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Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil
Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil

FF| AWMARW Thread 2 (Page 30)

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Originally posted by Prem4everRamsha

yayyyy.  I was waiting for this update :D

LOVELY premeer scenes!! I loved them... and omg meher did that to nihaal! Thats extremely funny.

I love how you have that romance in it with just the touch of humour.... it makes it all perfect :D

Good job and update soon, btw i skipped studying for my exam to read this :)



p.s. i loved the jelousy parts, and heer sooo deserved that muahahha!

Thanks for commenting Ramsha...hope your studying is going well and wishing you best on your exams.  Yup, yup Meher has sort of lost it with the cleaning camp LOL  Wonder what she will do next Geek even I'm not too sure myself LOL

Originally posted by anuu2010

awesome update graceClap
i loved it
thanks for pm

Thanks for taking the time to comment Big smile

Originally posted by foxi

great update...haha loved mehers cleaning camp...waiting for more..thx for the pm

Thanks for taking the time to comment Big smile

Originally posted by newt2007

nice update.
loved the airport scene. Prem's protectinveness and distracted by girl. loved the way he moved to his wife. girl got dissappointed.
Heer managing that guy without Prem. good Prem landed in a perfect time. loved their naughty fight.
Honey moon. eaiting to read more how they are having time together alone.
Meher part is small still loved. its very funny. first lesson. hope Preet joins in the class.

Thanks for taking the time to comment Big smile  Yes, Preet will be joining the class soon.

Originally posted by sherma

great part.preemer part  was nice. meher is very funny. want mre of meet. thnks for pm. do continue soon.

I'm trying to think of ways to put more Meet in...I promise I have a track for them coming up Wink Thanks for taking the time to comment Big smile

Originally posted by nasco

sat was such a lovely update my dear.
im glad i found ur ff .
its an amazingly crafted piece of work.
loved it to the core will read d nxt chap asap and then comment on the update

Thanks for liking my work Smile

Originally posted by moon_mine

lovd premeer simply!!!!!
nice one!!!!

Thanks for taking the time to comment Big smile

Originally posted by rhtpkcm

loved it! too good!............................................

Thanks for taking the time to comment Big smile

Originally posted by brainychild92

that was cute.. funny romance..     lol

i reallyy wanna read about meher's boot camp of cleaning!   i'm actaully more interested in that than prem-heer's

continue soon!!!!!!!

Meher's cleaning camp is something isn't it?  Thanks for taking the time to comment Big smile

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Originally posted by sadhz

WoW........awesome update..........
last part was great Blushing waitin for more
thnx for pm..........update sooooooooon

Thanks for taking the time to comment Big smile

Originally posted by Motibah

woooo loved that! LOOL couldnt stop laughing at some parts ROFL Prem and Heer getting jealous Day DreamingLOL So adorable man! and haha Meher is so funny. The Premeer scene in the end was just Blushing Im hoping we get more and more scenes like these in the coming chapters Approve Loveeeeed the update! Pleaseee don't take too long with the next one Big smile

I'm trying to give those people who are busy with their studies a chance to catch up.  As for more's a Honeymoon so of course there will be more romance Embarrassed Thanks for taking the time to comment Big smile

Originally posted by sharmeeli

HugHugAMAZING update dear!!!!!!HugHugHug
LOLLOLPrem and Heer both being hit on by someoneLOLLOL
OMG Meher's cleaning campShockedShocked hihihiLOLLOL
can't wait till next update, dying to see MEET romanceDay DreamingDay DreamingEmbarrassed
plzzz update soon dearEmbarrassed and thanks for the PM dearEmbarrassed

Going to put in some Meet romance in the next chapter Wink Thanks for taking the time to comment Big smile

Originally posted by maryaa8688

lovely update....premeer part was really very cute..genny  drooling  over premTongue..well prem is prem so its obvious..waiting for the next part..update soon

I think any of us would drool over Prem LOL Heer has her hands full trying to keep us away from him LOL Thanks for taking the time to comment Big smile

Originally posted by khajju

awesmee chapter....truely luvd it.....heheh premeer getting meher....she is soo funny,....premeer last part was superbbbb....want more and more like this Day Dreaming .....thanks for pm..update soon next one.

Don't worry Honeymoon isn't ending anytime soon Wink Thanks for taking the time to comment Big smile

Originally posted by --Mehak--

It was a wonderful read Grace. Loved Prem Heer moments!Theyre just too adorable for words. The jealousy, cuteness, possesiveness, love, coziness was all there and I geuniely loved it. You know one thing I simply adore about your writing. The scenes and dialogues aare so casual and we can easily relte to them. Nothing fantasy or something out of a fairytale. Great job!Looking forward to the next chapterSmile And em exceptionally sorry for not being regular with my comment, I just cannot start off my telling you how hectic my schedule is. 12 freaking hours daily in college is doing terrible things to me. But I seriously love you!Thankyou dear!Big smile

I totally understand school is...well, school after all.  Thanks for taking the time to comment.  I try with the dialogues...I want them as normal as possible...something that normal people would actually say...things we talk about in general with our friends or family members.  I try not to make it too filmy or TV serial like...well, unless they are hardcore romancing LOL

Originally posted by crystall

Awesome update !!
Loved it !
Waiting for next !
Update soon !
Thnx for pm !

Thanks for taking the time to comment Big smile

Originally posted by Aymee

Hey Grace.
Great update.
I am sorry my comments will short but I really enjoyed this chapter.
Prem flirting, without realizing yet again, was funny.  I loved how he was very possessive about Heer when other guys was flirting with her but he didn't notice that Jenny was doing the same.  LOL
Meher teaching Maya and Veera how to clean was funny.  Preet stopping Veera from escaping was a cute but I really couldn't believe Meher poured down that drink on Nihaal's shirt Shocked.  I would loved to see Nihaal's reaction at that time.  LOL
Thank you for PM.  I am looking forward to your next update.

Prem is a bit clueless about these things...anyways the girl had his attention because she was from Switzerland...he wanted ideas for him and Heer Ermm but he should be more aware considering who he is LOL Poor Nihaal Shocked  he really got a surprise and here he thought he could just chill on the couch and watch Veera get yelled at by his younger sister...he is so mean, no LOL Thanks for taking the time to comment Big smile

Originally posted by Xxcoolchick1xX

First of all im rlly sorry for the late comment *holds ears* I have exams n i cant comment....nways bck to the update...!!

The update woz awsome...people trying to chat up both Premeer...luved their possesiveness n jelousy towards each Prem completely forgot bout Heer when he was speaking to Jenny...N Heer n Prem calling each other cute names was really cute...OMG Meher spilt soda over him she used him as an example.
Premeer scenes were really cute!!!
Hoping for more...hehe...
Update soon n thnx for the PM...!!

It's cool I comes first.  Glad you enjoyed the chapter.  Prem and Heer finding out what it is like being a couple...a young married couple at that...there is one less lonely girl in the world and another good man taken LOL  Meher is going a bit Wacko with the cleaning camp but it is also so funny at the same time LOL Thanks for taking the time to comment Big smile

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Can i comment now??? LOLLOLLOL
Loved this chapter... loved the Airport Scene most... and premeer scene tooEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...
Thanks for the PM... 
 Awesome Update !!!

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Originally posted by Waqas...

Can i comment now??? LOLLOLLOL
Loved this chapter... loved the Airport Scene most... and premeer scene tooEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...
Thanks for the PM... 
 Awesome Update !!!

haha...yeah you can comment now LOL  Thanks for liking the chapter.

Anyways, I'm just commenting on people's replies.  I won't be posting anything up today.  Still want to give those who haven't had a chance to read to catch up a little.  Maybe in the next day or two they will be a new update Big smile

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sorry for the late reply. my internet connection had some probz so culdn't cme up online to comment on it.

i loved the cute premeer scenes.

Out of the corner of Prem's eyes he noticed three guys starring at Heer.(  haila!! luvd prem hereSmile) Every time Heer would look up or towards their direction the guys pretend to look the other way.  He narrowed his eyes as he realized that they were slowly moving towards her direction in a sly attempt to start talking to her.  One guy in particular seemed to be very interested while the other two were simply standing there as his look out.  Prem made quick strides and within a matter of minutes he was standing next to his wife(Day Dreaming).  Heer looked up surprised to see him suddenly standing next to her.  "Something wrong?" she asked.

"There are these three guys that keep starring at you.  I just want to make sure they know you're taken," Prem replied.  my heart went out to him for this answer

"You were right.  But what were you doing with that girl over there?" Heer asked a bit miffed.

loved the jealousy act of heer

 keep on writing !! will wait for the cming chapters!!

with love swetha



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waitiinggggggg for next

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Waitinggggggg for u to update.......

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Hi everyone!

Sorry for making you guys wait so long.

Thank you to those that Commented and/or Hit the Like Button.

I will warn you that there is a dash of masala should I say in this chapter.  Nothing way out there but something that I thought I should still warn you about.  Again please don't report me.  If you have a problem just PM me and I will be more than happy to do the necessary edits Big smile

Chapter 63: The Little Things


Veera entered the kitchen to get herself a plate of cookies and a glass of milk as an after dinner dessert.  She stopped in mid-stride when she saw Nihaal sitting at the kitchen counter eating a chocolate chip cookie.  Ever since the afternoon cleaning incident she couldn't shake the image of Nihaal half naked wrapped in a bath towel, it was disturbing her immensely.  She tired shifting her head to the side so she wouldn't have to make eye contact with him as she walked towards the pantry.


Nihaal froze when he saw Veera in the kitchen looking for something to eat.  He had been completely embarrassed by his sister this afternoon and could barely look at Maya, Harman, Preet, or Veera.  Meher had taken the opportunity to give a very thorough lesson on how to clean a spill.  He spent a good 45 minutes half naked wrapped in a bath towel while his clothes were being washed and dried for him.  The only good thing was that Meher was the one cleaning his clothes and not Maya or Veera.  He could only imagine what would have happened if Meher let the two of them have at it.  He would most likely have splotched or shrunken clothing.  Nihaal decided it was best if he just quickly finish eating his cookie and leave the kitchen to get out of this awkward situation.  Unfortunately luck wasn't on his side, as Preet came strolling into the room with his standard mischievous grin.


"So how's it going Nihaal?  You want any red peppers to go with that?" Preet snickered.  Nihaal started coughing as he choked on a chocolate chip.  "Whoa, you okay?  Veera hurry up and get Nihaal some water or something."  Preet patted his back trying to help soothe the cough.


Veera felt her cheeks go red at the mention of red peppers.  After the Coke spilling incident Meher had chased Nihaal out of his hiding place, the downstairs bathroom, but then tripped and tired grabbing a hold of him to steady herself.  Unfortunately she grabbed his bath towel instead and ended up pulling it down exposing his red chili pepper boxer shorts to everyone in the room.  Nihaal turned a bright shade of red while everyone couldn't help but stare awkwardly at him.  He then locked himself back inside the bathroom much to Meher's dismay as she needed to use it to demonstrate something.


"It's...really ooookay," Nihaal coughed.  "I'll beee...fine in a minute."


"It will take two seconds..." Preet replied.  "Veera?"


Veera quickly poured a glass of water and sat it on the kitchen counter.  "Here."


Nihaal nodded and took a tiny sip.  Meanwhile, Preet was just silently chuckling to himself over how uncomfortable his sister was getting.  "Hey Veera, are there anymore chocolate chip cookies?  I'd like to have some.  We can all share.  Nihaal, you want anymore?"


"No, it's okay.  I think I'll go up to my room now.  Goodnight," Nihaal replied and quickly exited the kitchen.


"Here's you stupid box of cookies," Veera huffed as she tossed them at her brother.


"Whoa, that was kind of harsh," Preet said.


Veera gave him an evil glare.  "I know what you were doing.  And that was horrible."


"Gasp, are you actually feeling sorry for him?" Preet inquired.


"You can be so mean sometimes," Veera replied.


"Hey where are you going?  Don't you want any?" Preet asked as he saw her start to walk away.


"No, I change my mind," Veera simply answered.


Preet smirked returning his attention to the cookie box and rubbed his hands together, "More for me...hehehe..."


Prem slowly opened his eyes and stared up at the beige colored ceiling.  A gently grin spread across his face as he realized that this was the first day of his actual honeymoon.  He planned it so that they would have three days to get accustomed to the country and conquer any jet lag that might have developed before they went on the tour, the SRK Tour, as Heer so fondly nicknamed.  Prem moved his head to the side and gazed lovingly at the woman laying beside him.  She was sleeping peacefully curled close to his body, her forehead resting comfortably against her hand as her arms were crossed and tucked inwards to her chest.  The way her hair cascaded down her face and shoulders enhanced her natural beauty even more.  Prem's fingers automatically reached out giving into the urge and sunk into her dark tresses combing through and gently tucking it back behind her ear.  The gesture caused Heer to stir, her eyelids to flex, and her mouth to mumble something inaudible.  Prem smiled and lovingly placed a kiss on her forehead. 


Heer awoke and gave a shy smile as she pulled the white bed sheet over her mouth.  "Morning."


"Oh um, morning," Prem replied as he covered his mouth realizing he had forgotten about morning breath.  He moved away slightly so as not to offend as he was unsure how bad his breath was.  "Sleep well?"


"Extremely," Heer answered.  She then sat up bringing the bed sheet up with her to cover herself.  "What time is it?"


Prem glanced at the clock, "It is 11:00pm.  Guess we will be eating brunch?"


"Sounds fine to me," Heer replied.  "Prem, can you bring me my clothes?"


"Your clothes?" Prem repeated arching his eyebrow.


"Please?" she pleaded.  "You are always complaining about me taking the bed sheets."


Prem scratched his head completely perplexed.  "Last night you had no problems taking them off and now you're shy about putting them on?"


"It's different it's now daylight," Heer tired explaining.


"Daylight?  But we've made love in the afternoon before," Prem replied.


"Sweetie, pleaseeee?" Heer pouted giving a cute puppy face.  "Pretty pleaseeee..."


Prem sighed, "All right," and got out of bed.  He put on his boxer shorts and started picking up her pajamas.  "Here's everything but the shirt.  That's outside."


"Thank you," Heer said smiling lovingly at him.


"I'm going to go brush my teeth and um, use the toilet," Prem said.


"Which number?" Heer asked.


"Nothing to worry about...number one," Prem replied.


A few minutes later after relieving himself, Prem was standing in front of the sink washing his hands.  Heer soon entered wearing her complete pajama set.  She dabbled a bit of toothpaste on her toothbrush and began to firmly massaging her teeth with the bristles of her toothbrush.  Prem splashed some water on his face cleaning up the sleep from his eyes and gently wiped his face dry.  He then quickly brushed his teeth and then leaned back against the counter waiting for his wife to finish.


"Something wrong?" Heer asked as she wiped her face clean with a towel wondering why he was just standing there waiting. 


"Nothing's wrong," Prem replied as he placed his hand on her lower waist turning her towards him, "not anymore..."  He closed the distance between them as he captured her lips.  The minty freshness from the toothpaste they used perfumed their mouths.  "I need my morning kiss to start the day right."


Heer smiled as she rested her arms on his bare shoulders and leaned her back on the marble counter top.  She felt Prem gently massage her lower waist with his fingers and giggled leaning her head towards his shoulders.  Prem hugged her and began nuzzling her neck with his nose.  Heer pulled back and gave a flirtatious look causing him to immediately locked lips with her and seductively let his fingers crawl underneath her shirt.  Heer pushed her body against him causing him to lift her up so she could sit on the counter top.  "I don't think...we are make it for brunch," Heer said between kisses.        


"Then let's shoot for a late lunch," Prem replied as he trailed tender kisses down the side of her neck.  Heer arched her back to give him more access and let out a soft moan knowing full well what that would do to him.  Prem tightened his hold on her and started to lift her up.  Heer gripped the back of his head as her legs wrapped around his waist while he carried her back into the bedroom.  They kissed passionately giving into their carnal desires as soft murmurs began to escape their mouths requesting their partner for more love. 


Heer felt her back hit the soft but firm bed; Prem hovered over her showering her with affectionate kisses as his hands roamed against her soft skin.  Despite having experienced this feeling before Heer was still in awe at how intense and special it was between them.  The electrifying current that spread through her whenever and wherever Prem placed his hungry lips felt indescribable good.  All she wanted was for the feeling to last as long as it could.  She had gotten better at directing Prem's attention to areas she wanted him to focus on.  It was still a learning experience for them both as they discovered what the other liked and didn't like and what they both immensely enjoyed.  Just as Heer rolled over onto her stomach so Prem could spread sweet kisses on her back there was a loud knock against their hotel door.  "Room Service.  Cleaning Crew."


Prem immediately jumped up trying to find some clothes while Heer grabbed the bed sheets covering herself in horror.  "The bathrobes?  Where are the bathrobes?" Prem asked running around in circles. 


"Um, coming...just one minute!" Prem yelled out hoping the cleaning lady would wait before she opened the door.  It would be completely embarrassing for everyone involved if she marched in right now.  He held his head in complete panic turning his head everywhere wondering where the bathrobes were.  He knew they had packed them. 


"Why are they knocking now?" Heer asked.


"I don't know.  I guess they assumed that most guests are out of the room sightseeing by now," Prem replied with slight irritation in his voice.  "How come I can't find the bathrobes?"


"What do you mean you don't know your family runs a hotel?  Did you put the Do Not Disturb sign out on our door?" Heer probed.


"Room Service.  Cleaning Crew."


"Oh hell," Prem muttered and ran out the bedroom forgoing everything.  He didn't want the last cleaning crew announcement to be the final warning before the cleaning lady opened the door.  "Um, sorry.  We don't need any service right now!" Prem shouted at the closed door.


"Excuse me sir...what was that?" a voice on the other side replied.


Prem quickly hooked the chain on the door so it could only be cracked open and then shifted his body behind the door as he opened it.  "Sorry, we don't need any service right now.  We forgot to put the sign out.  We'll call when we need it."


"Okay sir.  Sorry to have disturbed you," the cleaning lady replied.


"Quite all right.  It was our fault for not putting the sign out," Prem said.  "Thank you.  Bye." 

Prem sighed and waited a few minutes before opening the door and slipping the Do Not Disturb sign onto their door handle.  He then made his way back into the bedroom and arched his eyebrows as he heard a soft giggle that soon turned into a hysterical fit of laughter.  Prem turned his attention towards the bed and stared at his wife wondering what she found so damn funny.


"Oh My God, if you could see yourself right now...hehe...hahaha..." Heer replied rolling with laughter.


"You were all scared a few minutes ago and now you're laughing?" Prem asked completely baffled by her behavior.


"Ahahaha..." Heer sputtered holding her stomach.  "You're running around in your birthday suit..."  The image of Prem's bare backside as he jogged out of the bedroom and him muttering curse words at the service staff for disturbing them flashed across her mind sending her into another round of giggles.  Prem ran his hand through his hair with a sour expression.  "Oh come on Prem...lighten was funny what happened a few minutes ago...we now have story to tell..." 


"A story to tell?  Who are you going to tell it to?  Definitely not the family.  Don't you dare tell this to Meher cause she'll tell Preet and then I'll never hear the end of it," Prem fumed.  Heer got up from bed dragging the bed sheet with her and placed her hand on his cheek.  "Aww Jaanu, don't get mad." 


"The mood's over," he curtly replied turning his head away.


Heer slyly smile, "Really?" and let go of the bed sheet.  Prem tried not to look knowing full well how his wife was trying to entice him but being a man he couldn't help himself.  He briefly glanced down catching glimpses of her exposed skin and the lusciousness of her form.  "Okay fine then, I'm going to go take a shower."  Heer took a deep breath as she walked away from him.  She still wasn't use to exposing herself like this out in the open and she knew she was being silly.  After all this was her husband and he had ever right to look whether she was fully clothed, half clothed, or unclothed.  Heer gave a knowing smirk as she felt Prem's presence behind her and the touch of his hands slithering their way around her waist.  "Mood's over, huh?"


"Let's go take a shower and get something to eat," Prem replied kissing her shoulder.


"Sounds like a plan," Heer smiled as she placed her hands on his hands and they both hobbled their way into the bathroom.


Maya and Veera stood straight at attention with their hands by their side waiting for Meher to begin the lesson.  Preet and Harman were also standing in line tensely observing.  After what they had witnessed the day before with Nihaal they thought it was best to stand in line with the girls instead of lounging on the couch.  Needless to say Nihaal was not joining them this afternoon for the cleaning lesson.  Everyone swallowed nervously as Meher started to march up and down in front of them.  "So yesterday we learned how to clean a spill in the living room.  Today we are going to learn how to mop and sweep in the kitchen," Meher announced.


Veera glanced towards her side noticing that Maya was busily jotting down notes on a tiny notepad.  "You're taking notes?"


"Of course after what happened yesterday I don't know what she's going to do to me if I fail the test," Maya whispered.


"Darn, I should have thought of that." 


"Are you two paying any attention to what I just said?" Meher barked causing the two girls to jump back.


"Sorry," they both replied.


"Let's see where was I..."


"You were discussing different types mops and brooms," Preet said with an eager smile.

Harman gave him a strange look.  "I think we should just keep her happy," Preet explained talking out of the side of his mouth in a low voice.


"All right, so now let's go to the kitchen for a demonstration," Meher ordered.  "So before we began to even mop we should first clean things up with a broom.  This way we get all the dirt and other stuff off the floor...otherwise when we use the mop all we are doing is smearing the dirt all over the floor instead of actually washing anything."  She handed a broom to Maya and then Veera.  "So just follow me and do as I do with the broom when you sweep.  The best thing is to start from one corner and make your way to the other side.  You want to collect all the dust and dirt into a little pile.  You can make small little piles so it is easier to scoop up with your dustbin."  The girls followed Meher's instructions and started practicing their sweeping.  "Good job."


After several minutes the kitchen floor was swept clean.  Veera and Maya both smiled at the work they had done while Preet and Harman felt relieved that they didn't become a demonstration tool.  Meher then brought out the mops.  "Okay so I know you could buy one of those Swiffer mops that come with the pads and all but that just waste money because once you finish using the pads you have to buy more.  With a regular type of mop and bucket you can use it as many times you want and the only thing you have to buy is the liquid detergent solution which lasts a lot longer.  So with these mops you have to wring the water out but luckily the buckets here have this contraption that will do it for you.  Just put the mop into it and step on the foot lever here and it spins it clean and dry for you."  Veera and Maya nodded their heads as they watched Meher demonstrate.


Preet motioned to Harman if he would like something to drink from the fridge.  "Soda or juice?"


"You think that is such a good idea?" Harman whispered.


"She's busy demonstrating how much cleaning solution to pour in the bucket," Preet replied.


Harman shifted his eyes towards the girls to make sure they were still talking and then murmured, "All right.  Soda."


Preet handed him a can of Pepsi and then decided to take a can of Sprite for himself.  Just as he about to close the refrigerator, he heard Meher direct her attention towards him.  Preet cringed realizing he had just been caught and was in trouble.  He turned around and nervously looked at his girlfriend.  "Yes, Meher?"


"Will you take out the ketchup, mustard, and balsamic vignette salad dressing?"  Preet obediently did as he was told and handed them over to Meher.  "Wait, don't close the fridge yet."  Preet stood with the door open as Meher squirted some ketchup and mustard in a small corner of the kitchen and poured salad dressing in another corner. 


"Anything else?" Preet asked as he placed the three bottles back into the fridge.


"Yes, can you take the carton of eggs out?" Meher instructed.  Preet was about to hand them to her when she shook her head.  "No, you hold onto that.  But you can close the door." 


Preet stood holding the carton of eggs while he exchanged worried glances with his brother.  Harman decided to stand back and hide behind the breakfast bar.  He placed his Pepsi and Sprite cans on the counter afraid to touch them until he knew everything was going to be all right.  Meher opened the box of eggs while Preet was still holding the carton and took a few out.  She then started throwing them on the ground aiming them close to Preet's feet.  Preet panic and yelped when he felt sticky yellow egg yolk splatter upwards onto his feet and legs.  "Ahhhhhh!"  He dropped the rest of the carton and dashed out of the kitchen and hide behind Harman.


"Don't touch me!" Harman yelled.  "You have egg all over you."


"What am I suppose to do?" Preet shouted.


"Go and clean up, Preet," Meher ordered handling him some damp paper towels.  "Wash your feet and legs upstairs."


Preet nodded his head and stuttered, "Yyesss, Mmmeher."


"Okay so we have three different types of spills.  One that is liquid base...the balsamic vinaigrette, one that is slightly thicker...the ketchup and mustard, and one that is even thicker than that...the broken eggs," Meher explained.


Veera and Maya continued nodding their heads trying to pay attention to the rest of the lesson despite being scared out of their wits wondering what other surprises she had in store for everyone.


Harman gently smiled as he watched Maya laboring over the notepad with her cleaning camp notes.  "Here is your coffee," he said sat down in front of her at their table in coffee shop.


"Thanks," Maya replied not lifting her head up.


"Maya?" Harman asked placing his finger on the notepad tilting it forward so she couldn't read it.


"I'm is just she's going to test us and there is just so much to cover you know?  I'm just worried."


"You'll do fine.  You're taking notes unlike Veera.  Anyways what can Meher possible do?" Harman replied trying to comfort her.


"What can she do?  Have you not seen what she's been doing?  Geez, I know that Heer Bhabhi is the eldest and you know I probably have to help her...and be on my best respect and all...and then there is your sister Kulraj...and of course your Ma...but Meher is pretty scary..." Maya blabbered.


"Whoa, just calm down," Harman said holding her hand.  "Heer Bhabhi isn't like that and you know it.  As for Kulraj Di and Ma they will appreciate any effort you put in.  Besides I'm not asking nor am I expecting you to be a stay at home can have a career of your own.  Meher just means well...she wants to help...just um, she seems to be rather passionate about it."


Maya grinned and squeezed Harman's hand.  "Thank you.  You always know how to calm me down when I get worked up about these things.  I just want to give a good impression and have your Dad approve of our relationship."


"I have complete faith in you," Harman replied giving her a loving gaze.


"Harman, not in public," Maya shyly said lowering her eyes.


"Have I told you how beautiful I find your eyes to be?  Beautiful blue-gray..."


"Stop it with the sweet words," Maya said letting go of his hand.


"Isn't that the whole point?  Whenever you are down I'll be there to encourage you and whisper sweet nothings in your ear," Harman smirked.


"Shut up Sweet Cakes," Maya teasingly whispered.


"I haven't heard you call me that in awhile," Harman said with a huge grin.  "So, what would you like to do this evening after such a hard cleaning lesson today?"


"Let's go see a movie," Maya suggested.  "And maybe we can get dessert afterwards like ice cream?"


"Sounds fantastic Honey Bun," Harman replied giving her a gently wink.


Meher sat on the couch curled up underneath a blanket flipping through the television channels searching for something good to watch.  She turned her head when she heard the front door of the townhouse open.  Preet came in smiling with his backpack hanging loosely on his right shoulder.  "So did you get your errands done?"  Meher asked.


"Yup," Preet replied plotting himself down next to her on the couch.  He arched his eyebrows in wonder when Meher leaned over and planted a kiss on his cheek.  "That was for today.  I'm really sorry about throwing those eggs at you," Meher apologized.


Preet nervously smiled, "It's okay Meher."


"I just wanted to help Maya and Veera learn something," Meher explained.  "I guess I got carried away again like with Nihaal Bhaiya."


"I wanted what was best for both of them.  Your heart was in the right place.  I know Harman is very thankful...and Veera for once is actually learning housework without pouting or pitching a fit.  Ma and Bauji will be very happy," Preet replied.  "Really, Meher thank you."  She gave him a gentle smile.  "So nothing interesting on?"


"Nope nothing really.  Should we go out to the theater?" Meher asked.


Preet scrunched his nose up with a thoughtful expression, "Actually, I have something even better in mind."  He opened his backpack and pulled out a DVD.  "Tada!"


Meher took a look at the cover and said, "Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman..."


"I told you before PB and Heer Bhabhi left that I would watch Shahrukh movies with you.  Well, don't you think I should fulfill my promise?" Preet inquired.


Meher flashed him a huge smile.  "This is a wonderful idea, Preet!"  She grabbed his face pulling him forward and kissed him hard on the lips.  "I'll go get the popcorn and drinks!"  Preet chuckled as Meher hopped off the couch and ran into the kitchen.


Preet put the movie into the DVD player and then cleared the couch of extraneous cushions so they could cuddle comfortably while watching the movie.  It wasn't long before Meher ran back into the room with a large bowl of popcorn and two cans of Pepsi.  Preet sat on the end near the arm rest while Meher sat next to him.  She had one arm linked underneath his arm and her head resting on his shoulder while the popcorn bowl was cradled in his lap.  Preet grinned at Meher's excitement as the movie started to play.  He placed a gentle kiss on her forehead which earned him an affectionate squeeze on his arm and her dazzling smile.

Several hours later Preet was laying on the sofa with Meher resting snuggly on his chest.  He was playing with her hair gently twirling his index finger through the ringlets at the end of her hair.  "That was a great dinner," Preet complemented.


"Thank you.  It is actually Heer Didi's recipe," Meher replied.


"Oh really?"


"Yeah, she was experimenting in the kitchen one day because we didn't have a lot of groceries in the house and this is what came out of it," Meher explained.


"Well, I guess I'll have to thank her too," Preet said.


"Preet, you know I was thinking wouldn't it be fun if we all went out a trip or something?" Meher asked.


"Hmmm...that would be fun.  Like camping or something like that," Preet said.


"I've never really been camping before but it sounds fun.  Sleeping out in a tent and watching the stars shining up above," Meher squealed.


Preet gently chuckled, "Well, really camping is more toilets so if you need to go in the middle of the night you have to go in a hole somewhere in the woods.  And if you are really unlucky you may end up going on yourself or having your foot fall into the hole...haha...Harman had that happen to him.  PB got bitten like crazy by the mosquitoes one year and I think Veera one time got herself in some poison ivy and was covered in calamine lotion for the rest of the trip.  She had this itchy rash all over her legs and was dying because Ma kept yelling at her not to scratch.  Kulraj Di, PB, Harman, and me were afraid she was contiguous and refused to sit anywhere close to her."


"Uhhh...that does not sound fun at all," Meher replied with disappointment in her voice.


"But we do have a family cabin up in the woods.  It would be fun to go.  We don't have to know?" Preet suggested.


"So should we go before Veera leaves for New York or wait until she comes back?" Meher inquired.


"I think it would be best to wait.  She'll be extremely stressed if we drag her out to the woods," Preet answered.


"Oh, this is so exciting I can't wait.  At least now I'm doing something this vacation...actually going on a trip.  Heer Didi is off frolicking in Europe and well, you can't beat Europe but at least I'll get a chance to experience the natural beauty of Canada," Meher said.


"Don't worry Meher, one day you'll get to go to Europe...I'll take you to Switzerland," Preet said.  Meher looked up with astonishment while Preet smiled gazing at the cute expression on her face.  "I promise," he sweetly replied and then leaned forward for a kiss.  Meher melted the instant their lips met.  Her stomach flipped with nervous excitement as she felt Preet tighten his hold on her and his hands rubbing her back.  Preet gently explored the warm chasm of Meher's mouth as tingling sensations spread from his head down to his toes at their intimate actions.  Preet groaned when the townhouse phone started to ring.  "Leave it Meher," Preet replied when she tired pulling away.


"We can't do that Preet.  It could be our parents," She said and broke away from his hold.  Preet scowled the minute she greeted the caller on the other end.  "Hi Prem Jiju!  Yes, I'm doing well..."  Preet sat up and sighed wondering why his brother of all times had to call now and ruin his make-out session with his girlfriend.  "Oh, Preet...yes, he's here.  He brought over a Shahrukh movie... Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman...How's it as beautiful as it seems to be in the movies?  Really?  Wow..."


"Tell them I say Hi," Preet mumbled.


Meher nodded as she listened what Prem was saying on the other line.  "Oh, Preet wants to say something."  Preet stared at the phone being shoved into his face.  "I'm going to the restroom real quick.  Talk to your brother."


Preet took the cordless phone and sighed, "Hello."


"You sound so excited," Prem replied.


Preet waited unto Meher had left the room and then grumbled, "That's because you interrupted.  Why did you call here in the first place?"


"We called because when we called home you guys weren't there.  You better behave yourself," Prem warned.    


"I'm behaving myself," Preet replied.  "How's your behavior?"


"I'm married how I behave is of no concern to you," Prem snapped back.


Preet smirked mischievously, "It does concern me because I don't want to become a premature Chacha.  Heer Bhabhi did say at least two years.  Hmmm...maybe we should take out that queen-sized bed in your room and replace it with two singles?  I can do it you know after all you aren't here to stop me.  I'll have them bolt the beds to the floor so you can't move them together even if you wanted to."


"Preet!" Prem said through gritted teeth.


"I'm only looking out for my Bhabhi," Preet smiled.  "Oh, Meher is back." 


Meher took the phone back and was surprised to hear her sister on the end.  "Oh hey, I thought Preet was talking to Juji."


"I see how it rather talk to him instead of your own sister?" Heer playfully joked.


"Didi, of course I want to talk to you.  So tell me what you guys have been doing, besides the obvious," Meher replied.


"Meher!" Heer gasped.


"Haha...well, it is...what else do people do on their honeymoon?  Anyways, tell me about Switzerland since you guys actually got to go out today," Meher said.


Prem flipped through the TV stations trying to find something else to watch after his program ended.  He glanced towards the bedroom where he could still hear his wife talking to her sister going on and on about Switzerland and Shahrukh Khan.  He sighed, if this is what it was going to be like before they went on the tour he could not imagine how it would be after the tour started.  He pondered if Meher would demand Facebook updates while they were out and about.  Prem turned the TV off and decided it was probably time to end the call.


Prem walked into the bedroom and found it cute that Heer was walking from one end of the room to the other end as she was talking on the phone.  A gentle smile spread on his lips and he tenderly stopped her pacing by placing his hands on her waist.  He motioned with his eyes that it was time for her to hang up.  Heer nodded but kept talking to her sister.  They seemed to be involved in a heavy discussion.  Prem gazed at Heer's face taking note of her expressions; how her eyebrows flexed, her cheeks stretched, and her soft pink lips moved.  He was finding the laughter in her voice and the sparkle in her eyes completely intoxicating.  He was amazed at how simple a thing as this could move him so and make his heart beat crazily.  Prem leaned in and began nuzzling her neck.  Heer's eyes widen and she tried pushing him away.  "Prem," she whispered cupping the phone.  But he wouldn't relent and tried kissing her cheek.  Heer blocked him with her hand only to have Prem capture it with his hands and place a tender kiss on her palm.  He then began to shower tiny kisses on her fingers taking great care to move his way to the back of her hand and up her arm.  Heer realized where this was going and knew Prem was in no mood to be stopped as he pulled her closer holding her tightly around the hips.  "Meher, I think..." Heer paused trying to maintain some control with her voice as Prem continued with his heated advances.  "...I mean...I'll talk to you later?  Tomorrow?"  Heer paused again and cupped the mouth piece of the phone as her sister's voice spoke loudly through the top piece.  "Sure Didi.  Tell Jiju bye for me."  Heer pushed Prem causing him to whine into the crock of her neck.  "Your Juji is preoccupying himself right now," Heer muttered through gritted teeth with strong annoyance in her tone.  "Upload some pictures tomorrow on Facebook or something," Meher continued unaware what was going on Heer's side of the line.  "Bye Didi!"  Heer managed to reply with her own cheery farewell, "Bye!"


"Prem!" Heer yelled. 


He ignored his wife and simply took the phone from her hand and tossed it onto the couch in their room.  "I thought you would never get off the phone," he said between kisses on her neck.  He then pushed her towards their bed. 


Heer fell backwards but was softly held by Prem's arms.  She wasn't really responding to his kisses as she kept her lips sealed forcing him to give soft pecks. "Did you really have to do that?" Heer asked. 


"I suddenly found you irresistible.  Who's to blame for that?" 


Heer let out a chortle, "You're blaming me for that.  I didn't do anything."


"You don't have to Muffin," Prem replied kissing her ear.


Heer rolled her eyes at the pet name, "Don't like the name Muffin."


Prem sighed, "Sorry, I'll come up with something better.  Anyways, you were talking too long on the phone.  We'll have to get more calling cards.  And need I remind you that we are on our honeymoon...I want some honey right now."  He started to attack her neck again trailing tender kisses along the length and then sucked on her collar bone.


"I think I've given you plenty," Heer teasingly remarked as she played with his hair.


"But we were so rudely interrupted this morning," Prem whined.


Heer grinned, "You are right about that."  She gently pushed Prem's shoulder causing him to look up to see that she was more than willing to participate now.  Heer captured his lips and then allowed him to take her into the blissful world of love.


There you go.  Hope you enjoyed that.  I thought it would be funny if Preet got interrupted from his romancing since he seems to love to bug Prem LOL

So, Nihaal was the first victim in Meher's Cleaning Boot Camp and Preet was the second one...that obviously leaves Harman as the third.  What will she do to him?  All that and more in the next chapter!

Thanks for reading!

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