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FF| AWMARW Thread 2 (Page 8)

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update sooon plzzzzzzzz

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plz update soon...!
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Congratzzz dear with the second threadHug, just LOVE ur ffHeart


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update plzzzzzzzzz waitinggggg

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im going to start reading this ff from today......and i'll try to give comments for each part if not atleast for some parts.......but im definitely going to read this ff..............and thx for the ff in advance dear..........have a nice year..............

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Originally posted by suha_hasini

im going to start reading this ff from today......and i'll try to give comments for each part if not atleast for some parts.......but im definitely going to read this ff..............and thx for the ff in advance dear..........have a nice year..............

Oh wow, cool thanks. Big smile
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Everyone, thank you for the congratulatory wishes on the new thread.

Sorry for the long wait but with the holidays and new year celebrations it took awhile to get this chapter out.  So without further ado...

Chapter 57: Over Thinking


Prem and Heer both exchanged glances after hearing Preet and Harman's announcement and walked over to the couples for an explanation.  Preet looked at his brother's face and gave an apologetic look, "Sorry Prem Bhaiya...Heer Bhabhi...we didn't mean to ruin your engagement party just that with the way speeches have been going...and what Maya over heard...Ma thinking something was going on between Meher and Harman...we had no choice...we wanted to tell them after the party but well Bauji started talking, I panicked...really sorry."  Prem just him an understanding grin and a firm brother grip on his shoulder.


"We completely understand after everything we have been through," Heer replied.  She then looked at Maya and Harman.


"I'm so sorry Heer," Maya apologized.


Prem gently nodded his head and gave a stern look at Harman, "So, you couldn't tell me, huh?"


"I really wanted to.  No one in the family knew about it.  Preet and Meher only found out cause they caught us together at the big pastry competition.  I'm really sorry Bhaiya," his brother replied.  "Maya and I were planning on breaking it to everyone but with Bauji and Maya's Dad not having a great relationship...we had to keep it a secret.  I thought if everyone got to know Maya without knowing who her father was it would make things easier."


"Who's her father?" Prem asked.


"Vinay Bindar," Maya answered.


Prem's eyes bulged at the name.  "The Vinay Bindar...the one that is in real estate...the one that has been giving us headaches at the hotel...that Vinay Bindar?"


"Unfortunately yes," Maya said.  "I'm sorry, especially with the Prashant thing."


"It wasn't like he knew what Prashant was doing.  I'm sure Bauji will understand," Heer said as she placed her hand on Prem's arm to make him snap out of his shocked trance. 


"Well, the thing is..." Maya replied biting her lower lip, "I really don't think that is the first time my Dad has interacted with Mr. Juneja."


"But Bauji can't hold your Dad responsible for what the Chabarias where doing," Preet said.


Maya gave a worried look while Harman tried comforting her by placing his arm around her shoulder.  "Don't worry.  The hard part is done...we've told everyone.  We just need to stay strong...that's one thing that Bhaiya and Bhabhi have taught us with their situation."


"Well, said...well, said," Kulraaj replied clapping her hands as she and Kiran came walking into their group.  "But I don't know what is wrong with my brothers...all three of you having secret relationships underneath my nose."  She gave a look towards Prem who immediately bowed his head, then at Harman who shifted his eyes away, and then at Preet who gave a sheepish smile.  "Only one of which I had some part in.  Thank goodness you finally got the hint."


"Haa, Di...thanks," Preet mumbled.  Meher arched her eyebrows in wonder at his response.  "She convinced me to ask you out," Preet quickly explained.


"You know these festive celebrations are becoming quite the news breaking arena," Kiran said.  "I wonder what else someone is going to report at the next coming event."


"That would be Prem and Heer's wedding," Kulraaj said.


"No, dear that would be the birth of our child," Kiran corrected.


"We promise we don't have any more secrets," Meher announced.  "We won't ruin your special day."


"Well, I certainly hope there aren't any more surprises in store for us.  And as the eldest...a word of warning...I don't want any announcements that one of you is expecting, understand?  Or I will personally strangle you myself." Kulraaj threatened her brothers. 


"Di!" they exclaimed with shock while their significant others blushed a furious red and stared downward on the ground.


"That's not going to happen," Preet said holding his hands up in innocence.  He then gave a mischievous smile, "PB's the one that's getting married in three weeks...we'll have to keep an eye on him."  Prem raised his fist at Preet in a threatening manner while everyone except Heer laughed at the joke.  As soon as the laughter subsided; Teji, Balraaj, and Nihaal came walking up causing those not privy to the family situation to disperse.  Preet gave a nervous grin at Balraaj while Meher looked cautiously at the faces of her parents.     


"Well, you two certainly are brothers, aren't you?" Balraaj greeted.  He then looked at his wife and sighed, "These Juneja boys have taken quite a fancy to our girls.  One's already taken our Heer away should I let the other one take our Meher?"


"Keeping secrets seems to be a similar trait they share...we never got an official introduction from either of them.  Trust will be a very important matter from now on.  Nihaal, as the eldest how do you feel?" Teji replied.


"Haa Mama, I agree trust is very important," Nihaal replied and then gave a grave pause.  Meher stared at her brother with pleading eyes while Preet continued to fidget nervously underneath Teji and Balraaj's gaze.  "If they are really brothers then we are truly unfortunate...cause they'll take really good care of Heer and Meher...and Heer and Meher will forget all about us."  Tears welled up behind Heer and Meher's eyes as they processed the meaning behind Nihaal's words.  "Prem's proven himself to be worthy of our Heer.  I think it's only a matter of time for Preet to grow into his own, right Papa?"

Balraaj smiled brightly and pat Preet's back, "I agree.  Preet, you may date Meher."


"Papa!  Thank you!" Meher exclaimed and hugged her father and brother tightly.


"Thank you.  I know this wasn't the best way to come and tell you about our relationship," Preet said to Balraaj.  "Thank you for approving."


"I can see that you have a good heart.  Your father is a good man and I know he has instilled values into his children.  Meher's hand is now in your hand," he replied.


"I think it is a bit early for you to be talking about the future.  They are both still so young.  We can all wait for that later," Teji said to her husband.  "Let's get Heer settled in first."


"Right, well then all you have to do is to live up to your potential until then," Balraaj said to Preet.  He then looked at Prem.  "I'm counting on you to keep an eye."


"Don't worry Papa I won't spare him.  I consider Meher my sister and will protect her.  I won't forgive Preet for any mistakes," Prem replied.


"PB!" Preet said in alarm.


"I'm keeping an eye on you now," Prem said pointing to his two eyes and then towards his brother in threatening fashion.


Meher grinned happily.  "Now, I have two brothers to look after me.  Better watch yourself otherwise my Jiju will beat you up.  Everyone laughed heavily at the comment made.  


"We can continue talking about this after the party.  It looks like your parents are currently engaged with some guests," Teji said as she looked across the room and say Gayatri and Lalit talking to a Canadian couple.  "I think we should all go to the buffet," Especially Prem and Heer this is in your honor."


The group nodded and made their way to the buffet line.  "You two sillies," Ashlesha said walking towards Prem and Heer.  "Kunal and I made a plate for both of you before Lalit Uncle made the announcement.  We wanted to make sure you guys had a good plate of food before the hungry crowd demolished everything.  Come with me."


"Thanks Ash," Prem said as he and Heer followed her to where Kunal was sitting guarding their food.


"Took you guys long enough," Kunal said.  "I'm starving."


"Well, why didn't you eat?" Heer asked.


"It would be impolite of me to start before the guests of honor arrived," Kunal joked.  "So, are we going to be getting any more surprises tonight?  Seriously, who knew Maya and Harman were dating?  I could kind of see Preet and your sister but the other two...that came out of nowhere."


"I know," Heer said.  "I had no idea about Harman and Maya.  We rarely saw them together."


"They really know how to sneak around," Ashlesha replied.  "So how long have they've been dating?"


"Since this summer," Prem answered.  "I still can't believe he didn't tell me."


"He was keeping the secret from everybody," Heer said in a comforting manner.


"Yea, I know," Prem sighed.


"Oh, before I forget and family and other guests start requesting your time to congratulate you two.  I have something for you both," Kunal said as he pulled an envelope from his inner suit pocket.  "It's from um...Sanjana."


Heer looked at Kunal in surprise while Prem casted a downward glance his expression turning rather firm.  Even though Sanjana had personally seen him a few days ago to apologize he was still coming to terms that a friend he had trusted had betrayed him like that.  Prem knew Heer had forgiven Sanjana for what she had done.  It was something he expected and knew Heer to do just because she was that type of person but he wasn't ready to forgive and forget.  Heer had personally gone to Sanjana's house to invite her to their engagement just as a polite and formal gesture.  Sanjana for her part knew it was best to stay away and did not attend tonight's festivities.


Heer took the envelope from Kunal's hands and opened it.  It was congratulatory card for the engagement.  Heer smiled and cautiously handed the card over to Prem to read.  Prem took the card in his hands and was rather reluctant to look at it but did it anyway for the sake of Heer.  The message was simple.  Sanjana apologized again for her behavior and congratulated them on their engagement.  "That was nice of her," Heer said.


"So, are there any good looking single guys here?" Ashlesha suddenly asked trying to break the somber mood.


"I wouldn't know," Heer replied.


"Well, of course you wouldn't're too busy staring at your fiance," Ashlesha said.  "I think Prem would be jealous if he saw you ogling somebody else."


"Then why are you even asking this question?" Heer asked.


"Well, of course for Prem to answer...maybe a cousin, a co-worker, or a son of one of his father's friends he could introduce me to," Ashlesha explained.

"Hey what am I?" Kunal inquired tugging on his suit collar as he gave his best smoldering look.  Heer and Ashlesha burst into laughter causing him to frown.  "What's wrong with the way I look?"


"It's that face you're making," Heer said covering her mouth as she continued to giggle.


"Why are you so interested?" Ashlesha replied.


"I'm not," Kunal answered a bit miffed that she and Heer were still snickering at him.


"He just wanted to be included in the good looking list," Prem replied.


"Horrible way to fish for a compliment Kunal," Ashlesha said.  Kunal folded his arms and pouted.  "Awww, so cute!" she teased and pinched his cheek causing him to frown.


"Hmm, single guys," Prem pondered out loud.  "I think there are a couple of business friends that Bauji knows that have sons."  Ashlesha's eyes lit up in excitement.  "And they are actually here tonight.  I'll introduce you once we finished eating."


"Thanks Prem," Ashlesha said.


"Wow, already making your place in the family," Heer said.  "Taking care of Meher like a brother and now trying to play match maker for Ash?"


"Approve?" Prem asked.


"Of course," Heer smiled.


Kunal gently snickered and nudged Ashlesha to point out that Prem and Heer were staring at each lost in their own world again.  "There is plenty of time for that later you two," Ashlesha reprimanded causing the couple to break from their trance in embarrassment.  "Only one more month and you'll be husband and wife."


"Yea, but they can't just stare at each other all day either.  When they start working at the hotel the guests aren't going to be too pleased that the owner of the place is busy chasing after his wife," Kunal teased.  Prem shoot his friend a dirty look while Heer looked down at her plate of food and began eating.


Eventually the engagement party came to a close and the Juneja household was left empty except for a few extended family members staying at the house.  Veera stood next to Maya and gave her a comforting smile before she and Harman went into the office to talk to the parents.  Maya was relieved that Veera had handled the news of her dating Harman rather well.  Veera was initially hurt of course that Maya had befriended her only because of the relationship situation.  But the more Veera thought about their friendship she realized that Maya was being genuine in their relationship.  They did share many similar interests and got along really well.  She loved her brother wanted him to be happy and knew he did the things he did for a reason.  She felt the same about Preet and Meher's situation.  After she had gotten to know the Maan sisters better she knew if anyone could straighten out Preet's party-boy behavior and carefree attitude it would be Meher.  She knew her brother had a lot of potential but he never showcased it like the way Prem and Harman did.  He always preferred to spend his time experiencing life and doing leisure things.


Lalit opened the office door and requested that Harman and Maya come in to talk first.  Veera, Meher, Heer, and Ashlesha looked on with nervousness hoping and wishing that they would be accepted.  Prem and Preet were busy playing games on their cell phone to relieve themselves of the stressful situation that was occurring.


Harman looked at his father with a calm face despite how he felt in the inside; a bundle of nerves ready to break at any moment.  Maya looked at Lalit with a timid expression not sure how all of this was going to play out.  Lalit cleared his throat and put his hands behind his back as he stood before them.  "Who are your parents?" Lalit asked.


"VVinay Bindar," Maya hesitantly replied.  Lalit's eyebrows flexed at hearing her father's name but remained silent.  "My mother passed away three years ago from breast cancer."  Gayatri's eyes lit in sadness hearing that Maya's mother had already passed away. 


"Does your father know about this?" Lalit asked.


"No, Uncle," Maya replied lowering her eyes.


"When were you planning on telling him?" Lalit inquired next.


"When we told you and Auntie," Maya replied.


"We were planning on telling you after Prem Bhaiya's engagement party...when things had settled," Harman added.


"When things settled..." Lalit repeated and then sighed, "but you announced it to everyone tonight."


"Well, that was Preet's idea..." Harman replied and then caught the displeased look on his father's face.  "I just sort of happened because we panicked...we overhead Ma talking about Meher and me...we wanted to clear any confusion before it started."


"Well, I'm going to make my answer short," Lalit said.  "No.  I will not approve of this."


"Bauji please," Harman said.  "I'm sorry we should have told you sooner.  We were afraid you would disapprove because of Maya's father."


"I know my Dad hasn't been the best but please.  I really care for Harman a lot," Maya pleaded.


"You really think this has anything to do with your father?" Lalit scoffed. 


"Then why Bauji?" Harman asked confused.


"You lied to me and your mother.  Both of you snuck around our backs and then you brought her into this family as a stranger to you but a friend of your sister's?  What honor is there in that relationship?" Lalit asked.


"That's not fair," Harman angrily replied.  "I know what I did was wrong but how is my mistake any worse than Prem Bhaiya's or Preet's?  The only difference is that they are dating your best friend's daughter.  This is so unfair!  You're playing favorites!"


Lalit raised his hand and pointed at his son irritably, "Remember who you are speaking to."


Harman shifted his eyes away and clenched his fists, "Forgive me Bauji."


"I don't think there is anymore to discuss," Lalit said dismissing the couple.


Harman stared wide eyed at his father and wanted to protest when Maya held his arm.  "Your father has said his piece Harman...please let's not fight."  She then politely bowed her head towards Gayatri and Lalit.  "Thank you for speaking with us.  I'm really sorry for what we've done.  The engagement party was beautiful thank you for inviting me."


Just as Maya and Harman were turning to leave they heard Gayatri telling them to stop.  Her husband looked at her in astonishment.  "I have heard what I needed to hear..."  She held up her hand towards Lalit preventing him from interrupting her.  "Harman is right.  How can you use that as an excuse to dismiss their relationship when your other two sons did the same thing?  All of them have done something wrong.  Whatever issues you may have in business with Vinay Bindar should not be brought into this relationship between Harman and Maya.  I think we will need to make a visit to the Bindar home and speak with Maya's father about their relationship.  If the children are serious I do not see why we should keep them from seeing each other."


"Gayatri..." Lalit uttered.


Gayatri ignored her husband and smiled at the young couple.  "It's late we'll talk about this later.  Maya please speak with your father and find out what is a good day to come and visit."


"Haa Auntie.  Thank you," Maya replied with hopefulness.


"Thank you Ma," Harman said.


Everyone waiting outside had a look of relief when they say Harman and Maya walking out with tiny smiles on their faces.  "So, everything's okay?" Veera asked.


"Well, sort of," Harman replied.  "Bauji hasn't consented but Ma has.  We need to talk to Maya's Dad now.  We need to setup a time for the parents to meet."


"I'm sure everything will go well," Heer comforted.


"I hope so but there is seems to be a strong grudge that Bauji is holding against Maya's father," Harman said sadly.


"Daddy's not too fond of Mr. Juneja either.  I really don't what we are going to do," Maya said.


"We will help you guys think of something," Veera said.


Harman smiled at his sister, "Thanks."


"Thank you Veera," Maya replied.


"Guess it's our turn," Meher said with anxiety as she saw her parents enter the office.


"You have nothing to worry about Meher," Maya said with a comforting look.


"Let's go," Preet said as he took Meher's hand into his and walked into the office.  Teji and Balraaj stood off to the side of the office with smiles on their faces.


Preet and Meher bowed their hands at Lalit.  "We are really sorry for announcing our relationship like this," Preet said.


"I'm so sorry," Meher repeated.  "Please forgive us."


Gayatri smiled and went out to hug Meher when Lalit stopped her by blocking her with his arm.  "One minute.  I have something to say.  I know this is going to be unpleasant to hear but I have to say it," Lalit stated.  "I cannot accept this relationship."  Everyone in the room looked at him completely stunned by his revelation.


"What are you saying?" Gayatri asked.


"Lalit?" Balraaj uttered.


"It's not that I don't think Meher is a wonderful girl.  She is a bright and capable young lady.  She deserves so much and I just don't think Preet is suitable for someone like her," Lalit said.  Preet stared at his father speechless.  "Let's be honest here.  He has no direction in life...he can't pick a major...has no idea what he will do once he graduates from college.  I cannot bear to have Meher be subjected to such a fate...being with someone who has no goals."


"Lalit, I think you are being far too harsh on your son," Balraaj replied.  "There is time...he's a Juneja after all.  He'll grow into his own."


"I think you're being too kind.  This is my flesh and blood.  I've raised him for 19 years," Lalit answered.


"If Meher is all that you knew her to be than she could only have a positive influence on Preet's life," Gayatri said.  "Kulraj has said he's been taking his studying a little more serious this year and why?  Because of Meher."


"I understand your concerns," Teji said.  "But I think we are very far from marriage at this point in time.  They are both too young.  This is simply a question if we will allow them to continue dating."


Lalit nodded and then looked at Preet weighing his words carefully, "You understand the conditions don't you?  You have better prove yourself by the time you graduate."


"Haa, Bauji I will," Preet seriously replied.


"Thank you," Meher said.


Lalit smiled, "I think it's pretty late.  It's time for bed."  Everyone nodded and filed out of the office heading to their perspective rooms.


Heer sighed as she wiped her wet face on her towel thankful that it was finally time for bed.  She checked herself in the mirror making sure she had washed all the soapy suds from her face wash off and then removed the hair band that had been holding her hair back.  She brushed the towel against the front of her black tank top making sure to wipe away any stray water drops that had splashed outward when she was washing her face.  She smiled at her outfit and admired the black and pink plaid pajama pants she was wearing.  They had been a gift from her brother when they had gone to the mall.  He had given her and Meher a hundred dollars each to buy anything they wanted.  The sisters decided to spend it at Victoria's Secret purchasing a bra and pajama pants.  Needless to say Meher teased Heer mercilessly at the store asking her if she was getting ideas for Prem and would she be coming back to purchase something later.  Heer turned beet red and hit Meher hard on the arm.  She shouted so loudly that everyone in the store turned and looked in their direction wondering what was happening.  Heer was relieved the Prem wasn't with them at the mall that day.  Nihaal was the only one and had gone to the food court to get something to eat while his sisters shop at Victoria's Secret.


As Heer opened her bathroom door and stepped out into her bedroom she shouted at suddenly seeing a figure dressed in black.  Her mouth was immediately cupped by the intruder and deep brown eyes stared into her eyes.  Heer's body relaxed the minute she realized who it was.  "Prem?  What are you doing here?" she asked as his hand moved away from her mouth.


"I told you what I was going to do tonight," Prem replied as he attempted to move his face towards her neck to nuzzle her.  Heer placed her hands on his chest blocking him when there was a sudden loud knock at her door.  Prem pulled back and looked at her in alarm when they heard the deep voice of her brother.


"Heer?  You okay?" Nihaal asked as he knocked on the door.  "Open the door."


"Haa, Bhaiya coming," Heer replied.  "One minute."  She looked at Prem and whispered, "See I told you this was going to happen."


"Well, I didn't know you were going to scream like that," Prem said.  "Get rid of him."


"First find a place to hide," Heer replied.  Prem quickly went into the closet and left a tiny crack open so he could listen in on the conversation.  Heer took a deep breath and opened the locked door.  Nihaal came rushing in with a worried look on his face.  "Bhaiya what are you doing here?"


"I heard you scream so I came over.  Is everything okay?" Nihaal asked.


"Um, yeah...sorry...just that there was-was a lizard crawling in my room a minute ago," Heer replied.


"Really where?" Nihaal said as he began looking around the room.


"No, not there!" Heer shouted as he walked closer to the closet door.  Nihaal arched his eyebrows looking at her.  "I mean that is where it came from but it ran away...out the window."  Nihaal turned and looked at the closed window in the room.  "I had it opened earlier and when I screamed the lizard got scared and just climbed up the wall and out the window.  I was closing the window when you knocked."  Heer gave a tiny smile not really sure if her brother was buying her made up story.


"Why don't you go and sleep in my room tonight?  I'll sleep here instead.  I know how you feel about lizards," Nihaal said.


"Oh, I'll be okay.  It went out the window already," Heer replied.


"How big was the lizard?" Nihaal asked.


"It wasn't very big just a little one," Heer said.


"Well, if it was a baby lizard then there may be more in this room.  Maybe a mother lizard came inside and laid her eggs in the closet," Nihaal said and started walking towards the closet again.


"Noooooo!" Heer shouted.


Nihaal turned around and laughed.  "You'll be okay sleeping in this room tonight?  Relax, I'm not going to open it.  I'm closing the door," he explained as he shut the closet door.  "I'll check the closet tomorrow morning.  Go to my room and sleep.  I'll sleep here tonight."


"But Bhaiya..." Heer protested.


"I'm not afraid of any lizards.  Ashlesha is sleeping in Meher's room and is probably chatting up a storm in there.  You had a long day and you need your rest.  Go," Nihaal said.


"Um, okay.  Thanks," Heer softly replied and left the room.


Meanwhile, Prem stood in the pitch dark closet in nervous jitters wondering what to do.  He had no choice but to sit and wait for Nihaal to go to sleep before he could sneak out of the room.  He made a silent prayer that he would be able to leave the room without being caught.  He could only imagine what Heer's brother would do to him if he caught him.  He was very buff and could easily break him into tiny pieces if he really wanted to.  Prem sighed and sat down on the closet floor and patiently waited for sleep to overtake Nihaal.


Prem opened his eyes as he felt his head drop down.  He rubbed his eyes realizing he had fallen asleep while waiting for Nihaal.  He cautiously opened the closet door and spied him fast asleep in the bed.  Prem grinned and crawled his way out of the closet but he felt a strange tug on the leg of one of his pajama pants.  He moved backwards hoping whatever it was that hooking him would unhook.  He then swiftly crawled forward only to make whatever it was fall down in the closet making noise.  Prem freaked and quickly dash towards the left side of the bed as Nihaal sat up and got out of the right side of the bed to inspect what had happened.  Prem rolled underneath the bed and held his breath as the lights turned on.  Nihaal scratched his head and muttered, "That's one big lizard."  He was still half asleep but opened the door to the closet and started to inspect the inside.  Prem sighed realizing this was going to be a long night for him.


Heer rubbed her eyes as she got up from bed and made her way to her own bedroom.  She was anxious that Prem was somehow still stuck in the closet.  She opened the door to find her brother sleeping peacefully.  "Nihaal Bhaiya?" Heer called trying to wake him.


"Huh?  Oh, morning," he groggily replied as he sat up.  "You don't have to worry about lizards any more.  There aren't any in the closet.  I got woken up in the middle of the night cause something fell over in there.  You shouldn't put heavy books on the shelves and hang your purses and bags better.  I got my foot caught in that mess and nearly trip and ran into the wall."


"Heh, sorry," Heer said.  "Thank you though."


"Did you get a goodnight's sleep?" Nihaal asked as he got up from the bed.


"Um, yeah.  Thank you," Heer said.


"Anytime," Nihaal yawned and walked out the room.


Heer sighed with relief that Prem had made it out of the closet and was probably in his bed sleeping soundly.  Her eyes grew wide when she heard her name being called from underneath her bed.  "Prem?  Is that you?" she asked in disbelief.


"No, it's Santa Claus," Prem muttered as he rolled out from underneath the bed.  He stiffly got up from the floor and held his neck.  "That was the worst night ever.  Your brother was taking forever in the closet and I just fell back asleep."


Heer smirked and crossed her arms in front of her chest, "Well, serves you right.  See, I told you didn't I?  Don't do something stupid like that again.  You better go before someone finds you in my room."


Prem frowned and rubbed the back of his neck.  "My neck hurts and you don't even care...all you want to do is kick me out of your room.  Fine then we will see.  Just you wait, you are going to be begging me for some affection soon enough," he huffed. 


Heer just stared at him blankly.  "Prem, you were being stupid."


He dismissed her comment by holding up his hand and it waving to the side, "I can't talk to you right now.  I have to get ready for morning prayer.  See ya," and walked out of her room.  Heer furrowed her eyebrows at why Prem was acting so immature.


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zzzzzzzzzzfffff 1208 77682 03 December 2013 at 2:53pm by Fatima_Q
*~Premeer Appreciation Thread #3~*

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Author: nandini27   Replies: 1200   Views: 74576

nandini27 1200 74576 23 March 2012 at 8:29pm by JugniPH
Epi Discussions Thread: Re-Run

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Author: nandini27   Replies: 247   Views: 16556

nandini27 247 16556 04 September 2010 at 12:50am by -Ayushi-
~*Additi/Heer Appreciation Thread 2*~

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Author: -Faith-   Replies: 505   Views: 43330

-Faith- 505 43330 28 April 2010 at 8:28am by nandini27
Epi Discussions Thread: Re-run

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Author: khushix   Replies: 1176   Views: 36555

khushix 1176 36555 27 March 2010 at 1:44am by nandini27

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