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FF| AWMARW Thread 2 (Page 49)

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Update soon!

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update soon please...waiting its been a week

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Thank you for all those that Commented and/or Hit the Like Button!  It really means a lot Big smile

So here is the next chapter.  It's a bit short but I think it moves things along rather nicely.

Chapter 66: Reality Check


Maya rubbed her aching back as she paused briefly from her work.  She looked about her with a satisfied grin that the kitchen was almost clean.  The floor was swept, the cabinets cleaned, and the refrigerator was spotless.  The only thing left to do was to scrub the counter and sink.  She decided to take a little break and went into the dining room to drink some water.  Just as she entered she saw Meher getting up from the couch.  "Hey Maya think you could grab a couple more cans of Pepsi for us?"  It was an innocent remark but it sort of stunned her and she felt a rising anger within her.  "I'm cleaning," she tersely replied.


"I know but you're standing here in the dining room.  When you go back into the kitchen you can get the drinks for us.  Thanks," Meher simply stated and sat back down.


Harman had turned his head to see what was going on and could tell Maya had reached her breaking point.  The look in her eyes said it all to him.  He saw to his horror that Maya had the broom upside down in her hand ready to go charging towards Meher and hit her with it.  "Um, anyone want anymore chips?" he asked as he quickly got up so he could go and restrain his girlfriend.


"I do," Preet said as he raised his hand with his eyes glued to the television set.


Harman got to Maya in the nick of time before the broom end went crashing down on Meher's head.  He cupped her mouth and carried her back into the kitchen.  "What are you doing?" he whispered.


"Did you hear what she asked me to do?" Maya hissed.  "To get her some drinks?  Drinks?!  I've been slaving away cleaning this townhouse for two days!  Two days Harman.  I'm tired and sore.  I don't want to get her or anyone drinks!"


Harman nodded his head and soothingly tried to calm her down.  "I know Honeybun.  I've been doing a wonderful job at cleaning.  You go take a break...drink some water.  I'll go get the drinks, okay.  Just go and sit down and take a break."


"That's what I'm going to do," Maya replied.  "She's not going to tell me to do anything!"


Harman gave her a comforting smile and gently took the broom away from her hands.  "That's go and do that."  His eyes widen when Maya turned around and snapped, "Not anyone either!"  Harman shooed her into the dining room and then went and grabbed the three cans of Pepsi and the bag of chips they needed.  He walked back into the living room and placed the items on the table.  Preet and Meher were unaware what had occurred as they were too engrossed in the movie they were watching.  Harman turned his head towards the dining room making sure Maya was okay.  To his relief she was quietly sitting at the table drinking her water and watching what was playing on the television.


Veera was making her way down the stairs when she heard the doorbell ring.  She had arrived in New York a few days ago and was utterly exhausted.  She hadn't had a night's proper sleep since she got there.  The whole stress of the situation had griped her and she was in anxious jitters.  She went to the door and looked through the peephole and was completely surprised to see Nihaal on the other end.  He rang the doorbell again and she opened the door.  "What are you doing here?" she asked.


"I was invited over," Nihaal explained.


"By who?" Veera inquired.


"By me," Joyti replied coming to the door.  "Hey Nihaal come on in."


"Thanks," he smiled and handed her a bottle of wine.  "Your Dad likes this brand right?  I saw this in the store and thought I buy a bottle for dinner tonight."


"That's so sweet of you.  My Dad will love it.  Come on in," Joyti said waving her hand. 


Nihaal nodded and walked pass Veera into the house.  Veera just stood there completely perplexed.  "When did this happen?" she thought out loud and curiously went into the living room to see what was going on.


Veera sat on her bed in the guest room looking at on her laptop.  Her mind was replaying what had happened at dinner and was confused.  She had no idea that Nihaal and Joyti had gotten so close.  She kept wondering when that had happened.  Then again it wasn't like they didn't know each other.  Joyti was in the fashion magazine business so she was acquaintances with the designers and their friends.  Nihaal was a close friend and business associate with the designer Duncan James.  And then there was Prem and Heer's wedding which would have given Joyti and Nihaal plenty of time to get to know each other better.  Either way they were all family now so it wasn't so unusual to see them talking.  Veera jumped a little as she heard a sudden knock on her bedroom door.  "Hey, sorry...didn't mean to scary you," Nihaal said as he pushed the door open.


"Oh,'s fine.  What's up?" Veera replied.


"We were going to go see a movie do you want to come?" Nihaal invited.


"It's okay.  I'm pretty tired actually.  I should probably rest," Veera said.


"Joyti tells me you haven't been sleeping too well," Nihaal replied as he sat down on her bed.  "Don't stress too much over this contest.  You'll do fine.  And if things don't work's not the end.  There are many more opportunities out there for are really talented Veera.  It won't be long until everyone finds out.  This is just the beginning."


Veera's face softened at his words.  "Thank you Nihaal."


"Are you sure you don't want to come out?  It will take your mind off of things."


"I'll be okay.  I'm going to try to get some sleep," Veera said with a tiny grin.


"Have a good rest then," Nihaal replied as he got up from the bed.


"Hey, there you are," Joyti said as she came into the room.  "We better get going if we want to make it."  Veera noted the way she had placed her hand on Nihaal's arm and felt a strange jerk inside of her.


"Oh yeah sure," Nihaal replied unphased by the physical contact.


"You coming Veera?" Joyti asked.


"No, you guys enjoy," she replied and watched them leave her room feeling a surprising uneasiness.


Vinay Bindar rolled his suitcase to the front steps of his house happy to be home after a long business trip.  When he opened the door to his home he was surprised to see his only daughter wearing sweats and carrying around a plastic bucket filled with cleaning supplies.  "Maya?" he called out with a perplexed expression etched on his face.


"Daddy?  You're home?" Maya warmly greeted and went to hug her father.


" flight reached a lot earlier than expected.  What is all of this?"


"I'm cleaning," she replied with a proud smile on her face.


"Since when did this happen?" Vinay uttered as he scanned his home.  It was spotless.  He had only seen it this clean when the maid came.


"Since you've been away.  I thought I learn some things," Maya explained.


"That's nice and all but you really didn't have to...that is what the maid is for."


"But shouldn't I learn?  I mean it would be good wouldn't it?" Maya replied.


Vinay took his daughter's hands into his.  "I want the best for you.  You're on your way to becoming a big business's okay to put your career first.  Let someone else handle the housework...we can afford it."


"That's not the point Daddy," Maya sighed.


"I don't want you fretting about it.  I know ever since your mother died it has been difficult.  I try my best.  I hired a maid and cook to clean and cook...I know it isn't the same but it's the only thing I've been able to do for you," Vinay replied.


"Daddy," Maya uttered and hugged him.  "I really appreciate all of that.  You work really hard to make sure I'm provided for."  Her father gently patted her head in understanding.  The father-daughter moment was soon interrupted when a male presence came walking into the living room.


"Maya, where do you want me to put the laundry?" Harman asked.  He paused in shock and tried back paddling when he saw Mr. Bindar in the living room.


"Hello," Vinay nodded giving him a curious look.


"Um, hi Mr. Bindar," Harman replied swallowing hard.


Maya felt like hitting herself in the head.  How could she forget that Harman was over at her house helping her clean?  "Oh, um Daddy this is my friend Harman.  He was just helping me.  Um, why don't you two sit and I'll go make some chai?"


Maya's father watched in awe as she ran off to the kitchen wondering when she learned how to make chai.  His face soon hardened when he realized he was alone with Harman.  He sat down on the couch and motioned for him to do the same.  Harman gave a nervous smile and placed the laundry basket on the floor.  "So have a nice trip, sir?" Harman croaked.


"It was a business trip...but yes I suppose," Vinay replied.  "So how do you know my daughter?  I haven't heard her mention you before."


"Um, we met at college," Harman explained.


", what do you do?" Vinay probed.


"Well, I'm studying law.  I'm currently interning at a law firm right now."


"Law, huh...I see," Vinay replied in a short response.  Harman didn't know if that was a good sign or bad sign that he had gone "huh" at the mention of law.  He felt the back of his neck go sore and a cold sweat staring to form behind his shoulders.  The awkward silence was so deafening.  He wondered what was taking Maya so long to make some chai.  The minutes slowly ticked by before Maya finally returned with a serving tray of tea and some biscuits.


"Here you go Daddy," Maya smiled as she placed her work in front of her father.


"Since when did you learn how to make chai?"


"Um, me and some of the know Ash and Meher were just hanging around the kitchen and Gayatri know Heer's mother-in-law...she taught us.  She even gave me a little bottle of her own homemade tea masala," Maya answered.


"Ah, yes that wedding you attended.  Your friend Heer was getting married to Prem Juneja.  From what I hear he's a really upstanding young man...a sharp business mind...looking forward to when he enters the business fraternity."  Harman's slightly paled face filled with some color at the positive mention of his brother.  Vinay took a gentle sip of tea and grinned brightly.  "It's very good Maya."


"Thank you Daddy."


"So your friend here was telling me he's going to become a lawyer," Vinay said.


"Yes, he's really good.  He's working at a private firm right now...Benson, Thompson, & Leigh LLC.  He wants to become a judge later," Maya said with full enthusiasm which had not gone unnoticed by her father.


Vinay placed his tea cup down and cleared his throat, "So, are you two going to tell me what is really going on here?"


Harman and Maya both exchanged startled looks.  "What do you mean Daddy?"


"Don't beat around the bush," Vinay said sternly.


"Sir, Maya and I are dating," Harman answered directly.  He knew it was best to reveal everything out in the open instead of hiding the truth.  Things had gone so wrong on his side of the family that he didn't want to risk a misstep and screw up things even more by making Maya's father cross for lying to him.  "We really care for each other," he continued and held Maya's hand in a bold effort to show how serious they were in their relationship.


"This is serious..." Vinay muttered as his eyes focused in on their hands.  "How long have you've been dating?"


"We've been dating since last June.  I'm sorry Daddy.  I wanted to tell but I didn't really know how because I know how you feel about these things'"


"These things?  What things?" Vinay inquired rather firmly."


"His name is Harman Juneja...and I know you and Lalit Uncle'"


"Lalit Uncle?!" Vinay gasped in shock.  "So he knew about this before me?  You've gotten that close with his family?"


"I mean Mr. Juneja..." Maya corrected.  "I know you two don't exactly see eye-to-eye on things."


"Eye-to-eye, heh...that's being very kind," Vinay puffed.  "So you are a Junjea.  And who's idea was it for you to start learning all this housework stuff?"


"It was mine," Maya defended.  "I just wanted to show them that I could be a good daughter-in-law."


"I don't want you to go changing who you are by forcing yourself to learn things you never had any interest in learning in the first place.  Do they expect you to just cook and clean once you get married into that house...serve your mother-in-law and the rest of the family like some servant?  You are a modern girl how has modern dreams.  You are a career minded woman," Vinay replied.


"I will never ask Maya to compromise her dreams.  She can work...I have no issues with that," Harman said trying to explain his side.


"You may think that but what about your family?  Obviously they weren't so keen on the idea.  If they aren't ready to accept Maya for who she is then why should I give my daughter's hand to you?  Hmmm?"


"Daddy, that wasn't the point.  I wanted to learn," Maya replied desperate to defend her position.  "And it isn't like I would be all alone in doing some of the household chores.  Heer Bhabhi and Kulraj Di are there to help."


Vinay ignored her comment and pointed at Harman and said, "You did it to please him and his family.  I've heard enough.  I just got back from a long business trip.  I'm going to go rest now.  Harman, you know your way out."


Maya looked on in shock as her father went up the stairs and left them in the living room.  "This was not how it was suppose to end.  I thought he would be happy I was learning some things...I could take care of him like the way Mom use to do.  He's going to be all alone when I get married who's going to take care of him?"  Harman pulled her into a hug and patted her back as she gently cried.


"It's going to be okay...don't' worry," he soothed.


"How can you say that?  Our Dad's hate each other and they don't approve of our relationship."


"He's was probably a lot for him to take in after such a long flight.  We'll see how things are tomorrow.  But we shouldn't lose faith...that is one thing I learned from what Prem Bhaiya and Heer Bhabhi had to go through...look at them now...happily married," Harman consoled.


"But your Dad and her Dad were best friends...of course they were willing to overlook what happened," Maya replied.


"No, they realized how much Bhaiya and Bhabhi truly loved each other.  And one day Bauji and your Dad will realize that with us.  I'm not leaving you Maya," Harman firmly stated.


"I love you," Maya said into his chest and tightened her arms around his body.


Meher made her way around the party politely smiling at people she hardly knew searching for Preet.  She couldn't believe this was the third night in a row they had gone out to someone's apartment or house to attend a party.  It wasn't like she was antisocial or anything and she enjoyed a good party once in awhile but this was a bit too much for her to handle.  She had no idea Preet knew so many people.  Her eyes lit up when she saw a familiar face.  "Deepika?!"


"Hey Meher," she replied giving her a hug.


"I thought we weren't going to be able to make it."


"Some things worked out and here I am.  But alone and no date," Deepika sighed.


"Well, you can hang with me because God knows were Preet ran off to," Meher said rather tensely.


"Mr. Juneja is quite the social butterfly.  He loves his parties."


"I'm beginning to see that," Meher exhaled.


"Hey ladies!" Preet greeted as he came from behind them and put his arms around their shoulders.  "Deeps, you made it!"


"Yes I did and ready to dance the night away!" she replied.


"That's my girl," Preet winked.  "Beer?  I just got it.  Haven't taken a sip."


"Thanks," Deepika said taking it from him.


Meher was feeling a bit uncomfortable as Preet continued talking to them with his arms around both their shoulders.  "I'm going to the restroom."


"Okay," Preet replied not realizing her brewing mood.


"I think you should go check on her," Deepika suggested when Meher was out of ear shot. 


"Why?" Preet asked perplexed.  He then got distracted as a group of people walked by shouting their greetings at him.  He smiled and hugged a few of the people and then took a slip of paper from a girl. 


Deepika arched her eyebrows at him and placed her hands on her hips.  "Explain yourself Mr. Juneja."


"It's not what it looked like.  I'm buying some textbooks from her that's all," Preet said holding up his hands.


"You're lucky Meher did not see that or else you would be dead," Deepika said fiercely.


"I know.  I'm not misbehaving," Preet replied.


"Anyways, go and check up on her.  I think she's feeling a bit down," Deepika suggested.


Preet nodded and went searching through the house looking for one of the many bathrooms.  He couldn't find her anywhere and started searching the upstairs bedrooms seeing if she might have gone up there to get away from the noise of the music.  He opened one bedroom door and found a couple making out.  "So sorry!" he quickly apologized and shut the door.  He smirked when heard the lock on the door turn close.  He decided he should knock before opening any other doors so he didn't accidentally walk into something he or the people involved in it didn't want him to see.  Preet sighed with a pout after he searched the entire upstairs and could not locate Meher.  He came back down and grabbed a bottle of beer and then wandered outside to see if she had gone out there.  Sure enough, he found her sitting on the curb of the driveway.  "Hey, there you are.  This is not the bathroom last time I checked," he joked as he sat down next to her.


"I know," Meher replied.


Preet threw his arm around her shoulder and said, "So what's up?  Why are you out here?"


"I needed some fresh air."  Meher looked at Preet as he took a swig of beer.  He arched his eyebrows at her as he lowered the bottle from his mouth and then offered it to her.  "I don't want any."


"You're acting really strange," Preet mumbled.  He then smirked, "I know why..."


Meher stiffened as Preet began to nibble on her ear.  He then swung his other arm around so he was giving her a sideways hug.  Meher pushed him slightly causing him to tighten his hold.  "Preet, not here in public and especially like this," she snapped.


"What's wrong with here?" Preet cheekily commented as he nuzzled her neck.  "Everyone is inside."  He then traced his way up to her mouth.  Meher tightened her lips as she smelled the strong alcohol on his breath.


"I don't like it when you're like this," Meher heatedly said as she forcefully pushed him away.  Preet furrowed his eyebrows in confusion.  "Don't look at me like you don't know.  You're drunk."


"Drunk?" Preet repeated.  "I may have had a few beers but I'm not drunk.  And it's not like I'm hitting on any girls.  I'm with you."


"That makes me feel a whole lot better," Meher replied.  "So if I wasn't here you would be hitting on the other girls?"


"That's not what I said," Preet defended.


"I don't like it when you are like this because you get touchy feely with everybody."


"With people I know.  I'm not hugging complete strangers.  You're my girlfriend...if I can't hug you or kiss you what's the point of you being my girlfriend?" Preet asked.


"You're missing the whole point," Meher said.


"Maybe because I don't see the point in this conversation," Preet answered.  "You don't want me to have fun and relax with some friends?"


"No, that's not what I mean.  Of course you can hang out with your friends.  You just watch yourself," Meher explained.


"Watch myself?  I'm not an want me to walk a straight line?" 


"Preet..." Meher said with an exasperated voice.


"I'll do it right now.  It's okay," Preet said as he got up and walked in a perfect line on the edge of the sidewalk.  "Satisfied?"


Meher put her hand to her forehead in complete frustration.  "I'm not calling you an alcoholic."


"Then what are you calling me?  A flirt?  A playboy?" Preet asked in an irritated tone.  "I like to dance...I like hanging out with my that such a bad thing?  I don't do it all the time.  I limit myself to a few drinks and that's it.  If Prem Bhaiya or Harman Bhaiya did this no one would say a thing...they are the perfect sons...they don't ever get into trouble.  But no I'm the trouble maker.  I'm the defective son."


"Why are you bringing your brothers into this conversation?" Meher asked with some concern in her voice.  "I never said their names."


Preet hesitantly shifted his head away, "Forget about it.  If you don't want to stay then you can go home."


"Preet?" Meher called out as he turned away.  "Preet?!"


"I said if you want to go then just go Meher!" Preet angrily yelled.


Meher stood there not really knowing what she should do.  A part of her was still upset with him at his behavior while the other part was concern over his emotional outburst.  She knew he was now in a foul mood and more than likely try to ignore her if she tried to talk to him.  She sighed and pulled out her cell phone.  "Hello Ash?  Can you come and pick me up?  Thanks."


Heer opened her eyes to the white ceiling above and breathed deeply.  She turned her head and saw that the space next to her was empty.  She frowned as she got out of bed and made her way to the living room.  The television was still on but at a low volume.  She shook her head seeing Prem passed out on the couch.  She sighed and turned the TV off.  The minute she did that Prem groggily opened his eyes.  "I was watching that..."


"You were watching that while asleep?" Heer asked.


"Sort of...I was listening," Prem mumbled.


"Prem I can't believe you fell asleep watching TV.  You said you would come to bed as soon as the movie was over," Heer replied.


"I was but then there was this interesting TV show that started and I wanted to see what I watched some of that," Prem explained.


"And?" Heer inquired.


"And I guess I fell asleep.  What's the big deal?  Why so upset?  So, I fell asleep.  I was here the whole wasn't like I was out somewhere else," Prem defended.  He didn't understand why his wife was getting so upset with him over nothing. 


"I'm not upset," Heer answered through tight lips.


"Not upset?  Ha!  You're obviously upset," Prem said.


"I'm not upset Prem.  I just want you to sleep properly at a proper time," Heer replied.  "It's not good for you to sleep so late.  Forgive me for trying to look after my husband."


"Heer?"  Prem called out as she quickly turned around in a huff.


"I'm sorry Honey...really am," Prem apologized as he hugged her from behind.  "Forgive me please?  I am very fortunate to have a wife that cares about me so much."  Heer stood still not saying a thing as Prem tried soothing her anger.  He affectionately tightened his hold on her and leaned his head against her head. "Heer Honey won't you forgive your Prem Jaanu?  Please?  I'll make it worthwhile."


"Worthwhile?" Heer inquired.


"Wanna bubble bath?  Or should I help scrub your back in the shower?" Prem asked.  Heer gently smiled at the thought and then stopped.  She berated her hormones for making her think of such pleasurable thoughts.  "You smiled didn't you?  Won't you let me apologized?  I want to apologize."


"Prem let's go brush our teeth," Heer simply stated and unwrapped his arms from around her waist. 


Prem smirked, "That's a yes, isn't it?"  Heer ignored him and tried not to grin as she walked into the bathroom.  "That's definitely a yes," Prem said to himself out loud.  He grinned brightly when he heard his name being called by his wife and quickly ran into the bathroom.


Hope you guys enjoyed that.  Sorry there wasn't as much Premeer here but I need to focus on the other couples and their issues.  Anyways I'm tapped for romance and things to do with Premeer...anyways they are busy enjoying their honeymoon together...let them enjoy their private time together all you naughty people Tongue Embarrassed

Please Leave Comments!  Would love to know what you think of the track for the other couples.

---Grace Big smile

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brainychild92 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 February 2011 at 7:34pm | IP Logged
o no.. poor meet..  dont break em up.. please!!!   i hope they try and se eachother's point of views...
bechare harmaya.. they are going to have a long ride w/ their dads...
continue soon

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less of premeer..........thatt shaaaaaaaaddddd........Ouch

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Posted: 26 February 2011 at 10:13pm | IP Logged
Yay, you updated.
& I owe you comments. :P Sorry. :)

I enjoy the couples more than Premeer - so IMO, it's a good thing you're givin' 'em some private time. ;)

*sigh* I <3 Harman&Maya in your story. Bechari Maya, trying so hard, but it's just never enough when fathers are at loggerheads with each other. I'm glad Harman is such a calming influence on her.. and LOL. I <3ed the Pepsi scene; I reckon Meher shouldn't have asked.. she could have gotten it herself.

& on that note - omg, Preet. What's with the beer? Eww.. I never saw Preet as a beer lover.
& yes, Preet is so drunk. I definitely feel for Meher - she's not used to this.. so it's definitely a clash of culture in a way. I guess Preet should have eased her in to all the parties and nights out. Hoping Premeer get back to help solve the problem - Prem will definitely be able to make Meher understand, and Heer will help Preet. :)

I love this story. I love your writing. :D

PS. Fastforward the Nihaal-Veera s/l - as in, I wanna see Nihaal falling for Veera asap ;). I want more of them.. I know, I know, they were pretty boring in the show. But I still reckon they're a cute couple. :D

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Awesome update !
Loved it !
Waiting for next !
Update soon !
Thnx for pm !

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chindi sa premeer part its k.........
yes u hav 2 concentrate on other people..........
hmmm.................preet is drunk..Unhappy.............poor meher.......
update sooooon n thnx for d pm

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