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Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil

FF| AWMARW Thread 2 (Page 95)

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eagerly wa8in..!!! update soon! plz!

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wa8in..!!! update soon plz...GRACE!

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Hey Grace! :)

Sorry to be impatient, but will you be updating this FF anytime soon? I really miss reading it. I know you must be very busy at the moment, so take you're time. Just wanted to know when you'd update.


-Garima :)

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Originally posted by ummesulaiman

Hi Grace,
Been away for a while so I just caught up on the last 2 chapters.  What can I say, brilliant as usual.  Especially loved (my favorite) MEET scenes.  Look forward to your elaborating their track further.
This mystery between Kiran and Hetal is really making me curious.  She actually named Kiran in her conversation with her mother, so Scotch is his baby.  But then again here's keeping my fingers crossed that maybe she's lying, like Ashlesha did with Premeer.
I'd feel awful for Kulraj if her marriage were compromised.

It's you can see...I've taken some time and haven't posted up the next chapter...been really busy.  I know how it is.

Thanks for liking the FF.

And yes I'm trying to include more Meet like I had done in the beginning of the fic.

Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment Big smile

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I know I know you guys have waited a very very long time for this update.  I'm really sorry...lots of things going on.  But I'm here to say that your wait is finally over.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to comment.  It really does mean a lot to me and let's me know you really do want to continue reading.  Thank you for the spammers Tongue know who you are Wink who have left little reminder notes that you are waiting for me and the next update.  Really thank you for liking my work that much to take the time to do that.

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r u updating now

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Chapter 78: Happy I Love You Day?


Two tiny little brown eyes watched curiously as a beautiful fairy maiden seemed to dance from one side of the room to the other.  She was wearing a pink t-shirt with gray sweat pants that had the number 89 embroidered in pink and her hair was pulled up into a ponytail.  He sighed gripping his hands to the side of the doorway noting that the fairy maiden seemed to be busy with chores.  His eyes widen and he quickly pulled his head back and he stood still against the wall hoping she hadn't seen him.  


"Rishi?" Heer called as she walked towards the hallway.  "Is there something wrong?"  He looked up at his aunt with a nervous expression.  Heer smiled and gently picked him up into her arms and carried him to the bed.  "You know I keep very good secrets."


"I don't want to be a bother," Rishi replied.


"A bother?" Heer repeated surprised that he had said something like that.  "You could never be that.  You know I love you so, so much...and everyone here loves you."  She sat crossed legged in front of him and softly probed, "Tell your Mami what's wrong."


"Mommy is with Tanu, Daddy is at work, Preet Mamu and Harman Mamu are busy with Scotch and their girlfriends, both Grandpas are snoring, both Grandmas are shopping, Prem Mamu is not here, and you are one is here to play with me," Rishi sadly reported.


"Ahhh, I see..." Heer nodded.  "Well, I'm almost finished putting away the laundry.  I tell you what, once I finish we can go to the park."  Rishi's eyes lit up at the mention of the word park.  Heer giggled at his reaction thinking how adorably cute he was being.  She lovingly patted his head, "How does that sound?" 


"Heer Mami you're the best!" Rishi squealed with delight and hugged her tightly.  Heer just grinned widely and hugged him back.  When they pulled apart she looked at her nephew curiously as he seemed to be thinking hard about something.  "Where is Prem Mamu?"


"Oh, he's at work," she answered.


"But you went to work with him in the morning...why isn't he back with you?"


"He has a different shift then I do.  He'll be back later."


Rishi nodded his head from side to side and then looked at her again contemplating.  "Are you going to have a baby like Scotch and Tanu?"  Heer sat there stunned to hear this sort of question from him.  "Preet Mamu said after you get marry you have babies...Mommy and Daddy got married and they had me...then Tanu...Preet Mamu said Prem Mamu never leaves you should have a baby by now...he said Prem Mamu will give you ten babies..."


Heer's face grew sullen at the mention of Preet's name.  She shook her head thinking how Preet let his mouth run again while Rishi was around the room.  She'd have to think of something to get him back.  "Heer Mami, are you going to have ten babies?" Rishi asked bringing Heer out of her thoughts.


"No, I'm not going to have ten babies.  Maybe two but that won't happen for a long time...your Prem Mamu and I are waiting," Heer explained.


"Why?" Rishi inquired.


Heer looked at him not quite sure how she should respond to his question and simply said, "Until we think we are ready to have babies."


"Oh, okay," Rishi replied even though he didn't exactly understand what that meant.


"Let me finish putting the rest of the clothes away and I'll change and we can go to the park," Heer said.


"Yay!" Rishi grinned.  "I'm going to go to my room and get my ball."  A mirthful smile appeared on Heer's lips as she saw him run excitedly out of the room and into the hallway.


Heer grinned as she watched Rishi play on the jungle gym from her bench.  She had decided to take a break and allow him to play amongst the other children there at the park.  She took a sip from her water bottle and glanced at the time on her cell phone.  It was almost 4:30pm.  She smiled and waved as she saw an elderly lady in athletic wear and a bright blue cap on her head walk towards her.  Heer bowed her head respectfully, "Hi Badi Ma."


Mrs. Madhuri Sherma beamed brightly as she greeted her, "Kaisi ho, Heer?  Did you ever find out about who left the baby on the doorsteps?"


"I'm fine.  No, we haven' one we talked to that day has gotten back in touch with us," she replied.


"That's so sad..." Madhuri said shaking her head.  " leave someone so young like that on a doorstep...that's so irresponsible.  Will the family be adopting her?"


"We're not really sure yet.  You were hoping we could locate her parents and try to resolve the issue.  But I suppose this is something the family will have to discuss.  Ma and Bauji are getting on in their I don't think it would be feasible for them to apply for the adoption," Heer answered.


Madhuri chuckled and gently placed her hand on her arm, "That leaves only one option left."


Heer looked at her confusingly, "Badi Ma?"  Her eyes widen as the elder woman pinched her cheek while she continued to chuckle jovially.


"You and Prem of course," Madhuri replied.


"Prem and I?  Us?" Heer uttered.


"Why are you in shock?" Madhuri asked.  "Of course you two...Kulraj just had a baby...I don't believe the adoption would go in their favor."


"Bbbut...we're not ready...I'm not ready...Prem and I are too young to become parents...I don't know what to do with a baby..."


Madhuri smiled shaking her head at the way Heer was stuttering about the prospect of having children.  "Dear, no one is ever ready for children.  There is no great handbook out there that tells us how to raise children.  Each child is special and different."  She gave a comforting squeeze to her hand.  "Don't worry dear, you and Prem will make wonderful parents.  Don't worry about it."  Heer gave an uneasy smile but nodded her head.   "So are you going to ask me what I'm doing here?  Why I'm wearing this outfit?"


"Oh, I'm sorry.  How are you doing today?" Heer replied.


"Very well.  Guess how much I paid for the outfit I have one...I just bought it recently..." Madhuri inquired.


"Um, thirty dollars?" Heer guessed.


"Fifteen..." Madhuri proudly announced.  "Fifteen was on sale and I had a coupon for the store."


"Wow, that's great.  It looks very good on you," Heer complimented.


Madhuri smiled, "I thought so too.  You know a group of us started going to the recreation center here to play ping pong.  That's why I have a paddle with me."


"Ah," Heer said as Madhuri showed her a red ping pong paddle.  "How do you like it?"


"It's very's always important to exercise even at this age," Madhuri replied.  "So is it just you and Rishi here?"


"Yes, he wanted to go to the park and I happened to get off early today from work so I decided to take him," Heer explained.


"So Prem is stuck in the office?" Madhuri laughed.


"I guess so," Heer gently chuckled back.  "Bauji has been slowly giving him more responsibilities to handle so sometimes he stays an hour or two behind his shift to learn some things."


"Prem is going to take really good care of the hotel once it is handed over to him," Madhuri praised.


"I know he is," Heer proudly replied.  She then looked at Madhuri with an apologetic look, "Badi Ma, I need to use the you think you could keep an eye on Rishi for a few minutes while I go?"


"Go, go...don't worry about it.  I'll be here to keep an eye on him," she replied.


Heer thanked her and went and told Rishi that she was going to the restroom and that Mrs. Sherma would be watching him.  She then quickly went to the recreation center to use the restroom.  As she walked out of the double doors her eyes spotted a familiar figure in the distance.  "Kiran?"  Heer gave a confused look wondering why he was there at the park at this hour. 


Kiran was busy looking at his cell phone and pacing back and forth in front of a bench near a large oak tree.  His brow was furrowed in deep thought and barely aware of anything or anyone around him.  Just as Heer was getting closer to him she stopped in her tracks and hide behind the tree as she saw a young woman approaching Kiran.


"What do you want?  You said this was life and death...that is the only reason why I even agreed to met you," Kiran said with thick tension in his voice.


"Kaise ho Kiran?  How is the family?" the young woman replied with a gentle smile.


"Don't you dare ask about my family Hetal," Kiran replied angrily.  "If all you are going to do is taunt me then I'm leaving."


Hetal reached out and grabbed Kiran's arm pulling him back towards her.  "Don't get so upset.  I know the Old Woman has said some things to you...but no matter how hard you try we have a rishta that you can't deny.  And there is even more of a reason why you can't."


"What do you mean?" Kiran inquired raising his eyebrows.  "What is it this time?  You want more money?  That's all you've been using me for from the moment we meet."  He then lowered his head as his hand touched his forehead in shame.  "I've been lying to my family...they depend on me...and all I have been doing is lying..."


Hetal breathed deeply and sighed.  "That's a choice you made.  What I mean is a part of your blood is now residing in the Juneja household."


Kiran's eyes widened as he looked at her.  "Scotch?" he softly uttered.


"Scotch?  Who's Scotch?" Hetal asked.


"Preet gave her the nickname Scotch," Kiran absentmindedly murmured.


"You're brother-in-law is very strange.  My daughter's name is Juhi," Hetal replied.


"Juhi..." Kiran repeated.


"Yes, you liked the name Juhi?" Hetal asked.  Kiran puckered his eyebrows and stared at her.  "Don't go fretting too much.  It isn't like they are going to find out.  I'm doing the responsible thing by allowing someone else to take care of her when you know I can't especially since the father refuses to acknowledge me."


"Hetal enough of these games.  Tell me what do you really want?" Kiran heatedly shouted.  "I've had enough of this."  But before Hetal was able to respond his cell phone started to suddenly ring.  He started down at it and became nervous.  "Kulraj..."


"You better answer that before your wife suspects something," Hetal replied.


Kiran tightened his jaw.  "We will speak about Juhi later.  Tonight at 8:00 in the lounge of the Westin Harbour Castle hotel."


"I'll be there," Hetal said.  "Are we having dinner?"


Kiran ignored her comment and simply answered the phone.  "Hello Kulraj?"


Hetal crossed her arms as she watched Kiran walk away heading towards the parking lot.  "Now that I have your attention...we will see how you will deny this relationship.  You can't deny family...and we have every right to be a part of your life."


Heer silently stood behind the tree covering her mouth in shock over the conversation she had overheard.  Prem was right in his assumption that something was going on and it seemed that Kiran was the father of Scotch.  Her mouth tightened in anger at the thought that Kiran could do such a thing to Kulraj.  She was one of the sweetest people she'd ever met.  Kulraj didn't deserve this type of treatment.  Heer sighed thinking about what she was going to do.  She knew if she told Prem he would blow up and go and beat Kiran.  That wouldn't be the solution to the problem and instead cause more issues.  She needed to find out what Hetal was really up to and what she wanted.  Even though she was upset with Kiran the fact that Hetal was using the baby like a bribe didn't sit right with her at all.  She wanted to know all the facts of the situation before making her move.  Heer turned away and began walking back towards the children's playground.  She was in such deep thought that she didn't sense someone coming up behind her.  "Hey you missed me?"  Heer jerked back and screamed in surprise causing the other park goers around her to stop and stare.


"Sorry Honey, didn't mean to scare you like that," Prem sheepishly replied rubbing the back of his head.  He looked up and saw how everyone was staring at them.  "It's okay...she's my wife...hehe..."  He put his arm around Heer trying to demonstrate that they knew each other.  He gently placed his hand on the side of her head making her rest her head on his shoulder.  Heer immediately smiled and melted into his embrace.  "See...she loves me..." Prem announced.


Heer's cheeks blushed as she hid her face into the crook of his neck.  "Premmm..."


"What's there to be shy about, huh?  You love me don't you?  Or have you been lying to me?" Prem inquired.


"Don't be stupid..." Heer replied hitting her fist on his chest.  Prem just grinned and held her hand.  The park goers satisfied that nothing dangerous was happening returned to what they were doing and left the happy couple alone.  Prem smiled as he gently swayed them while Heer enjoyed the tight hug she was receiving from her husband.  But eventually Heer's eyebrows furrowed and she pulled back a little and asked, "What are you doing here?"


"What kind of question is that?" Prem replied.  "I don't get a hello?  How was your day at work?  You missed me?"

Heer chuckled, "Fine.  Hello.  How was your day at work?  You missed me?"


Prem gave a half grin at her joke.  "Very cute."


"I know I am," Heer teased back.


"That's why I married you," Prem replied with smirk.


"But seriously how did you know to come here?" Heer asked.


"You told me silly.  Forgot what you wrote in your text message?" Prem inquired as he playfully tapped his wife's forehead.  "We're not that old yet," smirking, "I see how it is...when we get older I'm going to have to remind you about a lot of things."


Heer scrunched up her nose and frowned at him.  She then smirked as she thought of a biting reply.  "Well, I don't know about that.  Who almost ran out of the bedroom this morning with just your shirt, tie, and boxers on?"


"That's because someone was playing around and making me late for work," Prem defended titling his chin upward in a defiant pout.


"Oh, I was playing around this morning?" Heer questioned in a sharp tone.


"You pushed me out of the bathroom and locked the door," Prem replied.


"I was trying to get ready but with your antics I was getting late...I had no choice...I needed to take a shower somehow...but you then took apart the doorknob and stole all the towels in the bathroom," Heer said.  Prem smiled mischievously in silent acknowledgment that he had been very playful in the morning.  Heer gently placed her hand on his cheek and pushed making him turn his head.


"What to do?  You wouldn't give me my morning kiss...I needed to get your attention."  He then chuckled, "I can't believe you wouldn't come out of the bathroom.  You spent 5 minutes yelling..." Heer looked at him with annoyance as he started talking in a girly voice pretending to be her, "Prem give me a towel...Prem it's cold...Prem what are you doing?  Prem I'm getting late for work...Prem...Prem...Prem..."  He laughed heartedly at the memory while Heer continued to look at him unamused.  "5 minutes of yelling when it would have only taken 2 seconds for you to come out and get a towel."


"I knew what you were up to.  Next time I'll give you a morning thappar if you try that again," Heer said holding up her hand in a threatening manner.  "When I came back from the office I had to put all the towels back into the bathroom closet and put the doorknob back together." 


Prem bowed his head and held his ears.  "Sorrie...Please forgive me."


Heer was trying not to smile but she couldn't help it because of the way he was pouting.  "Fine."


"Thank you," he grinned.  "So, where is Rishi?"


"He's playing in the playground.  Don't worry Mrs. Sherma...Badi Ma is watching her," Heer answered.  "I just went to the recreation center to use the restroom."


"Oh, Badi Ma is here?"


"She happened to be here because she's taken up playing ping-pong with her friends," Heer replied.


"Well, I know you wouldn't leave him alone.  You're not Harman," Prem said.  He then reached over and took her hand into his and began walking with her towards the children's play area.


Prem held Rishi as he leaned forward his hands planted on the glass window of the ice cream case.  His little brown eyes danced merrily as he stared into the cold freezers unable to contain the excitement that one of those flavors would soon come out and greet him.  He pushed the blue-green-aqua-black striped silk tie tied sideways around his forehead and grinned, "Mamu, I can have any flavor?"


"Of course you can except for the rainbow has pieces of gum and you aren't allowed to have that yet...but anything else is okay," Prem replied.


"I don't want bubble gum," Rishi said shaking his head.


"Okay there is mango sorbet, raspberry sorbet, strawberry, cookies 'n cream, rocky road, butter pecan, vanilla, dark chocolate, mint chocolate chip, chocolate chip cookie dough, pistachio, chocolate, and peanut butter 'n chocolate," 


Rishi put his hands on the side of his head and sighed, "Too many flavors Mamu."


Prem chuckled gently at his words.  "Okay, you want ice cream?"


"Yes," Rishi replied nodding his head vigorously.


"So no sorbets.  You want nuts?" Prem asked.




"Okay.  Do you want strawberry?"




"Well, that only leaves you with cookies 'n cream, vanilla, dark chocolate, mint chocolate chip, chocolate chip, chocolate, and peanut butter 'n chocolate," Prem explained.


"That is still sooo much!" Rishi said dramatically as he placed his hands on the side of his face.  He then turned and looked at his aunt.  "Mami, Mamu is making it so hard!"


"I agree," Heer said causing Prem to frown.  Heer's eyes twinkled with mirth as she smiled at his reaction.  Prem tightened his jaw as he realized his wife was in one of her teasing moods with him.  "You want vanilla, chocolate, or cookies?" asked.


"Hmmm..." Rishi hummed as he put his finger to his mouth and thought.  "I want cookies."


"You want chocolate chips or Oreos?"


"I want Oreos," Rishi answered.


"Okay one cookies 'n cream in a kiddy cup...I'll have mint chocolate scoop in a cone..." Heer ordered and then looked over at Prem to see what he wanted.


"Chocolate scoop in a cup for me," Prem replied.


The server nodded his head and went about fixing their orders.  Prem put Rishi down so he could pay while Heer held Rishi's hand and walked him over to a table to sit.  The other customers in the store wore bright smiles on their faces at seeing the familial interaction between the three.  Prem looked at the cone in his hand and the two ice cream cups sitting on the counter and pondered how he was going to carry all three.  A nice lady still deciding on what she should order offered to help and took one of the cups to where Heer and Rishi where sitting.


"Thank you," Heer politely said.  She then looked at Rishi and asked, "What do we say?"


"Thank you for bringing the ice cream," he replied.


"You're very welcomed," the lady smiled as she placed the kiddy cup in front of him.  Rishi immediately dug into his ice cream putting his full concentration on the frozen treat.  The lady softly chuckled and then looked at Heer, "How old is he?  Three or four years old?"


"He's three and a half...he'll be four soon," Heer answered.


"He's a sweetheart.  I have a ten year old myself," sighing, "...they grow up so fast don't they?  At the time I thought one was all I was enough...but now I think I should have had another know had another when the other was two or they could grow up together," the lady said.  "I don't mean to be rude or nosey but just if you two haven't thought about it I would recommend it...there really is something about growing up with siblings."


Heer's cheeks turned pink as she bit her lower lip while Prem's eyes widen at what she had said.  "Um, he's our nephew...I mean my nephew...he's not ours..."


"Oh my, I'm so sorry," the lady replied shaking her head in embarrassment.  "I stuck my foot in my mouth.  I just assumed that you were married and he was...oh, I'm so sorry."


"We are married...newlyweds...Rishi is my sister's kid," Prem explained.  "Don't be sorry about it.  We'll definitely take your advice into consideration."


"Well, um, congratulations on your marriage," the lady replied.  "You guys enjoy your ice cream and the rest of the day," laughing nervously, "I need to go place my order."


"Thanks," Prem grinned as the lady politely excused herself and walked back towards the ice cream counter.  "Well, that was um, interesting...I guess we should take it as a compliment.  We'll make good parents..."


Heer gave a tiny smile, "I guess.  This entire day has been about babies.  You're dear little brother was talking again and Rishi overhead...he asked me if we were going to have ten kids."


"What?!" Prem shouted as his eyes bulged.


"Mamu, you can't give Heer Mami ten kids...if you have that many when will Heer Mami play with me?" Rishi inquired innocently.


Prem placed his hand on his head and brushed his hair, "Don't worry Rishi...your Mami will have time to play with you...I'm not going to give ten kids."


"That's what Heer Mami said.  She said you will give two," Rishi replied happily.          


"Two huh?" Prem repeated looking at Heer.


"You don't want two?  You heard what she said."


"Two is perfect," Prem smiled.  "A little girl to look just like you..."


"...and a little boy to like just like you," Heer continued as she stared back at her husband.


"Mamu, Mamu, Prem Mamu..." Rishi called as he tugged on the rolled sleeves of his uncle's dress shirt.  He then sighed as his uncle ignored him and continued to gaze into his wife's eyes.  "Preet Mamu was right...Prem Mamu stares at Heer Mami all the time." 


Prem blinked out of his reverie and frowned.  "Preet Mamu said that?"


"Yup," Rishi answered nodding his head.


"What else has Preet Mamu been saying about your Mami and me?" Prem probed.


"He says lots of things but I can't remember it all Prem Mamu," Rishi matter-of-factly stated.  Heer covered her mouth and started laughing.  Prem arched his eyebrows slightly miffed that she was laughing.  He then made a face and looked down to concentrate on his ice cream.


Nihaal paced back and forth holding the two page letter in his hands.  His eyes scanned the pages for what seemed like the hundredth time.  He couldn't believe what he had read; the words that had been so delicately written on the white pieces of elegant stationary was telling him things and describing feelings he was in shock to hear about.  He paused in his pacing and held his hands to his head not sure what he should do.


"Why are you so distraught and pacing back in forth?  Will you please tell us what is in that letter you received?" Duncan asked.


"It can't be that bad," Joyti said.  "Come on we are here for you just like you were there for us."


"It's V-V-Veera...she wrote me a letter," Nihaal stuttered.


"Okay so it's Joyti's cousin...and the problem is?" Duncan probed.




"A letter...yes, and the problem is?" Duncan continued.


"She says she loves me...she's in love with me," Nihaal uttered.


"What?!" Joyti and Duncan both exclaimed.


"When did this happen?" Joyti asked.


"What did you do man?" Duncan inquired.


"What do you mean what did he do?" Joyti replied looking at her boyfriend.


"I mean...he must have done something for her to write him a letter and confess her undying love for him.  You know...people just don't do that for no reason...there has to be something." Duncan explained.  He then eyed Nihaal, "You have been talking to her a lot over the phone."   


Joyti got up and yanked at Nihaal's collar, "Just what did you do to my little cousin?  She's only 19 years old.  She's hasn't had much experience with love and dating.  Don't you dare break her heart!"


"Ahhh..." Nihaal yelled as Joyti started shaking him.


"Okay, okay let's calm down," Duncan replied as he carefully took a hold of Joyti's hands and made her detach her fingers from Nihaal's collar.  "I'm sure Nihaal has an explanation of some sort."


"I really haven't done anything," Nihaal replied in a baffled tone.  "I mean sure I was concern when she was stressing over the design contest...and then she twisted her ankle really badly on the camping trip...I called to make sure she was taking care of herself."


"Almost every day," Duncan pointed out.


"Well, there you go..." Joyti said.  "You thought you could just do that and she wouldn't become attached to you?  What is wrong with you?  What did you guys talk about?"


"Um, a little about know the weather, movies, TV, books, school, work...just stuff," Nihaal innocently answered.  "And what is wrong with me talking to her?  Do I have to get permission to talk to her from you?"


Joyti stared at him as her mouth slightly dropped open.  Duncan gently placed his finger underneath her chin and closed it shut.  "Look, obviously you were talking to her and never thought that she would develop feelings but there has to be something...come on think..."


Nihaal muttered as he started to pace back and forth going over topics of the conversations they had discussed and other things he had done.  Duncan furrowed his eyebrows when he heard him mumbled, "...then there was the Happy I Love You Day text..."  He put up his hands and shouted, "You did what?!  You sent that text?"


"What?  What did I do wrong?" Nihaal asked.


"What do you mean what did you do wrong...well, that explains everything!" Duncan exclaimed.


"Wait, I can't believe I forgot to ask you...are you in love with Veera?" Joyti probed.


"Love?" Nihaal replied.  ""


"He's stupid that's what he is," Duncan interrupted.  "He sent the Happy I Love You Day text...that's what got him into this mess."


"Mess?" Joyti replied eyeing him. 


"Um, not that Veera isn't a sweet girl...I mean situation...he's in this situation from that text," Duncan explained.  He then looked at Nihaal and sighed, "Why did you send that text?"


"Why?  It's a real day like Friendships Day right?" Nihaal naively asked.


"Happy I Love You Day?  What's that?  I've never heard of that before," Joyti inquired.


Duncan sighed shaking his head.  "Seriously man, if you are only going to listen to half the conversation then I suggest you don't listen to it at all'you were on the phone half the time talking to somebody---"


"It was a client," Nihaal defended.


"Okay, client...that should give you even more reason to concentrate on your conversation with the client then what we were talking about."


"Eh, he was asking about wasn't really a business call," Nihaal replied.


"Will you please explain what is this Happy I Love You Day?" Joyti asked with annoyance in her voice.


"I'm trying to," Duncan replied.  "But I keep getting interrupted." Nihaal bowed his head letting him know he wasn't going to say anything and Joyti just crossed her arms waiting to hear this explanation.  "So we were hanging out with the guys.  Rob has been crushing on this girl for a very long time and he didn't know how to go about the approach.  They were in the friends zone but he started developing feelings for her.  He didn't know if she felt the same way about him as he felt about her...and he was afraid if he outwardly said anything he could lose her as a friend and he didn't want that to happen.  So Jeff told him to test the waters by sending out a Happy I Love You Day text.  He said he knew someone who used it before and it worked.  The text is direct enough but still subtle because the girl will really think there is such a day as Happy I Love You Day cause we got Friendships Day, Earth Day, Mother's Day, etc.  So Jeff said in order to help cover Rob's tracks he should send the text out to everyone in the group so if the girl asks we can say without lying that yeah we received a text like that."


"So basically the Happy I Love You Day is just a way for guys to see if the girl loves him or not?  You do realize that can freak us out especially if all we did was see you as a friend," Joyti replied.


"Yeah, I suppose but it wasn't my idea it was Jeff's idea.  But it worked out for Rob...he went on a date with the girl," Duncan said.


"So, I forwarded a text that I shouldn't have forwarded?" Nihaal asked slightly stunned.  "Veera thinks I love her?  Oh My God...she thinks I love her!"


"You don't love her?" Joyti replied.  "Do you at least like her?"


"Well, I mean she's nice and everything...I just never really thought about it that much.  I mean she's my brother-in-law's little sister...your cousin...I...I...I don't know what to think.  She's still young," Nihaal rambled.


"I think that answers it," Duncan replied.  "You're going to have to find a way to let her down easy."


"So you're going to break my cousin's heart," Joyti said.


Nihaal swallowed uncomfortably, "It's not like I meant it to's just...I don't know...I've never really thought about it...this with her.  We're 5 years apart...she's just 19."


"So you think a 19 year old can't be in love?" Joyti defended.


"No, it's's just...she's probably better off with someone her own age...that's all," Nihaal explained.  "We're both in very different phases of our lives.  I don't think it would work."  He started sighing and shaking his head, "Look, I just don't know.  But don't worry I'll take care of it.  I'll make sure she doesn't hurt too badly because of me."


Thanks for reading!

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