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MAANEET SS - Solitary Last Part @ page 18 (Page 12)

maanujaanu IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 07 January 2011 at 11:31am | IP Logged
do continue plzzzz loved it yaar

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ramahesh IF-Rockerz

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ramahesh IF-Rockerz

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Amazing part 
add me in pm list dear
thanks in advance..

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iMadz IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 January 2011 at 10:12am | IP Logged
hey huys...!!! maddy is back...!!! well sorry for dis much late update but recently my elder sis gave birth to a cute little son so i was busy in changin nappiesLOL n all tat and office n all tat. but m very happy...well apologies for my comment....dis one is probably long one...:) for payback....again sorry for any kind of mistakes....:)


She sat there for a while - unmoving.

Suddenly out of nowhere, she felt a warm touch on her shoulder, she slowly looked up; it was him, and she was surprised, again.She felt relief, she smiled, with the irresistible emotion; she stood up instantly and hugged him, tight and cried more. He had no idea why she was crying, but he let her, he himself was in awe.

'What happened, geet?' he asked after sometime.

She didn't reply, sobbed.

He held her shoulders and look into her eyes, they were red rimmed and little bit swollen because of crying, he worried.

'Look at me, what happened?' he asked the same question.

She didn't say anything, she just stepped back and switch on the TV, and put on the news channel.

'See, there's a fire in the hotel.'


'The same hotel where you're staying'

'Oh! Oh my god!' he sat on the chair, shocked, suddenly he thought something.

'How did you know I'm staying there?' he added.

'Adi sir'

'Ok. I'm fine, geet. Thank god, I've all my important papers with me.' He tried to soothe her.

'One minute, you left everything behind just to make sure that I'm well, didn't you?' he added.

'Maan, ahh...'

'Geet'' he said, surprisingly. He was overwhelmed, that was all he could say.

'Thanks, geet and I'm really very sorry for today, I should not have talked to you like that, it was way too rude.' he added.

'No need. I know you did not mean that.' she muttered under her breath.



'I've to find new hotel, now. Only for one night' he said stretching his arms with a sigh.

'It's raining' she said while looking out of the window.

'Heavily now'' she added.

'Ah'You can stay somewhere else too' she said, fumbling. She wanted to take him with her, at her flat; she didn't even know why she uttered those words. She regretted the words then.

'Well, there are many hotels in this city, you don't bother, geet' he said.


'It's fine, geet. I'll be fine now' he smiled a little.

'You can come to my flat' she uttered, and immediately realized what she just said. 

'Why I'm doing this?' she thought. But the deep down in her heart, she wanted him to see her, she wanted her to feel his presence, but given the circumstances, she was not able to accept it.

'What? You want me to stay with you?' he said intentionally.

'Well'' she fumbled.

There was silence for a moment, both of them stood quietly, he thought something and he said yes.

'Fine then, let's go. I think there will be heavy rain tonight.' He added and they left the office.

On the way, both of them were silent, she drove carefully, but she just could not feel normal, on the other side, maan was awestruck, watching his old, innocent, sweet geet from a small town, was driving a car in megacity, perfectly. They reached the flat, she entered the flat, he felt hesitated a bit, but then he followed her, she saw annie watching tv, she got up, and saw both of them, stood there for a second, looked him. She, then headed towards kitchen, geet asked him to make himself comfortable and followed annie in the kitchen.

'Is he'' annie asked curiously but cut off by geet.

'Don't even try to ask' she said.

'Okay. Who am I? Why would you tell me?' she replied, acting carelessly.

'Listen, I'll tell you the whole story tomorrow, now you may leave.'

'What? Are you sure? What about meher? '

'Yes, and I'm here now. So don't worry. Go!'

'Okay. Good night!' she left, smiling.

He saw the flat interestingly, he immediately got the idea that it was pari's flat. He was curious; it seemed that he was searching for something or someone. He opened the balcony to watch rain, he stood there, getting wet and he felt her calling out her name. They both were feeling uncomfortable.

'Come inside, it's raining heavily' she said, loudly.


'I think you should change your cloths, you are all wet. Who asked you to stand there in the balcony? It's a stormy night, maan' she said showing concern and authority, and then she realized and softens a bit.

'Go this way, you may use that room, pari is not here.' She added.

'Wait! What do you want in dinner?' she stopped him.

'No! Nothing! And yes if you don't remember then I should remind you, my luggage is gone, turned into ash.' he smiled lightly.

'Okay. I'm making my food. You may join me later' she did not insist him.

'Okay.' they both had no idea how to put into words their emotions, it was almost after two years, they had not even seen each other in those years and all of a sudden, they both were together under the same roof. He left for the room for shower. He was passing by the geet's room and he saw something, he entered the room quietly, it was dark but a soft yellow light was switched on near the table, he saw cradle in the middle of the room, but it was empty, he saw few soft toys around the corner, he walked on and saw so many pillows on the bed, and in the middle of that he saw a little angel sleeping peacefully in pink baby suit, fully covering her little body. He stared at her adoringly, she was just like her mother, and he thought, same color, same nose, and same features. He stood there in amazement. He recalled the moment when he last saw her, on her birth, the very first day of her life with her mom; though it was a photograph sent by pari, he felt like he was on the top of the world. He never mentioned it to anybody, not even geet knew about this. It was pari who gave him a chance to watch her, when she was in delhi for some work, she met him accidently and came to know about the fact why they were not together, she assured him that geet was with her and her baby was safe, she made maan a promise that the day when geet would give birth, she would send him a photograph. She tried to convince maan for patch up, but he never listened, the only thing he told pari was, 'It was her wish, not to follow her, nor to find her. He doesn't want me pari. So leave it, I will never force her, I made a promise to her' pari was helpless, because geet never talked about it to her, and she warned pari about it that if she would try to do something about it, she would left the home, so she was unable to help, and she decided not to mention this to geet.

Suddenly a she jerked a little and maan came out from the chain of thoughts, and saw her worriedly, but she was still fast asleep, he stood there for a moment, he felt like the world stopped, he was stunned by her daughter's beauty. He bent a little 'hello, meher! I had to come' he whispered in her tiny ear. He felt his eyes getting moist, he did not stop it, and he smiled. 'Look, what I've you done? No one in this world could make me cry, except for your mom!' he said in little voice. He tried to touch her, but did not. She was so fragile; maan feared that he would harm her. 

He sat there quietly, careful, not making sound, he stared at her and suddenly she slowly opened her eyes, he worried a little because he had no experience with a child before, he tried to get up and call out for geet, but he saw her eyes and he froze, they were light brown or hazel, he could not decide. She saw him, she saw him in wonder, she did not cry, maan felt better, he smiled, she smiled and maan was bowled over, her smile stole his heart, he was once again in love with the most beautiful girl on the earth, he then touched her little nose with his index finger, he said, 'hello!' he tried to catch her tiny hands, and said, 'This is called a finger shake, meher!' he forgot that geet was waiting in the kitchen, he forgot everything, he just wanted to be there with his daughter, he was spellbound, he continued his chat with his  little girl, he talked about his life, his two years without her mother, how he missed her, how he reacted first on her photo, he cried through smile, he said, 'It's our little secret, don't tell your mom or anyone that I cry, okay? By the way, I admit that I once again fell in love, but still, I love your mom, she is the one and she will be the one, but I promise I'll love you more than anything else in the world.' she saw him through her big brown ' hazel eyes, he continued to talk more and more. All that he was not aware of that, geet was silently shedding tears listening to the father-daughter chat by the entrance, hiding behind the wall.

She decided to enter the room; she swallowed hard. Maan saw her and suddenly stood up, taken aback. He could not say anything, probably the first time in his life he was searching for words. He tried to say something but she stopped him.

'Is she awake?' she tried to act normally.


'Okay! Come here my baby. It's not her "wake up honey" or "eat honey" time yet, I wonder how she got up, nobody made sound, too. I think she will sleep again.' she said and bent a little and tried to carry her in her arms, but stopped.

'Would you like to take her?' she asked him.

'What? Oh! No! No! I will harm her, no.' he hesitated, and stepped back in fear.

'Nothing will happen, maan. You just try it once, you could never harm her' she said firmly.


'Just take her'

'No. I mean she is so fragile, so delicate. I can't'

'You can! Wait!' she said and pulled up a chair and made him sat there and gave him a pillow with a little blanket.

'Now here she is' with that she gave slipped her in his arms.

He held her, protectively and carefully. He was so scared for her. His hands were shaking, he was mesmerized. Geet asked him to just relax, but he could not. He felt all the emotions, every moment of his life with geet, emerged in his mind; he didn't realize the streams of tears rolling down his cheeks and he did not even care then. He kissed gently on her forehead.

'Geet'' he managed to say but cut off by her.

'Shh' just don't say anything, just feel her!' she said tearfully. She was so glad to see the father-daughter union, she felt guilty for once, to not let her feel the presence of the man who protected her, who saved her, who accepted her without any single doubt or question, who loved her as if she was his own baby, he cared for her, even though she was not born. And she left him. She felt exhausted, she could not think much, she just stood there silently crying, watching her baby, happy with his dad, the man who always managed to surprise her, even today. She never felt that it was two long years, they did not see each other, and he was still the same, she was still the same - just world changed. As if they never separated.

In his father's protective and strong arms, she slept again, serenely; maan slowly got up and put her on the bed very cautiously. They both watched their daughter, lovingly. They stood there for some time and left the room. They sat on the floor, near the window, it was huge window, the view from there was incredible, they saw raining peacefully, geet left for the kitchen and came after few minutes with cups of coffee in her hands.

'Here is the coffee' she gave him a cup of coffee, she made for them.

'But I didn't tell you to make it' he surprised. She sat there, they were in opposite direction, and they could clearly see their faces.

'Well, I did. Now take it'

'Since when you started drinking coffee?' he asked.

'Since I left'

There was silence in the room for a while; they both did not look at each other.

'I'm very happy, you know geet?' he broke the silence.

'Why?' she replied.

'Seeing you here in this metropolis, being a single mother, I'm very glad that you've done it so well, I'm amazed. You've proved yourself well. I've always knew the fact that you have potential, I can't tell you how much I feel proud that you've managed everything so well, your position in the company, I saw the records, too. And your boss was also telling me about your talent that you're an excellent event manager, and great in administration. I feel so proud. But one thing I still need to tell you is that, I hate you.'

'I hate you, geet.' He said it hardheartedly, again.

Geet did not reply, instead of that she saw him in doubt.

'I hate you, for not letting me see my own daughter, for not letting me witness the two precious years of my baby, for not letting me witness his first ever laugh or first cry, I hate you. How can you be so mean to me, geet?' he asked in croaky voice.

'Maan'I'm so sorry.' She could utter that only.

He didn't say anything then, he just drank his coffee silently and watched her, he could clearly see the pain in her eyes, it was unbearable for him, he wanted to take her in his arms, and he wanted to know the reason why she left him. But it was not of use, because she was determined, he decided not to ask her.

'How is dadima?' this time she broke the silence.

That was it.

'She is no more.' he said in plain blank voice.

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beautiful updateClapClapClapClapClapClap

i loved maan said evrything to his 2yrs daughter and geet watching them tears feeling guilty 4 separating them. i liked this line "i hate u geeet
'I hate you, for not letting me see my own daughter, for not letting me witness the two precious years of my baby" able to understand maans feel 4 his daughter ClapClapClapClap
OMG dadima s no more ShockedShockedShockedShockedShockedShocked
continue soon cant wait
want them to open up with each other EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed 

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mrk-1 IF-Rockerz

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loved it yaar..awsome one ... waiting to see maneets union

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punjabi.princes IF-Rockerz

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great update
con't soon

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iMadz IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by ambbiha

beautiful updateClap

i loved maan said evrything to his 2yrs daughter and geet watching them tears feeling guilty 4 separating them. i liked this line "i hate u geeet
'I hate you, for not letting me see my own daughter, for not letting me witness the two precious years of my baby" able to understand maans feel 4 his daughter Clap
OMG dadima s no more Shocked
continue soon cant wait
want them to open up with each other EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed 

thanks a lot dear......dis is wt keeps me goin......:);)

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