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FF| AWMARW Thread 2 (Page 93)

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update plzzz waitinggg

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Originally posted by Oblivious

it's sooo gudd can't wait for the next part...
thanks for the pm ...Smile

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Originally posted by uswah

Hey Grace  awesome  update yr ...
Thnk God finally we able to know tht Kiran is not culpritEmbarrassed
Otherwise wht would Prem do with tht guy THNk God once again he know d real ruth before and dint hit him 
hmmm i m looking farward for tht track ...
And tht bedroom scene Prem is such a   pain for  Heer when he ready for office but thts scene is looking funny and cute also bcoz of Premeer
Tht Preet never be change he dnt let any chance to get in trouble frm hisslip of tongueLOL i m happy tht he get wife like Meher Tit for TatWinkshe is d one who can only handle him ROFL
See at this tme i comment like a good Bacchaa and not reserved my post LOL
Now Update soon next PartWink

Preet is certainly a handful and you are right Meher will keep him inline for sure.  We will see what happens in their love story once we finish up with Baby Scotch.

I wanted to play around with Prem being some what of a typical husband where Heer has to help look after him like a little kid LOL She had to dress him properly and everything cause he wasn't paying attention and he couldn't find anything and had to ask her where it was.

And yes rejoice Kiran isn't at fault Party

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Originally posted by divya4salmanyk

dat was an awsum update,,!!

phewww kiran is safe..!!!
Prem n Heer adoptin juhi????
luved meet fight,,,,hehehe,,,!!!
thx for d pm..!!!
update soon..!

We will see if Prem and Heer will really adopt Juhi or not Wink
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Originally posted by vrushika

nice again thank god that baby is not his daughter .. so that means prem and heer are not gng 2 hv their own kid omg!!!
no plz...

Just wait and see what happens with Baby Juhi Wink
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Originally posted by luv angel

amazing updateee... and wonder how Prem will react to what Heer has said...
Thanks for the update and do continuee sooonSmile

Yes we will see what happens with Prem and Heer and this whole adoption business with Baby Juhi Wink
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Originally posted by ...Harshiti...

 -Reserved- Embarrassed


NOT!!! I'm not gonna risk pans from you by reserving ROFL, I'm still tooo young to die Embarrassed and I don't wanna be spinning more than Jugni did after getting your pans ROFL

okay okay Back to the update Embarrassed

Loved the beginning part, fun and enjoyable Big smile
Gosh preet really needs to learn how to talk to girls! I am so ganging up with Kulraj-Meher-Heer ...Go Girls Party
but I feel sorry for My Prem Janu, he didn't even say anything and was in trouble because of Preet LOL
and preet still doesn't understand what he said was wrong D'oh, these juneja brothers sometimes really need a kick!
But when Meher told Heer she could wear a bikini and Heer was like who said I would wear it? and Prem saying you won't?!!? Loved it ... LOOOL prem wants to see heer in a bikini Blushing naughty prem

I really liked the little part between kulraj and her son Rishi, very sweet...and how rishi said it was cool to have a tie on his head and prem tied it for him...was sooo cuteee Embarrassed

Oh so Premeer wedding pictires have arrived Day Dreaming Day Dreaming *Looks through them* ...Their lovely Grace, I could stare at them the whole day Day Dreaming Day Dreaming
The kitchen scene was funny, Kulraj complaining they should have told premeer about pics, teji just tells her daughter and Harman says they knw now ROFL LOOOL...

O my God this chand and his important work always come at the wrong time D'oh, I was so glad heer is going to tell prem but no chand had to interruptAngry LOL

I LOVED the premeer bedroom was very sweet and funny...
Heer is such a good wife and keeps everything in order for her Husband awww Love it Embarrassed
and prem just standing in his boxers and socks?!?! Shocked was the door closed?!?! what if someone other than heer came in?!??!? ROFL
Heer buttoned up Prem's shirt for him Day Dreaming Day Dreaming 

another thing I really liked was prem calling heer honey Embarrassed, Love the way you have shaped up premeer's realtionship

Oh I'm so glad all the mess is cleared up now and no more misunderstandings that who's baby sotch/juhi is. Thank-gd kiran or any of the juneja's are not the culprit

Premeer gonna adopt scotch?!?! Shocked, can't wait to see what happens next!
okay Grace just wanted to tell you something, I knw my premeer are very nice and they wouldn't just let a child suffer, I don't mind them adopting the baby but Um I also want them to have their own baby after *ahem* *ahem* ... Blushing Blushing ROFL...

Okay M going before you Kick me out of here! ROFL

Update sooon, and thankx for the Pm Big smile

Abby I would never kick you out of here.

Preet does need to learn to keep his mouth shut but he's Preet I don't think he will ever learn.  Meher is going to have fun with him LOL

Prem can be naughty...whoever said Prem can't be?  But he shouldn't be so greedy otherwise Heer will make him sleep on the floor again Tongue I'm glad you enjoyed the bedroom scene.  I thought it would be fun to show Prem being sorta like the typical husband wondering why he can't find things and being a bit of a mess and having to wait for his wife to come and help him out.  And don't worry...the door was closed I don't think Prem would be walking around his room in just his boxers with the door wide open.  Preet, Harman, and Veera would probably come and tease him if he did that ROFL

As for Baby Juhi...does happy dance Kiran is not the father Dancing and we will see what happens to this so called adoption.  Don't worry Abby, Premeer will get a little bundle of joy of their own Wink
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Originally posted by Sukrutha

premeer are gonna adopt...ShockedShocked...i am super shocked..

We will see what happens with this adoption.
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Originally posted by Motibah

That was a great update Grace! Sorry havent been commenting for a while, been having exams Ouch

Anyways, wow so Kiran isnt the father? Thank god! LOL

The premeer scene in the bedroom was hilarious, I swear these two are so adorable Day Dreaming loool I loved how Prem couldnt do anything without Heer ROFL

and nooo I don't want Prem and Heer to adopt scotch Ouch I want them to have their own kids Blushing No adopted ones, reminds me of desh when they adopted Sneha Cry

Good Luck with your exams!

Prem was being like the typical husband not knowing where anything was and having to have Heer go and find and do things for him LOL

We will see what happens with this adoption for Baby Juhi Wink

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Originally posted by harshitideewani

thanks for the awesome update graceClap
funny ROFLPreeth and Mehr , again Prem and WinkHeer are mad because of preeth , oh Heer tried a lot too calmAngry Prem , but Prem's anger to Kiran finally the big Confusedconfusion of Scoth' parents are solveed
thank God it is Nt Kiran' Big smilechild otherwise it would be a grat problem and Heer decided to Adopt Big smileJuhiwohhh
intersting waiting for next update

Thank goodness Kiran isn't the father Party but now with this adoption of Juhi we will see how everything plays out Wink
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Originally posted by rhtpkcm

loved it sorry for the late comment...

Thanks for the was too good loved't wait to read what happens next, are they going to adopt scotch? Smile

We will see what happens and if Premeer decide to really adopt Wink
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Originally posted by ...Pwincess...

these lines cracked me up

"You're not?" Prem mumbled underneath his breath causing Heer to cast a quick glare at him.  He bit his lower lip and bowed his head.

He then gave him a good glare before walking off muttering, "Now I have to go and apologize to Heer otherwise I'm going to be sleeping on the floor again."

"You really want to sleep on the floor tonight don't you?  Don't think I've forgotten what happened earlier," Heer whispered.

The truth is out. ThankGod Kiran isnt the dad. It was a  shocking update...loved it
Premeer are gonna adopt scotch hmmm..

I'm glad you like those lines...I found them funny too LOL
The truth is out and Kiran isn't the father and we will see about this adoption Wink
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Originally posted by Pumpkinn

Awesome update ...
Loved it ...
It was soo very interesting ...
Premeer adopting Juhi ???
Sounds more interesting ...
Waiting for next ...
Update soon ...
Thnx for pm ...

We will see if the adoption is going to go through or not Wink
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Originally posted by khajju

Hii Grace Hug

see i m fast this time at commentingWink LOL
tht was a great chapter...whhhooo so scotch is not kiran's daughter...aww poor kiran he had to go thriugh a lott...aww i luvd how heer was trying to stop prem...but Prem is Prem Stern Smile.
heheh prem gettin ready and heer helpin him...tht was sooo cute and funny too Big smile.
preet and meher wer too cute...hehe yaa he shuldnt hav said like tht..i m with u meher LOL
"You're not?" Prem mumbled underneath his breath causing Heer to cast a quick glare at him.  He bit his lower lip and bowed his head.
i luvd this..poor prem LOL
premeer album scene was great..bechara sleepin on the floor.LOL
nywayzz thanks for pm and update soon.

Celebrates with you that Kiran isn't the father Party

Preet needs to learn how to keep his mouth shut though I don't think he's ever going to Ermm Preet is well Preet LOL...Meher is going to have her hands full.

Prem gets a lot of punishment from Heer LOL but its the only way to keep him inline LOL
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Originally posted by deshdeewani

another beautiful update.
i really luv it.Big smile
meet's fight was so interesting.LOL
and prem's "you're not?"was so cuteEmbarrassedand in answer he is reciveng a glare from heer.Tongue
Thank God kiran is clean.and scotch is his half sis's doty.
whattt!!!omg!omg!omg!heer is going to adopt scotch.Ouchthis heer will never changed.waiting to see prem's reaction.
please don't do this. already in the show that sneha irritated me so much.Sleepy
i only want to see their chahat and chota prem.Embarrassed
please update sooonnn.
and plz!plz!plz!!!add me to ur pm list.Smile

Preet said some things he probably shouldn't have said...Meher sure has to deal with a lot LOL

Celebrates with you that Kiran isn't Baby Juhi's father Party we will see about this adoption Wink
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Originally posted by ummesulaiman

Hi Grace,
Great update, well worth the wait.  Thank God, it was all just a misunderstanding about Kiran being Scotch/Juhi's father.  Loved the Meet part.

Meet were cute even though what Preet said wasn't exactly the best LOL Meher sure has her hands full.

Celebrates with you that Kiran isn't Baby Juhi's father PartyNow we will see what happens with this so called adoption Wink

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Originally posted by rhtpkcm

update soon, can't wait to read what happens next!!!!!!!!!!

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Originally posted by Aymee

***** Comes out from hiding *******  LOL
Great update Grace.
Preet making comments about Meher and bathing suits and then Meher chasing him was too funny.  Kul Di was right, men sometimes don't realize what they say can actually hurt their women.  I know they are being honest but at times their honest is just too honest.  I guess on the downside, women are no better either.  We should know by now that men will never learn.
Prem, Heer, Kiran and Hetal scene was pretty intense.  I thought for sure Prem and Kiran were going to get into a physical fight but I am glad they didn't. 
So, Hetal is Kiran's half sister.  That was nice surprise.  I can't believe his biological mom is only after her son's money after abadoning him when he was only 5 years old.  What a horrible woman she is. 
Just like Kiran, Hetal and Prem.  I was really surprised by Heer's response about adopting Juhi.  I hope it was just a sudden reaction from Heer.  She doesn't know what a handle ful babies can be.  I think it would be better if Juhi is adopted by Kiran and Kulraj instead.
Thank you for the PM Grace.  I can't wait to see Prem, Kiran and Hetal's reaction.  That goes the same with the rest of the family.  I hope at the end, Juhi doesn't get hurt by all this. 

You are right Lisa sometimes Men don't realize what they are saying sometimes.  We want them to be honest but you still have to learn tact Stern Smile

Now that we have the whole Kiran and Hetal's situation figured out...we will see what is going to happen with Baby Juhi Wink  and of course there is going to be bit more to Kiran's mother's story as well in the next following chapters.

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Originally posted by sadhz

it was great update...thnk god kiran is nt scotch's father ...
thnx for d pm...update soon

Celebrates with you that Kiran is not the father Party Thanks for taking the time to comment Big smile

Originally posted by sowmya18

i think its half update...
update soon...

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Originally posted by brainychild92

great part.. u no for some reason, i was remembering awmarw n today's the day u
I KNEW IT!! that kiran was not cheating! so she's his half-sister.. hmm..   ..
great part n thanks 4 the pm
 continue soon!

You are a very clever reader LOL You seem to always know where I'm taking things Wink

Let's see if you can figure out what I'm going to do next with this Baby Juhi case.

Thanks for taking the time to comment Big smile

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Sorry for the long wait is the next chapter and it's long Big smile

Oh, there is a bit of masala at the end Wink

Chapter 80: Dealing with the Aftermath


Heer gently opened her eyes and stared at the alarm clock sitting on the nightstand.  It read 1:30am.  She sighed and lifted the covers up and took a look to her left hoping to see Prem there even though she knew he was still at the hotel working.  She got out of bed and went to use the restroom and then quietly crept downstairs to the kitchen to drink some water.  She stood there with the fridge door open and decided that she wanted some ice cream instead.  She grabbed a bowel from the cabinet and the ice cream scooper from the drawer and pulled out the chocolate flavored Haagen Dazs ice cream from the freezer.  Heer gave herself two nice scoops and then quickly grab a spoon from the drawer and sat at the kitchen table to enjoy her mid-night snack. "Hmmm...chocolate ice cream at this hour?"  Heer lifted her head and gave a gentle smile as Prem came into the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of water before settling himself next to his wife at the table.  "Hungry or just missed me?"  Heer ladled a little ice cream in her spoon and extended her arm to feed Prem a bite.  He gladly took the offer and smiled.  "It's good," he replied moving his eyebrows up and down happily.


Heer giggled and then went back to eating the cold treat.  "So you guys get everything straightened out."


"Yes, finally," Prem said as he leaned back in his chair stretching his back.


"Bauji go to bed?" Heer inquired.


"Yea, he was pretty tired...went straight upstairs to sleep."


Heer rested her spoon in the bowl and looked at her husband.  "I want to apologize for what I said tonight...I'm sorry...I should have talked to you before I made the announcement in front of Kiran Jiju and Hetal."


Prem nodded his head, "I were worried about Scotch...I mean Juhi...I am too."


"It's not just about who would end up adopting her...I'm sure if a couple was going through the process they aren't there just for the heck of it.  They would take care of her but...maybe I'm being too optimistic but maybe Hetal could work something out with the father of her child.  I mean he hasn't seen Juhi...I think he has at least a right to see her and if they decide together that they do not want to raise the child then put her up for adoption.  I just said we would adopt her so we could buy some time," Heer explained.  "It hurts me to see Kiran Jiju having to hide this secret and he seems to care for his sister...there must be some way to fix his relationship with his family.  Wouldn't you regret it later when it's too late and the time you wished you had to heal things vanished and you couldn't go back?"


"Not everyone thinks like you Heer," Prem said sighing.  "You're too caring," taking his wife's hand into his, "I know you had your reasons.  And I admire what you're trying to do...and for the baby's sake I think it's the right decision."


Heer eyes lit up in relief that Prem was agreeing to stand by her in the decision she had made for them.  "Thank you."


"It's getting late we should probably go to bed.  We can talk about this and what we are going to do tomorrow," Prem suggested.  Heer nodded and began feeding him some of her ice cream so she could finish it faster and they could go to bed.  Prem grinned and obediently took the spoonfuls coming his way.


It didn't take them long to finish the ice cream and clean up the kitchen.  Prem walked side by side with his wife holding her hand as they climbed the stairs and entered their bedroom.  Heer went to the bathroom first while Prem put away his bag and changed into his pajamas.  He then sat on the edge of the bed rather amazed at how they transitioned so easily in this routine of husband and wife.  He grinned quietly thinking how something so simple as getting ready for bed together made him feel like they were a couple.  He shifted his head when he heard the bathroom door open and saw Heer walk out and head for the bed.  Without a word Prem went into the bathroom and quickly brushed his teeth, washed his face, and used the toilet.  When he came out he saw Heer sitting up underneath the covers waiting for him.  They both exchanged small smiles as Prem made his way over and got under the covers.  "Goodnight," Prem said as he gave her a gentle peck on the lips.


"Goodnight," Heer replied as she settled into her pillow.  She watched as her husband switched off the lamp light and snuggled into the comforter.  He turned to his side so he was facing her and began to close his eyes.  "Prem?"


"Hmmm?" he murmured sleepily.


"I've been thinking..."Heer said and then took a gentle pause before asking, "What would you do if you found out someone really liked you?"   


"What do you mean?  I would tell her that I'm happily married," Prem replied.


"That's it?"


"I would tell her that I'm happily married and she'll find someone else better than me," Prem added.


"What if she doesn't give up?"


"Then I'll just work from home," Prem yawned.


"What do you mean you'll just work from home?  That's not funny," Heer frowned.


"Why are you asking all these questions?" Prem inquired.  "Why are you worried about some woman?"


"Well, it's just this whole thing with Kiran Jiju got me thinking about hiding secrets and cheating," Heer explained.


"Oh," Prem said nodding his head.  "So, if I cheat...I have to introduce you to my mistress?"


"Prem..." Heer replied through gritted teeth and started slapping his shoulder.  "If you ever do something like that I'll cut you up into tiny little pieces and feed you to the sharks so there will be no evidence left."


"Ah-aaa, I get it...I get it...I'm sorry," Prem replied causing her to stop hitting him.  "Well, at least you're very thorough about it." He rubbed his shoulder and frowned while Heer glared at him.  "Why would I ever do something like that?  You're the only one for me for the rest of my life.  I don't want anybody but you."


"But you know sometimes things happen and it isn't really our fault...misunderstandings occur...fights happen...things sort of fall apart..."


"Are you saying you would go out and talk to another guy?" Prem inquired raising his eyebrows at her.


"No, of course not," Heer replied.  Even though the room was dimly lit by the soft glow of the moon light shining through the window she could still see the displeasure in his eyes.


"Then what?  You're going to divorce me?" Prem grumbled.


"No, I guess what I'm trying to say is...if something happens whatever it is we talk it through," Heer answered.  "No matter how difficult it is...I want us to be able to share things with each other...and not to judge what the other person is feeling or going through."


"So are you saying...if we were going through something and you started feeling attracted to another would tell me about it?" Prem probed trying to make sure he understood what she wanted.


"Yeah, I guess something like that...but more about problems," Heer said.  "You know you always hear about how relationship start falling apart between couples because they aren't communicating.  I just don't want that to happen."


"I don't want that to happen either," Prem agreed and then mumbled, "...and I'll make sure to beat the crap of that guy so you aren't attracted to him anymore."




"What, I don't want some guy looking at my wife.  You're my wife...I'm your husband...nobody should be looking at you or anything," Prem said rather possessively.  "I'll break his hands so he can't hold your hand...and his legs too so he can't walk anywhere near you."  He then saw the look on his wife's face and stopped his light remarks.  "Honey, I promise we'll talk.  We'll talk things through.  I love you and nothing is more important to me than you."


Heer smiled, "I love you too."  She closed her eyes as he moved closer to kiss her.  She was glad he understood her meaning in all of this.


"Anymore questions?" Prem asked.  Heer shook her head in response.  "Okay, let's go to sleep then."  Heer snuggled closer to him making him grin.  She placed her hand on his back and leaned her head inwards to steal a few more sweet kisses from him.  Prem gladly gave them away losing himself in the delectable delight of the moment.  Eventually the kissing ended and Heer turned around to sleep but pulled his hand with her making him smirk.  Prem got in a comfortable position and spooned her from behind.  He then whispered, "Sweet dreams."


"I will.  You have them too," Heer replied.


"I'm holding mine right now," Prem answered making Heer happily smile.


Nihaal stared at his cell phone and swallowed nervously.  He didn't know how he was going to do this.  How was he going to tell Veera that he didn't feel the same way?  He could be her friend but nothing more.  He took a deep breath and dialed her cell phone number.  The phone lit up and he could see the little graphic on his phone telling him the line was ringing.  But by the second ring he panicked and hung up the phone.  "I'll call later...after's too early in the morning to talk about this," he said trying to comfort himself over his decision to hang up.


His eyes widen when he saw his phone start to ring.  "She's calling back!" Nihaal shouted in surprise.  "Why is she calling me back?  I hung up after the second ring.  I shouldn't answer this I'll just let it run to voicemail."  He walked away from the phone and went to the kitchen to make himself some lunch.


Meanwhile, across the border Veera was holding her phone to her ear waiting for Nihaal to pick up.  She heard the voicemail start and sighed.  "Um, hey it's me Veera...I thought I saw you I'm just calling you back.  I guess I'll talk to you later then."  After she hung up she felt rather stupid for leaving such a silly message.  Her heart had nearly jumped out of her chest when she had seen Nihaal's name flash on her cell phone screen.  She had thought he was calling to talk about the letter that she hoped had finally gotten to him.  She had been a nervous wreck waiting for him to call her.  Meher and Ashlesha had advised her to call Nihaal and causally mention that she had sent him something and if he had received it.  It would be an easy way to find out if he had received it or not.  Meher had stressed that her brother was a terrible lair and if he had received it she would be able to tell from his voice.  Veera sat down on the side of the bed feeling depressed.  She turned her head when she heard a gentle knock on her door.  She flashed a smile when she saw Ashlesha enter. "Hey Ash, what's up?"


"We're going to the mall to look for swimsuits for the party next Saturday," she replied.


"Is Heer Bhabhi coming too?  I heard from Preet Bhaiya that Prem Bhaiya wants to see Bhabhi in a bikini..." Veera laughed.


"What?!" Ashlesha exclaimed.


"You didn't hear?  I thought Meher would have told you," Veera replied.


"No she didn't," Ashlesha said pouting.  "But Heer isn't coming with us.  She's got a meeting or something so she's coming home late least that is what she said."


"Ah, I get it she's trying to avoid this...she knows we'd be teasing her like crazy and try to make her try out a few outfits," Veera said with a snicker.


"Probably," Ashlesha laughed.  "She'd turn beet red and would be hiding from us in the department store.  But she's got a good's okay to flaunt it every now and then.  Then again...her parading around in a bikini while her parents and in-laws are at the same party probably is not a good idea at all.  I would be embarrassed too.  You don't want to be revealing too much in front of them.  And who knew Mr. Goody-Goody was like this..."


"I know...gosh, he's like every other man out there..." Veera said.


"So, let's go Maya's waiting downstairs for us," Ashlesha replied. 


"Sure, I'll be down in just a second."  Veera smiled as Ashlesha left and then went into her bathroom to put some lipgloss on.  She grabbed her pursue from her closet and then glaced at the nightstand where her cell phone was laying.  She wondered if she should take it or not.  She heard her name being called and she decided to just walk away leaving the phone.


Kiran sat at the table in the cafe slowly sipping his cup of coffee.  His eye lifted when he saw Prem and Heer come walking towards him.  "Sorry we're late Jiju," Prem said as they settled into their seats.  "Traffic was really bad."


"It's all right.  I actually just arrived a few minutes ago," Kiran replied.  "So..."


Prem glanced over at his wife waiting for her to take the lead in the conversation since she had thought of the plan they were going to enact.  Heer gave a gentle half grin and then started, "I'm really sorry for surprising you like that last night.  I just thought at the time it was the right thing to do until we are able to figure out the situation with Hetal and Juhi.  I know and I understand that this matter is between you and your family but we're your family too and as family we should help each other."  She paused to gauge the response from Kiran wondering how he was taking what she was saying.  He gave a single nod and Heer continued with her explanation, "I think we can solve part of this by arranging a meeting between Hetal and Ajay.  I think if he actually sees Juhi he'll realize his mistake.  He has to take some responsibility in this.  Hetal has had to take a lot of the burden of caring for and raising Juhi by herself.  They were both very irresponsible in what they did, but with their actions come consequences and it's not right that Ajay gets to run away and hide in something he shares equal responsibility in making.  If they can't make it work and with Hetal's financial situation then maybe then Juhi should be put up for adoption."


Kiran took a sip of his coffee and folded his arms as he sat back in his seat digesting everything she had said.  "I appreciate the effort...really I do.  But I have one request to make and that is no one in the Juneja household should find out about Hetal being my half sister.  I know Ma and Bauji have very big hearts and would do anything to help anyone but I just don't trust my biological mother.  She'll have some scheme to try to take money from the family and I can't let that happen."


"But didn't you say the money she original asked for was for Hetal's medical expenses?" Prem asked.


"Yes, at first.  I thought stupidly that maybe this was a chance to reconnect with her and maybe find out why she had left me and my Dad all those years ago.  She said she was really young when she met my Dad.  She got caught up in the romance of everything and so she married him.  But then she realized later that this wasn't for her...she needed to leave.  And so she left," Kiran explained.  He then sneered, "And obviously she never looked back since and the only reason she came to me was because I was her last resort to getting some money.  She used it to pay for Hetal's medical bills but she also used it for other things.  I found out she was investing some of it in some business.  The minute I found out I stopped giving her money.  But now she's trying to use Juhi...she knows I don't want the family to find out about her, Hetal, and I'm being blackmailed by my own Mother...ridiculous isn't?  And you know what she has never said she was sorry to me at all.  She's a selfish woman and I don't want to have anything to do with her."


"She's really blackmailing you?" Prem asked in disbelief.


"But...that's..." Heer uttered unable to find the proper words for the situation.


"You're speechless aren't you?  That's just the type of person she is," Kiran replied angrily.


"What about Hetal?" Heer inquired.


"She and Hetal don't exactly have a good relationship either...otherwise Hetal wouldn't have gotten into this trouble like she did.  Hetal tries but she's still very immature for a twenty-two year old.  But with a mother like Heena Gupta what is there to expect...she gives no moral you're just out there on your own making choices you think are correct."  Prem and Heer sat there in shock at hearing Kiran say all these scathing things about his biological mother.  He was usually a very calm and well-tempered man but today he was riled and wound-up.


"You said Heena Gupta?  She still kept your father's last name?" Prem pondered out loud.


"Who knows why she kept it.  Hetal's last name is Shroff so obviously she's only my half sister," Kiran said.

Heer glanced at Prem wondering what they should do.  She felt bad that Kiran was put into this situation with his biological mother.  But a part of her couldn't believe that a mother could do something like this to her own child and thought there must be some other reason or misunderstanding to the whole situation.  Prem tightened his lips displaying a grim face.  "All right...we'll agree to keep your mother and the relationship you have with Hetal and Juhi a secret.  We'll focus on resolving Hetal and Ajay's relationship.  Ajay has to take some responsibility for his actions.  He's a father of a baby girl whether he likes it or not...he now has a duty to take care of the family he's made for himself."


"We'll need to arrange a meeting between Hetal and Ajay away from the family so they can talk," Heer suggested.


"I agree I think they need to talk this out on their own before the parents get involved," Kiran replied.  "Though, I pity the Shermas' because they will have to deal with my mother."


"You can't do anything about that.  Ajay got himself in this mess so he has to take the consequences for better or for worse," Prem pointed out.


"That he does," Kiran said nodding his head.


Maya walked into the Bindar home carrying several bags in her hands with Harman following closely behind her carrying some more bags.  She stopped in mid stride when she saw her father sitting in the living room having tea with a guest.  The woman was wearing an orange sari and was politely sipping from her cup.  Maya had never seen the women before and was curious as to why she was in their house. 


Vinay smiled at seeing his daughter but then slightly frowned when his eyes rested on Harman.  He quickly shifted his eyes back towards Maya and said, "This is an old friend of your mothers.  Call her Heena Auntie."


Maya politely nodded and greeted the woman.  Heena smiled, "She looks just like her Vinay.  So beautiful."


Vinay beamed proudly, "That she does."


"I'm sure she is looking down on both of you from up above," Heena said in a comforting manner.  She then turned her attention back at Maya.  "I see you went shopping?"


"Yes, the girls and I went to the mall and went swimsuit shopping," Maya said.


"Oh?" Heena replied.  Her eyes glanced over at Harman and joked, "Who's that strikingly handsome girl behind you?


"Hi Auntie.  My name is Harman," Harman politely greeted.


"He's my boyfriend," Maya clarified and stood closer to him.


Heena smiled brightly at her announcement.  "That's wonderful news.  Vinay, you don't have to worry about a thing...looks like she has someone to take care of her."


Vinay grumbled something inaudible and then sternly asked his daughter, "Just how many swimsuits did you buy?"


"I only bought one," Maya replied.


"And the rest of the bags?"


"That's stuff for the pool party.  I bought one summer outfit and the rest are supplies and things for the party," Maya explained.


"Why couldn't you just leave that stuff at the Juneja household?" Vinay asked.  "Why did you have to bring that stuff here?"


Heena's eyes widen when she heard the name Juneja and looked back at Harman.  She then softly whispered, "You're a Juneja?"


"Because they don't have enough room Daddy.  You know Teji Auntie and Balraaj Uncle are staying in the pool house.  Ash is also in the process of moving apartments so she has some of her stuff stored over in their garage and the storage room.  So I offered to store some of the things we bought for the party at our house until next week.  It's just paper plates, cups, silverware, table clothes, and some water guns.  Oh, you're invited to the pool party by Gayatri Auntie," Maya answered.


"Where should we put these?" Harman asked.


"I think we can keep them in the garage for now.  That way it will be out of the way," Maya said and started walking towards the garage.


When the young couple had left Heena looked at Vinay and said, "You're really lucky that she's dating a Juneja.  If they get married you really won't have to worry about a thing.  Harman will be able to provide for her without any problems...she's have a very financially stable environment.  You must be extremely happy."  He simply replied with a half grin not really wanting to discuss the matter.


Prem stared at the computer screen reading through some reports that his father wanted him to double check before he signed off on them.  He glanced up from his desk and saw Heer holding a large brown bag.  His eyebrows crinkled wondering what was inside.  "Dinner," Heer answered understanding his gaze.  "It's time to take a break."  Prem pushed his chair back and rubbed his eyes trying to erase away the strain from looking at the computer screen all day.  He went and inspected what his wife had bought for them to eat.  "It's Chinese I hope you don't mind," she said.


"Mind?  Why would I?  I could use some fried rice," Prem replied.  "You know what I think I have an idea."


"An idea?" Heer asked looking at him with confusion etched on her face.


Prem grinned and took all the containers she had taken out of the bag and placed them back inside.  "You're going to love this."  Heer followed him through the back corridor of the offices and into the service elevator.  "Let's have this proper meal in a proper setting."  The elevator dinged announcing their arrival to the Presidential Suite.


"You're right I like this idea," Heer smiled as they entered the room.


Prem closed the door and made sure to push the door bolt into place and then went to the living room to relax on the couch while Heer took all the food containers back out.  "So besides fried rice what are we having tonight?"


"I got us vegetarian egg rolls, salt and pepper shrimp, saut spinach with fresh garlic, and kung pow chicken," Heer replied.  "And by the way why did you bolt the door?"


Prem looked innocently at her and replied, "Well, since you went through all the trouble to get this meal for us I thought it would be nice to make sure we weren't disturbed...and I don't know..." suddenly letting his lips curl upward into a smirk as he moved closer to his wife and whispered into her ear, "...I thought I could take care of dessert for us."


"Prem, that's not appropriate and you know it," Heer warned.


"How is that not appropriate?  We're on our dinner break or are you telling me you really want to go back to work so soon?" Prem questioned.


Heer sighed as she sat on the floor with her back leaning against the sofa, "Eh, please no...I've been on the phone practically all day...everything seemed to be set for that banquet that's being held this Sunday.  But then the florist called and said there was a problem with a shipment of flowers they received and they might not be able to complete the order.  I got a hold of their supplier and talked to them and they assured me that they would rush ship something for us.  So I thought that was all taken care of...then I got a called from the client saying they weren't happy with the seating arrangements because something about the chairman's family having issues with the vice president's family because they are separated and on their way to a divorce and if we seat them together the families will start fighting...and on top of that even within their own family there are issues like Aunt Mary can't sit there because she has this major tiff with Uncle Bob and they are no longer on speaking terms and it won't look good to the was a nightmare.  Finally after four hours of changing things around and calling back and forth the clients finally were okay with the seating arrangements...but then two of our servers who were scheduled for the banquet called in with family was because their kid was going into surgery and other was a funeral for their grandfather.  I now have to find replacements and check with Chef Brown, Chef Pierre, and Chef Russo to make sure everything is set for the party."


"Very stressful day," Prem said as he handed over a plate he had fixed for her while she was talking.  He then leaned in and kissed her cheek.  "All the more reason to relax a little bit."  Heer smiled as he gently rubbed the back of her neck trying to sooth the tension in her body.  "Seems like you're handling things really well...things will work out."


"Thanks," Heer replied as she took a fork and started eating.  "Mmm...this is delicious."  Prem grinned and began fixing himself a plate of food.  He reached over turned on the television so they would have something to watch to relax their minds.


Almond shaped brown eyes stared into piercing brown eyes filled with adoring love as racing hearts slowly steady themselves and cheeks flushed pink gently shinned in the dimly lit room.  Heer tenderly reach up with her hand and brushed through Prem's thick hair grinning joyfully.  She watched as he briefly closed his eyes savoring her touch and tilted his head to the side so he could kiss the palm of her hand.  "I love you," he said.


"I love you too," Heer replied.


"You still think this was inappropriate?" Prem grin.


"Between husband and wife, no...but doing this while at work, yes," Heer answered.


"So we were being naughty but you can't deny it felt good," Prem replied his eyes flashing with mischievous desire.


"It did," Heer smiled.  They both broke out into soft chuckles as Prem leaned his forehead against hers.  The white sheets shuffled as their bodies adjusted in their playful moment.  Heer gripped her husband's bare shoulders as he dipped his head downwards to kiss her neck.  "Jaanu, we have to go back to work...we can't stay away too long people will start looking for us.  We still have two hours of work left."


Prem sighed as he lifted his head up and pouted, "Do we have to?"


Heer chortled at his response.  "You know we have to.  You're going to be the boss of this hotel soon.  You shouldn't be slacking like this.  What would the employees say?"


"I'll tell them to mind their own business.  So what if I want to chase my wife around?" Prem joked.  Heer softly patted his shoulder making him reluctantly pull away.  He knew she was right.  "Yea, we better get going."  Prem slipped out of the bed and picked up his discarded clothes and headed for the bathroom. 


Heer sat up and combed her hands through her hair gathering it up in a loose ponytail letting the air cool her neck and back.  She gave a thoughtful smile and then pulled the covers back to get out of bed.  She could hear the shower running and entered the bathroom; her lips curled upwards in a roguish grin.  When she opened the glass shower door Prem turned around surprised by her presence.  His drenched hair plastered his bangs to his forehead making him irresistibly adorable.  Prem brushed the strands backwards and stared at his wife.  "Room for one more?" she asked.


"Yea, of course," he replied.  "Always room for you."  He reached out with his hand and pulled her into the shower and moved over so she could get underneath the hot water.  Heer closed her eyes and arched her neck back letting the water trickle down her body and warm her.  She giggled when she felt Prem hug her burying his face in the crook of her neck so he could place sweet kisses there. 


"Mmm...Jaanu, behave...please..." Heer pleaded as her hands rested on his shoulders.


"I am behaving," Prem huskily replied in her ear.  "You know I can't resist when you're around me like this.  Stop trying to do these things on purpose to me."


Heer playfully pushed him back and slapped his chest.  "I don't do a thing and you know it.  We have to go back to work."


"Work, work, work...maybe you should be placed in charge of the hotel and I can be your assistant," Prem joked.


"I wouldn't want an assistant like you because you would never do any work for me," Heer teased back. 


Prem grinned and kissed her forehead.  "All right, Heer Mam...where should I start?"


"Shampoo please."  She smiled and then gave him a sweet kiss causing him to raise his eyebrows.  "A little motivation on my part," giggling as her fingers messaged the nape of his neck.


"I like this motivation," Prem sighed happily.  "I'm assuming you want the Lavender shampoo?"


"Yes, I don't want to smell like your Axe shampoo," Heer replied.


"You said you loved the smell that's why you bought it for me," Prem said.


"On you not me."


"Uh, I guess that explains why you've been sniffing me a lot lately," Prem teased.


"I do not!" Heer countered.


"You do.  You've gotten me the shampoo, the conditioner, the shower gel, and the deodorant," Prem smirked.  "I think the product really is working...they have all those commercials about how girls go crazy for the smell."


"Are you saying women have been coming up to you and sniffing you?" Heer inquired.


"You make them sound like they are dogs," Prem replied.


"Prem Juneja!"


"Hey, you said we should have an open and honest line of communication," he defended.  "You're getting angry and jealous over nothing."


"I'm not getting angry and jealous over nothing...these women shouldn't be getting into your personal space and sniffing you.  Are they blind?  Can't they see you have a wedding ring on...that means you're're mine," Heer barked.  "That's it tonight you're getting the Lavender shampoo and Dove soap."   


Prem started chuckling getting amused by her reaction, "And I do Honey and they step away."


"How long does it take for you to say something to them?"


"I tell them the minute I know.  I mean some of them are very discrete sniffers," Prem replied.  "Don't worry..." bringing her close and hugging her, "...I never knew you were this jealous over possessive."


"I'm sorry," Heer apologized.


Prem cupped her face and looked into her eyes, "You know I'm madly in love with you.  You're the second women in my life."


"Second?" Heer questioned with anxiety on her face.


"Ma's the first of course...don't tell me you're going to get jealous of Ma?  I can't forget the woman who raised me.  You are my one and only wife and of course there will be our little Chahat later.  Can I save some room in my heart for our daughter?"


Heer's face softened, "Prem of course you can.  I'm sorry for acting---"  She was caught off when her husband gave her a loving kiss.  When it ended he rubbed his nose against her nose and said, "Don't ever say you're sorry for loving me.  I love you just as much."


Heer grinned and replied, "Save some room in that heart for a Chota Prem."


"I will," Prem beamed.  "So where were we?  Ah, yes Lavender shampoo."   


Thanks for reading!

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