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MAANEET SS - Solitary Last Part @ page 18 (Page 16)

simi91 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 January 2011 at 8:10pm | IP Logged
i read all parts in one go awesome poor Maan lost his beloved Dadima pls cont soon

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namitasin Senior Member

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Posted: 12 January 2011 at 8:29pm | IP Logged
Nice update again poor geet she had to listen maan for ones. What happen now. Update soon

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vrsharma IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 January 2011 at 9:29pm | IP Logged
i hope atleast now they both stay together

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Jassi_preety Senior Member

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Posted: 12 January 2011 at 10:11pm | IP Logged
Update Soon....Also PM me....

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MsMovielover IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 January 2011 at 11:49pm | IP Logged
amazing update but kinda sad Cry
i hope next one is a happy one LOL

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-afsha- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 13 January 2011 at 9:42am | IP Logged
Senti update
Nt i hate her so much
She got wat she wanted
Geet in anger did n said all thgs she shuldnt hav
Maan also culdnt control his nager n did the same
She jus left him n he kept the promise she gave to him
Update soon

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heermeher IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 January 2011 at 9:46am | IP Logged
pls update soon

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iMadz IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 January 2011 at 5:06am | IP Logged
all right guys...!!! dis is my sixth and last part...!!! so basically dis is my last updat and my torture completes here......LOL well, i'll get extremely busy from next week so i thought i shud updat today only. so i did it. and i think dis is my last SS or OS watever. coz i wont be able to write anythin from now on. coz schdule is very hectic...still i'll spare my fair share of time on GF....Wink n ya, wen i'll get gud idea or superb concept, for sure i'll write....n nobody can stop me...!!!!LOL but for now, dis is it....!!! hope u liked it....again sorry for any kind of silly or serious mistakes...!!! and as dis is my last part, pls pls pls pls pls comment. all d silent readers and my beloved "likers" pls comment for d last time coz hwevr i try n wtevr i'll say bt i still lik comments on my work...Wink if u lik it then also comment n if u don lik it then also comment....LOL so pls comment....its last part guys...."kanjoosi" bandh karo.....LOL okay tat was it...!!! bye n enjoy and again apologies for anykind of mistakes....!!!!


They both were lost in their own thoughts, and a sound of a thunder shook them, she jerked in fear, he looked at her but did not come forward to comfort her. She looked at him, those eyes, she was thinking about him, the days he passed without her, without her dadima. She remembered how he told her that dadima is the only one who affected him, she raised him; she was his mother. She was his everything, before he met her. She continued thinking about the same and same again and she felt awful, guilt rising in her heart more and more. She thought, 'I still had meher with me, he had no one, absolutely no one with him. Oh! God, what have I done?' guilt was eating her up; she decided to tell everything to him, she could not control anymore. She got up and sat beside him, he looked at her in surprise.

'Maan, I'm so sorry, I left you. But you need to know what actually happened that night.' She said in little down voice.

'No geet. I don't...' he was cut off by her.

'No! You have to listen.' she protested.

And then she told him everything about how she was threatening by naintara, and what she told her about him, He listened the whole thing in utter shock, he could not believe that she did that to geet, but what was disturbing and outrageous was that, geet believed her. She believed the words of the most evil woman in the world. How could she?

After geet was over and done with, she sat there on floor, crying wordlessly. He asked her in anguish, 'and you believed her...?'

She did not speak anything, but she sobbed more.

'I was scared maan. I was already betrayed once, I was insecure and I had no one except you. I wanted to trust you, but what happened with me before, did just not allowed me to do anything, to trust anyone.' She added.

'Oh! Geet, you know, I already knew it.'


'Yes! I knew it. After you left, I tried to work it out, I know that I made mistake by not asking you for their bail, but geet I was so helpless then. Dadima was in jail to meet him, and she fainted there and had another heart attack, I was worried for her, I wanted to tell you about that, I was coming to tell you about that in the morning, but you were not there, I did not wanted them to come out from jail. But dadima was in critical state and she asked me to bring dev to her, she wanted to see him, for probably last time, and that was indeed she saw him for last time. I could not say no. I just could not. I was powerless, geet. And when all that happened, I was about to tell you, but you seemed far more happy, still I wanted to tell you, and I came there to tell you, but before that she had already done it, adi called me from hospital that dadima was much more serious, I had to go then. I could not leave my dadima alone there. I already thought something for naintara; I knew that somehow she will make trouble for us, and that is why I asked adi to not anything to you and dadima. I just wanted to get married you first, so that she could not say anything to you, personally or lawfully. I wanted to make sure that you had such powers in Khurana Constructions so that she could not legally stalk you.'

He paused.

'After you left, in three days, I sent them in jail, she got out somehow, but then dev himself divorced her and left from the country, I did not stop him. In all this, dadima was depressed, she felt ill again and again, I tried to be normal for her, I spend most of my days in office, she never said that to me, but I think she was missing you, and somewhere deep in her heart she was feeling guilty, too. I worked hard, to bring khurana constructions to top as I promised her. I worked day and night, I tried so many times to find you, but your promise always stopped me, it was pari, who came in delhi and informed me about you and meher, I so wanted to come here and pick you up with me, but I could not. You and your promise became my weakness, geet. And then almost after a year, she passed away, I was shattered, angry, depressed and more than that I once again become loner, then I gave up. I did not try anymore then. I tried to forget you, but failed miserably.' He said in a quick breath. 

She could see the pain in his eyes, she saw a single drop of tear rolling down his cheek from the corner of his eye, she wiped it away and then surprisingly, he took her hand and pressed it lightly, and said 'come back, geet. My house is nothing without you, it's empty. I could not take it anymore, the emptiness - the same dark house every single night.' his voice became unsteady and he realized what he said and moved away. He got up. She was still there, she looked at him, moving away but she did not stop him, she asked in him, 'then why didn't you inform me, maan?'

'You are asking again? You know the answer' he stated.

She didn't say anything, the. She just watched him. After few minutes, she thought something; she got up and asked sadly, 'Where did we go wrong maan?'

He came closer to her; he took her hands in his, and said, 'We were not wrong, the situation was wrong. People are never wrong, what leads them in off beam way is the bad moments. It was moment in time when you were angry, it's not only your fault, I had my ego - attitude problems, and you had your insecurities. So it's all right, geet. You don't need to feel this much guilty for me - for ourselves. And it seems that our bad moments are over.'

She looked at him, crying. He again surprised her, how he got about the guiltiness eating up her mind, how he could read her eyes flawlessly. He shook his face, indicating her not to cry, she came closer, and she cupped his face, did not say anything, and he just gave her a comforting look and he tried to kiss her tears away, he gently pulled her close into her arms and suddenly she stepped back. He was surprised; he looked at her in wonder.

'Wait! I'm coming. You just wait here!' she said and trailed off in the kitchen.

Maan was curious but stood there patiently.

She came after few minutes, with two rings made from spring onion. He looked at her and began to ask but was cut off by her.

'Shhh... just stay there and please keep quit, I might forget something.' She said nervously.

Maan was amused by her gesture but he forbidden his laugh, and then he got the biggest shock of his life; he never thought she would do something like that. 

Oh my god! She was proposing him, the worst and reverse case ever.

'Oh, no,' he gasped as he saw her sliding down onto her knees.

She slid down on her knees, he tried to grab her shoulder, but she again yelled, 'I said not to disturb me, just stay here and keep quit, maan.'

She took out one of the spring onion ring and held it against him. She took a deep breath and gasped out. He was still trying his best not to smile.

'Here it goes, Mr. Maan Singh Khurana, I geet handa - sorry I geet, and soon to be Mrs. Geet Maan Singh Khurana, would like to pledge my whole life to you. Would you like me to surrender myself to you for lifetime, forever? Would you like to spend rest of your incredible hi-fi life with me and my daughter? Would you allow me and my daughter to use your name for the rest of our life? Would you give me an immense pleasure to become mother of your child? Would you love me even when I'm old, smelly and possibly all teeth gone? Will you marry me?'

She paused for a while and continued again,

'And yes, I'm sorry for these rings, but I don't have any, right now at this stage and I don't want to miss this moment at any cost, so please allow me.  I know I sometimes act like foolish and crazy; I stole your white shirt and lots of hankies, too. I irritated you by calling you "dusht-danav" and top of all, the silliest mistake I've ever made in my life, was to leave you. You are the one who gave me strength to fight with the whole world, you are the one who makes me smile, makes me cry, makes me feel so special, and you can never do anything against me. I promise, maan, I'll never ever leave you, come what may, I won't fade away, I'll stay with you, I'll never run. And I can bet that no one this world can love me and my daughter like you. Please, marry me and give myself an honor to be called Mrs.Maan. Maan, I've come here to prove myself, to live on my own and I did it, I did it with all my efforts but at the end of day, I could not share my success and happiness with you, it did not matter then, because you were not there and if you are not there, to witness my happiness then I don't want it, I don't want anything which I have to enjoy without you.'

She stopped then, but still found his reaction calm; she sat there for a second and then, he said,

'No. I'm sorry geet. I can't marry you.'

She was shocked. 'Is that what he exactly said?' she thought. Then, she tried to protest and cut off by him in next immediate second.

'I can't marry you, geet, with this spring onion rings' he smiled.

'They are perishable, they will not last long, geet. And this time, I want it to last forever.' He smirked.

'Okay. So, that's what your problem' she got angry and tried to get up, but maan stopped her, and bent down to reach her level. And then he removed his tie and showed her the taviz and their rings. Their engagement rings. Geet was speechless, she saw him in great surprise, and she started to shed tears ' in happiness and surprise.

'Oh! Maan, you still have that...' she said while sobbing, but cut off by him.

'Shhh...don't. Just keep quiet now, it's my turn. You know something, geet. I want to change few lines in your so called speech' he smiled again.

'What? You what'?' she was drooling over him, she felt lost in his soulful eyes. She could not just believe on her own luck, own fate - own love. How could someone love her this much deeply? She was overwhelmed.

'Oh! Please geet, let me speak for once' he shut her mouth by putting his fingers over her mouth. He held both the rings and started.

'Geet, I know we wasted two long years, I always knew from the deep down of my heart that you could never stop loving me. Geet, I promise, I'll never ever let you go, I know there will be some situations when we'll be fighting, we'll have impossible arguments, we might not like to see each other's face, but I promise, I'll stay and you'll stay - we'll  stay together, we'll fight together, we'll never run away. We'll love each other even when we'll hate each other. And geet, It will be a great proud for me to have a wife like you and daughter like meher. Thank you, to make me feel special geet. Only you could do this to me, proposing me with "spring onions" ring, my crazy and innocent geet' he grinned.

'May be, that's why I love you like crazy.' He said in his husky voice.

They both looked at each other, he kissed her tears away, maan took her hands and slipped the finger into her hands and kissed it, she did the same. They kissed again. Maan took her in his strong muscular arms and made her sit on the couch; he started to kiss her, passionately. 'Take me home, maan' she said, through tearful eyes, he stopped for a while and said. 'Come home then' and he gave her a mischievous smile, and she gave in, pleasantly. Instead of raining heavily - it was raining heavenly then. The same rainy night in both of them life, appeared again and brought everything back - which was washed away before.



By the midnight, she was awake in his strong arms. Rain has stopped then, and the low moonlight was incoming in the room, through window glass. She saw his beautiful face in soft moonlight, it was blissful. She pinched her hand a bit, to confirm whether she was watching a dream or it's real. It was indeed a real.

He was there - she was there.

They were home.


Next morning, when geet opened her eyes, she did not find maan on her side, she wondered. She got up and reached meher's room. She was still sleeping, she saw him on her side, watching her smilingly.

'Good morning' she whispered.

'Good morning' he replied in energetic voice.

He stood up and made his way to the kitchen; she checked meher again and then followed him into the kitchen.

'Sit down, madam. I'm making you a breakfast. Enjoy yourself.' he made her sit down on the chair.

'What is wrong with you'? Are you making me breakfast'? Are you sure'?' she asked in utter surprise, she still could not believe what happened last night, her life changed ' again.

'Yes. Why not'? Please geet, believe it, it's all real, I'm here. We're here.' He smiled.

'Yes!' She replied dreamingly.

Suddenly a phone rang and he received it.

'Yes, three tickets to new delhi, tomorrow morning. Its confirm.' he said firmly and cut off the call.

She looked at him and did not say anything.

'Well, before you ask anything, I want to go tomorrow. And you'll clear all your pending work here today. Have I done it right?' he asked.

'Yes, I'm fine with it, but it would be fine, if we would go today only.'

'Geet, you have your work and friends here, you have to explain them, you just can't fly away like this, right?'

'Yes, right. Okay, so fine. I'll get it all cleared today.' She replied.

'Yes, and I'm staying home with my daughter, I need to cover the loss of two years, I won't leave her from now on, for not even a minute.'

'Oh! Maan...please'


'Okay. Leave it. By the way, you were making me breakfast, remember?'

'Oh, yes. I do. So tell me what would you like to have, Italian or Mexican cuisine?

'I just want a plain simple cheese omelet.'


'Yes! It's my daily breakfast. I don't get into the international cuisines. I just like it to be easy and fast and simple.'

'Oh! Now I understand. Who would get up so early in the morning and make a wonderful breakfast, this much hard work, right?'

'It's nothing like that, maan. I just like it that way' she said in simple voice, like nothing happened.

'I wonder, now what would I tell others? I mean how many daughters I have, One or two? "Of course two...I doubt you, geet. Did you handle her or she handled you, all this time?' he gave her a smirk.

'What...? What did you tell me? You mean to say I can't handle her? Oh wait, Mr.Khurana, I'll show you what I can handle and what I can't.' And she stood up with a playful smile on her face.

'Geet, what I was asking you is that, which kind of omelet you want?' he replied immediately, trying to save himself from upcoming danger coming towards him, of which he was getting set.

And they continued, fighting and loving. And loving and fighting.

The Beginning

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