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MAANEET SS - Solitary Last Part @ page 18 (Page 15)

bhanu_rekhag IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 10 January 2011 at 11:21pm | IP Logged
so cute n amazing part

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namitasin Senior Member

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Posted: 11 January 2011 at 12:18am | IP Logged
Awsome again. Howmuch maan luved there lil angle wanna know why geet left him plz update soon.

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SapphireFlames Senior Member

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Posted: 11 January 2011 at 5:00am | IP Logged
aawwww... i feel very sad for Maan. and Daadi is no more. Cry
update soon yaar. 

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MsMovielover IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 January 2011 at 5:50am | IP Logged
awww i love this ss its amazing please update soon and add me to the pm list please

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iMadz IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 January 2011 at 6:49am | IP Logged
hey guy...!!! here's d next update....luckily i was free today so decided to giv u guys quick one...its all past in d part...n thanks to geet show only...coz i liked tat part in d credit goes to geet CVs for once....and guys a big n huge apologies for any kind of mistakes.....m so comments....or at least u can do it to hit d 'like' button....i really lik to read comments on my trials....!!!! hope u all can undstd tat...n yes i lik criticism too. u can for surely tell me whr i've made mistakes n wt i need to correct...okay wont say tat mch...and yes my SS is cumin to end...!!!! may be one or two next n then i'll wrap it up...!!! enjoy...!!!


She got another shock in one single day; she wondered what has fate decided today. 

She could not utter a single word, she looked at him, his face was still blank, expressionless, but his eyes gazing at the window silently, said it all. After his grandmother's death, he was shattered, and more than that he was all alone, he lost the person he admired as his mother, he could not share his loneliness with anyone. Geet could not believe it, she was shaken, and she sat there in shock and after some time she managed to ask him.

'When...? How...?' she asked in deep voice.

'Almost a year, by third and last heart attack' he said with same blank expression.

'Maan...I'm so sorry'' she said but cut off by him.

'Don't be.'

'I should have been there for you'

'But you were not, leave it.'

There was silence again; both of them were in past, thinking about how their life changed. There was a stabbing ache in his chest that was making it hard to breathe and again guilt began to run through her heart, as if they were combined soul, if one is hurt, the other one is suffering and moaning in grief.
Before two years

It had been wonderful day for geet, it was her engagement, and she was in high spirits ' happier. Her life changed drastically; thanks to the person she exchanged her ring with. Finally, the ring ceremony was over and it was dance party by his family members. It was raining, geet was standing in the balcony, enjoying her favorite season, the pleasing drops of rain, rain was always out of the ordinary for her, how she first emotionally involved to him in the rain, she remembered it and a beautiful smile appeared on her glowing face and suddenly she felt someone's presence, she thought it was him, but it was someone else, she turned around to see who was there and she was traumatized. It was naintara.

'What are you doing here? And how did you came out from jail?' she asked her in loud voice.' Oh! Geet! Don't you know how we got out from jail? It was maan, who helped us.' She said in her bitter-sweet voice. 'No way, I don't believe you. He will never do it. He can't, and don't try to fool me, naintara!' geet fumed. 'Geet, you still don't believe me? Okay, ask him yourself then.' She said peacefully. She was enjoying geet's anger. 'I don't talk with evil people, so just leave me alone' geet said in louder tone, she tried to left the room, but stopped by her, she blocked her way, 'listen to me, you poor girl, you can never rule this mansion nor maan's heart, he doesn't love you, geet. He has just soft corner for you, he is just helping you because you're my husband's silly mistake, he wants to help you because its question of our family reputation. He will marry you, no doubt, but just to control you, so you can never ever do this again, to play with our reputation, I admit that my husband made a mistake, and I also admit that I wanted money, I admit in front of you that I'm the one who ruined your life. But geet, one thing you need to understand is that I'm naintara, you can never mess with me. See I'm giving you advice ' free of charge. Just leave! Leave from here! Maan does not care for you. After all who are you? Nothing, And yes if you still stay here, then you know the accidents are bound to happen with him and you, too. ' she said all those words in utter peace as if she could go to any extent possible.

Geet did not want to believe her, but she could not ignore the puzzled thoughts haunting her mind, still she tried her best to ignore her.

'You know something; I don't believe any single word of yours.' She said, calmly.

'Okay, don't believe me. You will come to know when maan will tell you. He called his lawyer; he himself helped us to get out from jail. Oh! Geet, how did you think that he will choose you over his family and his reputation? He is simply using you, geet. I pity you, geet. Both the brothers used you. I feel sorry for you, that is why I'm telling you, if you self-respect at all, then leave.' She said in her chilling tone and left smiling bitterly.

Geet could not handle more, she collapsed on the bed, she tried not to believe her, but it was true, she was right in front of her. She recalled the night when maan did call the police, actually and how he beat dev and surrender them to police, then why they were out so soon? She was total confused now. She wanted to believe him, but the words of naintara were scratching through her mind. She got up and washed away her tear and decided to talk to him.

She was coming out from the room and she saw him, talking on phone with someone.

'Yes! I had to' he said

'But I want you to make sure that she doesn't get the fact. I don't want her to know about this. I know she will believe me, but not now after marriage.'

'Okay. Please take care of that. Once I marry her, then nobody can stop me.'

'Okay bye. Good night'

He cut the call, and saw geet coming towards him, his face expressions changed; he was shocked to see her suddenly.

'Oh! geet. What are you doing here? Don't you want to sleep?' he asked, tried to be usual.

But geet was much angry; she didn't answer and asked in dry voice, 'Did you bail them out?'


'Just give me an answer, yes or no?'


'maan, yes or no?'

'Listen to me geet, I need to''

'Yes or no'


That was it, geet could not believe her ears anymore, she was shocked. She felt betrayed. How could maan do this to her? She stood there, tried to control her tears, she did not wanted to seem weak before him, anymore then.

'Thank you so much, Mr.Maan Singh Khurana, for all your support.'

'geet, what are you saying? I think we need to talk...'

'...about what? About the fact that you're his brother and marrying me to have power over me, so that I can take back all my charges against him, right?' she screamed.

Maan was getting angry by then, he was already worried and petrified, the only good thing happened to him those days was his engagement with her, and then she was behaving strangely, he felt guilty for not asking her before taking such action, but it was needed, there was no time for that. He tried to control his anger, and again tried to calm her back.


'No maan. I don't want to hear anything now, what you said was far more enough for me.'

They were standing outside the room and they saw a servant coming their way,

'Sir, the media people is here, wants to ask few questions to you. We tried to stop them but there are many, we could not control it. We're so sorry.'

'Useless people, who asked you to let them in? And where the hell are security guards? Have I hired them for this kind of blunders?' maan screamed in extreme anger, he started to move right away with her. But she stopped and went back to the main gate, for addressing the media. Maan was shocked, he tried to stop her but she walked away.

'Hello Miss geet, would you like to tell us something about your marriage? How do you feel when you know the fact that dev singh khurana is your fiance's younger brother? Does that mean that you will take all your charges back against him?' reporters asked so many questions in a minute.

She took a deep breath and clutched her hands tightly and said,

'No. there is no chances that I'm taking back what I said earlier, I'll fight. No matter what! I'll fight alone, I don't need anyone's support anymore' with that she gave him a stern look.

He was upset, but he could not say anything to her in front of media.

'Does that mean you're breaking off with Mr.Maan? Someone asked from the crowd.

Before geet could answer the question, security guards came quickly and tried to control the media crowd.

'That was it. Thank you' said maan and took geet's hands and walked away, with the help of guards.

'What the hell was that, geet?' he yelled.

'Do you have any idea what have you done?' he continued.

'Why? Feeling bad? That I now know the fact.' She replied in fury.

'Oh! I think you don't know that I'm Maan Singh Khurana. You cannot hide anything from me. What is there in your mind, geet?'

'Oh! Please. You're not god. Okay? So please don't give me that attitude, and yes I did not know that Mr. so called Maan Sigh Khurana is a big fat liar' she screamed.

'What? What did you just said? Am I liar? What I've done geet? Just tell me, okay now you want to talk. Come on bring it on.' That was it, she provoked maan, and he held her shoulders tight. Being a Maan Singh Khurana, he could never tolerate that someone would call him a liar and especially when that someone is his own fiance, his life.

'Just leave me; it hurts. I don't want you.' she said in pain and pushed him hard, and he almost fell on the table beside him. He saw her in awe; he could not believe that she did that to him.

'Oh! Do you know something?' he asked her in doubt, and then he moved forward to her.

'One day. Just one day in this city without me, my name and my help, prove yourself, and I can show you how much you need me, how much you want me. Just simple one day.' He said, furiously.

She stood there shocked. He stood there shocked. He just realized what he said, he felt guilty. He regretted his words. Maan tried to calm himself down, he took a deep breath and began to talk to her and suddenly he got a call.


'Okay...I'm coming right now. Be there.' he said in worry.

He again tried to act peacefully; he tried to control his anger. He took another deep breath and continued,

'Geet, I have to go right now, but I still think that everything can be handled easily, just stay here, I'll come and we'll talk for sure. Okay?' he asked and he left worriedly, leaving her shell shocked.


It was raining heavily that night. He came late, by midnight. He was very much stressed and tired, after all the drama and fight with her; he came into her room, expecting geet to be there. But she was not there. He thought she might be in his room, to say sorry. On his way to his room, he tried to make a speech, about how to say sorry to her, he walked fast and entered the mansion, he did not find her anywhere, he walked up to his room, expecting her to be there, finally. He did not find her in his room, too. He sat there nervously, he loosen his tie a bit and stretched his arms. And he saw a note on the table, with a diamond ring, his heart missed few beats. He reached out to the piece of paper and read it,


I know everything is not fine now. And nothing will be fine, and you know this very well. You can't change the fact that dev is your brother and will be your brother, neither can I. It's a mess, maan. I can't do this, so I'm leaving, I don't know where but trust me, I'll be fine. This is the ring you gave me, I can't take it. I can't take the burden with me anymore. And please you promise me that you will never ever follow me, you will never search for me. I'll be fine where ever I'll be. I think some stories are never meant for happy ending and I'm considering my one in that. Please take care of yourself. Bye. Do not try to find me, don't force me, please keep my last promise, I hope I'll never see you again.


He stood there - lifeless.

She left him.

Geet left Maan.

He could not absorb the fact, he, then took her ring, he immediately removed his 
one and removed he taviz she gave him. He throw everything on the floor, he switched off the lamp and lay on the bed, staring inanely at the ceiling.


After few days, he came to the room, opened a closet and took out both the rings along with the taviz; he tied the rings in the thread and wore it again, and stood in the balcony for countless hours, staring at the moon.


Another night, he tried to remove the silver thing placed in his neck, but he failed.


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all this happened bcoz of tht naintara hope maan sent thm to jail after geet left

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bono_jostna Senior Member

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wow!!!! very well written.........liked it so much.........

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punjabi.princes IF-Rockerz

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great part
hope they can clear the misunderstandings
con't soon

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