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I m back to take REVENGE-AR New Link on 161 (Page 139)

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Posted: 01 June 2011 at 10:32am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Sanaa629

when are u updating this and Sau Baras?? I'm waiting eagerly..the storylines are so great!!!
hey sweetheart.
i m glad u like my fic and its concept
n i will definetly try to update fast
love u sweetooo

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Sanaa629 IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by salinashah

Originally posted by Sanaa629

when are u updating this and Sau Baras?? I'm waiting eagerly..the storylines are so great!!!
hey sweetheart.
i m glad u like my fic and its concept
n i will definetly try to update fast
love u sweetooo
How fast is fast..?? Tongue Tomorrow fast..?? CryCry
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Posted: 02 June 2011 at 8:56am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sakshilovesAR


fab parts and the man is one and only our ARMAN MALLIK!!!!!rite

thx for the pm

continuee soon


thnx sakshi glad u like the part ...will definetly update today itself
love u
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Posted: 02 June 2011 at 9:03am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ..KaJenDelena..

LOVEDDD IT and the guy must be our very own Armaan Malik. Please let it be Armaan ahahaha How cute! cant wait for more, Update soon :)
hey sweety glad u like the part yaar
and today u will definetly get the update
love u

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Posted: 02 June 2011 at 9:57am | IP Logged
Originally posted by tehzeeb25

hey salina
awwwesum prt ...
d kick prt was gr888
poor armaan ...ROFLROFLROFLbut he deservd it ...more than that ...AngryAngryAngryAngry
faaab prt yaar updt sooon plezzz
hey tehzeeb than sweetheart
i m gad u do like the fic
love u
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Posted: 02 June 2011 at 10:33am | IP Logged
Hey guys here the next part.According to me i have replied to all the comments if i accidently leave any of it so plzz tell me.
                       ~ I M Back To Take Revenge~
                                     Part ~ 13
Armaan stood up from  his seat in shock ..she is a last person on a earth he wanted to meet.

His blood boiled to see her again in his office.
Whereas riddhima felt a gush of happynes run inside her viens to see his states.How desperated she was to see him again , thats not bcz she love him thats bcz she
HATES him to core and she will never never  going to forgive him . that she knew.

Riddhima walked slowly towards sid and encircled her both hands on sid neck and kissed on his ckees while her eyes on armaan face.

Armaan look towards her , hating her more know. He dont know y ut he felt a gush of jealousness run in his viens like a tornado.

but he tried to ignore his feelings.


" sid y didnt u come yesteray night i was waiting for u" she said with a seductive tone in her voice.Which make sid eyes widen but make smile too.

He too encicled her waist and pulled her closer to his body.

" sorry jaan, i was in my meeting last night that y could not maked up " sid said in husky tone.Armaan look towards both of them and clutch his palm into a fist .

Suddenly a harsh pain erupt in armaan head .He heald his head in his hand and sit on his chair with a thud.

Sid run towards armaan and put hie hand on his shoulder.Riddhima stills stood thier with her hand folded on her chest.

" pata nahi achaanak mere sir main bohot ajeeb sa dard hua, i dont know aisa kabhi nahi hua pehle"Armaan said in mere whisper . the pain is unbearable, he didnt know y its increaing in his head.

Its never happen before in his life time then y today.


" its ok armaan , tum fikr mat karo main abhi doctor ko bulata hun"

" no sid i m fine, may be its jsut a work load that y"

" if its is so ,ajj ki meeting cancel, hum kal tumhare ghar ayenge theek hai , whin par hum sab baat karlenge, par plz tum
office mat ana"

Armaan smiled to see his so much concern which he never saw in anyone." thank u so much sid , i think ye theek rahega, hmm i think ab mujhe chalna chahiye" said this armaan stood up from his chair but stamble bcz of the pain in his head.

Riddhima quickly come and held his arm to support him.

Armaan body shivered in her touch.


He look in her eyes and find a unknown fear.but y is she scared so much

Riddhima thought that armaan was acting to seperate sid and her but she knew ,, he cant act atleast not infront of her.She knew him very well. and knew that he is pain.
When he  stamble on his feet she got scared.

Notherless how much he hurt but still she cant see him in pain.

DAMN!!!! This F*****g love. didnt alow u to hate ur love.

Sid saw the attraction in both thier eyes and smiled , he knew riddhima , and knew very well that she still loved him , but he knew too . that she will never going to  forgive him for his deed.



He cough  which brought both of them out of thier eyelock.

Riddhima quickly removed her hand and run towards sid.Armaan saw this and moved his face towards the other direction.


" hmm main apneapne cabin main chalta hun ," sid noded .

" ek minute Mr Mallik main apko apke cabin tak chor deti hun" riddhima said with meanig ful eyes and look towards sid  

" sid tum jao main ajungi ok."

" ok sweety" sid kissed on er forhead and leav both of them alone.

Armaan look towards  riddhima  and said with a angry tone" iski koi zarurat nahi thi "

" really" riddhima said with a seductive tone and pulled him towards the private romm which is in the meeting room.

" u what r u doing bithch" armaan said in anger when riddhima pushed on the bed.

" what do u think mister" riddhima said while removing her bussiness coat and throw it on the nearly table.Armaan look towards the
table and the poor coat in shock written all over his face.

Riddhima smirk to see his  facial expression. she bent donw and  come  on top of him.

She kissed on his cheeks.


" what r u doing hun dont u think your  boyfried will mind it"Armaan said while his hand fornd her slim waist and pulled her towards himself more.

" oh come on forget him . and who said he i s my boy friend. we r just friends"

" oh realy ,but its doesnt look like."

" i said forget him" Riddhima said and start kissing his throat.Armaan groaned in pleasure."Wow man this chick is hot, she doesnt look like what she is" he thought to himself.

Riddhima sit on his tighs and opned is shirt button she trace his finger on his broad chest.


A memories of thier first night come back to in her mind again making her stop.

Armaan grab her hand pulled her beneath him.And kissed her on her neck and throat.

Riddhima come back to the world when he bite her hard on her neck.Armaan hurriedly opened her first 3 buttons of shirt making her long cleavage visible to him, he bent down an d kissed on her chest.

Riddhima gasped to see the plasure in his kisses.they are stll the same as they r on thier first night.

Armaan pressed his entire waighte on riddhima and start kissing her on her white uper chest.Riddhima shivered hard in his touched she dont know why . why she alway feel so replused under him, under his touch.

Armaan come towards her face and her kissed her on her forhead and look in her eyes.

He found a iridescent in it.So much fear but for what , why is she scared.


 But before he could able to find it, Riddhima pushed him from her and got stood up fron the bed.

" hey what happen" armaan asked while rubbing his butts which is hurting bcz of the unknow push come from her.

Riddhima look towards him and wear her coat .Armaan saw her confusedly .What happen to her?


Riddhima go towards the door but before she unlocked it She turned around and look towards directly in his blue eyes and said

"I m not that easy to get in your bed Mr. Mallik"Said this she leaved from thier.

Armaan blood boiled to listen her attitude remark and said to himself " oh really , then lets see, u dont know malliks,and i can go to any extent to get you in my BED, Be ready to get
the harsh pain in your body babes.Now i wont you leave you"he promised to himself and start buttoning his shirt.


Riddhima sit in a car and held her head in her palm in flustration.Sid who was sitting in car waiting for her saw this and put his palm over her.
" ridhima are you ok" sid said with a concern look.
" no sid i m not ok, i want to take revnge badly ,She said with anger in her eyes ,
" riddhima hame har kadam bohot soch samjhke laina hai ok, wel tumno kuch socha hume karna kya hai ba."
" han sid ab mujhe armaan ke khilaaf saoot ikattha karne hai jo use jail ke peechhe phocha saken"Riddhima said with strn look .
Sid look at her face and take deep breath hmm ok" Said this he start the hiis car and both headed to thier home.

Riddhima stood infront of the large iron gate of the mallik empire and saw many guards in it.No doubt how many crimes he has done in his life but he has a good choice in
exterior , now lets see his interiors.

One guards saw riddhima and run towards her.
" madam aap kaun hai "


" i m riddhima , and come here to meet mr .Mallik"

" hmm ok waite" The guard quickly made a call and opene the large gate of the mansion.


Ridhima entered on the Hall .She is impressed to seeing his house.

" Wow " riddhima wispered in a repturously.

" but not more than u"Riddhima turned around and find him standin over the stairs in a Red and black shirt looking handsome to control over Your Body .

" well sid cant able to come bcz he have a meeting with his other clients so i come instead of him" Riddhima informed him.


" wow that great for both of us." Armaan said with a naughty tone.To which riddhima rolled her eyes.

Armaan walk towards her and stand very close to her making her alert.

" so shuru karen" riddhima shot him a hard glare

" what do u mean"


" i mean our project, baby. Why do you what some else" He said in a husky voice making riddhima giving him another glare.

" Mr .Mallik aap free honge lekin main nahi ok, Sid mere intezaar kar raha hai , aur mujhe use intezaar kar waana pasand nahi. samjhe"To listen sid name from her mouth armaan feel again jealouse.DAmn why did he jealouse to him.


He is not even a person to  compare with the mallik tiger then y is he jealouse.

" You listen miss" Before armaan resort back to her a servent come running towards him and informed him that maya is here and wanted to meet him ASAP.


TO listen her name armaan got irritated" Oh god not again" he murmered in his mouth.

" lagta hai aajkal free log bhi bohot buusy ho gaye hai." now this time armaan shot her a glare to which riddhima make a puppy face.

"You waite here ,i m coming"Said this armaan went towards the outdoor.Riddhima moved towards the other direction when a servent accidently fell on  a fall and the drink which in hishand landed on riddhima dress.



" What the F**k" riddhima shout on him.

" i m sorry mam . wo mera pair carpet se takragaya , sorry mam plz sir se mat kahiye ga." servent pleaded to riddhima with almost tears in his eyes of loosing his job.

Ridhima calm herself down and nodded" now will u show me a washroom"

A servent nodded and lead her towards the corridore.

" mam wo samne wala room hai"Riddhima noded and walk towards the door. but stop on her spot when she saw a large door of one of the room is slightly open.

Riddhima entered in big room and gasped to see the interior of it.

But she have to  find some clue here.She is not going to leave a single chance to take a revenge.


Riddhima hurridly start to search for a file may be she could find soemthing powerfull agains him.

Riddhima eyes caught the big drawer.She walk towards it, she diidnt know  why but her heart insisting her to open it.
She clutch the handle of it and try to open it but it was lock what could be the lock she wondered.


Riddhima quickly walk towards the bed and yes she find a key of it inside the pillow.

Riddhima quickly open it and amused to see a diary.
She opened it and saw his pic on front of the page.



She turned the page and saw a date . 18nth May 2010.She got shocked , thats was tha date when they met first time.May be she could find something important in it. May be he wrote his plans in it mfrom  which she was not aware at that time.

She turned next page again and  amused to find the diary enteries.

" armaan never told me that he write a diary" she tought to herself and start reading it.


Dear Diar.

Well today was my best day. jaana chehti ho kyun kyunki main aaj ek khoobsoorat pari se mila.Uski ankhon main ek ajeeb si kashish thi
Jo mujhe uski taraf le gayi.
Ajj wo prom party main ayi this, uske chehre pe ek lalag sa soona pan tha.Jise main padha.
Amin poori party sirf use dekhta raha. meri ankhon ne use ek pal ke liyen bhi nahi chora.

Par achan ak wo kahi gayab ho gayi.Aur jab ,mili to aisi halat main jise dekhkar mera khoon khaul usa...

Riddhima read and read his diary entry .In every page he declare how much he lover her.Thier first meeting , first kiss, his feeling when he saw her in bathroom.thier first kiss and thier first love making.

Riddhima turned and turned the page again and again.A fat tears come out from her eyes when she read his love for her.He write his heart feeling in the diary very beautifully.Riddhima hand start to get shivered with a fact that yes he loved her alot .He dont have any intention to hate but why did he do this with her.

Riddhima turned the next and last page.. May be this could be the page in which he wrote why he did take a revenge.why did he show her BLUE MOVIE.She turned the next page and...

14 Feb 2010...

To be continued...
Hey guy  i jope u like the part.
plz dont forgot to comment and click like button bcz they motivate me alot to write it furthure.
Love u

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nice part
loved it
curious to know why he did that with her
plzzz do continue soonSmile

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