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FF| AWMARW Thread 2 (Page 59)

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OMG, OMG, OMG, don't know how long I didn't commentShocked seems like ages, I'm sorry dear, my papers were driving me crazy that I couldn't commentShocked
but I have to say; I really really LOVED the updates; MEET made up and they confessed their love (I don't like it that they never showed their confession for each other in the show, but I have to thank you that you did it, so thank you very very much!Tongue) thank GOD Nihaal found Veera, LOL Veera isn't going to be jealous anymore at Jyoti when Nihaal is with herLOL what's Prem's surprise for HeerShocked and what happened at the dinner with Vinay and Lalit?Shocked
plzzz update ASAPEmbarrassed and thanks for the PM dearEmbarrassed

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update soon pleaseee can't wait for the next chapter!! xxx

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update soonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

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Hi, I've been a silent reader of your ff for some time, and finally decided to comment.  I really love your ff because although Premeer are the main characters it gives time to the other couples too.  I personally am a Meet fan.  Anyways, great job and thanks.

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Originally posted by sweta2005

awesomeeeeee too good very nice part waitingggggg for next asap.


Thank you for taking the time to comment Big smile

Originally posted by shahrukh_divya

luved d update!!!!

prem n heer's fun was awsum!!!!
prem is such a sweet husband! :-)))))EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
wa8in for d nxt update!!!
update soon! cnt wa8 nw!!!!

Prem is such a sweet husband isn't he?  I think I wrote him to be too prefect *sigh* can't seem to help it but we will see what happens in the later storylines.  Thank you for taking the time to comment Big smile

Originally posted by ...Harshiti...

Grace that was an awesome and quick updateWink and you totally took me off guard with the Premeer scene!!! very unexpected but loved it! *needs time to bring her breath back to normal* LolLOL

ok so first of all Its really good tht the jyoti thing is cleared between veera and nihaal, good to see their relationship progressing!, loved the cute little fight between them!LOL 

and then I loved the bit where you showed the brotherly love of preet for veera, where he did not shout at her or anything and was just concerned if she was alright, aww preet is such a sweet heart!

As you said the fathers are just being stupid and foolishSleepy, they should think about it again atleast for the sake of their kids! *shakes head in disappointment at lallu*LOL, Hoping and wishing maya and harman all the bestThumbs Up

and now after catching my breath back to my jaan and jaanuEmbarrassed, firstly thankx for including the jaanu partDay Dreaming loved it! *hugs to u*
and ROFL, the premeer scene cracked me up big timeROFLROFL, Prem in those ponytails and nailpolishLOL (must have looked very cute)....awwww he did all that to make heeriye happy! he's such a nice hubby! You sure did show a very different side of heerLOL, poor prem though!

and Heer's birthday planned by Prem in RomeBlushingBlushingBlushing, can't wait to see what prem has in store for heer!Wink....Their honeymoon is soon ending you better give us some hot romance before they return kyunke wahan preet is present to ruin everyone's private momentsLOL, but I'm looking forward to all the family mastiEmbarrassed

Thankx for the Pm and such lovely updates Hug
Update soonSmile

Hahaha Preet would most definitely be running around ruining moments for Prem...and Prem sort of knows that hence that is why he's been a bit desperate for some honey from his Honey LOL Thank you for taking the time to comment Big smile

Originally posted by Pumpkinn

Awesome update !Clap
Loved it !Smile
Premeer scene was soo cute !Big smile
Waiting for next !Smile
Update soon !Tongue
Thnx for pm !Star

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Originally posted by shivonprasad

Awesome update. I love reading your fanfic.  Please continue soon.

Hi a new reader?  *waves* Welcome! Star It is always nice to see some silent readers coming out and posting something.  Thank you for taking the time to comment Big smile

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Originally posted by sowmya18

enjoyed premeer part...
thanks for the pm...
update soon.....

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Originally posted by newt2007

nice part.
At last Veera's doubt cleared. Nihal saved Veera now.
looking forward their relation.
Prem and Heer. Heer puuting pony tails remainded Kis Desh. Completely making her husband beatuiful.
waiting to see his surprise for Heer.

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Originally posted by Aymee

Great update Grace.
Veera and Nihal scenes were great.  I really enjoyed them.  I never thought I would ever feel bad for Veera, considering how much I hated that girl on the show.  I am taking her side in your story.  LOL  I would be offended if a guy that I like but not aware that I like him because I am confused about my feelings for him LOL, called me stupid.  I knew Nihal wasn't calling her stupid for no reason but still that would offend me though.  Piggyback ride was very cute.  Scaring Preet was priceless LOL.
Heer and Prem's scene was hilarious.  I had to cover my mouth from laughing out loud, otherwise my family would wonder what was wrong with me.  LOL  Heer is right, Prem is a really wonderful husband.  I also love it when Prem was putting nail polish on Heer's feet.  When guys does that for their woman, I find that very romantic.  Embarrassed
I am happy Kiran got a job with Vinay Bindar.  Even though the dinner didn't turn out well, at least he didn't allow his feelings for Lalit get in his way to hire Kiran.  I can't believe Babuji is still acting like this.  Why couldn't he suck up his pride and have atleast one moment of civilized conversation with Vinay.  I am glad Gayatri is ready to have Maya and Harman married off even without Babuji.  Good for her.  I am glad she continues to stay firm on her decisions.  Big smile
Thanks for the PM.  I can't wait to read your next chapter.  All that family masti should be great.

Kiran got a job with Vinay? Confused Sorry, I guess I wasn't very clear on that part of my writing.  Vinay has taken Kiran on as a client to help him find some real estate property so he can open up his own business.  Kiran didn't get hired to work for Vinay.  Yes, Lallu is being very stubborn but Gayatri won't let her husband get away with it.  We will see how things unfold for Maya and Harman. 
I'm glad you're liking the Veera and Nihaal track.  Yeah, I hated Veera in Kis Desh she was so annoying and ugh the way she came in between Prem and Heer was sooooooo frustrating and then to have that storyline end in such a way Dead (though I know behind the scenes there was a lot of reasons why they had to do that since the guy who played Nihaal got casted in another show and couldn't continue with Kis Desh)  Thank you for taking the time to comment Big smile

Originally posted by khajju

awesmeee update...luvd veera nihal finally its clear to veera tht thrs nthing between jyoti and nihaal...aww my premeer....tht was hilarious...those antinas and clrful adorable he must be lukingg...nywayzz thanks for pm...update soon

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Originally posted by anuu2010

awesome update grace
loved it thanks for such a lovely story

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Originally posted by sharmeeli

OMG, OMG, OMG, don't know how long I didn't commentShocked seems like ages, I'm sorry dear, my papers were driving me crazy that I couldn't commentShocked   but I have to say; I really really LOVED the updates; MEET made up and they confessed their love (I don't like it that they never showed their confession for each other in the show, but I have to thank you that you did it, so thank you very very much!Tongue) thank GOD Nihaal found Veera, LOL Veera isn't going to be jealous anymore at Jyoti when Nihaal is with herLOL what's Prem's surprise for HeerShocked and what happened at the dinner with Vinay and Lalit?Shocked   plzzz update ASAPEmbarrassed and thanks for the PM dearEmbarrassed

You're welcome about MEET.  Yes, I thought they deserved a proper confession of love.  These two are my second favorite couple in Kis Desh.  Thank you for taking the time to comment Big smile

Originally posted by rhtpkcm

update soon pleaseee can't wait for the next chapter!! xxx

Thank you for taking the time to comment Big smile

Originally posted by ummesulaiman

Hi, I've been a silent reader of your ff for some time, and finally decided to comment.  I really love your ff because although Premeer are the main characters it gives time to the other couples too.  I personally am a Meet fan.  Anyways, great job and thanks.

Hi! *waves* Star Welcome!  It is always nice to hear from a silent reader.  Thank you for taking the time to comment Big smile  I try my best to give the other couples some tracks of their own.
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Thanks for all those who took the time to Comment and/or Hit the Like Button Big smile

*Warning* Heavy masala at the end of this chapter.  Premeer romance in full swing Embarrassed

Chapter 72: Rocketeer


Veera opened her eyes and stared up at the white ceiling glad that she was in a comfortable bed and not on the cold ground in the woods.  She sighed that she had to sleep with her leg propped up on some pillows and a cold press wrapped around her ankle.  She had a clear bandage on her forehead and like Nihaal had suspected she had to get stitches.  Luckily for them the doctor that ran the clinic actually lived on the floor above the clinic.  He stitched her up and gave her some medicine for the pain.  It wasn't long before her brothers and Ashlesha took her home.  Everyone agreed that they weren't going to tell the parents until the morning.  It was no use getting them upset and alarmed in the middle of the night.  Everything had been taken care of and she was fine.


Veera looked down to the side of her bed expecting to see Maya but instead she saw to her surprise Nihaal sleeping at the end of her bed.  His head was tucked in his arms laying by her feet.  She propped herself up with her elbows and checked the other side of the floor and found Maya curled on top of a sleeping bag with a bed sheet covering her.  Veera pondered if Maya knew that Nihaal was in the same room with them.  She gingerly shifted herself upright and sat up on the bed leaning her back against the backboard.  Just as she did that Nihaal stirred and lifted his sleepy head from its position.  He made brief eye contact with Veera and then closed his eyes again adjusting his body in a new position and laid his head down again.  She couldn't help but laugh at the way he looked.  She covered her mouth as a mirthful chortle escaped her throat.  A few seconds later, Nihaal raised his head in realization where he was and that she was awake.  "Um, good morning," he replied in a low rumble.


"Good morning.  May I ask what are you doing in my room?"


"I um, I guess I fell asleep...sorry," he replied with embarrassment.


"It was bad enough you where in here serving me like some servant last night and now this?" Veera inquired.




"Stop wasn't your fault this happened.  You're making me feel really guilty," Veera continued cutting him off.


Nihaal rubbed the back of his head and grinned.  "Point taken.  But since I'm awake there anything you need?"


"I'm just going to the restroom," Veera replied and threw the covers off to the side.  She gently swung her legs to the side of the bed and stood up on her good leg.  She took one hop before Nihaal was by her side.  'It's okay...I'll be fine.  I can hop to the restroom."


"You need crutches," Nihaal replied as he continued to stand near her.


"Can you please move?  I can't make it there with you hovering over me like this," Veera replied.


"Let me help you."


"I'm fine on my own...I need to be able to take care of myself...I don't need your help," Veera snapped a bit annoyed he wasn't listening to her.  She hopped a few more feet but started wiggling around as she lost her balance.  She landed herself right into Nihaal's chest as he held her from falling over.  "As you were saying?" he inquired with a sarcastic tone.  Veera lifted her head and stared back at the brown eyes looking down at her.  She felt a sudden rush of cold sweat flowing down her back and her heart beating loudly in her ears.  Nihaal took her silence as an acknowledgment that she had been wrong and without a word picked her up in his arms.  He carried her into the hallway and walked down to the bathroom.  "This is as far as I'm going to take you," he said as he gently set her down.  Veera slid her hands down his muscular shoulders and rested them against his tight chest as she orientated her body to stand on one leg again.  "Um, thanks..." she replied unable to look up at his face.  She could feel a warmth spreading through her cheeks and knew she was probably blushing terribly. 


A dark pair of brown eyes twinkled mischievously at witnessing the interaction between the two and quietly snuck away to tell her partner in crime.  She opened the door to her bedroom and quickly shook the shoulder of her bedmate.  "Ash, wake up...breaking news!" Meher excitedly whispered.


"Go awayyyy..." Ashlesha whined as she flung her right hand out and waved it in the air.


"You're going to enjoy this...wake up!"


"Let me sleep...please...I don't get to sleep in as much...Meheeerrrrr..." Ashlesha pouted as her cousin continued to shake her. 


"Trust me on won't regret it Ash," she replied unwilling to give up.


"All right what is it...this better be good!" Ashlesha sat up blurry eyed and glared at Meher.


"I saw Nihaal Bhaiya carrying Veera to the bathroom!  And she looked as if she was blushing!"


"What?  When...right now?" Ashlesha replied suddenly forgetting her sleepiness.  Meher nodded her head enthusiastically.  "Well, Nihaal was feeling really guilty...but so early in the morning and on the other side of the house too...because the master bedroom he sleeps in is on opposite ends of the house to where Veera's room is.  Did he sleep in one of the boys' rooms?"


"I don't know.  I don't think so...I mean if so Preet and Harman would have helped Veera to the bathroom not Bhaiya," Meher pondered.


"OMG!  He slept in Veera's room?" Ashlesha squealed. 


"But Maya's in that room..." pausing to reflect, "no...really?" Meher questioned.


"He was feeling super guilty yesterday.  You saw how he was running around serving her hand in foot.  Nearly yanked the bowl of food away from me when I was going up to give her dinner...sometimes is definitely wrong with him.'


"Well, Bhaiya is the caring type.  He used to feed me and Heer Didi whenever we got sick...but you are right...he's been acting a bit funny lately," Meher replied.


"So you think Nihaal likes Veera?  Or is it Veera likes Nihaal?" Ashlesha asked.


"I swore I saw Veera blush when Nihaal Bhaiya was carrying her to the bathroom.  She could barely look at his face.  Bhaiya is really good at hiding his emotions.  One time we were cleaning the house and Didi was in his room and found a shoebox filled with love letters underneath his bed.  They were all addressed to this girl in his class who was also his friend but the thing was he never gave them to her.  He just kept writing letters and sticking them in the shoebox.  I guess he got nervous that she was going to reject him.  Didi did a little detective work and found out his friend had a boyfriend.  He was waiting to tell her how he felt once she broke up with the guy.  Will the day finally came and the girl broke up with her boyfriend but Bhaiya still didn't confess.  We didn't know what he was waiting for.  They were hanging around a lot.  She even came over to the house a couple of times.  In the end she ended up leaving to go to Australia to study college there.  The shoebox continued to sit underneath Nihaal Bhaiya's bed."


"That's so sad," Ashlesha frowned.  "Hey, how come I'm just now hearing about this?"


"Sorry, guess we forgot but you were busy fighting with your parents about coming to Canada to study medicine at that time," Meher replied.


"Oh yeah, I was a bit consumed by my own drama at that particular point in time," Ashlesha said with a reflective expression.  "Thanks for telling me about this.  I thought you would have told Preet first."


"Nope, cause Preet would harass Veera way too much.  I think it's better for us to work together on this one...haule needs a delicate touch," Meher smiled.


"Go family!" Ashlesha exclaimed as she gave her a high-five. 


The girls giggled happily at their deal.  "Oh, so since we are talking about family love lives...what is going on with you and Kunal?"


"What do you mean?"


"Don't try denying it Ash," Meher replied waving her finger at her.


"Nnnothing is going on.  We're just good friends," Ashlesha answered as she diverted her eyes away.  "Honestly." 


Meher gave a half grin not particularly satisfied at her answer but decided to drop the matter.  "Okay if you say so."


"So, what's the plan?" Ashlesha quickly inquired trying to change the subject.  Meher's eyes brightened and started to whisper her idea.  The girls continued to discuss things in hush tones so no one else could hear what they were planning to do.


Heer clutched the covers with her hands tightly as if she was holding onto something precious in her sleep.  Her chest rose and fell steadily as her mind slumbered in the world of dreams.  But slowly her ears perked as her senses awoke to the feeling of someone on the bed hovering over her.  Her closed eyelids flexed as she felt something softly raining down.  Heer stirred and opened her eyes to see rose petals being delicately tossed and a pair of chocolate brown eyes smiling at her.  "Prem?" she inquired in half sleep.  Before anything else could be asked the sound of music started to fill the room. (*My new favorite song!

Here we go come with me

There's a world out there that we should see

Take my hand, close your eyes

With you right here I'm a rocketeer

Let's fly~


Up, up here we go, go..

Up, up here we go, go...

Let's fly~


Up, up here we go, go...

Where we stop nobody knows, knows

"Good morning Honey," Prem grinned as he extended his hand to pull her in a sitting position.  Heer looked about her completely awestruck at the way the room was decorated.  There were several bouquets and vases filled with roses of various colors.  Majority of them were red roses as they symbolized the well known meaning of love and passion but there were also pink, white, and yellow roses mixed in among the red rose arrangements.  "I know what you must be thinking why the other colors?  Pink roses represent appreciation, joy and admiration...and they are also associated with elegance, grace, and sweetness...which are qualities you definitely posses.  Yellow roses symbolize friendship while white ones symbolize purity, innocence, unity, virtue, and honor.  You're not only my love but my best friend.  I'm so thankful to have you in my life...and to be able to celebrate this blessed day...the day you were born...the day that forever touched your parents lives...the innocence that came into the world that day...the day that eternally sealed our fate to meet...I'm truly honored to be able to be with you in this moment to say Happy Birthday.  Happy Birthday Heer." 


Gentle tears welled up behind her eyes as the words he said touched her heart.  She sniffled and smiled, "Thank you."


"Ah, wait..." Prem said with a dramatic pause as he pulled something out from behind his back, "You are the birthday girl so here is your birthday gift."


Heer's eyes widened as he lifted the lid of the black jewelry box.  "Oh Prem...their beautiful," she gasped.  He grinned at her reaction at seeing the pair of diamond earrings he had bought her.

"Where did you hide these?  I don't recall seeing these in the suitcases...I should know I packed them."


"I brought them from here," Prem answered.


"What?  When?" Heer inquired as she lifted her head in wonder.  They had been so busy sightseeing in Rome she didn't understand how he was able to go out to a jewelry store and buy something like this without her knowing.


"I got the concierge of the hotel to help me to find a local Italian jeweler.  I told him I wanted something simple but elegant.  You know I have that picture of us in my wallet when we took those portrait shots at the studio.  I handed him the picture and told him to use it as a reference.  Anyways he came back with some pictures of earrings from this one place and I picked from there," Prem explained.


"So, all those times you were hanging around downstairs at the lounge checking e-mail?"  Prem nodded with a grin causing her to shake her head that she hadn't caught on that he had been planning something.  "So, these roses too...these decorations?"


"Yes.  You don't know how stressed out I was last night hoping you'd fall asleep before me.  I turned the cell phone on vibrate so the concierge could call me and let me know the flowers had arrived," Prem said.  "Then I set everything up...I so worried you'd wake up in the middle of the night to see what I was doing."


"So, that's why you ordered hot chocolate?" Heer asked as she started placing the pieces of what happened the night before into place.


"I know warm milk makes you sleepy so I got it for you.  Did you have a good night's rest?"


"I actually slept really well last night," Heer said with a light chuckle.  "Thank you for the gift.  They are beautiful."  She hugged her husband tightly and rubbed his back affectionately.  "I love you."


"Now go brush your teeth so I can give you a birthday kiss," Prem ordered.  Heer laughed and quickly got out of bed to freshen up.  Prem grinned with relief that part one of his five part birthday celebration plan for his wife had succeeded.  He just hoped everything else would go smoothly for the rest of the day.    



Where we go we don't need roads

Where we stop nobody knows

To the stars if you really want it

Got, got a jetpack with your name on it

Above the clouds in the atmosphere

Just say the words and we outta here

Hold my hand if you're feeling scared

We flying up, up outta here



Heer soon came back into the bedroom and hugged her husband again.  "So where's my birthday kiss?" she inquired with a stern but playfully look.


"Right here," Prem replied as he leaned in and captured her lips.  Heer giggled as she felt them falling backwards onto the bed.  She lifted herself up resting her arms on his chest and gazed at his face.  "I've got everything planned out today so you just follow me."


"Is that so..." Heer grinned mischievously.  She lowered her head and began kissing Prem passionately.  He was slightly overwhelmed by the gesture and tried saying something but in the end succumbed to his wife's desires.  His arms held her closer as his hands began to roam along her back.  He hadn't expected this type of moment to occur between them so early in the day.  He thought something like this was going to happen after the romantic dinner he had planned for them.  But he was more than willing to shift gears and go with the flow of things.  As they continued to kiss his body temperature began to rise and the only thing he could sense was her weight, her touch, and her breath.  The feeling was intoxicating as always and he hungered for more.  


Here we go come with me

There's a world out there that we should see

Take my hand, close your eyes

With you right here I'm a rocketeer

Let's fly~


Up, up here we go, go...

Up, up here we go, go...

Let's fly~


Up, up here we go, go...

Where we stop nobody knows, knows


Heer was very much in a giving mood after the surprise she had received from Prem.  His words of love always touched her heart and those were the most precious gifts she could ever receive from him.  The material things didn't really matter; it was what his heart said that did it for her.  As she sat back up to take her shirt off ready to give her husband a morning treat, she froze for a few seconds with her arms crossed gripping the bottom of her red t-shirt.  Her ears had finally picked up the song that had been playing on repeat in their room.  Prem look up at his wife confused at what had suddenly made her stop.


"Prem, what song is this?" she asked a bit perplexed.  It wasn't the typical romantic song he normally picked.  It was a soft hip-hop style song.  It wasn't bad as it had a nice melody in the hook but the current rap portion was interesting. 


Baby, we can stay fly like a G6

Shop the streets of Tokyo, get you fly kicks

Girl you always on my mind, got my head up in the sky

And I'm never looking down feeling priceless, yeah

Where we at, only few have known

Go on the next level, Super Mario

I hope this works out, Cardio

Til' then let's fly, Geronimo


"It's Far East Movement's Rocketeer," Prem replied.  "I know probably wasn't what you were expecting from me.  But I thought I try something a little different...keep you on your toes.  And I really liked the chorus because it describes perfectly how I feel about you...and what I have planned today."


Here we go come with me

There's a world out there that we should see

Take my hand, close your eyes

With you right here I'm a rocketeer

Let's fly~


Up, up here we go, go...

Up, up here we go, go...

Let's fly~


Up, Up here we go, go...

Where we stop nobody knows, knows


"But the best part is this..." Prem said as he sat up and caressed her cheek, "Nah, I've never been to space before but I've never seen a face like yours.  You make me feel like I could touch the planets.  You want the moon, girl watch me grab it.  See I've never seen the star this close.  You got me stuck by the way you glow.  I'm like oh, oh, oh, oh...I'm like oh, oh, oh, oh..."


Heer gave a giggly smile at Prem's rapping skills and hugged him.  "This is definitely something different.  I'd expect rapping from Preet not you.  Hehe...but very cute Jaanu."


"So you like it?


"You always have a meaning behind everything...of course I like it," Heer replied.  She then got off the bed causing Prem to look at her questioningly.  "Well, let's get ready...I wanna see where you're taking me."


"Oh..." Prem said a bit disappointed.


"I think I jumped a bit ahead for the thank you," Heer chuckled as she stood at the side of the bed.  She then leaned in with a sultry expression as her lips delicately hung a few inches away from him, "You know if I enjoy all these other things you have planned...I'll be extremely thankful...and well...I think I don't need to say anything further than that."


Prem grinned at what his wife was implying.  "No you don't...I love you."


Heer smiled, "I love you too.  So, come Mr. Rocketeer...let's fly."  He chuckled and got off the bed to get ready for their day out in Rome.


Here we go come with me

There's a world out there that we should see

Take my hand, close your eyes

With you right here I'm a rocketeer

Let's fly~


Up, up here we go, go...

Up, up here we go, go...

Let's fly~


Up, Up here we go, go...

Where we stop nobody knows, knows


Heer looked through what was known as the keyhole at the Villa Malta.  It was a large archway covered with green vines that had a picturesque view of Saint Peter's Basilica (*click here to see the view  Heer sighed at the beauty of the scenery before her.  She smiled as she felt Prem's hand intertwined with hers.  He had taken great care to show her some of the most charming gardens and villas in Rome.  The first place they visited was the Villa Borghese gardens.  There they found an enchanting water clock that was nestled among a manmade rock cliff pond and a wooden bridge. (*click here to see the water clock  There were also fountains, statues, temple structures, a lake, and graveled trails that weaved through the manicured bushes and trees of the gardens to explore.  They stopped by a couple of the museums located on the property before they left to get some lunch and head to the Villa Malta.  The Villa del Priorato di Malta or Villa Malta was located on the Aventine Hill.  It was and is currently still the home of the Roman Grand Priory of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, a religious order of the Roman Catholic Church that still remains as a sovereign entity.

"It's beautiful here Prem," Heer whispered softly.


"I thought you'd enjoy this," he replied as he placed a gentle kiss on the side of her head.


After a few silent minutes they moved on walking through the grounds of the villa enjoying the sights and sounds.  Prem found a nice secluded spot to watch the sunset and get a panoramic view of the city below.  He leaned against a tree while he held his wife lovingly around the waist.  Heer rested her head comfortably on his shoulder and watched as the blue sky faded into an orangey-red.  "This has been a wonderful day.  I really enjoyed this birthday."


"It's not over yet," Prem said.  "We still have dinner.  Remember I promised you a romantic dinner in Italy didn't I?"


Heer smiled, "Yes, you certainly did." 


"So, let's go back to the hotel and freshen up and change into some proper in my suit and you in that black saree."


"You really want to see me in that saree..." Heer replied as she had noted the way his voice grew in excitement at the mention of the saree."


"Yes," Prem grinned as he gave a tender kiss on the side of her forehead.


Heer placed her hands on top of his hands and removed them around her waist.  She turned around and gave him a quick peck on the lips. "Let's go."  Prem smiled in reply and took her hand into his as they made their way out of the property.


It wasn't long before they made it back to their hotel.  Prem quickly grabbed his clothes and pushed his wife into the bathroom telling her to change there so he could change in the bedroom and they could surprise each other.  Heer giggled at his silliness but did as he requested.  Prem put on his black suit but wore the dark blue dress shirt that had been gifted to him by Meher and Ashlesha.  In fact he was wearing and using everything that he had recently received for his birthday.  Prem walked to the outside balcony and hung his suit jacket on a chair and sat down watching the city below him light up for the night as he waited for his laptop to boot up and connect to the Internet.  He went online and read some Facebook messages and made a few comments on a couple of pages.  He smiled when he heard the bathroom door open and a rustling of fabric as Heer made her way to where he was.  Prem got up from his chair and looked on in awe at the way the black saree fitted the natural curves of her body.  There was a touch of silver embroidery along the edge of the blouse and pallu.  He could see that she was wearing the diamond earrings that he had given.


Heer gave a gentle smirk at the way Prem's eyes were transfixed on her.  "Stop giving me those bedroom eyes of yours," she playfully responded.


Prem walked towards her and slowly lowered his sight towards her red lips, "I'm not."  He then grinned as she hit him in the chest.  He grabbed her hand and moved closer tilting his head ready to capture her lips.  "No bedroom eyes here."


"They seem to be staring someplace else," Heer replied as her eyelids closed.  The minute their lips met her hands automatically slithered up along his strong chest, around his neck, and into his hair on the back of his head.  A soft pleasing murmur escaped her mouth as they kissed but before Prem could deepen it any further the Skype tone for a video call started to ring. 


"Family," Prem sighed as the kiss ended.  He walked over to the computer and accepted the call.  "Hi Mom...Dad."


"Hi Prem," Balraaj and Teji greeted happily.


"Are you taking care of the birthday girl?" Balraaj inquired.


"Yes, Papa he's taking really good care of me," Heer answered.


"Happy Birthday Heer!" Meher, and Ashlesha shouted from the back.




"You are both dressed very nicely," Teji said.


"Prem's taking me out for dinner," Heer replied with a smile as she slipped her arm around his. She could hear some awwww noises coming from the background of the video call.  Heer knew right away the chorus had been lead by Preet.


"What time are the reservations for?"


"8:30pm," Prem answered.


"Well, then we should make this fast so you guys can go," Balraaj replied.


Everyone took turns wishing Heer a happy birthday.  They showed the wrapped boxes and gifts bags of things they had bought for her but didn't reveal what was inside.  It was something she would have to do when she came home so it would remain as a surprise for her.  Preet as usual made teasing comments causing Heer to blush red and was eventually shooed away by his father but not without incident.  Preet started making fun of his father's lack of hair which then resulted in a chase around the room while everyone chuckled.  Gayatri regained some calm in the room and Kulraj took over the Skype call.


"Happy Birthday Heer.  You two enjoy dinner.  And we will see both of you real soon," Kulraj said.


"Thanks Didi.  We will.  See you guys in a week," Heer replied and ended the call.


Prem checked his watch, "We should probably get going."  Heer nodded and shut off the computer and brought it back into the room.  Prem closed the balcony doors and then offered his arm to his wife which she gladly took and left the room.


Two shadows strolled gracefully along the walls of the street shops on the Via dei Coronari.  The thin feminine figure rested her head on the masculine figure's shoulder as her arm slipped around his arm merging their separate forms further into one dark mass.  The shadows moved in silence enjoying the quaint surroundings and peaceful Roman night.


"Dinner was great Prem," Heer replied as she relished in the feeling of his fingers intertwining with hers.


"I'm happy you enjoyed it," he answered with a smile.


"The violin and the maitre d' singing that Italian love song was a surprise."


"Did you like it?" Prem inquired.


"Of course I did," Heer replied squeezing his arm.  "Bella Notte..."

(*Click here to hear the Italian version of the song from the Disney movie Lady and the Tramp...such a beautiful song


"Yes, it is a very beautiful night," Prem said as he looked at her.  "It's this way because I have you by my side."  Heer shyly lowered her eyes and smiled at his words.  "You know that song is from the animated Disney movie Lady and the Tramp," Prem explained.


"Oh really?  I never seen that movie before," Heer said.


"We have a copy at home.  Kulraj Di started buying all sorts of Disney movies when she found out she was pregnant with Rishi.  She wanted to collect the movies so he could watch them as he grew up and if she had any other kids they could watch the movies too."  Prem cleared his throat and started to sing, "Oh this is the night it's a beautiful night...and we call it Bella Notte.  Look at the skies they have stars in their eyes...on this lovely Bella Notte.  Side by side with your loved one you'll find enchantment here.  The night will weave its magic spell when the one you love is near.  Oh this is the night and the heavens are right on this lovely Bella Notte."  Heer grinned at his attempt to sing her the song in English.  "I know I can't really sing that well," Prem apologized.


Heer shook her head, "It's the thought that counts.  Thank you for translating."  She then gave him a kiss on his cheek.  "You've really made my birthday so special.  From this morning with the way you woke me up, the gift, the gardens and villas we visited, the romantic dinner, the violin and the song, and now this stroll at night...everything has been perfect."  Heer sighed a little, "You're spoiling me too much Prem."


"I can't help it if I'm madly in love with my wife now can I?  We're on our Honeymoon...we're in romantic did all those things for me for my birthday...of course you're going to get spoiled a little by me.  I promise when we go home I won't do any of this stuff anymore," he replied.  "No flowers, no dinner,'ll be lucky if I even remember to say happy birthday..."  Heer scrunched her nose up and playfully elbowed him.  Prem chuckled, "I thought no spoiling?"


"Keep things simple...nothing over the top," Heer replied.  "And if you forget my birthday or anniversary I swear I'll---"


"I could never forget those things," Prem quickly said cutting her off.  "Nor will I forget the birthdays of our children.  If I ever do you can kick me out of the room and I'll go sleep in one of the bedrooms upstairs." 


"All right I'll hold you to that," Heer replied giving a half grin while Prem simply nodded his head.  "I hope Veera gets off of those crutches soon," she said moving onto another subject.  "It's been about a week."


"Yeah, I know me too.  I'm really thankful to your brother that he found her and took care of her."


"What do you think about the whole thing that Meher and Ashlesha are doing?" Heer asked. 


Prem had been surprised when she had told him about what her sister and cousin were doing the past week.  Heer was sworn to secrecy about their plans because they didn't want Preet to find out and go to extremes especially since Nihaal had a habit of hiding his feelings and was rather shy about relationship matters.  If things went out of hand Nihaal would most likely retreat and back away.  Prem couldn't help but feel a sense of appreciation that Heer confided in him about this matter especially since it was about his sister.  As a brother he was still slightly protective over Veera and was even more so since she was the youngest sibling in the family.  Heer explained that now they were married there weren't any secrets to be kept from each other.  She also wanted his thoughts and perspective on the situation.  "Well, I guess what they are doing seems to be working so far.  I have to say Meher is just as sneaky as Preet...we have to be careful with these two.  I'm surprise your brother didn't catch on when Meher would call him and leave him a message to call her back and then when he called she would pretend to be busy and hand Veera the phone to entertain your brother for a few minutes before she could talk to him.  But I guess it is a good thing because they are talking regularly now."


"Do you approve of Nihaal?" Heer inquired.


"It's my sister's love life...I can't dictate to her who she can and can't like.  If Meher and Ashlesha are pretty sure she likes Nihaal know that is her choice," Prem replied.


"But I'm just concern because they think Nihaal likes Veera but we don't know for sure," Heer said with worry.  "I don't want to see Veera get hurt."


"He is calling her almost every day and he sent her a care package from New York...and well that's a lot of effort...and guys usually don't do that unless they like the person," Prem said.


"You do make a point," Heer replied.


"In all honesty, I don't know that much about your brother...he lives in New York but the times I've spent with him I think he's a good guy.  So if things work out between him and Veera I'll be happy," Prem said.  "But even though he is your brother if he ever hurts know I'll break him in half."


"That would be're her brother," Heer said.  "Besides Nihaal has told me the same thing...he promised if he ever saw tears in my eyes he would drove up to Canada and beat you to a pulp."


"He won't ever have to do that because I promise I won't ever let you cry," Prem replied and gave a tender kiss on her forehead.  Heer smiled and leaned her head on his chest giving him a sideways hug.  The couple continued walking along the empty streets of the Via dei Coronari letting the romantic atmosphere overtake them.


Gentle giggles accompanied by the sound of bunching sheets and shifting weights on the spacious king sized bed filled the dimly lit hotel room.  The white candles that were burning slowly had been strategically placed about the room so their soft light could cast a warm enchanting glow around everything.  A pair of feet tapped the backboard of the bed as the legs bent down in a playful swing.  Firm hands adjusted the bed sheets to cover exposed skin and then rested comfortably along each side of a slim torso.  A pleasing sigh escaped tender lips as the head laid down on the dark blue fabric of a dress shirt and slender hands sunk into a crop of sturdy black hair.  Heer smiled looking down at Prem as she stroked his hair.  He lifted his head slightly and grinned as her fingers traced down his forehead to his strong nose.  "Did I tell you that you looked really handsome in your suit?" Heer inquired.


Prem gave a chuckle, ", I don't think least not when I was wearing it." He turned his head trying to look off the side of the bed to locate their clothing that had been scattered across the floor when they came back from their romantic stroll.  "Heh, everything is on the floor except my dress shirt that you're wearing right now.  Is that the reason why you peeled my clothes off of me when we came home?"   


"Hehe...maybe..." Heer chortled.  Prem gingerly kissed her fingers as she brushed them around his mouth and let out a pleasing moan as he rested his chin on her stomach.  She examined the position that they were in and smirked.  "Who would have thought we end up like this?"


"What's wrong?  So what if we're laying on the opposite end of the bed.  The bed is so huge we can do whatever we want...we could roll over several times before we even get to the other side of the bed," Prem replied.  "And there is no wrong way to make love."


Heer grinned but felt her cheeks grow warm.  Her husband had used his smoldering stare when he said the words 'make love'.  She heard her heart racing in her ears as he inched back up her body his eyes intensely gazing into her eyes letting her know how much he wanted her.  When their lips met her body instantly surrendered to the desire of love and pleasure.  Her hands curved around his bare back holding him close as he slipped out of the bed sheets.  Caught up in the sweet delight of the moment she barely felt the buttons of the dress shirt being undone.  It wasn't until the hungry touch of Prem's lips on her shoulder and the brief feeling of cool air on her skin did she realize what had been done.  Heer rose up to help him remove the shirt from her body and then laid back down onto the sturdy bed as the shirt was tossed to the side.  She cupped his face directing him to give her lips more attention before he wandered away again.  Prem obliged to her wishes and took care in satisfying her mouth.   A low moan rattled from her throat but was muted by his mouth as he captured the blissful sound.  As his tongue danced with hers his hand wandered down the side of her body and delicately rubbed her bent right leg.  The feel of Heer's velvety skin against his hand as he moved it up and down her thigh was incredibly pleasing to his senses and to her as well as she let out another moan.


Prem felt the familiar surge of tingles spread through his body and he wanted nothing more than to continue to build this moment they were sharing with each other.  He felt Heer's hands flow from his muscular shoulders to his chest and push upward.  A few seconds later he was laying on his back while Heer had her way with him.  The tempting things she did with her hands and mouth sent him into wonderful oblivion.  His senses were reeling but he didn't care because she was the one sending him there.  He breathed deeply as there was pause as Heer went to his ear and whispered, "I love you."  A grin beamed brightly on his face and he immediately captured her lips rolling them over.  "I love you too."  Heer giggled lightly at his actions but soon arched her back letting out a pleasing moan as Prem returned the favor she had given him earlier.


As they teased one another with kisses and sensual touches, it was becoming harder and harder for them to prolong the inevitable.  Eventually haggard breaths mingled and desperate hands clung as bodies slipped into harmonious perfection.  Sweet moans and murmurs filled the room as the passionate storm swayed the two lovers into a slow but steady frenzy.  The crescendo at the end left both utterly speechless but extremely satisfied.  Prem buried his face in the crook of Heer's neck as she ran her hands tenderly along his shoulder.  "Look, we're laying the right way now," Prem breathed.


Heer let out a soft chortle at his remark.  "Yes, we are."


"Be able to sleep soundly tonight because we're now facing the right way?" 


Heer pouted at his joke and pushed his shoulder for making fun of her.  "Premm..."


"You know I love you Honey," he replied as he lifted himself up giving her a peck on the lips before rolling onto his back.  He tucked his hands behind his head and blinked sleepily.  He grinned as he felt Heer lay her head on his chest. 


"Goodnight Jaanu," Heer said as she placed a gentle kiss on his chest.


Prem lowered his right hand and wrapped his arm firmly around her shoulders in a comforting form.  "Goodnight.  Sleep tight."


"I will," Heer mumbled as she curved her fingers into the side of his body and closed her eyes letting sleep take her.  Prem kissed the top of her head before closing his own eyes and falling into a deep slumber.


So some spicy romance at the end of this chapter.  A little something since Prem and Heer will be heading back to J-Zoo and will have to deal with all the craziness that is going on back home.

So Chapter 73 is aptly titled And the Craziness Continues

Thanks for reading!

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