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Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil

FF| AWMARW Thread 2 (Page 70)

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wonderful update
Nihal and Veera are now coming closer and closer.
Meher and Ash were happy.
what to say about Prem's decoration for his love. he simply made her day memorable.
you describtion made me feel the environement in fornt of my eyes.
Prem and Heer enjoyed the day with love and passion.
After few updates without much scene on Premeer, you gave this fully to them in your style.
in one word. its amazing.

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awesome update grace
loved it

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waitingggggggg asap

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Hey everyone!  This upcoming week is a bit busy for me but I managed to finish this chapter so I'm posting it up.

Thanks for all of those that took the time to Comment and/or Hit the Like Button Big smile

Chapter 73: And the Craziness Continues


Prem yawned sleepily as he walked down the stairs of the Juneja mansion.  It had been a week since he and Heer had returned and he was definitely feeling the effects of Honeymoon withdrawal.  Despite telling his wife that she didn't have to wake up so early in the morning, the second day they had come back home she had set the alarm for 5am.  He nearly jumped out of bed when the clock started beeping.  He had tired reasoning with her but it was of little use as he was half asleep and could barely string a coherent sentence together.  She ignored him and rushed into the bathroom to take a shower and get ready for the day.  He simply groaned and crawled back underneath the covers hiding his head under the pillow trying his best to fall back asleep.  The next day was slightly better as the alarm went off at 5:30am instead of five in the morning, but he was still being roused from bed way too early.  He had another week before he was expected back at work at the hotel and he wanted to rest and recoup from the jet lag.  He couldn't understand how Heer was managing to drag herself out of bed every morning at such an early hour.  He knew it would only be a matter of time before she'd crash and burn.  Eventually her body would be unable to handle the sleep deprivation it was going through.  However, no matter what he said she wouldn't listen so he had no choice but to deal with being woken up in the early hours of the morning and then falling back asleep for another hour or two before dragging himself out of bed at a reasonable hour.


Prem glanced about him wondering why the house seems so quiet even on a lazy Sunday morning.  "Bauji, where is everyone?" he asked as he met his father in the living room.


"Ma and Teji Auntie took all the girls and the children of the household to the mandir," he replied.


"Oh, so are we waiting for them to come back and have breakfast together?"


"Are you expecting to be fed like a king?" Lalit inquired.  Prem's eyes widen at the sarcastic response.  Ever since he came home his mother was doting on him by feeding him all his favorite foods.  She always asked him what he wanted to eat first before asking the other family members input.  And it was clear that she was also punishing his father for his stubbornness in the whole Harman and Maya situation as she usually ignored any requests he made.  "I had a bowl of cereal who knows when they will be back."  Prem watched with a sad expression the slouched posture of his father walking back to the office, which was now his makeshift bedroom.  Lalit had gotten tired of walking up and down three flights of stairs and decided to make his office his permanent bedroom.  Prem sighed and wondered at what point his father would finally given in and change his mind.


Prem sat down on the couch and turned the TV on and started flipping through the channels.  He did this for a few minutes before he decided to walk outside to get the morning paper.  He opened the front door and stopped as there was an object blocking his way.  It was a baby carrier sitting on the welcome mat of the front door.  Prem suspiciously shifted his head around him wondering if this was some sort of prank Preet had devised.  He stared down at the little chubby creature softly sleeping and realized it was a real live breathing baby not just some look alike doll.  There was a little envelope placed by the feet of the carrier which Prem cautiously picked up.  His eyes bulged as he read the letter that was folded neatly inside.  He quickly placed the envelope back into the carrier and closed the door as if he had no clue there was a baby sitting at the front entrance way to the Juneja mansion.  He ran his fingers through his hair in utter shock.  A part of him kept thinking this had to be some elaborate joke that Preet was pulling.  Prem walked back to the living room and sat down in a state of mild shock.  That is when his younger brother came happily strolling into the room.  "Morning PB.  You want the other half of my granola bar?  I can't believe Ma left without making something for us," Preet whined.  "But Harman says he's going to cook some pancakes for us.  I told Balraaj Uncle...he seemed pretty happy about it.  He just had a cup of chai and buttered toast for breakfast...poor guy.  I was just on my way to tell Bauji and Kiran Jiju."  He stared at his brother wondering why he was so silent.  "Something wrong PB?" a smirk formed along his mouth and he teased, "Oh, I're already missing Bhabhi...don't worry I'm sure she'll be back soon.  You had her all to yourself for a month and really spoiled didn't you?  Just say the word PB and I'll find a way to clear everyone out of the house so you can rrrromance with Bhabhi...or better yet you two should just go over to the townhouse...I'm sure no one will notice for an hour or two...what say?"


"Yeah, um...I guess you're right," Prem muttered.


Preet furrowed his eyebrows at his response.  "Are you okay?  You guys didn't have a fight now did you?  Need me to come up with a plan to smooth things over?"


"No Preet we didn't have a fight.  Everything is fine," Prem replied in a more engaging tone.  "Um, actually you think you could go and get the morning paper?  My feet are still a little sore from all the walking we did on the trip."


"Sure no problem," Preet said and went off to do what his brother had requested.  A few seconds later there was horrified yell, "PB!  Th-th-th-there is...ohhhh...oh my...wh-wh-what is that doing here?"


Prem quickly ran to the front door and saw the panic stricken face of his brother.  "So this isn't a prank of yours?"


Preet shook his head with terror, "Nnno...who-who'd joke about something like this?"


"Okay so then who's is it?" Prem inquired.


"I don't know," Preet replied as he closed the door leaving the carrier outside like his brother had done.


"Hey guys, I found out the pancake mix asks for eggs.  I'm on my way to the store to pick up a carton...didn't realize we didn't have any more.  Do you guys want anything?" Harman asked as he grabbed his car keys from the drawer of the console table in the hallway.


"Um, no...I'm good," Prem answered.


"Me too," Preet added.


Both brothers watched intently as Harman opened the front door and then suddenly stopped when he noticed the baby carrier.  Harman reached down and picked up the envelope tucked by the baby's feet and read the letter out loud, "She's yours take care of her."


"Wow, who knew PB that Harman could do such a thing?" Preet inquired.


"I know I'm so disappointed," Prem played along.


Harman looked at his brothers in disbelief, "What?  Wait a second...this baby is not mine."


"Well, the letter obviously states it is," Preet replied.


"The letter doesn't even say who it is addressed to.  How can the baby be mine?  This letter could refer to anyone in this house!" Harman defended.


"Anyone?  Are you saying Bauji?  Or Balraaj Unlce?" Preet gasped in shock.  "In case you haven't noticed Balraaj Uncle has been too busy fighting cancer to carry on an extra materiel affair.  And the Chand keeps saying how his three sons and two daughters are driving him crazy because there is always some sort of drama going on and he can never get a moments peace in his house.  I think he's done well for himself in the children department.  He'd be crazy to go for another."


"Well, I'm happily married to Heer," Prem stated firmly.


"I have Meher," Preet defended.


"Well, then who's is it?  It isn't mine.  I have Maya," Harman replied.  "Could it be Kiran Jiju's?


"He just had a kid with Kulraaj Didi...have you lost your mind?  It can't possibly be him," Prem said.


"Take your baby Harman," Preet instructed.


"What do you mean my baby?  I told you I have Maya."


"Well, you were hiding her for the longest time...who knows what else you've been hiding from the family," Preet retorted.


"Secrets?  I'm not the only one in this household that has secrets...what about you or Prem Bhaiya, huh?"


"First of all I never hid Meher by sneaking around...we hung around each other a lot and in front of family too...unlike you.  You only brought Maya out recently.  And you're accusing Prem Bhaiya?  It's Prem Bhaiya for crying out loud...seriously?  You saw what he went through with the whole Prashant mess," Preet defended.  "Shame on you for trying to pass off your mistake."


"I can assure you Heer is the only one I've ever been with and she'll continue being the only one I'll be with," Prem said.


Preet smirked naughtily, "Are you upset you're back from the Honeymoon?"


"Watch what you say that is your Bhabhi you are talking about," Prem sternly replied.


"I didn't say anything about Bhabhi...I was talking about you...all the rrrromancing you must have done...did you decorate the room with roses...serenade her?  You did...didn't you?" Preet cheekily commented.


"Prrreeet!" Prem warned.


"What are we suppose to do with a baby?" Harman inquired.


"We?  Who's we?  You.  What are you going to do with a baby?" Preet answered.                 


"Take responsibility Harman," Prem added.


Harman stared at his older brother unable to believe that he seriously believed what Preet was saying.  "Bhaiya..."


"You should probably pick up some diapers at the store and some formula as well."


"But we've got a lot of formula at home," Harman replied.


"I think Kulraaj Di would start noticing if a few cans of baby formula started to go missing especially since she is still breast feeding Tanu.  Kiran Jiju bought the few cans of formula because they were on sale."


"You'll need to buy a baby bottle too," Preet add after a few minutes of pondering.


"I can't do this all alone," Harman cried.  "I don't know a thing about babies."


"Don't look at us.  We don't know anything either," Preet replied.


Harman stared at the wall filled with baby products: bottles, bibs, towels, baby utensil, teething toys, pacifiers, and rattles.  He scratched his head amazed at all the things needed for a little child.  He glanced over at the shopping cart and saw the baby busily staring and looking at the things around the store.  Satisfied that the baby was happy and seemed to be preoccupied by other things Harman went back and looked at the baby bottles being offered at the store.  He was amazed to see the different varieties.  Some looked like the tradition baby bottle while others had strange shapes promising better controlled flow and reduction of gas.  He had absolutely no clue what he should purchase.


"Okay, I found formula," Prem announced as he placed a few cans into the shopping cart.  "But I don't have any idea which one is the best.  They all say these different things.  I thought baby formula was the same no matter what brand.  And I really can't remember what Jiju bought.  So this one here is by Gerber it's their Protect Plus formula suppose to help with digestion and contains natural probiotic culture B.Iactis and has DHA and ARA for brain and eye development.  Sounds good right?"


"Yeah, it does.  I'm finding the same problem with baby bottles.  I never knew there were so many kinds...and what is the difference between a big bottle and little bottle?  Should we get a bottle just for water?" Harman inquired.


"Um, I think Didi uses the angled ones...reduces gas or something.  I think we should buy the same ones as hers so nobody will suspect anything if they find it," Prem answered.  He then looked over at the baby and smiled.  "Thank goodness we found Tanu's pacifier in the car and got her to calm down with it.  She seems to be doing a lot better.  I think she's getting use to us."  Prem gently played with her hand using his index finger.  The baby immediately latched on and made a cooing noise."


"Look at that already bonding...PB sure has a way with girls.  Bhabhi is going to get jealous," Preet teased as he came walking up to the shopping cart his arms filled with diapers."


"You got enough there?" Harman inquired.


"Well, you were taking so long I didn't know what to get.  How old do you think she is?  What size will fit her?  She isn't a new born that's for sure.  So I got theses Huggies...what size you think she is?"


"You're going to have to put those back.  Kulraj Di uses Pampers," Prem replied.  "I was just telling Harman we should probably use the same products that Didi uses for Tanu."


"Okay no problem I can change them but what size?  She looks bigger than Tanu and she's 3 months old."


"Um, how about size 2, 3, 4 since we don't know which one will fit of them is bound to be her size," Harman suggested.  "And the smaller sizes we can just give to Tanu to wear."


"I think she's not yet a year old...maybe eight or nine months old?  I mean whoever left her at our doorstep had to make sure she was big enough to withstand being outside for so long," Prem reasoned.


"Who'd leave a baby like that?  That's just wrong," Harman replied.


"Just as wrong for the father to not to take care of his child," Preet quipped back causing Harman to glare at him.  Preet just smiled and grabbed the diapers from the cart.  "I'll go change these to Pampers."


Harman sighed and went back to staring at the baby bottles.  "Let's see...the angled ones.  Didi has the light green ones."


"Get two of those," Prem instructed.


"So I've changed them to Pampers," Preet said as he came back and dumped the diapers in the cart again.  "Hey, I was thinking what do we call her?  I mean we can't say it and we can't say baby.  I was thinking Scotch."


"She's not a dog Preet," Prem replied with a frown.  "How about Angel?"


"I was thinking Princess," Harman answered.


"Angel?  Princess?  Like that won't get us in want to explain to Bhabhi or Maya who Angel or Princess is?"  Prem rubbed the back of his head realizing his brother had a point. 


"So if you guys don't like Scotch how about Martini?"


"Martini?" Prem and Harman repeated with confused looks on their faces.


"No?  Um, okay...Rum?  Whiskey?  Merlot?  Gin?  Sangria?  Tequila?"


"Why are you using alcoholic names for the baby?  What's next Margarita?" Harman asked furrowing his eyebrows.


"I'm surprised you haven't said Brandy," Prem dryly remarked.


"Hey, I like Brandy...Cognac would be good too," Preet enthusiastically replied.    


"Why not Vodka while we are at it," Harman sarcastically added.


"Oh, that one is good too."


"Well, at least with Scotch you could say Butterscotch..." Prem reasoned.


"So we're naming her Scotch?" Preet inquired.


"Ask Harman," Prem replied.


"How many times do I have to say this...she's not mine," Harman cried.


Prem and Preet immediately went up to the baby and covered her ears.  "How can you reject your own flesh and blood?" Preet asked shaking his head disapprovingly.  "I expected a lot more from you.  Tsk...tsk...takes some responsibility like PB said."


Harman just stared at his brothers incredulously.  "Close your mouth," Prem ordered.  "Don't teach her bad habits."


"Hey we better get home before Ma and them come back," Preet warned as he checked his cell phone.


"Oh before we go we need to get wet wipes, baby powder, and some baby bath time soap," Prem said.


"Completely forgot about're right," Preet said as he rushed off to collect those items with Prem.


Harman stared at the little baby sitting in her carrier and asked, "So, you like the name Scotch?"  Her brown eyes danced with mirth at hearing his voice.  "Hmm...maybe you're Preet's kid.  I'm Uncle Harman, right?"  The baby put one fist up to her face and rubbed the side of her forehead scrunching her nose in some strange effort in communicating that she disagreed with his statement.  Harman's face went pale, "Please don't do that.  Preet's'd enjoy being his daughter.  Or how about Prem like him right?  A handsome Papa he is...isn't he?"  The baby chose at that moment to just look away as if she was disinterested in what he was saying.  "Oh boy, how am I going to explain this?  Don't do this to me Scotch." 


Prem carefully drove the metallic blue Volvo into the main driveway of the Juneja mansion and widen his eyes in alarm.  "Oh no...they're back home already," he announced seeing the dark cherry pearl colored Honda Odyssey parked out front.  "How are we going to get her back into the house and with all our things without getting noticed?"


"Where are we going to put her?" Harman inquired. 


"In your room for the mean time," Prem replied.


"My room?  But if she cries Veera's going to hear and Bhabhi might get suspicious too even though your room is at the end of the hallway," Harman explained.


"For now at least until we can move her to a safer location," Prem said.


"The third floor," Preet suggested.  "We'll have her in the room in the far corner of the hallway away from Meher's room.  Thank goodness Bauji decided to move down to the office to sleep."


"Are we going to be able to do this?" Harman panicked.


"We're going to have to until we figure out who's baby this is," Preet replied.


"But how do we know if it is really someone in this household?"  Prem asked.  "I'm telling you I didn't sleep with anyone.  My wedding night was the first time for me."


"How do you really know?  Any one of us could have gotten drunk one night and did something stupid.  Excluding the old men in the house...its between you, me, Harman, and Kiran," Preet reasoned.  "We found out Sanjana was completely crazy about you...who knows maybe she drugged your drink one night and well, you thought you were with Heer and something happened.  I mean why did she suddenly disappear to Australia?"


"Nice try but the timeline is totally wrong.  It takes nine months to carry a baby...I think we would have noticed when there was a huge watermelon sized bulge coming from her stomach," Prem defended.  "And the whole Prashant mess happened in December and it's if we counted she would be 7 months pregnant right now---"


"You know I have heard some women don't really show when they are pregnant," Harman said cutting his brother off. 


Prem tightened his jaw and continued, "Either way the dates don't work because the baby we have is way bigger than a new born.  So I am definitely not the father.  And I swear the mother of my children is only going to be Heer...she's the only one allowed to carry my kids."


"Okay, we get it," Preet said trying to calm his brother down.  "We were just speculating.  I'm sure Bhabhi will be happy to hear how faithful you are to her.  So, PB is the least likely candidate until proven otherwise."


"What about you?  Mr. Party Boy, huh?  How do we know you didn't get really drunk one night and something happened?" Harman accused.  "You're just as likely to have fathered a kid."


"But I'm the youngest...I don't know such things," Preet replied playing all innocent.


"Ha-ha...please don't give me the you still believe in the whole go to the mandir and pray seven days and seven nights for a baby," Harman said.


"And why not?  Ma told us that was how babies come into the world," Preet said.


"I think high school biology would have corrected that notion," Prem chuckled.


"That's for goris...not us...we're pure," Preet confidently said. 


Harman stated laughing as a sudden childhood memory popped into his mind, "Remember when Ma caught Preet praying for a baby?"


"Oh were on the sixth day I think," Prem replied laughing along with his brother.  "You were so upset that she stopped you from completing the prayer ritual.  I think she forbid you to go to the prayer room by yourself and that she or Bauji had to be there.  And you weren't allowed to wander when we went to the mandir."


"I was just testing it out," Preet defended.  "You don't tell something like that to a kid and expect them not to try it out."


"So you are a possibility," Harman smirked.  Preet tried to say something in his defense but he kept talking over him, "'ve woken up before completely unaware where you don't even try it.  It is possible.  So, you are a likely candidate...more so than Prem Bhaiya."


"What about you?  Huh?  I distinctly remember you went out partying one night back in February of last this was before Maya since you said you've been dating since May of last year.  You got totally wasted.  You were relieving some stress from all the studying you were doing for law school.  You called me to come pick you up from some girl's apartment," Preet said with a triumphant grin as he finally recalled a past event of his.


"What?  Where was I?  How come I didn't know about this?" Prem inquired with arched eyebrows looking at Harman.


"You were on that business trip with Bauji in Vancouver," Preet replied.


"Oh yeah," Prem said remembering.  "Harman you are definitely a candidate than."


"And if we do the math...that's 9 months...February to October...and then from November to June of this year that makes the baby at least 8 months old.  See, Harman you are the father!" Preet exclaimed. 


"Wait a second...I mean wouldn't you remember something like that?" Harman inquired in slight panic.


"Depends on how drunk you were and how drunk she was.  She could have left the bed before you woke up...and then she realized unfortunately after you were long gone that she was pregnant," Prem explained.


"But I mean she could have called if something happened...I mean why didn't she?  Why would she choose to do this on her own?" Harman questioned. 


"Maybe she ran into some financial difficultly...maybe she tried to do it on her own and take responsibility for it but something happened that is why she dropped Scotch off at the house," Preet replied.


"Oh My God," Harman said running his hands through his hair, "What if I'm really the father?  What about Maya?  What about Bauji and Vinay Uncle?  What am I going to do?"


"Look we don't know for sure," Prem said trying to console his brother.  "I mean Preet is a likely candidate and well, there is Kiran Jiju but I just don't see him doing something like this."


"So you see me or Preet doing something like this?" Harman squealed.


"Well, no of course not.  We need to figure out who the mother of this baby is...only she has the answers," Prem replied.  "Maybe the neighbors saw something?  We need to investigate this.  So how are we going to bring Butterscotch back into the house?"


"Let me take care of that PB," Preet said as he unbuckled the seatbelt.  "I'll handle everything.  Here let me call your cell phone.  Pick it up and just leave it on so you can hear what's going on when I'm in the house and that should give you a good idea as to when you can sneak in and go upstairs."


"Good luck."  Preet just smiled and gave a thumbs up sign as he left the car and entered the house.


Harman stood in front of the kitchen stove with a small saucepan of water.  He really couldn't believe the luck he and his brothers had.  Everything seemed to have gone in their favor in hiding their little secret package.  Preet had been successful in diverting people's attention away from the doorway so he and Prem could sneak the baby into his room.  While the ladies of the house were busy cooking breakfast Preet was able to sneak into the pool house and make milk for the baby and come back upstairs to feed her.  At this point they devised a plan so that one of them was always with the baby while the other two made sure to keep the family members occupied with other things so they wouldn't notice that one of the brothers was missing.  Harman was thankful in some ways that his relationship issues with Maya and his father kept her busy doing daughter-in-law like duties for the household when she came over and visited.  After breakfast Maya, Meher, Veera, and Ashlesha went shopping.  Kiran took his family to the park leaving the household practically empty.  It was the most ideal situation.  His father spent most of his time playing carom with Balraaj Uncle.  His mother spent time chatting and completing household chores with Teji Auntie.  When Heer wasn't helping out and bonding with his mother Prem was keeping her occupied by taking her grocery shopping.  The best news they heard for the day was when Veera and Meher called back to the house to inform them that they would be spending the night at Maya's house.  The first day had literally gone by without any incidents.


Harman scooped some baby formula out of the Gerber canister and dumped it into the warming water.  He stirred it a couple of times with a spoon making sure it dissolved properly.  He then waited for it to boil.  He closed the canister and opened the little bottle so he could get ready to poor the liquid into it once it reached a boil.  "Harman?  What are you doing?"  His eyes went wide and he felt his back break out into a cold sweat.  He quickly turned around and looked at his father who was staring curiously at him.  "Um, just making some Horlicks Bauji."


"Couldn't sleep either, huh?" his father replied.


"Would you like some?" Harman asked not realizing what he was actually saying.  It was only after his father had agreed to it that he realized what he had asked.  Harman nervously turned around and got a tea cup.


"Why is there a baby bottle there?" Lalit inquired.


"Oh, um...must be Kurlaj Di...she must have left it here on the counter," Harman replied.  He turned the stove off and poured the freshly made baby formula into the tea cup and handed it to his father.  "Here you go Bauji."  He watched with worry as his father took a gentle sip of the concoction.


"Hmmm...tastes a bit different," Lalit murmured.


"Really?  It's from the jar we have.  How about some sugar?" Harman suggested as he took the top off of the sugar jar and dropped some spoonfuls of sugar into the cup."


Lalit took a spoon and stirred the hot liquid before taking another sip.  "Mmmm...much better.  Well, goodnight son."


"Goodnight Bauji," Harman replied and exhaled through his mouth with relief.  He then returned his attention back to the stove and sighed.  He felt his cell phone vibrating in his pocket and quickly answered it.  "Hello?"


"What is taking you so long?  Scotch is crying up a storm up here.  I'm in the bathroom with the door closed.  I hope Kulraj Di doesn't hear all the noise or Heer Bhabhi.  This room is like right over PB's room.  Hurry up!" Preet shouted.


"Sorry, Bauji just showed up out of nowhere and I had to improvise and well, he took the formula," Harman replied.


"What do you mean took the formula?" Preet asked.


Harman winced at the shrill baby cries coming over the phone.  "I said I was making Horlicks and well, I gave him a cup."


"Oh man...why did the Chand have to interrupt like that.  And how exactly are you making the formula?  You're not seriously boiling it in a pot of water are you?"


"Isn't that what you are suppose to do?  How else are you suppose to do it?" Harman asked.


"You didn't read the directions?!" Preet yelled.  "Haven't you ever seen Di make formula for Rishi before?"


"Nope, don't recall actually..." Harman answered.


"A great Dad you're turning out to be," Preet sarcastically said.  "Okay you are suppose to boil the water and then let it cool.  And then dump the powder into the bottle and shake it up.  This way the formula isn't too hot for the baby and you don't go ruining the bottle.  But since we have filters attached to the sink just used the filtered cold water and put the scoop of formula into the bottle.  Cap it tight shake it until the formula has dissolved and the heat the bottle up in a hot pan of water.  You got that?"


"Yeah, I got it," Harman replied.


"Hurry up!  I don't know how much more I can take," Preet said and hung up the phone.  He then looked at the screaming girl in his arms and sighed, "Oh, there-there Scotch I know you're really hungry but you're stupid Dad doesn't know how to make food for you.  And I have no idea where your Prem Kaka is...he's suppose to be here...he's got night duty since we spent the whole day with you.  You like your Prem Kaka don't you?"  But the only response Preet got was wails and tears making him feel horrible.  "Please stop crying Scotch...sshhh...oh, you making me want to cry too...waahhh, I need hhhhhelp...where is PB?"


Meanwhile in Prem's bedroom Prem was having his own troubles.  His wife was sleeping with her head nestled snuggly on his chest.  Heer was exhausted and she literal fell asleep after a few seconds of cuddling.  Normally Prem didn't mind but he knew he was on night duty and he needed to find a way to remove himself from his wife's embrace.  It usually wasn't a hard task but for some odd reason tonight of all nights she had this killer grip on him.  He didn't want to wake her and have her wonder where he was sneaking off to in the middle of the night.  Prem sighed as he tried to shift his body but all it did was cause Heer to whine in her sleep.  He glanced about the room trying to think of what he could do.  He gently kissed her head and whispered, "Honey, I'm a little warm...think you can loosen your grip?"  He didn't know why he was even trying to say something to her when she was asleep but to his surprise Heer seem to respond.  Unfortunately not the way he had intended, she just slipped her hand underneath his white undershirt and pushed his shirt upwards exposing some of his skin to the air.  Her hand gripped the shirt tightly so it didn't fall back down but she continued sleeping as if unaware what she was really doing.  Prem stared extremely surprised by her actions.  "Um, thanks," he murmured.  Heer made a pleasing sigh and adjust her leg so it hooked with his.


Prem just laid there in the dark feeling helpless as to what he should do next.  He turned his head to the night stand when he heard his cell phone vibrating.  Heer groggily shifted allowing him to reach over and answer the phone.  "Hello?"


"Where the heck are you?!" Preet yelled.  Prem pulled the phone away from his ear as he could hear the crying of Scotch in the background.


"Prem?  Who is it?" Heer asked as she sat up and rubbed her eyes.


"Oh, just an old college friend...he's overseas...I think he forgot to check the time zones...sorry," Prem quickly replied and got out of bed.


"Does he have a baby?"


"Yeah, his wife just had one not too long ago.  I'm sorry for waking you.  Why don't you go back to bed...I'll take this conversation outside," Prem said.  "Goodnight."  Heer waved sleepily and fell back into bed while he exited the room and whispered into the phone.  "I'm coming Preet."


As Prem made his way up the third flight of stairs he looked behind him and saw Harman taking two steps at a time trying to hurry his way to the room.  "Phew, finally got it warmed enough," he said.


They both rushed into the guest room and were blown away at the way the baby was crying.  "Sssh...the milk is here," Preet said trying to sooth the baby.  He quickly handed the baby over to Prem and saluted his brother.  "Okay, I'm out of here.  My ears are ringing."


"Wait you can't go yet," Prem said as he gave Scotch her bottle.  He delicately held the baby in the crook of his arms and sat down on the bed so they could both be comfortable.  "We have to discuss about tomorrow.  We were lucky today but tomorrow when Meher and Veera come back there is no way we can hide her."


"Bhaiya's right," Harman said.  "We are seriously lucky that the way this house is built that noise doesn't travel to the other floors but if you are staying on the same floor that something is going are going to hear some things.  Meher will definitely hear Scotch if she cries.  We have to have a good plan for tomorrow."


"Let's see...Ma wakes up at 5am along with Heer Bhabhi...Teji Auntie wakes up at 5:30am...and Kulraj Di at 6am," Preet mused out loud.


"I think we should go to the townhouse," Harman said.  "We need to move her there for the day."


"Okay, I'll take her in the morning...I mean I'll be up anyways since Heer is up at 5am," Prem said.  "I'll say I want to go for a morning jog."


"Good-good..." Preet said.  "Harman and I will go play basketball in the afternoon."


"Wait, Prem Bhaiya has to come home and we can't leave Scotch in the townhouse all by herself," Harman said.


"Now you're thinking like a Dad," Preet said with pride.


Harman scratched his head trying to think of a solution.  "Okay so how about you say you ran into Kunal at the park and you're going to eat breakfast with him.  After breakfast here I'll say I have to go to the library...and you'll be able to come home...and then Preet can come and meet me later saying he's going to meet me at the park to play basketball."


"Brilliant!" Preet gushed.


"So you going to be okay Bhiaya?" Harman asked as he and Preet turned to make their leave.


"Yeah, Heer is so tired she is completely out.  She probably won't notice that I'm gone," Prem replied.  "Did you change her diaper?"


"Yup, she's all good but you probably want to change her diaper after she eats...may have to wait at least thirty minutes.  She goes pretty fast," Preet explained.


"Okay, goodnight guys," Prem said.


"Night Bhiaya," they replied and left the room.


Prem stared down at the bundle in his arms and smiled.  Her hands went up and gripped the bottle as she gently drank.  Her large brown eyes gazed back at him studying his features intently trying to understand who he was.  "I know you must be wondering where your Mommy is.  We are wondering the same thing.  But don't worry Prem Uncle, Harman Uncle, and Preet Uncle are here to take care of you.  You're a very beautiful girl.  And even though your Mommy and Daddy aren't here with you right now they love you very much...I can promise you that." 


Hope you guys enjoyed the brotherly bonding and masti

So who's baby is it? Shocked

Will the girls find out?  What will Meher, Heer, or Maya's reaction be?

Thanks for reading!

Please Leave A Comment Big smile


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...Pwincess... IF-Sizzlerz

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oh i love this chapter

its great
i wonder whose baby it is
cant wait to find out
the 3 brothers bonding is great
Poor HarmanLOL

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Aymee IF-Dazzler

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OMG Grace.
I need to catch my breath.
I am still reading your update but I seriously can't stop laughing at Preet's comments and Prem and Preet passing the baby off as Harman's.  I need to take a break so I can catch my breath.  LOL
I'll update my comments after I am done reading. 
UPDATE: Whew, I finally finished reading your update.  It was great.
This chapter was a really a surprise. 
Preet's comments really had me rolling.  I really feel bad for Harman.  He really is worried that baby Scotch is his.
And speaking of baby, Scotch?  Really?  These three brothers were hilarious when they were trying to come up wth the baby's name and doing this while they were shopping for baby products.  LOL
These brothers are going to get caught for sure no matter where they take Scotch. 
Love the way these 3 brothers bonded in this chapter.  I have always loved that part during the show.
Thank you for the PM.  I can't wait to find out who's the baby's parents are.  If it is Harman, then Harman wouldn't have to worry about the father's anymore because Maya will come after him. 

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whoz baby is dat?? wa8in 2 c!!!
awsum update luved brother's bondin! n masti! hehehehe!!!

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