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I m back to take REVENGE-AR New Link on 161 (Page 64)

puth IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 March 2011 at 8:00am | IP Logged
Thanks for the pm........
omg its so hotBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushing

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sweetdesire IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 04 March 2011 at 8:18am | IP Logged
thanks for the PM dear...the part is sooooooo hawtttttttttttttt...........Blushingdo continue soon....and plz add me to ur PM list...take care...........

take care

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-wild- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 March 2011 at 9:58am | IP Logged
Hey here the next next part i hope its long enough to u all.Sory for the mista i have written this part in hurry so cant catch the time to check it.
                 ~{ I am back to take revenge}~
                           part ~ 8
                   ( THe Maha part )
Continued from PM part...
THe sun rise from the depth of the blue sea .To give shine all around the world to spread his lightes to dark corners of the world were the wrod of love does not exit.
Birds are sheerping and singing the song in thier melodiuse voise and spreading the love song among the loved one and there she is lying beneath him necked ,with her man , with her dream ,soul ,truth ,love and now her body.
Riddhima opened her eyes when The sharp sparkel of the sun hit her eyes to make her look aroud the room.
Riddhima look around the room and feel somthing heavy on her , then a smiled come on lips and blush crupt on her beatiful cheeks.Riddhima turned with great difficulty and saw the most handsome face on earth but now in herarms sleeping peacefully.
Riddhima cress his face with her fingers and kiss on his cheeks.
ARmaan open his eye when he feel something soft on his cheeks.He smiled at her and kiss her on her lips.She closed her eyes with thier proximately.
" good morning jaan, how r u feeling , i hope i  am not so hard last night,
To listen his words riddhima blushed hard and hugged him tighte.
"No , i love the way u touch me armaan" she replied while hiding her face in his well toned chest.
" THEn... " before he could speak furthure his cell buzz with a massgae.
ARmaan pick up  his phone in his one hand and encircled riddhima with other hand.
" oh shit" ARmaan winced
" what happen armaan" riddhima asked worriedly.
" hmm .... nothing riddhima actually wo aaj college main ek party hai aur tumahre principle nai mujhe as a special guest invite kiya hai, aur main bilkul bhul gaya" armaan said while nuzzeling in her hair and exhaling her sweet fragrence.
" So armaan thats u mean r getting late see its already 2 u have to reach there at 8 pm , ahh ah armaan stop biting now see my whole neck is red now bcz of ur love bits and still u r not over yet." Riddhima pout
" owww my sweetheart if u r keep pouting like this then how will  stop my self to cozy with u"Armaan winked at her.
" armaan stop ur cheeky lines and get now i am very tired now , u hardly let me sleep last night." said this riddhima tried to get but failed and fell back on the bed while cluching her abdomen .
Armaan see her fell back and asked worriedly " what happen riddhima r u alright sweet heart"
" hmm i dont know armaan i am feeling great pain between my legs and i think i not  be able to walk with this amount of pain.Riddhima said while making face with the new pain.
ARmaan worried face turned into smirk and hugged her from behind" sorry sweety this pain is bcz of my roughness na" armaan said while making sad face.He never wanted his love to be in pain and that too bcz of him.
" no armaan dont say that, rather i love his pain bcz this pain remind me about our love." said this she kissed him on his lips.
They brok apart and with swift armaan pick up riddhima which was wrapping in her white satin sheet.
" armaan what ru doing"
" well sweety , right now u cant walk but i can na"
" so" " so what we r having bath together"ARmaan said with wink
" what armaan before she said furthuer armaan kissed her hard and enetered in bathroom.
Standing in the shower,Armaan grab riddhima sheet and unwrapped her .Riddhima got scared and wrap her hand around her chest .
Armaan smiled at her shyness and hugged her.
" i love u riddhima" he wispered and grab riddhima hand ,And slowly rmoved them from her firm chest .
Armaan see  the site in front of him in awe.Armaan and riddhima look at each at other kiss each other hard.
They both make love again in bath tub, in shower , on marble and god how many place, they both never got enough of each other.
Finally at 5 thier car enetered in the college gate and see hush puch on the ground.
All the students r busy in making the day blisful for thier loved once.
When riddhima going to step out of the car . armaan hand stop her.
Riddhima turned around with questining look, but armaan just hugged her tight .R
Shock with the sudden hug she also hugged him back.
" what happen armaan" riddhima asked worried when she saw a fat tear come out from his eyes.She cupped his face in her small palm.
" nothing just feeling like"
" r u sure u r alright"
" HMMM" he nodded.she smiled
" Hmm......riddhima w8 a minute"
" han bolo arman " she sat back to listen his request
" wo be ready at 9 there is a surperise for u"
what, armaan there is no need for this ,
" no sweetheart this our first VT and i want to make it speciale for u so plz dont stop me" he requested.Riddhima smiled and hugged him and asked in his ear
" and whats the surperise" she asked naughtely
He laughed at her cheeky quest and answer
" whatever it would be but i'll promise that i will make it momorable for u jaan.THis is ur first VTwith me i will make suree u will never forgot this VELENTINE in ur whole life time" he said with lot sof love in his voice.
A long tear come out from riddhima eyes to listen his word.She never thought in her whole life that god will send such a angel for her.
Armaan wiped her tears away and kisse her on her lips
" i love u riddhima"
" i love u too armaan"


Riddhima entered in her room and found it very silent
"what happen" she thaught.
" muskaan where r u" riddhima look around for her but her eyes caught a pice of paper on the coffe table.
She pick up the paper and read it.
I am sorry yaar main hun tu mujhpe bohot gussa hogi par main kya karu mujhe patiala jana pada papaji ne bula hai ke rahenhailadka dekhne a raha hai par tu fikar na kar us kabutar ko udake main bas do din main wapis aati hun.hmm dont miss me and enjoy ur first VT with armaan.
love u
Riddhima laughed at her words some people will never change but alas she is going to miss her best frind.
8 o"clock
Riddhima look at her her self clung in a black dress which is ending above her knees and looking xtremely hot and sexy.
To see her self in mirror armaan face appear in front of her and blush appear in her cheeks.
" whats armaan will react to see me in this dress."
Riddhima folded her hand in front of the krishna idol and pray
" bhawanji , ap to jaante ho na ke main kabhi bhi kisika pyar hasil nahi kya par jab aaj mujhe meri zindigi ka pehla aur sachha pyar mil gaya hai to pata nahi mera dil bada ghabra raha hai plz bagwaan ji maine aajtak apse kuch nahi manga bas armaan ki salamti mangti hun .Agar kal mujhe kuchh hojata hai to plz bhgwanji armaan ko sahi salamat rakhiye ga. bas mujhe aur kuch nahi chahiyekyun ki  armaan ke aane se maeri zindagi ka khali pan khatm hogaya hai."Said this she stepped in out of her room.
Riddhima look arpund in the party in prpose to find him but failed .She getting hellored but on the other handshe is feeling very nervouse " mera dil itna dhadak kyunraha hai." She folded her hand again praid in heard again for her love safety.
Then suddenly All high lightes got dim and there he is walking on a red carpet like a james bond "no, beter than him."
He is looking extreamly hot and hansome in his black attire matching withher.
Riddhima heart jumped with joy to see him.
ARmaan look at her and wink at her .Man SHe cant even hug him tonighte bcz still thier relationship are not aware to people.
After 25 minutes Armaan look at riddhima and indicate to follow him.Riddhima obeyed him and secretly follow him hiding from her friends
As soon as riddhima entered in wash room she is hugged by  her love.
" happy veletine's day jaan " he said huskily while kissing on her neck.
" u too armaan"
" aane main itni dair kyun lagadi . u know how much worried i am for u "
"Sorry sweety wo tumhare liyen surperise kyar karne main der hogayi."
" ohh but armaan ye midia "
" wo i want to declare our love tonight riddhima , i want to tell the world aboput our relationship" He said while trning her around and kissing her.
Riddhima feel on seven heaven to listen  him.She loved him alot and she is thankful to god to send an angel to her.
" ready sweety "
" for what" riddhima asked whith confused face.
" buddhu for the surperise bcz u r not gonna forget ny surperise afterall its was Armaan mallik who had done sooo hard work to make this day so special for his love.
Riddhima giggled at his overness and hugged him and said .whatever it would  be armaan i will definetly love itt"
They both come out from the party and seperate to thier different path.
In party DJ played a hit song every one was jumping and dancing  with thier partners in thier arms.
Riddhima look at armaan who was talking with some candidates look at riddhima and wink
Riddhima smiled and turned around to talk to her friend .
" beep beep"
Riddhima open the inbox and see the new massge from armaan and read it
           " be ready jaan the surperise is ready"
Riddhima look at armaan . which gives her thumps up to singal her be ready.
Riddhima got confused at his behaviour.
Then suddenly The loud music stop and the a wall size LCD lightes opened instantly .ANd there was a unexpected  video eppear in front of the whole college  and media.
Riddhima stood there shocked . she cant belive on her eyes.what was she seeing in front of her.
On the huge wall and huge LCD showing nothing but her  intimancy with armaan in thier cottage last night.THats mean she is watching her BLUE MOVIE in front of the world .
She cant belive she is watching her sex video in front of the world.
IN film  she is not having sex with armaan but vivek.
To be continued...........
I know i now i am very bad yaar . u all r hell shocked with update but this whats FF called .I cant say furthure but yeah just w8 for the next part .shock is still have to come.
NOTE : WHoever wanted pms plz add me in ur buddy list.
PLZ guys dont forgot to coment and Click on like button.
Love u


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geetika_263 Groupbie

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Posted: 04 March 2011 at 10:09am | IP Logged
hey i'm a silent i just love ur ff
can u plzzzz send me d pm part....wud love to read it...

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-wild- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 March 2011 at 10:11am | IP Logged
OMG OMG OMG i cant believe it :O
im in total shock!!!!
i cant believe armaan wud show tht!
continue soon x

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ilyasesha Goldie

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Posted: 04 March 2011 at 10:11am | IP Logged

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crazy_4_karan IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 March 2011 at 10:16am | IP Logged
OMG how did this happen... shit this is so cruel m so sure its all done by tht bas***d vivek... good help her she will be broken i knw... bt how did Armaan get this video, m sure this wasn't his actual surprise... pls pls continue soon... thnx for the Pm :)

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desir IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 March 2011 at 10:20am | IP Logged
hey salina
whats this yar
how is this possible
armaan ko bad mat dikhana pls
aur ab aglaa part jaldi se  chahiye
i cantt wait for it
so pls do continue super sooon

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