Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil


Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil

FF| AWMARW Thread 2 (Page 38)

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Sorry for the long break...I got busy with some things.  And I somehow hurt my index finger...makes it tough to write LOL is the next chapter.  Sorry if I didn't respond to any personal comments.  But I am very thankful for all those that Commented and/or Hit the Like Button Big smile

Chapter 64: When You Can't Beat Them Join Them


Kunal scratched his head pondering what else he could write in his e-mail before sending it off.  Sometimes it was difficult to find something to say when so much has happened in one's life.  He finally decided to just end his letter and pressed the send button.  Kunal glanced up just in time to see the person he was meeting for lunch walk through the shop doors.  He closed his laptop and placed it on the side of the table.


"Hi!  Sorry I'm late.  I was reviewing some things and lost track of time," Ashlesha greeted.  "I hope I didn't make you wait too long."


"It's fine.  Gave me time to write a letter," Kunal smiled.


"Oh, is it to Sanjana?  I still can't believe she went to Australia for the summer semester," Ashlesha replied.


"Well, I mean with the way things were with Prem...I guess she figured it was the best thing to do.  Heer has forgiven her but Prem still refuses to talk to her," Kunal sighed.


"How is she doing?  She's staying at her uncle's place right?"


"Yeah, she's doing well.  She's having fun at her internship.  She wanted to know if Prem and Heer got her gift since she didn't attend their wedding," Kunal replied.


"It was that wall clock with the engraving that had their names and the date of their marriage and a place for them to place their picture, right?" Ashlesha inquired.


"That's the one."


"Heer loved it.  She told me that she was going to put it up in their room.  Prem was a bit apprehensive about it but then gave in.  Pretty much whatever makes Heer happy Prem tries to do," Ashlesha said.  "Those two are having a great time in Switzerland."


"Oh?  They called you?" Kunal inquired.  He then pouted, "He hasn't called me once."


Ashlesha laughed, "He is on his honeymoon.  Why would he call his friend?  He knows if he called he would get all sorts of teasing.  He gets it enough from Preet as is."  Kunal just made a face.  "Well, I just happened to be over there last night and had dinner with everyone...Teji and Gayatri Auntie invited me.  I feel a bit bad that I've been going over there a lot after everything that happened..."


"Well, it wasn't your fault and they know it.  Have you heard from your Mom?"


"Got a letter from her recently...she's doing well it seems.  I guess this whole pilgrimage is putting some things into perspective for her.  Dad's starting to come around.  He actually wrote a letter back," Ashlesha said.

"Well, that's good.  Is your Dad still in town?" Kunal asked.


"No, he left last week and went back to India to take care of the business.  Oh, you will never guess what is going on...Meher has Maya and Veera in Cleaning Camp!" Ashlesha exclaimed.


"Cleaning camp with those two?  Haha...would love to see what she's making them do.  Knowing Meher it would be pretty amusing...she's funny," Kunal replied.


"I don't think you want to watch.  Nihaal was telling me about how he was made an example of...she completely dumped a whole can of soda on him!  And I heard from Harman that Preet was attacked with eggs..."


"That does sound dangerous maybe I shouldn't go over and observe.  Well, good luck to Maya and Veera I guess," Kunal said.  "Why aren't you in this cleaning camp?"


"I really don't have time with school and all.  But I'm going to try to make it to the cooking classes Gayatri Auntie will be holding soon," Ashlesha replied.


"Gayatri Auntie sure can cook.  So, you know what this means right?  When you need someone to try your food..."


"I'll make sure to call Sang!" Ashlesha joked.  Kunal's face paled.  "I'm kidding.  I will be the first one I'll call."


"Thanks.  So, should we order?" Kunal asked.


"Yes, let's," Ashlesha replied and handed Kunal a menu to look at.


Harman stared at the glasses sitting on the dining room table with caution.  After what happened to his brother yesterday he was on high alert.  He had a feeling that in today's lesson he would be the target.  He glanced over and saw Maya and Veera furiously writing in their little notepads while Preet was following Meher around like he was her assistant.


"So today we are going to learn about laundry," Meher explained.  "And since Harman loves doing laundry I thought it would only be fair for him to demonstrate."


Harman looked at Meher with a sense of disbelief.  "Me?"


"Yes, you.  What are some of the hardest stains to remove?" Meher asked.


"That would be coffee, red wine, oil, and turmeric stains," Harman confidently replied.


"How would you go about removing them?"


"Well, let's start with the simple one first and that would be oil stains.  With any stain the sooner you try to pre-treat it before the stain has a chance to set the easier it will be to remove it.  And always follow the washing instructions on the clothing.  If something is dry clean only it is probably best to get that dry cleaned then doing any pretreatment.   


For oil stains dab a bit of cornstarch or talcum powder on it.  The cornstarch will soak up the oil.  I usually let it sit for 10 minutes or so and then gently wash it off using a toothbrush and some warm water in a little container.  Then I use dish washing soap because it has grease and oil fighting properties and mix that into the warm water in my container.  I take the toothbrush and massage that in on the stain.  By now the stain should be gone if not very faint.  I place it into the washing machine and once it is done I pull it out and check on the stain to make sure it is gone.  If it is I dry the shirt.  If it isn't I take the toothbrush out again and keep cleaning until it is gone. 


If the stain has already set then place the shirt or whatever it is you are washing face down...meaning the stain is facedown.  You want to place it on paper towels and then use a stain remover like Shout or Spray N Wash.  I then use the toothbrush and warm water dish detergent method on the shirt and keep making circular motions until I see the stain disappear.  Sometimes I add a little color safe bleach into the mix.


Red wine stains should be blotted immediately with paper towels and if the clothing is dry clean only do not pretreat the stain and get it to the cleaners as fast as you can.  If it is a normal piece of clothing combine 1 teaspoon of laundry detergent or dish washing soap and 1 cup of hydrogen peroxide into a small container.  Soak a clean sponge into the mixture and squeeze it halfway dry and then gently blot the stain.  Make sure to place a dry towel or washcloth between the front and back of the clothing so you don't spread the stain.  Then place it in the washing machine...make sure to read the washing label on the clothing and take heed to any special instructions it gives about washing the garment.  Wash in cool water and air dry.  If the clothing is hand-wash only just gently wash it in the sink with mild detergent.


For coffee stains combine a teaspoon of white vinegar with a quart of cold water and apply the mixture to the stain and blot.  Then beat an egg yolk and add a little water into it and use a towel or sponge and dab it onto the stain.  Then rinse the yolk off with clean cold water.  Use a damp towel and add about 1 teaspoon of baking soda and blot that onto the stain.  Rinse with cold water.  Then add a little mixture of rubbing alcohol with water into the stain and then rinse with cold water.  Then apply stain remover and let it set for a few can use the toothbrush method here if you want.  And then wash the clothing.


For a turmeric stain you want to rub dish washing detergent into the stain and allow it to sit for 30 minutes.  Rinse the stain with cool water.  Then apply vinegar to the stain and it should fade to a pale pink or yellow-orange color.  Blot the stain with a clean cloth.  Cut a lemon in half and rub it onto the stain.  Then set the piece of clothing in the sun for 10 minutes to an hour until the stain fades away or becomes fainter.  You should be able to wash it in the washing machine.  If the stain is still there after the wash use dish washing detergent again and rub or use the toothbrush to massage that area...and then wash the clothing again in the washing machine," Harman thoroughly explained.


Meher nodded her head impressed with his information.  "Excellent, Harman...that was fantastic!"


Harman smiled brightly like he had accomplished something huge.  "Thanks Meher," he replied.


"So, now that we've heard how to treat these stains it only makes sense for us to try, right?"  Meher asked looking at Maya and Veera.  "So the first stain was oil."  Meher said as she unscrewed the cap of a sunflower oil container and filled a small bowl with oil.  "Preet could you?"


"Sure," Preet said as he pulled out a white t-shirt and placed it on the table.  He reached over to take the bowl of oil from Meher.  As he did that he pushed Harman towards the bowl of oil and then flipped his hand so the bowl would spill onto Harman's shirt.  "Oops...sorry about that."  Harman grimaced as he realized what had happened.


"Let's move onto the red wine stain?" Meher suggested.


"Now, what a minute..." Harman protested as he saw Preet pick up the glass of red wine.

"Why are you so nervous Bhaiya?" Preet innocently asked as he held the glass in his right hand.  Harman watched as the red liquid sloshed around in the wine glass as his brother moved his arms about.  "It's not like I'm going to spill this on you," Preet said and then quickly switched the glass from the right hand to his left.  "Not like I'm going to tip the glass over...oops...heh-hehe"  Harman's face paled when the wine glass tipped over and splashed him in the face.


"Okay, what's next?  Coffee right?" Harman said as he grabbed the coffee cup and poured it onto the back of his shirt.  It was the only place that didn't have a stain.  Harman was simply giving into what he knew was going to eventually happen to him.  Preet looked in awe at his brother's actions.  "Where's the turmeric?"


"Here," Meher replied holding the spice box in her hand.


"Let me have it," Harman ordered.


"Actually since this stain is a bit different..."


Harman didn't allow her to finish and grabbed the spice box from her hand and wiped turmeric on the lower back part of his shirt.  "I think we got it all covered now."  He then glanced up at Maya who was refusing to look at him.  Harman had wondered why Maya was so insistent that he wear a white shirt today.


"Don't worry Bhaiya...we have a clean shirt for you," Preet said as he pointed to the white undershirt laying on the table completely stain free.


"We'll that's more than Nihaal got," Harman said causing everyone to break out into laughter.


Prem looked into viewfinder and adjusted his lens so he could get the exact detail he wanted for his shot.  He clicked once and then pulled the camera back to inspect the photo he took on the LCD screen.  He couldn't believe he was really taking pictures of a rock.  It wasn't like he never took shots of landscapes and things in nature, he had but this was totally different.  He was taking pictures of these things only because of the possibility that some great Bollywood film star had touched it, sat on it, or maybe even tripped over it.  He glanced up and saw the faces of some of the other husbands who had booked the trip for their wives.  A few of them were standing around mulling about in a circle while their wives were busily keeping themselves occupied by exploring the fields or talking amongst other SRK enthusiasts that had joined the tour.  Prem caught the eyes of one of the other husbands and simply nodded his head to which the man returned the same gesture.  It was like a silent conversation had occurred between the two.  Without words they both understood the same feeling; that their wives were completely hopeless.


Prem turned back to the rock and snapped another photo.  He then saw his wife walking down the pathway with another honeymooner.  She parted ways with the woman and smiled as she approached her husband.  "Have fun in the fields?" Prem asked.


"Yes," Heer replied and glanced at the LCD screen of his camera.


"You like it?  I wasn't quite sure which one...this one," Prem said and then flipped to the next photo, "or this one?"


"They both look really good.  But I like the first one," Heer answered.


"Okay, the first one it is," Prem said as he deleted the second photo.  "So, is there anything else you want me to take?  That tree over there by the road?  Or how about these pebbles?  A close up of the plant stems?  The sky?  More pictures of the hills?"


Heer frowned as she heard the increasing sarcasm in her husband's voice.  "Prem, if you ever want to get any honey ever again..."


"I'm just joking Honey...joking," Prem quickly interrupted as his eyes went up in alarm.  "Can't take a little joke?"  Heer crossed her arms and gave him a stern look.  "Please forgive me?" Prem pouted and held his ears.


"Maybe...if you do one thing for me..." Heer mused out loud.


"Anything," Prem said as he leaned his face closer to hers.  "Anything for you Honey."


Heer placed her hands on his chest so he couldn't move closer.  "Premmmm...we are in public."


"So?  They are on their honeymoon too...they understand," he replied.    


"We have all these scenic pictures but none of us.  Let's get someone to take a picture of us together," Heer suggested.


Prem smiled, "I like that idea," and then gave a quick peck on her cheek.  Before Heer could react he ran off to find another honeymooner to help them take a photo.  Heer gently shook her head and gave a shy smile.


Nihaal was finishing up his stack of e-mails when Kulraj entered the living room carrying baby Tanu in her arms.  "Mommy is going to get you some nice clear refreshing water for you, okay?  You like water don't you?" Kulraj cooed.  Nihaal smiled at the interaction between mother and daughter.


"Hi Kulraj Di," Nihaal greeted.


"Oh, Hi Nihaal.  How's the work going?" she inquired.


"Work is work," he simply replied.


"Well, don't get caught up in it.  Learn to relax and take a break.  You always seem to be on the computer even during the weekends," Kulraj said.  "If you work too much life will pass you by before you even know it."


"Yes, I'll remember that," Nihaal said.


"Do you want to hold Tanu?" Kulraj asked.


Nihaal raised his eyebrows in alarm, "Hold Tanu?"


"You haven't had a chance to properly hold her yet.  Here," Kulraj said handing her daughter over to him.  Nihaal held Tanu by the armpits with his arms stretched straight.  He was good with toddlers and older children but when it came to babies he was afraid.  Nihaal tried to hand Tanu back but the house phone started to ring.  Kulraj immediately picked it up and started talking on the phone.  She briefly glanced over to Nihaal and said, "I'm going to give this to Kiran real quick.  I'll be right back."


"But wait...Tanu...I don't know how to hold...oh..." Nihaal rambled as Kulraj left the living room not really hearing anything he was trying to say.  He stared at Tanu who was looking at him wondering why he was holding her this way.  Nihaal frowned and said, "Sorry Tanu."


Just then Veera came walking in from the kitchen with her notepad filled with her cleaning notes.  "What are you doing?" she asked.


"Um, here," Nihaal replied offering Tanu to her.


"Do you know how to hold a baby properly?" Veera questioned as she took her niece into her arms.


"No, otherwise I wouldn't have given Tanu to you," Nihaal replied.  The nervous expression on his faded away and was replaced by a relaxed one.


"And here I thought you were good with children," Veera said.


"Older children but babies scare me," Nihaal answered.


Veera took a look at Tanu who was busy sucking on her fist and said, "She scares you?"


"Well, I mean you have to be all delicate...she's so little...I don't know how to properly hold her and don't they need support in the right places?"  Nihaal replied.


"Come here," Veera motioned.


"Wha-what?  Why?" Nihaal nervously asked.


"Just come here," Veera commanded.  Nihaal walked closer to Veera and looked at her wondering what she wanted.  Veera carefully showed him how to hold her niece and then gently transferred the baby to him.  "See now that wasn't so bad."


"I guess so," Nihaal said.  "Hey, where are you going?"


"Kulaj Di will be back any minute.  I have to go study for this cleaning exam your sister is giving us.  Later," Veera replied and quickly disappeared upstairs.


Nihaal looked down at the tiny bundle in his arms and smiled.  "This is a lot better isn't it?" he asked.  Tanu just gave a gentle gurgle in response.


Meher proudly showed the completed written exam to Preet.  "So, what do you think?"


Preet arched his eyebrows as he flipped through the four page exam.  "You're serious?"


"What do you mean?  How else are they going to learn?  If they can't remember the simple things what are they going to do when a huge mess happens and they have to clean?" Meher replied.


Preet held his hands up to show he didn't mean any harm by the question.  He didn't want to get on Meher's bad side.  He wanted to spend a nice relaxing evening together at the townhouse watching another Shahrukh movie.  He prayed that his brother wasn't going to call and ruin anything for him like last time.  "No, you're right."


Meher beamed a smile.  "I'm going to put this away.  And you'll help me set up the kitchen and laundry room, right?  They also have to show me what they can't just be memorizing a bunch of facts."


"Of course I'll help you," Preet replied.


"Thank you," Meher said and gave him a kiss on the cheek.  As she pulled away to go place the paper in her desk she felt him tug at her arm.  She turned back and gave him a quizzical look.


"You forget the other side," Preet said pointing to his left cheek.  Meher grinned and gave him kiss.  She frowned a bit when he continued to hold her arm.  "Now, here..." Preet smirked pointing to his lips.  Meher giggled lightly and gave him a tender kiss.  Just as the Preet was about to deepen it there was a heavy knock on the bedroom door.  Preet scowled at the door but Meher quickly went to answer it. 


"Hi Meher," Harman greeted.  "Um, Ma wanted Preet to come downstairs and help with something."


"Oh, well he's all yours," Meher smiled.


Preet pouted as he got up from the bed and walked out into the hallway and began walking down the stairs.  He was surprised when Harman stopped him.  "What's up?" he asked.


"So, did you um, see the exam?" Harman probed.


"Yes, I did...why do you ask?" Preet replied trying to suppress his knowing smirk.


"Um, no reason at all...really," Harman said. 


Preet feigned ignorance and started walking down the stairs again.  He was stopped once more on the mid landing point of the third floor stairs and turned to face his brother with an anticipated expression drawn across his face.  "Yes?"


"Is it hard?  Or is it medium range...if you were to describe the exam?" Harman asked.


"Why Harman Bhaiya are you asking what I think you are asking?" Preet inquired with a smirk.  "Are you trying to cheat?"


"I'm not cheating.  Why would I cheat?" Harman defensively replied.


"Then what is with all the questions about this cleaning exam?" Preet asked.  "I mean I didn't really take a real good look at it but you know washing windows, vacuuming, cleaning the bathtub..." Harman nodded his and repeated the words that his little brother was saying.  "It may or may not be on the you know I don't know."


"I'm begging you, Maya is driving me insane," Harman suddenly said as he grabbed Preet's hands.  "Can't you tell me anything?"


" know what Meher will do to me if she finds out?" Preet replied.


"She won't find out.  I promise," Harman begged.




"But this is the type of stuff you use to do all the time.  Remember in 9th grade you were selling cheat sheets for the Algebra quiz?" Harman replied.


"That was then...this is now.  I got in so much trouble with Ma and Bauji.  I learned my lesson.  I don't need to know what Meher will do to me because I know it's going to be bad.  Sorry, I can't help you.  Besides Maya took a whole bunch of notes...she'll be fine," Preet said and started walking away.  Harman continued following his brother rambling all sorts of things he would do if Preet just help him.


"What are you guys doing?" Veera asked


 "Nothing," Preet answered.


"I'm trying to convince Preet here to let me take a look at the exam," Harman said.  "Or at least give me some hints to a couple of the questions."


"Oh My God, Harman Bhaiya you are trying to cheat?!" Veera gasped.


"I'm not cheating.  I'm just asking for some help," Harman defensively replied.


"Well, in that case.  Preet Bhiaya, please help me too!" Veera said exclaimed putting her hands together in front of her.


"What?  Not you too!" Preet groaned.  He placed his hands over his ears.  "I'm not hearing any of this...nothing...I don't know anything!"


"I'll clean your clothes for you," Harman offered.


"I'll be your slave for two months!" Veera said.  "Please Bhiaya!"


Preet shook his head and quickly ran into his room and slammed his bedroom door shut.  He could still hear the muffled voices of his siblings offering all sorts of things to him in exchange for some information on the cleaning exam.  He sighed and locked his door.


Prem turned the shower off and wiped the water from his face as he reached outside with his right arm searching for his towel.  He yanked the fresh clean white towel from the towel hook and patted himself dry before stepping out of the shower stall to go and put on his pajamas.  He scratched his head as he stared at the pile of clothes laying on the counter; his blue kurta top wasn't there and he knew that he had brought it in with him.  He quickly slipped on his boxers and the white kurta pajama pants and walked out of the bathroom with a quizzical look on his face.  He had the towel resting around his shoulders as he used one end to dry his hair.  "Heer..." he said but stopped short of finishing his sentence when he saw what his wife was wearing.


"Yes Prem?" she replied as she opened the dresser drawers trying to decide what clothes to wear for tomorrow's tour.


Prem gave a gentle smirk as he looked at Heer wearing his blue kurta top.  It was so big and long on her that she had the sleeves rolled up so her hands wouldn't disappear in it.  "I was going to ask where my kurta top went to...but I see you're wearing it.  What happened to your pajamas?  You were wearing them earlier when you came out of the shower."


"I changed my mind and felt like wearing something else," Heer replied as she turned around to face him.


Prem noticed the mischievous sparkle in her eyes and walked closer towards her.  "I need it back."


"You don't really need it," Heer said and returned to what she was doing.


"Yeah, I do," Prem replied as he placed his hands on hips and turned her around.


"No you don't," Heer countered.


"Yes I do or I'll get cold," Prem pouted.


Heer took one end of the towel and rubbed his damp hair, "That's why you have me...I'll keep you warm."  She suppressed her smile as Prem pulled her closer and gently rubbed his nose against her nose.  "And how are you going to keep me warm?" he asked.  Heer rubbed her hands along his back and simply stated, "The same way you keep me warm."


"Ah..." Prem replied as he inched his mouth closer to her lips.  "Well, I'm very cold right now..."


"Is that so?" Heer asked.


"Yes, very much," Prem said.  Just as his lips were about to touch down on his wife's soft lips, she playfully moved her head away and giggled.  "Heeeeer..."


"Always whining," she replied grabbing his mouth with her right hand.  "We have to put those pictures up on Facebook.  If not Meher's going to be calling...and you know how we get carried away on the phone."


"Right those pictures," Prem immediately said as he pulled away from his wife.  "I'll go do that now before she calls.  Post them up on your account?"


"Fine by me," Heer answered.  She gently chuckled to herself at the way her husband was behaving.


Prem quickly went into the living room and booted up the laptop.  He inserted the SD card into the front slot of the computer and started to select various pictures to be transferred onto the hard drive.  The minute he logged into Facebook he received a chat message from Meher.


"Didi!!!!  Where are the pictures?"


"This is Prem...I'm posting them up right now."


"Oh hi Jiju!  Thank you.  So how was the tour today?"


Prem stared at the message pondering what would be the best way to reply to her question.  He finally decided to respond with, "All you would expect and more."


"I kneeeeewwwwwwwwww it!  You're having a lot of fun on the tour.   Ah, I'm so jealous of you guys."


"Don't worry Meher you'll come to Switzerland one day and go on the tour."


"Thanks Jiju.  I'll leave you alone so you can upload those pictures.  Tell Didi I said hi!  Bye-bye!"




Several minutes later Heer entered the living room wondering what her husband was doing.  She smiled as she came walking towards the desk.  Without saying anything she simply lifted Prem's arm so she could squeeze through the space between the chair and desk and sat on his lap.  "Comfy?" he asked.


"Yes, very," Heer replied as she wrapped her hands around his neck.  "I'm not in the way am I?"


"Not at all...I kind of like this," Prem answered with a smirk and nuzzled his nose along her cheek.  His hands held his wife's waist in a loving and intimate way.  "I love you."


"I love you too," Heer smiled.  Just as they were about to kiss the laptop pinged that there was a Facebook chat reply.  "You have a reply."  Prem sighed and looked to see what the message was.  His eyes widen at the comment.  He tried pulling the chat window down but it was too late Heer had seen what had been written.  "Prem?  What are you and  Kunal talking about?"


"Honey, it isn't want you think," he nervously replied.  "I swear...the conversation before this had nothing to what he just wrote.  I'm just going to sign off."


Heer grabbed his hands trying to stop him.  "So, Mr. Kapoor wants to know the finer details about our honeymoon, huh?"


"I haven't told him anything," Prem replied.  "I swear Heer.  What we do stays between us."


"You know what I think?  I think we should answer his question," Heer said looking at her husband.


Prem's eyebrows flexed with uncertainty.  "Huh?  Answer him?  This is kind of personal stuff...I mean you're not going to be telling Meher and the girls know what we you?  Cause I won't tell the guys.  I promise."


"No.  I know you wouldn't but you know how they all are...they make up their own assumptions on these types of things," Heer said.  "I think we need to pull a little prank on him."


"The keyboard is all yours," Prem simply replied.  He was rather curious to see how his wife was going to respond to the question: "So how's the honeymoon going?  And I don't mean the tour."    


"A delicious 3 times a day."


"Heer?!" Prem shouted.  "Are you serious?"  She ignored his outburst and waited for Kunal's response.


"3 times?  How is that possible on a tour?"


"It's possible...why wouldn't it be?"


"So, what's the best?  The first, second, third...?"


"It's like the first time each time...special."


"Oh Lord, what are you getting us into?" Prem grumbled as he placed his hands over his eyes.  "Do you realize what's going to happen?"


"Jaanu, just relax...we're just playing around.  He won't say a thing," Heer said.


"So there is a lot to that saying." Kunal typed.


" what do you like?  First, second, or third?

"What kind of question is that?  You know I haven't done anything."


"Done anything?  Wait?  What are you talking about?"


"What do you mean what I am talking about.  What are you talking about?"


"Breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  You're talking about the food here, right?  1st  course, 2nd course, 3rd course?  It's really delicious over here." 


Prem started laughing hysterically the minute he finished reading what his wife had typed.  He then watched as she started to send a Skype video call. 


"Food?  What?  I'm not talking about that.  The action in the bedroom.  Oh, hey I'm getting a Skype minute."


Heer adjusted the Skype screen and waited for the video call to get connected.  The blurriness of the video screen soon adjusted and Kunal's surprised face appeared on the other end.  "Hello?" he nervously replied.


"Action in the bedroom?" Heer asked sternly.  Prem hid himself behind his wife's shoulder while she started to grill Kunal on his inappropriate questioning.


"Wha-wait a minute Heer...I didn't mean that...I-I-I was just joking around," Kunal replied trying to defend himself.   


"Joking around?" Heer asked in disbelief.


"I was just testing to see if your husband was being faithful to the husband and wife confidentiality pack.  You know what happens in the bedroom stays in the bedroom."  Kunal then gave a pleading look to his friend, "Prem help me out."


"He wasn't even talking to you," Heer said.  "It was me the whole time."


"Wha-what?!" Kunal uttered in shock.


"Don't mess with my wife," Prem replied.


"You let her do that man?" Kunal shouted.


"She can do whatever she wants," Prem said.


"Learned your lesson Mr. Kapoor?" Heer inquired.


Kunal lowered his head and replied, "Yes, Mrs. Juneja.  I've learned my lesson."


"Very good," Heer grinned.


"I guess this is goodnight?" Kunal replied.


"Yup, talk to you later," Prem waved and signed them out of Skype.  He then signed off of Facebook and looked at Heer, "Ready for bed?"


"Yes," Heer yawned as she stood up.  "I'm really tired."


"Me too," Prem said as he took her hand into his and walked with her side by side into the bedroom.  He waited until Heer got comfortable underneath the sheets before he turned the lamp light off.  Prem snuggled underneath the covers and turned to his side.  He soon felt his wife's hand slip underneath his arm and her head nestled near the crook of his neck.  He lovingly glided his fingers through spaces of her hand and pushed them down so he was holding her hand.  He grinned when he felt Heer kiss his cheek.


"You know what?" Heer asked.


"Mmm?" Prem murmured.


"I'm so lucky to have a wonderful husband like you."


Prem turned his head slightly, "Where is this coming from?"


"I can't say something nice about you?" Heer answered.


"No, of can," Prem replied.


"I just felt like saying it," Heer said and gave him a gentle squeeze.


"I'm the lucky one to have a wonderful wife like you," Prem said.  "I want us to remember this moment...whatever may come later our first fight...circumstances that test our relationship...situations that make us make those tough decisions...this feeling we have inside...this love...will never be broken..."


"Prem," Heer softly uttered causing him to turn around.  He smiled and caressed her cheek.  He then took her left hand and placed it against his chest where his heart was.  "Forever and a day..." he whispered.  Heer gave him a gentle kiss that expressed her love perfectly to him.  Prem laid on his back and pulled her closer to him.  Heer rested her head on his bare chest listening to the steady beating of his heart.  She closed her eyes feeling the overwhelming warmth and glow of their love.  Prem held his wife securely in his arms and slowly closed his eyes as sleep over took him.  It wasn't long before the couple drifted into a blissful slumber.  


Hope you enjoyed reading that.

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awesomeeeeeee too good very nice part waitinggggggggg for next asap.


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omg loved that! especially the convo with kunal!
 can't wait for the test with meher! 

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awesum update thanx grace , i loved dis 

"A delicious 3 times a day." ha ha 

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