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I m back to take REVENGE-AR New Link on 161 (Page 114)

amruta04 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 May 2011 at 5:37am | IP Logged
hey dear
that was an awesome update
loved it
do continue soon
take care and thanks for the pm.

shonadesire IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 May 2011 at 8:17am | IP Logged
hey Salina
awesome partClapClapStar
why amy did ths? I can't believe he did
poor ridz bt end mein ridz slapped him that gud he deserve it
thanks for pm
plz continue soon
-wild- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 May 2011 at 8:28am | IP Logged
Originally posted by m-g19

oh than k u so much sweet heart
ParneetS IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 May 2011 at 8:37am | IP Logged
hey salina...:) after long time...:) glad u r back..:)
nice part...:( awww feel really bad for Ridz...cant believe Armaan can be like this...:( but hope she succeeds in whatever she is doing..:) cont soon..:)
crazy4KASH_AR IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 May 2011 at 10:15am | IP Logged
Salina this part was awesome.
Armaan can stoop sooo low was least imagined by me.
I hope Ridz teaches him a good lesson.
U r a wonderful writer.
Plz update the next part soonest.
divi1oct Goldie

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Posted: 16 May 2011 at 11:04am | IP Logged
Hey Salina..

Amazing part..
Thanx 4 d PM..
Continue soon..
-wild- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 May 2011 at 11:05am | IP Logged
Hey guys now dont shocked on a very fast update...sorry for any errors . i promise to give u updates on time
          ~I M Back To Take Revenge~
                           Part ~ 12
Armaan moved to her slowly , dangerouly looking in her eyes. but riddhima didnt move from her spot even an inch, she look directly in his eyes challenging that she is not going to back off.Armaan behold  so confidence in her eyes that he didnt see before in aanyone.
" how dar u"Armaan barked on her
" YES I DARE," She yelled matching in his tone
" u dont know who i m" he said with full of confidence in his dark blue eye.
" Oh really then show me what u r"
Both look in each other eyes , giving each other a merderouse glance.
Armaa  fumed at her response, no one dare to challenge armaan mallik and this chick hump!!!...heg rab her hair , and before he could smack his lips on her , Our smart riddhima fold her long legs and kick on his a very private part from her knees making everything blank for armaan. 
The grip over riddhima hair automatically loose and his hand found the place of immense pain in his body.
" AHAAA" armaan screamed on top his lungs bcz of the hardest pain he ever recieved in his life.He fall on floor by clutching his stomach ,he do not dare to touch his private place , may be it hurt him more if he touch it.
"U UUU'He screamed to look at her face.
Riddhima smirk and bent down to his level.
" ohh so this what u r hun...usiing your male power on i understand what u r...A F*****g pig...who do nothing but show his stupid, useless male powers" she kicked on his smotach one more and left the place.
"OHHH" armaan clutch his other part of the body where this girl  has kicked right now.
" i wont leave u b****" he promised to himself.
Riddhima come out from the disk and felt really happy after a long time . she look at the sky which glittering fromt he stars.
" God plz help,... nitheir its hard norits easy for face whose i had loved the most in the word , to give him pain...its not easy ...its not easy" she wispered through her tears
She wiped them and leave the place to her apartment.
Riddhima open her apartment and sit on the couch relaxing her self , then suddenly the buzz of phone catch her attention.
She look at the number , its private, who could be call me at this time.
" hello" riddhima wispered.
' hi baby, how r u" a deep husky voice ecoed in her ears.
Riddhima look at the phone once and again put it on her ear.
" who r u"
" oh sweety u didnt recognized me, i thought u will never ever will forgot me"
"i asked who r u, or should i cut the phone"riddhima yelle with irritation
On the other hand the person laughed in evil voice making riddhima a little scared and cut the phone.
" stupid.dont have anywork "Said this she went to her her room for her night sleep
Maya open the door and found in very deep pain ,Armaan standing thier.
" hay baby what happen, r u alright"maya said with concern in her voice to wich armaan rolled his eyes.
" hmm yeah i m fine, now plz let me in" he said with irritated look which make maya tense.
She moved aside and let come to thier bedroom.He lay down .Maya smirk and got on top of him and kissed on his neck
" lets make love baby, i want u" she wispered in  a seductive voive. to wich armaan open his eyes instently.How he can make love , when his most important   ahem ahem part  for this task is in a great pain.
He grab maya shoulder and put her aside on the other side of the bed.
" hmm baby i m not feeling well today" he said with a frown bcz of that stupid B**** he could not even feel a pleasuree, man she did kick realy hard on it.
"WHAT U must be kidding right, come on armaan dont spoiled our beautiful night," she cress his stomuch and travel down to his navel.She kissed on his throat  and then pressed his malehood hard not aware of its present condition.
" AHAHAHHH, urghhh maya get of me" He yelled on her making her back off immidietly.
" armaan kya hua tumhe aaj , u were always ready for our love making and otfay  u r not even allowing me to touch u" maya complaind to him
'oh god ab main ise kaise apne dard ka ehsaas dilwaun" he thought and said" listen baby, kal meri ek important meeting hai aur agar  main theek se nahi saunga to , main kal ki meeting sahi se held nahi kar paunga ur main contract kho dunga, aur socho phir socho hum gareeb ho jayenge aur aish ki zindagi nahi jee payege" he said with cute look on his face which make maya to thought deeply.He smirk to see her in a deep thought , no one knew her better than him and
BINGO yes he lie work perfectly .
" hmm yeah sweetheart tum sahi kerahe ho, tum sojao ok.' said this she closed the light and both went to a deep slumber.
  Next Morning
In Delhi in huge building , kknows ad best industries of the world.
In the building everyone was sitting quitely on thier desk working without any noise bcz they knew thier boss, if he come to know then they wiil be a roast chicken for him.
A Stong handsome man enetered in the building making everyone shivered on thier chairs, all stood up on thier feets greeting thier boss.
Thier boss is nothing lees then from a greek god.well ihope every have come know who is he.Yes he is non other than our ARMAAN MALLIK.
He entered in his cabin , which so huge like a luxery flat .Thier is no one allowed to enetered in his cabin except his best friend Rahul.
Ae soon as armaan sit on his large chair his secretry come with her skecth book in her hand.
" so ria is everything set" armaan asked while working on his laptop.
"yes , sir" ria informed him
"look ria ye meeting hamare liyen bohot zaruri hai, ajj jo candidates anee waalean hain main chahta hun unhe koi pareshaani na ho, ye deal hamare liyen bohot important hai"
" yes, app phikr mat kijiye sab set hai"
' ok, fine"
" Hey armaan" rahul barked in his cabin uninvited making both of jump.
" raul tum normal insano kitarha nahi aasakte" He glared at him
" hehehe sorry " he said sheeply looking at armaan and her secretry which gave her  amused look.
Armaan look at his secretry and signal her to leave the room, she did so.
Afterher departure armaan stood up and hugged his best buddy
" how r u"
" i m fine armaan, tu kaisa"
" totaly fine' he said with a smile
"TO sab ready" rahl asked  on sitting  armaan chair.
" yeah almost" armaan said while looking thorught out the window.
" what almost, kya tu theek to haina"
" rahul tu baar baar mujhse kyun pooch raha hai hun..main pehli baar to koi deal sing nahi karne jaa raha hun"
" ohhh fine dude gussa kyun ho raha hai"
Armaan shook his head at his frienstupid question and walk back to his chair, he grab his coat and wear it .
" chal meeting ka time ho gaya hai"Armaan smacked on rahul head  who was playing with a paperweighter.
" ouch man , y r u hiting me, aur ek baat bata aaj teri chaal thori  different kyun hai" rahul asked when he notice his friend walking way .
" at this armaan cough hard and said" wo hmm main ...wo"How he supposed to say his friend that yesterday he was kicked by a girl on his malehood which is still hurting and result has asked rahul.
" abe wo... wo hi karta rahe ga ...ya batayega bhi" rahul asked when he notice several expression on his frind face.
" hmm ok actually wo" armaan narrated rahul whole incident of last night.After listening his Painfull story rahull for a minute look so shc=ocked and see armaan wih his head down ,
But next moment he burst in a fist of lughter , he clutched his stomach which is hurting badly now.
" shut up rahul.or else i also can let u feel my pain dude" armaan said with a angry face .
To listen this rahul stop lughing and give armaan YOU-must -be-kidding-look.
Armaan smirk at his expression." chalega ya fir" armaan warn him while showing his folded knees.
" hmm,ha..ha.. chalte hun  bhadakta kyun hai"
With this both leave the cabin and walk towards the meeting room with four men around him
As soon as he entered in his cabin everyone stood up to greet him
He nodded and take his respective chair.But frown to see the next vacant seat empty
" is still thier is anybody left" armaan asked with seriouse face to his secretry which was standing far away from him with a scared look
" hmmm sir wo actually thier is still some time left for the meeting...maybe they will come on exact time."
"ok" armaan noddede and look through his file and every did so.
At sharp 10 AM, armaan look at his wrist watch and then his secrectry who immideitly look at the door not meeting her gaze with her boss.
" i m not gonaa wait for even a 1 sec..."Before he could complete his sentence he do stop by a male voice.
' uski nobat hi nahi ayegi" A very vute with a lite brown hair entered in the meeting room with smile on his face.Armaan raised hi eyebrow .
" hi every one i m siddhant modi , from Cannada .Me and my partner will going to do work on this project together"
" hi Mr.Siddhant modi, plz have a seat.Welcome in india" armaan shake his hand with sid.
Both take thier seat
"hmm Mr.siddhant apke partner...'Armaan asked to sid .But bsid was stopped by  another female voice.
" ohh i m sorry sid wo main apna purse car main bhul gayi thi."
 Listenig her voice armaan head shot up intently.He look at the fugure standing on the door with a sheeply smile.His eyes got widen and he wispered   " B****  "
To be continued...
Thank u Every one for ur awsome response on this Fic.
I will try to update next part ASAp.
Love u

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ParneetS IF-Dazzler

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