the only one who can help me with my thought'

(Earlier also Jigar has helped Gopi in painting mandir.. so thinking of that Gopi thought to share with him only..)

That's ok bhabhi but what is there in your mind plzz do tell me'

To this Gopi replied , before  replying she looked everywhere just to confirm no one is around after getting sured of this she continue..- devarji I thought  a lot on your words..

 Jigar got confuse with this reply of Gopi.

He questioned her which words Bhabhi.

Its about Umang ji. She replied back..

About umang.. He gives it a recall what he said about him and to whom.. Then he remembered his and kinjal talks.. This is only when he mentioned or said something about Umang..

Bhabhi are you talking about kinjal and my talk..

She nod her head in yes.

So what about that he questioned again..

Gopi who was not sure whatever  she is thinking is right or not continues, devarji  I was thinking about whatever u said and realized that whatever u said is all correct, therefore, he is not suitable for Kinjal bHen..

jigar could not make out what gopi has to say, and gopi who is already confused with her thoughts just trying to explain jigar everything..

Hmm bhabhi that I know he is not gud for kinjal, but what exactly you want to say..

This time gopi realized she should clearly explain jigar what is exactly in her mind..

Devarji as u already knew all family members are thinking dhawal bhai as suitable match for kinjal bhen now,  hmm bhabhi he respond to Gopi's words.. and said further I think they are right seeing current situation..

To this gopi answered hmm for right now, but what will happened later when everything will be settled and people will forget this incidence, even though   this situation is tough but someday we will surely get over from it.

I know right now Dhawal bhai is ok for Kinjal bhen, but even in this situation also she denied to get married with him.. then how she will be able to carry her relation when everything in her life will be normal.

This makes sense now, jigar thought, bhabhi but still do we have any other option he questioned Gopi. After all this,  Kinjal don't left with any other option apart from accepting this proposal, moreover papa and Ahem bhai are also looking into this matter and will only come to conclusion after looking Dhaval Bhai where about'

And bhabhi he is also your cousin, so infact he's a better option in my opinion.

To this Gopi reply,  I know he is my brother and he is good too.. but I also know how Kinjal bhen has been brought up , and Dhwal bhai cannot do all this for her , infact he cannot match upto her status.  Kinjal bhen who is not accepting this proposal right now, even if she be forcefully asked to carry on with this proposal. How will she survive with this in long run, and you have the best example of unmatched marriage in front of you i.e of your brother and mine.

Jigar was now question less after hearing  gopi's word, he also knew how kinjal has brought up, he's now actually worried what if Kinjal get married to Dhawal .

He speaks up.. bhabhi then what can we do we still don't have any option..

To this Gopi reply no Devarji we still have one option.

Jigar again spellbound and confused what is Gopi thinking now.

As you know umang is not suitable for kinjal bhen not even dhwal bhai but Elesh ji is .

Jigar all shocked now , how can this be possible esp. after such big drama, he questioned same from Gopi.

Gopi continues, I know Kinjal bhen still not love Eleshji but Eleshji loved her so much and also cared for  her, and we are not even sure in case of dhaval bhai if he will be able to give that love and care to Kinjal Bhen, which she needs most at this point of time..

She continues further, Kinjal Bhen and Eleshji wedding was called off because of Kinjal Bhen's lie .. they thought it as a truth and backed out from marriage but since we all know  its just a lie and not the truth..

Jigar realized her bhabhi is so right.. if this can happen that is the best thing which can happen to his family..

But his next thought was how this will happen after all such drama, they know what ios Kinjal truth now, but how will Mehta's going to believe them.

He questioned gopi ' bhabhi but how we will make this possible..

Gopi replied to this even I don't know..

Jigar continues.. Should we put this matter in front of everyone..

No no never do this let it be a secret between you and me.. I don't want after so much humiliation our family needs to face Mehta's ' and plzz devarji you will not even speak to rashi bhen.. (she already  knew Rahi's reaction about this whole situation and Dhawal is her cousin.. )

He was surprised to her this.. her first thought is valid but why not Rashi' but  seeing her pleading eyes .. he got agreed, and confirmed her matter will be in between two of them..

I don't know how we will going to do it, but we need to do something, at least for better future of kinjal bhen..we need to work out on this thing' devarji we need to think fast what we have to do further because if family people proceed with Dhaval Bhai proposal then we will left with no other option..

Jigar who is fully agreeing with Gopi now, really want to do something for his sister..they assured each other they will soon plan out how they need to proceed with it..

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