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I m back to take REVENGE-AR New Link on 161 (Page 24)

gupta.aditi20 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 February 2011 at 7:52am | IP Logged
hey really loved ur update

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-wild- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 February 2011 at 7:54am | IP Logged
[QUOTE=-poornima-]awesome part
very nice part
loved it
update the next part soon
[/QUOTEhey thnx for the coment dear
punamluvshilpa Goldie

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Posted: 14 February 2011 at 10:32am | IP Logged
hey salina..its ok yaar...i know kitna muskil hota hai jyada ff sambhalna aur wo bhi different story ho to....anyways nice ff.. very well written....cont soon dear.....luv u...
-wild- IF-Dazzler

Joined: 13 September 2010
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Posted: 14 February 2011 at 10:59am | IP Logged
Hey here the next next part i hope its long enough to u all.Sory for the mista i have written this part in hurry so cant catch the time to check it
                          ~{ I am back to take revenge}~
                              part ~ 4
( WARNING : 16+ )
Then ARmaan captured her lips in a sweet and paasionate kissed .She stiffen in kiss.He kissed her harder and deeper .He licked her lips and sucked it passionately .
Armaan hand went up at her bare back cress it sensuesly.Riddhima touched his chest which is visible through the first few open button of his shirt and her other hand went to his nape and then his soft silky hair.Armaan pressed hei lips on her harder .
At this moment riddhima want nothing .She is feeling so blissful and out of this world she cant describe how much she feeling blissfull and feeling on 7nth heaven .True ,she neveer ever kissed before in her lifetime but she did not why with this man she wanted to feel everything , to touch everythingh which she desire with her heart.
This is crazy she knew but she love it.She love the way he was taking so much care of her and be very gentel.
ARmaan dont knew how he did it ,how its happen but one thing he knew he wanted it ,he wanted her badly and strongly.Armaan pressed his body on her hardly do not alow wind to even touch thier between .Thier both eyes were closed with a kiss.The sudden rush of paasion run in thier viens.  He licked between her lips and ask her to open her sweet mouth .He wanted to taste her and he knew this is the right moment for both of them to calm thier inside demons.
Riddhima open her mouth and welcome him in her soft mouth .AS soon as he enter in her mouth a moan escaped from both of thier mouths."WOw" This is the only word thier heart is yelling.He smiled between the kiss .He  bet ,she never kissed anyone and he is feeling so much happy  that he kissing a vigin lips of her. He nibble her lipes and sucked the hard making her feel like the whole blood of her lips may  transver in his moth.He cucked her toung and she did the same with him.They sucked eath other mouth and kissed like there is no tommorow for them.Afraid may be this moment will never come again .They afraid if this is thier last breath .They exchange thier sliva and rubbed thier body with eath other.
Before the kiss turn more passionate they drift apart for lack of breath.Riddhima shot her head back and rest it on the tree.Armaan see her face all red and feel happy to his effect on her.His eys moved downwords and have look of her whole hot body .According to him he never saw such a beauti in his lifetime .
His hand moved upword and touched her lips with his thumb moving downword , he touched her neck ,then her collarboan ,then her upper chest .Riddhima still do not open her eyes she feell shy yet  happy to touched by him touched by her man  .
She loved every touch of his and glad to touched by him, may be she wanted this too ,may be she too loved him but afraid too loose him, she knew she is not gonna regret this beautiful moment later but she did not know about him .Her heart telling her as much as she wanted this  he too wanted this.His next action made her froze.
ARmaan finally touch the peack of her white and creamy  cleavege and cress it sensually with the tip of his soft fingers.Riddhima moaned in pleasure. He saw her ayes still closed and listen his name from her mouth ,HE smiled to know that she loved it too and do not going to regret it.
So not wait for any longer he again smacked his lips on her  but this time a little roughly.They kissed again and rubbed thier body woth each other passionately.He moved down furthure and kissed her neck leaving a dark red marks, he moved downwords and kissed her upper chest and make it to red. with his love,
His hand go back again at  her back word  and start making circles on it.He move further more and kissed her cleavage She shot up head with the electric shock in kiss she recived she clutched his shirt tightly in her small fist.He linger his lpis  on her cleavage for a minute and give it a wet kisses .He licked it with his toungh made it go up and down..And make her breath less.
he go downword and kissed on her stomach wich hiding behinde her dress.He stand straight again  and cress her back with his hand and with the other hand he cress her stomach .His one hand which is on her stomach moved upword and cupped her softness and press it hard.She froze and her eyes got widen.She pushed him hard and run away from thier making him confused.
DId she regretting it? did i make fast move? but he can see it , she wanted it too.? Not wait for any other moment he run after her.He have to talk with her.And make her relise how much they r deeply in love with eath other .
Armaan run after her . He wanted to make her his .he cant wait now .Now he has undertand hw much important she is in his life , how badly he wanted her .He run fast but she dissappear in the crowd , he look here in there with  pokkin and fussin but failed to locate her.He new she needed him at this moment, and he promised to himself that he will be there for her.
Armaan run hs hand in his hair in flusteration .then it struck him " muskan"
He quickly dialed her number " damn muskaan puck up the damn phone" He impetiently waited for her to recive but hell she taking ages to just answer her  fu****g phone." click" " YESSSSSSS".He jumped in happines.
" oye kaun hai be , raat ko bhi chain hai kahan khahn se ajate ha...."
" stop muskaan take a breath girl"
" armaan"
"yes sweety its me, thnk god u recognised me"
" is everything ok armaan, why didu call at this hour"
" actualy i want to ask about ridhima rroom no" he said with great urgency.
" why " she raised her eyebrow.
" dont ask many question muski , just tell me damn no" He said with great irritation.
" ok ok i am givin, hmm hm write
" muskaan DONT IRRITATE ME, OR WILL,... U KNOW ME"He blast on her.
" oye chillata kyun hai deti hun na" " hmmm write 203 , its her"
" oh thnk u so much sweetheart"
" but wait u cant go there. there must a gurad.They will not allow u to even have a look of the floo at this time"
" u dont know the mallik, we can go to any extent to achieve what we want" with this he cut the call and made his way to wards the entry.
" what an idiot " muskan cursed him and cut the call.
Armaan rechedd the back of the building and sigh.
" GOD aaj tak jo main apni maa ke liye nahi kiya wo apne pyaar ke liyen kar raha hun. Sorry mom" He said in his heart and give last pray.He did not belive himfelf that if he would  be able to take bones without to his home.
He slowly slowy start climbing the pipe.
" F******g man , log itni lambi building kyun banate hain, aur ye riddhima ko itni unchi floor laine ki kya zarurat thi".He cursed the builders and climb the pipe with great concentration.
" finally" he jumped inside the room with bubble of happiness inside him .
He enter the room andsee there was darkness inside the room.And here she is sitting with her back at the wall and sobbing hyrestically.It pained him.Did he really made a mistake.
"Riddhima" he whispered.
To listen hes voice her shot up with the shock .How the hell on earth in come in her room.? little did she knew she had locke the room but from where he has come.
She stood up strait and looked in his ocean blue eyes .
" I am sory riddhima p, plz mujhe maaf kardo"
Riddhima got confused why is he apologising.And then her eyes got widen .DId hi thing that she is regretting the kiss know she have to mtell him she like it too. bbut before she go furthure . he added.
" main chalajaunga riddhima if u r feeling soo regretting" say this he urne around bu the next moment a sof body crushed at his back and make him disbalace from which both thier bodies landed on the bed.
"No armaan i am not regrtting our moment but i cherish it"She s whispered in his ear lying beneath him.
He smiled and captured her in into sweet kiss again.
"Hen why did u run away , do u know  how worried i got"
He said with teary eyes to remember the moment when she run away from him.
" i am sorry, main dar gayi thi , i dont know armaan its all new to me "
"i can understand, but u scared the hell out me"
" hm armaan can u plz get up,, hmm hmmm u r kinda heavy"
"WHAT !!!!!!, u r so mean riddhima, u know how to ruin the romantic moment " with this he stand up on his feet  and put his hamd on his waith with a cute put.
" oh ur looking so cute armaan" she pulled his cheeks.
HE smiled and hugged her
" i love u riddhima"
She did not say anything but closed her eyes with happiness buursting inside herWhen he did not get reply so he asked
" u did not love me riddhima.
Ridhima get shocked and part away immidietly .
" aisi baat nahi hain, i am scared to loose u arman, in my whole life i did nto recive anyone love.To whome i love he just leave me all alone in this world. and armaan i dont want to loose u " she said while sobing.
He cupped her faced and said " riddhima look at me" She did.
" jab tak main tumhare saath hun tab tak hum dono hamesha ek rahenge, hum dono ko hum khud alag nahi karskte.aur ye tum bhi jaanti ho. just say riddhima just say i"
" i love  u armaan"
A tear come out from her green eyeg which armaan mouth sucked immidietly.
" no  more tears from mow on. i am urs and u r mineforever." with this he captured thier lips in sweet kiss which soon turned into passionate one.Thier toung fight with each other .
Armaan the first who broke apart and said"  i can wait riddhima, untl we r get married"
" to listen marry word riddhima looked in armaan yes questionaly.armsaw a question and added.
" i love u riddhma i want u make u mine with all my heart and soul. will u marry me"
Riddhima stood shocked to listen him .Did he seroius? Did he really wanted to marry her?
Armaan get worried to see  her in her thoughts. he asked again.
" riddhima will u marry me..
Then riddhima replied"......."
To be continued..............
sorry gys i know its incomplete .Actually i have written a whole part and wanted to make u all surperise but when i was just edditing the part my little sister in purpose to  find somthing collide with my u.p.s and my p.c got shut and my whole data went off and deleted because i was writing on the direct post page.But she shed few tears and say sorry to me and i too shed few tear bcz i have written the part so whole heartedly and with lots of concentration and bcz her little stupitdity my all work got spoiled so i just written this part in hurry  after my uncle support my so much for not to fail and write again so all thnx go to him for supporting me.I will try my best to update the next part.
Note : whoever wanted PM's just add me in ur buddy list.

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gupta.aditi20 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 February 2011 at 11:24am | IP Logged
superb dear....
bt itz unfair to stop.... in the middle...
n seriously the kiss was super super sexy...
n thanx 4 the pm....

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AMMY12 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 February 2011 at 11:26am | IP Logged

thanx 4 d pm.
cmplt it soon.

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arooshee IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 February 2011 at 11:30am | IP Logged
will wait for more
koi baat nahi sweety
bare bare stories mein chote chote batein hoti rehti haiLOL

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doosheeka Goldie

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nice update...................

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