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MAANEET SS - Solitary Last Part @ page 18 (Page 5)

dewdropred IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 27 December 2010 at 12:10am | IP Logged

nice SS ... continue soon & thnks for the PM ....

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Audiwalia IF-Rockerz

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Nice start........loved it want to know y she left.........nd dat meher girl is maan daughter or not........

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iMadz IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 December 2010 at 10:19am | IP Logged
hi...guys...m back wid second part....don wanna say much....only one thing apologies for any kind of mistakes as its ABC in writing n comments r alwys appreciated...:):)


New Delhi

Next morning, he woke up regularly at 6, worked out and reached office at 9, just like every single day from last two years. He never allowed others to ask anything about him or her. When he reached office, a meeting for forthcoming takeover was already fixed. It was another major takeover by his company. It was now his habit, to slowly buy shares of large companies and then takeover its business. He was looking at the big picture, as he promised his dadima, to get success and make KC at a number one position in country, and he, undoubtedly worked hard for that.

'Sir, I think we need to go to Mumbai, for verification and further procedure.' Adi said.

'Is it necessary?' he asked, hurriedly.

'Yes, sir' said adi, firmly.

'Can't you go there? We've done it before, too. You know how these things work out, nothing new in it, call the lawyers and accountants, what do you need me for? Mail the documents to me, I'll sign it. I've to reach London in two days, you know how much important this is for me.' He said, annoyingly.

'But sir, it will only take two days, hardly.' argued adi.

'Sir, I think you should appoint one secretary, you can't handle your daily appointments and schedule on your own, and yes I'm telling you this as a friend only.' added adi, friendly.

'Enough! I don't want to discuss it and yes, get my tickets booked for Mumbai, only two days. That is it. You may leave.' He said, angrily.

'Sir'' ran adi.

He asked adi to leave but instead of that, he left the office, furiously. 'No, I should manage myself. Please, maan calm down!' he ordered himself. He then went to the same place where he used to go with her. He sat there for few minutes and settled himself, and when he thought he was at ease, he left for work. And yet another day of his life passed with lots of work and same hide and seeks game of maan, with him only.


'I'll miss you!' cried geet.

'I'll miss you, too! But this is necessary, I've to go. Admission in NYU was my dream; I want to live this dream.'

'Yes! And I'm really very happy for you. Are you sure you don't want me at the airport?' asked geet for the thousand times from last night.

'Now, if you'll ask this question to me again, I'm sure I'll kill you!' said pari, smilingly and little bit annoyed.

'You stay home; you know I'm not comfortable in parting business.' She smiled nervously.

'Okay, okay. I won't. Now go. You are already late. We'll miss you' geet cried again.

Pari took her and gave her lots of kisses, she cried out loudly, 'oh! I'm going to miss you a lot, meher!' after five minutes, she finally left.

Geet then got ready and make her ready, and waited for her maid to come, she came after half an hour,

'Good morning madam!'

'Call me geet, annie! I'm not your boss, okay?' she said, annoyingly.

'Okay. Geet How's meher?' she asked smilingly.

'She's fine, waiting for you only. Now I'm going, bye, getting late.'

She left swiftly as she was getting late for work. But she never knew what destiny would bring her that day, to her, too.

She reached office after 30 minutes, as soon as she entered; she was surrounded by her two colleagues. In her big office, there were only few ones, with she shared a close relation, one of them was neha, who helped her a lot in office, and another was karan, who was her senior, and literally trained her for basic working format.

'Guess what? I've a surprise for you. Sorry, shock for you.' announced neha loudly.

'What?' she asked, uninterestedly.

'Well, it's a shock for all of us.' added neha.

'Now will you please tell me what that is? And karan why are you so quite? You can speak; neha will allow you at least 5 seconds' she grinned.

'Oh! Please, geet. Don't laugh. It's serious. Our company is being sold.' said karan, almost sadly.

'What?' Why? When? She asked, hurriedly.

'Relax! It's a takeover. I think it's a Major one. I heard that the company who's eating us is also Construction Company and head office is based in delhi' said neha, checking come files.

'Delhi?' she almost stopped there, heard the name of that city made her stop for a split of a second.

'Do you know the name?' she asked curiously.

'No. we are not assistant or accountant. So this goes up to you. But you came late, there were two guys, and I tell you geet, one of them was very smart, yaar. He was so handsome and so bossy.' said neha, dreamingly.

'Shut up, Neha. Geet, you came 30 minutes late, they left. But don't you worry, boss will give you all paper work so you can find the details, and most importantly, share with us, at least with me, because I know they are transferring employees, too. So maybe I'll get transferred to delhi as head engineer. I'm worried. I don't wanna left Mumbai, yaar'

'Chill, Guys, I can try, at least.'

She left for her cabin fast, she was also curious to know. She saw some boring paperwork; she avoided and headed to her boss' cabin, sorry 'old boss' cabin.

'May I come in sir?'

'Oh, yes. Come in, geet'

'Is that true, our company is being taken over by some''

'Yes. But you don't worry, they will pay you more and you'll not get transferred from here. As they want only technical staff in Delhi'

'But sir''

'Discussion is over, geet. I've some urgent work, sorry. You may leave. Your part of work will be done by their lawyers and accountants, so you don't need to worry for that, too. Okay now can you please arrange conference room for us? We'll have a meeting in 30 minutes, and I want conference hall, that second one on top floor, because another one is already occupied, as I was informed. Can you check and handle this?'

'Okay' she left the cabin, disappointedly as she didn't get any details.

'Did you get anything?' asked karan curiously.


'Damn! It's okay, I'll try something.' And he left quickly.

She headed off to his cabin, and tried to work, but still she was not feeling well about this matter, as if something is going to come about. She felt nervous; she called home to ask for meher, if she was fine. Annie confirmed it that she was sleeping; still she was not sure, what is eating her? She decided to leave. She left for home, without informing anyone, she just gave permission letter to receptionist and left in hurry. She reached home after few minutes, saw her sleeping quietly on her bed and annie sitting on chair next to her, arranging her cloths, she felt relief. She sat there on bed with her, watching her sleeping, but still there was something which was not easy with her. She felt restless. Suddenly she got a call from neha, she decided not to pick it up, but then she did.

'Where are you?' asked neha on the other side.

'I'm home. I was feeling uneasy, so came home. Why?' she replied.

'Boss, he told you to arrange hall and you left. By the way, the meeting is cancelled and now it has been rescheduled for evening 5, so he wants you in office.'


'No, in evening, if you can come, before an hour or so'he wants you to meet the new boss. Be there. Ok now bye, I've to go. I'm running late for my work. It seems that new boss is super 'khadus'. He wants us to get all paper work ready by tonight only, now tell me is it fair?' said neha, without even a single breath.

'Relax! And yes it's not fair but I can try for evening.'

'No! No! No! No try please, come soon. We are waiting. Bye!' and she cut the call.

'But'' she looked at the cell angrily and said out loud, 'I don't want to come. I will not come.'

With that she suddenly realized that meher is sleeping, she might disturb her, annie looked at her with mixed emotions, surprised and shocked, and what geet realized was that she was amused too, which made her more angry. She left the room to talk with neha again, she dialed her number again but she did not pick up. 'Damn it!' she screamed, in a little low voice. She was much confused by then, to go or not? She then decided not to think about anything else but to be with her lovely daughter, she knew only she can calm her, so she went to the room, asked annie to take a rest for a while and lay down with meher. It felt better, she watched her little one without even blinking, suddenly she remembered maan, and she realized that, it was not all of sudden, but she was missing him from morning. And she opened her closet and took a little photo frame of them, she smiled. She murmured in a low voice, 'you look so good, smiling!' and she remembered something and a tear rolled down her cheek, she immediately put it down and closed the closet and sat there for a while.

When she opened her eyes, it was 1 pm, she got up and checked her, it was her time for lunch, she managed to feed her and then she took a lunch, alone. And she played with her for a while, and again she made her sleep carefully, and then left for work. She was not in mood, but she had to. As soon as she entered her cabin, she saw neha sitting with a bunch of papers, she avoided her completely. She directly headed off to the cabin of his boss, he was not there. She was informed that meeting already started, she then went to the hall.
She entered the hall, without trying to disturb anyone, but her boss caught her and said out loud with great enthusiasm, 'so finally you're here, late.' He shot. She didn't say anything, not even sorry. He continued, 'let me introduce to your new boss, come here.' She did not noticed the presence of any other men there, as she was in hurry and little bit embarrassed, because she was late. She quickly followed her boss.

'So geet, meet your new boss, Mr. Maan Singh Khurana, the chairman of Khurana Constructions, from New Delhi.' He said out loud, introducing her to him.

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very nice update!

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zebronics Senior Member

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Posted: 27 December 2010 at 10:31am | IP Logged
love ur update
keep writing

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riyaanu87 Senior Member

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It was awesome.
loved itSmile
Update soon

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plz add me 2 pm

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iMadz IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by trishap

plz add me 2 pm


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