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ffupdate-prt7/pg6 Gopi talks with elesh (Page 2)

suk19 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 December 2010 at 8:13am | IP Logged
fab plse continue as enjoying  cont soonStar

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Umang was just feeling amazing and satisfied after seeing everyone reaction..  he then said to aham now you will realize my pain when you will see your sister in suffering and also your family, for whom you have married this uneducated girl Gopi.

Then he turns towards Kinjal for the last time tell her, you stupid girl how can you think I can marry the girl whose brother is responsible for my sister's unhappiness..

But I want to thankyou for one thing that you helped me in achieving most precious dream of my life. To ruin your's brother and your family image..

After that umang leaves MM though his stay was not long and he even didn't speak much… but his little stay has created havoc in life of Modi's

Kinjal by the time all shatter sits on the floor and start crying very hard…

Every one in state of shock , are waiting if there is something still need to happen..

Just then Dhaval, who is also present there speaks up, if Kinjal don't mind and if all of you agree I am ready to marry Kinjal..

One more jhatka, but is this shock blessing in disguise.. or what

Before any one can say anything Kinjal who is crying uptil now and in her own world of destruction and shattered dreams, hearing this get startle first, she can't even think of marrying this man in her rarest of dream.

Just then Aham who is back to his senses uptil now, speaks first how can you marry my sister, you are not evenworth of her.

At this Kokila shouts on aham how can you say this to Dhaval, when your sister is left with no reputation to marry any decent guy in this world.

Dhaval words will always be blessing in disguise for any mother in such situation.

Before anyone could speak up anything,  Kinjal stand up and go to her mother and start  pleading to  her mother No Maa I can't marry this man.

Listening this,   kokila  hold kinjal arms very tightly and with anger on her face asks Kinjal  then who will gonna marry a woman like you who is going to be unmarried mother.

Kinjal now looking directly into her mother's eyes and after realizing something blurt out the truth that she is not pregnant, but this is all a fake pregnancy which she has planned with Umang, so that she can let her get married to  umang instead of  Elesh..

(ZORR Ka Jhatka Haye Zorro se laga…)

She was lying because she was in love and her love only ruined her whole life..

Oh God this day was full of miseries and Black Day in the history of Modi house .

This time Chirag speaks up, he shouts at top of his voice – Enough is enough and now no one will utter a single word.

He goes to Dhaval, and thanks for this gesture especially when everything was going against them, but politely he say to Dhaval that this is not right time for us to think about Kinjal's  marriage, when we all are unable to realize what is going wrong with us or what will be right for us.

He then goes to Urmilla and asked her politely, Vivanji, we are sorry you need to see all this unpleasant circumstances because of our family, but you remained  there for us, but right now no one of us in the condition to be hospitable to you, and folded his hand in front of her.

Realising what he want to say she also folded her hands and left MM with Dhaval, but was very angry on Dhaval for his action.

Meanwhile, Chirag ask everyone to go to their respective rooms and especially  asked Gopi to take care of Kinjal and hetal to take care of Kokila.

Gopi takes Kinjal to her room , right now gopi can't feel anything only thing which she can feel is unhappiness of family, she comforts kinjal and make her sit on bed. She arranges her bad carefully and asks her to rest and came out from the room while closing the door.

Every one already retired to their respective rooms. Chirag is with Baa, as she was feeling very low.

It's already 8 p.m. now, Gopi went to kitchen as she knows no one has eaten anything since morning, Mani was there too, but what all has happened in the house today does not give her senses what to do now,

One more person is there and it was none other than Rashi, who has enjoyed all the scenario, Today is the day of her triumph. Day to celebrate her success, so she came to kitchen to look out for some cookies, and to find out if something else is there to eat, after all this drama she want to eat something interesting by which she can enjoy her success.

After searching when she find nothing that could suit her taste for today, she start munching cookies over there , Mani who was standing there is not liking all this but cannot utter a word.

Gopi then entered the kitchen, seeing Rashi like this she was shock first, but she too don't have any confidence to say  anything to her

Gopi looks at Mani and tell her Mani bhen we need to prepare dinner for everyone, as it already been so late we need to be quick, Mani agreeing with ther and  is about to ask what we need to make bhabhi,  Rashi intervene and start  commenting who will going to eat dinner after so much drama, why you are wasting your time,  but still if you guys making some dinner then make something good. As I am feeling very hungry, and also, why would I suffer because of other's mistake, I need something good.

Gopi didn't like this attitude of Rashi and with complaining eyes, look at Rashi and ask her Rashi Ben how can you say like this, Rashi replied to this oh common Gopi, stop behaving like emotional fools.

At this Gopi look towards Mani, and told  Mani that we are making simple Daal Chawal and some roti, as this will be best for everyone and from her reaction its clear that she is not at all interested in what all Rashi's have to say..

Seeing Gopi's reaction Rashi was first stunned and left the kitchen.

Both Gopi and Mani prepared dinner  with in some time.

After preparing dinner Mani questioned gopi, bhabhi we have prepared it  but no one has come to dining hall, at this gopi said no, I am personally taking meal to every one room.

Gopi, first went  to Baa's room , chirag was there too, so she has already taken his dinner too.

Seeing gopi with dinner Baa could not say anything.

Gopi goes near to Baa.

And very politely asks Jigar- devarji, we should have some dinner now, sensing what Gopi want to do now, he said in confirmation yes bhabhi even I am feeling hungry, but I will not eat anything as my baa will not gonna eat anything.

Then gopi with sweet little smile and with somewhat complaining voice, says to Baa- Baa that's true if you will not eat anything we will not gonna eat anything. At this gesture of Gopi, tears start rolling from her eyes.

Seeing her pain, gopi moves towards Baa and with so much confidence and determined look she says to Baa – Baa worst has happened to us now no more worst can happen to us only gud will happen to us, with this she cleared tears from baa's cheeks

These words were very soothing for Baa, and it really sounds magical to her, as if god has come to rescue her family in form of Gopi. At this she kiss on Gopi's forehead and says to her –you are my angel gopi vahu.

Jigar came near to baa  and agreeing with gopi –yes bhabhi nothing worst will happen to us, only good will happen now.

Confirming gopi she will take her dinner Baa ask gopi please make sure no one in the house sleep empty stomach. At this gopi nods her in confirmation left the room.

After that she went to chirag and hetal room, atmosphere of the room was gloomy there too. But she did make sure that they had their dinner .

Its kokila and parag room, kokila was sitting on bed while resting her head on back wall. Though she is not crying, but she was in bad condition. Parag was caressing on her head. They were both sitting there since they have come to their room but could not utter a word, but still so much noise can be felt in that room as if their silence is speaking and as if they were mourning.

Atmosphere of room was miserable, when  gopi opened their room, lights falls into the room, while  gopi was standing at the edge of door , for some second it was almost like divine intervention in mourning house, as if god comes to console someone bad has happened to you now only good will happen to you.

Gopi entered room telling Parag-papa I have brought some food, please have some. But like obvious reaction parag denied it. Gopi at this said to him, papa Maji is not well and if you do not eat she will not eat too and as a husband you should make sure she takes something.

Parag realizing Kokila's condition, he took tray from gopi, and placed it on bed, and then he moved towards kokila he asked her to take some food, which she denied at first.

At this, Parag hold her hand ,  ask her if she don't take the food he will not even take the food too, and he is very hungry right now, to this she straighten her neck and open her eyes, she was about to say something while moving her face towards parag, before she could speak up, parag was already ready with the bite of food in his hand and with requesting  eyes he says to kokila, please don't say no.

Though tears were rolling from her eyes, she cannot deny parag anymore; both of them had their dinner, while its time for gopi to go to Kinjal.

Kinjal was resting now, though she could not sleep, but she is feeling very low, and she left with no energy even to think anything, gopi's entered her room and asked her to get up and have some food. kinjal replied to her no bhabhi I don't want to eat. I should not have anything, and should die, because what I have done for my family this will be the best punishment for me.  To this gopi replied, gud one kinjal bhen this is the way you can make your family members life more like a hell.

Kinjal was surprised to hear gopi's answer because she never saw gopi like this before. Gopi then switch on the lights of rooms and ask kinjal to get up, kinjal, cannot deny her anymore and sit up. Gopi sits in front of kinjal while resting dinner tray on bed. She took up one galss, it contains sweet lemon water, she took the glass near kinjal's mouth while saying, you have already tortured yourself so much, but not anymore , just drink this water and I don't want any negative reply from your side.

While speaking gopi has a commanding voice, which is very unlike gopi. Then she fed kinjal with dinner just like an elder sister. And in the end, she told kinjal that she is having headache and also feeling low does she have any medicine for that, she needs for herself. Kinjal took one box out from her side table and take out some medicine. To this she replied you take this kinjal bhen, as I know if I asked it for you, you have never taken it out, and since I don't know much about English medicine I can't give it to you, you take this medicine while offering water to her. Kinjal was amazed by gopi's gesture and want to curse herself for doing so wrong with gopi.

After feeding kinjal and make her sleep, Gopi come to kitchen and asked mani to have her dinner , Mani has already cleaned the kitchen in mean while

Mani says to gopi – bhabhi all the family members had their dinner except you and ahem bhai. To this gopi replies- I know mani, and then she askd her- mani bhen will you take dinner for him. Mani who is really scared of ahem, said to gopi - bhabhi I can take but I am really scared and I am not so sure if I will be able to convince him to have his dinner as I am even scared of requesting him, with this she also put one question in front of her bhabhi I can't do it, I think you will also not go to him. Then who will make him eat his dinner. To this gopi replied mani-  I will. Then she pours milk in one glass and set the tray of ahem's dinner and also placed glass of milk in tray. To this mani questioned her again why glass of milk.. For this gopi reply Mani  if he don't take dinner then atleast he can have milk.

Mani then says to gopi, bhabhi you love him so much and care for him so much, he is blessed to have you as his wife I am sure he will have his dinner and ask gopi to have her dinner after coming from ahem's room.

Gopi replying in agreement that she will have her dinner, but regarding towards mani's former line she don't have anything to say because, this time she is herself very scare, though Mani seems to be quite confident but Gopi's determination and confidence seems to be vanishing . But still as his wife , she need to make sure he don't sleep empty stomach.

Though Gopi was moving towards ahem's room but her heart was beating very fast, and fear was very much visible from her face.

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ohhh my God Sam....
truely beautiful chapter...

did u guys take a vow to give me heart attack, everyone's updates are do extraordinary (take ordinary and add something extra - ramona and BeezusWink)

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loved this Intelligent Gopi........why cant CVs make some changes to her in show....

but gr8 update Sam....looking forward to how Gopi will convince aham to have dinner..

thanx a lot..

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I love this Gopi.. She handled everyone so maturely.. Please continue soon..

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suk19 IF-Sizzlerz

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plse continue waiting for next update wonderful

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thanks everyone for liking it...


Gopi now at doorstep, with all dilemma in her mind should she be in.. or not'

She remembered how aham scolds her last time, thinking this she could feel the cold vibes entering her body, her hands almost tremble with fear . Her fear is now converted into her sadness, thinking how  bad she felt on that day, she could actually picturesque her crying face which ultimately bring water in her eyes..

But then she realized this is not the right time to think all this, she thought to herself, are those vows which she has taken in front of every family member is important to her , or those which are pious which she has taken during her marriage, was  Ahemji's scolding is important to her or the fact that no matter what, but  he is still her husband, whom  she should care at any cost.

(These conflicting views are only to make her courageous enough to enter Ahem's room.)

After muster up all her courage she knocked the door , but no reply came from inside. Ahem's room's door was closed but not locked, she slowly push the gate, and opened that much by which she will be able to get in.

Room was all dark, but as she already had been lived there before so can make out which thing is where. She carely put the food tray on table and moved towards switch board.

Ahem, was there in his room sitting on his bed, but could not sense until now if someone has entered into the room,

He was all in his Trans, thinking what all has happened to him, never in his life he has been through such kind of humiliation.

Words of Umang was keep banging in his ears, sometimes he feels,  Is he so much wrong, if he has followed his mother's wish?  Why gopi is there in his life? Why all this happened to his sister?  Is he responsible for all this? Why her sister crossed her limits?   Doesn't she thought about her family while doing all this? What went wrong? Who is right? . does his sister need to marry Dhaval for sake of family? All question were keep making round in his mind ever since he entered his room?

Gopi switched on the light, Flash of light when falls on Ahem's face he got startle and covered his face with  back of his palm, he was in all dark since the time he has entered into his  room, light  hurts his eyes. Then slowly he removed his palm and looked at the direction of switch board to find out who's there?

To his surprise its Gopi, first he could not believe this , but at the second thought he need to realize she is there only.

Gopi who has already covered her face with pallu, infact stretched to the length so that Ahem could not see her face.

Though with scolding but with tiring voice he speaks up tum.(you)

Realizing this Ahem has already make out she is here , gopi speaks up, ji who main apke liye khana layi thi(ji, I have bring food for you.)

Ahem cannot believe this, that how this girl dares to enter his room and to top of that she brings dinner for him,

He wanted to shout at her, but feeling very low, he just got up (he even stands up as if he is very ill), and starts moving where Gopi was standing. Realizing he is coming near to her. She took three two three steps towards adjacent wall, but could not move any further as he was already there.

Tum mujhe akela kyon nahi chod deti(why don't you leave me alone), his voice was more like pleading but with little anger,

To this gopi speaks up ji who apne subah se kuch nahi khaya tha isliye (since you have not eaten anything since morning, that's why)

Before she could finish her sentence he interrupts,  bas  karo  (stop it) this time his voice is full with anger

Gopi get startled to this, there is fear on her face now.

Mujhe tumahri sahanubhuti nahi chaiye(I don't need your sympathy)

Then he holds her arms very tightly and moved her to face him, he started again, waise bhi yeh sab tumahri wajah se hua hai nahi tum meri zindagi main aati aur yeh sab hota. Na main apne pyaar ko khota aur naa meri bhen ko yeh sab sehna padta'(btw this has happened all because of you, if you doesn't enter in my life then this will not happen to me, I didn't have to  loose my love then and my sister don't need to suffer all this..)

He blurted out all this in one go'

Aur hain tumhe toh jana tha kinjal ki shaadi kay baad, who toh ab hone se rahi sab tumahri wajah se'. toh tum ab kya kar rahi ho yahan' yahan tumahri koi zaroorat nahi hai.. (any yes you were suppose to leave the house after Kinjal's marriage , but that will not happen now , all because of you' so what are you doing here now, you are no more needed overe here now )and he pushed her towards the door, she was almost about to fall, but manage to escape that' tears were rolling from her eyes, then again he yelled  at her, jaao nikal jaao mere ghar se abhi ki abhi..(go go from my house right now.)

Gopi is shocked stunned after hearing all this, tears were rolling from her eyes, for a moment she thought of going from his life but second thought which come to her mind was faces of every members, she thought what will happen if she left he house right now?

She can make out the circumstances' which can be worst for family,  then she remind the lined whe she said to kinjal by this you will gonna make life of family members like a hell.. she said to herself she can't leave the house right it is not good for family,

This time she turns towards Ahem, and said him I know you think that i am responsible for all this.. but I will not leave this house right now.. because, others need me' whenever I will fulfill my duty I will leave this house'

After a pause she said to him if you take the food then it's good for you, if you still not feeling like please do take a glass of milk' as its not good for your health to sleep empty stomach'

With this she retired from the room..

finally i am able to name my FF- which seems to be very contradictory with current scene-- Everything will gonna be alriteTongue

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fab continue cant wait for next

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