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~SHilpa ANand FC~UPDATE@PG-2~

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       Credit goes to the maker.

                                                  PERSONAL LIFE

Shilpa Anand was born in South Africa, and did her schooling there. After completing her education, she shifted to India along with her family and then she started her acting career in Mumbai. In terms of education, Shilpa Anand has five years of experience in all phases of the Software Development lifecycle. She has expertise in Java/J2EE application development and has been working in the E-Learning domain. She has worked for clients within the Healthcare, Travel, Learning Management, and Performance Management Systems field. She studied at the Punjab University MCA, obtaining a Masters in Computer Applications, from 2000 to 2003.


Before her first movie, Shilpa did many adverts on television with many famous bollywood actors such as: Amitabh Bachchan, Aamir Khan etc.

She started her career with Bollywood movie Iqaar By Chance. She rose to stardom when she starred in the television the series Dill Mill Gaye, in which she used to play the lead protagonist of Dr. Riddhima Gupta which made her a popular face of the TV world. Her Role and acting was appreciated and she was nominated at several Awards ceremony in Best Actress category for her role in the show such as New Talent Awards in 2008. She won the award alongside Karan Singh Grover for the best onscreen couple in August 2008. Her contract with the production house ended in June 2008 and this consequenced her leaving the show and her role of Dr. Riddhima Gupta.. Her good height,acting skills and pretty looks are really cherished.

In March 2010, Shilpa did interview with Star News where she directly replied to her fans on Facebook and talked about her future career.

Shilpa Anand returned to Dill Mill Gayye in June 2010. After two years of absence and producer's insistence she signed a contract for her return in the show in May 2010.

"Shilpa plays an intern named Dr. Shilpa and she will be working under Dr. Armaan. and later, their relationship would go beyond being professional and she will be Armaan's girl," says the source.

Television Career

 Dill Mill Gaye ... Dr. Riddhima Gupta (2007-2008) /  Dr. Shilpa Malhotra (2010)


     * Bejavada Policestation (2002)

     * Vishnu (2003)
     * Saarvabhowma (2004)

     * Deewane Ho Gaya

     * Iqraar By Chance (2006)



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Mrs Marino                                 Ad for Mrs Marino hair softner
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New Moov                                   New Moov advertisement for pain relief

RULES- Please read and Follow

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We would like to keep this place peaceful and neat.

Purely SHILPA anand FANS should think of being a part of the Shilpa FanClub,

It would be really appreciated if you follow the rules mentioned above and maintain them throughout whenever in the FC.

                                        Shilpa's Personal Life Written by Herself

I was born in Mumbai On the 10th of Dec to the most adorable couple on this planet. When I was born the doctors and nurses were not too contented to tell my mom and dad that a baby girl was born again and my  parents who were just so jubilant to have a baby girl ,expressed their happiness by donating a huge sum of money to the nurses and peons in the hospital. Wish all the parents in the world never regret to have a female child. I lived in Africa till the age of 10 and got my early education in the ' Indian Language School'. I still have very vivid memories of Africa...be it my friends, my house, my school and my club and one day hopefully will go back and visit Africa again. My dad was a chartered accountant by profession and was working as the managing director of a company .Being in a reputed position he could provide his family with a prestigious dwelling.

I have been blessed by God with a very loving, caring, gorgeous and profound sister who has been my role model all my life. During my early years in school i was like the kid in 'Tare Zameen Par' always looking outside the window at the trees and the birds and some what lost in class and my sister was the exact opposite 'A First Ranker' .I always wondered why did she care so much to come first .One thing I was good at was painting, drawing and sports. The teachers had my full attention in these classes.

When I was in 3rd grade my parents decided to put me and my sis in a boarding school. They thought since Lagos is not a very safe city it would be better for us. But ....I guess they were wrong. My sis and I just wouldn't adjust. In fact we even tried absconding from the boarding school twice. My sis lost 8 kgs in 3 weeks and I kind of stayed the same since I was more of a foodie .My sis and I even wrote a letter to my mom that if she doesn't come to take us back home we would jump from the top most floor. Before my mom could even get the letter she got some telepathy that her kids are not ok and booked her tickets to get us back home .And just before she could take her flight she got the letter .I wonder what she must have gone through during her flight. The day she arrived at the school the Head mistress told her that she was the best sight has seen today and when my sis and I saw her we cried and sobbed in happiness and clanged on to her like two monkeys. That was the end to any boarding school in our life. Then back again to Lagos to our old school and life was just perfect for us. After a few years my parents decided to go back and settle down in India for good. My dad had bought a bungalow in Delhi and planned to start a new life there. My sis and I changed a number of schools there since we were just not adjusting in any school. I guess we were missing our old school back in Lagos. In fact my sis and I used to fix a time to meet in the restroom in school and say love you and go back to class. Then my dad decided to go back to Lagos. Once again back in our old school and old life'.the regular birthday parties, evening club, same old friends and the perfect family life.


One day when my Dad got back from work we saw him entering the house with a cage and an African grey parrot in it .....that was my first pet 'Mittu'.My sis and I bounced all over the place in joy when we saw her .As days past by mittu started talking .She used to say 'Bye Bye sonal shilpa' when we used to go to school .And when ever there was a party in the house mittu used to ask for coke and of course like all parrots mittu used to say her own name a million times. She used to also shake hands. Quite a lot for a parrot huh..


A couple of years down the line when I was 10 yrs old my parents decided to migrate to America .They thought its an impregnable country and the kids would get  good education. We were in the USA for 2 years and that was some experience in my life .Everything was different ...I still remember my first day at school .I was introduced to the class as a new Indian student from Africa.....kind of rare for an American kid to come across. I was very different from the rest of the kids not just by appearance but I also had a different accent and style of dressing ...of course in USA there is no such thing as uniforms. Anyways, the first question one of the kids asked me is 'In Africa was your means of transport and elephant'. It did piss me off that question, so I replied 'Of course not, in fact I had a chauffer driven car'..woooo!!! now that was a biggie for an American kid to hear. Then a rumor began that I was a princess in Africa...hehehe ..I kinda liked that ....hey you can't blame me I was just a kid. Another weird incident that took place is when a teacher asked me  a question and I stood up to answer .He was so overwhelmed and told me 'hey kiddo you don't need to give me such honor ,you may sit down and answer'. It was kind of embarrassing as all the other kids would giggle. Oh well it was all part of adjusting to a new culture. In fact American education did well for me. I transformed from the 'Tare Zameen Par' kid to a regular proficient student .I used to take keen interest in each an every class. I used to get straight A's and very soon became a typically American kid with the accent and apparel in place.

One day my dad saw a wounded pigeon in our backyard and called us to see it. We all felt so bad for the pigeon that we took it to the vet, got it treated and got it back home. After the pigeon was free from any ailment he refused to depart from us. He used to fly around our house from one room to another .During winter he used to sit on the cable to get warm while we were watching TV. That was our 2nd pet.

After 2 yrs living in the USA ,my dad got an India calling feeling ,he felt he wanted his daughters to be brought up with an Indian culture .Although he was glad that his kids got the American life style exposure .Once again we packed all our bags and belongings and migrated to India ,Mumbai. Initially I detested coming to India .I found it just too congested and polluted. But as time went by I began to love this city .My sis and I went to St.Teresa's Convent School in Mumbai. Once again back to the uniform system. My first day of school was quite astonishing ...there were 65 or more students in one class. I can never forget my hindi class, the teacher used to always make me get up and read one passage in front of the class. And since I had an American accent ....it was kind of entertaining for the students. Here also my sis and I used to fix a time and meet in the restroom....just to ask each other how's it going ...you ok and all. My sis was the most popular girl in school, she adjusted very fast with the Indian educational system. I was a little slow, but very soon even I adjusted and all was well. My sis passed out from 10th grade in a year's time and started attending college while I was still schooling. She joined the film industry when she was only 15 yrs old. One day outside her college some south producer approached her and asked her if she was interested in acting in movies and if she was then she should talk about it to her parents. That was the beginning of her career. Her diction teacher's dog one day delivered almost a dozen Pomeranian pups and she got one of them home. Whiskey had one extra toe and was the fluffiest Pomeranian dog. Whiskey was the most loved dog in the building as a pup but as he grew rrraaaow he bit almost everyone in the building. But he was so affectionate when it came to us. I used to hug him and go to sleep. When I used to come back from school I felt on top of the world the way whiskey used to greet me. He was truly an addition to our family. Three years went by and I finally got through 10th grade with a 79%.Phew!!! 10th boards that was something!!!


Then came my good old college days, I went to Narsee Monjee college which was one of the best colleges for commerce. My college days were very exciting, made loads of friends always got good grades and partied hard .Though I missed having my mom around as she was most of the time with my sis in south. My sis was very busy acting in south Indian movies and my dad was apprehensive about her being alone. So for her security my mom was always with her. But my dad being the best dad in the world took great care of me. It was just before my final year in college when I faced the worst incident of my life .One evening my family and I had gone out for a dinner outing and all of a sudden my dad got an allergy attack. We rushed him to the hospital, everything seemed to be in control but then all of a sudden he got a cardiac arrest and then he was no more. I still have tears in my eyes just narrating the incident .We all were in a state of shock, actually in denial. No one was ready to accept the fact that he was no more .My sis and I cried and yelled at the doctors to get him back but all in vain. But I know for a fact that he has united with God and is looking over us as our guardian angel. He was the noblest, most honest and helpful human being I have ever known.

Life went on and I had my final year exams coming up. I studied very hard as I knew it meant a lot to my dad for me to get good grades .And I cleared with a first class. Then I did a diploma in E-biz and started working as a software developer with Financial Technologies. But life had something else in store for me .Since my sis was a very big actress in south I used to get a lot of south movie offers .So one day I sat down and thought may be I should consider acting as a career. I starting going for auditions for commercials. My first ad was fair glow soap, but my first popular ad was the coke ad with Aamir khan. Working with Aamir Khan was a very good experience. He is the most down to earth actor I have met .Even after being a super star he would mix with the entire cast and crew like one among them. The ad was directed by Ashutosh Gowarikar.He too was very humble and down to earth. And then a series of ads followed .I did over a 30 commercials. I also acted in a few south indian movies and a hindi film.

One day my sis and I noticed whiskey walking sluggishly and having problems passing urine. We took him to the vet to find out what's wrong. The vet said that he has stones in his gallbladder. Immediately we got him operated. He was fine for few months but eventually he passed away. My sis and I were so low and depressed without whiskey .One thing about dogs is that they can sense every emotion of yours and whenever anyone felt low at home whiskey used to comfort them. I still miss his moist sticky nose waking me up in the morning.

A close friend of ours noticed how low we were feeling so he surprised us by gifting me a dog on my birthday. He came in a little basket. A tiny dog the size of a coke can. It was shopaw , my little toy poodle. He's 3 yrs old today and a tiny winy bigger than a coke can. Shopaw is a cute, adorable and over pampered dog.

One day I got a call to act in a TV show, Dil Mil Gaye.I took up the show not expecting too much out of it .But it turned out to be a big hit. This show gave me my maximum love and recognition. I must say Television teaches you a lot. You get your scripts on the spot and you have to be really spontaneous .I mean everything is fast 'super fast unlike ads and movies.

Everyday is a learning experience. One thing I have learned is to live each day as it comes to the fullest .Enjoy every moment of your life and don't worry about the future as its unknown

That was a little bit of my life. I hope you enjoyed reading it.



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