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Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
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FF| AWMARW Thread 2 (Page 45)

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update soon, please do a bigger update...

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Great update! haha Heer has become so cheeky and Prem Day Dreaming sighhhh is all Im going to say, I soo wish he was mine! Well, loveeeed reading the update and take your time with the rest of the part!
Im more desperate with At first sight right now Blushing LOL

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Thanks ver much for a lovely update Clap
Really liked Heer's suprise to Prem on his birthdayHeart
please update sooon next part just cant waitttttttttttttttttttttttWink

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Here it is, the complete Chapter 65...

Chapter 65: Birthday Wishes and Blessings


Prem turned to his side and reached out with his right hand expecting to find his wife sleeping next to him.  When his hand slumped down with a thud hitting the empty space beside him he awoke with alarm.  "Heer?" he called and quickly sat up in bed.  He scanned the room realizing he was alone.  He frowned and threw the covers aside as he got out of bed.  "Heer?" he called again as he wondered into the bathroom.  A few seconds later he reappeared with a perplexed look on his face.  He walked out of the bedroom and began searching the entire suite but his wife was nowhere in sight.  Prem stood in the middle of the living room with a childish pout on his face as he rubbed the back of his head with one hand while the other slithered its way underneath his shirt to scratch his stomach.  "Where did she go?"  He sadly made his way back into the bedroom and went to the dresser to make sure her clothes were still there.  He felt slightly better after he saw that her things were still neatly folded in the drawers.  Prem sighed and went back to the bed to rearrange the covers so it didn't look too messy.  That was when he finally noticed a gigantic card propped open sitting on the table in the sitting area of their bedroom.  It was a birthday card for him.  Prem walked over and began read the contents of the card.


Happy Birthday to My Adorably Cute and Loving Husband!


I'm sorry I couldn't greet you this morning.  You aren't too mad at me, are you?  *Holds Ears* Please forgive me.  I decided to take a chapter from Mr. Prem Juneja's Romantic Guidebook...hehe...  I thought it be rather fitting since I'm Mrs. Juneja now...I have to keep up with you somehow.  Now go brush your teeth, take a shower, and get dressed so you can meet me.  Don't forget to bring your camera.  Talk to the hotel concierge and he'll arrange a cab for you to take to the park.  I'll be waiting there by the benches.  I've planned a special picnic for you.  So hurry up and get ready because I want to spend time with you, the birthday boy.  I love you.





Should we try out the bathtub later tonight?


Prem grinned widely after he finished reading the card and hurriedly grabbed some clothes from the dresser and ran into the bathroom to get ready.  Fifteen minutes later Prem came walking out wearing a red polo shirt and khaki colored cargo shorts.  He ran to the front door and put on his socks and white sneakers before slinging his backpack onto his right shoulder and exiting the room.  He made his way down to the front desk of the hotel lobby and smiled at the concierge.  "Hi.  Prem wife told me to speak with you."


"Ah, yes Mr. Juneja," the concierge smiled.  He picked up a phone spoke into it giving some orders and then hung up.  "The doorman will direct you to your taxi outside.  Happy Birthday Mr. Juneja.  Hope you enjoy your day out on the town."


"Thank you," Prem smiled and walked towards the doorman who was waiting for him at the revolving front doors.


Prem watched as the picturesque European city buildings and streets passed by him while he sat patiently in the back of the cab wondering what park he was going to be dropped off at.  Eventually the taxi pulled to the side of the road and the driver indicated to him that this was his stop.  Prem looked at him wondering if he needed to pay but when he saw that the meter light was turned off he knew that the ride had already been paid for.  "Merci (Thank you in French)," Prem politely thanked.


"Joyeux anniversaire (Happy Birthday in French)," the taxi driver replied.


Prem nodded and exited the car.  His backpack was slung loosely on his right shoulder and he gripped the strap with both hands as he entered the park.  He looked about him searching for the benches that Heer mentioned in the card.  His eyes lit up and his lips curled into a wide smile when he saw her dressed in a yellow tank top and dark blue shorts sitting on bench waiting for him like she said she would.  Heer grinned as she stood up to meet him and was instantly engulfed into a tight hug.  "Happy B---" was about all Heer was able to utter before Prem kissed her.  Heer pushed him back slightly embarrassed by his sudden intimate act.  "We're in public."


"Can't I give a proper thank you for the surprise?" Prem asked as he continued to hold her waist.


"You can...but let's find a place to sit," Heer said shyly looking down and moving her head away while Prem continued to try to make contact with her lips.  His nose brushed delicately across her cheek making her blush.  "Prem, we can do this later."


He pulled back and smirked, "Okay.  But remember I'm the birthday boy."  Heer understood his meaning and gently hit his shoulder with her fist causing him to grin even more.  "So where to?" Prem asked as he took the large picnic blanket from the bench while Heer grabbed her orange striped canvas tote.  Prem followed Heer as she made her way through the park and found a nice secluded spot by some trees and bushes.  "I like this," Prem replied.


"Help me roll the blanket out," Heer stated.  Prem nodded and spread the large plaid picnic blanket out on the ground.  Heer slipped off her sneakers and sat down on the soft fabric and started to take things out of her orange tote.  Prem soon joined her on the blanket and sat with his legs crossed looking at the food items she had bought.  "I hope this is okay."


"Of course it is," Prem said looking at the fresh loaf of bread, slices of cheeses, cold cuts, grapes, yogurt, and large bottle of water for them to share.  He moved some things to the side and crawled up the middle towards his wife to give her a kiss.  Heer gave him a look while he simply responded, "That was my morning kiss...I told you I can't start the day without one."


Heer smiled and put her arms around his shoulders pulling him closer to him.  "So you like the surprise?"


"Yes, very much.  You sure know how to plan a romantic date," Prem said as he maneuvered himself so that he was sitting next to his wife.


"I learn from the best," Heer smiled.  She looked at him with slight alarm as she felt Prem's hand gently grab her leg.  "Prem, what are you doing?"


"Relax Honey, just wanted to move it so I can lay my head down," Prem explained.


"Then tell me...don't just do that without telling me...we're in public," Heer said.


"In a very secluded spot," Prem replied with a smirk as he delicately ran his fingers along her leg.  "Silky smooth..."


Heer blushed and placed her hand on top of his trying to stop his antics.  "Stop being so bad.  I don't care if you are birthday boy today...I told you later."


"When we try out the tub?" Prem asked as he nuzzled his nose against her nose.  Heer let go of his hand and sunk her fingers into his thick hair near the nape of his neck and teasingly brushed her lips against his.  "Look who's being bad now..." Prem joked.


"Ssshhh..." Heer whispered causing Prem to longingly inch his lips towards her pink ones.  The next minute Prem knew he was roughly pushed back while his wife laughed at him.  "Gotcha..." Heer giggled.


Prem furrowed his eyebrows and pouted.  "You not being very nice to the birthday boy!"


"I'm sorry.  I couldn't resist," Heer apologized and gave him a quick peck on the lips.  "I love you Jaanu."  Prem continued to frown while she gently motioned for him to lay his head in her lap.  She grabbed some grapes and popped one into his mouth.  "I'm sorry...I won't do it again.  Will the birthday boy please smile?"  Prem flashed a fake smile and then went back to displaying a mopy expression as he chewed.  Heer tenderly ran his fingers along his jawline hoping to sooth his pouty behavior.  She then bent her head down and gave him a kiss on the cheek.  "Please?"  Prem remained silent but pulled her hand indicating he wanted another grape.  Heer feed him another one and just as she was about to pull her hand away she felt him hold onto her hand.  She smiled gently as she felt him place a tender kiss on her hand showing he had forgiven her.


Veera sighed as she sat in the middle of the floor with her suitcase in front of her and stacks of clothes and other items spread all around her.  She was trying to figure out what she needed to pack for her trip to New York.  She didn't know if she was going to win or not and decided to just book a one way ticket and see what would happen after that.  She would be staying at her cousin Joyti's house again.  She lifted her head when she heard a soft knock at her slightly ajar bedroom door.  "Come in," she greeted.


"Wow, what happened here?" Nihaal said as he pushed the door open.  "It's like a bomb exploded in here."


"I'm packing...shouldn't you be packing or something?" Veera asked.  "We are leaving in two days."


"I don't have much to pack.  I travel pretty lightly so it won't take me too long," Nihaal replied as he scanned her messy bedroom.


Veera saw that a pile of her underwear was sitting right in full view on her bed.  She hurried jumped up and grabbed the folded stack and stuffed them quickly underneath her bed.  Nihaal arched his right eyebrow wondering what she was freaking out about.  "Is there a reason why you are here?" she snapped.


"I was just here to tell you that your sister wants you to come down and have some chai," Nihaal said.


"Oh, okay...I'll be done in a few minutes," Veera replied.


"By the way when are you going to be retaking the cleaning exam?" Nihaal probed trying to suppress his smirk.


Veera glanced up at him and made a face.  "I know you want to laugh so go ahead and do it."


"I can't believe that you and Maya actually tried to cheat on a test like that," Nihaal laughed.  "And while Meher was watching you as well.  That was certifiably see how worked up she gets."


"Well, she said that we will get a second chance since we failed so miserably.  I got out of townhouse cleaning duty because I'm leaving for New York but poor Maya...she's probably ready to cry in a corner somewhere.  Meher is making her clean the entire townhouse.  I shudder to think of the things she's done to the place...what mess she made on purpose to make Maya clean," Veera said.


"You girls did deserve it you know," Nihaal said.


"I suppose but not to the degree that Meher is trying to punish us for," Veera replied.


"Look on the bright can now impress your future mother-in-law with your cleaning skills," Nihaal said.  "And now I know who to call in New York if I get a stain on my shirt."


"Remember now I didn't do so well on the test.  You'll be lucky if you get back a normal sized shirt," Veera teased causing Nihaal to laugh.


"I guess so.  But I have faith you'll get it down," Nihaal encouraged.


"Thanks," Veera smiled.


"Better come down for tea before it gets cold," Nihaal said and then left the room.


Gentle soap suds swilled and floated across the tub as the tip of a toe cautiously poked its way out from underneath the warm waters and playfully rubbed against another large toe resting at the tub's edge.  A girlish giggle echoed in the room as her partner wrapped his arms around her waist and nibbled her ear.  "This was an excellent idea you had," Prem whispered as he rubbed his nose against Heer's cheek.


"I thought we could do with a good soak in the tub after walking around that little village.  It was so beautiful wasn't it?  You took some really great pictures.  I think Meher is going to get jealous again.  Your brother better have a plan to take her to Switzerland in the future," Heer said as she gathered a handful of soap suds and blew them out of her hands watching the bubbles float away.


Prem smiled at her playfulness.  "I'm sure Preet has a plan to take Meher here.  I wouldn't put it past him.  His mind is always scheming things.  I sometimes wonder why he didn't go into law...he's got that scheming mind for it...always finding loop holes in things."


"Has he decided what he wants to do yet?" Heer asked.


"I don't know.  He keeps avoiding the question," Prem sighed.  "I know he has a lot of potential...if he could focus on that one thing he'd surpass everyone...Bauji would be so proud of him.  He always feigns indifference but I know he really does care what Bauji thinks."


"I'm sure Preet will get there," Heer said.


"I'm quite thankful that he's going out with your sister.  She'll make him realize his full potential," Prem said.  "Ah, what have you Maan sisters done to the Juneja brothers?"


"What's that suppose to mean?" Heer asked with a gently grin.


"I really don't know how I ever lived without you," Prem said as he nuzzled his nose against her cheek.  "You make me feel like I can do anything."


"That is the cheesiest line you've said to me," Heer replied.


"I can do cheesier if you like.  There must be something wrong with my eyes, I can't take them off you."  Heer groaned at the line causing Prem to laugh.  "You know I heard Kunal using that line on some girl once."


"Please don't tell me it worked," Heer said.


"He got a laugh and she sort of continued talking to him but I don't think he got her number at the end of the it sort of worked," Prem answered.  "The line isn't that bad right?  I mean there are far worse ones out there."


"Like...Did it hurt when you fell out of heaven?  That is so cheesy," Heer groaned.


"Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?" Prem chuckled.


"That is a definite no," Heer replied shaking her head.


"Okay how about this one...I think this isn't too bad.  I have had a really bad day and it always makes me feel better to see a pretty girl smile.  So, would you smile for me?"  Heer gave a soft chortle at the line.  "It isn't that bad right?  So, would you smile for me?" Prem asked.  "I know you have great smile."


"How exactly would you know?" Heer asked playing along.


"I just have this feeling that's all," Prem answered.  Heer turned towards him and gave him a smile.  "Beautiful."  Their eyes gently locked into the moment and the air filled with an unknown passion and desire.  Prem leaned forward closing the distance between them and surrendered his senses to the tender kisses he was sharing with his wife.  Heer sighed in content at the contact and wanted to turn herself around but was prevented by the architecture of the tub.  Prem held her back close to his chest and slowly wandered away to give some attention to her cheek and neck.  Heer arched herself as her left hand slithered upward into the tuff of wet hair on the back of her husband's head.  Their breathing had become shallow and there was an urgent need to feel more from each other but they eventually broke away letting their heartbeats regain their regular rhythm.  Heer could feel and hear Prem's heavy breathing in her ear.  "Love you," he whispered.


"Love you too," Heer grinned.  She leaned back and rested her head on his shoulder enjoying their intimate bath again.  She tapped her fingers on the water's surface exploring the feel of liquid on her fingertips.  "I think it's time we get out.  Everyone back home will be waiting for us to get on Skype tonight.  They want to wish the birthday boy."


"This has been a great birthday," Prem replied as he gently kissed the side of her head.  "I can't believe you packed my gifts into the suitcase."


"Well, they were things you could actually use on the trip," Heer reasoned.


"I promise you a romantic candle lit dinner in Italy," Prem replied.


"I'd like that," Heer grinned.


"Okay, let's get out...I think my fingers are starting to get all wrinkly and shriveled," Prem said.  "Be careful when you step out I don't want you to slip and fall."


"That's what the towel on the floor is for," Heer replied.


They carefully made their way out of the tub making sure neither one of them slipped.  They helped pat each other dry before putting on their pajamas and making themselves presentable to the family.  Heer wore a simple blue t-shirt and blue-green plaid pajama pants while Prem wore a white undershirt and black track pants.  Prem got his laptop and placed it on the coffee table and waited as it booted up.  Heer went and gathered all the gifts he had received from the family and brought them into the living room.  Prem signed onto Skype and waited for Heer to dial home to check and see if the family was available to talk.


"Hi Kulraj Di, is everyone at home?  Oh great, Prem just signed into Skype.  Okay, we'll see you in a few minutes," Heer replied and then hung up the cell phone.  "Kulraj Di is getting everyone together."


"I'm all set here...oh, they're calling," Prem said and pushed the green video call accept button.  He waved at the screen as he saw some of the faces of his family members.


"Happy Birthday Prem!" they all greeted.


"Thanks," he grinned back.


Heer sat behind Prem on her knees with her head near his shoulder.  They watched as the family started fighting over who got to talk first to the birthday boy.  They had huge smiles on their faces as they heard the commotion when the video screen would sometimes freeze and blur in and out. 


"I get to talk to PB first because he loves me the most!"


"No he doesn't, he just tolerates and your stupid pranks all the time!"


"Whatever fashion police!"


"I get to talk to him because he values my advice."


"What advice have you ever given to him?  You're the one that always asks for his advice, Harman."


"Will you three stop fighting?  I'm the one who's going to talk to him.  I'm the eldest and his beloved sister."


"Why can't I talk to him?"


"Jiju of course you can talk to him.  Just not first...maybe after your wife."




"Joking, joking...look holding my ears'"


"I wanna talk to Jiju..."


"Meher, all you want to do is grill him on whether or not he posted more Switzerland pictures up on Facebook."


"Shut up Ash!"


"You know I'm right."


Prem and Heer gently chuckled when they saw Nihaal's face sneakily popped into view.  He gave a simple smile and waved but before he could say anything the laptop was moved away.  They saw confused looks on Teji and Balraaj's face and then the realization that they were looking at their daughter and son-in-law.  "Hi Mom, Hi Dad," Prem greeted.


"Hi son.  Happy Birthday!  You two enjoying Switzerland?"


"Awww, we lost!" Preet shouted in the background.


"Ssshhh stop making so much noise and let them talk," Kulraj reprimanded.   


Prem glanced at Heer waiting for her to reply for them.  "Haa, Mama, Papa...we're having fun here.  I'm sure Meher has showed you the pictures."


"When she remembers...usually a day and half later," Teji replied.


"Mama!" Meher defensively shouted.


"She gets a bit worked up about these things...I certainly hope you bring her back that bell you promised and some chocolates," Balraaj said.


"Oh the bell..." Heer said faking like she had forgotten.


"Didi!  You promised!"


"You mean something like this?" Prem teased as he held a small bell in his hand and gently rung it.


"Jiju!!!  You're the best ever!"


"Hey, I'm the one who got it for you," Heer pouted.


"How could you think that your sister forgot?" Prem questioned sternly at Meher.


"I'm sorry," Meher replied with an apologetic look.


"We saw these in this village we visited today.  They were so cute," Heer said.


"Thank you Didi."


"You're welcome," Heer replied.


"Mom, Dad, thank you for the watch," Prem said as he held up his left hand showing he was wearing it.


"Does it fit all right?  The style is okay?" Teji asked.


"It's perfect.  I really like it.  It can be used for business or causal," Prem replied.


"Okay, you two take care.  I think it's time for someone else to say something," Balraaj said and handed the laptop over to Lalit and Gayatri.


"Happy Birthday Beta!" they greeted.


"Thanks Ma, Bauji.  Heer gave me the card," Prem replied holding it up.  "You really shouldn't have done that it's too much.  I have enough money with me."


"What are you saying Prem?" Lalit inquired.  "You're our son and it's your birthday.  Use it and enjoy your time aboard with your wife."


"He's not being difficult is he?" Gayatri teased looking at Heer.


"Ma," Prem gasped while Heer blushed and hide behind his shoulder.  Gayatri laughed at their reactions.


"Prem, you take care of her...don't make her do everything for you," Lalit warned.


"Bauji, of course I wouldn't do that to Heer," Prem defended.


"Prem takes good care of me Bauji," Heer replied.


Lalit smiled, "Good.  If he doesn't you just tell me and I'll make sure to punish him."


"Baaujiii..." Prem uttered with a deflated voice.


"All right, I think it's time to let your sister talk to you," Gayatri chuckled.


"Happy Birthday Prem!" Kiran and Kulraj cheerily greeted.  Rishi was sitting on Kiran's lap while Kulraj held Tanu in her arms.


"Prem Mamu, when are coming back with the chocolates?" Rishi innocently inquired.


Prem chuckled, "It won't be for a month Rishi."


"A whole month?!" Rishi exclaimed with wide eyes.


"Don't worry...just take some from Preet Mamu," Prem whispered.  "It's in his closet...bottom left...there is a tin filled with chocolates."


"Hey!" Preet shouted in the background.  "I heard that!  I'm going to move it."


"Be nice Preet and share with your nephew," Prem smirked.


"Those pictures you've taken are really beautiful," Kiran praised.


"Thanks Jiju.  So, how are things?  Tanu behaving more than Rishi?"


"She's quite understanding...sleeps through the night beautifully."


"Yes, I'm actually getting some rest for once," Kulraaj chimed in.  "Rishi was up all hours of the night when he was her age."  She then propped Tanu up in her arms and moved her little hand at the camera.  "Say hello to your Mamu and Mami."


"Hello Tanu," Prem and Heer said as they sweetly waved back.


"She's so cute and getting prettier everyday Kulraj Di," Heer said.


"Thank you," Kulraj beamed.  She then addressed her brother, "So, did you try them on do they fit?"


"Yes, Di.  Thank you both for the dress shoes.  They are really comfortable," Prem said.


"That's why we got them for you.  When you start working at the hotel you will be on your feet a lot.  We wanted to get you some really comfortable shoes.  Now, throw that old pair away, okay?" Kulraj ordered.


"Haa, Di I will," Prem replied.


"Our turn!  Our turn!" a voice in the background piped.


"I think someone is trying to shoo us away now," Kulraj chuckled.  "You two enjoy...have fun but be safe."


"Take care," Kiran said and then handled the laptop over to Harman, Preet, and Veera.


"Finally, thank you Jiju," Preet said.


"Happy Birthday Bhaiya!" Harman, Preet, and Veera shouted loudly.


"Thanks guys," Prem smiled as he tugged at his ear from the force of their greeting.


"So, how does it feel to be old?" Preet joked.  "Your 24th birthday..."


"Is he starting to make those old man noises when he bends down or gets up?" Veera asked Heer.


"Does he snore now?" Harman jokingly inquired.


"Yes, he does," Heer giggled causing Prem to turn and look at her.  "You were snoring so badly last night."


"That was because I was tired!  We walked a lot and visited a lot of places on that SRK Tour," Prem defended.  Heer playfully patted his head trying to sooth his temper.


"Awww, so that's how Bhabhi calms down the Angry Young Man in Bhaiya!" Veera laughed.


"So cute..." Preet smiled, "just want to pinch his cheeks."


"Stop laughing so hard're not too far off..." Prem warned.


"I still have two more years Bhaiya," Harman replied.


"You have a birthday coming up one more year," Prem smirked.


"Stop picking on me and say something to Preet and Veera," Harman pouted.


"He can't because we're still young unlike you two," Preet laughed loudly.  Veera gave her brother a high-five at his remark.


"Heh," Prem snorted.  "Well, thank you for the silver cufflinks.  They are really nice."


"See I told you he would like them," Veera said to her brothers as she pointed to the screen that showed Prem holding up the silver cufflinks.


"Yes, Veera you are the ultimate stylist.  I bow my head to you," Preet sarcastically commented.


"Glad you like them," Harman said and then quickly waved goodbye and handled the laptop over to the next person so Prem and Heer wouldn't have to be subjected to a scene of Preet and Veera fighting.


"Happy Birthday Prem Jiju!" Meher and Ashlesha greeted.


"Hey, thanks.  The midnight blue dress shirt you got me fits really nicely.  Thanks," Prem smiled as he held the shirt to his chest.


"You're welcome.  Glad you like it," Meher said.  "Ash picked out the color."


"I saw that black suit you had and thought the color would go really well with it," Ashlesha explained.  "It's not really blue blue...more like a teal-turquoise dark blue."


"Do we have another fashion stylist in our midst?" Prem joked.


"I'm nothing like Veera or Maya," Ashlesha replied in a hush tone.


"It goes really well with the tie Nihaal got you," Meher said.


"Yeah, it does.  Where is Nihaal?" Prem asked.


"Right here," Meher replied as she pulled her brother into the frame.


"Happy Birthday Prem," Nihaal greeted.


"Thank you for the silk tie and silver tie clip.  I have a complete suit outfit thanks to you guys," Prem said as he placed the tie and clip onto the shirt to show how they complimented each other.


"It was Veera's idea," Nihaal divulged.


Prem chuckled, "Yeah, she would think of something like that."


"You two must be's got to be getting pretty late over there.  I'll let you go.  Take care," Nihaal said.  "Goodnight!"


"Goodnight!" Prem and Heer waved and watched as the video call disconnected.


Prem closed the laptop and went to put it back on the office desk.  When he turned around he noticed that Heer was wearing a bathrobe.  He furrowed his eyebrows wondering when that had happened.  Heer went about putting all of Prem's gifts away and handed him his wallet.  Prem smiled, "Thank you for the new wallet."


"I didn't know what you wanted to do with the old one so I just packed it away in the suitcase," Heer explained.


Prem looked through his new black leather wallet.  It had two bill pockets, enough slits for his credit cards, and there was an extra flip where he could put his ID and insurance cards and such.  He walked into the bedroom and placed it on the dresser where Heer's purse sat.  Prem took off his watch and laid it on top of his wallet.  He grinned when he felt his wife's slender hands slither their way up around his waist and up towards his chest.  He gently held her hands and sweetly said, "This is one of the best birthdays ever because I got to spend it with you."    


"I'm happy you're enjoying it so much," Heer said hugging him from behind.


"Ready for bed?" he asked as he tenderly kissed her hand.


"Almost," Heer replied.


"What do you mean by almost?" Prem inquired as he turned around.  "And when did you get into the bathrobe...and what for...are you cold?  I'll turn down the air conditioner."

Heer shook her head with a gentle grin.  She took his hand and placed it on the belt that was tied into a bow around her waist.  "There is one more gift you haven't opened yet."


Prem smirked when he saw the mischievous sparkle in his wife's eyes.  "Oh is there?" he asked playing along.  Heer simply nodded her head.  Prem knew what she wanted him to do and unashamedly started to pull the end of the belt untying the bow.  "Happy birthday to me," Prem whispered as he slipped his hand into the bathrobe.  The feel of his wife's soft and supple skin was intoxicating to him.  He let his fingers travel from the front of her stomach to her back before resting around the curve of her waist.  Heer giggled as he pulled her closer into a hug.  "I love you," he breathed slowly as he sensually rubbed his nose against her nose.


"I love you too," Heer replied and then tenderly kissed him.


Prem slowly made Heer walk backwards towards the bed where they fell on top completely oblivious to anything around them but the feeling inside their hearts.  They let themselves surrendered to the moment and sought refuge underneath the white sheets in the pale moon night.  After the tumultuous and passionate storm subsided and their heart beats slowed to a steady rhythm, the couple rested lightly sharing the peaceful hours of twilight together.  Prem snuggled closely to Heer as he spooned her body.  He felt content and light hearted. 


"Happy Birthday Prem," Heer said causing him to grin. 


"My birthday is over now," he replied.  "But thank you for making of the birthday's I'll always remember."  Heer smiled when she felt his kiss on her ear.  "You know you made it harder for am I going to make your birthday special like the way you made mine?"


"I don't want anything but you...just a day with you...that will make me happy," Heer replied.  




"Let's get some rest," Heer suggested as she yawned.


"Goodnight Honey," Prem said and kissed her cheek.


"Goodnight Jaanu," Heer replied kissing his hand.


Hope you enjoyed that.

I think I'm running out of ideas for romance Shocked I'm going to be focusing on the other story lines for the other couples and try to wrap some things up.  Don't worry I got some fun ideas when the kids start coming Wink Tongue...I'm thinking this FF may end at 100 chapters...that's the goal for now.

Thank you to all that Commented and/or Hit the Like Button.  It really means a lot.

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loved it so so so much, update very soon...........

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Waqas... IF-Rockerz

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Awesome Chapter Grace !!!
Sorry for not commenting, i was bit busy, but i read last chapters also... Big smile
Thanks for the PM !!!!

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