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I m back to take REVENGE-AR New Link on 161 (Page 11)

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Posted: 26 December 2010 at 10:46am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sukklover

update dear......ClapClapClap

thanks 4 pm me..Big smile...
keep it up dear..Thumbs Up.
hey thnx alot dear

-wild- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 December 2010 at 7:08am | IP Logged
Originally posted by signora

hey salina plz update yaar
yeah sweety i will try to update tonight
-wild- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 December 2010 at 9:27am | IP Logged
hey guys i am realyy sorryyyyyyyyyyy for the delay . actually i am stuck with some important work of mine so could not be able to wrte a part and plz forgive me for the mistake. .well so no more bakwaas and here the next part.Enjoy...Smile
                        ~{I am back to take revenge}~
                                      On airport
girl : i am....... Sonia malhotra


of : can i see ur passport mam
gi:yeah y not " she handle him her passport
of :  plz here mam


 officer lead her to the private jet


                     she sit comfortabily on ser seat, she is very tired of  these heavy 6 month. she felt relief sid was a great support for her  ( yeah guyz she is riddhima )she did not know if she able to do this without him.she smiled to think how he support her how he stand by her side every time when she need him.he wanted to come with her but she denied and said she will call him if she need him.he wanted to insist but but stop seeing her cute puppy face, OK then he said with annoyed face she laugh to see his exprssion.he such a cutie.


     "BEEP" "BEEP"
a smile crept on her face when she read the massenge send by her best friend .but she frowned when airhoetess told to switch off her phone bcz flight will be take off any time.she nodded take deep breat she open her laptop .now time to focus on mission.


she start wright something on her laptop she start writing her shedule how to get plan on the track.soon her eyes start to get heavy she neede sleep after she is having her peacful sleep bcz she going backto take what she wanted the most.she closed her laptop and lyed on bed wich very comfortable .sid knew exactly what she need and when she need.


 she stand to take some liquirice from her bag when a heavy album fall down from a deck.she  the looked the album could her ever going to leave from the her hunted memorise.
she picked up the album and try to put it inside her bag .she stopped , she dont know why but her finger touch the album which is having some of her past in it.she slowly oped it.
she set back again on her bed and folded her legs comfortably .sheopened it the first pics of her arrival in india second on her first day in college.she closed her eyes to remeber her momories wich she never ever going to forget.


(now guys time to flash back, now plz atleast show me ur teeth like this)


                            "FLASH BACK"

 "wow" first word was come from riddhima mouth when she see the hugeeee college.she is a orphan her parents died when she was born .she was born in orphana where children live to sacrifice thier life but is not like that she is not going to sacrifice her for any one.she got her scholarship .every teacher is proud of her and to be her teacher.she is a appel of her teacher eyes she's loved by every one in her town. she joined  her ahnd and pray for her day.
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ridz college pics
   ( i will show the name after some time)
gate of the college
pics of canteen
basketball court





she stepped in the coleege



she felt so fresh but she miss her small town too .she is here all alon no one knew her and she too does not know any one here her destiny bring her here .she is wearing simple pink churidaar ,but still she is looking stunning.she was memorized by the beauti of college bcz she never  be a part of the beu.

she still looking at the college when suddenly she collied wid some one n her all book scattered on the marble floor .she bent down to collect her books not even care to look the person , the person from whom she collied bent down and start to help her in collecting her books.riddhima looked the person ,she is a girl ( sorry guys i know u r expecting armaan) her hair are curly and she is wearing capry and beautful pink top.

girl: i am sorry sweety i am lost in thinking something so i did not notice u.
rid: (with a beautful smile) its ok i can understand even i am also lost in something
girl: ok , so thats mean our thinking is almost same ( she smiled) well i am muskaan.
R: u can call me ridz ( hey in FB i am not revealing riddhima full name)
mu: so u come from another town, dont u?
Ri : yeah u gusse right i came from another town.
Mu: so friends
ri: yeah friend


they shake hand


Mu: ek saath one round aur ho jaye college ka
Ri: yeah sure aur vese bhi ye college itna bada hai ke mujhe kam se kam teen bar ghoomna padega yaha ka rasta yaad rakhne ke liyen.


   both giggled and start roaming around college


 when they admiring the basket ball court suddenly a ball came from no where and hit riddhima head a quite hard

 she turned around to look who the hell hit her.

when she turned she see the group of girls were playing a basket ball.They all are wearing very short skirts, which is hardly covering them.Riddhima see  a girl stading in the center of the bimbos.She have very heaving make up on her face and and eybrow up to show her attitude.The the girl ( yes she is maya guys) spoke to riddhima with an attitude.
M: hey u miss behenji gimme a ball.


Riddhima got furous at this..First her ball hit her back and instead to apologize she giving her attitude.
Rid: hey watch where u r playing.


Rids dribble the ball and throw it on the right on the basket .Everyone clapped for he and boys whistled .


To see this maya got irritate and spoke.
M: hey u miss behenji apini limited English and sport skills apne pass hi rakho, samjhi.
R: jinke pass aur koi jawab nahi hota to wo yahi kehte hain.
M: oh really agar aisi baat hai to ho jay eek one on one game.R: yeah sure , I am in.

 In all time muski standing there and listening their conversation and afraid to if this conversation lead to major fight.


Maya smirk


M: listen miss whatever , kisi bhi challenge main jab tak maza nahi aata jab tak usme koi punishment na ho.
Ri ( with confuse expression) : what kind of punishment.
Ma: if u coudl not win so I give u punishment or I can do whatever I want .and so do u.
Rids: ok . so what kind of punishment. (Ridz ask with confidence.)
Maya looked here and there and after few minutes she said.

If u not be able not win then I will throw that black  greec on ur face.

Everyone gasped in the BB court because the knew maya.She's the captain of BB girls team of the college.and she had win many competition.


Ridz think for a while and said.: fine I am excepting ur challenge.


Maya agin smirk at this.
Muski horrified at this challenge and incourage rids.
MU: ridz rehne de yaar kyun is faltu challenege main padh rahi
hai, agar har var gaye to faltu main pehle din hi izzat ka halwa ba jayega.
Ri: I am not to back off now muski ." she said with a confidence.


Muski take sigh she knew ridz now .so she give her courage
Mus: all the best rids ja jitke aa  aur dikha de is churail ko.
Ridz smiled at her.
The game begane rifry throw the ball up in the air and rizs got the first chance to play the game.

The game was on the heat.

Maya was loosing badly.
The game got over and rizs win.Maya  could not belive that she get defeat first time in her whole life.


Muski jump from her seat and give ridz a tight  crushing hug.
Muski while jumping: OMG'OMG Ridz we win we win .hum ne us stupid egeotic ko hara diya.
Ridz smiled at her antics.


Muski pick up the black greec and handed to ridz.
MUs: ridz show her new look.( they both giggle and looked toward horrified maya.


Ridz take greec and walk towards maya


Maya closed her eyes in fear.ridz going to throw the black greec on her then suddenly stopped.Maya opened her eyes .and touch her face .why she did not feel anything.
Then she see ridz is standing on her same spot.
Rid: Maya this is ur first and last change that I am leaving u other wise next time I am not going to leave u.
Maya throw angy look on her.


Suddenly from nowhere , some one stuk from riddhima back which make riddhima jump.and with in a second the black.G which is in riddhima hand spill on maya face.
The BB court burst in a fist  of laughter..the day is definetly not going to be good for maya.
Maya felt humiliated .her blood boiled on 1000 degree of temperature .She felt that she's going to burst any moment bcz of her rising anger..She try to wiped her face from her hankerchief which is really not helping her.
Ridz while controlling her laugh.
Rid: listen maya I don't know how this got happen.

Muski:Rehne de na ridz lagta hai greec ko maya ka chehra itna pasan aya ke wo khud ko maya ke chehre se door nahi rakh paya.

They again laugh at this.
Maya turned her palm in a tight fist.,she clutch her jaw in ager.and leave the court not ever dare to look back.
Ridz and muskaan control their laugh and move towards a cantee.Both were tired of the wonderful greecy day.


     Maya entered in her roomand brock everything in burst of  anger.she clutch her hair in her fit she is not going to leave that behengi she have to pay , pay for every thing which she has  done to her.
Maya got up and pick up her phone, she need him .

She dialed his number.

The person pick up the phone
He: hey sweetheart how come u miss me.
Ma: plz come( while fake crying)
The person got worrid
P: hey maya why r u crying
M: nothing just missing u?( with fake love)


       The person rolled his eyes no one could understand maya better than him.


P: Say maya
   Maya narrated the whole incident but mix some more spice  and give the whole blame on riddhima.
The person  did not believe how can anyone do this with his maya.
P: don't worry sweet heart :I am coming , I am coming tomorrow>OK
MA: ok bye I love u jaan
P: I love u too sweetheart.
Maya click the red button and smirk to her she is going to show that girl what humiliation is.

She layed on her bed with calmful brain bcause she know that the person she is waiting not going to leave that B***h.


 On other room rids was praying for her for good future.


              next day
          The birds are cheerping and singing the song .the sun sreading his rays to world  to give it neew an fresh day.

Every one in college are yawning.and prepairing for their first class.


            "ZOOM"  "ZOOM"
This voice grab every one attention.
They see the byke entering in the college gate
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Every one shot up to see the person.
To be continued...............Wink
hey guys to plz tell me how was the part.dont forget to comment and click like botton
love u








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desir IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 December 2010 at 9:54am | IP Logged
hey salina
nice part
waiting for armaan and riddhima's meeting
continue sooon

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Medha. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 December 2010 at 9:57am | IP Logged

Hey Salina Di.  Nice part.  Riddhima defeated Maya in basketball?  Awesome!  Now just a request, please give us a match between Armaan and Riddhima, and I want Riddhima to win the game.  Armaan's face will be worth watching.  Riddhima's new name is Sonia?  Nice.  I like that name.  I wonder what Armaan had done to Riddhima that she wants to take revenge from him.  Please update soon.

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nice part

update soon

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ronojoy_ria IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 December 2010 at 10:38am | IP Logged
the up is really nice
so riddhema is coming back to india to take her revenge
while sitting in the flight she is remembering her old college days memories
she came from a orphanage to a big huge college
on her first day of college she met two girls
i hate maya
but i think the person who is coming is armaan
plz cont soon and pm me

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crazy4KASH_AR IF-Sizzlerz

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The part was cool.I loved it when grease got spread on Maya's face.That was funny.
This part was very nice.
Update soon.

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